fuukashourai replied to your post “i was having a good night i didnT DESERVE THIS ;^; (btw your video was…”

but arent we ALL a little masochistic in the end…i mean, we worship clamp so obviouSLY WE LOVE PAIN;;; and omg aaaaaaa nonon o thank yOU for all your lovely art!! sorry all my tags are usually just me yellin ahah ;v; keep on drawing what u like!! happy or sad stuff im always excited to see new things from you ^^

Yes………we love painnn…. BUT IM SORRY FOR INFLICTING IT ANYWAYS. //sends Tsubasa to hug you ww. And dw about your tags!! I RESONATE MUCH WITH IT AS WELL //SHAKES A LOT.


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After a warm day of Gardening, Geoff was lying on the couch, reading a book, unaware of what was going on, until he head a knock on the door.-slxt-boy


Forgoing the mortal tedium of ‘doors’, Nonon used her new abilities to literally warp into the room. Creating a tremendous presence by her perfect divine visage, she casually looked down at the boy.

“Hey, Geoffy. It’s Nonon”

The signs as Kill la Kill characters

Aries: Nonon Jakuzure

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Taurus: Satsuki Kiryuin

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Gemini: Ira Gamagoori

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Cancer: Mako Mankanshoku

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Leo: Houka Inumuta

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Virgo: Isshin Matoi

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Libra: Tsumugu Kinagase

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Scorpio: Nui Harime

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Sagittarius: Ryuko Matoi

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Capricorn: Ragyou Kiryuin

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Aquarius: Aikuro Mikisugi

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Pisces: Uzu Sanageyama

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