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Random Texts with Boyfriend Vernon

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Bonus: Diva Boo being a drama queen

Event: Romance Trope Drabble

Trope: Accidental Pregnancy

Character: Chibs Telford

TV: Sons of Anarchy

Warnings: none

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

°Accidental Pregnancy- CHIBS(SOA)

Taking a deep breath, I hoisted myself from the backseat of the cab and paid the driver. Tilting to the side, I picked up my bag and walked up the parking lot of Teller Morrow.

I weezed and waddled, my six month pregnant belly taking a toll on me. I was here, searching for the one person who deserved to know about this baby, Chibs Telford.

Rock music blared from garage and men yelling and joking around echoed off the concrete walls.

“Excuse me!” I called out, placing a hand on my baby bump.

“Can I help you?” An older woman in high heels came out from the office.

“Hi, yes. I’m looking for Chibs Telford,”

She looked me up and down, her eyes widening as she watched me stroke my baby bump, “Who’s asking?”


I closed my eyes at the sound of Chibs’ deep Scottish lilt.

Slowly I turned and smiled, albeit sadly, “Hey Filip,”

“Lass what are ye doin’ here?” he asked, coming up to me and giving me a hug.

I gave him a squeeze,”Can we go somewhere and talk?”


With his hand on my back, he led me across the parking lot to the picnic tables that were next to the clubhouse.

Chibs had taken out a cigarette and was about to light it when he stared at my baby bump and decided against it.

“I see yer glowin’, Love,” he said, softly.

I blushed, certainly not feeling like it. I just shrugged.

“Are ye okay? Nothin’ bad is happenin’ yer way is it?” he asked, sitting across from me.

“No… nothing bad. Um, look… I wanted to call you earlier on, but I’ve just been so busy and not any free time,”

“The wee one’s mine, isn’t it?”

“I- well… yes it is,” I stammered.

Chibs and I had slept together at a patched members birthday party.

“Grizzly sure knows how to throw a party,” Chibs chuckled.

I thought back to that night as I laughed softly, “Yeah… though the party wasn’t the memorable part,”

Chibs stroked his chin as he winked at me,”Aye. That I certainly agree with, Love,”

He watched me for a few moments before speaking again.

“Tell me about our wee one, Darlin’,”

I cleared my throat and put some hair behind my ears, “I’m six months along and we’re having a girl,”

Chibs’ eyes became glassy at the news, “And the little lass is growin’ good; not given her Mum any troubles?”

I rubbed my stomach, looking down as she kicked, “Like a weed. I had some problems with morning sickness, but that thankfully ended a couple months ago,”

Standing up, Chibs helped me from the bench and sat back down in his seat so that my bump was level with his face.

He looked up at me, his hands hovering, “Can I feel, Y/N?”

“Of course, Filip,” I whispered, running a finger over a scar.

His ring clad hands rested on the sides of my stomach and slowly rubbed all around the bump, feeling his daughter kick and squirm.

I watched him closely and felt myself tear up as he kissed the spot where a foot appeared. He then closed his eyes, sniffling as he pulled me closer to him.

“I’m gonna do right be ye both, Love. I promise ye that,”

I leaned down and kissed Filip’s forehead.

What was once an accident, turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to us.


Astro's Cute Tendencies (When they have a subtle crush on you)

author’s note: none of the gifs or photos are mine! credits ALWAYS go to their owners! also, hey fellow arohas! this is my first scenario/reaction to write, so please give feedback by message or send in an ask, and tell me if i should do more~ thanks, assstro


Despite how slow he already talks, he can’t help pausing and looking off hazily into the distance with a slightly suspicious but warm smirk whenever he speaks to you. He just seems to be so engrossed in you that he’s always at a loss for words watching the way your lips moved when you talk and gesture your hands, how you’d chuckle every few seconds he was telling a story. You are the patient listener he needs and the cutest thing he’s ever seen, it would be too much for him to handle so he’d just look away trying to keep his chill image (when really he has no chill for you deep down 😂)


Whenever you two would laugh, he’d always seem to laugh louder than you (you know, his silly little chicken laugh), making you crack up even harder. The two of you would collect looks from the other members and sometimes (aka more than 100% of the time cause y’all so loud) strangers would look your way all wide-eyed, and your stomach would cramp with your hyperventilation. “Oh, Y/N, you can’t even utter a sound! I’m just that funny aren’t I?” he’d say between his fits. When he realizes how loud he is, he always coughs and purses his lips in amusement, and stifles several more giggles as he steals glances at your beautiful face.


This guy has such a prince like aura, it seems as if his perfect and composed image could never break. Wrong. When you were around this guy, I feel like he’d never stop showing a struggle restraining himself from small “accidental slips of his hand” into yours or nudging himself into you whenever he couldn’t find words to fill in the silence. When you smile up at him all flustered he gets embarrassed as well - he didn’t want to come off as obvious and easy to you~ He would always catch himself doing these little things, when really he just wanted to play cool, so he just shyly giggles and covers a cheeky smile behind his hands and fanboys when you aren’t looking, though you catch him pretty often after he realizes what he’s done (don’t worry, he doesn’t know). You just make him so nervous~


This guy is just like Eunwoo, except he finds his loophole, totally throwing out the idea of a restraint and smoothly getting you to be with him. Honestly all of the members are caught asleep a lot, but I feel like Moonbin is the type to purposely pretend to fall asleep on your shoulder just because he wants nothing more than to feel your warm and cuddly body against his, and he’s such a slick little shit he’d probably say, “I’m sorry I fell asleep on you for the millionth time, practice gets tiring you know?” And who wouldn’t let him lay on their shoulder? Sometimes he wouldn’t even be asleep - he’d just be smirking with his eyes closed and hand on yours, he just likes you that much~ What a sly little guy (-.-)


This guy is honestly so shy it’s adorable. Whenever you’d get really close to him or talk with a lot of passion and motivation (which is one of his favorite qualities of yours) he’d get so pink and soft. One day you were talking about something with so much excitement, he couldn’t help himself staring into your eyes that lit up and getting lost in the little sparkle you had. He didn’t mean to tune you out, he just loved that ray of positive vibes coming from you. You then asked, “Rocky-ah, did I talk too fast?” and turned your head diagonally a few inches away from his face, and his biggest habit would be to blush and have his right hand shyly rub his left arm, realizing he was caught in the la-la land that was you.


This baby is naturally filled with aegyo and innocence as the maknae, but recently he’s gotten a little ego, which is actually quite funny. Whenever the two of you would break out in a heap of derps and silliness, you’d always compliment him saying, “You’re too cute~” In response, he’d probably have a slip of the tongue and say genuinely, “I’m not just cute have you noticed I’m handsome as well?” When you first heard him say that, you were rather shocked, and he was too, and he’d do that little giggly squeal of his, but try to maintain his few seconds of charisma. Soon he’d develop a bad muscle memory in his voice box to say such things, and the members would sometimes call him out for it, JinJin scolding him and teasing him. He just wants you so bad, he just wants to be that heartbeat-stopping guy for you (which he is - but he doesn’t have to know yet 😊)



[Text Scenario] BTS Jealous of Reader hanging out with Seventeen

maknae line | hyung line (coming soon)


Disclaimer: None of the photos used in the texts is mine. Credits to their rightful owners.

Title: Let Him Hear

Character: Henry Delarue

Movie: The Salvation

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Birthday gift for @magikat409

Ashley Collins was the woman Henry Delarue was destined to be with, but some just didn’t seem to understand that.

He wasn’t one to get overly jealous, but when another man couldn’t take the hint; well, that just fried his eggs and bacon.

Jotting down a quick note, he whistled at one of the kids that was playing outside.

The little boy ran up to him, “Mr. Delarue!”

“Shhh,” Henry handed the boy the note, “Now, I want you to take this to Miss Ashley, but don’t tell her it was from me, okay?”

The little boy nodded, taking the paper and running off. Delarue slowly walked to the barn that was across the way from the school.
“Miss Ashley! Miss Ashley!” The little boy shouted.

Ashley needed the distraction, ready to get away from the young Mr. Jansen.

“Mr. Jansen-”

“Kyle,” he interupted, a smile on his face.

Ohhh boy, this man must’ve had a death wish.

“Kyle- I need to get back to my students, please excuse me,”

He bowed his head, “Yes. See you around Miss Collins.”

Ashley sighed when he left, shuddering at the thought of him.

The Jansen’s were well known trouble makers in town. So much trouble, that even Henry, Ashley’s fiancée, had problems keeping them in line.

“Clancy, what’s the matter?” Ashley asked the child.

“This is for you! Bye!”

“Um, alright then.” Ashley opened the letter, scanning over it.

She giggled, folding the paper back up, “Delarue, you Ox.”

With only an hour left class, Ashley found herself anxious, continuously looking out the window while trying to catch a glimpse of her fiancée.

The kids wrote their ABC’s and drew in relative silence. Finally, it was time to send the children on their way.

Everyone hugged Miss Ashley and ran to their homes. Once everything was cleaned up, Ashley went out to the barn.

“Henry?” She called out, letting the door shut behind her.

The hissing strike of a match made her jump. Spinning around, she watched as Henry lit his cigar, the tip of it burning as he took a long drag from it.

“Why are you hiding in the dark Henry?” Ashley asked, laughter in her voice.

Delarue stayed in the shadows, knowing that making her wait and listen to his voice was bound to soak her knickers.

He exhaled, sending a cloud of smoke from his lungs, “Kyle Jansen called on you,” he stated.

Ashley crossed her arms underneath her breasts.

‘Well played’, Delarue thought. She knew that her bosom was a turn on for him.

“Yes, and I sent him on his way.”

Henry took another pull of his cigar.

“Are you jealous because there’s no need to be, Henry.”

He crept from the shadows, stubbing out his cigar and lighting a lantern. The soft amber glow from the flame added just enough light.

“I’ve been watching him; the way he looks at you.” Henry circled Ashley, running the pads of his fingers across the back of her neck.

The stray curls that fell from her loose bun tickled, making her gasp, “Henry, honestly.”

“Who do you belong to, baby girl?” He whispered in her ear.

Ashley gasped, biting her lip, “You, Henry.”

“I believe you, Darlin’, but I think we need to explore some diffrent methods. When another man comes callin’, despite knowin’ that you’re mine,”

Henry paused, unbuttoning the back of Ashley’s dress, “I want you to think about how well I take care of you,”

Ashley stood still, too in the moment to even bat an eye, “Because I take damn good care of you, don’t I baby girl?”

The feel of his mustache and lips against her ear made her gulp.

Taking his fingers, he ran them down her spine, stopping at the waist of her dress, “You can speak, Darlin’. No need to be afraid.”

A shiver ran through her, “N-not afraid. I just…”

Henry kissed the base of her neck, “Just what Ashley?”

“I just don’t want you to stop,”

He chuckled, the puff of air smelling like the sweet scented cigar, “No intentions of that happening, baby girl… None at all.”

Henry gently pushed the top of Ashley’s dress down, her bare breasts freed from the confinement of the suffocating cloth.

She couldn’t help the sigh of relief that left her, “Thank you,”

He chuckled, pulling her back against his chest, “You’re welcome Darlin’.”

Carefully, Henry ran the palm of his hands over her sensitive nipples, the firm peeks hot to the touch.

Ashley always frowned upon her breasts, claiming that they were too small, but they were more than enough for him.

His fingers kneeded the soft flesh, making her back arch and an arm reach back and around his neck as she moaned softly.

As she played with the fine hairs at the nape of Henry’s neck, he laid soft, wet kisses to her pulse.

Giving her a firm nip, he turned her around to face him.

As usual, she bit her lip, wanting to hide her breasts.

“Don’t Darlin’. You know better.” His voice was low and deep.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her to him, kissing her so sensually that she could have came right then. Henry walked her backwards, the bottom of her voluptuous ass hitting a table.

With the aid of her fiancée’s skilled hands, he hoisted her up, her body still flush with his. Henry pecked her lips, giving little licks between his words, “I’m goin’ to taste you, Sweetheart.”

Ashley froze for a moment. They’d had sex before, yes, but oral sex was not something they’d had time for.

“Oh, okay.” She stuttered.

Henry started leaving a wet, kissing trail down her chest, lifting a breast and twirling his tounge around her nipple.

She moaned, holding his head and watching him as he looked up at her.

He switched between firm, slow licks to fast, hard sucks.

“Oh my god,” Ashley gasped.

He felt her rub her thighs together and was more than willing to remedy her.

Switching to her unattended breast, he gave sharp nips and soothing licks while running a hand up her smooth leg.

Carefully, he spread her legs, opening her up to him. Immediately the fresh scent of her womanhood filled his senses as her dress was dragged up to her thighs.

Henry’s eyes rolled, his fingers quickly dipping in between her swollen lower lips.

Ashley slammed her hands against the table, her mouth agape with a gasp.

Henry growled, her nipple slipping from his lips.

“Henry,” Ashley moaned, the need clear in her voice.

She leaned back as he bent at the waist, spreading her with his index and middle finger.

Her thighs quivered with anticipation; her eyes wild as she watched his tounge sneak out from mustache covered mouth.

Ashley found herself completely enthralled as Henry lapped at her wetness. With each pass of his tounge over her budded clit, her tummy spasmed, her moans almost to the point of whining.

Henry pulled her bottom closer to the edge and took off his hat. He wanted her to watch and he wanted to see the look of bliss on her face.

He knelt before her, his grin knowing.

“What are you- Ohmygod!” Ashley’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when Henry’s tounge entered her entrance.

He curved his tounge inside of her, then licked up her slit, lightly sucking on her clit.

With her legs over his shoulders, he held her ass in a firm grip as he went back to her entrance.

Straightening his tounge to tighten the muscle, he bobbed his head slowly between her legs, imitating what he planned on doing to her with his hard length.

He felt her toes curl against her back as she rolled her hips against his mouth.

“Hen- Henry, please!” She begged, needing him deep inside of her.

Slowly, he left wet, tounge-filled kisses on her wetness, giving her clit one last suck before moving up her body.

Her chest was heaving, a slight sheen from sweat coating her. Ashley’s bottom was placed back on the table, though Henry made sure to leave her legs spread.

“Touch yourself,” he growled, starting to undo the buttons of his britches.

With hesitant fingers, Ashley dipped them into herself, putting her head back as she drew them out of her entrance and over her slit, making sure that she was primed for her fiancée.

Finally, Henry’s hardness sprang from his long John underwear. He stroked himself, watching Ashley’s fingers circle her clit.

Not able to take it anymore, he approached her, coating the head of his shaft with her slickness.

She removed her hand, holding on to the table.

Henry teased her entrance, the head of him enveloped in her wet heat before he slowly pulled out and repeated the action over and over.

Ashley licked her lips, watching his shaft as he finally sunk into her, “God, yes.” She moaned.

“Yes Ma'am,” Henry growled.

He held her hips, moving in and out of her at a steady pace.

It wasn’t taking them long to come, Henry’s teasing having them at the brink already.

“Ashley! Miss Collins!” It was Kyle Jansen.

Henry’s growl was low and one of warning.

Ashley brought his ear to her mouth, her moans and gasping out of control, “Don’t you fucking stop Delarue.”

Henry thrusted, his own moan loud.

Ashley continued, “You make me scream your name,” she whimpered at the firm stroke of his hardness, “You make sure he hears me come for you,”

At that, Henry lost all sense of control. Gripping her breast firmly, he held on, his hips snapping against hers as he fucked her with near brute force.

She wanted to scream? Oh she was going to. That mother fucker would know who she belonged to.

He spoke dirty, his mouth so filthy that Ashley didn’t know what to make of it.

“This pussy is mine, baby girl, you hear me?”

She bit her lip, loving this side of him.

“I want to hear you say it. Who’s pussy is this baby girl?”


Ashley was too quiet for his liking. He pulled out, pushing in and hitting her spot, “Who’s?”

“Ahhh, your’s!” She cried out.

He repeated the same action, his strokes long and hard, “Again!”

“Fu- your’s Henry, your’s!”

His hand snaked over her thigh, rubbing her clit as he made his thrusts fast but gentle.

“Ohhh, god… don- don’t stop!” She mewled, her back arching.


Her scream sent him over the edge, spilling his seed as his thrusts lost rhythm.

He groaned, looking up at Kyle Jansen who stared wide eyed at the scene.

With a quickness that Kyle didn’t know that Henry had, he watched as Henry still fucked his fiancée. It was the cocking of the gun that he didn’t register.

“What are you lookin’ at boy?” Delarue asked, his hips stilling.

Ashley lay in heap, her arm covering her breasts as she continued to orgasm around Henry, voyeurs be damned.

“You best get boy and never say a word!” Henry warned.

Kyle held his hands up as Henry resumed thrusting in and out of Ashley.

“Now get the hell out!”

Kyle spun around, running off into the night.

The sounds of Ashley and Henry coming again echoed throughout the barn and even over the fields.

It was one hell of a night.


Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

TweetsStaringHugsHand HoldingKissesDeclaration of LoveComplimentsSharing ClothesThree PokesMeeting FamiliesSexual StuffJealousyZayn Carrying NiallMisc.

Okay, let’s go.

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Burning Desires - Bucky One Shot

Author: ruminationsofaraven

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1409

Warning: SMUT! Please do not read it if you are NOT into it. Thankyouverymuch!

Summary: It is the reader’s first time and Bucky is going easy on her and trying to make her all comfy.

A/N: I was inspired by a fanart that was posted on Tumblr ages ago, I don’t even remember the artist’s name (sorry about that). I guess this piece is loosely based on it. Photo credits - to the owner! Also, this is the first smutty fanfiction I’m posting, so go easy on me guys. I hope you like it and please do drop in your honest comments, would love to know what you think. Cheers.

Your POV

Bucky’s teeth tugged on his hair-tie as he gathered his errantly behaving hair together and sexily tied it up. Damn, he took your breath away when his teeth tugged at things. His eyes never left yours as he did this. You were unequivocally mesmerized by him and there was no hiding it. He strode towards you and you found yourself cringing in the shadow of his broad shoulders.

“You are so intriguing.” He whispered in your ears, making them tingle and tenderly burn in the process. Your hands went rigid by your sides and you look up into his melted sapphire eyes. They gleamed at you, yearning? And if so, what were they yearning for?

“Why are you so intriguing, Y/N?” he breathed into your ears this time, tantalizing your nerves. Can’t you see that I will melt in this very spot if you do not stop that, you fool? You screamed at him internally.

“How am I supposed to know the answer to that?” You replied back feverishly.
He captured your ear between his teeth and nibbled it, you let out a gasp almost instantly and your arms went flying around his neck for support. You flushed a deep scarlet and you could not meet his gaze. You wondered how you would react if he continued this torturously seductive ritual. His lips trailed to your neck and proceeded towards your lips, now beckoning and ready to be kissed. He seized them in one quick motion and let his tongue wander into the wilderness of your mouth. He explored passionately and traced the crevices, making you tingle and longing for more.

You gripped at his chocolate messy ponytail and yanked it free, reconnoitering through his long and luscious hair. Before you realized what you were doing, he made you moan as he grasped your thighs and brought them around his waist. You were straddling him in mid-air and he was losing control. He took long strides as he moved towards your little snowy bed, not leaving your lips unattended for a second and gingerly placed you on it.

His eyes feasted on your flustered state and he ran his hand through his wild mane. “What am I going to do with you, Y/N?”

You couldn’t form any coherent thoughts let alone words as he stared at you, intently. You felt like he was stripping you with his eyes alone! They weren’t wrong about the eye-fucking alright. Soon, he ripped off your purple vest tee and you attempted to unbutton his plaid shirt. He smelled like the fresh winter and forest mixed together and you inched closer to him, pressing your face down in the crook of his neck. Finally, he was not wearing that shirt anymore and the rest of his clothing followed. Now, it was your turn to ogle.

He was not very patient after that as his lips came thundering down to meet yours almost immediately. He even slid you out of your pyjamas and you did not even notice that! You moulded yourself to him and intertwined your hand in his hair for dear life. You could feel his nakedness on you as he pinned you on your back to your bed. He wasted no time as he unstrapped your bra, your breasts quivered under his primal gaze. Slowly, he blew on your right breast, teasing the nipple and finally taking it into his mouth. You were gasping for good old oxygen and found none. You were partly afraid that you would rip out his hair as you tugged at it penetratingly. Before you knew what, you were doing, you let out a loud cry of ecstasy.

Bucky’s POV

She was sprawled, naked and sexy. My eyes gorged on her exquisite breasts, I just had to take one in my mouth and see how she tasted. Divinity did not even come close to this magnificent creature I held tightly in my arms. I stripped her off her useless clothes and managed to pull off her pants as well. I could feel my erection, hard and wanton. I had to go easy on her. She looked so fragile and tiny. And damn her cunt, it was tight and fucking perfect.

I saw no reason to rush the provocative ritual and focused on making her feel comfortable. I coaxed her breasts with my tongue, making her wet and ready for me, attending to her flawlessly narrow hips, stroking and licking along the way. I could do this, slow and steady and I knew I could do all of this for a beautiful woman like Y/N. Her eyes were glazed with a carnal passion which matched mine and that pleased me immensely. Knowing that I am the cause of it, I smirked as she responded to my tongue so honestly. Her orgasmic reactions were making me come.

I had to do something to make her feel at ease. I knew what I had to do, I slid my forefinger into her, circling her clit. She immediately responded with pleasurable gasps.  She arched her back, bucking her hips to my finger and I kissed her wherever my lips found flesh. I fucked her with my finger and she moved gracefully like the strings of a violin to the bow. She moaned my name into my ears, biting and wanting more.

“You are so tight, baby. Unwind, for me.” I soothed her with my best sugar-coated voice.  And then I timed it effortlessly and slipped my hard cock into her as her tightness welcomed me. She started to feel the rhythm and I seized the opportunity and thrust into the softness between her thighs.

“Oh, my god, Y/N, you feel so damn good,” I grunted loudly. I had to grind into her to find a way to her sweet spot. Damn, she was a beautiful puzzle I wanted to solve, tonight. I was worried because she wasn’t saying anything, what if she was hurting? She cried out in pain as her nails dug into my back, pleading and craving for more, at the same time. I plunged into her, not having stopped for a minute and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“Come for me, baby. I groaned as I gave her my everything. “Bucky, I love you. Oh, my Bucky, Oh for the love of…” She loved the feeling of me inside her. This was the only way I could show her my love and she was so fucking perfect, meeting me, thrust for thrust until my seed spilled into her as her inner thighs dripped with my mark. I retired into the crook of her slender neck, breathless and content. She was all mine.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, struggling to catch my breath.
Tears welled in her eyes as she nodded at me. What was I going to do with this beautiful and patient woman! I placed a soft kiss on her plump lips and held her close, never wanting to let go even for a second.

“Why didn’t you tell me that it was your first time?” I implored as I shifted my weight onto my arms, playing with the loose strands of her long hair.

“I was ashamed, sorry.” Her cheeks turned a dark shade of crimson, glorifying her after-sex radiance.

“After tonight, I think it is safe to say that you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I winked at her and she responded with that deliberate shyness of hers. I carried her to the bathroom and decided to clean up the little mess I put her in. She was gleefully nestled into my neck and I had to say that I was getting used to this. I finally felt like I was home.


Just some funny little meme texts with Hoshi -Admin Shua xx

Disclaimer: None of the photos used is mine, credits to their rightful owners.


below the cut is a total of 110+ gif icons of the actress, PHOEBE TONKIN, requested by anonymous. these are all of her in interviews, photo shoots etc. as specifically requested. all of these were cropped and resized by me, however, none were originally mine. all credit goes to their rightful owners and i will be more than willing to take a gif of yours down if you ask me to. lastly, please give this a like/reblog if you plan on using or if you’re an rph. enjoy !!!

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Character: William Gallagher

Movie: P.S I Love You

Warnings: SMUT, but some good ol’ Irish lovin’!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

•You’re lost in Ireland and run into a man named William while in a pub trying to ask for help. Fluffy William

•Ridiculously sexy, hot and heavy making out. Lots of kissing, petting above and below the waist. Maybe smut.

Sighing in extreme frustration, I turned the map around trying to find out where the hell I was.

The streets and sidewalks of Dublin, Ireland were busy; people getting off work and ready to unwind.

All I wanted was to find the tram station and get to my Aunt’s home and sleep. I’d had a long, unexpected flight and could feel my body aching because of it.

I wish that I was here on better circumstances, though. Just the other day, I’d gotten a call saying that my Aunt Blanch Devereaux had passed suddenly.

I was, from what I understood, the sole beneficiary of her estate. She’d come to Ireland on vacation years ago and decided not to leave. In doing that, she pissed off alot of our relatives.

I remember bits a peices of her visiting when I was younger, but it was vague since it was so long ago.

I sighed, moving with the crowd as I looked at the map. Not paying attention, I walked right into someone, falling on my ass, “Ommmph!”

“Jaysus! You okay Lass!?” The man asked, spinning around.

I stared up at him, dumbstruck. He was so handsome!

“Lass?” He asked, squatting down to my level.

I shook my head, “Oh, yeah. I’m so sorry!”

He held out a ring clad hand, taking mine and helping me stand, “Ye sure you’re alright?”

“I, um, yes of course. Just my pride wounded.” I winced, dusting off my bottom.

He raised a brow, “Need me to kiss that pride?” He asked, his Irish lilt, teasing.

My eyes shot up to him, wide, “I-” and then, I did something that I hadn’t done in a while… I laughed.

He chuckled, licking his lips as he scratched near his eye with his thumb.

“I’m William,” he said, holding out his hand again.

“Y/N,” I nodded.

A cold, damp gust of air blew by, making me shiver and remember that I was hungry and tired.

“Oh, Jaysus, Lass. Let’s get you inside.” William tipped his head at the pub that we were standing outside of.

The smell of beer and delicious food hit my senses as he opened the door. My stomach growled, demanding that I feed it.

“And something to eat,” he laughed, taking my hand and letting me enter first.

I giggled, “I could eat,”
“So, where are ye headed?” William asked, sipping his beer.

“Enniskerry.” I replied, popping a peice of chicken in my mouth.

“Really? I live in Enniskerry!”

We laughed.

“What takes you there, if ye don’t mind me askin’?”

“My Aunt passed away. She left me her home and everything.”

William put his pint down, “Wait a minute! Mrs. Devereaux?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

He reached for my hand, giving it a squeeze, “I’m sorry for yer loss, Darlin’.”

“Thank you, William.”

“Listen, I can take ye there once you finish.”

“I really don’t want to be a bother,” I protested, albeit weakly.

He smiled and winked, “Trust me Darlin’, yer not a burden.”

I blushed, picking at my food.

We stayed at the pub for another hour and half before heading to Enniskerry.
Aunt Blanche’s home was beautiful. Big enough for a family to live in, but small enough to not be over the top.

William got out of the car, coming over to my side and opening the door for me.

Dusk was setting in, the sun dipping, lighting up the rolling green hills that surrounded the house.

“Wow,” I breathed out in awe.

“Couldn’t agree more,” William said, staring at me with a grin.

I smiled, shaking my head as I walked around the car.

I took the set of keys from my pocket, unlocking the door and flipping the switch.

A warm glow lit the living room. This house was straight from one of those Country Living magazines. Absolutely beautiful.

Turning to thank William, I found him by the door, his hands in his pockets, “I’ve got to get a move on, Darlin’. My Da is waitin’ for me.”

“Oh God! I’m so sorry I’ve kept you!”

He pointed at me, “None of tha’ now. I enjoyed spending time with you. Can I come by and see ya sometime?” He asked.

“Yes, of course.” I replied, smiling like a loon.

He grinned, shoving his hands back in his pockets, “Alrigh’ then. I’ll see ya around.”

“Thank you William,” I called out, watching him walk out.

He winked as he got in his car.
William came over nearly every day. We spent the days talking and laughing, much like tonight, but we had dinner.

I washed the last dish, rinsing it and handing it over to William, who dried it and put it away.

I dried my hands, watching him move around the kitchen in his red long sleeved shirt, black jeans and bare feet.

“I can feel those gorgeous eyes on me, Love.” He teased, closing the cabinet.

Clearing my throat, I looked away, “Fine, I won’t look at you at all then.”

I turned my head, looking out the window.

His warm closed over my hip, his breath fanning the side of my neck, “Hey, now. That’s just mean.”

We laughed as he stood before me, holding onto my waist. The atmosphere shifted between us, becoming charged.

“Ya know,” he started, running two fingers on the side of my face where he put some hair behind my ears, “would it be wrong of me to be jealous of your man back home?”

This was one subject that we hadn’t breached even though the flirting had been relentless.

I bit my lip, “There is no one back in the states for me.”

“Well, then,” he tipped my chin up, his thumb tracing my bottom lip, “I do believe it’s me lucky day then.”

Testing the waters, he met me half way, the kiss slow.

“Is this alright?” He whispered, his nose touching mine.


His smile was playful as he pulled me closer to him. He then walked me backwards, my back hitting the counter.

With his long warm fingers cupping my cheeks, he looked straight into my eyes, “Hi,”

I felt my cheeks heat up, “Hi,”

Williams breath tickled my lips as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips moved over mine slowly, tugging ever so slightly before our lips broke apart with a light smack.

I could feel his stubble as we kissed, the prickly hairs leaving a slight burning sensation in their wake.

Threading my fingers through the back of his hair, I initiated the third kiss. With our mouths slightly open, I gently dipped my tounge, caressing his upper lip.

He grunted lightly, his hands sliding down to my ass to give a firm squeeze.

I repeated the kiss, only to have our tounges come into contact. I twirled my tounge around his before pulling it back into my mouth.

William tilted his head to the side, firmly sealing his mouth over mine as he deepened the kiss.

I moaned, pulling myself up closer to him by his shoulders.

He kissed the corner of my mouth, leaving a damp trail as he kissed his way to my neck.

“William,” I sighed.

“Hmmmm,“  he hummed, sucking on my pulse.

I gripped the counter with one hand, the other at his waist, feeling tip of his tounge roll circles as he sucked.

A warm hand slid underneath my shirt, cupping my bra covered breast. He nipped at my neck to where it met my shoulder where he sucked hard.

Slipping his hand into the cup of my bra, he thumbed my nipple, leaving what would surely be one hell of a hickey on my neck.

In a rush, I began to lift my shirt up. It didn’t take William long to pull it off of me.

He unhooked my bra, gazing at my bare breasts.

I watched as he took off his red shirt, discarding it with my clothes.

He closed the small gap between us, the hairs that covered his chest, rubbing against my sensitive breasts deliciously.

"Yer shakin’, love.” He stated, one hand cupping my cheek and the other resting on my ass.

I hadn’t realized I was until he said so.

“Do ye want me to stop?” He asked, caressing my cheek.

“Please don’t.” I whispered.

He smiled, his shoulders lifting as both hands craddled my face, “Take this to the bedroom, yeah?”

I nodded, accepting his soft kiss.

Grabbing his hand, I led him to my room. Once there, he turned me around, walking me backwards like he did in the kitchen.

He unbuttoned my pants; me doing the same to him. The jeans fell to the floor, leaving me in my panties and William- sweet Jesus - he was commando.

His length jutted out from a thick dark patch of curls and I wanted to touch him.

“You do that and I won’t last, love.”

I could feel my face burn from the blush. I laughed nervously as he chuckled.

“Come here, love,” he said, his voice husky.

His thumbs hooked into my panties when I was close to his body. He was like a furnace, emitting quite a bit of body heat, which helped my shivering.

He pulled the panties down to my knees where he let them fall the rest of way to my ankles.

Again, he cupped my cheeks, gently kissing my lips, letting the intensity build up.

An arm was wrapped around my back, holding my head as the kisses became more urgent. His other hand slid over my hip bone, the fingers lightly touching the curls on my mound.

Lifting a leg, while still kissing him, I placed my foot on the bed, opening myself up to him.

Gently, almost tickling in a way; his fingers dipped between my lower lips, spreading the wetness from my entrance to my clit.

William broke the kiss, nipping down my neck while groaning, “Christ Darlin’, you’re soaked.”

I whimpered, rocking my hips against his lone middle finger.

“William… please.” I whimpered.

He got down on his knees, his face right with my center.

I watched as he buried his head between my opened legs with out warning, his tounge licking up my wetness.

I held his head, bending at the waist with a loud gasp.

He backed away, his pupils slightly  dilated. “Lay down, love.” He demanded softly.

I quickly did so, needing to feel him there again.

Wasting no time, he delved back in, only this time, he was kissing my lower lips as if he were kissing me on the mouth.

It was slow, the pressure building of his kisses building. Using two fingers, I felt him kiss my clit, the tip of his tounge twirling against it.

My back arched as I gripped the sheets.

Grasping my hips and pulling me closer to the edge, William held me open, his tounge dipping into my entrance.

He wiggled his tounge so slowly that it was torturous. He then flattened his tounge, dragging it up and loudly kissing my clit.

“William, please!” I begged him.

He gently put my legs down, standing, gasping for breath. He wiped my wetness from his mouth and chin, allowing me time to scooch back on the bed.

Crawling on the bed and over me, he grinned. He hitched a thigh over his hip, resting his body between my legs.

“Lookin’ like a Goddess all laid up in bed, love.”

“Smooth,” I laughed.

“Liked that one, didja?”

William lifted his hips, the head of his shaft at my entrance. Slowly, he entered me, taking his sweet time sinking into my wetness.

He breathed once he was deep inside of me, giving us a moment to adjust to each other.

His thrusts started out so slow as he made love to me. He kissed my breasts, his tounge lapping at my hard nipples with each thrust.

The sounds of our coupling and our bodies rubbing against the sheets made me moan loudly at one particularly deep thrust.

I was close, William feeling it as my walls tightened. He moved faster, burying his face in my neck as he lost control of his thrusting.

I turned my head so not to shout in his ear as I came hard, my core throbbing as he continued to move his hips.

One last thrust had him groaning, gently biting down on my neck.

He stayed on top of me, laying there until he softened and slipped from me.

When he rolled to his side, he pulled my body to him, holding me like I was the most finest peice of porcelain.

We were quite, his hands massaging my scalp and playing with my hair.

I ran my fingers through his chest hair, loving the feel of the softness, “William?”

His eyes were closed, but he was awake, “Yes, love?”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, meekly.

He turned his head, his lips against my forehead as he spoke, “I’m a one woman man, love. Ye don’t have ta worry ‘bout a thing.”

I believed him. Goddamnit, with everything in me; I believed this gorgeous Irish man that I’d grown severely fond of.


EXO Reaction to their crush finally getting to debut with their girl group

This one wasn’t requested, so all ideas are mine (but not the GIFS)


“Xiumin!” You shouted, banging on EXO’s apartment door. He slowly opened the door, muttering something under his breath about it being early. “Y/N? It’s my only day off this month what is it?” You smiled as you closed the door behind you. “I’m debuting! I’m finally debuting!” You quietly shout. His eyes go wide. “No way! HOLY CRAP WELL DONE!” Xiumin shouted, picking you up and spinning you around. The other boys woke up to the sound of this, and many hearty ‘congratulations’ were thrown in your way.


You had just finished practising the debut song dance with Lay, trying to perfect it. Although, Lay didn’t know it was your debut song, he assumed it was for the SMROOKIES show later this month. So, when you both sat down for a break, you thought you’d tell him. “You know, I’m glad this is my debut song.” You’d say casually. Lay looked at you confused. “Debut song? I thought it was..” He mumbled, then a smile grew to his face when he realised what was happening. “DEBUT SONG?!” Lay practically jumped on you, trying to hug and congratulate you. “You know what would make this even better,” he murmured into your hair, “If you kissed me Y/N.”


Sehun had been taking the piss out of you for the last few months about how you were 'never' going to debut. He’d say things like, “When’s the debut Y/N?” “Oh, is this the debut song?” “WHEN I DEBUTED…” This would bug you, so when you finally got the news that you were going to debut, you had to tell Sehun in a special way. You were both sat in the studio when the song started to play, that was when Sehun tried to joke with you again. “Is this the debut song?” He’d say sniggering.  You’d smile, “Yeah it is actually. It’s airing next week.” Sehun’s eyes would furrow for a second, but then he’d stand up in excitement. “Really?! I’m so happy for you! You deserve this Y/N!”

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You’d both be walking his dogs. It was a way to get away from rehearsal but also a way Kai could spend time with you. He’d been crushing on you for months now, but didn’t ask you out as you were trying so hard to keep up with your other group members. “Kai, I’m debuting on Friday. I’ve done it!” You say, looking from the ground to him, meeting his gaze. Jongin smiled, “Seriously? Babe that’s amazing!” “Babe?” You repeat. “Well I was putting off asking you on a date while you were working so hard, but we can go on one now right?” He asked, his teeth showing when he smiled. “I’d like that Kai. Yeah, that sounds fun! But you know what sounds better?” Jongin looked at you surprised, “What?” “Picking up your dog’s crap.” You say, pushing the dog bags into his chest and running away, Jongin lauhing behind you.


“Hey Chanyeol!” You greeted him. It had been almost 3 weeks since you had last seen him because he was doing promotional work in China. He wrapped his arms around you, slowly swaying you side to side. “Any news?” He’d mumble into your hair. “Other then the fact I’m debuting? I got a discount for bread at the supermarket.” Chanyeol would mumble something, before he quickly lent backwards, so he was facing you. “Debuting?!” You laughed, nodding your head. “Congrats Y/N, it’s been long enough!” “Do you have news for me?” You’d ask. “Yeah I do. Well it’s not news, but will you be my girlfriend?”


“I’m debuting Tao!” You run into the EXO dorm, singing stupidly. A chorus of congratulations came from the other boys as they hugged you. Tao would take no notice, watching a crappy drama on the TV. A few days later however, he’d run up to you at the studio. “You’re in a song?! On YouTube! Your own song!!” He’d say picking you up easily. The staff around you would laugh as you said, “Tao I told you days ago!” He’d then feel embarrassed for not listening to you, so he would do something less embarrassing, which happened to be kissing you.

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“Kyungsoo, I need to tell you something. Meet me in the studio in half an hour.” You say hanging up the phone. You were planning to tell D.O, your secret crush, about how you were debuting in a few weeks. When you got to the studio, all the staff seemed to be acting weird around you, but you ignored it and went into the practise room. D.O was stood inside, holding a huge bouquet of flowers. The room was filled with balloons saying ‘congratulations’ and Kyungsoo had the goofiest smile plastered on his face. “I already know Y/N. Congratulations!” He’d say giving you the flowers as you stared at him in shock.


“Seriously?! Debuting?! Oh my god, that’s amazing Y/N!” Baekhyun would say, lifting you up into the air and spinning you around. He’d put you back down and rest his head on yours while hugging you. It’d be like this for a few minutes before he’d suddenly pull back, shocking you by his quick movement. “This calls for celebration, lets have dinner tonight, at a fancy restaurant.” Then he’d start running away, shouting “Don’t be late for our date jagi!” as he went. 'Date? Huh, classic Baekhyun,’ you’d think whilst a smile grew on your face.

External image


You’d tell him backstage at one of his concert’s. You and Luhan would never be able to meet up due to your schedules, but you both somehow managed to stay in contact over the last few months. Going to his concert was the only way to talk to him in person, which you wanted to do to tell him about your debut. “Luhan!” You’d shout as he ran down the corridor, getting to his starting position. He’d turn around, only able to hear you say, “I’m debuting next week!” before his manager pulled him away. However, while onstage he’d say, “I’d just like to say congratulations to the girl group Y/N is in for finally getting to debut. I’m happy for you babe!” That was the first time he’d ever called you 'babe,’ and it shook you up considering you weren’t even dating.


You ran through the SM building, running to EXO’s practise room. You had to talk to Suho! You opened the door without knocking slipping as you did, which made you practically fall into the rehearsal room. All of the guys turned around to face you when they heard the sound of you hitting the ground, immediately starting to laugh. “Are you okay?” Suho asked laughing while helping you up. “Okay? I’m more then okay! I’m debuting Suho, I’m FINALLY debuting!” You exclaimed, it suddenly hitting you that you were going to be realising your own music. “Holy shit Y/N! That’s great! Won’t be long 'till you’re going on tour with us!”

External image


You’d be in public when you told him, in front of paparazzi who were shouting Yifan’s name. “Yifan! I’ve done it! I’ve made it!” You shout, running from the SM building to where he as stood on the pavement. “Done what?” He’d ask, suddenly taking interest. “I’M DEBUTING, WE JUST HAD THE MEETING!” Kris’ would laugh, genuinely happy for you. “Kris, don’t laugh! You’ll ruin your 'cool guy’ image!” You scold. “I couldn’t care less Y/N. This will make me cool again." Yifan would say before bending down slightly and kissing you-completely shocking you. The paparazzi would love it, taking hundreds of photos that would defiantly earn them big bucks.


"Jongdae! I’m debuting!” You’d yell as he walked into your dorm. “No way. I don’t believe you.” He’d challenge. Secretly Chen would be screaming in delight, his crush finally getting her dream. But Chen was a troll, and he had to live up to his name after all. “I’m serious Chen! I’m really going to debut.” You’d say more seriously, getting annoyed by his attitude. Chen would laugh, “I know Y/N. I’m just joking, I’m really proud of you!” You’d then pull your famous 'I’m so fucking done with you right now’ face, making Chen laugh. He’d then suddenly get really close to you, lips inches apart. “Do you believe that I’m proud of you now?” He’d say cheekily, before closing the distance between your lips.

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I liked doing this own. All ideas for this are mine (I haven’t seen this one being done before?) However, NONE of the gifs are, so my credits to their original owners.




These are not the same people!
To the left there’s previously A-prince’s Seungjun but now MAP6′s J.jun and on the right Seventeen’s Joshua!
Why I post about this is because I haven’t seen anyone more alike sense Honki and Mir! And and I have a thing for twins and look alikes hehe! And I know these are not the ideal photos, (but that’s not the point) this is something that I just want to talk about because I saw photos of Joshua floating around and I’ve reblogged some and I couldn’t put my finger on who he looked like but I just figured it out and I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so I just want to share my thoughts, anyone who agrees? :)

And thank you if you’ve read this :))

(None of the photos are mine, credit to the owners) <3


Puns and birthday texts with Boyfriend Wonwoo

Happy birthday to Seventeen’s bag of luck, Seventeen’s emo boy, Seventeen’s top gamer, Seventeen’s resident book worm, and my soulmate (according to me - admin v) Jeon Wonwoo.

Disclaimer: None of the photos used is mine, credits to their rightful owners.


i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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Title: Feel My Love Part 1

Character: Jason Crouse

TV: The Good Wife

Warnings: None, fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Bitchin’ Polyvore made for me by the hella awesome @magikat409!!!

°Jason and You are close friends. You ask him to go to a family function with you as your boyfriend so they won’t pester you about dating someome. You realize that you have feelings for him.

If one more son of a bitch didn’t start paying attention, I was going to scream. Many vendors and associates rushing to do their grunt work, kept ramming into my desk, chair and nearly myself.

I was already ill, having spoken to a cousin about a blind date that she wanted to set me up on.

No one could seem to understand that I didn’t want the help of finding someone or even have the time to date anyone for that matter.

If it was going to happen, then it’d happen all in due time.

Having seen so many relationships crash and burn because they were rushed; that just wasn’t what I was looking for.

My laptop dinged, indicating that I’d gotten an email. I groaned when I saw that it was from my hated Aunt Milley.

I scanned over it. It was my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and Aunt Milley along with other family members were planning it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Grandparents; sweetest people on earth, but everyone else always had their nose in my business.

I jumped when a chair collided with mine. My furrowed brow tensed when I put on my best bitch face.

I relaxed it when I saw that it was a close friend of mine, Jason Crouse. He still got the stink eye though.

He grinned, “Aww c'mon! Turn that frown upside down!”

I looked Jason up and down, curling my nose at him as if he stunk, “Go to hell.”

He chuckled, bumping me with his shoulder, “Vicious today, aren’t we?”

My annoyance deflated a bit, “Sorry, I-” My sentence was cut off as another vendor hit my chair.

Jason put a hand on my arm when I closed my eyes and counted to ten. When I opened them, he was still grinning, but he did seem concerned.

“David Lee give you more grunt work?” Jason asked, taking his hand from my arm.

“Pssft. I wish!” I turned my laptop towards him.

His eyes squinted to read, even though he was wearing his glasses. Jason was a quick reader, whistling as he sat back when he finished.

“Family function. Sounds like fun.”

“I’d rather get my nipple peirced.”

Jason laughed, shoving me lightly.

“I honestly don’t want to go, but I don’t want to upset Gran and Grandad…”

I sat up straight, snapping my fingers as an idea came to me, “Will you go with? Pretend to be my boyfriend?”

He put his hands up, “Woah, Y/N. I don’t do family events all too well.”

“Please, oh please!?” I begged, bouncing my legs up and down.

Jason tugged on his earlobe, a nervous habit of his before answering, “Alright,” he snapped his fingers at me, “but you owe me!”

I squeeled, giving Jason a tight hug.

“Sexual harassment in the work place is frowned upon Miss Kline” Alicia Florrick, the woman that broke Jason’s heart, looked down at me.

I sighed, “I wasn’t doing anything,”

Jason looked tightly at Alicia, his jovial mood gone.

She leaned over, “So, Jason, I’m needing some help with a case. The paperwork alone will take all weekend. Can I put you on it?”

I waited quietly, blankly staring at my laptop screen, trying to disappear.

Alicia had done a number on Jason. He gave her so much of himself only to have her to ask him to “Wait for her.”

He left the Chicago area for a few months, but thankfully kept in contact with me.

“Nope,” he answered gruffly, “I have plans.”

“Oh, really?” Alicia asked, raising a brow.

Jason just nodded.

The tension broke as soon as Carey called Alicia to his office.

Releasing a breath, I sagged into my chair, “Well, that was awkward.”

I could see that Jason was still perturbed by the whole bit.

“Yeah. Listen, I gotta go. Text me the details and I’ll call you later.” He said, getting out of his chair.

“Okay. Are you..?”

He smiled, leaning down to kiss my head, “I’m fine, Y/N. See you.”

“Bye.” I whispered.
Friday had finally rolled around. Everything was packed and in the car. All I had to do was wait for Jason.

I jumped off the couch when I heard him knock, “Hey, you ready to go? Let’s go!” I said, quickly.

“Woah there, Y/N. Where’s the fire?” He laughed.

I threw my jacket over my shoulders and grabbed my keys, “I just want to get this over with.”

Jason threw an arm over my shoulder, tugging me close, “Calm down, alright?”

I took a deep breath and relaxed, laying my head on his chest.

“Okay, okay,” I took another deep breath, “Let’s do this.”
My Grandparents had a really nice farm house and tons of acreage. Plenty of cars from the family were lined up and that’s when I started to get really nervous.

I turned to Jason before unbuckling, “Remember everything?”

“Yep. Don’t worry, Y/N.” He assured me.

I nodded, “Right,”

We unbuckled and got out of the car. One of my cousins came out of the house. She turned, yelling inside to everyone that I was here and that I had a man with me.

“It has begun,” I said, mocking ominous music.

Jason laughed, taking my hand in his and kissing the top as he winked.

Grandma greeted us on the porch, holding her arms out for me to hug her.

“Hey Grandma,”

“Y/N! Look at my beautiful Granddaughter,” Gran held me at arms length, then looked over my shoulder at Jason, “Hello there.”

He tipped his chin in greeting as he smiled, “Ma'am. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh come here!” I laughed when Gran’s tiny frame tried to reach Jason.

Grandpa came out, clearing his throat, “Now, I may not be young like I once was, but I’ll still fight you for her.”

We laughed while Gran went to Grandpa's side.

“Come give this Old Fart a hug!” He gave me a quick squeeze, then shook Jason’s hand.

“So you’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” Grandma asked.

“I am, yes Ma'am.”

“Treating my Granddaughter well then?”

Jason kissed my temple, putting his arm around my waist, “Yes, sir.”

“Good to hear,” Grandpa clapped, “Let’s get out of this chilly air.”

The house got quiet when Jason and I crossed the threshold.

The one person who I didn’t want to deal with rounded the corner.

Aunt Milley.

“Oh shit,” I whispered.

Jason looked down at me, concerned.

“So we meet the boyfriend. Have to say, Y/N, I thought it was a fake.”

“Well, I’m not.” Jason said.

I looked up at him and saw the dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Milley, that’s enough.” Grandma said.

Things returned to normal when Milley left the room.

Leading Jason to the coat closet, we hung up our jackets and scarves. When he took his hat off, his hair was sticking up in diffrent directions.

“Oh my gawd, you’re hair,” I laughed.

He fixed it as I hung up our belongings. Once we were situated, we headed back out towards the kitchen.

“Y/N, be a dear and go help your Aunts, please?”

I nodded, making sure to have Jason with me at times.

After introductions were made, I was put to work with making the potato salad.

As I stood at the sink washing the vegetables, Jason came up behind me putting his hands on my waist and kissing my shoulder.

“Need any help?”

The sudden display of affection threw me for a loop and I had to admit that a part of me liked it and wanted more.

“Baby?” His voice was clear enough so my Aunts could hear him.

I cleared my throat, “Oh, um, no. I’m good.”

He kissed my cheek, leaning his back against the counter, crossing his feet at the ankles.

Two of my nicer Aunts asked certain questions.

“So how did you meet?”

“Through a mutal friend. Remember Lucca?” I said, scrubbing the dirt from the potatoes.

“Oh, yes! How is she?”

“She’s doing great. Has her own office now.”

“Now Leslie, we want to know more about Jason!” Aunt Rachel said, happily.

“Aren’t you a bit old for Y/N?”

And there was Aunt Milley, grouchy for eternity.

I looked to Jason, watching as his eyes squinted slightly.

“I admit, I’m not young, but that has nothing to do with how much I love your neice.”

I smiled softly.

“I think this is all set up. There’s no way that a man like him could ever go for someone like Y/N.” Aunt Milley said, hate just seething from her.

I was so caught up in cutting, that the knife slipped, knicking my finger. I hissed, jerking my hand to my chest.

“Y/N?” Jason was instantly there, checking on me.

Feeling like I had no breathing room, I moved back from Jason.

“Excuse me.” I said, my voice catching.

“Y/N!” Jason called after me.

I didn’t answer as I took two stairs at a time to the upstairs bathroom.

“Milley, what the hell is wrong with you!?” Aunt Rachel snapped.
A firm knock sounded on the door.

I sniffled, pulling back the gauze from my cut, only to find it still bleeding, “Be out in a minute.”

“Y/N, open the door.” Jason said.

“It’s unlocked.” I said, meekly.

He came in, locking the door as he shut it.

“Hey,” he said, soothingly as he knelt in front of me, “you okay?”

I shrugged then bit my lip, feeling my tears start again.

“Shhh, come here Sweetheart,” Jason enveloped me in a hug.

His pet name, said without anyone else around, finally made the tears fall.

He rocked me gently, playing with my hair to soothe me.

“Can I look at your finger?”

I nodded.

Jason leaned back, wiping my cheeks before taking my hand to examine the cut.

He hissed softly as he lifted the gauze, “You don’t need stitches, but you sliced yourself a good one.”


“Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Jason had my finger cleaned and bandage in no time. I honestly didn’t want to leave the bathroom, though.

“Do we have to go back down there?” I asked.

He put some hair behind my ears and smiled, “Yeah, we need to. Don’t worry though, Rachel reamed Milley a new one.”

I gave a watery laugh, sniffling again, “You always know what to say to make me feel better.”

Something shifted between us; something that Jason felt as well, given how his eyes changed color drastically.

Another knock made me jump, making whatever was happening break.

“Y/N, honey. You and Jason come on, Mom and Dad are about to dance.” Aunt Rachel said, softly.

Jason wet a washcloth for me, gently cleaning the tear tracks from my cheeks.

“Ready?” He asked, folding the cloth.

Grandpa held Grandma close as they dance in small circles.

Flashes went off every now and again as Aunt Rachel took photos.

Everyone clapped once the song ended, cheering a Happy Anniversary to the happy married couple.

Grandpa raised his arms, “Now everyone dance!”

Jason stood, holding a warm hand out to me.

I shook my head, laughing, “Oh no! No way!”

“Chicken?” He raised a brow, his tounge sneaking out from his teeth as he grinned.


He pulled me up, putting my arms around his shoulders, while his rested on my waist.

My cheeks heated, turning rosy in color.

“It’s a good color on you,” Jason teased.

I rolled my eyes, my cheeks hurting from the smiling, “Oh gah, shut up,”

He chuckled, swaying us from side to side.

We both got quiet as the music continued to play. The atmosphere seemed charged, like it was when we were upstairs.

Jason’s eyes were the darkest that I’d ever seen them, almost to the point where I couldn’t see the pupils.

He looked panicked and I felt the same way. When he leaned down and cupped my cheeks, I nearly wanted to pass out.

He waited a moment, letting me grip his wrists firmly as I took a calming breath.

Slowly, Jason’s lips touched mine, lingering for a second before becoming firmer.

It was slow and respectful as we were mindful of my family most likely gawking at us.

With his nose nuzzling mine, Jason pulled back slightly, only to take my lips with his again.

We pulled back enough just to stare at each other as the song ended.

It was right then and there that I realized…

I’m in love with Jason Crouse.

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BTS reacting to you being busy all the time but always having time for them

”HaviSeriously people who are always busy but still have so much free time…tell me your secret xD

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On the phone:

“Oh, you are going to work again? Honey, make sure not to overwork yourself like that. I mean I am happy we can meet later today but maybe you should just relax at home, our date can wait…”

You on the other side, shake your head and smiling about the worries of your sweet and caring boyfriend:

“No way..we planned this the whole week and you are now in Korea again, finally, I am not missing out on this, but I need to get away from the phone now, I have work to do, see you later!”

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As you arrive late at night in the studio, he stands up from his chair and lets himself fall on the sofa right next to you.

“I am glad you were able to come today…didn’t you have work, you mentioned something earlier?”

“Oh yes, I just came from work as I got your message…what is it that you wanted me to be in the studio at this unholy hour?” You chuckle and lay into his arms.

“Wanted you to be here…with me. That’s it. Never even expected you to have time so I am really happy to see you now. You should relax, though, you seem busy these days.”

“Says the one who does live in this studio here.” You laugh and carress his hand with your thumb. “I am fine, you are the one who should relax.”

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“Cannot believe you agreed to my idea.” Hoseok laughed as you two went on your hiking trip on his day off.

“Why shouldn’t I? It is a great opportunity to spend time together…”

“Yeah it is, but you even worked this morning and now still have so much energy left…even I am impressed by your daily productivity.”

“Anything for my sunshine of a boyfriend.” You laugh and hit his arm playfully.

“No really, I am so happy you went with me today…I don’t know you do that day in day out but I am glad you still spend time with me despite your crazy schedule.”

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“Okay…just tell me your secret already, I cannot take it anymore to not know…” Namjoon says as you come into the dorm, takeout in your hand and a shopping bag.

“What secret?” You ask confused.

“Having so much time although you work all day…is this a shopping bag?”

“Oh yes, I saw something cool at my way from work and thought I should buy it.” You smile and take out the snapback you bought for him.

“That was not necessary, sweetie…okay now really, tell me your secret…how do you manage to have so much time? I don’t seem to get it and well, I am a genius and yeah I feel pretty helpless right now…”

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“Like, don’t you sleep at all?” He looks at you in shock: “I know it, you are a vampire.”

“No I am certainly not a vampire, Jimin” You laugh and continue eating.

“What is it then? You seem to do so much by day and night and like how? Even I can’t do that and I am an idol…”

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“So next week, you are away in Japan for three days…we could meet up on Thursday then?” You ask him as you two sit on the floor of his room.

“No, I have a photo shooting this day…”

“How about Friday then? Or Saturday…it is both fine for me…”

“How do you seem to have so much time? I feel so bad that I don’t have a lot of time because of my schedule but your schedule is crazy as well but you can manage that properly…I am such a bad boyfriend…” He pouts.

“You are not! And you cannot compare my job to yours at all. You could work on your time managment though.” You laugh and tease him playfully.

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“Okay how about we meet again tomorrow and continue playing? I am free tomorrow.” Jungkook asks as you both are focused on the video game you are playing together.

“Yeah I think I can manage that…I have work to do but in the afternoon I should be free tomorrow…then let’s meet at 4pm.”

“Oh you have work tomorrow? You didn’t mention that?”

“I also had work today what is it with that?”

“Don’t know you are so busy but have so much time though…it is making me wonder how you manage to do that.”

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Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 4 - Holiday Party

Character: Jason Crouse

TV: The Good Wife

Warnings: None.

NOTE: The character Betty Nylund is portrayed by Betty White. The dirty quote that she uses in the story, is in fact something that she has said.

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Tag @averymerryspnxmas

I flung myself back on to the bed, groaning.

“What?” Jason chuckled, buttoning up his shirt.

“I understand if you don’t want to go.”

My grandmother, Betty Nylund, was throwing a Holiday party at her home. Jason had yet to meet her and I was fearful that he’d run for the hills.

He crawled on the bed, laying next to me with his hand propping up his head.

“Why are so adamant about me not going?” He lifted my shirt, placing his warm hand on my stomach.

I gave him a disbelieving look, “I’ve told you some horror stories.”

Jason got on top of me, pinning my arms next to my head, “And I’ve told you that I’m not like other men.”

His eyes traveled over my face as I worried my bottom lip. Swooping down, he captured mouth in a slow, searing kiss.

“I promise to tell you if I get uncomfortable.” He whispered, pecking my lips between every other word.

I slowly blinked when his lips left mine. His rubbed the tip of his nose with mine and smiled, “Trust me Darlin’.”
Jason put the truck in park across the street, dipping his head down to look out the passenger window.

“Betty has a nice home.”

I nodded, fidgeting, “She does.”

Gran had her house decorated to the nines with Christmas lights. Through the sheer curtains you could see people mingling.

It was mostly older folks who’ve known Gran since her early years.

I put my hands on my cheeks, patting them lightly.

Jason laughed, “What are you doing?”

“Pinched cheeks. No matter how old I’ve gotten, they always pinch my cheeks. I want to remember what it’s like to have feeling in them.”

Jason reached over, pinching the apple of my cheek, “Yeah, you do have pinchable cheeks.”

I glared at him, but smiled, “You do that again and I’ll smack the shit outta you.”

Giving me a cheeky grin, he pulled me closer to him, “Promises, promises.”

I gave Jason a quick kiss, my nerves to jumbled to really focus, “Come on, let’s go inside.”
I rang the doorbell and rocked back on my heels, “Just know, that no matter what happens… I love you.”

Jason looked slightly worried, but laughed, “Geez, you’re making it sound like dead man walking.”

I snorted, “That may be the case… I want a cigarette and a huge slice of birthday cake for my last meal.”

He shook his head, throwing an arm over my shoulders and kissing my temple.

As soon as Grandma opened the door, we were greeted with loud cheers and upbeat Christmas music.

Betty Nylund stood at just 5'0, her blonde hair styled just right and her makeup flawless.

She clasped her hands, bringing them to her mouth, “My sweet, sweet Granddaughter!”

She held out her arms, quickly bringing me into her embrace.

“Hey Gran.” I said, happy to see her.

She gave me a good squeeze, “Ohhh! And who is this?” She asked, eyes wide, the mischief lurking just below the surface.

Jason put his hand out, smiling, “Jason Crouse, Ma'am.”

He shook her hand gently. Gran put her other hand on top of his, looking him up and down.

“Well aren’t you a looker!”

“Oh god…” I groaned, quietly.

“Come in, come in!”

I grabbed Jason’s hand, pulling him into the some what crowded house.

“Oh, is this little Y/N Whistler?!"  Gayle Brunner, a close friend of Gran’s, cried out happily. She came over and pinched my cheeks.

"Hi, Mrs. Brunner.” I said, trying not to wince as she wiggled my face from side to side.

She smiled, patted my cheeks and moved on.

I sighed, turning to Jason, “Give me your jacket, Jase.”

He flinched when he saw how red my cheeks were, “You weren’t kidding.”

Shaking my head, I took his jacket and mine and hung them up.

I was stopped several more times on my way back to Jason, my cheeks getting pinched by every other person.

When I finally made it to him, he held his arms out, embracing me with a sympathetic chuckle.

“I can’t feel my face,”

“Sorry, Honey.” He said, kissing my head. “Want a drink?”

“Dear gawd, yes!”

He squeezed me, his hand grazing my back as he went to the open bar.

I sat in the big bay window, watching the crowd chat and laugh as Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas played through the speakers.

I softly began to sing along.

Jason came back, handing me a spiked Eggnog.

“Thank you,” I said, leaning up to kiss him.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” he said, meeting my lips.

I blushed, taking a sip of the Eggnog.

“Y/N has a very lovely voice.” Grandma commented. “You should hear her sing ‘Hallelujah’ with her cousins.”

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as they reddened.

Jason looked down at me, smiling.

Mr. Reynolds, Gran’s neighbor, tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, immediately turning the flirt on.

Jason sat next to me, wrapping his arm around my bent legs, his chin on my knees, “You going to sing for me one day?”

I could never get used to having someone shower me with so much attention the way Jason did.

“Maybe,” I said, winking.

He squeezed my thigh, taking a drink of his own Eggnog.

The song ended and I could hear Grandma’s conversation, “My muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939.” She giggled.

Jason’s eyes widened, his mouth agape. I face palmed, groaning.

I could feel his shoulders shaking with silent laughter as he pulled my hand away.

“I think I see what you mean.”

I gave him a pointed look, “Told ya.”
Grandma clapped, gaining the crowds attention, “I just want to thank everyone for coming out. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see each of you.”

She paused, coming over to where Jason and I were sitting, “I’d also like to thank my wonderful granddaughter, Y/N, for coming and bringing her lovely man, Jason, as well.”

She cupped Jason’s bearded cheeks, and placed a kiss on his forehead. He blushed, giving her a sweet smile. Gran then came over to me, doing the same, “It does an old woman good to see her beautiful Granddaughter happy and healthy.”

“I love you too, Gran.”

Patting my cheeks, she smiled and turned back to the small crowd, “So now, it’s time for gifts!”

Gran handed out hers. When she got down to the end of her pile, she grabbed the last box and gave it to me, “This is for you and Jason. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Nylund.” Jason said.

Gran waved her hand at him, “Oh please, call me Betty.”

Jason nodded, “Merry Christmas, Betty. Thank you for having us.”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh, he’s definitely a keeper, Y/N.” She complimented.

I kissed Jason’s cheek, “Yes, he is Gran.”
It wasn’t until later when we got back to my place that I dared to open the gift.

The box sat on the coffee table. I stood there, staring at it as if it held the worlds worst secret.

Jason came up behind me, his arms circling my waist. His bearded chin tickled as he propped it on my shoulder, “I don’t hear any ticking, so it’s not a bomb,”

I snorted, “Could be… ya never know.”

Jason kissed my neck, “Open it. I’ll get the drinks.”

I watched him go to the kitchen and sighed.

I knelt at the coffee table and ripped the paper. The squat box was medium in length.

Taking off the top, I set it aside and pulled away the tissue paper.

“Oh my god!” I hollered, slapping the top back on.

“What!?” Jason came back to the living room, looking around.

Trying to look innocent, I jerked the box to my chest, “Nothing…”

Jason smiled, his tounge peeking out from between his teeth, “Let me see.”

“Nope! Nuhuh!” I stood, going to the fireplace.

“Ah!” Jason ran over to me, grabbing me at the waist.

The box fell from my arms, opening when it connected with the floor.

Keeping one arm around my waist, Jason reached out with the other, picking up the gift Gran had gotten us.

“Shit…” I whispered.

Jason busted out laughing as the tissue paper fell from the barely there teddy.

It was ice blue in color and honestly would only cover the important bits.

Jason dangled it in my face, whispering in  my ear, “Want to model it for me?”

I scoffed, elbowing him lightly as we laughed.

He dropped the lingerie, spinning me around and kissing the very breath from me as his hands roamed my body.