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Can you tell us more about the squads kids? I love Collin omg


  • Rachel Theodora - They didn’t change the first names of the kids the adopted, but they did add in the middle names. Rachel was the first they brought home, and Alex spent the first night with her in his arms while he sat on the rocking chair. Her academic strength lies in math, and she is extremely sporty. None of her parents were ever that athletic, but they support her to the point where it’s embarassing - showing up to every game and brining snacks and waving signs and screaming at refs. She doesn’t really like wearing skirts, and likes to stick to neutral - which means she always has to shop with John because Maria and Lizzie try their best but naturally gravitate towards more feminine clothing for themselves - and well, Alex doesn’t know what the word neutral means.
  • Philip Thomas - Alex is the one who thought to name him after Tommy, and everyone agreed that it was a good idea - and there was something in Philip’s eyes that seemed to match the name. Lizzie has a complicated relationship with Philip. She loves him dearly for who he is now, but there is a part of her that is aching for him to be her Philip 2.0 from before. Occasionally she’ll find herself slipping and mentally placing expectations on him. She hasn’t told anyone, but she thinks the others know. Philip knows that all of his parents love him, but he always feels that his Mama stares at him through an odd kind of lens.
  • Esperanza Margaret - Philip and Rachel were both adopted before they were 2, but Espie was adopted at age 9. She was a difficult child. She missed her parents, and was having trouble accepting the fact that these four strangers were trying to take their place. Espie is very tall, with an athletic build. She’s taller than Alex, Lizzie, and John by the time she’s out of middle school. It makes her feel awkward and out of place. She dances - ballet - the feeling of being out of place based on your body type is worse there, but she truly feels free and at peace while dancing.
  • Hercules Gilbert - Alex and Maria’s son, biologically speaking. They had been thinking about adopting more kids, so the timing was perfect. He has Maria’s eyes and lips and Alex’s hair and nose. He’s a very adventurous toddler who has a tendency to get himself into places and things he’s not supposed to. Maria chose to name him Hercules, and then Gilbert just seemed to make sense. Herc 2.0 always makes sure to introduce himself as Hercules Gilbert with the proper french accent - he is quite a pretentious toddler. 
  • Madison Elliot - They had made the pact long ago that if one of the girls were to become pregnant, the other would try to as well. They had always wanted five kids, so it was pretty great. Maddie is John and Lizzie’s. She has John’s hair and ears, and Lizzie’s eyes and mouth. They don’t really know where her nose came from  - but it suits her. She is quieter, but passionate. She’ll wait to be spoken to, but once you get her talking, she can go on forever. Two entire walls of her bedroom are dedicated to books by age fourteen.


  • Steven - Steven is the shyest of him and his brothers. Being one of an identical set means he goes out of his way to look different. He is very wary of Laf and George at first, especially when he figures out he was president. Sure, George is his dad now, but it’s weird to comprehend that the man who he watched give speeches on tv is the same one who wakes him up for school. He loves Laf, don’t get him wrong, but he feels an extra special connection to George after he caught Steven freaking out a week or two after being adopted and simply made him a cup of hot cocoa, gave him a blanket, and sat next to him in silence while watching animal planet. Steven woke up the next morning drooling onto George’s shoulder. He was embarassed, but George had simply smiled and made him pancakes.
  • Erik - Erik is artsy, and he stammers. He used to hate it when he was little because it meant that people were able to pick him out pretty quickly from his brothers. As they grow older, that’s no longer the case because they all look very different. Something that Laf and George always encourage them to do is step outside their comfort zone - so Erik signs up for a speech class. He loves it - but he hates his stammer. Erik is usually a straight-A student, so of course Laf and George question him when he keeps getting lower grades in the class. They have him talk with his Uncle Tommy - because did you know that Thomas Jefferson has a speech impediment? Tommy tells Erik about how it was really difficult debating, because the more passionate he got about a subject, the more his impediment came through. Erik doesn’t believe him at first, because sure he knows his Uncle Tommy is his Uncle Tommy, but he still han’t quite reconciled the fact that him and Thomas Jefferson are the same person - and has difficulty taking Jefferson off the pedestal in this head. The next quarter Erik aces the class. Turns out it wasn’t his stammer that was the problem, but rather that he spoke too quietly and didn’t seem to believe what he was saying. He goes on to a speech competition, and his entire family attends. He grows to be a motivational speaker.
  • Adam - Adam always shared a special bond with Laf. Adam always liked playing with makeup, and where Adam’s parents wouldn’t let him near it, Laf encourages it. They give Adam the samples that aren’t the right color for them but perfect for Adam, and they show Adam how to apply everything perfectly. Adam perfected the cat-eye at age 16. Laf is the first person Adam comes out to as trans, with the chosen name of Adrienne. She’s 17 when that happens, and Laf simply hugs Adrienne close, and then took her shopping. When they came home, Adrienne was wearing a full face of glam, and a pretty purple sundress, with matching sandles. George simply blinked before asking Adrienne about her preferred pronouns. Adrienne had never felt more loved than in that moment.

Aisle Burr

  • Erin - She reminds the both of them too much of Theodosia 2.0 for comfort at times. They tell themselves it’s because they’re the same people, and siblings often share similarities - so it’s simply them looking too much into things because Erin is a combination of their personalities, so of course things are going to be similar. Erin is the perfect mix of the two. She has Dori’s passion and willingness to defend her beliefs, but she has Aaron’s ability to wait it out until she thinks the time is right. She’s incredibly gifted, academically. She cries when Aaron is elected president, because she knows it means her life is about to change in many, many ways.


  • Collin - He has never known anyone else than Tommy and Herc as his parents, and he loves them to pieces. He’s super proud of his family, because he thinks they’re really great. He gets along with his cousins, and all his aunts and uncles are incredible. One day, when he was about five, he got really upset because he doesn’t look like his parents, or really anyone in the family - the closest is his Uncle Philip. Tommy and Herc quickly reminded him that looks don’t matter, because they love him no matter what he looks like.
  • Margot - Her and Collin’s parents were extremely conservative. Margot remembered just enough of them when Tommy and Herc adopted her to know that they wouldn’t have approved of her new parents. She was incredibly resistant at first, but soon realized that their orientation, color of their skin, and the fact that they didn’t go to church once a week didn’t mean they weren’t good people. Herc and Tommy realized that Margot was missing her old friends from her Bible camps and the familiarity and schedule going to a church brought, so they found a more accepting one nearby, and signed Margot up for bible school. That was the first time she hugged them. As she grows older, her faith continues to be extremely important to her, but she also knows that it is important to be accepting to everyone. After all, the church her parents went to said half of her family shouldn’t exist and that they should all go to hell immediately, but she knows that they’re all lovely people. It’s an important self-discovery for her. She grows to fight for more acceptance from the church, because she believes that faith should be open to all. Practice what you preach.

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Nobody cares about your fat whore ass. If I see you in the gym, I'll kick your ass, faggot.

i mean like ngl i am grateful that you’re here to remind me that people don’t just like me for my body but also for my sparkling personality, but, like, tbh that is not really a slur that actually applies to me, please try again

also, take note of how much fat-shamers are just doing it because they care about my health! nothing says caring about my health like attempting to scare me into not taking part in exercise with the threat of physical harm! that’s actually what personal trainers do- just threaten to beat their clients up if they go to the gym

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How do you feel about platonic i-love-yous between the whole squad bc I'm emo about it rn. Alot of them have The Sad Backstory and now they can't believe so many people care(this thinking works for too many of them I'm sad) CHOSEN FAMILY AFFECTION



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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@hello-hellhound for some posi?

Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some… cosmic coincidence? Or is there really a God, watching everything, you know, with a plan for us and stuff.

what a lovely oc??? i don’t know much about the blog, especially since we haven’t rpd and i’ve never seen miraculous ladybug before, but i rlly like your oc!!! and i hope we get to rp sometime, i’d genuinely love to. you’ve obviously put so much effort into her, it would be a travesty NOT to man

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I don't understand???? You've made me love Thomas Jefferson???? So much??(Which is really just a testament to how AMAZING you write) In light of my newfound love for him, can we have some happy Thomas things? Or maybe some angsty ones bc I enjoy pain

omg thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Tommy can’t really cook, even though he continues to try to make a good homemade mac-and-cheese - he can bake though; his macarons are good enough to gain even Laf’s approval
  • He always matches his socks and underwear
  • He’s a feminist, and at the first meetings he went to for the feminist association at school he was the only guy there and people weren’t really welcoming, but they’ve grown to appreciate his presence
  • He always makes a point to ask people for their preferred pronouns - even when they’re overtly against such things
  • He goes to planned parenthoods and walks people in when there are protesters
  • His small town is very conservative, and Tommy is out - both as gay and as Thomas Jefferson - and the people of the town have very mixed feelings about Thomas Jemmings. He hates going home, and when he does he tends to spend most of his time on the farm with only his family.

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Could you write some cute washette moments?

George did not have an easy job, and as much as they loved seeing him take control of a situation and fall into his proper role as a leader, Laf loved the moments they had to themselves even more.

That is why they were grateful when George was finally done with his presidency.

They spent their first free day together in bed. As unnatural as it might have felt for the two to take the time for themselves without anything to really do, it was needed. They woke up at their normal time and simply dozed; smiling at each other through half-open eyes.

At one point, George was running his hand through Laf’s hair and then had it get stuck, and they both burst out in a fit of giggles. Afterwards, they simply spent several minutes staring at eachother and basking in the glow of the mid-morning sun.

For Paul Motier, their makeup was a ritual. It was the time they were able to spend each day focusing on themself. It had started out simply, with only mascara. Over the years, they started to add liner and brow products and various other cosmetics until they had an entire vanity and an hour’s worth of a routine. They would take time to apply the primer evenly, and mix the foundation for the perfect shade and glow.

George loved to watch.

He knew that Laf wasn’t really paying attention to him, but there was something relaxing about. Watching the precision with which they drew lines on their skin, and the various expressions they made to apply the different products.

George used to try to interfere, but had figured out rather quickly that a kiss or nudge at the wrong moment would mean Laf having to start over, and George having to deal with Laf’s ire.

The last product Laf applied before spraying their face was lipstick. George had approximately a sixty second interval to sneak a kiss between the final coat of mascara, and the first swipe of pigment.

He took the opportunity as it was presented every time.

George loved and hated teaching this class.

The students consisted of Laf, Alexander, Laurens, Jefferson, the rest of that crew, and then the rest of the students.

Watching Laf during his lectures was its own kind of torture. Nothing they did was terribly suggestive, but it was something in their eyes - promising the sweetest of caresses or the filthiest of activities, depending on the angle.

They’d always make it a point to amble out slowly until it was only George and Laf in the room. They only had the shortest amount of time before the students for the next class came trickling in, but Laf always made it their goal to make the most of it.

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Do you have any zutara fic recs?

omg u bet ur sweet ass i do, i’ve only read a couple so far so here are like two

  • His Majesty Prefers Blue // M // Ayear after the war’s end, the gaang returns to the Fire Nation for a week of diplomatic meetings. there, they hear rumors about a vigilante who wears a blue mask and Katara finds herself digging deeper into his identity and motives 
  • Dancing in the Dark // // Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed. 
  • Stormbenders // M// Deep in the Fire Nation jungle, the Gaang meets a group of rogue water ninja who send Zuko and Katara on a mission to retrieve Ozai’s secret battle plans.

and to read/currently reading:

  • The Sparrowkeet Series // // Ba Sing Se has fallen and Katara has been captured by the Fire Nation; a more adult take on the potential progression of S3. AU series of interconnected one-shots. Zutara. Rated for lemons and general darkness.
  • Slow Heat // T // The Avatar continues his quest to master the elements and defeat the Fire Lord, with Zuko teaching him Firebending. The heat builds up between everyone as the end of summer approaches… especially Zuko and Katara.
  • Rhythm of Rain // T // Rebuilding a nation requires sacrifices. Knowing that the Fire Nation would never accept a Waterbender as it’s Lord’s wife, Katara removes herself from her fledgling romance with Zuko and encourages him to find greatness with Fire Nation noble Mai. Zutara

other and better rec lists for u:


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That last point about Tommy's hometown has me just imagining the entire squad on a field trip ready2fite his entire town 10/10 great mental image once you ignore the sadness of it

That is a great image and I love it a lot, thank you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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"Stop the wedding!" Nalu possibly Lucy is the one who says it.

Hi!! Finally I got round to finishing it ;w; it’s not too creative, I just wanted it to be fun. I was going to have more with Lucy in it but decided it was getting a little long. Maybe I’ll do more if people enjoyed it! So sorry it wasn’t really Nalu ;w; Thank you! 

Of course he never had expected her to agree to this idea.

Never in a million years.

He’d said it as a joke, yet Erza had taken the bait and decided it was genius.

A prank, yes, it would have been a good prank. But what on earth had given Erza the impression that Natsu was being serious?

Yet there he was, standing in a suede tuxedo that had been unappealing to him the second he had laid eyes on it and a sweet, blue tulip in his right pocket.

“It’s not real. You just gotta play along.” He sighed, staring at his reflection in the tall mirror opposite him. 

Because if he didn’t play along, Erza was gonna kick his ass and then the entire service would be his fault. Problem was though, only he and Erza knew this entire thing was going to be a sham.

Why on earth had he thought having a drink off with Erza was a good idea?

Everyone else in the Guild had been fully convinced that Erza had decided to marry the fire mage within the fortnight. Now here Natsu stood on a perfectly peaceful Saturday night about to join hands in fake matrimony with the scariest woman on the planet.

All to make Jellal jealous.

“The best way to get back at him would be to marry someone yourself; who’s got a fiancee now?” Natsu had laughed, a little too much sake in his system to be taken seriously.

It was a shame that Erza’s memory didn’t forget, intoxicated or sober. She had most certainly taken a liking to Natsu’s suggestion.

There it was.

The music.

Natsu’s death march it seemed.

Fingers crossed this idiotic planet of his didn’t fail.

This was now the time for him to walk down that red carpeted isle, although it was only the back of the Guild, it felt and looked real.

The music began as Natsu felt a sweat drop trickle down his nose, he just wanted this entire thing to be over already.

He was first to enter, so he made his way to the entrance of the hall and the doors inclined; his legs luckily still standing as he moved into the room.

The first thing he let his eyes do was scan adamantly for blue hair, because the plan was to make Jellal want to stop the wedding. But to his misfortune, the only blue locks he spotted belonged to a happy Juvia and a mildly confused looking Wendy in the seats of the Church.


Who was supposed to stop the wedding now? He was… legit going to end up marrying her? Please, Mavis, let Erza have made this service fake too. Imagine Erza as his wife… life would be a fright every day he woke up.

He shook his head, shaking away the nightmare that was beginning to formulate in his mind. Only thing now was to keep moving, if Jellal wasn’t there he would have to just risk his chances and yell out that it was all a prank. It was bad enough putting up with Gray’s taunting, he so badly wanted to let him know that Natsu had been pulling his leg the entire time.

He was already up beside the preacher, his nerves to look for Jellal blocking out the moment when Erza began to grace her way down the isle.

She really had gone all out, her gown made her look like a princess- a scary one but a princess nonetheless. As she moved forward, she took took a quick look around the hall for Jellal, but she was just as disappointed as Natsu was.

Finally the music came to a halt and the room fell silent, leaving nothing but the slow pounding of Natsu’s heart and a snort from the audience. Whom he assumed was Gray.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony…” Began the Notary, his arms moving as he spoke the words, looking just as surprised to see Natsu and Erza standing beside one another in wedding attire.

Natsu blinked, glancing to the door. Jellal had to walk in surely.

Erza was here, Erza had sent him invitations, he was meant to crash the vows.

“Natsu,” The Notary said, turning to the pink haired male, his brow furrowed gently as it took a moment to pull Natsu’s attention away from the door. “do you take this woman to be your wife-“

Natsu gritted his teeth together, Jellal was late. This entire thing was stupid.

“- to live together in holy matrimony-”

He let his eyes move over to Erza who was now looking at him like this was all going to be his fault if this completely failed.

“- to love her, to honour her, to comfort her-“

Comfort? Wow, this guy was really saying the whole thing.

“- and to keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?”

Finally the Notary ended, clicking his tongue slightly to make sure Natsu was looking at him again.

“Oh… uh…”

He glanced at the door way again.

Then at Erza who pressed her lips together. Looking genuinely sad.

Jellal didn’t even come to her wedding. Even if the entire thing was a sham. He never even decided to turn up?

“Well?” The Notary asked once more.

He really wasn’t going to come…



It was a loud screech, the doors swinging open like a hand grenade had been launched at it; but it wasn’t Jellal. For it was a female. A female who would be extremely cross if she found out this entire thing had been planned.

It was Lucy.

“Oh, crap.”

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What's thanksgiving like with the squad? Do they all go to someone's house for dinner? Who ends up fighting over politics?

Thanksgiving is a large happy full-of-laughter stereotypical mess without the family drama. Politics is strictly off limits because they know the mess that can get into - mainly consisting of the squad attempting to shove their plans and ideas at whoever is currently highest in power. They always sit at one table - at one occasion the placed a couple tables on books so that it’s be even with the breakfast bar for that small amount of extra seating.

The tables are always full of food, because literally everyone spends the entire day cooking their own part of the mean - Alex is in charge of the turkey and pie.

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why don't you like person first? I think people with disabilities is better because that means I see you as a person before I see your disability? also what's wrong with special needs? some people with disabilities need more help than others? sorry if this is rude but I don't understand.

i mean, if you need to remind yourself to see me as a person before a disability, it’s not the language you’re using that’s the problem–it’s the way you’re thinking. 

on top of that, my disabilities and i aren’t separable. that’s the easiest way for me to put it. like… if i go on a plane, it’s not some luggage i carry with me. “whoops! lost my disability in baggage claims! guess that’s gone! buh-bye!” 

not quite the way things work. i am blind, i don’t have blindness. i am hoh/deaf, i don’t have hoh/deaf-ness. i am Autistic–i do not have Autism. (i feel like one of the biggest advocates for person-first language is A$, which is just another reason for me to hate it tbh.) 

as for the term “special needs” (and it’s the term i have a problem with, not the idea of one person needing more accommodations than another), i hate it because my needs aren’t “special”. like i said in my tags, accommodations aren’t some “special” thing we (as disabled people) are asking for. they’re necessities only thought of as extra because disabled people aren’t thought about in the first place. 

interpreters at events and in classrooms are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

audio transcriptions are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people and people with audio processing disorders aren’t thought of to begin with. 

image and video descriptions are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people, people with visual processing disorders, or people with things like photosensitive epilepsy that could be sensitive to flashing in some content aren’t thought of to begin with. 

Braille and/or large print/high contrast copies of documents are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

tl;dr i dislike person-first language because you can’t separate me from my disabilities, and i hate the term “special needs” because my needs shouldn’t be considered special.