This is quite possibly my most perfect list of Tumblr Crushes ever. I happened to notice it randomly today and felt like sharing it. All of these blogs are awesome in their own way and are all certainly crush-worthy for one reason or another.

I’ve found some pretty amazing people here on Tumblr, great people who follow me and enjoy what I’ve put out on the web, and people I’ve stumbled upon who make my day a little bit brighter and bring a smile to my face. I have awesome followers, and I’ve met some really smart, wonderful, positive people on here…

Check them all out!

I figured to highlight each of these awesome guys I’d share my favourite photo of theirs. Some didn’t make it easy (everyone needs to have a Me page!). So, here are my tumblr crushes from oldest to newest:










Tumblr Crushes:

Not gonna lie, I’m a little surprised by some of this. I didn’t think fuckyeahgaygifs would even rank. Everyone else.. Yeah, okay, it sounds about right.

Tumblr Crushes
boystoboys [] yellowasian [] homotography

noneedforshirts [] the daily beard [] woahmrkelley

dailycuteboy [] joshology101 [] queer-as-me

This list lies because there are some blogs/people I follow that I don’t click Like because I’m too shy to like every freaking post, but here is my tumblr crush thing as of today. Keep in mind I just took a screen shot of my browser and not sure how other people do it. I’m sure there’s a program or something built into tumblr that I’m unaware of.