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thestoryteller23  asked:

I have to share this hc: bitty hates making meringue pies because they take too damn long. Once he tries and leaves the kitchen and shitty strolls in. He thinks the oven is set too low by mistake. Cue burnt pie and shitty on pie ban for a week.

Oh my word! You’re so right! Okay but I have a story to share in response. 

So when my grandparents got married, there was…a bit of a class gap in the relationship. Grandpa grew up on a farm in Oklahoma during the dust-bowl, and my Grammy grew up in a wealthy Tennessee family and went to finishing school. They moved north pretty soon after they got together, and when they first got married, Grammy had no clue how to cook. None whatsoever. 

(She eventually progressed to be the best cook in the whole damn family, but that was much, much later; at this point she could barely boil an egg, could probably manage to burn water somehow, and was extremely frustrated with every step of the Learning To Feed People process) 

At this point in their relationship they hadn’t had kids yet and they were both working, and their hours didn’t always line up. So one day, Grammy came back to their home after a day at the office and Grandpa is in the kitchen with an apron tied around him, pulling a gorgeous, drool-worthy lemon meringue pie out of the oven. To hear Grammy tell it, this pie was perfect, like a goddamn angel had descended from heaven to bestow upon them Bliss in pie form. 

Her chin promptly hit the floor and she demanded, incredulous, to know how in the world Grandpa had managed such a feat. 

Grandpa, a man of few words at the best of times, just shrugged. “It’s just reading a recipe and following directions.” 

Now, just picture Zimbits. Bitty’s graduated and has moved in with Jack, and has found a job at a small, locally-owned, independent bakery. It’s perfect, but Bitty is nothing if not ambitious and he loves his job, so he’s pulling a lot of double shifts and he’s coming home just too exhausted to bake or make anything for him and Jack. Jack understands and is frankly over the moon that Bitty’s found a job that makes him so happy, but Bitty still feels awful about Jack eating so many bland, repetitive meals. 

Cue Bitty coming home one day after a really hard day at the bakery and dropping his satchel in the foyer, before going into the kitchen to see Jack putting the finishing touches on a wonderful meal full of good comfort food. Bitty is near tears because this is so sweet and how did Jack manage this??? 

Jack waves away his comments. “I just followed your recipes, Bittle.”