nonhumandisney asked:

1. Cheshire Cat or Dodger 2. Aladdin or Esmeralda. 3. Quasimodo or Frollo. 4. Stitch or Dug 5. Ariel or Pocahontas 6. Captain Hook or Jack Skellington. 7. Thomas O' Mally or Pluto 8. Mickey or Minnie 9. Naveen or Eric 10. Captain Amelia or Jim Hawkins.

  1. Dodger
  2. Esmeralda
  3. Quasimodo
  4. Dug
  5. Pocahontas
  6. Jack Skellington
  7. Thomas O’ Malley 
  8. Mickey
  9. Eric
  10. Jim Hawkins

Man, those choices were simple. Haha. 

This is Non-human Disney’s first challenge and my first challenge ever! I really love letter challenges. I hope you will participate with me. Enjoy!

  • You can use gifs, edits, Photosets, etc.
  • You can post one or more a day so you choose
  • Each letter you go through must represent something that starts with the same letter. A character, song, quote, etc anything you choose.