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Warning: None

A/N: This wasn’t requested but it is of the new episode. Keep requesting


“You don’t have to do this, you know that right? I know you weren’t Jason’s number one fan” you tell your boyfriend, Jughead

“Look I may have hated Jason, but he is your brother and with all the attention on your parents and sister, who’s looking after you” he explains carefully. Everyone in town knew how horrible your parents were and everyone who went to your school knew what Cheryl was like and even though your sister and you got closer after his death doesn’t mean that it wasn’t harder for you than anyone else when everyone worried over Cheryl.

When Jughead arrived at your house he immediately tried to find you, which was in Jason’s room and he walked over and sat next to you on his bed.

“Thank you Jughead, I don’t know where I would be without you” you sigh out, resting your head on his shoulder

“Ready to face the people?” Jughead asks you softly

“Might as well get this over and down with” you sigh, Jughead stands and holds out a hand for you to take, pulling you up when you place your hand in his. As you both stand there for a minute you pull him into a hug, no matter how strong you appear on the outside it was difficult for you and Jughead was the only one to know that. While in the embrace your mother, Penelope Blossom, walks by stopping when she sees that Jason’s door is open and she peers into it see you and Jughead

“What are you doing in here?” she demands, causing you and Jughead to pull apart quickly

“We were just leaving mother” you reply with your head bowed, flattening out your bright green dress

“What? To get ready for the service? You’re not even dressed yet (y/n)” your mother pressed

“This is what I’m wearing to the service, Jason always said how he loved me in green, he said it brought out the colour of my eyes, so I’m wearing it for him” you reply, trying to be confident but failing under the intense gaze that your mother had. Jughead turns to look at you with admiration in his eyes proud to call you his girlfriend as it was difficult for anyone to stand up to Penelope Blossom.

“You’re as bad as your sister, hurry up and get out of his room” she demands, walking past her you and Jughead quickly rush out of your brother’s room to go to the area where the memorial was being held

“(Y/n)! There you are I didn’t think I could do this without you. Can I borrow you for a second?” your sister, Cheryl Blossom, asks when she sees you before you and Jughead walk into the room

“Yeah sure, I’ll be right back” you direct the last bit towards your boyfriend and he nods understandingly and proceeds to walk into the room. You and Cheryl walk to her room where you help her into her outfit, the both of you decided to go out of the social norms and dress like Jason would have wanted you to dress like.


If Jughead wasn’t proud of you before he certainly was now, the moment he saw your sister and you walk down the aisle wearing what you were wearing, sticking together despite your parents, he knew one thing for certain, that he was absolutely, positively in love with you and he made sure to tell you after the ceremony.

Get Out

Context: First time Robert comes face-to-face with Finn after Aaron gets sent down.

“You sure you want another?” Chas asked pouring Robert another drink, Aaron had only been gone for a day but it had felt like the longest day of Robert’s life, he seemed to have spent it crying or drinking, trying to forget what was happening.

“One more. Just one.” He pleaded with Chas who reluctantly gave into his demands, knowing this kind of behaviour would stop after a few days. As she handed him the glass he swirled the drink, his mind blank from everything but the ongoing agony of missing Aaron. He began to feel tears escape his eyes and in an attempt to keep up his front of being relatively okay he left and went into the toilets.

Whilst he was gone Chas heard the front door of the pub open and looking up saw the sight of the person none of them wanted to see. Finn.

“I think you should leave.” Chas muttered not making an attempt to make conversation, knowing she would end up doing something she would regret.

“Chas I’m not here to see you.” Finn spoke quietly, trying not to create a scene.

“Then who are you here to see?” Chas questioned, annoyance slowly building inside her. As she asked this she saw Robert enter through the doors again, anger immediately flooding his face at the sight of Finn.

“Robert.” Finn said as he turned to see a version of Robert he had never witnessed before. “I just want –“

“Get out!” Robert marched towards him going to drag him out of the pub, not wanting to lay his eyes on him for a second longer.

“Robert!” Chas interrupted seeing how worked up her son-in-law was getting.

“I don’t want to see you in here, actually I don’t want to see anywhere, from now on stay away from me and stay away from my family, do you understand?” Robert muttered glaring at Finn.

“It’s not my fault.” Finn said without thinking, instantly earning a response from Robert.

“He was defending you! He was trying to help and you let him go down for it, what kind of scum does that make you? Ratting out a friend so you could have some cheap shag with a man who doesn’t care about you, if you think what you and him had was love then you’re more delusional than I thought.”

“He attacked him! Now Kasim never wants to see me again – “

“Let it go Finn, you weren’t even together, you were a quick fling that’s all.” Robert mocked, “Aaron was worked up and over reacted and – “

“Oh yeah,” Finn retaliated interrupting him, “And why was that again? Oh yeah, you were having trouble keeping in your pants as usual, weren’t you? Surprised you aren’t already crawling into someone else’s bed given he’s been gone a whole 24 hours now.”

As soon as these words escaped Finn’s mouth Robert’s whole body filled even more with anger, his jaw tensed and his eyes full of disgust.

“You what?” He asked with gritted teeth.

“You heard.” Finn remarked bitterly, “I’ve got Rebecca’s number if you want it, or if that’s not enough I’ll just pull out the phonebook, I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep his side of the bed warm.”

Suddenly Robert charged towards Finn, grabbing him by the shirt and slamming him against the nearest wall, holding him so harshly that it was impossible for him to get away. In Robert’s eyes it was all Finn’s fault, he betrayed Aaron, he was a coward and now he only felt hate towards him, and now he was gonna make him pay…

“Robert!” He heard a small voice erupt from behind the bar, stopping Robert in his actions and bringing him back down to earth. Turning to the direction the voice came from he spotted Liv stood there, just come in from the backroom, a look of disbelief on her face, “What are you doing? Do you want to end up in a cell as well as Aaron? He’s not worth it!”

“Aaron,” Robert began, his anger subsiding as he looked towards Finn, “He’s alone in that prison, he’s scared and bitter and angry, and that’s all because of you. Now here’s something Finn,” Robert continued walking closer to Finn, feeling his whole tense as he did so, “something you wouldn’t understand about loving someone, I feel every single thing he does, all that anger and the built-up rage, it’s all in here and every minute he’s locked away it just gets worse.”

Finn began to feel scared as he noticed the sheer honesty in Robert’s words, he could see every single emotion Robert had just described plastered all over his face, he knew he had gone too far and was instantly beginning to regret it. Before Finn could leave Robert placed his hand on his arm, harshly enough to stop him running out of the pub, but not enough for anyone to notice.

“Except I’m not locked up in a cell, I could destroy you and no one would even bat an eyelid, luckily though for you, I’ve got her to look after,” he murmured causing Finn to glance towards liv, “But if I were you, I’d watch my back. Now get out.”

As he said those last words he released Finn’s arm from his grip and watched him hurry out of the pub. He nodded towards Liv, thanking her from stopping him go too far before returning to his stool and downing another glass of whiskey…

Hope this was okay, I’m thinking of doing a little series of how Robert copes with Aaron being sent away, let me know what you think and whether you have any ideas!! 

Jon Imagine...

Imagine Jon Snow being different after resurrection and being a free folk who had always loved him even when he was with Ygritte.

((Sucky summary. Sorry! I hope you all like this! It sort of came out of nowhere haha))

Word Count: 1,957

Warning: None that I know of.

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sarcasticcommentsetc  asked:

I'm gonna compare Dan and Ryan playing JD here bc I feel you would appreciate it and none of my friends know heathers. I think Dan's JD is more redeemable, more sympathetic. He's like a five year old who didn't know murder was bad in the beginning like he was raised by a crappy dad and never had any constants in his life. When he finds one, Ronnie, he uses her as a mom substitute and gets really attached so he murders things to try and make her life ok and to make her happy. (To be continued)

(Continued) Ryan’s JD is FAR more sociopathic. His bringing up made him learn to do things for himself and become self sufficient, but he knows for sure murder isn’t good. He shows that much. He murders for convenience. He hates his dad but he uses him as a ref on how to live life. Ronnie is more of a belonging than a person he wants to save and it’s a much more abusive relationship. She’s a convenient scapegoat if he happens to get caught murdering, a good time, a possession. (One more after this)
So Meant to Be- “Veronica, open the, open the door please.” Dan screaming her name sounds like desperation. He’s so attached to her and he needs her to come out and be okay and still love him bc he can’t deal if she doesn’t, while Ryan sounds angry, furious she’s not listening to him and won’t do as he says. They’re both unhealthy relationships (doesn’t mean I don’t ship it for he good parts) but I feel Ryan’s JD is more controlling/abusive and Dan’s is more broken/desperate. (Okay I’m done)

Tbh i dont rly agree with this completely? I agree that they both play him differently, and Ryan definitely plays him with more of a hard edge, and a little bit more psychotic. But at the end of the day JD is the same character no matter who plays him, and his feelings, motivations, and character traits are essentially the same you know? You’re definitely right about how they play him, and its not just those two, i actually think it’s interesting how different people play him. Dan plays him more romantic and charming, Ryan plays him more deranged and angry, and I’ve heard the audio of Dave’s performance, and from what I can tell it sounds like he plays him with a little bit of a nervous, almost fragile demeanor. But at his core, JD is the same person, just his actions and certain personality traits change slightly depending on who plays him. Does any of this make sense?? Ahh im sorry lol.
I guess what I’m saying is, by looking at JD’s actions by themselves, it shows that he really did love Veronica, and everything he did truly was for her, despite being waaayyyyy fucked up and wrong. Plus, there are definitely moments in Ryan’s performance where you see this - for example, even though he sounds more angry when telling her to open the door in MTBY, he then sounds really broken and desperate when he says “can we not fight anymore please?” etc. I hope this makes sense lol.

Probably going to lose some followers for this rant but Oh well really don’t give a F**K …Do I like Diane ? No. Do I care who he is hiding the sausage with ? No. Will I still like his movies? (fan since BDS ) Yes…Do I think he is a liar , cheat and in anyway mislead me about him as a person ? No ..reason for that because 1. I do not personally know him . 2. He does not act like a douch to his fans . 3. IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!! I will continue to be a fan of Norman and to everyone that is upset I am sorry you feel that way and I applaud you all for never making a mistake and living such a perfectly moral life .


I have no idea how many or if any thought about MY Tom in question as to what happened but I can honestly say that I don’t really know what’s going on and things are going to be all up into the air for a while till this all blows over ( if it does. )

Though what I can confirm as a writer and how I play Tom as a muse is that absolutely NONE of this will be integrated into who he is. This day never happened and anything related to this day or referenced back to this day never happened.

 I play the character Phillips not the man T.homas H.annifan and as bad as what he did today is that does not by no means relate as to who I have written out for my Phillips to be. 

I just thought that it would be important for you guys to know, becasue i think it’s important for me to tell you all.

and if you decide that Phillips isn’t anyone you are interested in RPing with then that’s fine, I understand why and you know hopefully that doesn’t stray me and you away from RPing becasue I really hope not I hate to have this be the reason and I have other muses on this blog: Jack, Christian, The M.iz and Chris H.ero for the time being and you are free to write with them for as long as you want. 

If you have any questions or comments you can ask me and if you have any advice please tell me, i’ll take it honestly.

Thanks all.










Johnson to Chowder

J- As Samwell’s Men Hockey new goalie, you deserve to know the truth. This universe is a fiction. We are in a story.

C - Is it a good story?

J - Huh? Yeah, I guess so? I mean, there’s a lot of character development, and funny moments, and raw emotion, and sweet romance, so-

C: It’s a ROMANCE!!?!!!! :D

J- Yes. But sadly, none of us are the protagonists. We’re just background characters to Bittle.

C- OMG THIS STORY IS ABOUT BITTY I LOVE IT NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN HIM HE’S AMAZING I WOULD READ IT ALL- Oh wait, it’s a romance?? With Bitty??!!? Who’s the romantic interest????

J- Jack Zimmermann.

C: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avengers Chatroom: Pizza

Requested by Anon

Pairings: Peter Parker x f!Reader

Scenario: The team really wants to know who Peter’s girlfriend is. Especially Tony.

A/N:  моему маленькому ангелу - my little angel. Thank you to the Anon who let me know about the correct translation <3

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Nat, Steve, Clint.

Tony: I have some news about Peter.

Clint: What did he do?

Steve: Leave the kid alone.

Nat: You are like an aunt who is always gossiping.

Tony: Do you want to know or not?!

Steve: It’s none of your or ours business if he did anything. He’s a good kid so I doubt it’s something bad.

Clint: Yup.




Nat: He is a teenage boy. He must have a girlfriend. This is not surprising.

Tony: I didn’t raise him like this!

Clint: You didn’t raise him at all.

Tony: Don’t any of you want to know who this girlfriend is?


Steve: Kinda.

Nat: Steve!

Steve: What? He never introduced us to her! We are his second family. We should know.

Nat: True… Okay, who is it?

Tony: I don’t know.

Steve: Well find out.

Tony: You find out!

Nat has added Peter.

Nat: So, you have a girlfriend?

Peter: No I don’t.

Tony: Then who gave you the hickeys?!

Peter: What? I don’t have that.

Clint: Tony maybe you imagined it.


Tony has added Y/N, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, Thor.

Tony: Who knows who Peter’s girlfriend?

Tony: Whoever she is, she gave him hickeys!

Y/N: That is none of your business!

Steve: That’s what I said.

Y/N: and stop mentioning the hickeys!

Peter: This is so awkward.

Bruce: Stop harassing him Tony.

Thor: What are hickeys? Is it some type of animal?

Y/N: … Yes.

Bruce: Don’t mislead Thor. We don’t need a repeat of last time.



Thor: I almost threw Mjolnir at him …

Y/N: whoops.


Peter: I don’t have a girlfriend!

Bucky: He must be telling the truth. Are we really going to believe Tony? Of all people?

Tony: Hurtful.

Peter: Can we change the subject?

Sam: I kind of want to know as well now. Who’s the lucky lady?

Peter: I am not dating anyone.

Steve: I will find out.

Y/N: Leave him alone.

Tony: Confess!

Nat: We just want to meet her.

Steve: Maybe his aunt knows.

Tony: If you don’t tell me, I will ask your aunt.


Peter: Please don’t!

Bucky: Ask his aunt.

Peter: She doesn’t know!

Thor: Perhaps she ought to.

Tony: Maybe I’ll visit her right now.

Peter: I’ll do anything! Don’t tell her!

Sam: Why not?

Peter: She should find out from me, not any of you!

Nat: So you are dating someone.

Tony: I’m only 5 minutes away.

Tony: Do you think she’ll be surprised?

Y/N: It’s me! I’m his girlfriend!

Y/N: Don’t tell his aunt!

Clint: MY SWEET Y/N?!


Y/N: Okay I’m sweet or sinful, which is it?!

Peter: … Both, babe.

Sam: Okay. Ew. Ew. Ew. I don’t need to know that.

Bucky: I would never have guessed.

Nat: Awww my two babies are dating <3

Thor: This is most adorable!

Sam: Didn’t know you had a thing for spiders.

Y/N: Oh shush.

Bruce: I assume you both have been given the birds and the bees talk?

Bruce: I will recite it just in case.

Y/N: Please don’t!

Peter: I didn’t know my cheeks could get as red as my suit…

Steve: I need pictures of the two of you!

Y/N: For what?

Steve: To frame! You’re growing up so fast!

Clint: I don’t accept this! Don’t condone this!


Steve: And why not?

Peter: This is why we were anxious to tell any of you.



Peter: Mr. Stark… I don’t mean to insult you but…I’m not your son. I should be able to date Y/N without your permission.

Tony: After all I’ve done for you… You come into MY HOUSE

Y/N: Chat*


Y/N: What do you think I’ll do to Peter?! Kill him?!

Tony: Well no. You two actually make a very good couple.

Y/N: Then why all the fuss?!

Tony: I don’t want you and him to date because Nat is your mentor. You know her famous Thighs Of Death move and what if YOU INJURE HIM DURING SEXY TIMES… IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

Nat: You have already embarrassed them enough. Do you really think I’m going to let you tell моему маленькому ангелу that and live?

Tony: … I’m sorry.

Tony: Y/N, tell your mama bear to stand down!

Tony: Please!

Tony has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Peter: Do you think we should go help him?

Y/N: He’ll be fine.

Steve: Well… That was certainly quite the experience.

Bucky: I’m going to go see Tony get his ass kicked. Happy days :)

Bucky has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Clint: Listen here, Peter. If you hurt my little Y/N, I will shoot you. I never miss. EVER.

Clint has left the chat.

Y/N: … I guess that’s his way of giving us his blessings.

Peter: I’m very scared right now.

Thor: You would be scared only if you meant to hurt Lady Y/N…

Peter: That’s not what I mean!

Thor: I will be watching you. Closely. At all times. Wherever you may be, I will be there. Watching.

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: … That’s not creepy at all.

Peter: Study date tonight? I’ll bring pizza and all your favorite snacks.

Y/N: Yes. Did I ever tell you that I love you? Because I do. Very much.

Peter: Are you only saying that because I’m bringing food?

Y/N: Partially.

Peter: Well I love you too.

Bruce: Maybe I can tutor you two…

Y/N: Date. Study DATE.

Bruce: Just want to make sure that studying is the only thing happening.

Peter: … So two pizzas it is then.

Bruce: Good :)

Bruce has left the chat.

Steve: What are you going to study?

Y/N: History.

Steve: Make it three pizzas.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter: Will we ever be alone after this?

Y/N: We just have to be extra sneaky.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I have been informed of an impromptu study session with pizza. Make it four, please.


Vision: Five actually. Wanda will be joining.

Peter: Who eats an entire pizza?!

Vision: Six now. Pietro will be in attendance.

Y/N: I’m moving to Wakanda.

Peter: Right behind you.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Vision: So no pizza?

Vision has left the chat.

Head Canon of Big Bro Maui to Lil' Sis Moana

So Moana is a beautiful young woman now and a chief to be. Courting and marriage has to be on the table. So she starts allowing suitors to approach her.

Tui and Sina are like so besides themselves and are already having her traditional wedding garb made. However who does Moana marry? Should it be a good fisherman? Or maybe the best person, second to her and her father of course, who sails on her island. He definitely has to be kind and brave.

Maui finds out his little wayfinder is getting marriage offers. They didn’t have mail back then so maybe the ocean kind of was spying on her and just let him know. He decides to visit. You know, and size up the men vying for her hand.

He of course challenges them to ridiculous things like Hakas, arm wrestling, wrestling contests, and hunting trips to Lalotai. None of them can keep up with a Demi-God.

Maui is rather proud of himself, Tui and Sina are exacerbated, and Moana is pissy and goes for the oar and ear grab.

I know none of you care about this because it’s not America, but here in the Netherlands we have a thing called Serious Request every december in the run-up to Christmas, where 2 radio dj’s from 3FM get locked up in a ‘glass house’ with very little food, to raise awareness and money for that year’s topic for the Red Cross campaign. 

This year, a little 6-year-old boy who’s terminally ill came in to visit, and he had a last wish. He wanted to raise money through polishing people’s nails. He was hoping to raise 100 euro. 

At the time of writing, there’s over 700.000 euro raised and they’re expecting to hit one million soon. Through painting nails. There’s a hashtag (#lakaan), half the country - male AND female - are getting their nails polished, and literally everyone’s talking about. Plus he’s rocking beautiful, bright pink nails himself. 

So not only are we raising money for charity, but we’re doing it because a little boy wanted to put paint on people’s nails. Breaking down gender stereotypes while breaking records. 

(in case anyone’s wondering, this year’s topic is lung infection, which kills 900.000 children each year.) 

You know what I love about Mob Psycho 100, the body improvement club is anti violence.  Like, fuck yeah, getting strong isn’t about kicking ass, it’s about being strong.  They only resorted to violence to save Mob, and other than that they are just a bunch of really supportive guys who all trying to help each other get stronger together and that’s just great.  Even though Mob has so much less physical ability than all of them, they just encourage him none the less and love him for the effort he’s putting in.  What a great group of guys!

Mistletoe (Various Drabbles)

A/N: Happy holidays my friends! I hope you enjoy~ I know it’s not all the characters, but I only did the characters that I could think of at the top of my head. Sorry if these suck;;;


The Overwatch Christmas party was loud like you had expected but it wasn’t bad. You were feeling a bit parched so you decided to go the kitchen for a drink. You bumped into something hard, making you stumble back a bit. You looked to see who you had bumped into and it was none other Jesse McCree, the famous cowboy.

“Woah there darlin’. You gotta watch where your going.” He chuckled with a small shake of his head.

“Oh sorry, McCree.” You say with embarrassment. Jesse has been your long term crush and you could already feel a blush rise from coming in contact with him. “I was just going to the kitchen. If you’ll excuse me-”

“Yeah, I was just goin’ to talk to Ana-”

“Now, now both of you! You can’t leave just yet!” Reinhardt’s booming voice rang over to us.

“Why not?” You ask. He simply laughed and pointed above your head. Both McCree and you slowly look up and there it was hangning above you, the devious little plant; mistletoe. You look back at Jesse with wide eyes. “O-Oh my!”

“Well, it’s just my lucky day ain’t it?” He smirked and wrapped his arm around your waist. “You don’t mind do you?”

“N-No! Not at all.” McCree slowly leaned in, closing his brown eyes like hot cocoa closed as his soft lips met yours. Your hands found their way on his shoulders, deepening the kiss. It was like a dream came true.

“Alright!” Reinhardt laughed loudly, breaking you two apart. “Not in front of the wee children.” You blush and stare up at McCree who was still holding his signature smirk.

“Well I’ll be damned! That’s the best Christmas present I have ever received.”

“Same here.” You giggled.

Soldier 76

You and Jack were both leaning on a wall while watching the rest of the team partied it up, mugs of hot chocolate (which totally didn’t have a small dash of alcohol-) in each of their hands. Neither you or 76 were really the ‘party type’ so instead you both decided to watch and talk. You were starting to feel a bit stuffy due to all the people in the room, so you look to the man on your right.

“Hey Jack, it’s starting to get a little too warm in here. Want to go into one of the less crowded ones?”  

“Yeah.” He grunted and pushed himself from the wall, walking to the next room over. You walked next to him while taking a quick swig of your hot chocolate.  

Right as you both stepped foot into the large doorway, Hana jumped in front of you with her arms crossed.

“Not so fast! You two have to kiss!” She grinned and pointed upwards. Above you was the green plant with white berries, hung with a red velvet ribbon. The room seemed to get hotter at the thought of kissing Soldier 76. You turn and look at the man next to you whose face you couldn’t read. You weren’t sure if he was happy, uncomfortable or angry.

“We don’t have to kiss if you don’t want to, Jack.” You look down to the ground, flustered beyond belief.

“Nonsense.” His hand gripped your chin, bringing your face to his before his scarred lips met your soft ones. The kiss seemed to last forever until Hana made a noise of disgust.

“I said kiss not make out!” She walked between you two, joining the rest of Overwatch during the party. Jack chuckled and gave you one of those rare smiles.

“Merry Christmas soldier.”

“Merry Christmas Jack.” You smiled back and kissed him again.


“Oi! (Y/N)!” Jamison called you over to him and Roadhog. You managed to get through your teammates and over to the two Australians.

“Yeah Jamison?”

“Roadie and I wanted to show you somethin’!” He took your hand and pulled you towards whatever it was. He stopped abruptly, his hand still holding yours, in front of a doorway with a mistletoe hanging above it. “I was hopin’ you could explain that thing. I seen it in other places too.” You heard Roadhog grunt behind you.

“Oh well that’s Mistletoe, Jamie.”

“Mistletoe? If it was a mistletoe wouldn’t it be a foot with a rocket for a toe?”

“No silly, it’s a Christmas tradition. People hang this up and when two people walk under it, they are supposed to kiss.” You giggled at his confused face before he dragged you under the plant.

“Kiss me then sheila!” He laughed.

“W-Well okay.” You blushed and pecked him on the lips.

“No a real kiss!” His bare arms wrapped themselves around your frame, pulling you close to his exposed chest. With another giggle, his lips met yours. It was a breathtaking kiss and you were going to deepen it until a flash of light blinked.

“Mako!” You gasped. He was holding a camera while giving Junkrat a thumbs. You looked back at the Aussie still holding on to you. “You planned this didn’t you?”

“Guilty!” He giggled loudly, his head thrown back. “You enjoyed it though didn’t ya?”

“Heh ya, I did.” You smile and looked into his eyes. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

“Oi!” He shouted but laughed, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, love.”


You and Angela were laughing, arms linked while listening to one of Reinhardt’s adventurous tales he was telling to Hana and Lucio. You were about to say something to your girlfriend before McCree jumped from behind you.

“Mistletoe!” He shouted while holding the plant over your heads.

“Sometimes I think you just enjoy watching us kiss, Jesse.” You laughed.

“Guilty as charge.”

“What do you say, Angela? Want to kiss under the mistletoe?”

“Of course, Liebling.” She smiled angelically with a cute blush on her face. You smile and place your hand on her cheek, giving her a sweet loving kiss.


It wasn’t everyday Talon through a Christmas party. You were standing with your crush Widowmaker and Reaper, chitchatting about whatever.

“Have any of you seen Sombra?” You suddenly ask, knowing she was up to something to get you and Amélie together somehow. Just as Reaper was about to speak, the little devil herself came out of invisibility with a smirk. You were going to question her until you saw the green and white plant pinched between her gloved fingers between you and Amélie.

“You both know what this means.~” She smirked, looking between the both of you. Widow glared at Sombra which made you gulp nervously.

“Y-You know w-we don’t have to-” But Amélie cut you off but crashing her dark lips against yours. You gasp against her some-what cold lips, but nonetheless you enjoyed the short, messy kiss.


“I,” She searched for the right words.“ I seem to posses feelings for you.”

“Well I seem to have feelings for you too.” You giggled at her flustered face.


Parties were never really Reapers thing but he went to the Talon Christmas party because you were going to be there. Despite most of his feelings of hatred and emptiness, he still held some love to his heart that was reserved for you. The only problem was that you didn’t know he loved you.

It was the moment where he felt honestly terrified when you both met under the dastardly plant. On the outside, due to his mask, he seemed calm and collected but on the inside he was freaking out like he might of when he still was 'human’. Sombra laughed loudly, pointing at the two of you while Widowmaker tried hiding her chuckle.

“Well… it can be a simple peck to the mask if you’d like.” You smiled up at him, making his heart flutter, but he didn’t move. You rose on your tiptoes and let your lips touch his white mask. With a small wave and a blush, you started walking away. But that small kiss to his mask wasn’t enough for him. His hand gripped your forearm, spinning you around and pulling you close to his firm body. With his free hand, he moved his mask half way off his face. You gasp and blush at his face, despite the scars and slight, black smoke radiating from him, he was quiet handsome.

“…I want more.” He confessed before his rough lips met yours. It was slightly aggressive but you enjoyed it. His one arm tightened around you as he nibbled on your bottom lip.

“Cheese!” Sombra suddenly shouted as the flash of her camera went off. Both of you were completely flustered as you pulled apart. Gabriel growled and slid his mask back on fully before chasing after Sombra, shouting threats and insults.

You stood next to Widow, sharing a laugh with her as you both watched Gabriel and Sombra run around yelling and laughing.


“Well.” The mistletoe hung above your heads, seemingly taunting you both.

“It looks like we have to kiss.” Fareeha Amari smirked as she looked down at you, her significant lover. “Who’s gonna kiss first?” You both stare at each other before you sigh.

“Time to put on the big pants then.” You pulled up imaginary pants high with a funny face. Fareeha stared at you before bursting out laughing, slightly hunched over. After her quick laugh she brushed some of your (h/c) hair away from your face. You giggled and did the same with her, your hand finding its place on her soft cheek.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Fareeha.” You both closed your eyes and your lips met in a peppermint tasting kiss.


You both looked at each other in embarrassment as Genji cackled loudly. Above you and Hanzo was mistletoe. Hanzo sent his cyborg brother a glare which made Genji laugh more, luckily Lucio was able to get him to leave you and Hanzo alone. You looked to the older Shimada brother who seemed more flustered than.

“If… If you don’t want to, we don’t have to kiss.” You said with hurt evident in your voice. You prepared yourself for rejection from the Archer before you felt a calloused hand on your cheek.

“I would love to.” Hazo leaned and gave you a sweet kiss, his beard tickled against your chin. Your hands gripped his jacket, pulling you closer to him. The kiss was short lived but enjoyable for the both of you.

“(Y/N), I just wanted to say…” He spoke quietly while briefly looking to the side before his eyes met yours. “I wanted to say I love you.”

“Aw, I love you too.” You smile and hug him, resting your head on his chest while he rested his head on yours.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” He kissed the top of your head and you both contently stayed in each others embrace.

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Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries angst, fluffy, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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Allura: Shiro, if you don’t lie still, your fever will-
Shiro: Matt! Dr. Ho-
Allura: Coran, help me hold him, he’s going to hurt himself.
Shiro: NO, MATT! RUN-
Pidge: I-it’s ok, Shiro. It’s me.
Shiro: Ma…att?
Pidge: Y-yeah. It’s Matt. 
Shiro: You gotta- Zar…
Pidge: You were just dreaming, Shiro. We’re at home. You’ve just got a fever. None of it was real.
Shiro: I… thought…
Pidge: I… I know, buddy. You were just having that nightmare again.
Shiro: You’re… al… right…
Pidge: Yeah, I’m all right. We’re all alright. 
Shiro: *squeezes Pidge’s hand*
Pidge: Get some rest, buddy.

So lately I’ve been sending sad Voltron hcs to my friends who got me into Voltron (lol yes, I’m a terrible person). This one is from:

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anonymous asked:

Is the "Jungkooks ideal type almost being Jimin " even real? Like... did he said in somewhere? Or just imagination lmao

Yes, it’s basically a compilation of all the things he’s ever said about his supposed “ideal type” other than it just simply being IU. Kookmin World made a video of it recently which is why it’s getting all the attention so you can find a compilation of it all here.

So I made a trash post about it before, but basically we all know Jungkook’s ideal type is IU…yet whenever he actually goes and describes traits for his ideal type none of it really correlates to IU, and he always mentions it like once and never says it again. 

So the list of thing that Kookmin World mentioned that Jungkook finds in his ideal type:

- someone who likes him 

- someone who feeds him food

- someone who makes him laugh

- someone who is cute but can’t do aegyo

…yeah, idk anyone like that. ;)

As well, the video I mentioned exists somewhere. Idk where anymore, it was hidden in one of those jikook compilation videos (Smirk Cookie????) and it was basically Jungkook being awkward on a radio show and saying his ideal type was someone with abdominal muscles and tan skin, while Jimin was in the background repeated saying “like me? so like me?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, only that me and my sister were dying because we were like “IU who? How does this correlate?” but that was just us being cynical XD

But yeah…now you know the story about Jungkook’s supposed ideal type. Perhaps, he just has no idea what he wants and is throwing about bs whenever the question is poised. But it’s just a funny coincidence, and that maybe, just maybe, he has someone in his mind whether consciously or subconsciously. ;)

…and finally since we bringing up “jungkook’s ideal type”, and there’s one thing we must NEVER forget when addressing jeon jungkook’s ideal type…

The baggy white T-shirt.


Karen Page is so important like really

  • In the comics her character is the worst example of “fridging”, which is where a female character is put through trauma to cause angst for the male hero
  • Karen goes through plenty of trauma in the series however none of it is to facilitate Matt’s angst (he doesn’t even know about most of it???) it’s all to make Karen grow as a character and build her up as a hero
  • The kind of trauma Karen goes through is not the sort of shit you typically see a love interest endure
  • Literally: Karen goes through so much shit and it never even goes near rape-territory. She is proof that you can write a strong female character who goes through horrible things without having to sexualize her trauma 
  • On that note, there is this stereotypical scene in films where after a female character is raped, you see her washing off the shame in the shower. It’s a cliche, and it has sexist connotations because it implies that women should feel dirty after they are raped. Meanwhile, men will get this washing off shame in the shower scene after they do something terrible, like kill someone: they’re washing off the literal or metaphorical blood.
  • She definitely cannot be replaced by a sexy lamp - much of the plot is actually instigated by her investigating.
  • Which is really important? Because Matt has an actual legal parter who the writer’s could have chosen to push the non-Daredevil side of the plot forward and have him doing the investigating with Karen occasionally helping him out, but instead the writers decided to make Karen be the instigator
  • And they do it in such a way that they somehow avoid the “stupid nosy girl who gets in over her head and the hero has to save her from her own messes” cliche. Karen’s investigations are never portrayed as her being nosy, but rather her being tenacious and driven. Plus she gets herself out of her own messes.
  • Again: she kills a man. By shooting him. Several times. In a self-defense yet morally ambiguous way.
  • She’s morally ambiguous in a way women are often not allowed to be in fiction without being painted as a “femme fatal”, yet is still one of the most moral characters on the show.
  • There’s this roundtable that Emma Thompson was on where she said she wouldn’t do roles where the woman says to the man “don’t do that brave stupid thing.” Which is something you see in comics all the time. Yet in Daredevil, we often see the reverse of Matt telling Karen “don’t do that brave stupid thing.”
  • She is a strong character without being written with only qualities that are typically reserved for men. One of her most important qualities is her compassion, something that usually is shown as a weakness but in Karen it drives not only her plot line forward, but the entire plot line of the show.
  • It needs to be reiterated: WITHOUT KAREN PAGE THERE IS NO PLOT. Fisk would have razed Hell’s Kitchen with little to no problems  if Karen hadn’t investigated him and given Matt the information he needed to go after Fisk both legally and as Daredevil
  • Usually when a woman develops a sympathetic relationship toward a serial killing man, it’s because she falls in love with him. But Karen’s odd friendship with Frank was a result of her empathetic abilities and the fact that she killed a man and was projecting her guilty conscience onto him. Which is so much more interesting and compelling, and  typically the sort of well thought-out writing reserved for relationships between two men.
  • And Finally: 
    • “I believe in protecting women”
    • *dryly* “Thanks. From all of us.”
  • So in summation, Marvel movies need to take some serious pointers from Marvel netflix shows about how to write women. 
  • Also Karen Page is fucking incredible.

i’ve already seen a few people already criticise junhong for his tattoo or disregard it as ‘yongguk’s influence,’ and it’s been pretty upsetting to see how some are treating him. none of us know the significance of ‘relation in time’ to junhong. he is someone who truly lives for art, and the piece is obviously really meaningful to him - why else would he get it permanently on his skin? if you don’t agree with his tattoo, keep it to yourself. his body is his own, and he can do whatever he wants with it without approval from others.