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Do you have any books recs/faves? Any genre would be great! Thank you! (you don't have to do this if you wish to)

i am always here for books. please ask me about books.

my favorite book is vicious by v.e. schwab and i’ve just started a darker shade of magic by the same author. elantris by brandon sanderson is a great fantasy novel with incredible world building (elantris was his first novel and all of his books have this). i just finished the girl with all the gifts by m.r. carey bc (zombies/post-apocalyptic). another by yukito ayatsuji (horror/mystery) is also an anime? both are good.

Vic get your conspiratorial nonface out of J’onn’s business and go shag Eddie

i fully support poc-human-form J’onn J’onzz because it makes a lot more sense and adds diversity to the Justice League. it always made me a little too uncomfortable when J’onn’s human form in the Justice League cartoon was this random white guy. hooray for Young Justice putting his human form where it needs to be!

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Hey so I'm the same anon who asked you about books and duuuuude Vicious is life. I haven't read Elantris yet, but I have read the Mistborn trilogy and it's great. Your taste in books is on point

I’m so glad you like vicious! that book is my soul and blood tbh. I keep planning to read more of sanderson’s stuff. elantris was his first book and I guess he’s been intensifying(?) things. I started way of kings before midterms and confused myself. (biggest book I’ve ever held) his power kind of scares me.