nonesuch doll


The Best Bears have returned with an Eco-friendly twist!

The new Best Bears are made from wool felt scraps left over from the creation of other Nonesuch Dolls. These unique little teddy bears help reduce waste while being oh so cute and collectible! No two bears will ever be alike.

Best Bear No. 1 is available for adoption here!

This is your chance to win a ONE OF A KIND Nonesuch doll!!

This is Umi the Water Sprite!  She is a one of a kind Nonesuch doll that I made for a monster themed art show in 2009.  I took her out to take new pictures and found that  she has gotten a little shelf worn.  Although she is still beautiful, I don’t feel right selling her in this condition so I hope I will find her a loving home through this give away!

I want to make sure Umi is going to go to someone who TRULY wants her.  If that’s you, read on to learn how you can win her!

In my Ask Box, write a little story about Umi for me.  Be creative!  (I will be publishing these stories at the end of the contest.  If this bothers you, please do not enter.)*

I will take entries until 11:59PM EST March 28th.  On March 29th, I will pick the winning story (I may rope in a couple of friends to help me choose)!  Make sure your Ask Box is enabled so I can get in touch with you if you win!


* If you do not have a Tumblr account, you can still enter!  Send your story to nonesuchgarden[AT]yahoo[DOT]com with “Umi Giveaway” in the subject line.

Friends and family are not eligible. I need to keep this unbiased!  Sorry! :-(


A box opening and review of Amyntas the Moth by PhoenixBLUE!

This made my whole day! :-D