none of those weird ship things

I don't want to see hate on my ship.

Seriously wtf? I don’t give a shit if they are brothers, or one is a few years younger than the other! My mother is 11 years older than my sisters dad! He was 11 when she was born I think people can deal with a 4 year difference just fucking fine!

I don’t care if you think I’m disgusting just stay the fuck away from my ship! Seriously it’s really starting to piss me off!

Oh so my ship is offensive to you? TOO FUCKING BAD! Why not just fucking block it! I don’t care what your issue is with it, I really don’t care! If you don’t wanna see my ships un-follow me right now because I’m not gonna deal with any shit from any of you!

THORKI! ((sort of brothers))

AMERICEST! ((twins))

STRIDERCEST! ((brothers))

DANNYXVLAD (( ok that one is a little weird but shut up! XD))

KAITOXLEN ((4 year difference))

If you are in love with someone I don’t think any of these factors matter! The way I see it is it’s your soul connecting, so age, race, sexual orientation, none of those things should matter!


Ever notice how when an anti-fandom person says “I read about _____ when I was 13 and it made me think _____ was okay! And that let me be preyed on!” They never post examples?

They never say “I read xyz ship when I was 13” or “ when I was 13 I read abc book/fic with xyz problematic content”

It’s always generic. Never specific.

Edit: I forgot how dense people on here are. To clarify for those who need everything spoon fed to them:

This is talking about those who come into a shipper’s post, and, without being asked to, give some details about their own abuse. They say “I was abused when I was X years old because fiction and ships made me think it was okay”. Again: no one asked them to share those details. Yet, they never say “ship xyz” or “problematic book”. They keep that vague. Which is weird, right? To blame a non-specific thing for your abuse? Which you talked about when no none asked?

Talking about your abuse is fine. Telling people they are supporting abusers because what they write about is close to what happened to you is not.

It is also worth noting those who blame fiction and demand certain things not be written about never go further than that. It is only the fiction’s fault, according to them. If their intent were to help, they would help others learn to spot abusive behavior. But instead of using their experiences to help people, they use it to belittle others. Without even saying what they actually read?

And if a shipper responds with “I’m a survivor too” the anti demands details. Or tells them to stop romanticizing abuse. Or flat out tells them they are lying. Or worse: tells them they are gross and should cope write in private.

Shippers or those who write “dark fic” don’t need to hear your personal stories to believe something is upsetting to you. What they do say is your feelings are no more, or less, valid than their own. If something is upsetting to you, for whatever reason, ignore it, block it, move on. Find something you do like and which makes you feel happy.

activatingaggro  asked:

What sort of pairings (romantic or platonic) are you *looking* to write? Alternatively: what would be your ideal dynamics for each of your chars in their available quadrants?

Old-ask answering, hot dang!

Okay, I’m always a sucker for anything involving emotional depth, especially since a lot of my current threads are more fun-adventure-times rather than actual major plot pieces, but hmm, let’s try to be more specific here…

For one thing: blackrom. None of my trolls have or have had a kismesis, with the exception of Widsth’s occasional flings and Taz’s weird semi-flirtation with Umetto, and none of them have a conclusively-planned black ship, I don’t think? And boy do they all need one! Plus I need to learn how to write blackrom better, since I’m not sure how to at the mo. This goes for ashenrom too; I’m interested in exploring those dynamics, which is why I’m super excited that Vide/Riccin is imminent and there may be an auspisticism for Taz on the horizon. 

I will always be in favor of more pale fluff, too! And not just piling and feelings-jamming and angsty soul-baring and the pale-honeymoon stuff, either (though I am a wreck for that, as mentioned, I will DIE), but pale couples out and about, doing plot-relevant things, while generally helping each other function better. 

But like… also. I really want Vide to have more friends who are 100% not into her romantically and never will be. Several of her past “friends” have turned out only to be interested in her due to having a crush on her, whether pale or flushed, and she feels pressured and anxious when she can’t reciprocate those feelings. It’d be really nice for her to have a circle of supportive people who don’t want anything from her but platonic friendship! Friends who can joke and gossip with her,  go shopping with her, shut her down when she gets Weirdly Pale, whatever. Just normal platonic stuff, in a variety of dynamics! 

I also want Genuine Friends for Taz, and horrible musician or historian friends for Weeds (and Genuine Quadrants for both), but they’re better set up for friendship than Vide is at the moment.

OH ALSO I would love to backplot ex-quads for Weeds, and maybe a few for Taz – she’s dated around a bit, he’s flirted-and-jilted his way through most of the music scene, the history scene, and the obscure-translations scene, both of them should have exes of varying levels of amicability out there.

Second part of the question was also interesting, answered below.

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Can we please talk about the pure cinnamon roll that is Hiroko Katsuki?

So everyone’s just seen Viktor kiss Yuuri on international television and unsurprisingly shock/surprise is the dominant emotion.

But Hiroko - she’s smiling and that little blush! She’s just so proud of her pork cutlet bowl, because Yuuri is finally getting the things he wants. The day before he was first and now she’s got proof that Yuuri and Viktor are together.

(Let’s all take a minute to appreciate that Hiroko probably tidied Yuuri’s room on multiple occasions and will have seen all those posters of Viktor - like imagine her talking to other parents when Yuuri was younger probably about horror stories of the sort of things one finds in a teenage boy’s room, and she’s seen none of those things, just pictures of Viktor. So. Many. Pictures.)

Basically what I’m getting at is Hiroko probably already knew Yuuri was infatuated with Viktor way before he did because, let’s be honest, Mum’s have a weird sixth sense about these things, and that’s why she looks so happy, whereas the others look shocked/surprised.

She ships it.

Ultimate proud parent!

The Problem With Writers & Shipping

I agree with Jason, this shipping war needs to end. It’s stupid and a waste of everyone’s energy.

HOWEVER, and this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, Jason is NOT innocent in all of this. None of the people writing this show are innocent in this. For some weird reason, television writers are seen as people who should not be held responsible for the things they write.

All forms of entertainment are there for the purpose of getting some kind of emotional response, so why is it such a surprise to those people who create that entertainment that it gets one?

The writers ask people to get invested in these characters and stories, and that inevitably leads to people getting invested to an extent that when things go badly, they’ll be upset about it.

The exact same thing applies to shipping. Put two characters together, endear them to the audience and guess what, people are going to get emotional when things go in a direction that doesn’t please them. It’s the very nature of entertainment!

Television writers are NOT absolved of any responsibility for intentionally writing something for the sole purpose of getting an emotional response just because they don’t like the extent of the emotional response they get. Are shipping wars stupid? Absolutely! But they are the RESULT of something the writers did to get an emotional response from the audience.

Shipping wars are an EFFECT, not a CAUSE. It’s highly unreasonable to want people to feel something when they watch your TV show, but then expect them to calm the fuck down when their emotional response is bigger than you wanted it to be.

While a lot of shipping fandoms need to CALM DOWN, television writers need to stop treating the viewer’s emotions like a playground. If you’re going to play with our emotions, then stop being surprised when you get us too invested, or make us too emotional! That’s the end result of YOUR actions.

Do television writers want shippers to calm down and stop attacking each other? Here’s an idea: Television writers start taking responsibility for their own actions! They are NOT innocent in any of this and it frequently pisses me off that they think they are.

I’m going to tag some other fandoms where this is currently a problem as well.

This day for me started out kind of shitty and became pretty damn awesome when I looked at my dash today i’ll have to say :)

Sonequa Martin Greene: “He’s not gonna let anybody else get that hair out of his eyes…”

(I will mention that I love her even more now btw)

I knew it… knew it all along. I knew that this was special unique. Daryl wasn’t gonna let anyone else touch him like this. No one but Carol.  Every time I see her brushing his hair out of his eyes I get a feels attack. Because I just knew  it was something beautiful.  Can I mention for the hundredth time they way his eyes flutter a little every time her fingers touch his skin. *sigh*

And this was improvised. It wasn’t even scirpted and they did it. It was just a beautiful moment that I just adore and I just wanted to look at it one more time (cause you know me I have to say SOMETHING right? ha)   His eyes closed and  and allowed him himself to be guided to her lips .  He closed his eyes and let her kiss him without the slightest flinch. 

And she  just keeps touching his face and hair and he just keeps letting her.. excuse me for the little squeeing noises I’m still making to this day by this lovliness. Today’s revelation of commentary just renewed my feels about this whole thing once again.  Reminded me of how much I love this scene.  

And just one more…

because you know the arm thing and all.. 

But on a serious note I love the other commentary on the fact that this relationship is so unique, it almost defies characterization. Everyone wants to put some label on it, and put it some pretty box so they can put it away, or for some ever dismiss it. And to me the fact that it seems to be recognized as being special by those involved with the show  is to me wonderful. And the fact that you can’t define exactly what it is in one word is precisely the thing that I truly love about it. 

Love should always defy labels, because it’s own entity, it’s own force and those who feel it know what it is even if they can’t put it in words. It exists, and it is what it is, and the mystery of what it could become is the reason we watch it, and ship it. 

I hope this post wastn’t too babbly and weird, because I’m tired and all, but i’m about to go to bed very happy now. 

Caryl on everyone :D

(none of these gifs are mine I just borrow them, credit to the makers as always)

Live blogging.

I am in the dermatologist office for acne and I showed her this weird thing I have under my thumb nail. She is referring me to a nail specialist, because those exist, so I can have a biopsy done because this is a APPARENTLY a tumor with a very small chance of being a malignant NAIL TUMOR???

I swear to god, if thumb nail cancer does me in, I want none of you to remember me. Put me in a box and ship my nail cancer ridden body out to sea. Not even an unmarked grave to remember the weak woman who died because of her right thumb.