none of these people can sing

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What kind of drunk-dancer is everyone?

Mikasa: None
Reiner: Strips
Bertholdt: poledances
Annie: shimmies
Eren: headbangs to every song
Jean: it’s not really dancing, more like rubbing on people
Marco: falls a sleep, can’t dance
Sasha: looks like she’s trying to keep hands and feet as far away from her torso as possible
Connie: Dances the maccarena to everything
Historia: rocks back and forth while standing and sings along drunken
Armin: swings from side to side
Ymir: Dances on the tables and acts like she’s a tv show host
Levi: Doesn’t get drunk
Hanji: It’s more like extrem sports than dancing… hard to describe
Erwin: Strips on the tables and throws his clothes at women
Nanaba: way too much use of butt
Mike: boob giggles the whole time and yells ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’
Moblit: moves a bit like a snake, just upright… Hands in the air

Sing to Me

A soulmate one shot I took a long time to write, I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope it was worth it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Originally posted by babywoon

You live in the heart of the city of Seoul. Cars fly over the tarmac roads and people talk loudly in the busy streets. They say that cities never sleep, and that is true. They’re loud, and polluted, and lights shine from the moment you wake to the moment you lay your head to rest. But none of that can chase away your thoughts, nothing can drown out the sound of him.

Soulmates live in this world, it’s bizarre, not not even the more intelligent of those around us can understand why such a concept exists. It just does, and everyone’s story is different.

Your Mother used to tell you of the way her eyes would change colour according to the shade of your father’s hair. She never fails to tell you the story of how she woke up in astonishment to an unflattering shade of green.

Your friend told you that she has a clock etched on her skin, it’s unclear what it means, but you both suspect it’s the time zone that her soulmate lives in.

But you? Well, you can hear your soulmate when he sings.

His voice rings in your head louder than any sound can drown out. And at first, you tried everything. You tried blasting music through headphones, sleeping, running in the loud city sounds. But nothing could stop his voice from reaching every corner of your mind.

As a child, you loved to hear him sing, as you grew older, it frustrated you more than anything. Now? Well, you’ve found peace with it. Whenever his gentle, angelic voice starts, you feel yourself relax. He’ll sing a bit of everything, but you like it best when he’s bellowing his vocal chords to romantic ballad songs.

It’s hard to describe his voice to someone, and you’ve tried many times. It changes like the weather, sometimes he’s singing silvery, so soft and light it’s beautiful, other times it’s deep and low, like literal singing sex.

It made you wonder what you were to him. Could he hear you when your strident voice emitted while you showered? Or when you were drunk and messing with your friends loudly in the streets?

You sighed as you pulled your books closer to your chest, walking towards your next class when your head filled with his voice.

For a moment, it was in your head, or so you thought. But then you realised, other people had stopped, and that was when it occurred to you that this time, the voice wasn’t just in your head. Unconsciously, you stepped towards the room where the voice sounded.

You pushed open the door to see the face to the voice you have always heard.

He sat on a desk of an empty maths classroom. He looked so focused, only to be snapped from it no you’d disturbed him. His candy floss pink hair shifted from his brown eyes as he looked at you. He put his sheet of music on the desk and slid so he was simply leaning, shoving his hands in his black jean pockets.

“Can I help you?” He sounded so casual, while you felt like you were about to faint.

“You… I’ve heard… You’re my soulmate right?”

You sounded like an idiot, you felt like a bigger one. You looked at him still, even through the pounding of your heart. He frowned.

“Sing to me, please.” He stated, it was hardly a question.

You frowned, “Me?”

“No, I was talking to the poster behind you- yes, you.”

His sarcasm made you scowl, but you took in a deep breath anyway. There was no way you could match his voice, there was no way you could even compare.

You sang a few lines, you stopped when you saw his eyes turn wide; he looked like a deep in headlights.

“You weren’t shitting me.” He breathed.

“Why would I do something like that?”

“I’m popular, you know, girls have tried this crap on me before.” he stood up and walked over to you, his hands still in his pocket. He stopped stepping when he was stood before you.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re not stupid enough to believe them.” You responded, feeling a little breathless.

“It is a good thing.” He agreed, placing a hand on your cheek. His thumb brushed against your skin, and his eyes scanned your face. His eyes were lit like fireflies, filled with interest. His lips pouted slightly, as though he was thinking, then he smiled, and the pink in his hair flooded against his cheeks.

“I must say, you’re much more beautiful than your voice.”

“Excuse me?” You responded playfully, it was clear to you that he knew that music really wasn’t your speciality after all this time.

“Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll be winning the x factor any time soon. I’d also like to mention how inconvenient your timing is to start singing. One time, you starting singing overdose while I was in the middle of an exam, that’s if you can even call it singing, you sounded like a cat being run over by a lawn mower.”

You hit his shoulder lightly, pushing him back, laughter filling the room from both of you.

“Alright, there’s no need to be rude. I pride myself very much in my singing ability.” You told him, and he smiled.

“Me too.”

“Your voice is incredible, I mean, really.” You tell him, and his hand that was once on your cheek was now in his hair, rubbing the back of his head as the pink dusted back against his cheeks.

“You think? I mean, I guess so. I wrote you a song actually… Do you maybe want to hear it?”

It was though someone had punched you in the gut, sending your heart to your throat, you nodded, voiceless.

“I want something else before I can do that though.”

“What’s that?” You asked him.

“A date.” He stated.

“Then what are you waiting for.”

He didn’t need telling twice.

It was the middle of the day, the sun shining highly against the city buildings. You had classes to be at, teachers to please, but none of that mattered as he took you by the hand, pulling you to the doors and walking you into a new world, his world.

Another Heathers AU

Mystreet Heather AU (Kinda)

It’s been a while since Katelyn last hosted a play, and she wants to do one again.

Since she is total Heathers trash, she wants to do that.

Problem is, none of the girls want to play lead roles this time.

So she has to make some changes, making all the lead roles guys.

Since Heather was the 15th popular girls name, and William was the boys name, she re-names it ‘Williams’

She wants to give the roles to people who share traits with the roles, either physically or mentally.

And since she doesn’t have a lot of money, she decides to cast her friends.

Vincent(Victoria): Wonder over wonder, Zane out of all people got the role.
Because he has dark hair and can sing pretty damn good.
At first he doesn’t want to be the lead role, and it takes a hell lot of convincing from Aphmau to get him to do it.

J.D.: Messy black hair, wears dark clothes, high school bad boy.
Gene gets the role.

William (Heather) Chandler: Garroth.
Because he’s blond.

William (Heather) Duke: Dark hair, Green eyes.
Katelyn called Jeffory and he took the role.

William (Heather) McNamara: Garroth suggested Liochant.
He’s a surprisingly good actor.

Ram + Kurt= She needed two best friends who used to act pretty perverted and stuff, and besides, Travis and Dante both have some acting experience.

Ram’s dad plus Kurt’s dad:
Laurance and Aaron.
They’re probably the most responsible and mature out of all the guys.

Vylad got the role.
I don’t think I need to explain why.

Other guys+ the girls:
Smaller roles and singers and dancers
Zane: “So I get to pretend-kill Garroth, Travis, AND Dante?
Katelyn: “Zane, take off your mask.
You’re the main character.”
Zane: “No.”
Aphmau: “I’ll bake you cupcakes~”
Zane: “Did I say no? I meant yes.”
Katelyn: “…And then you shove Jeffory to the ground whilst saying:
‘Shut up William!’”
Garroth: “But… But that’s mean.”
Gene: “I would never take a gun to school!”
Katelyn: “Yeah, but J. D. would.
Don’t take this role personally.”
Gene: “Wow, I didn’t know Zane could sing.”
Katelyn: “Believe me, the rest of us are as surprised as you are.”
Aphmau: “Why though?
There was this whole musical number when he tried to steal our Christmas tree!”
Gene: “Wait…
He tried to do what?”
Liochant: *strikes a pose*
All the others: *blessed*
Vylad: “Wait…
So one of my brothers is the main character, and the other one is the main villan?”
Vylad: “Huh.
It’s been a while since I watched ‘The Princess Bride’.
I should watch it again soon.”
Travis: “What do me and Dante have to do again?”
Katelyn: “Act rapey and dumb”
Dante: “Will do.”
Laurance: “I love my dead gay son.”
Travis: “I love you too, dad.”
Garroth: “I really like the dance for 'Candy Store’.
Very sassy.”
Zane: “Wait, what do I have to do at 'Dead Guy Walking’?”
Katelyn: “Climb trough Gene’s window, straddle him while he’s topless, take your own shirt off, and all that and more while singing a song about sex at the top of your lungs. ”
Zane: “What.”
Gene: “What.”
Katelyn: “…What?”
Gene: “I know we shouldn’t eat the props, but can we finish these slurpies once the show is over?”
Katelyn: “…And then J.D. blows himself up.”
Gene: “wELL THEN.”
The end.

I’m sorry this is terrible.

Zane straddling Gene while shirtlessly singing tho


Harry Styles: The rant

I feel like I need to talk about harry for a second so sorry for the tiny (not so tiny) rant

I just saw he’s performance im the graham’s show and it was great, he’s voice was great, the band was great but what really made me wanna die was how proud he was and the fact that at the end he just can’t believe that he has actually done it and that people actually like he’s song and know the words i just..

He’s an amazing guy and he’s so humble and he fucking deserves the world and I’m so proud and I love him and I’m so happy!!

To sum it up:

I fucking love Harry Styles and I wanna squish his cheeks and listen to him sing like he could literally sing me happy birthday and I would burst into tears and most likely die and I know none of you are going to read this but I’m really glad his fans are amazing and loving and love this grown ass man so much.
That is all,

All the love. Me.

Keith likes listening to Lance’s singing voice. He’ll never willingly admit it but he does. 

But not when the idiot sings as a performer in front of other people, no. Keith isn’t fond of how Lance uses his singing voice like some sort of flirting ammunition when he can,  whenever he can. In fact, Keith just wants to smack him right in the kisser—with his fist, his fist, his fist, Keith tells himself—because Lance is just so fucking smug about his talent. But when Lance sings alone, oh good god. When Lance McClain sings alone, Keith Kogane listens with all he has.

Lance sings in a foreign language and Keith’s brain understands none of it but his heart consumes everything, resonates with every word, beats rhythmically with every tune, and, heaven smite him now for even thinking this, but Keith’s heart sings along. Quietly, of course. Because singing out loud is embarrassing . And it would startle Lance. And if that happens, he was going to find out that Keith has been listening, which then means he might not sing alone like this again and Keith… Keith doesn’t want that because…

Because he likes listening to Lance’s singing voice. 

But only when he’s alone. 

Only when they’re alone.

How a man lost 8 million dollars for failing to be a decent human.

Alright, I have a story to tell from the finance industry. For those of you who don’t know what we do, it’s basically just being a realtor, but for companies instead of houses. This was a small investment banking firm, and we specialize in smaller players. We’re talking companies worth 20-50 million dollars. Our customers are typically salt of the earth; built their tire company from nothing but a shed and a truck over the last 30 years, and now they want to retire. But seeing as how many of them never learned accounting and whatnot, they need representation.

Now one company has two 50% owners, and they hate each other. Can’t have a civil conversation. Now, having two 50/50 owners is always a recipe for conflict, but this level of hatred was something I hadn’t seen before; it was pretty clear one of the two had done something pretty bad for it to devolve to this stage. So lets call one Tim and one Roger.

My first impression of Roger is that he’s a nice dude. Down to earth, chill, and generally interested in things. My first impression of Tim is that he’s a raging imbecile. We were at a restaurant I, and many other people in my city, hold in very high regard, and all he did, for an hour and half, was complain about the food. He talked down to and mocked a waiter who dared to ask him what he’d like to drink, and proceeded to order $1000 of wine [he knew we were paying]. My boss, having none of that, made it clear Tim is paying for that bottle, which I suppose put him in a bad mood. I am somewhat obsessed with food. I spend an unwise amount of money on food. I can sing you all the instrumental parts in the opening to Heston Blumenthal’s cooking show. We’re here on my recommendation. I love this damn restaurant, and I am on first name terms with that waiter. The man starts talking down to me about my tastes after I order, says kids these days have no palate, and that I shouldn’t be eating X. Oh and also, apparently, donating to vaccine charities is a waste of money, and I am some sort of idiot for doing so.

So to be short, I don’t like the guy. But not liking the guy isn’t really a reason to seek revenge. However, after talking to Roger, we find out why they hate each other. You see, Tim had been stealing money from his employees, and the company. It turns out, employees started getting random checks bounced, and the company’s lines of credit kept drying up. Because Tim had been making some rather extravagant purchases on the company dime. He had adjusted employee payroll downwards and increased his own. He had used capital expenditures to build himself a house. Apparently, his continued justification is that none of what he did was illegal [technically true], he had helped grow the company [I suppose], and that he deserved more [but not his business partner]. Roger ended up comping employees out of his own pocket, and Tim refused to pay back a dime.

So at this point, the deal talks are going no where. As in, Tim and Roger just cannot stand to communicate with each other at all. But my boss, he hatches an idea. Why don’t we just buy one of them out? We know how much the company is worth in the wider market. We’ll just see if either is willing to take some cash up front for their share of the equity.

I make models all day. I know how much this company is worth. It’s worth about 24 million dollars. Tim’s stake is therefore worth 12 million dollars (complex I know). Guess whose stake I suggest we buy? Tim’s of course. How much do I suggest we offer? 4 million.

Now, to be clear, this type of thing has a downside. But Tim’s reputation in his industry isn’t good. In fact, after some canvassing, it turns out that most people know this company through Roger, and don’t like to deal with Tim. Turns out being a thieving a**hole is something one simply cannot turn off.

Boss says ok, he’ll send an offer letter and NDA agreement, etc. Tim bites [for 6 mil]. We sold the company 6 weeks later for 28 million dollars total. F*ck you Tim.

Update: No, Tim was not happy when he found out. No, he could not do a damn thing about it.

Update 2: I should mention that my boss and a few of his friends pooled the money to make the buy. They were not acting as part of the bank. Any offer they gave was part of private negotiations, as a counter party. Tim should have hired his own bankers. He didn’t.

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21 and 14!! ❤️❤️❤️

14)Where do you feel safest?

Old growth forests, ideally with clear pools/freshwater.♡ I finally live somewhere where I feel safe too. I wish everyone the same.

21) Do you have any strange, seemingly useless talents?

I probably have more than I can think of!! I’m hypermobile so I can bend my body, especially my hands/fingers in terrifying ways, but I’m starting to syndrome so that sucks ;-;“ I’m really good at mimicking people and odd noises/singing voices especially. I remember every hike uniquely. None of them blend together. I can close my ears internally with my ear muscles /using no hands. My canine teeth and molars are extra sharp, and I can partially unhinge my jaw like a snake. I remember three to four dreams a night on average in excruciating detail, and they’re always intense stories or odd astral episodes. Ummm… wtf is wrong with me…??? So much extra.

Thank you so much for asking these bb!! I really appreciate you ♡♡♡♡♡

Falsettos characters seeing Falsettos

• The show is BASED on their lives
• Meaning Whizzer didn’t actually die, but in the show he does so it’s more dramatic. (He’s really just HIV positive)
• They also live in modern times but it’s set in the 80’s to have Whizzer’s death makes sense.
•Marvin tries to convince everyone (including himself) that The Chess Game is exaggerated even though it wasn’t.
•He also tries to convince people he didn’t say “you’re looking sweeter than a donut.” When he totally did.
•Marvin’s also the first to cry during the show because he can’t imagine if that really happened.
•Marvin, Whizzer, Mendel, and Jason try to recreate Four Jews in a Room Bitching but sense none of them can sing it’s very difficult.
•Whizzer is the only one who doesn’t cry during the show
•Mendel is the ultimate Falsettos fanboy and has 1000000 posters
•Whizzer sees the collection and says “isn’t that a little bit conceded because you’re one of the main characters of the show?” And Marvin’s like “you have no business telling anyone THEY’RE concerned.” And they start to argue while Mendel’s just sitting there stroking the Falsettos pillow he bought from Etsy.
•Charlotte and Cordelia belt the songs in the car
•Jason at first is like “what? Musicals? No!” But then becomes hooked when he sees it.
•Trina is bragging to all the surrounding housewives like “yeah MY family got our OWN musical based on US and OUR family!!!!!! No big deal. Oh,,,,, so what have you been doing????”

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It was a lot of rubbish over nothing. At first I was pointing out that I found it annoying that yet again a post about him was made about his sexuality, rather than it being about his talent, and then it turned into me being apparently biphobic because I wanted to "deprive people of the knowledge he was bi" which is something I personally disagree with anyway, and ofc the whole adopted thing which came of nowhere which i'm still confused about. I said it was a mess, they got offended and yelled.

They tend to, don’t they?

First things first, I’d like to correct a couple of things, because 90% of the comments are bullshit, and people keep spreading false information and it annoys me. 

Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Not Sri Lanka, Zambia or other weird things I’ve heard before. Here is a photo of his birth certificate… just in case. As you can see, his birth name is actually Farrokh Bulsara, but that’s not the point.

Many people talk about his heritage. This is very important - he was Persian. So if you want to shove it down people’s throats (”your precious white singer was Indian!!!)”, at least shove accurate information down their throats. Also, don’t. 

“To an English mind, Asian means Indian. It doesn’t in Freddie’s particular case, he was Persian by ancestry. He was accused of denying his Indian heritage. I don’t think he ever did, but if he did, it would have been because he was Persian.” -  Roger Cooke, his brother-in-law.

“Freddie was a Parsee and he was proud of that, but he wasn’t particularly religious.”  - Jer Bulsara, his mother. 

And just for the record - no, he wasn’t adopted.

Fast forward to 1974. Killer Queen becomes a major hit - and for a very good reason. Freddie rarely explained what his songs were about, but this one is an exception.

“It’s about a high class call girl. I’m trying to say that classy people can be whores as well.” - Freddie Mercury, 1974.

I know he said that he’d  “prefer people to put their interpretation upon it”, but there’s a difference between “it’s about a drag queen” and “he’s singing about a woman so he must be into women”. He also wrote about bicycles, but that doesn’t mean he wanted to bang bicycles. 

And now, to the most annoying topic: his sexuality. I hate talking about this, because you know what? it’s none of your fucking business. No, it’s not “bi erasure” and no, it’s not “depriving people of the knowledge he was bi” - it’s bullshit. You don’t know. You assume; it’s not a fact, and it never will be, because it was his private life. He didn't talk about it in public, and therefore - you don’t know.

Stop spreading your speculations and call them facts. 

You want to know what the facts are?

  • He had girlfriends.
  • He had boyfriends.
  • (He also had cats).
  • It was his life, not yours.
  • THAT’S IT.

I don’t know if he was gay. I don’t know if he was bisexual. I don’t know if he was pansexual. I don’t know, and neither do you

A while ago I posted a gifset about Freddie’s smile, because I fucking love his smile. I think it’s wonderful and beautiful and can light up the room. You know what happened? people started talking about his sexuality. Again.

Freddie was so much more than your fucking poster boy. He was a brilliant musician and an incredible human being. He was sweet and caring and loving and beautiful and incredibly talented.

He chose not to come out. He chose to keep it to himself, and you DON’T have the right to decide what he was. Grow the fuck up.

So yes. I agree with you. You’re not being unreasonable, darling. Not at all. 

Ro'Meave headcanons

-Zianna is half French, half Japanese
-She was born in O'Khasis, a small place in France

-When she was a pre-teenager, she and her parents moved to America, where she met and befriended Sylvanna and Eric
-When she was a young adult, she moved back to O'Khasis, keeping in touch with her friends via letters
-Around the same time she moved back, a young American man named Garte moved to France and met Zianna

-The two fell in love

-Few years later, Garte and Zianna both live in O'Khasis and are happily married, with three children

-Zane and Garroth actually have French as first language, and English as the second one

-Vylad used to have problems learing to talk, so when he finally got the hang of it he had a lot of to catch up on in not to much time, otherwise he would be way behind his classmates and brothers with language

-Nobody is sure if he first understood French or English

-After a few years, the family moves to America, close to Garte’s family and, on insist of Zianna, in the neighborhood her best friend and her daughter Aphmau live in

-Now, a whole lot later, the brothers sometimes talk in French to eachother to confuse the others

-Don’t ask Garroth and Zane to whisper French in your ear in a smooth voice. Laurance and Gene(I’m Zene trash) asked once, and getting that red can’t be healthy

-Zane and Garroth once got Vylad an ocarina for his birthday, he still plays it to this day

-Zane didn’t have friends before Aphmau, so he used to have more free time than people who hang out with others, and he spend that time learning how to play piano and violin, and he sings when he’s sure absolutely NO ONE can hear it

-None of the three brothers are straight

-We all knew that crazy horse girl in third grade.

-You know, that girl that has horses on her walls, reads books about horses, can flawlessly draw horses, and is overal obsessed

-Zane was one of those in third grade

-Garroth always has had a thing for birds and feathers

-Vylad is currently traveling somewhere in Asia

(Welp you got your wish here you go!)
Status:single and is about 5.1ft
Personality:Shy,sweet,easy to get her mad,scared of tall people some time,gullible and easily worried.
Likes:Singing,candy and cake,tea and music
Dislike:Bullies,bugs,water and spicy food.
Favorite food:Cheesecake
friend:Doll,bendy, and human bandy
Trust:Doll bendy
Crush:none (yet x3)
Creator:Maria-P (not going to put my last name. -~-)
Disability:Depression,anxiety and can’t remember much.

Background:she was just a simple human but committed suicide she was in deep depression but part of her didn’t wanted to leave her dear friend bendy alone so what happen next was a mystery!
(I hope you like her! She haven’t seen bendy yet she with mute now cause well she doesn’t know how to get back home yet so she going to every blog to find her dear old friend bendy.)


First of all I’m thankful that I woke up today. I’m thankful to have made it this far in life with the people who I care about the most. I’m thankful to be in a position where I can be creative , but I’m more thankful for all the struggles I had to go through just to get to where I am. Being 16 singing in a SCREAMO band riding around In a van across the US and Canada living off of 75 bucks a show split between 7 people. I’m thankful for those times when it always didn’t come easy. And I’m thankful for the ability to constantly find and create new barriers because really really great things don’t always come easy. But most of all I’m thankful for the people who I can call my friends and family today because without them none of this would have been possible and more importantly this journey wouldn’t have been what it was without them. But that’s the point, it’s all in the journey; how you get there not when you arrive. My journey is still continuing and its not going to end any time soon. I’m just thankful that I can share it with great people like yourselves.

Drunken Mind, Sober Heart

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Anonymous said:
Hi there! can you write a scenario for Dean where he came to your house drunk and starts confessing to you that he likes you since day 1 of meeting each other. Please and thank you!!!

“Can’t you sing a pitch higher?”

“You’re off key!”

“You got the lyrics wrong.”

You were one of the many people that DEAN produced for. He was awfully strict with you, and just you. None of your other members received the same treatment, it was only you.

After a million other corrections, it was finally time to go home. You guys said your goodbyes to Hyuk and started to leave.

“Let’s go eat somewhere!” one of your members suggested out of the blue once you guys got pretty close to your dorm.

You all decided on just going to Hongdae to shop and to eat from the many food stands there.

You saw your long time friend Hyoseob as you guys were walking around and excused yourself before rushing towards him with a big hug.

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I am 5′7″ or taller
I wear glasses
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing
I have blonde hair 
I have brown eyes
I have short hair
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have had braces
There is something i would change about the way I look


My Hogwarts house is: Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin (I’m not into HP so none :P)
I am an introvert
I like meeting new people
People tell me that I’m funny

Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges
I’m playfully rude with people I know well
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it
There is something I would change about my personality


I can sing well
I can play an instrument
I can do over 30 pushups without stopping
I’m a fast runner
I can draw well
I have a good memory
I’m good at doing math in my head
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch
I know how to throw a proper punch


I enjoy playing sports
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else

I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week
I work out at least once a week
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months
I have drawn something in the past month
I enjoy writing
Fandoms are my #1 passion
I do or have done martial arts


I have had my first kiss
I have had alcohol
I have scored the winning goal in a sports game

I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
I have been at an overnight event
I have been in a taxi
I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country
I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts


I’m in a relationship
I have a celebrity crush
I have a crush on someone I know
I have been in at least 3 relationships
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them
I get crushes easily
I have had a crush on someone for over a year
I have been in a relationship for at least a year
I have had feelings for a friend


I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”
I live close to my school
My parents are still together
I have at least one sibling
I live in the United States
There is snow right now where I live
I have hung out with a friend outside of school in the past month
I have a smartphone

I have at least 15 CDs
I share my room with someone


I have breakdanced
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now
I have punched someone in the past week
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today
I know what I want to do with my life
I speak at least 2 languages fluently
I have made a new friend in the past year

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See that shitty drawing? I made that.

It’s obvious drawing isn’t where my talent lies. At least not mostly. I’m a writer, I love writing, it’s my passion and my focus. I remember before I ever actually became a content creator I always thought there was something different, that the other person was more motivated or special then me, more talented etc. Now I know better, now I know content creaters, artists, writers, we’re all just human. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, think I’m different from you? Nope, look up top, it’s kinda obvious I’m flawed just like anyone else. But really, there is none, and that’s very very important to remember you guys.

There’s no difference between me and you, I have my talents and weaknesses, the above picture is proof of that . You can do it, and you should do it. Maybe the idea is stupid, maybe your drawing isn’t up to par or your singing is a bit scratchy, but you should.

The world is a big, and talented place, each and every one of us has a talent, and people deserve to see it. Think of it like voting, you won’t hope to see a new president that’s different from the last, if you don’t vote to make that change. Want to see a change in the world? Post your ideas and opinions, the world needs to see that, or else your thoughts will remain stifled forever. Want to see a change in the entertainment industry? Write a letter, do the thing. Wish you were like one of your favorite artists? Tumblr famous? Had a popular Youtube channel? Do it. Do it because if you don’t there’s no hope for it.

Who cares if it stinks? That’s up for the people to decide, not you, so post it. Post it, and share your thoughts, your talents, Because we’re all human.

It’s important to accept that you won’t be perfect, won’t be amazing at it all. I can write, but my writing isn’t amazing, and I can’t draw to save my life. I’m human, so are you. Accept that, and do what you do apologetically.


I’m dead… 

No… I’ve been murdered. 

I’ve been murdered cruelly but also so sweetly and kindly. 

I hate this death but I love it even more. 

Who are my murderers? Well, it’s none other than BTS of course. 

 Choice of weapon: sexiness, confusion and more sexiness and more confusion and triple the talent. 

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 Honestly though, I am so happy with this comeback! So happy, it’s insane. At first j was scared because of the Amazon preview of ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’. It didn’t really sound appealing to me at first. But after hearing the full song: this song is amazing. Beautiful. Different from their other works. 

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 The music video is also fantastic. It’s shot so beautiful, I sweAr that this is visual porn. Just the shots without the members antics is porn. The idea of the music video is too confusing for my poor, poor mind but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I don’t know how the short movies connect to the music video( I’m looking at you brilliant ARMY detectives; please help as clueless ARMYs!)

 And the members, oh boy the members don’t disappoint! They are actually doing a sexy music video and all look fantastic and alluring. 

 First, lets start with Kim Namjoon.

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Oh my this man… Can we just take a moment to appreciate his voice? It’s so smooth, so beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to 'Reflection’! This precious leader is so sweet yet so good looking and so talented with his sick flow. In fact, that’s why there was smoke. His insides where burning from spitting fire for so many years. 

 Then there’s Kim Seokjin. 

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Ok, first: Where are Jin’s lines at? But otherwise, if people don’t stop sleeping on Jin after this music video, they probably never will. Why? Because they are dead. So they can’t ever wake up and appreciate the beauty that is Kim Seokjin. His acting here was top notch! I could feel the raw emotions: the confusion, the wonder etc. His face tells of and so do his vocals. He really is phenomenal. Jimin may be better at pulling of sex appeal, but emotions are best shown by Jin, in my opinion. The others are getting there, but Jin’s acting really is the best( once again this is just my opinion. Acting is subjective so you can have different opinions! Which please, be free to express!) 

 Next, of course, is Jungkook. 

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Our beloved maknae is all grown up and sexy. His voice is amazing and just made me wanna dance! It’s funny how he goes from cute maknae to adult. But other than that… Jungkook did great… Like always! 

 Let’s not forget Kim Taehyung! 

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The hair looks great and so do the contacts( although I have to say that I do Prefer brown hair and brown eyes). Once again, his vocals are so good. So much better than growling, in my opinion. His acting is also great.

 Next is of course Park Jimin

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I’m sure that had I ever believed in biases Jimin would have been the biggest bias wrecker ever… Especially after this music video. After all Jimin just reeks of sexiness in 'Blood,Sweat and Tears’ literally reeks. I have no idea how someone so unintentionally cute can transform into a sexy beast( even though, for my taste, his makeup was a bit excessive). Unbelievable… Just unbelievable. 

 Then there’s Jung Hoseok.

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Our beloved young man was amazing. His dance moves, expressiveness and looks were all amazing. And his voice fit this song so much. Especially during the chorus part. He just sounded super right for this type of song! In fact, maybe he is the most fit for this song, in my opinion. This is J-Hope’s era!

 Last but not least is none other but one of my saviors- Min Yoongi.

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 I mean… Do I have to say anything about Min Yoongi? Is it not obvious that he is perfect in terms of everything( well… Maybe except from singing…) Firstly, I’d like to mention the superficial point of view: Can we please appreciate Min Yoongi in black hair? Is it not heavenly? Second, his outfit though… Thirdly, his rap skills are phenomenal. So gripping.

 And of course, lets all appreciate the little yoonmin moments in the music video.(I ship so many people in BTS, bromance or not, it’s insane, but recently I felt like the yoonmin well had been a bit dry so this made my mood!)

 So in conclusion, fantastic job!

 Once again BTS does not disappoints and I definitely love this sound( I have to admit it’s the most… Western sound I heard from them as of late… And it’s great inspiration/ influence for them). The music video is gripping, the song catchy, the visuals beautiful, so what more can one what?

 Great job BTS! Can’t wait to get the album and hope you win a lot of awards! You deserve it!

 My fellow ARMYs, lets support the shit out of Bangtan!

Thank you for reading!

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1. Wake up at 5am or wake up at 9am or wake up at 1pm. You don’t need to wake up at the time someone else tells you to wake. Some people like seeing the sun rise when they get up, some people like seeing the sun shining bright in the middle of the sky when they get up. You decide. 

2. Drink coffee. Drink tea. Sometimes drink both one-by-one. Some days drink it black some days add too much milk. Somedays you can add too much sugar and some days none at all. But drink tea, and drink coffee.

3. Write your heart out, or draw your heart out, or sing your heart out, or paint your heart out, or dance your heart out. Just do something - one thing - until you’ve poured your heart out into it. 

4. Cuddle with your pillows, your stuffed toys, your bedsheets, your old sweaters, your mom’s sweaters, your dad’s sweaters, or sweaters in general.

5. Read a book. Don’t read just any book. Go to the bookstore and spend as much time as you want. You may take 1 hour or you might take 6, but take your time. Look for that one book you want to read; that one book you really want to read. 

6. Decorate your room. Make silly cut outs out of old cardboard. Randomly splash paint on your walls. Take down old hangings and put up new ones. Add pictures. And plants, lots of plants.

7. Get rid of old clothes. You can give them up for charity or to your younger cousin or you can dump them in the dumpster. But first, take them out of your closet, where they have been for more than a year. In them lie the memories of when you were different, your memories from when you wore this shirt every third day, the memories from when you sat on the grass with that someone and the wet soil dirtied your shorts but you didn’t care. Take those clothes and neatly fold them, like how your mother taught you to fold clothes that day when you told her you’ll move out soon, and she smiled and told you how you can barely fold your clothes the right way and can’t even keep your room tidy. Take them and put them all in a box and label it ‘memories’. Then get rid of it. 

8.  Hug a lot. Hug your mother, your brother, your father, your sister, you friends, your aunt, your uncle, your cousins, everyone you know and are comfortable with. Hug people. 

9. Wear hoodies all day, or wear a cute dress all day, or wear PJs all day. You can wear your baggy pants and a t-shirt when you go shopping for groceries as well as when you go shopping at the mall. You can wear a dress for when you go shopping for groceries as well as when you go shopping at the mall. Buy the same t-shirt in 3 different colours just because you want to wear it everyday or buy a dress and wear it once because it only looked nice for that one time. Wear shorts or jeans or skirts or pants or whatever you want. You decide what goes on your body. Not anyone else.

10. Say sorry to yourself. For every time you’ve said no to a slice of cake, to pizza, to that pastry that looked so good. For every time you’ve looked at magazines and imagined your face on the figure of the model. For every time you’ve stood in front of the mirror and imagined how you would look if you lost a few pounds. For every time you’ve sucked in your tummy and held your chin a little higher. Say sorry to yourself.

—  Dia Tiwari on How to Find Content
3 Strikes

pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 all

When Iris sang, the world shattered to a standstill around her.

Windows broke, children froze, and candies exploded. Stuffed animals found themselves knotting up and shredding their seams, and the very air around her seemed to crackle with angry energy.

She’d like to say that this was nice, that she could sing and get boys to leave her alone or that she enjoyed breaking stuff, but none of it would be true. Her voice was a curse.

And Nathaniel, bless his heart, knew that.

“Come on Iris, I think you should try out for this band! Your voice is amazing, and people deserve to hear it.” Even his voice is smiling at her, and while she does know her voice is pretty, she also knows the repercussions that come with it.

“Nate, you know why I can’t. I’ll break something and they’ll laugh at me! What I need is a job where I don’t have to talk.” She sulks harder, face sinking into her folded arms.

“No one is going to laugh at you.”

Six Things I Hope I Learned in My Twenties

I turn thirty tomorrow! Here are the things I spent the last decade clumsily learning. I might well continue learning some or all of these til I die, but here’s hoping I’m done. 

1)         Don’t spend time with people who bum you out.

This goes for lovers, friends, colleagues, and even family members. Life is short, and you don’t have time to feel insecure, bored, angry, depressed or anxious. If you habitually feel that way in someone’s presence, locate the nearest exit and run.

Loving someone is not an excuse to allow them to bum you out.

This goes double for romantic partners. Either they need to stop bumming you out, or you need to stop being around them. You do not owe anyone your presence (with the possible exception of your children), and nobody has the right to make you feel bad.

Finally, it’s not important to have a rationalization, for yourself or for the bummer in question, about why you will no longer be spending time with them. Everyone has a right to seek happiness; yours tends to be in rooms where they are not. It’s nobody’s fault and nobody can fix it.

2)         The fear of failure can only be cured by work.

There is only one thing I’ve found that quiets the clamoring of the demons in my head (the ones who tell me that I am an awful talentless boring lazy failure): sit down, pick up the guitar, and work.

Drugs and drinking used to quiet them down, but then I’d wake up and the clamoring was louder. Success, also, seemed like it might work, when I saw it in the distance from the valley below. Now, I’m no rockstar, and I don’t own a yacht; but I do the thing I love and I get paid for it, and I’ve played some really cool gigs and hung out with a bunch of my musical idols. So I tell you this with relish: none of those things worked on the demons either.

The demons don’t care who I’ve opened for or how much I got paid. They also don’t care about any of the work I’ve made in the past.

The only bludgeon I can beat them with is the work I’m making right now, this very minute.

So when I hear them running down the corridors of my mind, scratching the floorboards and chewing the furniture, yipping about every humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me, I go find a quiet room, and I sing. 

3)         You can’t make people like you.

Some people are assholes, some are aliens, and some just aren’t that into you. One of the biggest time-suck mind-fucks I’ve ever stumbled into (repeatedly) is the one where I say, “Wait, you don’t LIKE me?? Well you must not KNOW me very well. What if I do this little DANCE for you? Wearing this gorgeous MONKEY SUIT? I can SING too….”

But alas, there is absolutely nothing you can do to make somebody like you.

Absolutely. Nothing. 

How many things was that, again?

Zero. Not even one thing.

You might as well get a slice of pizza and watch a movie until the sting subsides, then go out and meet somebody who’s not an alien.

4)         Scenes are for suckers.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time imagining what it was like to live in a creative hotbed, like Paris in the ‘20s or Greenwich Village in the ‘60s. At sixteen, I moved into an intentional community in Eugene with a bunch of other musicians and artists. Then I hung out with musicians and dancers in San Francisco, and later Philadelphia, looking for “my people”. Finally, I moved to New Orleans, where (I imagined) the streets were paved with songwriters.

Turns out, all the scenes I’ve ever become involved in have suffered from the same problem: they are petty, and gossipy, and rife with the sort of militant mediocrity that comes from too many people trying too hard to be liked by too many other people.

All of my favorite artists are inspired by a lot of weird quirky things, like some record they found in a junk shop; or a play by a Venezuelan farmer; or a thousand year old poem. They are not overly impressed by fame or hipness, and they are not easily convinced of the quality of whoever happens to be the king or queen of their local scene. They are good at spotting the kind of scenesterism that my friend Milton (quoting Randy Newman) calls “Big hat, no cattle”.

Being fully accepted by a scene requires you to suspend your critical thinking skills in favor of the ‘groupthink’ of your scene. This is the reason so many teenagers get involved in so many nasty, stupid shenanigans. If we are lucky, we grow out of our need to be accepted and liked by our local cool kids, and focus on our need to accept and like ourselves. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t look for people who motivate and inspire you, and offer you a sense of camaraderie and support. Problem is, it’s unlikely that those people will be geographically or psychologically localized. Have the gumption and persistence to seek them out, and be honest with yourself about who they are and are not. 

5)         If you’re worrying about doing it right, you aren’t.

This goes for pretty much anything worth doing: music, sex, writing, dancing, conversation, cuddling, and any kind of creative act. Self-consciousness turns off your heart and ignites the dumbest and most awkward parts of your personality. Trying to connect or create using your worry-brain is like trying to teach a dog to play piano: no amount of focus or persistence will make it happen. You’ve got the wrong guy for the job.

So, when you find yourself having performance anxiety, don’t try to do a better job. Try to stop worrying. Call a time out, have some tea, go for a walk, and start over.

6)         Your insecurities are boring.

All of us are plagued by insecurities, and haunted by their origin stories. Our moms were critical, our dads were absent, we got blindsided by loss and meanness and dumb bad luck. Nobody loved us the way we needed.

Now, we move through the world handicapped by all sorts of fear. We aren’t pretty enough, or smart enough, or good enough at love or music or hockey. We are bothers and hacks and washed up has-beens. We are lazy and perverted and everyone talks about us behind our backs.

But that’s everybody’s story, and it’s a boring one. Put it to bed and start a new one. 

Alright I did it pay up Mr. Nocturne


Haha, cool! Alrighty, then.

When it comes to movie quotes I’ve always felt stick with me, there are two, from the same movie, delivered by the same character.

(And I know some of you guys are going to make jokes about it, but that’s because you met someone who said they love these quotes and don’t live by them.)

Here they are, in video form:

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to read two books by Chuck Palahniuk. One was a short story collection of oddities and unique horrors wrapped up in one overarching story called “Haunted”. The other was “Diary.” 

No one has really read Fight Club since the film came out. Fight Club, as a film, gives you much of what you’ll pick up from Palahniuk’s writing, Even Palahniuk himself approves more of the film than his novel. Here’s a quote from an interview asking him his feelings about the movie:

“Now that I see the movie, especially when I sat down with Jim Uhls and record a commentary track for the DVD, I was sort of embarrassed of the book, because the movie had streamlined the plot and made it so much more effective and made connections that I had never thought to make. There is a line about “fathers setting up franchises with other families,” and I never thought about connecting that with the fact that Fight Club was being franchised and the movie made that connection. I was just beating myself in the head for not having made that connection myself.”

Most people who laugh at those who value the ideology of Tyler Durden and his lessons laugh because they feel people who recite them just want to be “tough” or “edgy.” Like with most of the media I cover on Night Mind, I come to say they’re missing the point entirely by seeing the surface and not the inner workings.

The actual Fight Club and the character of Tyler Durden are not about fighting, or “men being men,” or male pride, or anything macho and ridiculous like that. It is, instead, about the meaning and intent behind Tyler’s words (and the intent behind a certain character responsible for Tyler being on the scene we don’t know about for quite awhile in the story).

Potential squandered. Slaves with white collars. An eternal pursuit of material objects for the temporary satiation of a hunger that can’t bed fed by physical items. Working jobs you hate to buy shit you don’t need, working jobs you hate just to stay alive so you can one day taste freedom.

An entire generation raised on TV to believe we’d all one day be millionaires and movie gods and rockstars who, once it’s too late to escape from the vices built by the generations who designed the trap, realize that’s not going to happen and they were sold a lie.

You are not your job. You are not the car you drive. You are not your fucking khakis. You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world–which is to say, you are not special just because you exist, none of you people are, no matter what Mommy and Daddy told you. And no material possessions, no job, no amount of money or condoms in your wallet will change that.

You are not special because you were born. You are not special for what you come to own. You earn being special by what you do and what you inspire in other people.

Tyler Durden is, of course, a character that becomes less of a hero as the story develops, due to the nature of the same mental compulsion that led to our character meeting him. All things in moderation, especially powerful things.

It is extremely easy to lose sight of what it means in this world to actually stand for something and be something, to be special, when the entire world around you sells that concept pre-packaged, with a full flight plan for obtaining “special.” Buy into that plan and you lose sight of the mission.

And why does society want you to lose sight of the mission? Well… Tyler’s behavior towards the end of Fight Club explain that, as long as you can see the intention behind his actions.

Really, Fight Club is one of the first movies I ever saw that I could claim was Night Mind material. It fits the criteria very nicely. It’s not a “macho man” film–it’s every bit as much a work of art as Alantutorial, Unedited Footage of a Bear, and This House Has People In It.

(And now, I’ll make a separate post for favorite movies, because WHEW LAD THIS POST IS LONG)