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What if Rose Tyler met Casanova?

(I’m so sorry this has languished in my drafts for so long darling ♥)

Let’s say this is a universe where Rose won’t meet the Doctor. Yes I know that’ll frustrate people but hear me out. Let’s also bring the charming Italian into the 21st century, yes? (Because it’s one of my favorite things to do with this character.) 

I always like to imagine 21st century Casanova - Giac - to be a musician. So maybe for this he can be a rock star?

So then this:

Becomes this:

So Giac is on tour and after a night of post-concert partying he drags his hungover leather-clad ass into the nearest coffee shop to the hotel he’s staying at. He saunters (read: stumbles) up and orders a coffee and “anything hot” without even looking up, practically falling asleep on the counter. He slumps over in a chair nearby to wait. He finally deigns to look up when his barista Rose Tyler slides his coffee and a plate of warm scones on his table. 

But it’s too late. Just another hungover bloke. Not even that attractive when he’s half asleep and bleary-eyed. So she moves on. Next customer. Never mind that her mate Shareen is going berserk about the one she just served. No, she hasn’t the foggiest who he is, nor does she particularly care. But she does throw Shareen a bone. He probably would look fit when he wasn’t zonked out. 

With coffee in his system Giac is beside himself and can’t stand that the honey-eyed siren who brought him back from the dead (read: gave him coffee) isn’t tripping over herself at the sight of him. So he orders another coffee, because her serene smile tells him she believes in second chances. This time he chats her up, regaling her with stories from all his wild jobs before he landed his first record deal. She thinks he’s full of it but she’s curious, and definitely admiring his striking blue eyes (nobody can resist them, he thinks, preening). 

He’s got just one more night on this leg of his tour, which makes it that much harder because he’s managed to secure her number (and the fact that she’s off work that night). She tells him she’s not gonna be just another girl in his bed and that he can forget that right now. But she’s game to chat a bit more. If he can manage the time. 

His manager Bellino quirks an eyebrow when Giac tells her he’s only sparing a couple minutes for the VIP passholders except for one on the list. She’s even more curious to see it’s not his usual sort, a blushing blonde in a worn dungarees skirt and t-shirt. Rose Tyler eh? Surely not the girl he was on about meeting at the coffee shop across the street? 

At the end of the night it doesn’t matter to Bellino who the girl is because she hasn’t seen Giac smile like Rose makes him smile since Henriette dumped him and split from the band. So it’s Bellino that catches Rose as she’s getting into a taxi to ask Rose if she’d consider coming along for a few legs of the tour. Rose calls her nuts, she only just met the guy. 

She agrees when Giac pops into the coffee shop again the next morning and asks her to come along (read: begs, with baby blue puppy eyes). Why not? She could use the adventure and the company, just what Giac is good for. 

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I actually liked the episode (and I was very prepared for the worst). But tell me why didn't you, please, I really respect your opinion!

Hi love :) Sorry it took me a bit to answer this…I read it last night, but I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

First off, I’m happy you liked it, I really am. At least some people should get some joy and entertainment out of it, but here’s some points why I just can’t…

  • It’s very sloppy writing. Things that happened earlier are being completely disregarded and explained away with like one line, if at all, e.g. the last scene of TLD (4x02) where Eurus/Euros (how the hell is it spelled? I’m gonna go with Eurus now) is revealed and she’s aiming her gun at John, saying she’ll “put a hole in it”, and it apparently was only a tranquilliser. Why? Why do all that? Have her pretend to be three different people, first flirt with John and apparently text with him, then pose as his therapist and go all dramatic on his ass…and then “Shot me during a session. Only with a tranquilliser.” is a throw away line in the next episode. That reeks of bad storytelling, like they wanted this big cliffhanger just for dramatic effect but then couldn’t be bothered to do anything with it. Same with the explosion at Baker Street - they are jumping out of a freaking exploding building, through the window! And then we get a cut and see them being fine on some boat.
  • Plotholes. John in the well: he was chained by his feet down there, which is why he couldn’t try to climb up himself, but then a rope is thrown down and the chains magically disappear? Sherlock’s ‘recurring’ dreams of water because of the well (those dreams have never been mentioned before btw, there was one line in TST (4x01) “You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?”): how can he make a connection to that well when he never knew it even existed? Sure, he suppressed the memory of Victor, but he had no clue what happened to him and that he was thrown down that damn well, so how does “Deep water, Sherlock, all your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters.” make sense?
  • Shit happening out of nowhere. The whole Eurus thing. They can’t expect me to be invested in something that came up during the last few minutes of the previous episode…that’s the first time the whole secret psychotic sister stuff came up. Sure, we got the line about “the other one” in HLV, but that was 3x03, three seasons into the show. And yet they claim it’s “the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to for the past six years”. That’s the final problem? Bear in mind that this might be the last episode of the whole show, and they’re telling me this was a story about Sherlock Holmes and his secret sister who apparently made him the way he is, even though none of that has ever come up prior to HLV. Even ‘Readbeard’ wasn’t mentioned before TSOT (3x02). But sure, “Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” Sorry, not buying it.
  • Same goes for Moriarty. He had a five minute conversation with Eurus, and she apparently brainwashed him because “It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us”. So everything Moriarty did to Sherlock and John was because of her, that’s it. It takes so much away from his story and his infatuation with Sherlock, and it doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense because all of S1 and TGG (1x03) took place BEFORE that “christmas day 5 years ago” when Moriarty and Eurus met. The christmas they met would be the one in S2 during ASIB (2x01)…timeline wise. Maybe I got this all wrong - if I did, someone please explain to me why he even was in that episode and why that five minute unsupervised conversation was put in there - but that’s how I understood it.
  • The episode as a finale for S4. None of the episodes really have a connection apart from Eurus being 294 different people in them. Without TFP explaining why everything prior to it felt so weird and out of context (and it did! even casual viewers picked up on that), the whole season seems messy and disjointed. I’m talking about TST (3x01) and Mary in particular here: her whole redemption arc was done in that one episode, and ofc they only have three per season, but there’s still a way to make that feel more organic. Because the way it was done I’m simply not buying it. She went from wanting to kill Magnussen and shooting (and actually killing) Sherlock and threatening him to shut up about it afterwards to being a lovely and nice wife and mother in the span of a few months? And she fully ‘redeemed’ herself by…sacrificing herself. (And let’s not even talk about how absolutely shitty Mary’s death was done and how it’s impossible for anyone to jump in front of a bullet like that. I’d forgive other shows for that, but not Sherlock, a show that only two episodes earlier explained how being shot actually works and that “it’s not like it is in the movies”.) It just doesn’t sit right with me. Neither does John actually forgiving her for lying to him on that big a scale and for SHOOTING SHERLOCK. I’m sorry, but if my partner shot my best friend, there’s no way in hell I’d just be like ‘okay, shit happens’…and this is John!, the guy who killed a man for Sherlock after one day of meeting him. After watching TST I still thought all of this was a plan, now, after having seen the whole season, I just think it’s bad writing and horrible execution.
  • The episode as a (possible) finale for the whole show. No, just no. Like I mentioned above, TFP and its plot doesn’t wrap up the show in a nice bow for me. It’s barely connected to the rest, and it’s certainly not the big final chapter of the story they have been telling before. I felt nothing. Season 4 as a whole feels ridiculously separate from everything else and not like the show I love, I can barely recognise it, which is probably mostly due to the fact that this used to be a story about John and Sherlock (not talking Johnlock here, though I will get to that), and this season didn’t really have that at its core. The heart of it were always the two of them - “the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures”-, but with these three episodes I can’t even remember them really talking to each other or having any interaction that shows the reality of their friendship/relationship/connection except for a hug and Sherlock saying John is family and, like, not wanting to shoot him.
  • Johnlock. What this show did was queerbaiting, plain and simple. I know there’s people who keep insisting it’s not because Moftiss once said they’re not telling a romantic story about John and Sherlock, but the show, its subtext AND text did, and that’s what I care about when I watch something. It was there, blatantly obvious even to someone like me who never used to pick up on those things prior to watching this show and who didn’t go into it expecting or looking for it. But I saw and noticed it before there were a million metas about it out there…and we didn’t just imagine it or make shit up. There’s a reason so many people believed in Johnlock, the show told us but didn’t follow through, and that’s queerbaiting. It’s a big fuck you to so many lgbt folks who truly believed they’d get actual, beautifully told representation - me included. It’s heartbreaking and so so cruel because they played us. It’s still there, in the show, and to me it will always be what John and Sherlock’s story is about, but it wasn’t made explicit. And that hurts, it really does.

So yeah. Even without taking non canon Johnlock into consideration I had a lot of problems with this ep and think it’s simply not good, the whole vibe of it didn’t feel right. There’s some other things I didn’t particularly like (what they did to Molly, the fact that Mary apparently knows John and Sherlock best, or that they summed it all up with a bullshit line like “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” - what kind of message is that?), but this is already super long by my standards, so I’ll leave it at that.
Here’s to hoping all of this makes sense; I started writing it right after waking up and my thoughts were still a bit of a mess and I also had to switch my brain to English. Maybe I’ll do a rewatch of the season and have some more to say about it then, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon because I really don’t feel like it. Which already says a lot because I’ve watched every other episode at least 12 times.

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RE the coffee shop prompt. How come nobody ever wrote Captain Jack owning a coffee shop? That would be the gayest coffee shop and I lowkey want to go there. Flirting with every customer and making them feel all special.

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And making all kinds of dirty jokes involving coffee lbr. I’d love for Ianto to be in there somehow. Like Jack x Ianto coffee shop meet cute AU. y/y? 

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you aren't even american though, are you? why the hell do you care about this election??

No, I’m not, but wow, if you still think that this election only affects the US, you’re bloody ignorant.

Also, and most importantly, excuse me for feeling for other people. For feeling sad for the people who, for the past 18 months, have been targeted, harassed, bullied, and hated on by this ‘man’ the US has elected president. For being disgusted by the fact that their own country basically showed them the middle finger and told them they don’t matter by making this choice. 

This specimen is openly racist, islamophobic, sexist, homophobic and pretty much every other hateful term in the dictionary, and the majority of people SUPPORT him; lots of them for exactly those reasons and views, and they absolutely disgust me. Others because they just didn’t want Hillary; they are to blame, too. 
I don’t care if you only gave him your vote because you don’t like her (for some reason I will never fully understand) - you supported him. I don’t care if you voted 3rd party - it was obvious and you were told those candidates didn’t stand a chance thus you ultimately gave that vote to him. You contributed to this result and everything that’s gonna happen because of it, including possibly even more hate crimes and discrimination; this ‘President elect’ stirred up hatred with what he’s been saying and presenting to the public for months now. You’re responsible for it and have to live with it…just like we here in Germany will always have to be aware of and live with the fact that we let a similar sorry excuse for a human being come into way too much power over 80 years ago.

I don’t need to be American to be enraged and disappointed and most of all worried. People are scared, and not without reason…I care a whole lot about them and how it might affect them. It’s called empathy.

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Prompt: by some mistake the machine that creates jenny doesn't make her a fully grown adult, and now the doctor has to raise a little!jenny (bonus if rose is there too)

Is there fic of this? Either way we’re here for kid!Jenny! Ooh ooh but can we have kid!Jenny playing matchmaker… and being a flower girl at their wedding? y/y? 

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I need more Twelve/Rose. All the Twelve/Rose. This ship came out of nowhere and hit me like a train, now I can't get enough. I'm just going with it at this point. Coffee shop AU? Teacher/student? Soulmate AU? She owns a bookstore that she just inherited from her father's death and he's a bibliophile? I don't care, I JUST NEED MORE TWELVE/ROSE!!!

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We hardly ever get Twelve x Rose prompts so if you think of more definitely send them our way Nonny! We can always use more fic of these two, we totally agree ^_^   I really wanna read that bookstore AU.

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4- Jefferson/Madison

4. i don’t know what the fuck true love even is but i do want to hang out with you for basically the rest of my life. (let’s hang out - TO THE DEATH)

James wasn’t used to having someone’s constant attention - an actual, real-life person who insisted on hanging around him at every possible moment. It was strange, bewildering, wonderful, and also annoying.

It was overwhelming. James had learned to function on his own - he had grown to enjoy the moments spent curled up in the corner of his room while his classmates were off doing whatever it was that they did. It wasn’t easy to adapt to someone being there, and wanting to be paid attention to - but James did it.

For Thomas.

Thomas who was loud and exhuberant and beautiful with a mind sharper than a dagger and a smile brighter than the sun. 

He was sick more often than he was not, and even being used to the feeling of a congested head and aching limbs didn’t mean James’ moods didn’t shift with his health. Thomas tried to be a good friend about it - was more doting than his own mother - but even Thomas got antsy and demanding, and when the only thing coursing through his brain was how much he wanted to curl up in bed and go to sleep, James sent Thomas away with a cruel comment.

James missed Thomas’ hurt look, but he did not miss Thomas’ absence the following days. 

As annoying as Thomas sometimes was when James wanted nothing more than to read in peace, his not being there was worse. At some point Thomas had managed to worm himself into James’ life, and it wasn’t easy going back to what he had before.

He didn’t try texting or calling Thomas, knowing Thomas was just dramatic enough to not answer to try to prove some sort of point. Instead, James called Lafayette, who answered with an audible grin, “Oh yes, your dear Thomas has been moping without you to keep him company. Go fix him. If you fail, you will regret it.”

Lafayette let him into the room, and James found Thomas sitting in bed wearing a high-school sweatshirt and glasses. Thomas looked up when the door opened, and looked surprised upon seeing just how had walked in.

James took a seat at the end of Thomas’ bed, “Hello.”

Thomas blinked, “uh, hi. What are you doing here?”

“To see you, of course.”

“I thought you wanted me to leave you alone to let you die in peace,” Thomas frowned,

“Did I really say that?”

Thomas nodded.

James shurgged, “I was sick. I’m sorry, but I get moody at times. Even you, the great Thomas Jefferson, are not immune.”

“You think I”m great?” Thomas grinned.

James smiled and nodded, “Only sometimes.”

“Does this mean you didn’t mean it when you said you never wanted to hang out ever again?”

James laughed, “I didn’t mean that at all - in fact, I challenge thee, Thomas Jefferson, to hang out with me, to the death.”

“To the death?” Thomas raised his brows, “Isn’t that a bit dramatic?”

You’re saying I’m being dramatic? Oh dear, I should reign myself in.”

James found himself shoved into the mattress and a pillow in his face, Thomas’ laughter filling his ears, “I missed you, Jemmy.”

“I missed you too, Thomas.”

A Rant on the Aging of Gold Wash Bells

Last night I received this ask from a nonny, which is the first angry ask I have ever received (though maybe it was meant jokingly?  I dunno?  @mellophonium thought it was dirty too, so this might be informative to her as well.)  My response was way too big to fit in the normal answer thing, so here it is.

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9 jamilton


Watching Alexander from a distance was an experience Thomas didn’t know how to describe. The man seemed to leak a sort of manic energy Thomas hadn’t seen anywhere else. He flitted from one space to the next, leaving a new problem to deal with in his wake.

The problems were never simple, but the brilliance that Alexander managed to capture in his words more than made up for it. The concern was that Alexander never stopped - he kept going no matterwhat was in his way.

Thomas had heard about Hamilton prior to working with him, James had made sure of it. James had gone on and on about Washington’s favorite that spouted more nonsense than sense, but he had also talked about an intelligent mind capable of twisting and using words with a talent he had never seen before.

Thomas didn’t know what to expect the first time he came face-to-face with Hamilton, but there was something underwhelming about the man’s small stature and introduction.

His poor impression of Hamilton didn’t last very long, and his amazement at what the man did turned into irritation when he realized that Hamilton was not on his side. 

Working in the same space lead the raised voices and debates turning into arguments riddled with taunts about their personal lives. Any confrontation was limited to the times they had an audience, and their feud in private was carried out through whispers and ink. 

Thomas was a busy man, but he knew how to take a break and step away from the chaos of life. 

Hamilton did not, and with that realization, Hamilton become Alexander. He was working late, one evening, squeezing in the last of his correspondence before setting out. 

In a silent space, the quietest of sounds were magnified, and his own footsteps offered a backdrop to the scrathing of Hamiton’s quill. The door to Hamilton’s office was open, and Thomas didn’t resist the temptation to peer into the room. 

Hamilton was writing, as he always was, and didn’t stop when Thomas knocked twice on the door. 

He took a step into the room, and still Hamilton did not look up. 

When Thomas did get Hamilton’s attention, he was an inch from the desk Hamilton was bent over. He cleared his throat, and Hamilton said nothing and glared. 

Thomas took in the dark circles under the man’s eyes and the ink stains on Hamilton’s fingers and came to a decision.

He smiled, “Hamilton, I’m taking a break from this stale air and going to Monticello for a short reprieve.”

Hamilton’s eyes narrowed, “Why are you telling me this?”

Thomas leaned in over the desk, “because you’re coming with me, Alexander.”