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Have you put any thought into Shirofuku Yukie, like who is she and what's her dynamic with the boys and her fellow manager?

I LOVE YUKIE!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!

  • she’s also not afraid to put bokuto in his place
  • just give her back her money, bo
  • they probably hang out often, like chilling at the mall or going to see that new action movie or competitive arcade gaming
  • she’s like the big sister type
  • she can definitely carry her own weight around the owl boys; she’s one of the defending champions of all their impromptu eating contests (the other one is, obviously, akaashi)
  • yukie probably challenges them to arm wrestling contests, she’s afraid of no man nor hyper owl captains
  • i guarantee you she joins in with all the fukurodani shenanigans 
  • she’s also one of the bigger winners in all their running bets
  • she appears lazy because of her easygoing personality, but she gets stuff done without you realizing
  • i bet she and akaashi trade blackmail material about the team
  • she and washio have been seen laughing together about something (like, legit laughing, washio was bent over and clutching his stomach; everyone is half amazed and half afraid to ask how yukie did it)
  • whenever she passes komi in the hallways they do that high five thing
  • she and sarukui have a system of borrowing manga from each other
  • she and konoha have a mutual understanding that they help each other with math homework, and neither of them tells anybody about their dire situation in the subject
  • i think yukie and kaori-chan’s relationship is pretty close, they both seem like friendly people, and yukie probably has an arsenal of jokes ready to make kaori laugh 
  • also, her smile heals souls:

shirofuku yukie is adorable and i wish her all the good food in the world.

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Treat or trick! UshiTenTsukki

come trick-or-treat in my inbox requesting ficcies and I’ll either treat you to some fluff or humor or trick you with a horribly twisted/sad AU  (I’ll use a random generator to pick trick or treat)


Ushijima sighs warily and stares down at his hand.  Or at least the spot on the end of his wrist where his hand should be.  Sawamura’s careful stitch work - for Sawamura was always careful and thorough when he put anyone back together - should have held and yet, there Ushijima’s hand was, clamped securely in the fox’s jaw.  He has yet to figure out just why Tsukishima so enjoys taking Tendou and himself apart piece by piece.  Or why Tsukishima leaves their parts where he does.

Last week he had stolen Ushijima’s left arm from the shoulder down and deposited his arm from the elbow to his hand in Akaashi’s garden - apparently buried so it appeared to be waving at passersby - and the rest of the arm on Sawamura’s back step.  A few days previously he had managed to rip Tendou’s ears off - just his ears - and had left one in Akaashi’s mailbox and the other on Hinata’s porch.  Ushijima was mostly impressed by Tsukishima’s agility and ability to perform delicate tasks as a fox, since he rarely liked to shift out of that form.

Tsukishima scampers off towards the woods and Ushijima watches him.  Sure he could probably stop the fox.  But in the end his tricks were more of a nuisance than anything else.  He decides he should go find Tendou instead and make sure he didn’t get himself dead.  Again.

He shuffles along.  Diligently checking the alleys and dumpsters along the way to Tendou’s cottage.  He doesn’t see anything amiss until he reaches the final stretch where Tendou’s road turns to gravel and shallow ditches filled with weeds line the sides.

One leg is sticking in the air and that’s all Ushijima can see until he slips into the ditch himself.

“Do I even want to know the details?”

“Well I’m not dead dead again.  Tsukishima nipped at my ankle.”

Ushijima reached out with his remaining hand and carefully pulled his undead friend up.  “And?”

“He kept my ankle.  I fell in the ditch.”  Tendou looks around at the weeds.  “Do me a favor.  I think one of my fingers fell off in here.”

It would probably be quicker just to return to Sawamura for replacements.  But Tendou is fond of those fingers so Ushijima helps him search for the ring finger on his right hand - apparently it snapped off when his hand hit a log - while Tendou hops around on one foot.

When they finally manage to drag each other out of the ditch and hobble back to Sawamura’s place the sun is starting to set and Sawamura sighs heavily when he hears Ushijima’s knocking.

“Why didn’t you come to me straight away?  I’ve had your hand for hours now.”

“I felt it was of greater necessity to look for Tendou than to wait around for my hand to appear.”

“Yeach Rascal told me he fell in a ditch again and I would have gone after him but Raisin let me know you were already there.”

Sawamura’s crows caw loudly when they hear their names.

He’s rather certain he sees Tsukishima hopping onto a stack of crates outside Sawamura’s window and watching curiously as Sawamura starts to reattach Tendou’s finger and foot, but instead of saying anything Ushijima simply settles onto a chair that practically has his name on it and waits for Sawamura to work his magic.

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Do you have any zutara fic recs?

omg u bet ur sweet ass i do, i’ve only read a couple so far so here are like two

  • His Majesty Prefers Blue // M // Ayear after the war’s end, the gaang returns to the Fire Nation for a week of diplomatic meetings. there, they hear rumors about a vigilante who wears a blue mask and Katara finds herself digging deeper into his identity and motives 
  • Dancing in the Dark // // Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed. 
  • Stormbenders // M// Deep in the Fire Nation jungle, the Gaang meets a group of rogue water ninja who send Zuko and Katara on a mission to retrieve Ozai’s secret battle plans.

and to read/currently reading:

  • The Sparrowkeet Series // // Ba Sing Se has fallen and Katara has been captured by the Fire Nation; a more adult take on the potential progression of S3. AU series of interconnected one-shots. Zutara. Rated for lemons and general darkness.
  • Slow Heat // T // The Avatar continues his quest to master the elements and defeat the Fire Lord, with Zuko teaching him Firebending. The heat builds up between everyone as the end of summer approaches… especially Zuko and Katara.
  • Rhythm of Rain // T // Rebuilding a nation requires sacrifices. Knowing that the Fire Nation would never accept a Waterbender as it’s Lord’s wife, Katara removes herself from her fledgling romance with Zuko and encourages him to find greatness with Fire Nation noble Mai. Zutara

other and better rec lists for u:


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why don't you like person first? I think people with disabilities is better because that means I see you as a person before I see your disability? also what's wrong with special needs? some people with disabilities need more help than others? sorry if this is rude but I don't understand.

i mean, if you need to remind yourself to see me as a person before a disability, it’s not the language you’re using that’s the problem–it’s the way you’re thinking. 

on top of that, my disabilities and i aren’t separable. that’s the easiest way for me to put it. like… if i go on a plane, it’s not some luggage i carry with me. “whoops! lost my disability in baggage claims! guess that’s gone! buh-bye!” 

not quite the way things work. i am blind, i don’t have blindness. i am hoh/deaf, i don’t have hoh/deaf-ness. i am Autistic–i do not have Autism. (i feel like one of the biggest advocates for person-first language is A$, which is just another reason for me to hate it tbh.) 

as for the term “special needs” (and it’s the term i have a problem with, not the idea of one person needing more accommodations than another), i hate it because my needs aren’t “special”. like i said in my tags, accommodations aren’t some “special” thing we (as disabled people) are asking for. they’re necessities only thought of as extra because disabled people aren’t thought about in the first place. 

interpreters at events and in classrooms are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

audio transcriptions are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people and people with audio processing disorders aren’t thought of to begin with. 

image and video descriptions are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people, people with visual processing disorders, or people with things like photosensitive epilepsy that could be sensitive to flashing in some content aren’t thought of to begin with. 

Braille and/or large print/high contrast copies of documents are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

tl;dr i dislike person-first language because you can’t separate me from my disabilities, and i hate the term “special needs” because my needs shouldn’t be considered special. 

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i really just want michael to fuck me hard against the wall

(I know you were just making a statement but I felt provoked so I made this into a blurb as well. It’s hate sex with Michael which is something vv dear to my cold, dead heart.)

“I still fucking hate you,” Michael growled against your collarbones. You could feel his warm breath fan out across the fresh love bite he had just given you, sending delicious shivers down your spine. Michael’s words were with dripping with lust, each syllable punctuated with a very precise thrust to your g-spot. The dark, seductive tone he used with you now was so different from the one you heard during Chemistry. During class, you both feigned annoyance with each other. (Michael was one of the rudest people you had ever met so it wasn’t difficult on your part) After school was a different story. It was supposed to be a one time thing, fucking Michael Clifford against the school building. But neither of you were complaining now that it had become a part of your regular routine. 

“I fucking know,” You snapped, arching your back so your bra clad breasts were pressed to Michael’s pale chest. Your nipples ached beneath the fabric of your bra, but you knew there was so time to remove it. Your fingers grasp Michael’s faded purple locks for dear life, pressing his face further into your skin. You were urging him to claim more of your skin as his. You had already left your mark on him. The bright red scratches down his spine would burn tonight in the shower and you hoped that Michael would wince, thoughts of you blurring his mind. He had one of your legs hitched around his waist and his stuttering hips showed no mercy. Your body was virtually numb besides the dull ache in the pit of your stomach. You screwed you eyes shut and focused on the sheer force of Michael’s thrusts. Michael had his arms braced against the brick wall he was pounding you into. Suddenly, he sank his teeth into the soft skin of shoulder and you cry out, blindly peppering kisses along his biceps. "Fuck,” You and Michael groan simultaneously as your walls involuntarily clench around him. Every thrust sent your arousal running down your trembling inner thighs; both of you could sense high was fast approaching. Another moan flew from your mouth and you pried your eyes open right before Michael’s perfect lips crashed into yours, muffling your sounds of pleasure. Fucking you hard against the wall was one of Michael’s specialties. -xx

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To be perfectly honest I'm not sure what fanon Akaashi sees in Bokuto when in canon he's annoyed 99% of the time? Help me see the light so I can fully enjoy BokuAka fics!

you are right, canon akaashi is v ???? at bokuto all the time, tbh bokuto is a very exasperating owl child. i think the ship happens because they often appear together and interact together………… but!!!!!!!!

what i love about bokuaka and why i’m so deep down in owl couple hell /pulls out powerpoint:

  • akaashi knows exactly how to deal with bokuto
  • this means he spent a lot of time studying bokuto, even if it’s mostly for the sake of the team
  • i mean, if you’re willing to invest your time and end up knowing someone better than they know themselves………………. well,
  • akaashi doesn’t let bokuto get away with anything (which is probably refreshing and different for bokuto, who seems quite spoiled imo)
  • but!! bokuto’s relationship with him is a friendly one, there’s often extras or moments where bokuto is clearly taking the initiative to talk to akaashi
  • (also i wonder whether akaashi has any second year friends, i mean, he probably has, he seems an all-around nice guy, but also the type to throw himself wholly into a thing—which, in this case, is volleyball—but he chooses to hang out with his captain during lunch breaks??)
  • akaashi might be Done™ with bokuto’s brand of whiny owl, but he’s also super proud and super confident in bokuto’s ace-ness
  • even if you argue it’s just for the sake of the team, being able to bring out the best of your ace, that’s still an incredible feeling!!
  • which, as a fic writer, i am definitely Taking Full Advantage 
  • sometimes i guess it’s the whole “opposites attract” kind of thing, with their contrasting personalities, and yet they manage to hang out so naturally, like here’s bokuto being his boisterous self and here’s akaashi sassing him but here they are getting meat buns together
  • i think, personally, when i write bokuto i write him as someone with so much energy and a heart so big, well of course he gives love to akaashi easily
  • and then i like to think akaashi is often just taken by surprise by the hurricane that is bokuto koutarou, but even if bokuto is exhausting, i feel like akaashi might be quietly amused anyway?
  • i mean bokuto also praises akaashi all the time and who doesn’t like that
  • and if u ship them like i do u get to imagine akaashi being the lucky bastard that gets those Bokuto Hugs™, like hoot damn have u seen those biceps
  • also this photo gets me every time: 

my favourite bokuaka dynamic is just. bokuto is a loud, bumbling mess but he’s considerate and warm in all the right ways, when you least expect it. and akaashi is quiet in his support but who isn’t drawn to afternoon sunlight? he’s exasperated at how bokuto is impossible to keep to the ground but it’s a fond exasperation, and when it all comes down to it, a pebble through water is better than a still, lonely pond, isn’t it?

i’m sorry i have no better way to explain (you can tell because i’m breaking off into dumb poetry)……… sometimes it might just be fanon bokuto and fanon akaashi that makes me ship it so much, and i guess if you’re not a fan of this sort of dynamic it’s just hard to see… 

but i hope some of this makes sense and that you consider them a bit more!!

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Can you do how Calum masturbates? pleasee those other ones about Luke and Ashton were so good and I NEED cal please

okay picture this: calum getting off in front of a bathroom mirror. after a good work out, calum gets unexpectedly hard and against his better judgment, he palms himself the entire way home, adding to his fatigue and pent up sexual frustration. just imagine calum angrily gripping the steering wheel while he uses his free hand to stroke the hardening bulge in his gym shorts. at first calum would let out these tiny, broken off whimpers, but they would eventually give way to low groans as he got closer to the hotel. he’s so fucking eager to get his hands around his cock that he can’t even wait to jerk off in the shower. as soon as he’s locked away in the bathroom and stripped down, calum begins to pump furiously his cock, hooded eyes watching his own reflection. he’d still be glistening with sweat and his dark hair would be reduced to gentle curls (which he’d take a moment to tug on slightly, letting out a quiet moan). i can definitely picture him running his fingers down his jaw or resting them around his neck. but when he was close to orgasm calum would huff and brace his hand against mirror and lean forward, close enough for his labored breathing to leave condensation on the glass. then he’d come with a shuddering cry, blowing his load all over the bathroom counter. and i like to imagine calum getting all smiley after he cums. he’d have this dopey, blissed out grin on his face as he finally cut on the shower. -xx

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Olicity "I'm in love with you"

Oliver was wearing a Santa hat. He was also dancing, spinning Thea around in circles while she laughed. It was Christmas Eve and the party had long ended, guests gathering up their jackets and their keepsakes from the Queen family Christmas party and going home.

Oliver had lost his jacket at some point and was barefoot, wearing dress pants, an untucked white shirt, and suspenders as he swung his sister around in an off-tune dance. 

This. This is why she loved him. 

“You might want to try telling him that,” a voice said, drawing her attention.

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