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"What are you doing?" John asks when Sherlock sits in his lap. "Just dong an experiment," Sherlock says wiggling. "Why does this experiment involve my lap?" John asks trying to focus on the discomfort of having Sherlock's weight on him and not the delicious friction currently being applied to his cock. "I think you know," Sherlock says wiggling again, "if you say the right words I'll stop." "Don't stop," John gasps. Sherlock stops long enough to kiss his flat mate and drag him to the bedroom.

The Best experiment  :3

‘I’m the employee and this is the first time ever I’ve met you but you buy me a necklace saying the gem compliments my eyes’ AU  (X)

Castiel immediately noticed the man when he walked through the door of the jewellery shop where he worked. Green eyes, cute freckles all over his cheeks and nose, and a body to die for, he was easily one of the most attractive men Castiel had ever seen in his life.

He was wearing faded jeans, and a shirt that looked like it had seen better days under a leather jacket. His hair was slightly ruffled and there was a small smudge of grease on the side of his neck.

Castiel heard April scoff beside him, presumably because of the young man’s appearance, and he had to suppress the urge to roll his eyes. There was a reason why she was his least favorite coworker.

“I’m not serving him,” she hissed into his ear. “He probably doesn’t even have enough money to pay for this stuff.”

Castiel ignored her, following the young man with his eyes, instead. He had walked to the nearest display cabinet to the door, a small frown creasing his brow. Just because he didn’t look like the typical client of a jewellery store, it didn’t mean he didn’t have a right to shop there, if he so wished.

“I will serve him,” Castiel simply said, once again ignoring April when she snorted. He really didn’t want to pick a fight.

“Make sure he doesn’t steal anything. You can never be too careful,” she said, and this time, Castiel did roll his eyes.

Luckily, the young man seem too engrossed in what he was doing to pay attention to anything else, and had likely not even heard April’s words.

“Hello, sir,” Castiel greeted him, and he could swear the young man jump a little before he looked up. “Can I help you with anything?”

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Heya! Quick question, if you could replace any of the RTD era episodes with your own, which would you replace and what would be the brief plot of yours?

Girl in the Fireplace with literally anything. I would replace it with 42 minutes of my cat playing with string and it would be more interesting than that episode.

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Bed wed behead: Fenris, Anders, Alistair

Bed Anders. If the noises he makes while kissing are any indication of other things than…frickin’ yowza!

Wed Alistair, cause yeah, seriously, he seems like he’d make a great hubby.

Behead Fenris. Did I say behead? Cause I meant ‘bedhead’. I’d nap with him and then snicker over his hair being as spiky as his armor. :3

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Hey, Erin, would you please post this ask? Anyone who wants to help me make Erin's birthday super special, like this ask and I'll contact you with some details on what I'm planning :)


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I can't help but not like John that much... I don't know why, but I never feel much sympathy for him. Lol I don't want to hate him though, do you have any advice? (Weird question, I know)

Become Sherlock, LOL!

Seriously though, I also wasn’t a huge John fan myself when I first watched the series 2 years ago. I’ve always related more to Sherlock’s character, so I immediately latched onto him like a leech. A lot of what warmed me up to John’s character is how much SHERLOCK warmed up to him. In watching Sherlock develop a fondness and even love for John – despite all John’s trashiness, harshness, rudeness, and faults – I have also grown to see what Sherlock sees in John. That’s the beauty of the slow-build for me: watching these two men with so many flaws fall for each other is so beautiful. 

I know I always somehow make all my posts about Sherlock and his pining for John, but in all honesty, rewatch the series again in the mindframe of Sherlock’s character. You will feel all the bumps and hurt John causes Sherlock, but you will also learn to see John how Sherlock sees him. This is obviously easier in S3, as it is in Sherlock’s POV, but watch how loyal John is to Sherlock; how Sherlock laughs with John; how they both have a morbid sense of humour; how full Sherlock’s life has become since John has entered it; how soft John is with Sherlock or how brash he is; and HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS (watch all of season 3 and notice that any scene in which Sherlock and John are together, John is either lit VERY attractively like he is glowing or very well dressed and handsome; heck, even the mind palace scenes in TSo3 has John so ridiculously attractive EVEN IN A FRANKLY AWFUL CARDIGAN). Sherlock appreciates John for his loyalty, his friendship, his humour, his beauty, and John’s trust in him, something that John does not give freely at all. Sherlock can no longer be alone, and when he is, he REALLY FEELS IT. This is so apparent in TEH, when Sherlock first returns and can only think of getting to John, and later when he and Mycroft discuss friends. Hell, Sherlock even subconsciously associates Redbeard with John in HLV after Mycroft reminded him of the dog in TSo3. It’s so ridiculous. And I’m sure Sherlock’s fondness for military men doesn’t hurt either, LOL.

Alone no longer protects Sherlock. This is why S3 is so hard for me to watch, because Sherlock literally has changed his ENTIRE self to focus on making John happy, simply because he loves John for being John. And while I do agree that John is trash for choosing to be blind to not seeing this change, I still love John for what he has done FOR Sherlock. Sherlock has learned to feel love that he hasn’t felt since his dog died.

I’ve also found that writing John meta and picking apart his character also helped a lot too. I’ve found that the more I learn about his character, my appreciation for him grows. Remember, John, prior to his life with Sherlock, was a doctor and a soldier who has seen horrible horrible things – he saved lives and protected his country as a captain in an elite military group. John then get shot and was literally tossed aside like garbage once his usefulness ran out – he was broken, and no good anymore. All he gets for his troubles is a pension he can barely survive on, a shitty bedsit, nightmares, tremours, PTSD, and pain in both his shoulder and leg. I pity him because the army was a huge chunk of his life, and it was literally stolen from him. He’s sad and depressed before meeting Sherlock, and I’ll be very honest: I don’t think John had much will to live left; the cinematography at the beginning of ASiP suggests he was suicidal pre-Sherlock. Then along comes Sherlock, a man who is a self-professed sociopath, and BEFRIENDS HIM. At the risk of using a meme for this analogy, but Sherlock picked John up out of the trash, fixed him up, and made him useful again. Sherlock gave John a reason to live, and it’s a small wonder he was able to go on for two years without Sherlock. 

And Martin plays his character so wonderfully. John is in as much the spotlight as Sherlock is, and I think that is so fantastic. 

And I’m not gonna lie, but watching John go from the sad man he was in ASiP to the man he was in HLV was an exciting journey. John’s character has developed so much over the 5 year timeline of the show, and we know for certain that it has to develop even more to have Johnlock happen. I look forward to it :)

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Just out of curiosity, what's your opinion on Clint/Natasha. I've read a lot of your stuff, and I don't think you've ever written much of them.

I don’t really write MCU fic without Darcy at the center. But, prior to the farm/Laura reveal, I shipped Nat/Clint. It was hard not to with all the subtext and tension. Generally, I’ll hint they’re together in the background of fic. But more recently, I tend to write Nat with Sam. The Laura reveal just makes things weird. I’ll still read Nat/Clint fic, just not if it has like a Laura and the kids died, cue man pain, twist to it. I understand just deciding AoU or that particular plot never happened, but Laura doesn’t need to die. Too many women get killed off as it is.

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newt knowing he is in love with thomas but not saying a thing because thomas keeps dating girls - thomas dating girls to forget his HUGE crush on newt because he's sure he's never going to like him other than as a friend

mutual pining is so painful because they both love each other but they don’t know it and it makes me want to SPONTANEOUSLY BURST INTO PIECES may the gods help me

okay but imagine thomas venting out his feelings to minho one night like “minho i cant take it anymore seriously dating girls makes me feel like a horrible freaking being because all i’m doing is denying my feelings for newt” and minho tries to intervene but thomas goes on with “but i can’t do that minho because REALITY CHECK trying to deny the feelings of someone you’re in love with isn’t exactly easy”

at this point, minho is just staring at something behind thomas, and thomas is like “what?” before turning around to see newt standing by the door, staring back at thomas with a stricken look on his face

and thomas opens his mouth to say something because oh dear god newt just heard him basically confess that he was in love with the blond BUT newt doesn’t give him the chance to say anything because almost instantaneously, he walks over to thomas and pulls him in for a kiss!!!!!! wow!!!! finally!!!!!!!

send me newtmas headcanons/aus!

Anonyme a dit :Your drawings of the sons of Elrond are my absolute favorite ever! They have always been my most loved characters ever since my dad read me the books when I was little and your portrayal of them is almost exactly like I imagined them to look like, I am completely in awe! I totally adore your drawing style, please never stop drawing them, they are flawless!

cyrefinwe a dit :Oooof, I’ve stumbled across your art on deviantart often, and now I’ve found you on Tumblr! I just wanted to say that your art is amazing! You made me fell in love with ‘Rohir and 'Dan. <3

Thank you <3