nono (fire emblem)

hehe that was what I thought of when I drew her in this pose xD

my nowi was pretty OP in my awakening file hehe (I married her to ricken b/c they both look like kids lol )
i ran her through the wyvern rider line and it was quite funny to see a dragon riding on another dragon ~ ヽ(o♡o)/

For FE_69min on Twitter.

It was Ricken’s Bday! So I drew the pairing in my game.
Honestly, I think they’re cute. A boy apprentice magician and a thousand year old dragon girl, hoping for eternal love. Not exactly what Ricken had in mind when he joined the Shepherds, though…

I also like the fact that Nah’s hair becomes warm brown with this pairing. Also Nowi’s spouse won’t be accused of(or less accused of) being a lolicon……