none of which i have gotten back yet

Every person who reblogs this, I will draw them in the God Tier clothing of their choice.

(required: a reblog, and a message detailing your Title and a brief description of yourself.)

Every reblog until…. fuck it, the 20th. Unless I get swamped. Which I highly doubt.

Remember to leave your Submission boxes open, kids!

EDIT: Wow I hate to say this but I’m sitting at around 200+ requests I need to do so I’m going to have to move the cutoff date to the 15th. :( 

ALSO: Something I forgot to say! I can promise to do yours, but I can’t promise it’ll happen within a certain time period. I’ll do my absolute best but aside from school and stuff that is a shit ton of drawings to do. 

ADDENDUM: The drawings will look like this hopefully! (but without the shading to save time)


I think that’s about it. :)

EDIT 2: OKAY GUYS I’M SWAMPED SORRY D: Everyone who has reblogged it before now (9:10 pm EST) will get their drawing eventually, and I’m sorry to anybody who reblogs it after this because I won’t be able to do yours and I’m sorry again.

But seriously I have 300+ things to do so I think that’s quite enough.

I promise I will get to all of them. Eventually.

Happy holidays everyone!