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How do you think aliens would react to human nose bleeds? Or the fact that most of the time human beings dont require medical attention for them?

“Oh shit,” Officer Jones said, drawing Wermng’s attention to them. A gruesome sight met xem – Officer Jones’ face bleeding heavily. Wermng was about to call for a medic when the human next to Officer Jones – Officer Williams – spoke up.

“Oh man, that sucks,” they said conversationally, handing Officer Jones a serviette.

“Yeah, I guess my room was too dry or something,” they replied with a shrug, sounding way too calm for someone who very clearly had a head injury.

“Officer Jones, what medical treatment is necessary to save your life? While Officer Williams have taken actions to help you, I doubt tissue will save your life,” Wermng said, rising to xir full height to be able to move as quickly as possible once an answer had been given.

Officer Jones said something in response, but the words were muffled through the serviette and blood. Fortunately, Officer Williams conveyed the message. “It’s fine, honestly. It’s just a nose bleed.”

“Yes, I realise that their nose is the part that is haemorrhaging heavily, I am trying to ascertain what I can do to be of assistance.”

“No, Wermng, you don’t understand. It’s fine. They’re fine. These things just happen to humans sometimes,” Officer Williams explained, surely in an attempt to make a ‘joke’.

“What for? What beneficial effect could that possibly have?” xe asked.

“Well, none. Like I said, these things just happen sometimes. It’s annoying, but it usually passes pretty quickly,” they said with a shrug. Xe was about to call them out on their joke when xe saw Officer Jones nod – a human sign of agreement.

“And you are going to be fine, Officer Jones?” xe asked, getting another nod.

“Alright,” xe said. “If you’ll just excuse me. I need to have a conversation about updating the humanities guide,” xe explained before leaving the room, queasy by the sight of all that blood. Xe would have to check with another human before having the conversation, but it definitely needed to be included in the guide if it was true.

Xe alerted the nearest medic to their situation regardless.

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So. Please hear me out. I'm not asking too much (I think). What if FBI can't find Derek because he's hiding as a wolf? And then when Stiles tracks him down because he's awesome and kind of paranoid these days; his team thinks he's being crazy chasing a wild wolf (because his colleagues are noisy Little shits like him) but instead this wild wolf actually... Likes him? And now the Wolf is like a mascot of the pre FBI team and I'm crying that no one is writing this

What I love most about this is the image of Derek Hale getting adopted by the FBI as a pet……while still trying to hunt down Derek Hale. 

Stiles would find this wildly amusing but even more so, Derek would probably get a huge kick out of it. He never seems to get a moments rest, always on the run from someone. And now here he is, getting free doughnuts from the very people who are trying to put him away.

The irony is far from lost on him. He and Stiles probably have a lot of fun with it at home. Stiles would make far too many puns, mind, but Derek finds he secretly loves him them. 

Sitting at Stiles’ feet at his desk - probably getting his head scratched - as he listens to Stiles’ colleagues talk about how “dangerous Hale is” and that he should “never approach Hale alone”. Stiles nodding seriously and then, later, coming home to find a very human Derek in his bed. 

“Approach with caution, Officer,” Derek says, grinning. “I could be armed.”

“Good thing I brought these then,” Stiles replies, winking and holding up a pair of hand cuffs, “isn’t it.” 

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What if humanity is the only one ridiculous enough for homophones in their languages. they're so impractical and confusing why this

(This short is brought to you by the wonderful and amazing @pomrania who’s graciously offered to help me answer the backlog of asks. Please have a look at her blob! You won’t regret it)

“English is a confusing language!”
“Why did people from England, of all the places on your planet, decide that two words should sound the same but mean completely different things?!”
“Um. Well. You see, it’s not just that one language….”
“There’s only so many sounds that we can make, after all. Of course some words are going to end up sounding the same.”
“There is no ‘of course’ about it! And I’ve seen tables of speech sounds across various human languages, you have enough different ones to avoid any confusion!”
“So your languages don’t have any words that sound the same?”
“If they do, it’s because they mean the same thing, just in different contexts! None of this… ‘BARK’ nonsense!”
“Hey, 'bark’ makes perfect sense. You’re never going to run into a situation where you won’t know which is meant.”
“But it… why… it shouldn’t even be like that in the first place! And you said MORE languages have that as well?!”
“I can’t speak for all of them, I only know a bit of Spanish, but, yeah. Seems to be in every human language, from what I’ve heard.”
“Why not? And I guess it means that puns are a lot easier.”
*alien headdesks*

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During Sandor and Tormund's conversation in the most recent episode, the one where Tormund says 'ginger's are beautiful, we are kissed by fire,' and then continues to talk about Brienne? There is only one moment during this conversation where Jon can be seen onscreen, and it's during the line 'I have a beauty waiting for me at Winterfell, if I ever get back there.' I'm certain this was done on purpose.

Such a good catch, Nonny! 😉🙌🏻

Jonsa is endgame, it is known. 😘


make me choose ↳ Anonymous asked: wolfstar or remadora?

You know the man you truly are, Remus! This heart is where you truly live! This heart, here!

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Franny why do you prefer Aaron to Robert?

HULLLLOOOOOO NONNIE… I don’t know why but I find it the cutest when people call me by ma name… I luff it. Feels like we’re pals. Which we are, even if you ask ridic questions! 

“Prefer” is not really the appropriate term. “Feel more sincere, deep and unavoidable empathy (and sympathy) for” might be more appropriate. I don’t dislike Robert, I did… for, erm, 2 weeks. But my heart is too soft. Like Aaron’s. Lol… I love him endlessly. But reasons why I love Aaron? Hmmmm….

I love Aaron Dingle more (not really lol) for all the reasons Robert Sugden loves Aaron Dingle more.

1. Because, as well as soft, Aaron Dingle’s heart is PURE. Yes, he has flaws. That boy’s anger issues could fill a case study into boys’ anger issues. But he tries so hard to be GOOD. So hard. 9/10 times he wants to do the right thing. The remaining 1/10 times Robert’s leading him astray or towards the fun (but he’s edging Robert towards a moral consciousness too, the effect they have on eachother is incredible). Andy’s right, he did make Robert a better man. They make eachother better versions of themselves. 

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Being led astray by Robert

2. Because… and I don’t want to labour this point… but because, Aaron Dingle is a phoenix from the fucking ashes. After everything he’s endured… You could forgive him for laying down and giving up. But he never does. He struggles on. He SMILES! I need to be more like that. Something I admire. Something Robert admires. His strength. His fortitude. I have no doubt that Robert is in awe at what Aaron’s survived. His childhood, coming out, Jackson, prison…  But remember when Robert tells him he couldn’t get through prison (when Liv bribes Ryan)? What’s almost as amazing as this resilience, is that other people who’ve suffered less feel they can come to him and tell him their troubles. Leave their worries at his door. He never judges other people for how they measure their own suffering. His childhood was wretched, but he still managed to recognise Robert’s own misery and suffering, and empathise with him. Just… beguiling…

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“You’re amazing”

3. Because he loves his family and friends. He forgives his family and friends of almost everything. His heart is so big. The way him and Chas have blossomed. Paddy?? The way he took Liv in straight away, no questions asked. His love and loyalty to Adam. His defence of Vic and her principles. How he loves the wider Dingle clan and feels so honoured to be a part of them. But most of all, his desire to create a real life for Liv and Robert. He was so afraid of who he was once. But he’d do anything for his husband and this tearaway kid they’re looking after together. The way he looks at them? LORD ABOVE:

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Ok he’s taking a break. A necessary one. But he adores them and if Robert dropped down tomorrow, you better believe Aaron would rush to his side (I hope this happens!). He’s their protector, their champion. He has so much faith in them. He connects them (god knows Rob and Liv didn’t even like eachother to start with). His perseverance with both of them, and the loss caused by his absence, made them realise they were family. Missing jigsaw pieces.

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Finding his Family

4. Because he fucks up. And he knows it. Sometimes, it takes him a while to realise. But that’s okay. He makes colossal mistakes. He tries hard to do better. Sometimes he falls down again. He’s relatable. He has depth. His flaws run through him like ink through a pen. You see them in everything he does. They colour him. But that roundedness, completeness and that humanity - it makes him so intriguing to watch. He feels real where other characters barely feel 2D. We all knew how he would feel about the baby. We know his struggles. The things he can’t get past. We know where his anger lies. Because we know him.

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Not okay

5. Because we’ve watched him grow up. This is related to 4 really. We know him so well because we’ve watched him blossom. Can you believe that that scally on a fixie bike is now a husband and guardian, living in the big house at the end of the lane? I miss his sass and cheek sometimes. But he’s not a teenager anymore. He’s a man. Can you believe these two greasemonkeys are making a life together? It’s almost incredible to me! But everything he has, he deserves it. It’s been brilliant watching his heart get cracked open like an egg and all this runny love seep out of it and through his entire being. Changing him fundamentally and irrevocably.

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Little Aaron

6. Because of this… 

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Because of Robron… daft, I know. But I didn’t love Aaron before them.

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That ask about Ryou going searching for Shiro made me think of something: Imagine Shiro and the other paladins seeing a broadcast about a special arena match featuring the return of the Champion and Shiro's heart just stopping when he see's a terrified looking Ryou on the screen.

welp.  You’ve done it now, nonnie.

“Shiro, could you come to the bridge please?”

The princess’ voice over the com and Shiro looked up from where he was working on training the rest of the team on hand-to-hand.  Lance took a pot shot at him with an elbow and Shiro, smiling a little, caught it in his palm without turning his head to look, peripheral vision easily catching the telegraphed move.

“Good job, Lance.  Always take the opening when you see it.”  He straightened and the rest of the team, looking relieved, and, in Hunk’s case, a little less scared, straightened as well.  “Be right there, princess.  All right team, take five. Then try out your new move on each other.  Gently.”

“That was her ‘uh oh’ tone,” Pidge observed, moving over to get her glasses.  Shiro didn’t comment on it because - well, Pidge was right.  Allura’s voice somehow got stiffer and even more enunciated and ‘proper’ when she was concerned about something.

“Uh oh voice?” Lance was suddenly interested - and giving Shiro the woolly eyeball.  Starting to grin.  “You’re in trouble,” he singsonged.  Shiro ran a towel over the back of his neck and debated getting back into his uniform.  He didn’t feel right coming into a situation, especially on the bridge and with Allura no less, out of uniform but he’d just get it dirty in his current state if he did and he didn’t think that tone of voice offered time for a shower and making himself presentable.   He accepted the water packet Hunk passed him with a smile and shook his head.

“Just keep up with your training.  I’ll be back to check on you once I get the chance.”

Lance gave him a salute - which he assumed meant the team was going to rest for at least ten minutes instead of five once he was out the door but he wasn’t going to call them on it.  They had been working hard.  Keith however fell into step next to him.  Shiro arched an eyebrow at him but Keith just scowled and kept pace with him for the door.  Keith had always stuck close but since the run in with Haggar and the crash landing on the planet with the space lizards, there was a definite shift in the way he - it wasn’t hovering but it certainly had a more protective feel to it.  Shiro appreciated it - and knew he was going to have to get it to stop.  Keith had other things he needed to concentrate on.  Just - not yet.  Whatever Allura wanted, Shiro didn’t have a problem with Keith hearing it too.  If anything happened to him, he wanted Keith to lead and that started with being part of making planes.

“What?  How come Keith gets to go?  Allura didn’t use her ‘uh oh’ voice on him.”

Which, Shiro suspected meant Lance was looking for a way out of more training but he shrugged.  It wasn’t as if they were keeping secrets about anything.

“Well, come on.”

Pidge and Hunk took one look at each other and scrambled to their feet as well, falling into quick step behind a trotting Lance.

Looked like Allura was getting the whole crew after all.

Not that she seemed particularly bothered by it, beyond a raised set of thin eyebrows when they all walked onto the bridge shortly after her call.  The main vid screen was up, trailing alien lettering across it like a marque sign.  A vicious looking face, something that looked like a bad mug shot, flared to life and somewhere in the back of Shiro’s mind, something went very cold.  His stomach rolled, nauseated without reason, and the next picture that flashed by was of the same alien, armed with dual knives the size of bastard swords in the middle of a fight, a frozen second of time in a death struggle that Shiro recognized the way a sick fever that had settled into the bones was recognizable each time it surfaced.  He averted his eyes from the screen and forced all his concentration on the princess.  Who was watching him with the tight lines of worry about her eyes.

“What’s going on?”  His voice at least stayed steady but he saw the way the other paladin’s craned their necks to see what was still flashing across the screen and he knew they were putting the math together and realizing what that was - and what it meant to him.  He refused to look at them.

“I’m sorry, Shiro,” still clipped but softer and he both appreciated that and registered that anything that started off with an apology was probably going to be uncomfortable, at the least, for him.  He unconsciously squared his already set shoulders and met her eyes.  He could do this.  He was the Black Paladin.  And he was the squad leader.  Everything else came second place to that.  Whatever Allura say she took it as her sign to continue.

“As you know, we had a constant monitor running on all the news sources we can access.  Both for any hints that will help us with assigning new targets and to keep an ear out for any news involving Voltron.  We programed in quite a few words that will immediately flag if they come up.”  She gave him another look, part apologetic, part ‘don’t ask me to apologize it was necessary’.  “One of those words is Champion.”

The sick feeling intensified, curling rotten in his gut, coiling up the back of his spine and wrapping around the base of it.  The fever dream feeling moved through the back of his brain, always there, just a little less dormant now.  He kept his jaw looked and his eyes straight ahead on her and he didn’t miss the way Keith stepped to his side and just a little behind him or the way the rest of the team went silent.  Coran interrupted.

“As you know, we run hundreds of words through the system every tic, sorting through the news and trying to find useful tips.  Most of its rubbish of course.  That and a few catchy song lyrics really.”  The brief distraction lost to his usual enthusiasm.  “But every now and then we get a useful hit!  Loose lips ground star ships and all that.”

“Right,” Allura took over again.  “We got a pip just a few moments ago.  It appears one of the more affluent planets is hosting a Gladiator event.”  Her tone made her opinion obvious as only Allura could.  Her eyes met his and her voice went gentler.  Almost apologetic again.  “Shiro, I thought you should see this.”

His common sense was screaming at him not to look.  That he already knew what the fighter scrolls looked like, that it would cause a flashback, that his team didn’t need to see him fall apart again - but if the princess thought it was important than he trusted her judgement.  Eyes narrowing a little, bracing himself, he turned to look at the screen. 

“They’re hailing it as quite the event.”  She paused, just for a second.  “And the core game is for the return of the Champion to the fight ring.”

The picture flashed up on the screen.  Dark close cut hair except for the longer fringe in the front, stormy grey eyes, a lean square face.  Shiro went completely still.  The universe stopped, in that split second, just before it crashed like broken glass into sand and something, small and foolish, thought - if he would just not move, maybe the rest of the world wouldn’t either and this wouldn’t be real.  Lance made a surprised noise.  And, surprisingly, it was Hunk that spoke, voice cracking a little, in surprise and hurt.

“Instructor Ryou?”

The ‘mug shot’ was a little out of focus and the man in it looked a bit worse for the wear, bruised and hollow cheeked, lip split.  But it was the eyes that tore the heart right out of Shiro.  The wide, scared, lost looking, unprepared eyes.

“Who?” Lance wanted to know as Pidge made a small squeaking noise and said:

“I didn’t realize they were identical.”

The next still was of the same man, the man that looked so much like a younger Shiro from only a year ago, teeth bared, pure fury and anger across his face, features splashed with something dark and teeth bared in a snarl as he lunged at something much bigger than him bare handed.

“It’s his brother.  Shiro’s twin brother.”  Keith was explaining but it was all buzzing in Shiro’s ears, somewhere distant and hollow.  He could taste metal in his mouth, tinny and foreign.

“He’s supposed to be on Earth though,” Keith’s voice was still going.  “He shouldn’t be out here.”

Safe on Earth.

Anywhere but here.

“Suit up, team.”  Shiro’s voice was flat and deathly calm.  He was already heading for his compartment, stride intent and irrevocable.  “We’ve got a fight to stop.”

part 2

Really? The Ginger? {Reader Insert}

Imagine: Christmas is coming, meaning FP is given free passage home for the holidays. When he sees his girl ogling over another boy, well, he isn’t too happy.

Summary: With her lover behind bars, {Y/N} took her chances with young Mr. Andrews. But when the brooding bad boy saunters through the door, she knows that she’s in trouble. Still, it’s rather exciting to have her beloved FP back for a short while.

Warnings: F/M Smut, Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids), reader is 18 (so bigger age gap, but still legal at least).

Request?: Yes, a lovely little nonny asked for a piece where FP punishes the reader for getting a little too close to Archie.

Word Count: 2286

Taglist: @theserpentgod  

Disclaimer: I did not make the gif, credits to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters are not mine, credit to the writers and producers.

A/N: This was a fun piece to write, and I’m very thankful for the request. I hope I did okay with the more dominant side of FP. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Well I guess with that last article things are over for Caryl and she will be with Zeke. I just want to give up and throw my hands in the air. There is no indication Caryl have filmed together except the one day for episode 1, just more of the same. This show officially sucks and it will definitely lose a viewer when they make c@rzekiel happen..

Nonny, I’m sorry you feel this way but I disagree on all counts. Here is why:

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Heyyy, you are such an amazing writer! I was wondering if you could write something Whamilton and angsty, where George is the one who is angsting?

George knew he was being ridiculous, beyond ridiculous. He was aged, unable to walk without a cane, slower, less hearty. He had once felt strong, imposing, able to take command of a room. George sighed and leaned back into his chair. His days of standing tall enough for a thousand men were well behind him. It didn’t matter, anyway. Alexander hadn’t been his for a very long time.

The name burned in his mind - Reynolds - the woman who had been able to steal his Alexander away from the marriage that had taken his Alexander away from him. 

The memory burned bright in his mind. 

Alexander had always been the type to love with everything he had, and George had never been blind. He had seen Alexander’s thoughts going toward Elizabeth, had watched Alexander write letter after letter in order to charm his bride-to-be. It had hurt, but it was a selfish pain. Alexander deserved happiness, the public kind that George would never be able to give him. 

Their affair was never meant to last, but George had hoped. He had allowed himself to think that should he ever see Alexander again they’d be able to go back to where they started. They’d be able to slip into a dark room and melt into each other’s touch as they had so many times before. George had fooled himself into thinking it would never end.

Alexander was not of the same mind. They had won the war and Alexander had forced an envelope into his hand, kissed his cheek, and then walked away. George had never been able to bring himself to read the letter. He had placed it in another envelope and tucked in close to his chest where it still remained.

He had tried to talk to Alexander, had tried to intertwine their fingers and lean forward to taste Alexander’s sweet lips once more. Alexander had shot him down every time, a gentle shake of his head and the words, “I’ve had to devote myself to my Betsey, George. You know this.” Alexander’s eyes had always been so confused, hurt. George recognized a retaliation when he saw one, but had always left wanting to know just what it was that he had done.

George had wanted it to be a lie, had told himself Alexander loved him so much he was only trying to prevent further hurt.

He had been right. It was a lie. Alexander had never devoted himself to his wife, instead finding comfort in whoever came to his door begging. 

The sob rang through his chest and the tears burned at the corners of his eyes. It had been so long since he had allowed himself to cry, so long since he had allowed any sort of emotion to rise from thoughts of Alexander. It was time, George supposed. Alexander had never been his.

He reached into his waistcoat and pulled out the letter. His eyes darted toward the fire, and he ran his finger over the edge. It’d be so easy to toss it in. George would finally be at peace, the possibility of the words held within no longer nagging at the corners of his mind.

He flipped the envelope in his hands and shook his head. No. He needed to know what, for all intents and purposes, had been his Alexander’s last words. Alexander Hamilton and George Washington had exchanged many words since the war, but none had held quite the same weight.

George unfolded the paper slowly. Another sob filled the air of the otherwise quiet room when he read the first words, “My George.”

His finger traced the loops of his name, Alexander’s neat lettering a familiar pattern. George took in a shaky breath and let his eyes continue down the page.

My George,

With the end of this war and the final battle and the echoing of the cries of victory, I look forward to just where we shall lead our country, and I fear where we shall lead each other. War is a hell like none other, and yet in it I have found the most exquisite form of happiness. It fills me with terror, George, for I know what comes when I allow myself to feel such joy. I have been haunted by trials and hardships my entire life, and I know better than to expect anything different. I mean not to lower your spirits on such a day, but these are words that need to be said. I love you so much that my whole heart and entire being aches with it. I know if I tried to say these words to you in person I’d never let you go.

I’m setting you free, George. If I do not, you will leave me behind as you lead this country forward. You claim you love me, and being the fool that I am, I’ve allowed myself to believe you. You’ll do everything you can to bring me with you, and we simply cannot have that. If I tried to put word to everything that I feel for you, my love, this letter will never see its end.

There are shouts already, and I know that the victory celebrations will keep us apart for a long while. Keep this letter with you, or burn it, whatever you do please do not forget it. Do not forget me. Your touch is forever burned onto my skin, and I wish that as we grow and go our separate ways, you keep me in your heart. There is only one thing I’d have you do. If our paths cross again, I will be relying on you, my love, to guide me. I long for your lips on my skin and your hands in my hair, but I will not allow myself to ask you for those things. You might leave this bloody war and your mind will clear and you may realize I was only a willing body to warm your bed. I accept this as a possibility. I have included a ring in this letter, my love. It’s simple, unremarkable. I need you to wear it, at least once, if I see you. If you do not I shall assume I was a mere convenience.

Oh, my heart is full with love for you,

yrs. Alexander

Sure enough, when George turned the envelope over, a gold band fell onto the floor.

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HI I really love your blog ! Any favorites you recommend ?

i lov all . .. . my mutuals w my whole entire heart n soul but ill keep this relatively short so it doesn’t. .. . turn into a ff lmao 

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