none of this makes sense my heart just hurts because this idea seems to be really good in my head

On History and Pie

Summary:  A nonathletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Will the two make a love connection?  For @devereauxsdisease and @victorineb who love this incarnation of Jack as much as I do.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

They’d chatted at the bakery enough times that Bitty was able to pull the information from Jack. He’d started coming to the bakery about four weeks ago, and during that time Bitty became more and more charmed with the second year grad student.

He always sat in the corner armchair, ordered a black coffee, two macarons and a slice of whatever the pie of the day was. Bitty first noticed him when he came in to order a slice of Weary Willie cake.

Bitty loved his job at the bakery, it gave him some extra cash while he attended Samwell. Whenever Bitty was there, he was the de facto person in charge. Shirley and Spencer, the owners of Bread and Butter adored Bitty.

“We never had any kids of our own, so you’re the closest thing to it, Bitty,” Shirley said to him one evening over a cup of earl grey tea.

So Bitty stood there, face to face with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen the first time Jack walked in. The Clark Kent glasses in front of them did nothing to hide the fact that they were beautiful. It was a good face, a handsome face. He was burly and tall, and Bitty loved that. He smiled, and Bitty’s body language invited Blue Eyes to speak.

“Can I get a slice of the Weary Willie cake?”

“Sure can, handsome,” Bitty said as he began to ring up Blue Eyes’ order, who blushed furiously. “What else can I do you for?”

“Coffee. Black. Medium, please,” he replied looking down at the counter.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a seat and I’ll bring it out to you,” Bitty said with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said softly and then turned to walk toward the corner armchair.

When Bitty approached, Blue Eyes had pulled out a laptop and several textbooks, the one on top of the pile was called Foundations of Modern European Intellectual History.

“Doing a little light reading, huh?” Bitty said as he put the cake and coffee on the side table.

“Oh, haha. Yes.”

“Do you go to Samwell?”

“I’m finishing up my masters in history there,” he said as he held up his book.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you here before,” Bitty said wanting to know more about History Blue Eyes.

“I saw the chalkboard outside listing the Weary Willie cake and the history nerd in me became curious.”

“Look at you! You certainly are a history major.”

“Did you make the cake?” Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

“Sure did. My moomaw had the recipe from her mama.”

“Well, it’s not often I find a somewhat obscure historical reference on my way back to the history building.” 

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Out of Feathers, Out of Bones [an elucien epistolary fic] part 1

Elain travels Prythian learning to accept her new life and powers, but better than any glittering court is her tentative correspondence with her mate. (rated g, set post-acowar so minor spoilers)

on ao3

Originally posted by angelkarafilli

Lady Elain,

I hope this letter finds you well. And I also hope it isn’t overly presumptuous of me to send this at all. I wrote to Feyre a month ago, telling her I’d be longer in the spring court than I planned; They need all the assistance they can get reorganizing after the war. Is it right to call it a war when it lasted less than a month? The extended skirmish. No, sorry, that makes it sound silly, and the death toll was

I’ve already restarted this letter four times, and Tamlin does not possess an unlimited supply of stationery, so I’m going to keep going. My apologies for that babbling and any in the rest.

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Liam Imagine~ Periods

Word Count~ 763
Rating~ Good for all audiences
Warnings~ none, just fluff, basically
Pairings~ Liam x Female!Reader
A/N~ Hey, short, I know. Hope you enjoy, either way. Didn’t really have alot of ideas for this. Love you guys!
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Request~ anonymous asked:
hey! could you please please do a Theo raeken/liam Dunbar boyfriend imagine where the reader is on her period and they can smell the blood and stuff so the reader tries avoiding him but it’s like really fluffy and it ends with a movie night in and stuff. thanks!

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Just when you think, okay, last week STAR WARS fandom was pretty good for fic, but it definitely can’t keep doing that every week, when n o p e, fandom puts out more fic that leaves me incoherent in both joy and suffering at the same exact intensity as previously. I will put this fandom up against so many others for fic that makes me feel things and leaves me feeling like, yes, this fic satisfied something in me in the way that fic, at its best, is meant to do!

In All The World by Ammar, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 76.6k wip
   The story of how Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi tamed each other, from Naboo to Anakin’s early days at the Temple.
Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, past sexual assault issues, 81.7k wip
   Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.
time to change the road you’re on by wreckageofstars, obi-wan & anakain & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.
Let’s Kill Hitler by updiddlyupup, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 6.1k wip
   Even in times of war, it’s not usual to wake up with a different Jedi Master than the one you had when you went to sleep.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan/sith!anakin, 4.3k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, ahsoka & obi-wan & cast, 69.8k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Ghosts of a Future Not Yet Past by LurkingCrow, obi-wan & luke & cast, 4.2k
   On Mortis the boundaries between past, present and future are paper thin. As he ponders the unexpected vision of his former Master, Obi-Wan gets a visitor from the other end of the temporal spectrum. Feels ensue. Otherwise known as the “excuse to give a certain Jedi all the hugs” fic.
Calm down, Anakin by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 1.7k
   Obi-Wan finds a better way than meditation to calm Anakin down.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka, 1.1k
   Pants and shirts flew through the air as Ahsoka sat perched on her master’s bed, watching him frantically panic over his wardrobe.
A Walking Shadow by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & padme & luke & leia & palpatine & cast, 74.6k
   It is five years into the Empire’s ascension, an order built on the blood and bodies of the Jedi. None survived, they say, and the handsome, icy profile of Lord Vader plastered across every Imperial city leaves no room for doubt in the minds of many. But Vader knows there is at least one left, one that escaped him on Mustafar all those years ago.
A Time For Thought by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, obi-wan & luke & leia & han, 1.4k
   “The Princess is right.” General Kenobi speaks up. “While on the Death Star, I was informed that a tracking beacon had been placed on this ship. Open the hidden compartments, Solo. We are not out of danger yet. The tracking beacon must be destroyed.” “You were informed?” Luke echoes the General, looking confused. “By who?”
absolute power by cosmicocean, leia & luke & han & ben & cast, 8.6k
   In the end, she takes the offer. In time, Luke will come to regret ever leading her to it. Where Leia becomes Empress with the intention of doing good, and falls so far.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & cast, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: I don’t think you’ve done a fic for where Chancellor!Obi-Wan actually present the evidence and starts the corruption investigation?
Ben and Grandpa Go Camping by darthnickels, vader & leia & ben, 2.9k
   post-ROTJ AU. Leia takes her young son to the one man she hates most– the man who may be the only one in the Galaxy who can help him
untitled by legobiwan, obi-wan & dooku, ~1k
  The Count took his napkin and dabbed at his mouth, placing it on the table and leaning back in his chair. “So tell me, Mr. Hardeen. How did you manage to kill the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi?”

full details + recs under the cut!

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Thanks, bro. 

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,600+
Pairing: Heith

“Can we get two beers?”

The bartender nodded and smiled before grabbing a couple of glasses. Amber-colored liquid poured from the tap into each glass, with bubbles collecting into white foam at their brims. She gingerly placed the cold drinks in front of two young men, both a few years shy of the legal drinking age.

They thanked her under their breath. One instantly reached over and took a gulp, while the other cupped the drink in his hands and looked down at it with guilty eyes.

Keith wiped his mouth with a sleeve and huddled in close to his friend to whisper, “Can you stop being so obvious?”

Hunk, who had been hunched over and making himself small, suddenly sat at attention and loosened the grip on his glass. “I know– I’m trying to be cool– But it’s hard,” he stammered.

“You can start by actually drinking your beer,” Keith suggested.

“Right, right.” Hunk brought the edge of the glass to face, hesitating as the foam touched his mouth. Keith’s smile twitched as he watched Hunk frozen in place.

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When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 1; Walk in the park

pairing: terumob

(for mp100 valentine’s week! each of these prompts is going to read as a chapter of the same story, so let’s see if i can actually crank out 8 of them in 8 days hahahaha,,,)

Story tag


There’s a common phenomenon in the world where a person discovers a unique subject for the first time and then coincidentally find themselves running into that subject again and again. Psychology refers to it as Baader-Meinhof, less formally “frequency illusion.”

Teruki calls it “psychic magnetism.”

He has an odd way of finding whatever he thinks too long and hard about. All he has to do is start walking and his steps will inevitably begin to follow an invisible, roundabout path to whatever it is that’s so stuck on his mind.

Since science is keen to explain away the paranormal, there very well might be an explanation outside of ESP for this ability of his – selective attention, maybe. Confirmation bias. Synchronicity. A seemingly meaningful but ultimately random series of coincidences, one right after the other. 

Whatever the truth may be, Teruki is familiar enough with his touch of the phenomenon to rightly assume, after a few minutes of aimless strolling, that he’s headed somewhere in particular. A few strides into the park, a few slow glances around, and suddenly his heart skips.

There. And the muddy mental lines fade into definition. It’s with purpose that Teruki steps off the path into soft, springy grass and makes his way towards where Kageyama is sitting quietly on an out-of-the-way bench.

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Confess (An Adlock Fanfiction/Ficlet)

(Yay! Thanks so much for everyone who sent in their prompts to help me relieve my stress. Decided to go with @seaductress‘ prompt first, which is “Sherlock is forced to admit his love to Irene under dire circumstances” because the idea popped to my head immediately. It won’t be as vocal as the ‘I love you’ scene with Molly, but I still hope you like how I put it. Enjoy, loves!)

Originally posted by holmesdaily

How can someone feel so numb yet devastatingly in pain at the same time?

Sherlock was aware that what he was feeling made no sense. His fingers were shaking from when he destroyed the wooden coffin with his bare hands just moments ago, thinking about how much he had hurt Molly Hooper. The fear of losing everyone he cared for, slowly and intimately, simply felt rotten to the core. 

He saw John’s hand reaching for him, reminding him that there are more things to come – things he had to face and hopefully conquer. 

His mind reeled as he stepped into the next room, thinking about the stages his clever little sister has prepared to unravel the depths of his memories. First was his home, then his humanity by playing with the lives of strangers, then the idea of unrequited love. The words of Eurus on making him choose between Mycroft and John rang over and over, and yet what he saw in the next room sent his heart racing due to urgency.

With nothing more than a table with a sleek, black box on top of it, Sherlock felt his knees buckling in fear. It was all too familiar now, the contrast as to why he dismissed John’s quip upon seeing the wooden coffin. 

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Good Girl Ch 46: Our Last Moment

Okay Lovelies, I need you all to know that these last couple chapters are a bit on the sad side, mean things will be said, people will cry, I know I did. But I don’t want any of you to get aggressive about the ending until you’ve read all of it including the bonus chapter! After that feel free to let me know how you felt about the ending and if anything is confusing please let me know so I can explain or go back and edit so it makes more sense, okay? P.S. I was able link my master list in my bio so incase anyone wants to know where to find it!

Alright please enjoy!

Why do they ask the same questions over and over again? Why do you go? Are we really not enough? Do you have to go? Can’t you tell him no? Can you please not go? I’m tired of their questions. I’m tired of giving the same answer that I know is kind of a lie.

“I like spending time with him.” Well I guess it’s not really a lie, just no

Baekhyun huffs, “So you don’t like spending time with us?”

“I do, I love you guys remember? But it’s different, we-“

A jealous Chanyeol doesn’t even let me finish before snapping at me, “Is he better?”

“Of course not!” I stomp my foot like a child, frustrated and upset, “That is why I’m here with you! I would go to him, if I wanted him!”

“But you do go to him!” Suho yells, Suho never yells at me. His chest is heaving with rage, “Every fucking Tuesday you go to him! Then you come back to us like we aren’t supposed to care, like we aren’t supposed to be jealous. How can you expect us not to wonder or be upset?”

“The same way you all expect me to just live in my bubble when you guys go out and do God knows what,” I spit, “Just sit there and be good! You all expect me to just go along with every word that comes out of your mouths, every rule, without question and I do! But the moment I ask for thing out side of this bubble, just one night a week, it’s like I asked for the most difficult thing in the world.”

“You have no idea how hard it is for us to just hand you over!” Xiumin yells back. I feel trapped on the couch with all of them in front of me, glaring, a few are standing or pacing, trying their best to control their anger. I don’t know how we got here. This morning was fun and perfect and then Sehun had to whine about me leaving at lunch and one thing lead to another and the next thing I do know is that my head hurts and someone is ripping out my heart. But I’m not backing down from this fight. I have caved twice already this summer and bailed on Jiyong to spend more time with my daddies and I feel like a dick for that, I’m not doing it again this week.

“I imagine it’s the same way I feel when you guys just up and disappear for days or weeks. No call, no note, just one of the others telling me you are gone. Is there a sharp pain in your chest or maybe it just feels empty, like something or someone is missing. Is it like that at all? Or maybe it doesn’t get that bad for you since I’m only gone for twelve hours at most and you know exactly where I am because of this fucking necklace!” I rip it off in a huff, “You know who I’m with, when I’ll be back, you know that I’ll never be in any real danger because I have Jiyong with me. I don’t know what the hell you guys do the moment you leave but I have no say in it, I have no ruling on where you go and who you talk to.”

“Baby,” Lay tries to sound as calm as possible, “Please try to understand that we can’t let you know those things for your own safety.”

“Who the fuck is going to hurt me if you tell me? Jiyong?  He tells me more and I’m guarded 24/7 so the only person who could hurt me is you guys!” This makes the room go still, no pacing or twitching, I’m not even sure they are breathing with how tense they suddenly appear. I feel guilty suddenly, I know they would never hurt me. With a deep breath I try to calm myself, “Look, you guys, I’m sorry for getting so angry but I just don’t feel like I’m asking for too much. Just a night out with a friend, since we are just friends. It’s not like I’m asking for the world.”

“Be realistic,” Kris scoffs, “Jiyong doesn’t see you as just a friend, how long do you think you can keep lying to yourself that he is just your friend?”

His undermining tone sets me on fire again and suddenly I’m on my feet, “Probably as long as I keep telling myself that this relationship is going to actually work out.”

“Jooyoung-“ Luhan tries to stop me, hurt obvious in his eyes, in all their eyes but the words are already out their so I’m going to finish them.

“Since we are being realistic lets just take a moment to discuss our relationship. I’m an 18 year old girl who was basically kidnapped by a group of mobsters who make me call them daddy. That is a fucking train wreck in it’s self but when you add in the fact that I love all of you and you all love me it only seems to make a bigger mess. This can’t work out in anyway, there is no future for us. We can’t all get married and have kids and have normal lives together. Even if you all think you can share me for the rest of our lives, which I know that none of you can, I don’t think I can handle all twelve of you. I can’t pick one or even a few, even if I could how would that work out since I’ve fucked your brothers. Do you think you could have me living in the same house with all of them knowing that?” At this point tears are streaming down my face but I’m still not backing down. I had to say it, these thoughts have been running threw my mind for a long time, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Please stop saying this,” Sehun begs stepping closer.

I hold hand out to him stopping him, “I’ll be home at my usual time. I think we all need a little break.” With that I turn and go the elevator. It opens right away and I step inside, making eye contact with each of them before it closes. I can finally breath without their intense gaze on me, crouching in the elevator I close my eyes to stop the tears. When the elevator dings I quickly stand up, ignoring the judging stares from the businessmen and women in the lobby. Just short of the exit I look out and realize that it’s pouring out making the world seem gray. Beyond the glass door I see Joker standing there with a black umbrella but lacking his usual smirk or grin. What is wrong with the world today? Why is everyone so sad?

I use the sleeves of my sweatshirt to wipe my tears away and clean my face before taking a deep breath and placing a playful smile on my face. Peeking out of the door he finally sees me and gives me an acknowledging nod making my smile falter, does he hate me too or something?

“Why the long face?” I wonder as I poke Joker’s cheeks and push them back, forcing the strangely serious man to smile. He pushes my hands away but offers me an arm that I accept. “Don’t tell me you are getting sad this is almost over?” I tease hoping to take my mind off my own heartbreak.

He sighs, “Kind of.” He holds an umbrella over us, protecting us from the rain.

The honesty in his eyes surprises me. The whole summer has passed in mostly a blur of fun and lazy days. School is only a few weeks away and that means I’ll only need an escort to Jiyong’s a few more times before I’m back in school and Joker goes back to doing whatever he did. I’ve had no issue admitting that these two months but the taller has always be hesitant and teasing, never saying it but I kind of figured out after awhile.  

“I’m not excited for my next job,” Another sigh leaves his lips. We turn a few times in silence, taking our normal out of the way path, giving us a few extra minutes to hang out. We pass our usual boba tea shop that he doesn’t even glance at.

“What is your next job?” I watch him open his mouth but close it a moment after. “Don’t worry if you don’t want to tell me, or can’t, I’m used to it. I’m sorry for even asking.”

He just nods.

A few moments after we fall into a comfortable silence he wonders, “Why were you crying?”

I laugh awkwardly, “You can tell? I had a little trouble in paradise.”

“Was it bad?”

I sigh, “Honestly, I said some pretty mean things, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hated me.” I choke on the last few words but am able to keep myself from crying which is an accomplishment in itself.  

I can tell something is wrong when I see him constantly glancing around, his eyes are usually focused in front of us or on me. But today something is different, I can feel it as my alarms slowly begin to buzz in the back of my mind. The next corner we are supposed to turn at is blocked off from foot traffic. Joker doesn’t seem to mind it and continues to drag me along to the next street. At this point my alarms are screaming at me as we reach the corner making me stop.

Joker looks at me confused, “What’s wrong?”

I scan the area, looking threw the crowd for whoever is causing me such sudden panic. But there is no one staring or stopping and it doesn’t appear that anyone is following us, but my alarm is never wrong.

“Joo-ya,” Joker tugs me along, “We have to get going before Jiyong starts to worry and sends a swat team out for us.”

“Something isn’t right,” I make us stop again.

“You trust me don’t you? Would I ever let you die on my watch?” He gives me a small smile, the first real smile I’ve seen from him today. His hands are on my shoulders, holding me tightly, comforting me once more. I stare into his eyes and can’t help but calm down, his honest seems to sooth my alarms. Of course he wouldn’t let me die, do trust him, he has never done anything to betray my trust.

I nod and continue to let him lead me like I always do, like every Tuesday, where he leads me safely to my oppa and then disappears for a week. But that doesn’t happen. I don’t know what really happens. Joker suggests we cut behind a building so I follow, I always follow. Then the next thing I know there is a rag over my mouth and I’m trying not to breath it in. The umbrella is gone when Joker is pulled away from me and thrown on to the ground, letting the cool rain pour down on all of us. My nails dig into the pale skinned hand holding the rag to my mouth. One of the lessons Tao had taught me this summer flashes threw my mind and the next thing I know I’m flipping the man over and sending him over me on to the ground on his back. I jump back up against the brick all of the building.

Joker tries to attack the stranger but he’s not alone; five more men appear in horrifying clown masks. My eyes are wide with fear and tears as one of them knocks him out with the butt of a shotgun. They’re eyes are on him for a moment and for the brief second I consider running. Jiyong’s building is within a minute of running and I would hit the public street before that but I can’t leave Joker. I may not even know his real fucking name but he’s my friend.

No he’s not, my self preservation tells me, he’s a body for hire, remember? You are just another body he has to make sure doesn’t get a scraped knee, just run.

I push that voice when they all look from me to Joker’s limp body. Tears are streaming down my face, blending in with the rain. “Is he dead?” I wonder out loud. Without a thought I push passed the clowns to kneel over his body, there is blood on his forehead and he’s still breathing. A relived breath escapes my lips, but that is short lived when the rag is returned to my mouth with another hand on the nape of my neck holding me still. I make eye contact with the clown this time threw the eye holes in the mask, black eyes stare back at me, burning into my soul.

The last thing I hear before the drug takes is a small deep chuckle and rough voice mumbling, “Should have ran.”

Due to popular demand, I now present to you

marauders-groupie’s Bellarke fic rec!

These are my top 20 faves, in no particular order because that would be impossible. Expect fluff, angst and everything else imaginable.

“The one hundred sent screaming down to Earth are not just juvenile delinquents. They’re genetic anomalies; mutants. Chipped, collared, and completely expendable. But they’re not going down quietly.”

WIP. Canon ‘verse. Definitely one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. Bellarke development is incredible, the plot is intriguing and this fic definitely deals with topics such as survival and trauma in a unique way, plus - this writer’s style is absolutely breathtaking and fits the atmosphere of the fic.

“Clarke’s jaeger goes down on a Thursday.”

Pacific Rim AU. This one is going to stick with you. Its beauty is going to haunt you for the rest of your life because the pain and the joy are tangible, the relationships radiate understanding and honestly, I’m still stuck in this magnificent world full of hurt, comfort and wonder.

“Bellamy and Clarke have known each other almost all their lives. Life got in the way, though, and two of them drifted apart, but when tragedy strikes again and again in a few months, Clarke runs away, and Bellamy, as he always has, runs after her. Picking up Raven for the ride, Bellamy embarks on a day-long road trip adventure chasing Clarke’s trail as she rights wrongs and tries to learn how to cope with life as it is now.”

Childhood friends, modern AU. Let me put this simply - this is real, raw and gripping. We’re talking serious literature here, friends, and that sort that you’ll want to postpone finishing because you want to stick around in that world for a long time. 

“Clarke Griffin is a pragmatist and Bellamy Blake is a fucking romantic.”

Modern AU. This fic takes place before an apocalypse. A meteor is about to hit Earth and Bellamy and Clarke are pining after each other.
Now, wait up! I know you think it’s going to be sad, but this is one of the happiest fics I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Trust me on this one. It’s quite literally Earth-shattering.

Clarke Griffin’s first introduction to the industrial town of Mechton is the gruff, harsh Bellamy Blake, and from that ill-fated meeting alone, she can’t imagine how she will begin to call this new place home. Soon, though, she finds that places grow on you, and also that people change, but only if you are willing to let yourself change as well.

North & South AU. The thing is, this fic is so well-researched, the character interactions are amazing, it deals with class and sex-related issues. There is bickering Bellarke and take-no-shit Raven, but that’s not even the best part. No, the best part is that this writer has a unique style that brings the whole story to life, as palpable as the screen you’re reading this on. 

“Fourteen nights that brought royally messed up Clarke Griffin back to life and the one man that made everything right again/ Bellarke modern au Prague-Lourdes-New York and back home.

This fic is poetry and magic. The atmosphere is tender and dreamlike, a bubble threatening to burst any second now, which fits perfectly with the premise - travelling, meeting a stranger to whom you open up to and who changes your life forever. It’s full of beautiful moments that are going to strike a chord deep within your heart (and maybe even break it, only to put it back together right away).

“The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love.”

In this modern AU, Bellarke is told through voicemail and I guarantee that you’re going to laugh out loud, but also clutch at your chest dramatically. One of the best fluffy fics I’ve ever read. 

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learningtodolivingtoserve  asked:

I just finished my first year of undergrad, and while I've shadowed at a vet clinic before, I'm about to start a job as a veterinary assistant. While I'm super excited, I'm also extremely nervous. Any advice for starting a first job at a vet clinic?

Ooh fun question!
Congrats on finishing your first year and getting your first job as a vet assistant!

I volunteered/shadowed on and off from when I was 12-18, then got my first job as a part-time assistant at a general practice when I was 18-22, and now I’ve been working full-time as an assistant at an emergency hospital for the past year.

So much comes to mind, so this may be pretty long.


-Be willing to learn! Accept that there is a lot you don’t know, and always be willing to listen and learn from more experienced people.

-Don’t be afraid to ask the doctors questions about cases. Most are more than willing to answer and explain.
(Everyone there who is more experienced has been where you are now one day in their life - when you become an experienced person, remember what it was like to be a nervous, new assistant.)

-Don’t be afraid to ask the other assistants/techs for help. If you don’t know how to do something, it’s a million times better to ask than to guess and do something incorrectly. (Same goes for clarifying what you’re ALLOWED to do.)

-On the same note, if you don’t know how to do something, but want to learn, say so, or the experienced assistant/tech may just do it FOR you.

-Restraint. Start with the nice ones!
If you’re not comfortable restraining an aggressive animal - SAY SO.
Don’t be afraid to use muzzles, e-collars, comforters for big dogs or cat-muzzles, e-collars, towels for cats - they don’t hurt the animal and they help keep everyone safe. Despite what the owner believes, the dog CAN breathe through the muzzle (be careful with muzzles and vomiting patients though).
Sometimes you can even distract patients with food (make sure they’re not on a special diet or NPO or anything). You can also pet their heads (if they’re not aggressive, just squirmy) or tap their heads gently with a pen (if they are aggressive) to distract them.
If an animal is really stressing themselves out or has a high possibility of hurting you or someone else - tell the doctor. Medical restraint (drugs) is great!
There are so many different ways to restrain animals of different sizes and temperaments for different procedures, that I don’t even know where to start. You’ll learn over time! Always be cautious. Even the nicest animals will bite when scared or in pain. Watch out for teeth and claws, but also those sneaky back feet and headbutts.

-Bring a notebook! Write down any questions you have (if it’s too busy to ask them) - you can look them up yourself, or ask them later. Write down things you learn, write down instructions on how to do something new, etc. (I actually looked back at my notebook from a year ago and had some fun reading my old questions).

-Bring snacks/drinks. My GP (general practice) shifts were 12 hours, my ECC (emergency and critical care) shifts are 11 hours. It’s a long day!

-Wear good shoes. When I started working, I wore converse sneakers and my god did my ankles hurt. It’s constant standing and walking - buy good walking sneakers!

-Everyone has their own way of doing things. If it’s something menial, take everyone’s methods into account and form your own way. If it’s something important, find a high ranking person (doctor, practice owner, head technician) and get it clarified which way YOU should do it.

-Try to keep busy! If you don’t know what to do, ask anyone if there’s anything you can do to help them. If not, you can always sweep/mop/clean. Your coworkers and employers will definitely take note of it.

-Check on patients. Maybe this comes from my emergency experience, but you can never check on patients too often! From something small like pee sitting in the cage, to a change in breathing patterns, you don’t want anything to go unnoticed for too long. If anything looks abnormal to you - ask for a second opinion.

-(May be targeted more toward Emergency.) Learn normal vitals. These are your first indicators of something going seriously wrong. Learn what a normal heart rate is for a small/medium/large dog and for a cat (and how it sounds!), learn a normal respiration rate, and normal gum color. Not as urgent - but temperature too. A change in vitals may be a normal occurrence of a disease process or side effect of medication, but always bring it up to the doctor just in case.
Hopefully you’ve been around mostly healthy animals before shadowing, so learn what “breathing weird” looks like, and whether it’s increased effort (dyspnea) or increased rate (tachypnea)… or both. You hear about pale gums and cyanotic (blue/purple) gums a lot, but if you ever get to see them, take note of what they actually look like on a living patient. Mentation is important too - is that crazy energetic puppy suddenly only glancing over at you when you open the cage door? That cat who wanted to kill you an hour ago not even hissing when you disconnect his fluids?

-(May be targeted toward emergency). Triage. In the emergency room, we triage everything. In GP, we did not. Sometimes it’s obvious, like a patient hit by a car needs to be rushed straight back, and a puppy hopping around for a vaccine appointment does not. But if you get a chance to look around the waiting room, take a look at the patients. Take note of any abnormal breathing, mucous membrane color, a patient lying on its side (laterally recumbent) and not really reacting to its environment. Sometimes owners don’t realize how serious of an emergency they have. It’s important to pick out the important pieces of information from what owners tell you. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions.

-Double check your math. If your doctor gives you medication doses in milligrams, you’ll have to convert them to milliliters. Even if you’re just filling oral meds in the pharmacy, you may need to figure out how many tablets equates to the right number of milligrams. Double check your math. Triple check your math. Ask someone else to check it. Check it until you’re confident. (Soon you’ll get an idea of “that seems like a really high dose”, is it written correctly?)

-Be clear. Working around other people who know a lot about animals and medicine gives us a skewed perspective. Don’t assume every owner knows something that’s “common sense” to you. Be very clear with explanations or medication instructions. 

-Label everything! If you have a pill just sitting somewhere, that’s extremely dangerous. Always write the type of medication, the dose, and the patient name. If an owner drops off treats for their pet in the hospital - label it! If you have a pet temporarily in a cage, write his name (you definitely don’t want patients getting mixed up and getting the wrong treatments). Label everything!

-Always keep a record, write things down. When the doctor asks you 8 hours later what diet you fed a specific patient this morning when there’s 20 other in-patients, you’ll be glad you did!

-Be nice to clients. People are frustrating, some people are very rude, but get used to your “customer service” persona!

-If you don’t have qualifications, be careful answering client questions. Depending on the rules of your practice, you may not be allowed to answer certain questions unless you’re a doctor. Unless the doctor explicitly tells you that you can tell an owner something, always tell the client that you will have the doctor come right in to talk with them.
Unless it’s a straightforward question like, “Has he vomited today?”. (I’m talking about questions like: “When are we gonna decrease his medication?” “When can he come home from the hospital?” “Do you think he’s gonna live?” “Have his kidneys gotten worse?”)

-Learn how the front desk works! Just because you’re working as an assistant in the back doesn’t mean you should be confined back there. In my first job, the front desk was completely separate from the back treatment area, and none of the assistants knew how to work the front desk. Sometimes it’s busy or you need to cover someone for lunch, and you should learn how to check someone out, book an appointment, answer a phone call. It’s very helpful to understanding how the practice works as a whole. 

-Clean up after yourself. If you make a mess, don’t leave it for someone else to clean up - this is a good way to annoy coworkers, haha. Of course, this isn’t always doable. Sometimes it gets busy, and everything turns into a mess at once.

-Respect the dead. Everyone in the medical field gets calloused to death/euthanasia because we have to. As sad as it is, sometimes euthanasia really is the best option for a suffering animal. We see death so often that letting every death tear us apart emotionally would be unsustainable. (Ever see that Scrubs episode where they talk about a patient dying, and how his whole family is taking the day off, but all the doctors have to move right on to the next patient a minute later? They say how they make jokes because it’s the only way to cope.)
All that aside, have some respect for the patients. It’s okay to be emotionally calloused, but don’t be disrespectful. Don’t throw patients into body bags. Remember that this was someone’s best friend for a number of years. Treat them how you would want your deceased pet to be treated. 

-That’s a good overall rule. Treat your patients how you would want your own pet to be treated in a hospital. 

-Shadowing is a lot different than working. I’ve heard stories of people who graduate veterinary school, and all their experience is shadowing. They’ve never worked as an assistant or a technician, and when they handle their first patient, it’s clear they’ve never restrained a fractious cat. When shadowing, you just kind of stand there and watch. Your whole purpose for being there is to watch and learn - so you get to see all the “cool” cases and procedures and ask questions whenever. When you’re working, you may miss a “cool case” because you’re busy restraining the dog with an ear infection. But you learn what it’s REALLY like to work in an animal hospital on a daily basis - your future career! And it taught me a huge amount. A recent veterinary graduate told me that having all this experience working will help me immensely in veterinary school. Instead of just learning the concept of a disease in school, you’ll be able to relate it to that patient who HAD the disease and what the symptoms actually looked like.


Good luck! 

‘An offer they can’t refuse’ - Kitten and the Don

This story is the end of me. It is a humble tribute for the lovely Undertale AU within the Mob AU of @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff named ‘Kitten and the Don’ about the 30 year old Frisk, who became the right hand man of 'foxy grandpa’ Gaster!Sans, also called G or 'The Don’. (To prevent confusion I call Gaster!Papyrus simply Papyrus). The first post of this AU depicts how Frisk breaks out of a crate, attacks G and got beaten up by him. I wondered what their motivations might be and how they came to work for a Don afterwards. This is where this story comes in. I am certain this is not how @junkpilestuff imagined it, so please read it like an alternative to their official story.

If you have read the one bellow and you are interested in more then I would be more than happy if you check out my other ‘Kitten and the Don’ stories who are not direct follow ups but are loosely linked to each other: [Three types of smiles] and [Succession]

Dedicated to the two incredible @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff, whose responses to my last story was one of my greatest inspiration and motivation. The other source is each and every one of you who continue to read and like my stories. You are all incredbly awesome!

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Clues From Above

Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a reader x Adam soul mate on shot, where the reader is a hunter who’s grown up around Sam and Dean

A/N: Thank you, bibliophilegirl15 for giving me some extra ideas for this!

Word count: 1,950

Pairing: Adam x Reader

Warnings: none.


You were holding your stomach, arms crossed over the fabric of your t-shirt as you laughed out loud at Adam’s joke about Dean’s age. Adam was snickering at the glares that Dean sent him from the rearview mirror of the Impala, halfheartedly nudging you to be quiet while he tried to stop laughing himself. Even Sam was chuckling from his place in the front, making him be the next receiver of Dean’s glares.

“Shut up, idiots, it wasn’t even funny,” the oldest Winchester grumbled, frown creasing his forehead as he looked back to the road. But you continued laughing, leaning against Adam as tears prickled in your eyes. “Sam, c’mon man, you’re just four years younger!”

“He’s still younger than you, old man,” you said between breaths, your roars settling down to giggles. Adam wrapped his arm around your shoulders, not noticing how almost immediately you stopped laughing, your body tensing up and your cheeks heating up.

“Yeah, Dean, exactly how old are you again?” Adam asked, his voice much closer to you now that your head was resting against his chest.

Dean glanced back at the both of you again, ready to argue with him about that, when he noticed the way you were sitting, as wells as your reddening face. You regretted laughing at him as soon as he sent a knowing smirk in your way.

Not now, Dean, please, you thought, mentally begging him to not say anything about your very obvious crush on Adam. However, you knew that that would not happen in a million years.

You had known Sam and Dean for as long as you could remember.

You met them at Bobby Singer’s place when you were four; your parents would drop you off while they were at hunts, and even though there was a huge age gap between you and the brothers, you had an instant bond with both of them. After graduating high school, you started hunting on your own, but then you had to rest with Bobby for a few months thanks to a hunt gone wrong and he made you promise that you would stick with the Winchesters from that point on.

There was no doubt that they were like your brothers, but, unfortunately for you, that meant that they could see right through your crush on their half-brother—and they never passed the opportunity to tease you about it, specially when Adam was with you.

The inside of the car was silent for a moment, only filled with the purr of the Impala’s engine and the slight blow of the wind entering across the small opened crack of your window. You knew it was foolish to think that the merciful peace would last.

“You look comfortable there, (Y/N),” Dean said calmly, the corner of his lips turning up in a smug smile. Sam’s head turned towards you and Adam, his eyes widening the slightest bit as he looked at your position.

“So, why are we going to Muncie, Indiana of all places when we have a case back in Colorado?” you asked quickly, leaning back on your seat and avoiding Adam’s disappointed eyes.

“Cas said that a cupid might know how to kill Hathor,” Sam answered, his fingers flipping the sleek pages of the Egyptian mythology on his lap.

“His buddy couldn’t pop over there because apparently the ‘love business’ is too important to leave, so we’re coming to him,” Dean grumbled, making you and Adam sigh.

Forgetting about the previous awkward moment for a second, you send him a smile only to see that he was already grinning at you. You bit your lip, looking away to hide your blush just as Adam did the same.

Concentrate on the case, you reminded yourself, your heart racing in your chest.

An Egyptian love goddess, Hathor, was angered at the fact that people were only praying to her for their own benefits instead of actually worshiping her, so she had decided to take it out on couples in a small town of Colorado. Needless to say, you were ready to take her out, but none of you had found a way to kill her yet.

The car slowly fell into quietness again, a calm sense of tranquility settling down within its occupants. You leaned your head against the window, the cool glass soothing the heat that still resided in your cheeks. Soon enough, your eyes grew heavy with exhaustion and your world grew dark.

Just a few hours later, Dean and Sam took pictures of you and Adam, both of you asleep and snuggling with each other before you were woken up to rest at a motel.


You struggled to hear your thoughts as the music of the bar played loudly, making you shout just so that Adam, who was right next to you, could even hear you. One of his arms was around the middle of your back, thankfully keeping the attention of some extremely drunk men away from you. And also making sure that the blazing fire on your cheeks would be kept alive.

“When exactly is this cupid angel showing up?” you yelled, watching with amusement as two people started to make out with each other. One of them being Dean.

“No idea,” Adam chuckled, following your sight and taking bringing his drink to his lips.

You smiled, your heart racing as you noticed his lips becoming wet with the alcohol. You had been trying to get over him for some months, but something just seemed to pull you closer every time you distanced yourself even just a little bit. You realized with embarrassment that you had been looking at him for longer than normal as Adam turned towards you, his lips turning up in a smirk that might as well scream, “I know you were looking at my lips.”

Before either of you could say anything else, you felt someone tugging on the sleeves of your jacket. You turned around, ready to shoo away a sleazy drunk and instead finding Sam’s chest.

“Cupid’s here guys,” he said, but his words were drowned by the high-pitched squeal of a woman.

She looked young; probably in her early twenties, curly raven hair and beautiful inky-black skin, but you didn’t have anymore time to take a better look, as she had thrown her arms around you.

“Oh my Father, it’s really you guys! Castiel talks about you four all the time!” she exclaimed happily while you patted her back, chuckling awkwardly.

Adam just stood to the side, trying to hide his jealousy. It seemed a bit ridiculous to him how protective he could be of you when you weren’t even in a relationship, but the vigilant, and sometimes possessive, feeling that he got whenever he was near you was impossible to ignore. While you thought of a way to separate from the excited girl without hurting her feelings, he went to get Dean.

“Um, so, you’re the cupid, right?” you smiled, carefully grabbing her arms and pushing her away a little. The angel giggled, clapping her hands together and nodding. Adam was by your side again, a grumbling Dean with him. “Right, uh, I don’t mean to be rude, but—”

“Do you know how to kill Hathor? You know, Egyptian goddess,” Dean interrupted, annoyance clear in his voice.

He must have been with a really good kisser, you thought. The cupid’s smile faltered for a second, but fortunately it was up again in a flash. You had heard that cupids could be easily saddened, which was the last thing you wanted.

“Of course! It’s actually very simple,” the girl said gleefully, white teeth sparkling brightly as the corner of her lips turned up. “You just need to dip the tip of a silver knife in the blood of two people—soul mates, to be precise—and you’re good to go! Although killing somebody can be quite bad, you know,” she added, sighing.

“Okay, but how are we going to find two soul mates?” Sam asked, expressing your exact thoughts. It wasn’t like he or Dean were in any sort of committed relationship, and you would be dreaming if Adam even happened to like you.

“How? Why, you’ve got this two, little love birds right here!” she offered, eyes darting to you and then Adam.

“Wh-what?” you stuttered, your jaw hanging open and your eyes becoming wide as plates. You could feel your heart in your throat, the heat of the sun radiating in your cheeks and ears with a prickling sensation.

Adam’s body went limp, completely frozen by the angel’s words. It was impossible that you were his soulmate, it had to be impossible…but it felt so right at the same time. It would explain why you two always got along with ease, why when you had to share a bed you ended up snuggling no matter what, and most of all, why he had been in love with you since the moment he met you.

“I-I think I need to step outside for a moment,” you said shakily, not meeting Adam’s eyes as you walked past him and out of the bar. He watched you leave, his mouth hanging open as he tried to stop you from leaving.

“So that explains all the sexual tension,” Dean joked, but Adam barely listened to him.

“Go after her, man,” Sam grinned, his smile showing that he knew of Adam’s feelings for you. Adam nodded, his pulse ringing in his ears as he pushed by his brothers and the drunk people at the bar.

The air outside was chilly enough to create goosebumps, the short hairs on the back of Adam’s neck standing up. You were sitting down on the floor, your back against the wall and your shoulders slumped down. Your eyes were closed and your breath created the smallest clouds of mist as you pulled your jacket closer to you.

“It’s a bit careless to just be out like this,” Adam said, sinking right next you. Your eyes snapped open, a shadow of alert flying in them before it was replaced with shyness as you looked away. “So…we’re soul mates, huh?”

“Adam, you don’t need to pretend to care, okay?” you sighed, trying to prevent your voice from cracking. “Look, I, um, I kind of like you. A lot. But just because some angel planted an arrow through us, it doesn’t mean that I expect you to act like you like me too, and I’m fine with that, but just…please don’t do it.”

Your hand was suddenly enclosed by something warm and soft, confusion running through you as you looked at the intertwined hand with yours and then Adam. He gave you a small smile, his blue eyes shinning with amusement.

“You know, you look pretty cute when you think I don’t love you,” Adam chuckled, giving your hand a small squeeze. You bit your lip, cheeks plumping with your small smile. “But I think I would rather let you know that I do love you. Not because of what that angel said, but because you’re amazing, (Y/N). You are so kind, funny, and seeing you decapitate a vampire is honestly the hottest thing ever.”

"Shut up,” you laughed, unable to keep the relief off your words. There was a small, comfortable silence as Adam wrapped his arm around you, inching closer so that you could lean against him. “I love you too.”

Adam pressed his lips against the top of your head, inhaling the sweet smell of your shampoo and wondering why he had waited for a cherubim to say something so simple and true. You were truly soul mates.

Seth | Stay | Rollins


Can you write a SethxReader fic for when he was injured and got v frustrated bc he couldn’t get back to wrestling as quickly as he wanted to so he gets rough with you but also maybe add some fluff idk something along those lines your writing is amazing (fluffy smutty goodness))

<< aditional notes: this is going to have a part 2, fingers crossed, that’ll be up tomorrow or later tonight. <<


2,639+ dirty little words. Sorry this one isn’t as long as my others, but I really got into it and loved the request. Hopefully you guys like it!


Seth Rollins - WWE


SMUT AHEAD! There. I warned you. Lots and lots of smut. And angst. And fluff. And Seth might seem like kind of a jerk for a little bit, but he’s injured and cranky and a big baby in the one shot, so yeahhh.


Oral (giving and receiving),swallowing, hair pulling, biting/marking…



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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 7

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: A warning in advance, your heart is gonna HURT like a BITCH. Other than that…you get to see almost all four characters in this (in a way) and the ending is what’s gonna kill you. Sorry I posted this later in the day, but I came around to trying to post it today (although it’s midnight here). Enjoy the new part and sorry for me continuously hurting my son…[GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.8K+

Warning: FUCKIN ANGST I’M SORRY…also, cursing.


It wasn’t clicking in your head, none of it was making any sense to you, why would Kylo Ren–murderer of hundreds–save you? He couldn’t possibly dwell upon the whole soulmate thing, of course not, he has way more important matters to worry about. So why risk a mission, and his men, to find you? And why would the Resistance put innocents in harms way? And how could they possibly know about the ‘Force bond’? It wasn’t like your parents knew, now did they? “This…this doesn’t make a lick of sense…if we have a Force bond, shouldn’t I be Force sensitive?” You questioned. “And if I am, and I didn’t know, how could the Resistance possibly know?”

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Anonymous asked: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im kinda gay au uwu

Author’s note: I got this one in my inbox this morning, and I was kinda thinking about it at work, and then I sort of just, yeah…

“Yo, Winchester! You’re seriously still hanging out with Novak? What if he rubs off on you? You could end up being just like him, and your spot on the football team won’t be enough to save your popularity.”

Dean was gritting his teeth, both hands gripping the armrests of his seat, knuckles turning white. Next to him, his best friend Castiel was slowly shaking his head in silent warning.

It was supposed to be a fun night out, just him and Cas at the movies like friends did on Friday nights. So what were the odds that Alastair and his obnoxious group of minions happened to be sitting two rows behind them at the cinema, throwing insults at Cas every five seconds.

“I’m not gonna take this any longer, he’s been doing this for months now.” Dean hissed under his breath, swiftly approaching a breaking point. “We’re seventeen, not seven! It’s about time they start acting like adults.”

“Please don’t, Dean.” Castiel all but begged, putting a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “They’re never going to stop anyway, and do I need to remind you that there’s five of them and two of us? You’re going to get hurt if you go over there. Or worse, they’ll get back at you Monday at school when they catch you alone.”

A whistle from behind them.

“Oooh, look at that, the boyfriends are touching.” That was unmistakably Gordon’s voice, Alastair’s most lethal partner in crime.

Dean’s blood was boiling. This had happened too many times already… Ever since Castiel had come out six months ago, he’d been pestered by these homophobic asshats for no reason, and Dean was more than done with it. The code that Dean Winchester lived by was a simple code: One; don’t touch my little brother. Two; don’t hurt my best friend. The fact that Cas always claimed that it was ‘fine’ and that he’d learned to ignore it, wasn’t good enough for Dean. Someone like Cas deserved to have a carefree life without having to deal with this unnecessary bullshit.

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The Love Square: Chapter 3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir

Summary: She wasn’t sure when she’d starting falling for her partner, but the revelation one day made Marinette extremely uncomfortable.

Chapter One, Chapter Two

Note: Did you all enjoy the long cliffhanger I left? (I’m sorry) So after like, 5 days I’ve finally decided to post chapter 3. Not my favorite of the three so far, but chapter 4 is gonna be better, guaranteed. Enjoy!

When Ladybug opened her eyes, none other than Adrien Agreste was standing in front of her, and all she could do at first was blink. Adrien turned red under the stare of his partner, wanting her to react other than the surprised stare she was giving him.

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Speech (Kenny x Reader)


Kenny x Reader

        Usually, you didn’t mind school. Yeah, it could be boring sometimes, but at least you got to hang out with the guys. Usually, you didn’t mind English class. It really wasn’t that bad. Normally you read a book, poem, short story, or whatever and talked about it in class. But this was different. Your teacher, who you actually thought was pretty cool, decided to be evil and spoke those terrifying words one Tuesday afternoon…
        "This week you will write a speech…“ Those words froze the blood in your viens and you swore you felt your heart stop for a moment. Speech? Oh dear God… "About any Shakespeare play and present it to the class…” Shit “And I mean present. No reading off your paper. You may have a notecard to reference, but that’s it.” Double shit. “I want eye contact with the audience, loud voices, and good posture.” Triple shit with a fuck on top. “You will give your speeches on Monday.” Make that two fucks on top.         

     For the rest of the class, you worked on your speech. When you got home you worked on your speech. Now, you were actually pretty good at writing. When it came to papers, essays, etc, you rocked it. But when it came to standing at the front of your class and speaking to your peers… well that was a whole different ballgame. You despised public speaking. It was basically your archnemisis. So you practiced. You practiced in front of your mirror, in front of your pet, but you knew it was different with people. So you called the one person you always called when you were in a jam, Kenny McCormick. He was your best friend and basically hero.
        In no time at all, Kenny was at your house. He sat on your bed, eating your cereal out of the box, listening to you as you explained your fears. “I just don’t think I can do this, Ken,” you said, pacing back and forth in front of him, “I hate public speaking.”
        "Let me hear your speech,“ he said, his mouth full of cereal. You laughed at him and he grinned. "Come on, it won’t hurt. It’s just me. ”
         “Alright,” you said, and with a breath, gave him your speech. At the end of it, he blinked and smirked.
        "I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded really fucking smart.“ You laughed and he joined you. Holding out the box of cereal, he said, "Cereal?” Smiling, you took a handful and ate it. As you ate, Kenny put the box down. “Look Y/n, your speech is awesome. You’ll probably get an A on it and no one will want to go after you because it was so awesome.” You only smiled and shook your head.
        "I think you’re exaggerating a bit there, Ken.“ He shrugged.
        "Hey, it’ll be better than mine. The only play I know by that dude is Romeo and Juliet. And all I know is that two horny teens met, got married, had sex, then killed them selves in less than a week.”
        "I’m surprised you know that much.“ He grinned.
        "So am I.”
        But even with a week of practice and Kenny’s pep talks, you were still incredibly nervous. In fact, you prayed something would happen so you wouldn’t have to give your speech Momday afternoon. Maybe there will be a fire or the teacher left or she just decided not to torture you any more. None of your prayers seemed to have been answered however, because Monday afternoon, you found yourself in English class, shaking in your seat. You could hear your heart pound in your ears. Your breath was shaky and your hands trembled as they clutched your notecard. Your teacher decided to randomly call on who will go and you prayed not to be the unlucky soul to be chosen.
        Unfortuently for you, you were chosen. Slowly, you got to your feet and made your way to the fromt of the class room, taking as long as possible, trying to avoid the inevitable. Finally, you turned to face the class, trying to steady your frantic heartbeat. God, you were so nervous! Why was your teacher making you do this? What did you ever do to her? What the fuck was your speech on again? You tried to swallow, but your mouth and throat were bone dry. With a shaky breath, you glanced at your notecard. Ah yes, Shakespeare. ‘Okay, no probelm. Just look at your notes and talk. Not a big deal. It’s not a big deal. It’s not a- Oh my God, they’re staring! It’s a big fucking deal! It’s a big. Fucking. Deal. I’m fucked!’         

     You cleared your throat and began to speak. Though you struggled after your opening line. Looking at the class, your eye landed on Kenny. What the fuck was he doing? Wait, was he…? Oh my God… Your best friend was at the moment moving his finger in and out of hole created by his other hand’s thumb and forefinger with the biggest smirk on his face. 'God damn it, Kenny,’ you thought as you tried not to smile. Not as nervous, you picked up where you left off and began to give your speech.                   

     As you spoke, the more confident you became. And whenever you got nervous, all you had to do was look at Kenny and he would make you internally laugh. In fact, his gestures got more and more sexual as you spoke. Towards the end of your speech, he was soon motioning towards the teacher and it took all of your will power not to bust out laughing then and there. When you finished, the class applauded along with your teacher. “Very nice, Y/n,” she said smiling. “Alright, who’s next? Kevin, how about you?”
        With a triumphant smile, you walked back to your seat and turned to Kenny who sat to your right. “Thanks, Ken,” you whispered as Kevin started his speech, which was, by the way, definitely not as good as yours. Kenny grinned.
        "No prob, Y/n,“ he whispered back, fist bumping you.
        After class ended, which happened to be your last class of the day, you and Kenny met by your locker. As you threw your books into your bag and slipped your coat on he said, "You kicked ass back there, (Nickname).”
        "Thanks to you,“ you replied.
        "Yeah but did you hear my speech?” You laughed.
        "Yeah, I’m pretty sure Ms. Lusaka wanted to facepalm.“ He snorted.
        "More like head-desk.” Laughing, you shut your locker.
        "Yeah. How did it go again? So this guy was really horny, saw this chick, and got a boner?“ Kenny grinned.
        "But their parents hated each other, but that made him even harder, so he climbed her wall like a creeper, married her, and they had sex,” he added. You two laughed and walked out the building.
        "Then he killed a dude, got kicked out, and she faked her death.“
        "But he was a dumbass, thought she was really dead and killed himself on top of her body like a creep.”
        "Then she woke up, saw his body, and killed herself.“
        "And then the friar dude knocked some sense into the dumbass parents because their dumbass, horny kids killed themselves,” he finished. By now, you both were laughing so hard it was difficult to breathe.
        "Oh God, Ken,“ you said, shaking your head, "How are you not failing that class?” He shrugged.
        "Beats me. She probably doesn’t want me to retake the class next year, so she’s keeping me at a D-, which is the lowest passing grade.“
        "Well, you want to go get a burger to celebrate our amazing speeches?” you asked. He grinned.
        "You buyin’?“ You smiled.
        "Of course.” His grin grew.
        "Then I’m getting a triple cheese with the works!“ You laughed.
        "Of course you are.”

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Date Night


Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,621


   Screw him. You didn’t really want to go on a date tonight anyway. He could have at least had the decency to cancel over the phone. Even a text would have been acceptable. Hell, anything to let you know he changed his mind would have worked, but no, he just didn’t bother to show up, and you’ve been left to wait. This is the one rare day off you sometimes get, you chose to spend part of it with a blind date, and the asshole decided to stand you up. To be honest, you aren’t sure why you’ve waited here an entire hour. He’s obviously not coming.

   With an annoyed huff, you plop down on a bench near the restaurant you should be inside right now. You purposefully abstained from snacking because you thought you were going out to eat tonight, so you’re understandably hungry. You’re also cold in this garden party outfit you chose to wear, but again, you thought this evening would take place indoors.

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Touch It- Part 10

OMG this was really exciting to write!! Thank you for reading babes! Hope you enjoy<3


Word Count: 2K

Warnings: heartbroken!Bucky, a lil of angst

The helicopter lands in front of a big house, like the one you entered in during your last mission. You follow Feliks into the mansion, your eyes looking at the floor the whole time. His fingers brush your chin and he makes you look up to his eyes.

“Let’s have something to eat, my love.” He takes you into a big living room with an enormous table in the middle full of all kinds of food.

You sit in a wooden chair and Feliks sits right in front of you. He grabs his plate and fills it with food, but the idea of eating makes you want to throw up. Feliks eats a piece of chicken and look at you intensely, like if he is studying your face.

“You did fine tonight with the stupid super-soldier, sweetheart. I’m proud of you.” You look up at him, your eyes full of rage.

Opening your mouth slightly, you take a deep breath and find your strength to finally speak.

“You’re proud because I broke his heart. Your plan was successful. But your plan had a big flaw. Yes, maybe he hates me now, maybe he doesn’t want to hear or see me ever again but that doesn’t mean that I feel the same way. Because not you or anyone is going to change my feelings towards him. I would give my whole live in order to save him, because I’m in love with Bucky. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to live with that.”

“That’s where you are wrong, honey. This was just a little part of my plan. Sooner or later, The Avengers will realize you’re gone and sooner or later, they’ll know it was all me. Bucky doesn’t hate you, maybe he wants to, but he just can’t because he is too in love with you. Him, and the rest of The Avengers, will come to find you, to save you. Now that’s my big plan.”

“You’re planning on killing The Avengers? How original.” You look at him dead in the eye, his stupid smirk on his face.

“No, I don’t want to kill them. Let me explain something to you.” Feliks takes a sip of his glass of wine. “I used to work for Hydra. More concretely, I used to work in one of Hydra’s projects, The Winter Soldier Project.” You feel your muscles tense at his words. “I had so many plans for him, he could have been the perfect soldier. But Zola never agreed with my methods. Let’s say, I was too modern for him. He kicked me out of Hydra and kept Bucky hidden.”

“What do you mean you were too modern?”

“You know what’s the biggest problem with The Winter Soldier? That he doesn’t have the same ideas as Hydra. He disagrees with us, he believes in freedom, beauty, truth, justice, peace and worst, he believes in love. That’s why we had to wipe him, because he would have never agreed to do those missions. That’s the whole problem, you wipe him but a single sentence from his childhood best friend can make him question everything.”

“You can’t change that, no matter how much you hurt Bucky, he is never going to agree with Hydra.”

“I know that, sweetheart. Hydra wiped him and told him about his missions, he did it because he was told to, but he never understood what was going on. That’s my plan. I’m going to wipe him and instead of using the trigger words, I’m going to explain to him why he needs to join Hydra. He will do it and not you or anyone is going to take him back.” Feliks smirks at you deviously.

“Then why the fuck do you want me? Why did you harassed me during this whole time if you wanted Bucky? What was the plan?”

“I’ve been studying the Winter Soldier for a long time now, and it was so obvious that Bucky had a thing for you. It was just a matter of time that you two would end up together. At first, I just thought of killing you but then I thought and I realized that you made him vulnerable and that I could possibly had fun with you. Although, I’m not gonna lie, I’m really enjoying this time with you.”

“Do you know they will find out that I’m gone right? And Bucky will discover that this was all a lie.” Feliks laughs at your words and you furrow your brows together.

“You just broke his heart and explained to him that you used him for fun. What do you think all The Avengers will think of you when they find out about it? And more important, do you really believe that when they see you’re gone, they will think ‘Oh, this must be Feliks.’” He chuckles and shook his head. “No, they are going to hate you for hurting Bucky and they will think that you just decided to leave because you showed Bucky the real, horrible person you are.” You feel your jaw clench and you fight the urge to punch him. “Then, I’m just going to attack them to bring them to me and, well, what’s going to happen, that’s a surprise.”


Steve looks at the rest of the team. They are all sitting down on the living room, all of them except Bucky. Yesterday, the whole tower heard some screams coming from Bucky’s room but they still had no clue about what happened. None of them haven’t seen (Y/N) or Bucky and it was honestly starting to scare Steve.

“Do anyone know what happened yesterday?” Tony looks at his teammates with his brows arched.

“I heard screams, but I have absolutely no idea why they were fighting.” Nat looks at Tony and then at Steve.

“I’m going to talk to Bucky.” Steve crosses his arms, a decided look on his face.

In that same moment, Bucky decides to walk to the kitchen, appearing on the living room. Everyone seems taken aback by his appearance. He is wearing the same clothes as yesterday, his hair is a mess and his eyes are puffy and red, like he has been crying the whole night. Steve smiles sympathetically at his best friend, but Bucky just keeps walking to the kitchen. He pours some coffee on a blue mug and sits on one of the stools while staring at the wall.

Steve walks to the kitchen, closing the door behind him.

“Good morning, Bucky.” He sits next to him, patting his shoulder.

Bucky doesn’t answer him, he just sips at his coffee. Steve looks around the kitchen nervous, he wants to help his best friend, but he has no idea how. Sighing, he looks at his tired frame with sad eyes.

“Buck, I’m here for you, no matter what. Whenever you feel ready, you know you can come to me.” Steve gets up and walks to the door.

“She left.” It comes out as a whisper, but it’s loud enough to stop Steve on his tracks.

He walks back and sits on the stool looking at Bucky. Steve doesn’t say anything, waiting for Bucky to continue.

“She left me, Steve. She was using me for fun. She just wanted someone to talk to, someone to be with.” Steve looks at him with his mouth open, not believing that (Y/N) could do something like that. “She didn’t even explain me why, she just said that she didn’t want to keep using me like that. She said she didn’t love me and then she left.” Bucky lets out a big sigh and Steve feels sick just to think about the situation. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Broken hearts heal, right? Just tell the others, I’ll be in my room.”

Steve puts his hands on Bucky’s shoulder, squeezing it slightly. Bucky leaves to his room and Steve enters the living room again. Everyone looks at him with curious eyes and Steve sighs before explaining what Bucky told him just moments ago.

“I can’t believe she did that, how can someone be such a bad person?” Nat is the first to talk and she has a disappointed look on her face.

“Calm down, we still don’t know why she did it.” Tony looks at her, his eyebrows raised.

“What are you trying to say, Stark?” Nat glares at him.

“I’m not trying to excuse her, but we only know Bucky’s version of the story. I’m just saying, maybe (Y/N) has something to tell us, too.” Tony raises his hands in defense and looks at the rest of the team.

“If she does have something to say, I’m scared we are not going to find out.” Vision looks at the rest of the team, who is looking at him with weird expressions. “Yesterday, I saw (Y/N) running to her room, she looked really sad and depressed. So this morning I thought that it would be a good idea to bring her a cup of coffee to her room, but when I arrived, she was nowhere to be seen. And judging by what Bucky just told you, Captain, I would say that she is gone.”

“Wait, are you saying that she left the tower?” Steve looks at Vision with scared eyes.


“It makes sense, Steve.” Sam looks at his friend with his arms crossed. “She broke Bucky’s hearts, she acted like a horrible person, she was probably ashamed.”

Steve rubs his eyes. He doesn’t like what (Y/N) did, but it still scares him the thought of her being all by herself when Feliks is behind her. Steve looks around the room and his eyes land on Wanda. The girl has a lost expression and she’s being really quiet.

“Wanda? Everything okay?” She looks at Steve, giving him a concerned look.

“Yeah, it’s just that this seems weird. (Y/N), she is just not the kind of girl to do something like that.”

“Well, she did it.” Sam looks at her and sighs.

“I was so sure that she was in love with Bucky. I mean, whenever I was close to her this feeling invaded me, it was like happiness and love.”

“We were all sure that (Y/N) was in love with him, but why would you do that to someone who you love?” Nat looks at Wanda and then at Steve, as if she’s waiting for an answer.

“This just feels weird, as if something was off.” Wanda mumbles quietly, not sure about what her sensations mean.

“It’s probably all the tension, Wanda.” Steve sits by her side and rubs her back softly. “I don’t think there’s an explanation for what happened. Bucky was in love with (Y/N), but (Y/N) didn’t love him back. She used him, we don’t know why, we only know that she did it. But, for Bucky’s sake, I think we should let go of this. Let go of her.” Slowly, everyone agrees.

Steve can see the sadness on everyone’s face, but he knows this is for the best. His teammates start to leave to go to their rooms, except Nat. She looks at him in the eyes and, when she is sure they are the only ones left in the room, she sighs.

“I hate to say this, but something really feels weird about this situation. I know (Y/N) and this is something she wouldn’t do.” Nat looks at Steve and she gets up. Steve also stands up and walks towards her.

“Maybe we didn’t know her as much as we thought we did. I need to be with Bucky on this one, Nat.”

“I know, Steve. It also hurts me to see Bucky like this, he really did love her. But, she’s been my friend for years and I don’t care if she lied to me, I can’t avoid but be worried about her.”

“I’m worried about her, too.” Steve lowers his voice, scared that someone might hear him.

“Good.” Nat gives him a small smile. “I’m not saying that we should bring her back, but I just need to know that she’s safe.”

“We’ll just find her and make sure that she is not in danger. No second chances.”

“Okay, Cap. Don’t worry about it, I love her, but after what she did I don’t think she really deserves that second chance.”


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Outlander Photo Recap 109, “The Reckoning”

Not unlike Jamie and Claire, I’m not much on foreplay, so let’s get right into it.

You know it’s gonna be a great episode when the ratings system features every letter in the alphabet short of the vowels.

Aaaand segue-way into the preview material and a new voice over. Jamie is skipping stones on water while pondering the importance of life choices. 

When he was young, he just trotted along onward with no discernible path like a fine ginger pony, but looking back on his life, he sees that “each step is a choice” and that those choices-right/wrong, life/death, love/hate-become your life. “The day I realized that, I became a man.” And whatta man.

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