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hey baku, would it be weird if as a cis girl i wanted to use they/them pronouns? im pretty secure in my gender identity but something about people referring to me as ‘she’ makes me god damn uncomfortable and the thought of people referring to me as ‘they’ is nicer. i just wondered if this was a bit.. off... because im not trans?

first of all im not too keen on cis people deviating outside of their pronouns. trans people have to fight blood and iron to get their correct pronouns used, while cis people using different pronouns just for fun is.. you know.


i don’t think that’s the case for you. i’m not going to sit here and say that you’re trans. you’re gender identity is up to you. but if you find yourself uncomfortable with being called ‘she’ despite feeling like a cis girl, i would say that maybe you need to give yourself some time to assess your gender identity and see if you have any underlying feelings related to transness that perhaps you are missing.

a lot of trans/non-binary people start off with being uncomfortable with pronouns but still thinking they’re cis. then it can evolve into starting to feel uncomfortable with being perceived as their assigned gender at birth. 

theres a good chance you could be non-binary! there are a wealth of non-binary identities that you could look into, but don’t pressure yourself. i’m not saying you’re trans. thats up to you to realise about yourself. but from experience, a lot of trans/non-binary people start out like you, finding discomfort in pronouns. 

so, spend some time with yourself and try to assess how you feel. look into non-binary identites. don’t force anything on yourself. ask some close friends to use they/them to see how it feels.

goodluck, nonny! feel free to keep me updated!  

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(Pre-Relationship) Rose and the Doctor come back to the TARDIS after an exhausting adventure, bone-dead tired and filthy. They don't even bother de-materialising, they just plod bleary-eyed straight into the shower. It's not until they're both mostly clean that one of them notices and stops, looks at the other one in the shower with them and just says "This is new" before they both finish washing, dry off, then collapse on the Doctor's bed together in a tangle of sleepy limbs.

Nine x Rose comes to mind with this, but honestly with any Doctor this is just so them, you’re on point Nonny! 

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I'm afraid some people don't really understand what is "abusive relationships". Having routine disagreements between spouses or arguments is not abusive. Man not agreeing with woman on something is not automatic abusive. How do those people imagine marriage? Like some sugary idyllic thing where both sides always agree with each other?

I really don’t understand the problem here, they portrayed both of them as wrong in this episode in different ways. Honestly, I thought this was the one episode they portrayed that fairly nicely. 

Albert was wrong to go the House of Commons, they not only said as much they showed how wrong it was. They had Albert almost jeopardize the bill due to his appearance. Albert knew he was wrong and said as much. 

Victoria was selfish to cling to Lehzen and Albert was utterly right in this ultimate. Albert literally had no say in what was happening to his children in this episode even though he is their father. He had pointed out earlier that she shouldn’t keep the windows open because Vicky was delicate, not only was he not listened to he Victoria outright opened the window because Lehzen told her it was okay. Vicky then got horribly ill and again Albert’s request for a doctor was ignored because Lehzen interfered. Vicky’s illness could have been treated earlier had Albert been listened to and as Vicky’s father, he should have. 

I think also people need to realize is while Albert was progressive in some respect in other respects he was very conservative. How Albert managed his family was in a very conservative notion, where he was the head and in charge. While today this isn’t ideal in the 1840s and 1850s this was the completely normal mentality. Quite literally wives had to take a vow of obedience, whereas husbands didn’t. 

It was a normal fight for them if a bit tame. I mean historically Albert flat out tells Victoria he will hold her (not Lehzen) responsible if Vicky dies. The show actually contained Albert more then he was historically over this. He apparently went utterly apeshit (which may speak to how much he loved his children) even accusing the doctor whom Lehzen brought in of poisoning Vicky. Also, keep in mind Albert is like 22 or 23 when this fight happens, they were incredibly young parents. We forget that sometimes, the fights lessened with age from what I’ve read. I think it’s natural at 22-23 to have all this fighting, especially since Albert and Victoria were still getting used to each other. 

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Are there any pics/videos from behind the scenes or something of Martin and Bill? Cos I really loved them in Simple Simon! Do you know if they are good friends?

I don’t know if they’re still in contact, I haven’t really seen pics of them together except for the time they were filming Simple Simon (but I would seriously fucking die if for example Martin tweeted a new pic of Bill and him reuniting hjhjhjhj)

Aaand about the BTS stuff. 

1. Here is my favorite fucking thing in the world, this pic:

idk what the fuck this is btw lmfaohfj but Martin lowkey looks like Jake Gyllenhaal here hjhjhjhjhjhjh.  

2. this video saved my life, seriously, just watch it. 

3. and let’s not forget this. fuckin. picture. I am in love

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What are ur favs from the fic exchange so far?

seldom all they seem by cattlaydee @cattlaydee

“There was an alabaster figure, slightly larger than that of a normal man, an arm extended as he sat. The rest of his body was bare except for the romanesque toga draped over his shoulders. His face was emotionless, placid.



Alexander Hamilton, new to Virginia, expecting something much more than what he’d found, sets off to learn about his new home and perhaps, in the process, get to the bottom of some of the tales he hears along the way.

Hearts of Summer by Rainah (RainahFiclets) @thellamaduo

“Come an sit.” Alexander leads his son over to the sofa. “I want to tell you a story.” The story of a boy with summertime in his heart, of war-torn kisses, of how he loved and loved and lost

With This Ring by thelittlelion @thelitttlelion

The ring was a simple golden band, thin and delicate, plain save for one small gleaming ruby. Angelica might have thought it inexpensive, if it did not nearly scorch her palm with magic, biting like fire.

Or, like a bad penny, magic rings seem to stick.


Angelica eyed the woman sitting beside her warily. “What are you?”

“I’m not dead, if that’s what you’re asking,” Maria told her. “Or a spirit or a ghost.”

“Or a demon?”

Maria’s lips twitched. “Or that.”

Drop the Niceties by dreamlittleyo

In which winter is harrowing, Hamilton is terrible at minding his own health, and doctor’s orders land him in Washington’s bed.

Requiem by writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle (twoandahalfslytherins) @writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle

‘Can’t blame a lil one for being all mixed up when his momma’s gone,’ his grandmother would say to anyone who stood too close. ‘Mommas are the ones who stitch things together. Make the world right for young boys, they do.’

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I used to dry swallow all pills, but then I read about how it can damage your esophagus so know I just just whatever happens to be on my bedside shelf. Like a half empty water bottle or the last dregs of a melted slurpee from the night before.

yup yup. from what i have read they can basically burn holes in your throat and turn it into swiss cheese. 

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The Hardy being forced to wear a costume prompt. Can someone do that A Christmas Story style?

D’you mean putting Hardy in a bright pink bunny outfit?

Originally posted by filmvisionary

Or the dramatic reveal part?

Originally posted by posepgh

Because either way I’m now dying to read this XD  


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How did you feel about the Drummond and Paget situation from last nights episode on Victoria. I'm quite heartbroken over it.

I think already said, but I believe it was queerbaiting to an extent. Obviously, I’m not a gay man but I can imagine last night’s episode was quite traumatic for some gay male viewers. 

Edward Drummond did historically die saving Robert Peel from a gunshot (in 1843 I might add) but the show literally had Lord Melbourne not be able to attend Queen Victoria’s coronation ball because it took place on the anniversary his son’s death when in reality that date was months after that. 

When Daisy Goodwin decided to make this LGBT+ relationship on screen I believe she had an obligation to not play into the “bury your gays” trope. This is a specific trope where an LGBT+ dies (usually by a bullet) after having a romantic encounter. This is exactly what happened last night on Victoria. She could have killed Drummond off in a way which wasn’t so obviously traumatic to LGBT+ people. Or she could have kept Drummond around for another season, would it have hurt them? Really after what they pulled with the Irish Potato famine and Lord Melbourne Goodwin can’t really claim she’s keeping anything in line with history. She kept Lehzen around for years after she historically left.

On top of that it was blatantly obvious they were going to kill Drummond from the second he was on the screen this episode. Quite literally they talked about King David grieving the death of Jonathan (which is an obvious gay relationship in the bible) and have Peel say “what are they gonna do shoot me” at one point. It’s like can you be more obvious about this Goodwin.

Keep in mind Goodwin had no reason to add this relationship is, it’s not historically there. The reality is Drummond was decades older than Paget and there is no reason to suspect they were historically a thing. Obviously you can’t tell anyone’s sexuality back then (as they didn’t think about it in the same terms as we do today) but I believe Goodwin added this relationship in specifically to court a gay audience. This isn’t the first time TV shows have done this and doubt it will be the last. 

I think too it should be noted Goodwin didn’t deal with homosexuality and Victorian England. Honestly, we are supposed to expect that whoever the grumpy old lady Diana Riggs is playing to be okay with Paget’s clear romantic feelings towards Drummond. The woman literally couldn’t bear being in France due to immoral behavior but she was okay with a gay relationship? Sorry not buying that. I think if anything Goodwin could have explored how Victorian culture impacted gay men better. The entire thing seems colored in rose-tinted glasses. 

I could see a storyline in season 3 where Albert and Victoria fire Paget due to his homosexuality, which even if that didn’t historically happen (who cares at this point) shows us how realistically this era was and makes us question Victoria and Albert. I feel that actually would be an interesting storyline. 

I mean I never got into the relationship mainly because I saw this happening literally a mile away. After I learned about Drummond’s historical death and saw the way Goodwin baited her fanbase on Twitter, I was certain this wasn’t going to end well. 

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medication anon from before- how did you know it was time for medication..? specifically for your depression. thanks again

i’ve been suffering with mental health issues since i was about 12. i wanted medication from about the age of 13, but was always denied because of my age. i went again at 16, and was told no once more. then i turned 18 (which is two years ago now) and they finally gave them to me. 

if you’re trying to figure out the best time for medication i would say now. if you’re even slightly considering medication then talk to your doctor about it. medication does not have to be long-term nor do you need to be desperate for it. you can take a course of anti-depressants for a few months to boost your mood. 

its no problem. if you have anymore questions feel free to send them!

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i love the way you draw max bc honestly it looks like he has the w o r s t posture

his spine is weighed down by all the force of the hatred that fuels his body. or he just hopes if he slouches enough he’ll straight up disappear into his hoodie

lowkey tho i used to have this teacher in elementary school that if she saw us slouching she’d jab us in the back or sides to make us stand/sit up straight and david would totally take that approach

for about a week bc at some point a kid is gonna end up biting him or smth

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What if humanity is the only one ridiculous enough for homophones in their languages. they're so impractical and confusing why this

(This short is brought to you by the wonderful and amazing @pomrania who’s graciously offered to help me answer the backlog of asks. Please have a look at her blob! You won’t regret it)

“English is a confusing language!”
“Why did people from England, of all the places on your planet, decide that two words should sound the same but mean completely different things?!”
“Um. Well. You see, it’s not just that one language….”
“There’s only so many sounds that we can make, after all. Of course some words are going to end up sounding the same.”
“There is no ‘of course’ about it! And I’ve seen tables of speech sounds across various human languages, you have enough different ones to avoid any confusion!”
“So your languages don’t have any words that sound the same?”
“If they do, it’s because they mean the same thing, just in different contexts! None of this… ‘BARK’ nonsense!”
“Hey, 'bark’ makes perfect sense. You’re never going to run into a situation where you won’t know which is meant.”
“But it… why… it shouldn’t even be like that in the first place! And you said MORE languages have that as well?!”
“I can’t speak for all of them, I only know a bit of Spanish, but, yeah. Seems to be in every human language, from what I’ve heard.”
“Why not? And I guess it means that puns are a lot easier.”
*alien headdesks*

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REDDIE for the otp meme!! :D

YAS NONNY THANK U (though i’m editing some of the questions so they’re not sexual, and i’m doing a more modern setting)

  • Which one texts like a straight white boy? DEFINITELY RICHIE and eddie fucking HATES it because he feels like he’s dating a damn 8th grader
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? both of them cried during moana at the end where she faces te kā and restores her heart to make her te fiti again
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? HONESTLY i could really see richie doing dumb shit like this with eddie screeching for him to stop in the background
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? they would both do it tbh, and i could see it becoming a contest of who can do it more often and they get REALLY competitive
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? eddie totally does this and richie’s soul leaves his body every single time and eddie just laughs his damn head off
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? they both watch reality tv but eddie watches it the most. keeping up with the kardashians is his fave
  • Who laughs more during make-out sessions? i can definitely see eddie laughing more because richie is a sloppy kisser and it’s just hilarious to him (but also disgusting because WHO WANTS SALIVA ALL OVER THEIR FACE)
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? eddie, no question. and he absolutely loves being little spoon because he feels so safe and warm wrapped up in his arms ksmdfmsd