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Things to avoid in dog food.

Since I keep seeing people ask over and over again in husky groups “what is a good dry kibble to feed my dog”, here is a list of things NOT to feed. All you have to do is read the ingredients, and remember that none of this crap belongs in your dog’s food:


As a rule of thumb, if you can get it in the grocery store.. it’s probably mostly garbage.

Its not about what you wear or how you look like,
Its not about what you do for a living or the love you have for a certain thing that,
attracts someone to you.
It’s about your vibe and personality.
It’s about your thoughts, how you see the world and how you treat it.
Its about your inner intentions that you let shine through your senses.
You can be the best person in the company, with a mind that can solve all problems, but if you’re an asshole, they’ll fire you.
You can be the smartest person in class, with grades that almost none can reach. But if you have a big mouth, no other students would really want you as a partner.
If you own the nicest shop in town but you treat your clients like crap, none would really bother buying a thing from you.
Its all about personality I’m telling you.
If you have messy hair and wrinkled clothes but you’re kind and make clever jokes, you really kinda are a small hero.
And if you wear weird things and take pictures of who knows but you have a beautiful mind, people would love to hang around you.
Its not the things that you have that counts at the end of the day, it’s all about how you make someone feel a certain way.

this is a psa that every person must read sorry i don’t make the rules

it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t live in st. louis have never heard of the god cheese aka provel and i really need everyone to just look over here for a second because

this baby is the love child of ALL of The Big Three (cheddar, swiss, provo).  one bite of this sucker and you wil never go back to the sorry state you once called a life.  this cheese. oh god.  you gotta get the big loaf variety up there and get yourself a real live cheese slicer and just.  cut a slice that is thick.  not obnoxious FIVE YEAR OLD thick, but thicker than the prepacked crap that also moonlights as paper.  NOTICE how u feel like you are cutting butter but for the LOVE OF GOD none of that butter knife crap your knives are UNWoRTHY keep them away from this child.  and ok once you haven’t cut a slice with a butter knife (i am watching all of you filthy eggs) FOLD THE CHEESe IN HALF AND WATCH GIDDILY AS IT BREAKS DOWN THE MIDDLE.  now.  you take one of these precious half slices and handle it GENTLY as you bring it to your mouth and try not to drool as you await this frickin masterpiece.  your bite should be about a third of the piece you hold, for maximum flavor experience. notice how ur teeth sink through it like you are eating a piece of beautiful, flawless butter.  try not to die as your taste buds go on the greatest cheese rollercoaster of their life.  eat the rest of the loaf. you can even tell people you ate the whole loaf.  provel is not JUDGED in this beautiful, beautiful town. when my dog smells this cheese in the air he is capable of jumping his height in the air.  my dog sleeps 24 hours a day.  when i smell this cheese magic provel confidence fills me and convinces me that if i hadto, i could take down my entire family hunger games style for it. 

but WAIT, there is MORE!!! this diamond,  none of you undersatnd.  this was birthed entirely to be the perfect pizza cheese.  provel is steve rogers except in cheese form.  i’d go as far as to inform you with full confidence that provel is the goddmn chris EVANS of the cheese universe.  it is beautiful and can do no wrong.  but back to the PIZZA FORMULATION. you know how your sorry mozzarella tastes like a little bite of really mild non-exciting heaven and you hear the chiming bells…until it promptly is the asshole it has always been and will not allow your teeth to sink through it (it is cheese??? why does it have this power???) and then it comes entirely OFF of your pizza leaving you with gross tomato bread? no, st louisans don’t know, because we evolved and got this shit into our lives.  all the heavenly flavor, literally created not to leave you holding a soggy tomato bread and your crumbled hopes and dreams

this shit even comes in a ribboned variety which in spite of looking vaguely like brains is the best snack you will ever come home from school to. also, obviously, this is another creation to endorse maximum pizza topability. think about this. one day a simple man thought “i am DONE with mozzerella controlling my life” and that simple man took a STAND. that simple man stood up and made pizza the best partner it will ever find. that simple man is a true hero we can all aspire to become. there is one otp in st louis and it is provel and pizza,  there is not other way for pizza to be done.  you all praise ur chicagos and your new yorks but do they use the cheese god? no.  they give people SOGGY TOMATO BREAD AND ASSHOLE TOO BIG FOR IT’S BRITCHES MOZZERELLA.  it is time for mozzerella to step down. there is a new king.

look.  look at the burst of PURE GENIUS. no more gross overloading of the cheese!!! just provel.  in perfectly sized ribbons to melt onto the pizza exactly how cheese should. the lucifer that will never fall.  the true cheese savior. the single cheese anyone needs in their life!! provel is not simply a CHEESE provel is a lifestyle!!!! consider that if you lived in st louis you could live a simple life of cheese monogamy with the chris evans cheese.  welcome to the light.

Hyde: Enough of your girly, fantasy crap. None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for you. So get this through your little easy bake oven head. I don’t love you. I don’t like you. I can barely stand to look at you. Okay?
Jackie: Oh, Steven. You’re such a bad liar. 

I (and many others) often criticize That ‘70s Show for its loss of characterization through comedy. However unsatisfying, I understand that comedy was the main aspect of the show, and that of course that would be their primary concern. Character and relationship development obviously took the back burner. That leaves us with many unsatisfying and incomplete aspects, but every once and a while, some of the comedy can lead to (unintentional?) brilliance. 

Take this example from “Reefer Madness” (3.1) when Hyde very clearly reveals his displeasure with Jackie. She doesn’t buy a single word of it, and calls him a liar. She’s not even fazed. Hilarious. But this actually reveals something much more significant: Jackie doesn’t believe Hyde, because she knows that actions speak louder than words. This serves as a very subtle reminder that despite everything negative Hyde says to her, his actions suggest otherwise. Everything Hyde has done for her leave his words devoid of meaning, and Jackie knows that. Hyde may not like her romantically at this point, but he does like her, at least in a platonic way. And he most certainly doesn’t hate her like he claims (in so many words). But do I think this was the message the show intended? Probably not. But that doesn’t change this truth. 

Likewise, I believe this scene, and in all the others where Hyde verbally and publicly rejects Jackie, it does well to show how courageous Jackie is. Most people would not be nearly as confident when opening up to their 'crush’, but Jackie keeps going. She’s nothing if not determined.

Exhibit A: Jackie fights Hyde to hold his hand when they’re at The Hub. Eventually, Hyde decides to give up and let Jackie hold his hand.

Exhibit B: Jackie fights Hyde again so that she can hug him. Although…he doesn’t try that hard to make her let go of him (let’s be honest - if he was really that bothered by Jackie hugging him, he’d have no problem getting her off of him).

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Takao, Kasamatsu, and Nijimura taking care of their rebellious son. Any situation is fine, is that okie senpai? owo

Takao had no idea where his son had gotten this fly away attitude from, his energy seemed to be boundless and even he was having difficulty keeping up. Chasing his son around the park for the third lap was beginning to take it’s toll. Grounding to a halt he placed his hand on his hips, bending to try and rid himself of the stitch in his side; he shouldn’t have been trusted to take care of ____. Fortunately his son took mercy upon him and came rushing back to see if he was okay. Takao was flat out when his son began poking his face “daddy wake up. You’re so lazzzyyy”. Springing back to his feet he scooped his boy up and hauled him over his shoulders, spinning until they were both in fits of giggles. Before setting him back on the ground Takao had him agree to one thing “we don’t tell mummy/daddy I lost you”

Kasamatsu sat opposite his son, who was mirroring his cross armed pose and stern facial expression. “____ eat your carrots” “No”. His glare hardened as his son pushed the plate as far away as he could and returned to mimicking his fathers posture. “____ I’m not going to ask again”. Pouting and turning his head in defiance was causing Kasamatsu’s determination to waver, he didn’t particularly like them either… but he knew his partner would never let him hear the end of it if he let his child best him at such an early age. Using the fact that his son was mimicking him he made the first move and picked up a carrot stick, hoping ____ would call his bluff and follow suit. 

 Nijimura “eat your fucking vegetables”. Child “ok”
Nijimura was horrified when he walked into the lounge to see it coated in what he hoped was washable marker. How did something so small cause this much chaos in the limited time frame of him going to the kitchen and back. Grabbing his son by the collar he hauled him over his shoulder so he could retrieve the necessary cleaning equipment without losing track of his child again. “Now ___ when we get back to the front room you’re going to clean up your own mess. I’m not doing this one for you.”

none of the transmisogyny on this site has been like…. your standard crap lately. we haven’t had anything Good like “Clocked via Quesadilla” or “Bio-Hacking” in a while

I think the closest we got was “Furry TERF”