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Theodora (c. 500-548)

Art by Noni (tumblr)

While most empresses and queens are born into royal or at least aristocratic families, Theodora had a more unusual background.  Her father was a bear trainer near Constantinople’s Hippodrome while her mother was a dancer and actor.  At a young age, Theodora worked as an actor and likely as a sex worker.  She travelled through North Africa with an older male companion as a teenager.  While in Egypt, Theodora converted to Miaphysite Christianity.

Theodora returned to Constantinople as a wool spinner and soon caught the attention of Justinian, heir to the Eastern Roman Empire. The match was controversial and an old Roman law forbid government officials from marrying actresses. Although he was not officially the ruler yet, Justinian repealed the anti-actress law in 525 and married Theodora

Justinian ascended to the throne in 527 and Theodora became Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire. As Empress, Theodora shaped foreign and domestic policy.  She had her own court and her own imperial seal.  Twice her canny machinations saved her husband from possible deposition. Unwilling to forget her roots, Theodora also advocated for sex workers’ rights while criminalizing trafficking and pimping.  Many historians consider Theodora to be Justinian’s co-ruler.

Theodora was not a universally beloved figure.  There were many who felt that she intensified conflicts and encouraged more extreme solutions.  Theodora’s brand of Christianity was controversial and she overthrew a Pope who disagreed with her.  Theodora and Justinian quelled revolts with massive slaughters.  

Theodora died in 548 when she was in her late forties or early fifties.  After her death, Justinian worked to mend fences between the Christian sects of the period.  Justinian and Theodora are saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Later emperors would follow Justinian’s example and marry outside of royal and aristocratic circles.

Rose Aura Quartz

Facet-5 Cut-8Ω

Between Maxixe’s two commanding officers, Rose Aura is the more easy-going. She may be kind, but don’t make mistake her kindness for weakness.Behind that calm and naive demeanor, is a ruthless stratagem capable of taking on whole armies single handedly. Her ferocity in battle made her top pick as the training instructor for Maxixe’s soldiers.

Gem Placement: Top Right Hand

Weapon: Sledgehammer

Voice Actress: Anika Noni Rose

Special Ability: Terrakinesis. Using her sledgehammer, she terraforms planets to create canyons and caves for kindergartens

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AU where Sasori is brought back but as an infant and Sakura raises him. His “true” identity is kept a secret by the village officials, and Sakura has to endure a lot, seemingly being a “single unmarried mother” (typically still frowned upon in Japanese communities).

Sasori’s former memories return to him in form of nightmares - including his fight with Sakura - as he gets older, making him question who he used to be and how much his mother knows about this. Sakura is massively terrified that Sasori might return to his former self so she refrains from openly answering these questions for a long time (even if she will force herself to one day, she knows that Sasori is highly intelligent and him finding out the truth himself could actually be much more damaging). 

Younger Sasori used to be a very sweet child so I can see him waking up from those nightmares being absolutely terrified (considering how Sasori’s entire former life was pretty much a nightmare) and refusing to leave Sakura’s side during the night. 

(I’ve been wanting to do this for months now aksjskf sorry)