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The Easy Way (Part 20) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: wrapping things up + being emo 

a/n: this is the final part of this series! i will definitely make an epilogue and a prologue, just to kinda wrap things up. thank you to everyone who read all 20 parts (holy shit that’s a lot) and gave their input on the series. ik this chapter was cheesy as hell but u know it’s ok i’m tired lmao

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 1254

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You had no time to feel sorrow as you murdered the men who held Maggie captive. Blood was smeared on your face and clothes, and your wounded leg sent searing pains up and down your body. Every now and then, you had to take a break and tuck behind the car. You inhaled and exhaled slowly, closing your eyes in five second intervals. You knew if you allowed yourself to rest any longer, that you would pass out from fatigue. 

While your eyes were shut tightly, your brain pounded and the ground shook as two massive explosions rocked Alexandria. All gunfire ceased, and your eyes slowly opened. You turned back  on your knees, gun aimed in the direction of the Saviors. There were none left that you could see, for nothing was visible beyond the thick, cloudy air. 

Flames erupted from a large truck, sending a wave of smoke in all directions. You tucked your mouth and nose under your bloody shirt in an attempt to filter out the muggy air. You silently stood up, leaning on the car for support. Carol reached out and grabbed your hand, stabling your shaking body. 

“Stay down,” she demanded, staring at you seriously. Your facial expression remained the same as you gently removed your hand from her grasp and continued walking in the direction of the flames. Carl ran to your side, holding your shoulders to help you stay upright. 

“Carl,” Rick started, warning him to stay back. 

“Dad, I’ll be fine,” Carl muttered, nodding assuringly at his father. 

You jaggedly limped to the trucks, swinging the doors open as quickly as you could. Carl followed your lead, starting at the other end of the line of cars. Bodies of fallen Saviors scattered the gravel beneath your feet, but none of them seemed to survive the grenades. 

The doors of the third car were already open. You found crates filled with bottles of liquor and Maggie laying unconscious, leaning her head against a wooden plank. Your eyes widened, and you suddenly felt much more awake. 

“Carl!” you yelled, your voice cracking. He ran as quickly as he could, jumping into the truck and placing his head behind Maggie’s neck. 

He sighed in relief, whispering, “She’s breathing steadily–Probably just got knocked out.” You jumped into the truck, assisting him in picking her up. She weighed close to nothing, but her limp body was hard to control. “Here,” Carl suggested, “Let’s do this.” 

He crawled out of the truck, placing one knee on the bumper and reaching his arms for Maggie. You were strong enough to pick her up and place her in Carl’s arms, where he carried her bridal style back into the remaining walls of Alexandria. 

Once the three of you became within sight of the other group, Jesus ran swiftly to you, taking Maggie out of Carl’s arms. Carl fell to his knees, sobs shaking his body through his shoulders. You leaned on his shoulders for support, crouching down to his level. Your dirty fingertips traced his cheekbone, and your forehead fell into the crook of his neck. 

You were both so physically and emotionally drained, you couldn’t even think of the words to say to each other. You barely had enough energy to keep yourself upright on your knees. As your eyelids began to grow heavier, Daryl’s strong arms picked you up from the gravel. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, leaning your head into his chest. Just before you went unconscious, you saw Rick carefully help Carl up, the two of them following in Daryl’s footsteps. 

You woke up in the evening with a throbbing pain in your temples. Your eyes opened slowly, blinking to adjust to the dim light coming in from the windows. You tried to sit up, but groaned as the pain intensified and lay back down on the bed. The pillows tickled your ears, and you smiled a little at the familiar feeling.

Your smile disappeared, for your skin was covered in small bandages. You brought your hand up, scratching your ears and gently touching each of the bandages on your face, counting each one. 

The first was wrapped all the way around your head, covering a large gauze pad on your forehead. The second one was a smaller pad, taped to your cheek. Your nose had some sort of makeshift cast. A large bundle of some soft material was taped over your entire nose, attached to your cheeks. Your fingers trailed down your face, and you felt a fourth pad just below your chin, taped down just like the other two. 

You breathed in deeply, using the little strength you had in your arms to push your body upright into a sitting position. You noticed that you were still covered in dirt, and that the soft blankets that once covered your bed were layers beneath towels which had been placed atop your sheets. 

While your arms ached, they felt nothing like your legs did. Your leg that was shot was strangely numb, but painful at the same time. It reminded you of when Hershel’s leg was amputated. He told you that he could still feel his toes wiggling, but when he looked down, there were no toes to wiggle. 

A bottle of water was left on the small table beside your bed. You made a mental note to find out who had left it there and thank them later. You drank half the bottle, then braced yourself to stand up. Your legs swung over the side of the bed with the help of your arms. You placed your good foot firmly on the ground, your bad foot following. You pushed off your bed, leaning mostly on your good side, then gradually evening your weight. 

The crutches Tara first gave you when you were recovering from your gunshot wound were perched against you wall. You were able to limp over to them, and you were much more stable once they were tucked under your arms. 

On the couch in the living room, you saw Carl, asleep with a book laying on his chest. He seemed so tranquil as his chest slowly rose and fell, so you decided to leave him alone. Rest was needed by everyone those days. You grabbed an apple from the kitchen and left the house, closing the door quietly behind you to avoid disturbing Carl’s rest. 

You remembered Maggie, and how horrible she was looking the other day. Using your crutches to the best of your ability, you went to the infirmary, where Jesus sat across the bed where Maggie lay. 

“Hey, kid,” Jesus said, standing up and hugging you. “Don’t worry about whispering. She’s been out cold since I brought her here.” You noticed the bags forming under his eyes and realized that his lack of sleep was catching up to him. 

“You should go sleep. I’ll be here if anything happens,” you said, smiling at Jesus encouragingly. He didn’t argue with you. He thanked you then left, leaving you with Maggie. 

No matter how difficult winning the war against Negan was, you did it. Alexandria did it. It wasn’t easy at all, but you had something–someone– to fight for. Finding a place like Alexandria didn’t just come to you; You had to work for it. If you learned one thing from Maggie and her will to fight, it was that good things never come easy, but they’re always worth fighting for. 

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