nonhuman network


35. Marceline Abadeer

from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

Marceline is an extremely popular character from AT, which is already an extremely popular show. And that’s totally awesome! ‘Cause she really does deserve the recognition she gets.

Marcy is honest about what she wants, she stays true to herself no matter what, she doesn’t take shit from anyone, and overall she’s just a totally genuine character that (aside from all the supernatural bits) feels like a real person.

Not only is her personality a gem to experience, but her design is really fun, too. Marceline has on a different outfit in almost every episode she’s been in, but she’s never been shown as someone who takes a lot of pride or puts a lot of work into her appearance (not a bad thing, but just something rare in female characters).

Last but not least - Marceline is, despite technically being a side character on the show, wholly balanced and interesting and has multiple storylines going on throughout the series. She’s got so many stories to tell (most of them heartbreaking, but still…) and Adventure Time has not held back with any of them.

join the non-human network and become part of an unstoppable force against humans! 

okay, not really against humans, of course.

how to join: just identify as non-human! that’s it! 

want to join?:great! just send me an image (transparent please!) that you want as your icon on the member page as well as what you identify as.

this is just going to be a safe space and community for us non-humans to get together and find other non-humans cause i know it can get tough for us out there and plus, its always nice to meet people who understand what its like.