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 Best wishes to my beloved friend  ( Masa ) for an amazing year ahead. May the sunshine of happiness always shine above you :) thank you so much for filling my dashboard with your beautiful work, thank you for being my friend, thank you for being you,  I'm honored to have known  you .

 Hoping your special day is filled with lots of love  and happiness<333  Love you so much my angel *___* 



Okay this year its almost gone and i wanted to say something before.

I want to thank you all of you for being here for me, and always send me kind messages. I don’t consider my blog as “famous” but i receive messages sometimes and i really appreciate them.

I am not good expressing my feelings or what i am thinking so when you send me a message maybe you are making my day better, and thanks for that too <3.

I’ve meet a lot of people here this year and my old friends still being here, so lets make a list.

I wish a really good 2015!!!!

normiereedus (My beaaaaautiful sister, she is ALWAYS there for me as i am for her.Ella is the most precious friend i have on tumblr and i really love her. LOVE YOU ELLABELLA!)

reedusgif (you will be always nonormy-nolife for me hahaha. Masa… Masa… Masa… what can i say to you? you are one of my first friends here. The first time i send you a message was for your birthday and you were the nicest girl. I LOVE YOU STU <3)

dingoespain & tmd-dump-station (the best duet ever. Well Donna have show me how good listener she is, she have read all my problems and gave the best advices. Totally love my lovergirl. :) And LUCYLU is the most talented woman here. Her blog is my favourite. and i will admire & and love her till the end. :D)

dixonings dixonwalsh missgreene (Crazy girls, sweet girls, awesome girls. Eli was one of the first person i stalk to hehehe she became my LOVELY sister this year because she is marry to ella, yo’ know hehe. Mel is AMAZING and so crazy hahaha. And Sarah is so cool and talented i am inlove with her edits. Love these girls! )

prettyboyreedus (the most awesome woman, Bri is always so sweet and we share our love for Reedus-Way. Thanks pretty for everything! <3)

tatooinesuns (Taz the awesome. Miss you girl <3)

landofmerlin (Caro deserves his own post <3 I LOVE THIS GIRL. Te quiero preciosa y gracias por todo este año!!!)

septumizedcouture & laurenncohan (both are the sweetest girls ever! They are always so nice and adorable. Te quiero Coralita, Love you  terah!!!)

demonwolfalpha & eyeofdionysus, bcbbysinger (LOVELY PEOPLE, We don’t speak really often but i love you <3<3<3<3<3)

thebaldsunshine, svenjamarlene, ofcoltsandcrossbows, normannreedus & gonecuckooforcocoapuffs (These people are the gifs of the 2014, i have start speak them this year and i REGRET NOTHING. LOVE THESE PEOPLE with my soul. <3<3<3)

more awesome people who deserve the best 2015:

kendaspntwd zuzzolek reedusproblems brolinskeep like-a-winter-machine quodl bradleyjizzames r-grimes sexypendragon gothkatie mykingdomscome hershelgreenie tchamblers babyintrenchcoat thefallofclara worthyourtears vorfrued hiswhiskeybreath stuff-and-thangs nawmanreedus grumpyrick rositaas wewillbegood kat-valkyrian willpoultur


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