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Space Funeral is a wonderfully weird and surreal tale by thecatamites with a style akin to the Earthbound series.

 Your name is Phillip. You happen to be an eternally-sad man clad in pajamas who exists in a gaudily-colored world of — interesting features and characters, but most of all a plentiful abundance of blood. Apparently, life wasn’t always like this, and Phillip and his soon-to-be companion Leg Horse journey to the City of Forms in an effort to set everything right again.

The game’s music, is a mix of mellow ‘60s classic rock, '80s Japanese electronica, and other antiqued styles, only adds to the weirdness. Other highlights include largely macabre-yet-amusing writing, and a seemingly nonsensical story.

Listen to the soundtrack here!

The game is quite short (1 hour) but has various hidden features to discover.

Download Space Funeral Here!

Content warning: unsettling audio, eyes strain, body horror and gore.

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According to Maks in the People article, he's a Right Winger while Val is a Liberal. So is that why the way they speak and come across to other people is so different?

Yay nony! That was the most interesting part of that fluff of an article to me!! I’m so glad you caught it, because it really stood out to me & I’ve been chitchatting about it with my pal even.

I thought it was a pretty odd way to describe himself because most conservatives I know don’t call themselves “right wingers” - except for maybe some of the uber social conservatives who wear that title proudly. Taking his words at face value, I guess he could be an extreme social conservative. If so… it sort of explains a lot about the guy to me, frankly.

And yes, the difference in at least how Val seems to like to engage in online discussions sometimes. Not sure if it made a difference in how fans perceive them, since Maks didn’t really seem to talk much about his political leanings much, or at all that I noticed. It was an interesting reveal, to me!


Vote for your fave. I can’t decide. Zeke loves Emery’s old Wubbanub (a floral Mary Meyer purple Bunny) but Emery had a meltdown about it. She hasn’t used a nony since she was 4 months old, and she really never liked them at all, but she loved her Wubbanub as a stuffed animal. She’s been carrying it around again, and so I think we need to get Zeke his own. I just don’t know if I should stick with a bunny since that’s what he’s used to, or switch it up so Emery isn’t like “MY BUNNY”.

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Do you know how to pronounce s'Hisbe, Maichen and Xcor? And do I read s'Ex as sex or what?? Sorry, English is not my first language so I kinda don't know how to pronounce their names.. :/

It’s okay, Nony! They’re confusing to us all. I’ll search for the video where the WARDen pronounce their names, and if I can’t find it, I’ll record myself doing it.

/but very quickly:

Xcor is “Cor”; s’Hisbe is “Sahib”; Maichen is i’m not sure “maychan”.

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Olá, paz do senhor Jesus. Tô cansada sabe, coloquei algumas coisas nas mãos de Deus,já pedi tanto é nada, nem um sinal que as coisas vão mudar,estou tão angustiada vem tantos pensamentos em minha cabeça,vontade de abandonar tudo,parar na caminhada😢

Olá, a paz do Senhor. Nony, pelas minhas experiências com Deus, quando mais queremos jogar pro alto, é quando mais precisamos continuar, porque é quando começamos a experimentar o sobrenatural de Deus. Somos humanas nony, a gente cansa das situações, a gente cansa de tentar e nunca ver nada melhorar, mas Deus em tudo é conosco, Ele prometeu que estaria conosco todos os dias e que a gente ia passar pelas aflições e vencer, por isso não desista, se agarre mais a Deus, desabafa com Deus, se precisar chorar, pode chorar, é bom chorar aos pés do Pai, Ele sempre nos consola e nos traz paz! Lembra da história de Elias e a pequena nuvem? Então, ele mandou o menino ir 7 vezes pra ver se ele via algo, e só na sétima vez que o menino viu uma pequena nuvem que pra muitos não significava nada, mas para o profeta que tinha fé, era um grande sinal. Por isso não desista, continue orando, continue na caminhada, Deus é contigo, Deus abençoe <3

p.s: quiser desabafar só me chamar.

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Oi brenda, me da uma palavra?

Oi nony!

Confie no Senhor e faça o bem; assim você habitará na terra e desfrutará segurança. Deleite-se no Senhor, e ele atenderá aos desejos do seu coração. Entregue o seu caminho ao Senhor; confie nele, e ele agirá: Ele deixará claro como a alvorada que você é justo, e como o sol do meio-dia que você é inocente. Salmos 37:3-6

Deus te abençoe, bjs <3

I get it. Noni. And I like that no one put two and two together so she had to connect the dots for us.

And, wow.

With foster care, so much is none of your business that you wind up wondering. WTF is going on? Why would a child be removed at birth? And then you find out and … wow.

She’s extraordinarily self-sufficient. She’s not uncomfortable with where she is in her life but she’s so positive and forward-moving and forward-thinking. I think it’s wonderful that she doesn’t feel that her life is not complete without her Prince Charming. So when she does find that Prince Charming, it’s more of a compliment than a completion.
—  Anika Noni Rose, on Princess Tiana (x)

Nonhlanhla “Noni” Gasa

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Noni Gasa Interview
Freckle-faced beauty Noni Gasa graces the cover of the June issue of Destiny magazine.

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Astronomy Photo of the Day: 7/28/15 — Aurora Australis

The night sky is painted in vivid shades of pink, purple and blue in this spectacular image submitted to us by Noni Hyett.

Taken from the Cairn Curran Reservoir near Bendigo, Victoria (Australia), the water resting within the Loddon River below mirrors the sky, displaying colors characteristic of aurorae, or aurora borealis (more commonly known as the northern lights).

Of course, the northern lights, which manifest at high-latitude regions around Earth’s magnetic poles, aren’t visible in the southern hemisphere. Instead, aurorae Australis (or “southern lights”) appear in Australia.

Also included in the upper right is an iridium (or “satellite”) flare—you can think of them as quasi comets of some sorts. They occur when sunlight hits reflective surfaces—like a space-based satellite or solar panel—at certain angles. If you catch it at just the right time, one of these flares can be extraordinarily bright (and very beautiful on film).

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Image Credit: Noni Hyett