bb!groot art doll. I started him yesterday so I had something good to work on and to take to the craft workshop I went to last night. The workshop was very low-key, sewing ornaments, which I did make one (of my own design because that’s how I roll). I’ve been working on baby Groot all morning while watching a few episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn. I’m still low, and incredibly slow, but I feel less of a disaster at the moment. I have a few more wips to tackle in the next few days when I need to centre myself. Right now, though, I’m going to make some coffee and then take the dog for a walk.

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it's literally a charity who gives a shit who its run by on a website?? how trivial and selfish can you be. what the fuck do you think you're accomplishing.

i hate doing this today but i’ve been getting a lot of hateful messages and i thought i’d address it.

honestly i don’t really care where you donate to or if you donate at all. it’s your money and it’s not my decision.

but, the first thing you learn in my nonprofit classes (y’know since i’m in studying, in part, to work in and/or create nonprofits and have been for the past three years. i know just a little bit about it) is that every dollar you donate validates something, and that it’s very important to know what your money is supporting.

the lady who runs 1dfansgive is one of the big larries– one of the people who still refuses to acknowledge freddie’s existence, who created a rumour that freddie was a doll (dehumanizing A REAL LIFE HUMAN BEING), started two doll instagrams, continuously bullies and attacks danielle, briana, eleanor, and any other girl within a ten foot radius of harry or louis, slammed danielle and briana for coming to the uk–claiming it was a stunt or that louis was there to get the paternity tested–i could go on and on but you get the point. not a nice person, not supportive of the boys at all despite what she claims.

i don’t know about you but sexism, hatred, anger, lying, and conspiracy theorizing is not what i like to validate. and every time you donate through her, you validate in part what she does.

(the second thing you learn in my nonprofit class is that it’s always best to give directly to the charity instead of going through a middle man. it’s easier to keep track of the money that way and make sure nothing’s getting sloughed off. to be perfectly clear, i’m not implying that’s what amy’s doing, but i do know that there are probably maintenance fees and stuff taken out of a part of the donations.)

again, i really don’t care what you do. i just want people to know what they’re supporting when they donate through 1dfansgive. not being petty, not being trivial, not being selfish. just letting you know where your money’s going.

(charities to give to: believe in magic, bloodwise, the sheffield hospital, or the uclh charity, @change4charitylouis, anthony nolan)

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steve and bucky are chillin on the couch, watching a movie together, a dog at their feet. steve says something particularly sarcastic when he gets up to get a drink. bucky slaps his ass and laughs. the dog barks. bucky says "shut up," to her but in a fond way. her name is rosie. bucky's hair is in a bun, and he's biting his lip looking at steve. steve is more in love than he's ever been.

this saved my life

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Capitalism is the system we use because it works. It's stupid to believe communism is functional, no matter how many tumblrinas shitpost about bringing the system down. Grow up.

ok so like first off ur wrong

second fite me

third what is this even in reference to? like, idk the last time i posted about how capitalism sucks, and none of that’s gotten any notes recently. i mean, like, there’s gotta be a reason that one of the major steps in quelling the revolution is sending anon asks to a whiny goth who recently cried because she finished her beer and now there’s none left, right?

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Do you think eun fam actually saw the sword or is just saying it?

i think she actually sees it! if you look at the above screencaps, she points right at it and idk if it was mentioned, but i don’t think other ghosts or anyone else can really see the sword ( maybe the gramps and grim reaper can but idk) so she couldn’t have heard it from anyone else. 

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It wasn't Marvel's fault that we didn't get Miles. Sony literally put in their contract with Marvel that they only wanted a white actor playing Spider-Man for some stupid reason. So if anyone is to blame for not having Miles it's Sony.

I literally watched Marvel execs say “we don’t even need to change Spiderman from Peter Parker” like unless you were literally in the same room as Sony and Marvel when they stipulated and signed that contract, I’m still gonna stick to side eyeing Marvel. Because even if it was in their heart to have Miles or care about diversity, their response would have been “we would love to explore the possibility” or something along that line. Nope, they literally said “it should only be Peter Parker”. Even Stan Lee said there’s no reason for them to change Spiderman from Peter in response to criticism from fans about Spiderman Homecoming. Like who are you trying to fool? “Contract” (again, please show me proof of this) or not, Marvel would not have chosen any other actor than a white actor, more specifically, would not have chosen Miles Morales over Peter Parker. Look at their history of casting. They ain’t that brave or evolved.

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Hi, is there any way that we can watch the bafta event tomorrow? Like live or youtube after? Thanks for all your work here <3

There’s no video forthcoming that I know of, unless an audience member happens to record and upload the whole thing. 

More likely, we’ll have to follow along with tweets and posts from those who are there. I’m sure the official Sherlock twitter account will probably tweet some things from it, too. And as usual, I’ll be keeping an eye out and sharing any news we do get.

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Kuroenno naughty or nice

Send me Naughty or Nice and a character(s) or ship and I’ll write you a wintery ficcie!

Ahh I’m the kuroenno anon from earlier, could I make it kuroennoyama instead xD;; thank you!!

Sure thing dear Nonny!


“I am not stupid enough to pick a side,” Kuroo hisses when they step inside the apartment.  “Kenma warned me.”  He grins when he sees their hosts step out of the kitchen.  Suga smiles back and gives them a little wave before heading towards the living room.  Akaashi nods and returns to the kitchen.  “I am opting for neutral territory.”

“You are not leaving us alone to hide with Kenma all night,” Yamaguchi gives him a sweet smile and latches on to Kuroo’s arm.

“If either of you leave me alone with either of them,” Ennoshita says under his breath, “I will murder you in your sleep.”

“Great.  Glad we got that settled.”  Kuroo lets his boyfriends lead him further into the apartment that has become kind of a off limits quarantined zone among their group of friends.

Kenma is curled into the corner of the couch with Daichi settled in next to him.  Bokuto is next to Daichi and Yukie is perched on the arm of the couch with her feet in Bokuto’s lap.  She waves when she spots them.  Yamaguchi’s arm tightens around Kuroo’s and he simply nods at her.

“No room for me on the couch anyway,” Kuroo mumbles.

Asahi is leaning against the counter in the kitchen when they sidle in and he looks beyond relieved to have someone else in there with him and Akaashi.

It’s fun enough, as far as parties go between old friends where no one wants to get too incredibly drunk and your hosts are kind of pissed at each other over hot chocolate or something.  Asahi and Daichi take their birthday wishes in good spirits.

Or at least Kuroo assumes that’s what happens.  After about forty minutes he managed to sneak a bottle of something peppermint flavored and alcoholic from the freezer and hid away in Suga and Akaashi’s bedroom.  Ten minutes later Yamaguchi and Ennoshita found him tucked against the wall next to the bed and Yamaguchi locked the door with a grin.

An hour and a half or so after that Akaashi is less than amused when he has to go get Suga to unlock the bedroom door and they find Kuroo, Ennoshita, and Yamaguchi well on their way to being drunk and wearing far fewer clothes than they last saw them in.

Yamaguchi goes pale when he realizes that the door is open and does his best to detach his boyfriends from leaving trails of marks across his neck and shoulders while trying to feel around the bed for his shirt.

Kuroo gulps and then starts giggling when he sees Akaashi’s pissed off face in the doorway.

“Oops,” he whispers loudly.  “My bad.”

Ennoshita sniffles once and raises his eyebrows at the couple in the doorway.

“Problem?”  He asks almost sweetly and Suga actually has to bite back a grin.

“Get dressed.  Get out of my bed.  You owe me a new bottle and possibly new sheets,” Akaashi announces.  “You have three minutes.”  He spins on his heel and marches away.

Kuroo’s giggles double in volume as he scrambles to get off the bed and simply slides to the floor instead.

“Happy New Year?”  Kuroo asks Suga from the floor.

“A few more days, Kuroo.  It’s still only the 28th,” Suga replies.  “You three can crash on the couch.  Good luck with your hangovers.”

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Not trying to rush you or anything, just curious as to when you are going to start posting those SLUTTY stories, I'm so excited!

Hey nonnie! Originally, I had actually hoped to have them started by now. Unfortunately, I had a one-two punch of RL bad news that I’ve been dealing with, which has left me mentally exhausted and not very porny!

I plan to write tomorrow, though, so send really good vibes (and naughty images) to my muse and keep your fingers crossed that the smut flows! I hope to have a few smutlets written and posted by tomorrow night!

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What's worse than all the hate these characters get, is the reaction when you can't take it any more and eventually step in and say something in their defense. Now you're a stan because you speak up and say something positive about them and want to defend something you enjoy.

^^^^^^^^^^^ allllll of this. 

how dare we be positive of the thing we like. we obviously aren’t considering their flaws 24/7, so we obviously need to be reminded of it 24/7.