Nong Shim Shin Ramyun - South Korea

Including massive apologies and competition winner announcement.

Hey guys! Long time no speak! I really want to apologise for disappearing off the face of social media with HCYETC for so long. I’ve been so busy trying to get back into work along with some psychological hurdles complete with stupid life choices. I have really missed posting reviews (both food related and horror film related) but have struggled to find the time to put in the effort that ensures they are of a good standard (this may, however, not be the case) which you all deserve. Anyway, I’m back and going to try to post on reasonably regular basis.

On the competition front (how long ago was that?!), I am really pleased to announce that Lee Wardle is to be the lucky recipient of a box o’ noodles! I have never though to add fried green beans to a bowl of ramen but I will definitely give it a try. Congratulations Lee!

First up is this packet of noodles from South Korea which are fairly easy to find in shops around where I live and you can sometimes find them in large supermarkets in the UK. They are the flagship Nong Shim noodles and I’m really surprised to find that I haven’t reviewed them already, as far as I can see. They are the archetypal Korean ramyun; beef broth based, deep red colour and a substantial spicy kick!

They have a really peppery smell when cooked and a spicy tingle that instantly opens the pores. Let’s see how they taste as it’s a while since I’ve had a bowl of them.

The noodles seem a little bit thinner than some ramyun varieties but they still have a great spring to them and carry the spice of the broth throughout. Blimey, I don’t remember them being so spicy!! Maybe my tastebuds have chilled out during the hiatus. The garnish is comprised of spring onion, red pepper and mushrooms and although the chunks of mushroom provide a bit of texture the rest fall into insignificance. I’m actually a little scared to try the broth! It’s really peppery and make the mouth sing but there’s a nice complex flavour that is beefy and tangy with a bit of richness. It’s good stuff but not for the faint of heart.

Shin Ramyun are a great introduction to the world of South Korean noodles as they have all the elements that they are famous for. If you like spicy food then these are essential!

Noodles - 7/10
Garnish - 4/10
Broth - 7/10
Overall - 6/10

nagisatheswimmypenguin  asked:

Hello there! I've just had the best ramen. Have you eaten? How was your day?

Hello!! That’s awesome!! I love some good ramen!! What kind was it?? 

 My favorite guilty pleasure instant ramen is Nong Shim Bowl Kimchi Ramen!!

I just woke up!! So I should probably get some breakfast–so far I feel really well rested!!