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I often get asked about nice Voltron blogs to follow (hate free) so I made a small list of the blogs I personally recommend. Please keep in mind some of these blogs may be NSFW occasionally and not all of them are only Voltron.

General Voltron or character focused content:

@ace-pidge/@sednamode | @istehlurvz | @geckostuffs | @alteanbae | @neptunearts | @bosstoaster (mostly Shiro) | @vld-space-bbys | @legendary-defenders | @relatablepicturesofshiro (mainly Shiro) | @polydinshiro (mainly Shiro) | @chishionrnr | @hunk-appriciation-squad (mainly Hunk) | @aliveshiro | @voltronreference | @eghfeithrean | @lionbots | @primagrine | @kit-replica | @alluras-castle | @voltron-hq | @notllorstel (mainly Coran) | @shir-yo (mainly Shiro) | @theartofvy | @hoshikage | @eight8xeight8 | @zillabean (mainly Shiro) | @cryopods | @skdaks2 (mainly Hunk) | @hardlynotnever (mainly Lance) | @softshirogane | @sichichi (mainly Shiro) | @takashi-kogane | @keithyourpal | @voltronisbae | @non-toxic-voltron-blog | @voltronprompts | @intense-memeroni | @vldrarepairs | @sevenfivetwo-art | @damare-draws | @heero-yuy | @nwarrior777 (mainly Hunk) | @redrobokitty | @rachelhuey88 | @biblicacelestia (mainly Shiro) | @lancesexual | @rejected3 | @robot-lion-pyramid | @jasjuliet (mainly Hunk) | @michiyo966 | @pk-buttcheeks | @spaceshiro | @0arcadia | @amalgamoffaces | @keithkagone | @ravenbow | @liftingtheteam (mainly Hunk) | @queen-allura (mainly Allura) | @miichiru

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Mainly hance:


Mainly kallura:

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Mainly shallura:

@shallura | @shallurazine | @shalalalalura

Mainly plance:

@planced | @pidgance | @justpidgance

UPDATE: Added a bunch of new blogs, some of which I don’t even follow but they’re now a bunch of very nice people!

UPDATE 2: @keiths-salt also made a more comprehensive list here!


AU where Sasori is brought back but as an infant and Sakura raises him. His “true” identity is kept a secret by the village officials, and Sakura has to endure a lot, seemingly being a “single unmarried mother” (typically still frowned upon in Japanese communities).

Sasori’s former memories return to him in form of nightmares - including his fight with Sakura - as he gets older, making him question who he used to be and how much his mother knows about this. Sakura is massively terrified that Sasori might return to his former self so she refrains from openly answering these questions for a long time (even if she will force herself to one day, she knows that Sasori is highly intelligent and him finding out the truth himself could actually be much more damaging). 

Younger Sasori used to be a very sweet child so I can see him waking up from those nightmares being absolutely terrified (considering how Sasori’s entire former life was pretty much a nightmare) and refusing to leave Sakura’s side during the night. 

(I’ve been wanting to do this for months now aksjskf sorry)

anonymous asked:

What's your process of drawing and what do you use when you make fan art?

Hey! So here we goo!

Let’s start with the digital ones !(it’s very similar with when I draw on paper)

1- as my graphic tablette doesn’t allow me to draw on it, I prefer do the sketch on paper where I’m better to make proportions and lines

2- I redo the lines on a new layer above the sketch I’ve made on paper.
Some time I also change the pose and sketch again before doing the lines.

3- Color Time! I’m not really good lol but I do that on different layers, one for the background, one for the skin, one for the clothes, one for the shadow/light.

No particular order even if I try to do the skin, the clothes, the shadow/light and then background (or first the BG and the shadows)

And voilà! knowing that for the colors, I generally test a lot sooo it’s like a “playing time” with the tool I have

here another example of fanart that’s not chibi:

What I use:

For digital: 

my sketch book lol and then it’s all on “Adobe Photoshop Element 11″. I’m using a medium “bamboo wacom”. Also a LOT of references.

For paper: 

this little thing is life lol but i used to work with HB and 2B pencil

for the inking using “Faber-Castell PITT artist pen” but they don’t like that much the rubber ^^’ and after it’s basic colored pencils and got 3 artistic brush from F-C for skin tone. But when I really want to do something bigger, I got a full set of charcoal.

Grace Bol by Julia Noni