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we don’t talk about other artists’ inspiration behind songs, we enjoy them on loops without raising red flags on the artists. their stories are not made too public for everyone to know. but in Taylor’s case, it’s like she has atleast a million pairs of eyes watching every action of hers.
it’s high time the world realises that the hate Taylor gets is absolutely sexist and mysogynistic.
but guess what, ya’ll took too long. your favourite good girl to drag is now pissed 10 years later and has come to clapback. she asked nicely for support, but now that Taylor is dead and is buying absolutely none of your crap.

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Imagine being Johnny Cade's sister and being Ponyboy Curtis' girlfriend

“She’s a tough one Pony.” Soda remarks. “Think you can handle her?“ 

 "Of course!” The boy retorts happily. “She’s my best friend, and I love her." 

"You better!” Johnny butts in. “She’s my sister, and you ain’t messin’ with her heart. She’s been through too much to take another heartbreak." 

 Johnny looks at Pony carefully. Pony slowly walks over to you as you shout vigorously at Dally. 

"Shut the hell up Dallas. I’m not taking none of your crap." 

 "He’s so going to mess up.” Soda laughs nudging Darry. 

 "They’re already dating doofus.“ Darry nudges his brother back letting out a breathy laugh. 

"Hey doll. Let’s leave Dally alone ok?" 

 "Fine! But we aren’t through with this conversation Dallas Winston!” You huff angrily, but smile as soon as Ponyboy pulls you down for a kiss. 

 "No makin’ out in front of the children.“ Two-Bit yells and Darry laughs as Two-Bit motions to Johnny and Soda Pop. What a family you have.

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  • lmao so originally i was supposed to post some svt requested fics that are long overdue but its donghyuck’s birthday so
  • i’ll post the svt requests laturrrr im so sorry for those who requested it
  • so how would it be to date this savage meme boi?
  • lee donghyuck is vvv playful, he likes teasing people 
  • mark, jaehyun, taeyong, mark, let’s just say all nct members
  • and mark especially 
  • and you aren’t an exception my dear reader
  • bc lee donghyuck is a relentless little shit, so expect to be hit with savageness
  • with no amount of mercy whatsoever
  • your relationship is based on slander tbh jUST KIDDING
  • he teases the crap out of you, and sometimes he may go over the line between playful and hurtful, 
  • but this boy still loves you
  • but he really doesn’t show it when you’re around other people
  • he feels like the hyungs would think he’s going soft when they see him with you being lovey dovey 
  • so when you’re with mark or the others, he keeps the loving to a minimum and just roasts you or anyone
  • sometimes it doesn’t seem like you guys are a couple, because he doesn’t show much skinship in public and he always roasts you HARD
  • you’re not a pushover tho reader don’t worry
  • you’ll give this lil shit a run for his money
  • “babe, jagiya, baby, sweetie, baobei, tianxin, mi amor, my love, my life, Y/N. why are you so stupid?”
  • “stop making fun of me for falling down the stairs, hyuck. you should speak for yourself. you’re the reason the sm building had to have double doors”
  • “i am not.”
  • “you may as well be”
  • you guys sometimes team up to roast mark instead when you’re tired of roasting each other poor mark
  • donghyuck is a lil bit of a cocky shit sometimes
  • does “im cute and all of you are ugly” ring a bell?
  • no?
  • like he’s cute and he knows it, i know it, the fans know it, everyone knows it
  • but he likes hearing it from you
  • he likes-no loves hearing you compliment him
  • even tho compliments are very very rare in your relationship
  • but that’s what makes it more special
  • like we all have insecurities buried in the backs of our minds and well, sometimes his resurfaces and it makes him feel bad about himself
  • and it affects him so much
  • when that happens he’s quiet and he’s emotionless and doesn’t reply 
  • and his insecurities make him feel like he’s not good enough to do what he wants to do, to be who he wants to be
  • that’s why he keeps to himself, because he feels unworthy of the things he has
  • but you always reassure him that he’s worth it
  • that he’s so special, so talented, so handsome, and he deserves everything coming his way
  • and he shouldn’t feel apologetic about that
  • and that he shouldn’t listen to anyone who thinks otherwise
  • soooooo i mentioned before that he really doesn’t show much skinship in public
  • and i think that’s because he’s a lil shyyyyy
  • because for sure, his members would make fun him
  • and well, because strangers can see
  • when it’s just the two of you though
  • he’s very cuddly
  • like, sometimes y’all are on the couch with your legs on top of his and both of you sitting on each ends, and he never lets you move your legs because he likes the feeling of them against his
  • sometimes you’re lying down on his chest, with his left arm around your waist and his right one holding the phone up to his face
  • lets just say that everytime y’all are together a part of him has to be attached to any part of you 
  • imagine cuddling with him tho
  • doing those things i said ^^
  • huhuhuhuhuhu be my boyfriend donghyuck pls 
  • what about kisses tho
  • omg
  • i imagine your first kiss with donghyuck to be a light peck
  • and it was so so sudden 
  • like you were just so cute and your face was so close he couldn’t help himself
  • and you’re both a blushing mess after you realize what just happened 0_0
  • anddd it’s cute because he likes pecking you 
  • he just does it impulsively
  • not that it’s a bad thing
  • but it’s a bad thing for your health because everytime he does it you swear you lose at least 5 years of your life
  • and it honestly happens during moments when you least expect him to do it
  • like you’re in the middle of a daily roasting session and he suddenly leans in and pecks your lips and goes back to insulting you like it never happened
  • or when you’re trying to take the frying pan from him because he should rest and you really want to cook
  • or that time when you were putting on blush and was asking him if it was even on both sides
  • its not always on the lips though
  • like you were studying once and he walked by and suddenly pecked you on the cheek and went out without saying anything
  • only to return with pizza
  • or that time when you were carrying your groceries inside your apartment and you didn’t know he came over and he says hello by pecking your nose when you’re trying to put your keys on the table beside the door
  • moving on
  • dates with donghyuck vary 
  • you have your fair share of fancy restaurant dates, amusement park dates, movie dates, cafe dates, shopping dates, pokemon go dates, ice skating dates, laser tag dates, picnic dates, study dates
  • you know what i mean
  • but you’re favorite kind of date when you’re at home with him and pigging out and ranting about how the character is an idiot and just wearing your pjs smelling like utter crap bc none of you care 
  • because it’s laid back and you both don’t have to worry about being seen and don’t need to worry about how you look because you couldn’t care less if he looks like he doesn’t know what the hell a shower is
  • and he doesn’t give two shits if you smell like you don’t know what a shower is or maybe he does. he loves you, just pls, stop being stinky
  • another thing is i can see that he’s thoughtful but not that often
  • and it makes it more endearing
  • and his way is a bit unconventional, but still sweet if you think about it
  • like, he borrowed your phone and set an alarm 
  • but the alarm was him pterodactyl screaming
  • so, all in all, it was sweet of him to help you wake up for your 8am exam but you still want to have functioning ear drums
  • “did you make it in time?”
  • “yes i did. thank you, but next time, don’t scream at me pls”
  • “you’re welcome”
  • and you don’t notice it a lot, but he really listens to what you have to say he just makes it seem like he doesn’t know 
  • but on the inside he’s listing everything that comes out of your mouth
  • ‘so she hates pineapples on her pizza’
  • ‘oh okay her science teacher is giving her a hard time. i’ll ask jaemin if he can help her with science’
  • ‘she likes yeri noona’s hair color imma ask where she had it dyed’
  • ‘she likes taeyong hyung’s highlighter, imma ask the stylist what shade it is’
  • and then you’ll be surprised the next day or week after, he’s gonna bring up what you said 
  • and it’s honestly so sweet
  • he’s caring too
  • like he makes sure you eat well and on time
  • he even texts you to make sure because he’s killing himself with worry
  • and when you’re sick he brings soup over and tries to take care of you without catching whatever you have
  • and when he’s away he always texts you goodnight and tells you to text him if you’re on your way to school or if you’re heading home
  • or if you’re going out
  • actually even if he’s in korea or not, he always hast to be notified that you’re safe and sound in whatever place you went to
  • he even has your friends’ numbers saved on his phone so he can check on you when he’s far away
  • he even makes them promise to take care of you for him
  • you shouldn’t know that tho, so keep it a secret
  • and he always brings you stuff from abroad
  • sometimes its cute sometimes its random and just plain weird 
  • sometimes its weird but very useful
  • and he won’t admit that he got them because he thought of you when he saw it
  • how can something so evil be so fluffy
  • so all in all, he may be an evil, cocky, thoughtful, talented,caring, lowkey clingy guy
  • he’s still a wonderful boyfriend
  • and dating him?
  • it’s a damn wonderful long ass ride

Tall Tales at the Sushi Bar

My latest piece, with a couple of highlights on my favorite parts. Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to zoom in on Lloyd, whom is having none of your bull crap today. / This was a dang pleasure to draw. I wanted to do a full-on, all-out set of all six ninjas with some sort of story to go with it. Feel free to make up your own tale, folks, but here’s my interpretation, if you’re interested:

Cole: “… so then Lloyd was like, ‘But the mountain is THIS BIG! I can’t climb that!’”
Jay: “Mmhm…”
Kai: *LOL*
Lloyd (thinking): IcouldhavebeenathometrainingbutnowIhavetolistentothiscrap. Whatawaste…. The mountain wasn’t even that big. This dinner was a mistake. Ninjago was a mistake.
Zane: Ha-ha. You are so funny, Cole. Such humor. What wit!
Nya (thinking): Jay is so cute when he’s doing absolutely nothing… :3

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AU where Asha survives and is the Best Guardian and absolutely doesn’t tolerate Kestrel and Dune abusing the dragonets. Here, Asha is getting into a rather, ahem-heated argument with Kestrel over the treatment of the dragonets, specifically Glory. Asha is having none of your crap, Kestrel.

Things to avoid in dog food.

Since I keep seeing people ask over and over again in husky groups “what is a good dry kibble to feed my dog”, here is a list of things NOT to feed. All you have to do is read the ingredients, and remember that none of this crap belongs in your dog’s food:


As a rule of thumb, if you can get it in the grocery store.. it’s probably mostly garbage.

I’ve missed you ~ Fred Weasley x reader

Pairing! Fred Weasley x reader

Word count! 1362

Warnings! Mentions of death

You took a deep breath before walking into the school you used to call home. You hadn’t been back since the war and it hurt more than you thought it would. Yet here you were about to start your first year of teaching in the place that had taken him away from you. It was where you lost him and it hurt so much. 

Just think of all of the pranks we will be able to do here George, it’s massive” You heard a boy exclaim in wonder from behind you.
You turned around to be met with flaming red hair, well two sets of flaming red hair… Twins!

You smiled as you remembered the moment you first met him properly.
Fred Weasley” Professor McGonagall called a name up to be sorted and you recognised him to be one of the twins you had seen earlier on.Gryffindor!” The hat exclaimed, making the large table cheer. You somehow knew that it was a name that you wouldn’t be forgetting.

Tears started welling up in your eyes, remembering more and more things by the second.

Watch where you’re going” 11 year old you exclaimed as someone bumped into you, making you drop the books you were holding.
Sorry” The twins answered, keeping on running to wherever they were going you.

You felt a tear roll down your face at the memory, something so simple but so important. That was the first time you interacted with the boys you became so close to.

You decided to make your way to the dungeons, where your classroom was as you were now a potions professor. As you walked down the corridors you remembered more and more.

Wait up Y/L/N!” You heard someone shout out of breath, recognising the voice as Fred’s.
What do you want Weasley?” You answered feigning annoyance, struggling to keep the smile off of your face.
You and Fred were just friends but it was clear to everyone that something was going on between you two even though you wouldn’t admit it.
I was just wondering if you would maybe like to go on a date with me to Hogsmeade on Saturday?” He smirked, leaning casually against the wall.
Hm I’m not sure Weasley, why would I want to do that?” You answered trying to hide the smile that was slowly growing as you saw Fred’s hurt.
Oh you see I just thought… You know” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, mumbling7
You thought what exactly?” You questioned starting to feel bad about your little joke.
Oh nothing, I’ll just, I’ll just go…” He started walking away when you caught up with, spinning him around and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.I’ll be waiting for you in the grounds” You said before walking off to your lesson.

You could remember the date as clear as if it happened yesterday.

You waited outside in the cool winter air for Fred. The snow surrounding you made the school look and feel even more magical than it already was.
Your hands were freezing despite the mittens you were wearing to match your Y/House/C. You were shivering, when you felt two arms wrap around you, warming you up instantly.
You looked a bit cold there love” He whispered in your ear and smirked.
So what have you planned for us then Mr?” You questioned him as you made your way to Hogsmeade.
Hmm it’s a surprise but I can tell you it’s none of that Madam Puddifoot’s teashop crap!” He replied making you shake your head with a laugh.

You smiled as you thought about that moment and the rest of the morning you spent with him.
So that is two butterbears!” He exclaimed placing the drinks down on the table where you were seated next to the warm fire.
You thanked him before picking the drink up savouring the sweet taste.
Fred and yourself had spent the morning walking and in and out of shops. You obviously spent most of that time in Zonkos planning out a new prank and now you were here in the Three Broomsticks.
Later on Fred took you to look at the shrieking shack, something that you had both seen before but it did not change a thing. The snow flakes were now covering most of his red hair an dhis heeks were rosy.
You looked out at the abandoned building watching the white specks fall around you. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Fred looking at you, a small smile covering his face.
You turned towards the boy, blushing before asking him what he was doing.
He didn’t reply but instead cupped your cheeks before placing his lips on yours. The kiss was soft and didn’t last as long as either of you would’ve wanted.

You walked into the potions classroom and took a good look around.   

You felt something hit your head. You looked down to the floor next to your cauldron and picked the paper up.
‘Meet me in front of the room of requirement at 9’
You turned to Fred and saw the small smirk on his face and nodded.

You left the potions room and started making your way to the staffroom. On your way there you let the tears fall freely, trying to stop the sobs leaving your mouth with your hand but it was no use. By the time you got to your destination, you were a mess. You waited outside the door for a short while trying to calm down but it was no use.   

“Y/N? Are you alright?” You looked up and saw Neville, he had changed so much since you had seen him. 

“I-I-I did-didn’t think it-it would be thi-this hard coming b-back” You managed to mutter through your sobs.

“Oh Y/N, of course it’s going to be hard coming back to Hogwarts but he wouldn’t want you to be like this, Fred would want you to be happy” Neville said, lifting your body up into a standing position.

“You’re right” You breathed out in a whisper.

“Come on in, I know that professor McGonagall wanted to see you!”

You wiped your eyes dry before entering the room to be met with the faces of the other professors.

“Oh Y/N it’s so lovely to see you again, it must be hard being back here but I would like you to follow me! I have something to show you!” Professor Mcgonagall smiled in a compassionate way leaving the room.

She lead you up the moving staircases to the Gryffindor common room. 

“Fred we should go to bed now!” You yawned lying on top of him, on a sofa next to the warm roaring fire

“I don’t wanna move, let’s sleep here…” He smiled up at you, stroking your head gently.

And that’s just what you did, you slept in front of the warm fire with Fred, only to be woken up by a smirking George, throwing small bit of paper at your heads.

You knew that you would just have to get used to the memories coming back, if you were going to spend at least a year here.

You didn’t notice that professor Mcgonagall was waiting for you beyond the now opened portrait hole which you climbed through.

And there he was, he was there and you couldn’t believe it! He may have been a ghost but he was still your Freddie, the boy you had missed so much.

“Fred?” Tears welled up in your eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day.

“It’s me Y/N/N, you may not be able to touch me but it’s still me…” He smiled

“I’ll leave you two alone for a while” You heard the headmistress pronounce before leaving the room.

“Why did you do this to yourself Fred, why did you become a ghost?” You asked

“Because I couldn’t leave you! I couldn’t leave you behind on your own, and I needed to see you once again, that’s why I asked professor Mcgonagall to hire you, you always said that this was the job you wanted…” He explained

“I’ve missed you Freddie” 

“I’ve missed you too Y/N/N”

200 follower Icon/Pixel art raffle

Oh god I have waaaaaaayyyyyy too much anxiety for an actual art raffle cause my skills are mediocre next to friends like InaShibe, LunarEcliptix, and RT-Creep. But I’m actually going try this thing. So here it goes. 

First place prize is a regular icon. Short and simple. 

Second prize is a pixel icon. The size is entirely up to the winner. 

Finally, third is a 64x64 sprite. Only a front view though. I….don’t have any more examples other than this one because I’ve only done this once. 

This speaks for itself of course. 

For each prize there is only one winner. I don’t think I could handle more than three people without disappointing them all at once. 

Rules and How to enter:

You may reblog and like this post for ONE ENTRY ONLY. Everyone will be picked at random through a name picker.

Of course, you must be following me. None of that ‘follow, win, get your prize, and unfollow’ crap, please. I know I sound mean but that’s just….uncalled for. 

ONE CHARACTER PER PRIZE, really. I cannot stress this enough. If you get first place and I have to draw multiple characters I’ll get a heart attack.


Life comes without guarantees. Accept that smiling will brighten your face. Laughing will enhance your eyes. And Falling in love will change your life…


The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction 9

Featuring: Spencer x Female Reader        Setting: Season 11

A/N: Time jump! And I’m sorry, so so sorry. xoxo Stu

Pieces 1-8

One and a half months later

“Well, at least I don’t have to worry about make up this weekend.” You muttered, staring at your scarred face in the mirror. It wasn’t entirely scarred, discolored is the term the doctors used for the majority of the damaged areas. Yet you hadn’t recognized yourself since. You sighed and continued getting ready.

You had been back at work for two weeks, but it was still a struggle to stay focused. The work wasn’t the problem, you knew what the problem was. You just hated to admit it. Weakness was not something you had signed up for and that baby-faced creep had given you that too. You breathed, counted to three and started listing the titles of books in order to regain control of your mind.

After your top five series, you gave up and took a stroll to the break room. It was empty, so you grabbed a water and called Spencer.

“Y/N?” He sounded worried, he was always worried now. He had given that to Spencer along with everything he had given you.

“Hey, if you were a book series, which one would you be?” You asked trying not to let the tears quaver in your voice.

“Y/N are you alright?” Spencer whispered now, trying to protect your meltdown from his teammates.

“Yeah,” You sniffled. “Just curious, it’s the calming technique I’m using. Reciting titles in order to focus and get back to work. So I wanted to know what series defined you, my love, the astute Dr. Spencer Reid.” You didn’t mean to sound jaded, but couldn’t help it.

“Sweetie, do you need me to pick you up? I’m in the office today.” Spencer wasn’t buying your tough girl routine.

“Oh no, Spencer, it’s not like that. I just missed you and my mind wandered. I’ll see you at home.” You smiled to lighten your voice. “I’m fine, I swear.”

“Well, if you swear…” Spencer’s tease was the most soothing thing thus far. “Call me, anytime, I’ll be there.”

“I know, babe, I know.” You pecked into the phone. “Later ‘gator.”

“Bye Bye Butterfly.”

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Daydreaming (Leonard McCoy x reader)

You sighed, standing up from a table in the med bay smoothing down your short blue dress. It had been a long day of red shirts getting hurt for no reason at all, writing reports, and tracking down various crew members for physicals, mainly Captain Kirk, who only came when he was threatened with a hypo. And not to mention, you had a hard time focusing on your work with a certain southern doctor around.

That’s right, Leonard McCoy, or “Bones” as everyone called him. To everyone else he may be a gruff moody doctor, but you thought he was wonderful. You loved his rough attitude, his dark eyes, his handsome face, and that accent made you just melt. “Nurse Y/N.” Sigh. You could even hear it in your head.

​​​​​"NURSE Y/N! THE REPORT PLEASE!“ You jumped up, and quickly snapped out of your day dreaming to see Dr. McCoy clearly annoyed. Whoops.

​"Sorry sir, here you go.” You squeaked shyly, handing him the pad, mortified that you had gotten yelled at by your crush.

​​He sighed, running his hand through his hair. Damn he was hot! “It’s alright nurse, it’s been along day for us all.” You blinked, surprised. He was being nice to me? "Go on ahead, I’ll take care of the captain’s physical. Don’t need him flirting with any of my good nurses today anyway.“ He said gruffly, taking the PADD from you. 

He’s being nice to me and he doesn’t want the Captain to flirt with me. Your subconscious determined, and you swooned inwardly. You squeaked a quick thank you before walking out, blushing. That had to be a good sign!

You walked to the ships mess hall, trying not to bump into anyone. The last thing you needed was to go back to medbay when you were already so flustered. 

​​​​​​"Y/N! Over here!” You looked up from your food to see Uhura waving in your direction, who was sitting with Sulu and Chekov. You had known all of them from the academy and had been so excited when you were assigned to the enterprise together. 2 years into the 5 year mission and you were all good friends. You sat down next to Uhura, still distracted, and poked at your food, partially listening to the conversation.

​​​​​"What is the matter Y/N? You haven’t said a word since you sat down. Dr. McCoy giwing you trouble?“ Pavel asked.

​​​​"The opposite actually, he let me off early today and was being nice.” You said, poking at your food, smiling.

​​"Dr. McCoy was nice? I find that hard to believe.“ Said Hikaru.

"Oh, I don’t know, I think it’s not so surprising. When you think about he is being nice to.” Uhura said, winking at me. 

​​​​​​"I don’t know what you are talking about.“ You muttered, blushing. "Anyway, it’s been a long day.” You said, standing up. “See you guys tomorrow." 

You walked down the hallway heading for your room, thinking about what Uhura had been saying. You seriously doubted that he was being nice to you for any special reason, but it still made you hope, and daydream. Which reminded you of an old song from the 21rst century.

“Got me, day dreaming. With my chin in the palm in my hands about you, you, and only you.” You sang softly. Only your parents knew that you had a beautiful singing voice, but you were too shy to sing in public. 

“I didn’t know you could sing Y/N.” you jumped and quickly turned around. 

“Captain! No I, that is…”  you stumbled, embarrassed.

“It’s alright, in fact I’ve been looking for someone with a beautiful voice to help me out with something.” He said, flashing you one of his award winning smiles. 

“Captain, with all due respect I am not interested in you that way.” You said quickly brushing off his advances. 

“I wasn’t asking for a date; I’m asking for a voice. We are having a little party to celebrate an old earth tradition, Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be nice to have a live singer, just for a few songs at least. And, Bones will be there.” He said, smiling mischievously. He had unfortunately found out about your little crush on a visit in med bay. 

You couldn’t help but blush at the idea, and found yourself agreeing. The captain set off to gather song requests so that you could have a good idea of what to sing. You requested that he didn’t tell anyone who was singing yet, you didn’t want to be bombarded and get chickened out. The captain had also said that he would try to keep a portion of the rec area of the ship closed later at night so you could get a chance to practice in an open area.

For the next few days, you were filled with excitement and nerves. You found yourself even more focused than usual, which was quite strange. Dr. McCoy had even found himself complementing you recently, which only made you more determined to practice harder. 

After another very long day of work, you went down to the rec to practice. Most of the songs that had been requested where fairly easy to sing and you already knew them, so it wouldn’t be very difficult. However, you had wanted to pick your own song to do that was more you style. That meaning an old classic. After looking up some of the greatest love songs ever written and looking in your own files, you narrowed it down to 2. La vie en rose, an old French song, and Can’t help falling in love with you. 

You knew the French version of the song so the speaking wouldn’t be a problem, but not many people would know what you were saying so if you pronounced it wrong you could get away with it. But the other one was a classic that you didn’t want to mess up. You eventually decided that you would go with the one that sounded the best. Taking a deep breath you decided to start in french first.

"Quand il me prend dans ses bras
Il me parle tout bas,
Je vois la vie en rose.
Il me dit des mots d'amour,
Des mots de tous les jours,
Et ça me fait quelque chose.”  

A noise behind you made you jump, and you turned around to see none other than Bones behind you,  who had apparently heard your singing. Oh crap!

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario - or headcanon if you don't want to do a scenario - of Todoroki's s/o and Momo ( one of Todoroki's closest friends ) who hate each other? It can be about Todoroki finding out that they can't stand each other, how he deal with it.. Anything, I leave the story to you :^) I just thought it would be funny since Momo is one of my faves and Todoroki my fave lol

Hi dear! Omg, I laughed so much when I read it the first time because, really, poor Todoroki. We girls can be hella scary when mad! I choose to do headcanons because I had too many ideas and didn’t know how to combine them together I hope it’s fine! It was so funny to write, thank you! (In case you want more, let me know what!)

Have a nice day!

Todoroki x ReaderWhoHatesMomo Headcanons

-Okay, let’s be honest. Todoroki doesn’t get it immediately that you and Momo hate each other. It’s true that you tried to hide it a bit, but he’s just dense. He also can’t quite understand why. I mean, Momo is such a nice girl?

When he says that to you, you usually growl and he backs off because he can still recognize when an animal is angry and dangerous.

-Imagine all the little moments when is totally confused because he doesn’t know of your rivalry.

“SO…is that Bakugou’s extra-spicy tabasco sauce?”


“And isn’t that Momo’s glass?”

“Uh! How stupid of me! I made a mistake.”

“There’s her name written on it.”

“Then I just made a big mistake.”

“Wait- What was that?”

“What, Shouto?”

“The expression Momo just made, for half of a second.”

“A glare, Shouto. It was a glare.”

“Momo doesn’t glare. She doesn’t know how to glare.”

“How naïve. Trust me, she glares and she’s good at it.”


“I didn’t know Momo knew that kind of words…”

“Yeah, she came up with new creative insults recently.”

“What? You have heard her swearing before?”

“I’m her principal inspiration, of course, I’ve heard her swearing before.”

“During training, we shouldn’t send our adversary to the infirmary SO!”

“Tell Momo.”

“I would, but she’s lying unconscious in a bed in the infirmary!”

“Aren’t you proud of how strong your girlfriend is?”

“I’m more concerned about your smirk now.”

“Which smirk?”

“The one that you’re making now, the same Bakugou shows when he looks at Midoriya.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

-The moment you two finally tell him the truth he’s dumbfounded. He doesn’t know how to react, just stays there in silence as you two start quarreling about something trivial.

It dawns on him like a cold shower: this is going to be hell.

-He gives you The Talk where he explains that it’s not a problem for him until things don’t escalate and he won’t force the two of you to be friends. He also asks you to be honest but not exaggerated. The last part went unheard, the only thing you promise is to try and fight when he’s not present.

-He usually tries to divide his time wisely. He spends an afternoon or have lunch/coffee with Momo at least once or twice a week to not lose her friendship, but spend the rest of the time with you.

-However, during group hang-outs or parties he suffers. A lot. Sometimes he freezes the two of you when things escalate or picks you up and drags you away, while Mina or Jirou keep Moko down and try to calm her.

Unfortunately, he can’t freeze your tongues. He never knew that coldness and sharp witness could be that devastating without using a single curse, he’s partially impressed.

-It’s going to remain impressed in everyone’s memory the day Bakugou clapped during a particularly heated verbal fight between you and Momo and whistled an “I’m fucking impressed.” Todoroki slammed his head against the table.

-The only times he takes action seriously, it’s when you start feeling insecure or doubting his love for you. Saying that maybe he’d be better off with Momo. He accepts none of that crap. He makes you sit down, cups your cheeks and speaks in a calm, but firm voice.

“I’ve chosen you, not Momo. She’s a dear friend, yet you’re my only girlfriend and the only person I love with all my heart. This is something you should never doubt.”

His kisses afterward are very convincing.

-Everyone is surprised that in the end, he gets used to it. Freezing you both, dragging you away, placing a hand on your mouth, wrapping an arm around your waist to keep you calm…he’s unfazed, face blank as usual.

-He also gets resigned to the fact he’s going to be an accidental, innocent victim of the pranks you to make to each other. He’s going to never forget the day he drank the tea Momo had salted thinking it was yours.

He’s also very wary of doors and strange objects in the bed. Or unknown food/drinks. Or wrapped gifts. Or…well, practically everything unknown.

-The only days you establish a truce are Christmas and Todoroki’s birthday. They’re the most important occasions of the year and you have to join forces to make him happy. First thing is forcing him to celebrate with everyone and not getting stuck at home with Endeavour. Second, you accompany him to his mother (She’s known about the rivalry from the moment she met you and finds it incredibly funny). Third, you give him the hugs and warmth he deserves.

-You’ve learnt that when Todoroki clicks his tongue and frowns, he’s going to freeze you. So, suddenly you and Momo are all quiet and calm again, seated and enjoying the company.

-Bakugou cheers for you and Todoroki smacks his head every time he yells aloud to “beat her ass”. Obviously, this enrages the blond and in ten seconds you and Momo have to put your rivalry aside and avoid Bakugou and Todoroki destroy something.

-Rumors say that Todoroki has once asked Shinsou to use his Quirk to keep the two of you calm and peaceful for a day. Rumors also say actually Shinsou refused because he finds your arguments amusing. Someone dared to say he and Bakugou have bets going on.

-Aizawa once put the two of you training together so that you could vent and sort it all out. His mistake. He had to deactivate your quirks. Todoroki was slightly traumatized: he didn’t expect to feel such a blood-thirst coming from his favorite, petite girls.

-All the girls find this situation amusing and the force the two of you to behave during all-girls outings. You’ve soon discovered that an angry Uraraka is scarier than everybody else, even than Aizawa.

-Todoroki’s worst nightmare? The “Who’s right?” Question. Different people testify they have seen him fleeing from the window once.

Its not about what you wear or how you look like,
Its not about what you do for a living or the love you have for a certain thing that,
attracts someone to you.
It’s about your vibe and personality.
It’s about your thoughts, how you see the world and how you treat it.
Its about your inner intentions that you let shine through your senses.
You can be the best person in the company, with a mind that can solve all problems, but if you’re an asshole, they’ll fire you.
You can be the smartest person in class, with grades that almost none can reach. But if you have a big mouth, no other students would really want you as a partner.
If you own the nicest shop in town but you treat your clients like crap, none would really bother buying a thing from you.
Its all about personality I’m telling you.
If you have messy hair and wrinkled clothes but you’re kind and make clever jokes, you really kinda are a small hero.
And if you wear weird things and take pictures of who knows but you have a beautiful mind, people would love to hang around you.
Its not the things that you have that counts at the end of the day, it’s all about how you make someone feel a certain way.

Wedding Crasher

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2,105 (I swear this was supposed to be short) 

Warnings: fluff, because that’s the way I roll. 

A/N: Weddings are just happening left and right at the moment. This was a funny idea that popped into my head while I was at a wedding yesterday. Special appearance by my favorite douchebag: Lance Tucker. I hope you like it. psst, have no fear, I see you part 3 will be here! soon! I love you all!

tags: @bucky-on-a-bike @jarnesbrnes @supernatural-harrypotter7 @moody-fangirl @ladybrett9 @kinqshley

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 

You had met a lot of idiots in your life.

‘A lot’ didn’t actually begin to describe it, the list was endless. But no one in the world could top that list like Lance Tucker could.

He took the normal idiot, twisted, turned and crumbled it to make himself. He was what you called an epitome of an idiot, number one asshole in the world and about 10 minutes from marrying your best friend, Talia.

Lance had been the reason, you had lost contact with Talia a little over 2 years ago. She had believed Lance over you every time something happened and when you straight up told her that Lance was a cheating asshole, she had pushed you aside completely. She unfriended, blocked and reported you out of her life. You hadn’t been invited to the engagement party, the bachelorette party nor the wedding.

But when she called you up 15 minutes ago crying and begging for you to help her, you immediately got dressed and raced to your car making your way to the church. Because Talia was your best friend, and an idiot like Lance Tucker was not about to change that.

Talia had found out that Lance had cheated on her again, and that being as late as yesterday. She couldn’t handle it anymore and wanted an out. Not knowing how to stop the wedding, she had called you, because she knew that one: you always had her back and two: you always had a solution.

Cursing loudly at the traffic and Lance, you drove as fast as you could. The gps telling you exactly where to go.

A loud screech was heard as you stopped the car in front of the church. Stepping out and slamming the door shut, you ran up to the entrance. Taking a deep breath and cracking your knuckles you pushed the doors open and ran up the aisle, yelling at the top of your lungs.

“STOOOOP THE WEDDING” your running came to a halt right in front of the podium and looked up at the bride and groom. They both looked shocked beyond words and as if the blood had been drained from their faces in fear. Your eyes went wide as your brain caught up to the scene before you and you froze completely.

That was not Talia and Lance.

Turning your head to look around at the guests, you tried to find a familiar face, but to your misfortune there were none. You cringed inwardly.

“Aaah crap baskets..” you whispered loudly and turned to look at the bride and groom again.

“Steve..?” The bride spoke and looked at the groom. His eyes went wide and he quickly shook his head reassuring his bride that he had no idea who you were. Steve turned around and looked to his best man, who was already looking furious. He marched down to you and whispered harshly.

“Can I help you?!” his face was mere inches from your own and you couldn’t help but notice what a  gorgeous face it was. Sharp jaw, all cheekbones, a perfectly trimmed scruff, the chestnut brown hair pulled back smoothly in a low bun and extremely beautiful steel blue eyes that were trying their best to intimidate you.

“Nice” the words escaped your lips before your brain could catch up and his eyes widened slightly. He huffed out in disbelief at your statement.

“I mean no” you said quickly and stepped to the side to look at the bride and groom once again.

“Listen, I’m so so sorry. This one’s on me, wrong wedding to crash. Sorry” you said quickly and as apologetically as you could. The best man grabbed you by the upper arm and dragged you out of the church. Your yells of apologies could be heard throughout the church.

Once outside, he let you go and you walked fast down the front stairs to your car. He suddenly realized that you were walking away and ran after you to block your way.

“Woah woah, where do you think you are going?” he said, anger and confusion both visible in the way he spoke. You tried walking around him, but he was quick to step in front of you again.

“I have to crash my best friend’s wedding” you told him truthfully and tried walking around him again.

“Are you being serious?” the disbelief in his voice grew and you looked up to meet his eyes in a

‘what do you think?’ manner.

“Don’t I look serious? Now move” you tried once more to walk around him, but the guy had impeccable reflexes and blocked your way again. It didn’t help that he was broad and at least a head taller than you.

“You just tried ruining my best friend’s wedding, what makes you think I’ll let you go?” he exclaimed and took a step closer to you, you stood your ground and looked up at him.

“I said I was sorry!” you yelled in frustration and he just raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry?!” he was looking at you like you had grown an extra head. You had literally just barged in on his best friend’s wedding ceremony and been seconds from ruining it, and all you had to say was sorry.

“Listen I don’t have time for this I need to find West Church, and I need to crash my friend’s wedding. So move” you walked around him this time, but he held out his arm and held you back by your waist. You tried wiggling out of his hold, but it was solid like metal.

“You are seriously deluded if you think I’m letting you out of my sight. Not until Steve has gotten married” he stated as a matter of fact and tried his hardest not to smile at your failed attempts of getting out of his grip.

“God, chill, dude! I’m not after your Steve. It was a mistake I swear, wrong church” you tried explaining yourself but he wasn’t having it. Across from the street you spotted a huge sign saying ‘West Church’ and you smacked your palm to your forehead. Looking to the side you spotted the sign for the church you had just barged into: ‘East Church’. You snorted, who in their right minds would place two identical churches right across the street from one another? It’s like they were asking for a disaster to happen. You stopped fighting his hold and stood still.

“You don’t believe me, go with me then” he raised an eyebrow in question, and because you had stopped struggling he loosened his hold on you.

Before he could register anything, you removed his arm and ran.

Bucky groaned loudly and looked at you go. This was not what he had expected to happen at Steve and Peggy’s wedding. It was supposed to be a plain ol’ boring ceremony, but you had dramatically changed that by running in. Bucky had to admit, he had been scared for a second. Maybe you were one of Steve’s former flings, who didn’t understand his no’s. Bucky had repeaditly told his friend that he needed to be more straight forward. But Bucky had never seen his friend look that scared, so he had quickly figured out that you were just a girl who had accidentally crashed the wrong wedding. Or so you said at least.

A loud car honk brought Bucky out of his thoughts and he looked up to see you standing in the middle of the road, apologizing to the driver whilst patting the hood of the car. Bucky laughed in disbelief and ran after you, if he didn’t, you would surely get yourself killed and he didn’t want a dead body on his hands. And frankly he wanted to see what the hell you were up to.

He followed suit and watched you barge into the church and yell at the top of your lungs yet again. For a person who had just crashed the wrong wedding minutes before you didn’t seem to look twice, let alone once, to make sure it was the right wedding this time.

Bucky followed you into the church and took a seat. By the looks of the bride and groom, they knew you. Bucky snorted, you had actually been telling the truth about crashing a wedding. He chuckled to himself, at least it was the right wedding this time around.

You didn’t seem to think about the fact that you were standing in a church: swear words and whatnot left your mouth as you informed the entire group of guests what an idiot Lance, (who Bucky quickly figured out was the groom), was.

Bucky couldn’t help but laugh at Lance’s face expression as you flat out told him what you thought of him. The bride looked relieved and was smiling brightly. Lance took a threatening step towards you, and Bucky shot up from his seat instantly. He was well on his way to you and Lance, but stopped in his tracks midway and laughed out loud when he saw you stomp on Lance’s foot hard and flipping him off, Bucky had to put a hand over his mouth, or else his laughs would be ringing throughout the entire church.

You took the bride’s hand and walked towards her parents. She hugged you tightly and Bucky could hear the thank you’s being exchanged. He saw you smile brightly at her and told her it was nothing, what were best friends for if not to crash each other’s weddings?

Bucky couldn’t remove the genuine smile from his face as he met your eyes again. You smiled when you realized he was still there and walked towards him, victory written all over your face.

“See, I told you I had a wedding to crash” you said proudly and Bucky laughed, shaking his head at your antics. His smile never faltered.

Walking out of the church side by side, you turned to Bucky.

“Look, I’m really sorry about crashing your friend’s wedding. I truly hope it didn’t ruin anything” you said nervously and Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle at you.

“I think they’re alright” he said and gestured towards the newly wed couple coming out of the church from across the street, guests following behind, happiness written all over their faces. You smiled in relief.

“Next time you want to crash a wedding, make sure it’s the right one” he smirked and you chuckled and nodded in agreement.

“Noted” you smiled at him.

“Bucky Barnes” he said and held out his hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N” you replied shaking his hand. Looking at the handsome man in front of you.

“You have a nice face, Bucky Barnes” you blurted out and even though you squinted your eyes in embarrassment, you rolled with it. He chuckled again and held your hand a little tighter.

“You have a nice face too, Y/N Y/L/N” he said, an ever so charming smile playing on his lips.

“Why thank you” you pretended to flip your hair over your shoulder and he laughed affectionately.

“Well, you better go before your friend hates me even more for stealing his best friend at his wedding day” you said and pointed towards his blond friend who was looking at the two of you. Bucky nodded and started walking away. Before crossing the street, he turned around to look at you.

“What number do I have to call if I need a wedding crasher?” he asked, smirk on his lips and you chuckled. Walking over to him, you gave him your number, he scribbled it down on his phone and before he crossed the street, he gave you a wink.

“You better call soon, there is a seasonal discount going on at the moment” you yelled after him and chuckled, once he had crossed the street, he smiled widely and yelled back.

“I believe I’ll need this particular wedding crasher very soon” he said throwing another wink in your direction and jogged off to his friend. You looked on and had to take your bottom lip between your teeth to stop yourself from smiling too much.  

Who would’ve thought crashing the wrong wedding could lead to running into the hottest guy ever?

You waved them off and walked back into the church where Lance was being yelled at by his parents. You didn’t stop the smug grin that reached your features at the scene before you and you walked up to stand beside Talia who was also grinning from ear to ear. She hugged you tightly and apologized for everything. You smiled widely at how perfect this day was. You finally had your best friend back.

Oh, crashing weddings was definitely your new favorite activity.