nonlinear narrative

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Will the companion fic be linear narrative or nonlinear? Like mixing the future here and there along with Viktor's pov before he and Yuuri get up together?

linear like umfb but with a timeline that extends a little further into the future 


VGS Interview: How to Write a Bioware Game with Lead Writer Patrick Weekes

Welcome to our weekly show! PATRICK WEEKES IS FINALLY HERE

If you haven’t yet make sure you listen to part 1 and get ready for this extra goodness. Today we have the complete interview (part 1 of three) with Patrick Weekes, a lead writer from Bioware all about his craft and the art of writing for games.

Some of what we cover includes:

- His origins
- Training the player to do the wrong thing
- Looking at the evolution of the media comparing it to the beginning of film
- It’s harder now to get a job than ever before, focus on the nonlinear narrative
- Get the application called TWINE! Get a job.
- Weekes talks extensively about the HORROR of “Peer Reviews”
- The most common mistakes that still happen in the writer’s room
- Key piece of advice “Make sure the player knows where to go next, and what he has to do when he’s there”

What’s next for Dragon Age? Find out more next week! We’ll post the remaining segments of our interview, including a complete look at Mass Effect and of course, Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Ah, another one I'm curious about (Wish I'm not bothering you!) What's your favorite anime and anime genre? 'v')/


and as for genre uuuuuuuh i don’t really know but I tend to go for  IDK HO TO EXPLAIN IT im a sucker for symbolism and nice (unique!!!) art design (see: ping pong anime) things like err katanagatari, shinsekai yori, and kyousougiga i highly recommend all three of those and everyone should watch them i don’t know about genre but most of the things i like are all kind of niche for some reason laughs 

the season 6 premiere of the walking dead was fucking sick i loved the nonlinear narratively complex storytelling it was lots of fun and that fucking cliffhanger though!!!!