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Why don't u ask Edd or Matt for help?

Anonymous said:Just ask Edd or Matt to help you find it?? I’m sure they would.
Anonymous said:Maybe you should ask Matt and Edd if they’ve seen it?

“so… is there a story to this or…?”

“not really- just more of that anonymous magic stuff.”

“well, i guess me and edd can cross this off the list of ‘possible bonding activities for tom and tord’. huh?”



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honestly tj makes more emo than bucky, like yeah bucky suffered a lot and he didn't deserve it, his life was supposed to turn out differently like in the ultimates, happier, but he's resilient and strong, he was looking after himself in cw and after everything that happened to him he's still a good person, but tj needed help, someone putting him first, he couldn't stand the pressure and damn this con and sebastian's fluffy hair for bringing my tj feelings back

I sent this to myself.

No seriously I love TJ so much, like he had no one, the people that were supposed to look out for him and help him were too caught up in family politics as well as actual politics to actually support him. And like to bring this back to Seb, it’s really testament to his skill as an actor that TJ is a character that resonated so much within the fanbase that 4 years later people still completely adore him after only 6 episodes.

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could you please rec some of your favourite blogs ?

Hi! Of course. I’m gonna list the first ones that came to my mind, but please check out all the blogs I reblog from because they’re A+++++.

Some of my faves are: @theyfeelthesame, @louisinyogapants, @cozylouie, @sunfic, @buerella, @hairryles, @inkedbum, @calmdowncurrly, @knightchanges, @rosyharry, @eyeshadowkink, @flower-harries, @jimmytfallon, @olivelouie, @chopsueh, @fookinharold, @viplourry, @viplarry, @tomlinlouies, @loufondue, @loucrisis, @haztomlins . All of them great people.

I know I’m missing a lot and I’m sorry. I’ll make a blog roll soon because seriously everyone I follow is so cool!

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Here's a thing my cat does that I think Cat!Dogma might do as well. He's pretty standoffish when it comes to cuddling and the like, but he's ridiculously concerned about me taking care of myself. If I haven't left my office or room recently, he comes and gets me. Meows until I get up then escorts me out, to the bathroom, kitchen, or my bedroom depending on what he thinks I need. He's especially insistent about bed. WE GO TO BED AT MIDNIGHT. Yay for cats looking out for their owners!

MY CAT DOES THAT TO ME TOO. I call it her “Mothering” me. She gets so offended when I’m not in bed on time, and sometimes she’ll even turn off my bedside lamp after a while if I’m in bed but not asleep (it’s touch-sensitive and reacts to her nose). She turns it on in the morning too. We often have back-and-forths with that lamp. XD She also likes to Supervise, which I think goes in hand with your note about leading/following from room to room. She gets concerned when I stay in any room longer than I usually do and will come find me, but I can appease her by making a spot where she can perch and observe me. I actually have a small dining room chair that travels depending on whether I’m at my computer or my sewing machine. If my cat can’t sit next to me while I’m working, she goes just out of reach and meows to high heaven.

Anyway YES these are all very much cat!Dogma things. He’s learned Tup’s usual routine and gets peevish when the schedule deviates. “I’m making you do this for your own good” is the essence of Dogma’s internal monologue to me in any context, tbh. 

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if I may request for something coldflash *shy* I just want Len breaking Barry's heart and then a HAPPY ENDING because I am a sucker for a crying Barry but even more of a sucker for our two babies SORTING SHIT OUT <3

Dearest nonnie, of course you can! Request away, even though I can’t promise I’ll always be quick about answering :’D but this one stuck in my head immediately and I just had to get this out, so… here goes, incoherent and ridiculously self-indulgent, but I hope I managed to fit the requirements at least a bit :)

It starts with a look.

Later on, Barry can’t describe it in words, but he remembers the feeling, the electric thrill starting in his stomach and spreading through his body, urging him to move. It’s not unlike the speed force, just… warmer, sweeter, like his blood has turned into thick, golden honey. Barry has never quite felt like this – or, at least, he has never felt like this when looking at someone so spectacularly wrong for him, for all the reasons in the world.

There’s just something about the way Snart smirks, cocky and sarcastic and mocking, that turns Barry’s knees into jelly and his brain into mush. Snart is a criminal, and way older, and a criminal, and Barry’s insides have no business melting and twisting and disappearing from the way the man stares at him, with intensity and focus no one has ever had in their eyes when seeing one Barry Allen. That first look feels like falling, plummeting into darkness without anything to show the way, and it’s only downhill from there.

(AO3 link)

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Aww zac! We all know you have the hots for RL. Just admit it!!

“i-it’s not even worth it though… if i do say it, i mean. he’s so big and fantastic and powerful- i-i’m just a lil chef and i’m only really useful when patryk isn’t around for intimidation.”

“i just ain’t worth half his time… i think he even only remembers me as the solider who k-keeps throwing up on his boots, anyways… i’m just expendable meat.

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Evidently Sebastian Stan threw away all of his fan gifts from con!!!. @pumps61 on Instagram worked there and said they were by the dumpster after it ended!!!

Just bc one worker says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Damn, how long have you been supporting Seb that you’d believe instantly that he’s the type of person to do that.

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Even if mccree is latino, do people just not understand that not every latino is brown skinned and that there are a lot of "white" Latinos?? U do u, op

Thank you nonnie, and in the same way there are Caucasians who tan really well so skin colour on its own isn’t a strong determining factor for race or ethnicity.

I mean, I have Spanish and native Colombian blood and I came out pretty pale, but if I were to stand in the sun I’d get about 10 shades darker.

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Hello dearest! I got to meet Seb this weekend at Wizard con and hugged him extra tight for you! He's very wee in person, it's adorable!

Awh thank you sweetie! I’m happy you got to meet him! And bless, I’ve seen a few people say he’s small in person. Like he’s tall and he’s got muscle but he still just seems soft and small, which is just…the cutest thing.

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Sure, a kid raised by gay parents will likely have to face our shitty, shitty society from time to time. But it's not like homophobia is the only hatred in the world. What parent doesn't wish they could shield their kid from the pain. (1/2)

(2/2) But you can’t hide reality from them, it never works. You can only equip them, mold them into strong adults, who can see the joys and shed the hatred. And then you have made a beautiful person who is strong and helps make things less shitty.

exactly :’)