nonono dont cry

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my personal headcanon is that soon after sana finds out she's pregnant she doesn't tell anyone and when she's hanging out with the balloon squad she asks elias something like "hey, do you wanna go out on pizza? i'd like hawaii" and elias just looks at her and says "sana? are you serious? ananas on pizza? what kind of disgusting cravings you have? you're pregnant or what?" and sana just freezes and says nothing and she can just see their face expressions change as they slowly realize


this would so happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like the rest of the boys would be like “tf elias if she wants it whats the big deal” and sana is with a “ahah thats it! its all good” face and yousef doesn’t know yet either so he’s like “???? what???” and he looks at sana like “???? whats happening???”, and she smiles and he just knOWS and starts smiling so big and jumps off the chair and the rest are like “what????” (they will take ages to get it elias is the first one tho he notices it a lil after yousef) and they are like “OH MY GOD SANA YOU??? YOU ARE PREGNANT???? OH MY GOD” and they all just start jumping around like kids and sana is so happy and yousef stops jumping and hugs sana and starts crying and the guys (minus elias) are like yousef chill why are u crying dont be such a baby and then they are like elias tell him to stop and guess what,,,,, elias is deadass crying more than yousef 

ok but tbh they would all end up crying bc elias would be like “IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE” and yousef “IM GOING TO BE A FATHER” and the two would hug and the others would start being emotional too and join the hug and they would be all teary and so happy

and sana is so happy but also so confused because there they are those 5 adults who are deadass crying their eyes out and jumping and crying and hugging but she loves seeing the effect and is so happy and is almost crying too because pregnancy makes her emotional and shes so happy she ends up crying and the boys are like NONONO SANA DONT CRY and go hug her and shes so happy because she loves those boys so much,,,, so so much

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dont cry nonono! robots holding small animals super carefully so they dont hurt them! robots clumsily fingerpainting! robots drinking oil and getting oil mustaches! robots making awkward crying noises at the end of sad movies! old robots with vents that make whistling noises when they "breathe"! newly activated robots getting excited about absolutely everything and constantly pointing at things they like!

ur horoscope

aries: jesus christ will u calm down u fuckin drama queen
taurus: stop bein so difficult, we like u better when ur not
gemini: can u shut up for like 5 seconds im getting a headache
cancer: nonono dont cry i didnt mean that
leo: wow chillax, ego mcbossypants
virgo: like do u have to be so stuck-up. do u really have to.
libra: hurry up and pick one already we’ve been here for three hours
scorpio: whats that guilty look for, huh?? what the fuck did u do???
sagittarius: just bc they looked in ur general direction dont mean theyre in love with u
capricorn: cheer up. have a snack. stop thinkin those gross thoughts.
aquarius: get off ur high fuckin horse
pisces: dont stalk ppl just bc u like them its weird ok