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shawn’s smile

since I’ve finished all my exams, I decided to take a moment and create an appreciation post with all of my favorite shawn smiles because

 I just need to see his smile. It make me so happy.

none of these gifs or pictures are mine so credit to whoever made these beautiful gifs or took these wonderful pictures!

also i’m not sure if there already is a smile appreciation post but this is mine so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO

buckle your seat belt because this is gonna be a ride :)

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No Need to Worry

Enjoy this little idea that came to me about half an hour ago. 

Plot: H is grumpy and jealous but Y/N knows how to cheer him up.

Warnings: None. Might hint on some smut but not really. 

Gif of this angel isn’t mine.

“Joe is friendly, isn’t he?” 

A deep frown decorated his forehead as he murmured the words, the only give away that the question wasn’t meant lightly. For a moment I’d believed he hadn’t meant for me to hear at all.
I looked over at Harry who was sitting beside me in the back of a cab. His shoulders were tense and his lips set into a pout, his eyes focused out of the window and onto the streets and buildings rushing past us in the dark.
We were surrounded with silence as our cab driver didn’t seem to want music playing and anyway after a long and busy night Harry and I were glad to have some peace together. Although it didn’t feel too peaceful. 
Something was going on in his head and I was determined to find out what. However, Harry didn’t like prying. So I would have to be careful.
A smile tugged at my lips and I reached out to rest a hand on his knee. My fingers touched over the skin his ripped jeans left exposed and my smile widened when I noticed Harry trying to suppress a grin of his own when my thumb tickled him slightly. His hand batted at mine in a half-hearted attempt at disconnecting us. I giggled and let go.

“Joe is an alright person, yes,” I chose to answer. 


Harry shifted in his seat and I swallowed hard when now even the hint of a smile had disappeared from his features. I moved my hand to squeeze his thigh gently. 

“Are you okay, Harry?”

He nodded. When I kept staring at him in doubt he rolled his eyes. “M’fine, Y/N.”


Silently I unbuckled my seatbelt, careful not to let him notice. Then I leaned in closer and breathed a chaste kiss to his cheek, allowing myself momentarily to enjoy his warmth, his familiar smell and the softness of his skin, then I moved away again. My eyes focused onto the trees at the side of the roads we travelled on, all of them decorated with lights that made them shine. London really was one beautiful city. 

“I don’t like Joe,” Harry grumbled from beside me.

I let out a laugh. That didn’t take even half the time I had expected. “Oh really?” 

When I looked at my boyfriend his face was set into a hard mine and he breathed heavily. Both arms were crossed over his chest and one of his knees shook nervously. 

“He’s strange,” Harry explained, though his tone let me know that there was more. 

My body turned to his. I let my knees nudge his gently and lifted one hand to massage his left shoulder. My fingers felt his tense muscles and I sighed, unhappy he was so uncomfortable.
Harry looked at me briefly. 

“He kept touching you.” 

I cleared my throat, unsure how to reply. My head played through the events of the night, entering the restaurant, greeting all of Harry’s mates, sitting down with them and enjoying a meal with friends. It had been harmless, hadn’t it? Joe didn’t even sit close to me. 

“What gave you that impression?” I asked quietly. 

Harry hissed. Loud. 

“What didn’t give me that impression is what you should be asking!”

“Har-” I began but was quickly interrupted.

“He kissed your cheek when we came in, too properly and too long. I saw him squeeze your waist when he thought I didn’t see and I doubt he knows what his plate looked like, given that he stared at you as if you were his piece of meat he’d have tonight!”

A hand brushed over his forehead and only now did I notice that he was actually shaking. I was certain that if we weren’t in the confines of the backstreet of a car he’d explode in rage. His cheeks were flushed and his brows furrowed. 

“Harry,” I spoke soothingly, “He really didn’t seem that pushy to me.”

“Probably ‘cause you think he’s attractive.” 

Harry’s burning green orbs found mine and I shrunk back a little. “Now you’re being silly.”

He fell silent. My gaze was set on him with worry, trying to find out how to calm him when he would clearly not be swayed to believe into the innocence of his friend anytime soon.

“Harry,” I murmured, my hand moving to the back of his neck so I could scratch his hairline, “I love you.” 


I bit back a laugh. My fingers moved up and slightly pulled at his hair. Careful not to make too much noise so the driver wouldn’t be alarmed, I climbed closer to him so I could press myself into his side. The skin of his neck shuddered when my mouth found the shell of his ear.

“You’re the most handsome man I know,” I hushed and all seductiveness of my tone drained when I giggled. 

Harry whined and turned his head away, but he was clearly smiling, too. 

“Joe couldn’t possibly look as good when naked as you do,” I continued, feigning a moan, while my hand trailed up dangerously close to his crotch, “You always steal my breath, Harry. Make me crazy.”

It was when my teeth nibbled his earlobe that his entire body began to wind and turn, his smile and giggle now impossible to stay hidden. 

“Dammit Y/N. Can’t you just let me be pissed of at someone for once?” 

“Nope,” I laughed, “I like your smile far too much, my love.”

His eyes met mine, full of adoration and warmth and he leaned in, nudging his nose with my own. Harry’s arm found my back and he pulled me into him with a short yank. I giggled and embraced him tightly. He didn’t give me any time however, before his lips were attached to my own with needy kisses, almost as if we’d been apart for an undesired amount of time. I whimpered and secured my hold around his neck. His kisses had my tummy flutter and my skin’s heat increase. I could taste his desperation to be close and if we were anywhere else I might just have given in. 
But we were in a car. And a stranger could watch.

“Harry,” I urged, trying to disconnect his mouth from my own, “Wait.”

“M’impatient,” he groaned. 

“Oh I can tell,” I giggled, pushing his wandering hands away from my breasts, “But we’ve got to wait until we’re home.”

He pulled back at last, a pout on his pink lips and lust in his eyes. Harry could be such a boy at times. 
His body relaxed back into his seat and I drew back, only allowing my hand to stay interlocked with his. I let my thumb draw slow circles over his skin before bringing both of our hands up to kiss his. 

“We don’t have to hang out with Joe again if he made you uncomfortable,” I offered. 

Harry shrugged. “I would have thought you’re the one to find him uncomfortable.”

“I don’t,” I explained, “but he’s also not someone I desperately need in my life. Like I do you, for example.”

Harry smiled smugly.

I continued, “So it’d be fine with me.”

Now it was Harry’s turn to bring my hand to his mouth. My heart squeezed happily when he pressed a warm kiss to it. 

“Thank you,” he murmured, “for putting up with me. You know I hate going all caveman on you but something ‘bout him is just off to me.”

“I understand,” I assured him with a reassuring smile, “And a little caveman is quite nice every now and again.”

Hope you enjoyed that! 

Rest of my writings:

All of my stories sorted out:

A Jealous Heart.

Request from ??: So for a moment there I thought I knew who requested this but my brain was deciding to have a funny moment and I actually don’t know at all so apologies to the person I tagged that I shouldn’t have done lol! Tumblr rid of the message but this was the request: for Bucky to like the reader but he hasn’t told her as he always sees her with Steve and one day he catches them goofing around and assumes it is because they’re in a relationship even though Steve x Reader is a platonic relationship. Unfortunately because the request has disappeared I can’t remember what else was asked for so hope this is okay!

Jealous!Bucky x Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,225

Warnings: Swearing, acts of jealousy, but then fluff. I think that’s all! :)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators

Once again those beautiful [e/c] eyes had filled his dreams….ever since he had come to join The Avengers and he had seen you stood in the lobby of Stark Tower with the others to greet him he hadn’t been able to stop thinking of you. It was getting to a point now though that he would much rather have the torment of the horrific nightmares he used to experience on a night rather than the dreams that tortured him with something he knew he could never have.

You liked Steve. His best friend.

Every day the two of you trained with one another and every day he had to watch his friend spend time with the one person he wanted to. Life really was a bastard at times. Whatever higher power existed was making it very clear that he wasn’t allowed to have things that would make him happy….he didn’t deserve them.

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Dean & Muscles

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy! <3 <3

Word Cont: 338

Warnings: none

(gif is not mine)

It was a warm spring day and you were hoping to get some fresh air.  After a cold winter, you were ready to take in the beautiful spring scenery.  You opened the bunker door, taking a deep breath.  The sun shined down on you as the breeze softly blew your hair to the side.

“[Y/N],” Dean called over his shoulder.  “I need you to grab a tool for me real quick.”

You trotted over to Dean who was working under the hood of his Impala.  “What do you need,” you asked looking into the tool box at Dean’s feet.

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Killjoy (Teamiplier x NonBinaryReader) fluff drabble

Originally posted by markgrumps

(( gif not mine - beauties they are ))

(A/n): I thought this request was kinda cute tbh

Request:  Hey, you’re writing is really good! I’m sorry to bother you, but could I get a story about nonbinary reader being invited to a “girls’ night” sleepover with Kathryn and Amy, and spends the night super uncomfortable until they confess that they are not a girl, and so Kathryn and Amy immediately change it to a “no Mark, Ethan, Or Tyler is allowed” sleepover, they all have a good time? Thank you!

Warnings: None really, probably swearing tho



Two voices called out one name.

The person in question, yourself, made an effort to turn, but not to respond. You came face to face with Amy and Kathryn.

“You know what day it is?” Amy asked.

“Friday?” you guessed, offering a cheeky head tilt.

“Ding, ding, ding!” cheered Kathryn “And you know what the means right?”

Your shoulders instinctively went up and down, before you said a quiet “No…”

“It means girl’s night~!”

❆   ❆   ❆

How they captured you, you didn’t know. What you did know was that you were now in Amy’s bedroom, sat on the carpeted floor.

“So I have like three things planned,” said Amy “because I’m lazy.”

“One is watching a horror movie. Two, is doing our hair because I really want to  get my hands on (Y/n)’s hair. And three is messing with Mark.”

The blonde went down the list with ease. You would say you were only really interested in one, messing with Mark.

“Amy, you do know-”

“I VOTE HORROR MOVIE FIRST.” blurted Kathryn.

Her cutting you off was just bad luck. You wanted them both to know that you weren’t actually a girl. Though, you didn’t want to freak them out.

Amy beamed at Kathryn whom was beside you on the plush rug. She nodded in approval before skipping over to her T.V.

Grouping around its front as she pressed play, you gathered in your legs and hugged your knees. Sighing outwardly, the movie began.

❆   ❆   ❆

It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy their company, because you did; it was that you didn’t enjoy the movie.

It was cheesy and predictable and you were bored fast.

You wiggled slightly from next to Amy, catching her eyes.

“What’s up?” she whispered.

“Nothing really.”

The girl served you a sly smirk and said “Is it too scary? Want to move on?”

About to deny, you opened your mouth, but your words were replaced with a scream. Not your own of course, Kathryn’s.

The brunette girl thrashed momentarily, grasping onto your swiftly.

Once again releasing a sigh, you stated “That might just be best…”

“Okay.” Amy agreed, standing.

She went and turned up the lights.

Setting Kathryn back from you, you stood as well. Pawing at your arm, you opened your mouth pretentiously, willing to try again.

“Amy, I really should tell you something.”

You thought now would be a good time to break truth. But it seemed the other two thought now to be a good time to prepare the bed you will all be sharing.

“Okay, you might want to stop.” you said again.

Both in unison, Kathryn and Amy stared at you.

“I, ah..” you coughed “I’m not a girl.

By saying this, you thought that the whole night might get canceled. That even though you’ve spent less than two hours in this room, it would still be over because they wouldn’t want to have a sleepover with someone like you any longer.

“You mean…?” Kathryn questioned.

“I’m non-binary.” you admitted.

Instead of much expected awkward silence, you were greeted with heartfelt laughs.

“Oh, alright!” said Amy “I understand.”

“What?” you whispered. Quietly, you shuffled your feet where you stood, opposite to the bed.

Amy smiled to you and made her way over to your form. She gently placed both hand on either of your shoulders and politely held your eyes.

“If you are still comfortable with it, why don’t we just change it to a ‘No Mark, Ethan, and Tyler aloud’ sleepover?”

The blonde’s words were soft and comforting.

“If that’s okay with you, of course.” you countered.

Kathryn butt in with “Why wouldn’t it be.”

Eventually, you matched Amy’s bright grin and showed it to both her and Kathryn. It bled appreciation.

“Is it still okay to fuck with Mark and the boys then?”

“As long as you know how to swing a pillow.” explained Kathryn as she laid out some blankets.

“Fuck yeah I do.”


(A/n): hi yes I am terrible at keeping up with requests pls forgive

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Go Home

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader(female) is dating Malia and the reader gets nervous meeting the pack and “hides” behind Malia begging to go home and cuddle while watching Netflix.”

Ship: Malia Tate x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, anxious, cuteness, minimal swearing, cuddling, etc. (If you have a problem with two girls cuddling and kissing, do not read this and lowkey leave my blog) 

Notes: None of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Your P.O.V

I head into Beacon Hills High for another riveting day of class. Tossing my lunch and other useless items into my locker, I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist, kissing my cheek before pulling away to kiss my face. I giggle at the action, already knowing that it was my beautiful girlfriend, Malia. Malia and I’ve been dating for about a year and a half now, and I couldn’t have be happier. She brought me great join and made things easier on my life. As a partner does. Whenever we were at an event that required lots of talking, she was there to fill the void of empty space. And, considering that I am a very shy person, and Malia being a very vocal person, always had something to say. 

Not having a filter does that to you, I suppose. I clutch my books to my chest, grinning up at her. Our height difference being not so different. Malia kissed my cheek and lips again, grinning as I attempted to pull away from her. “Malia, not here!” I hissed but smiled. I wasn’t into public affection, not wanting to draw attention to myself anymore than I would need to. But Malia, well, she was a completely different story. She loved to put our PDA on the table. I knew her well enough, not only did she proudly vocalize it when I asked. But she adored me and wanted to show the world how lucky she was to have me. And, being a werewolf and all, liked to show territorial dominance over anyone dared to glance at my direction. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

She wanted to show the world that I was hers and she was mine. I intertwine my hand with hers, smiling. Malia grins back down at me, a simple action that I’ve fallen in love with. Whenever she looked at me, her smiles were soft, kind. A thing most people didn’t get the chance to see. I, being the lucky few. She walks me to first block class. I can’t help but glance at how beautiful she was, pure giddiness and adoration ran through me. Malia caught me staring once or twice, smirking to herself as I flushed red. When we got to my classroom, she kissed me goodbye and went to her class. I took my seat, still smiling from what had just happened. How could I have gotten so lucky? After class, Malia laced her hands with mine, stopping at her locker. 

“Okay, don’t freak out, but there’s a few people I want you to meet.” I took a step back, still surprised by her forwardness. “Who?” She grinned, the smile I’ve always loved. “My pack. We’re having a pack party and I really want to introduce you to them.” My heart stopped cold. I wasn’t good with meeting knew people. My anxiety and shyness has continued to let me explore. Deep down though, I wanted to make Malia happy. She noticed an internal war fester within me, wrapping her warm hands around my face, a small action that brought me great comfort. “Please, (Y/n).” She begged. “These people are like my family. Please come. For me?” I look into her eyes, her beautiful pleading eyes. Malia didn’t ask much from me so when she practically begged this from me, I knew these people must’ve meant something big to her. Sighing in defeat, I nod my head. “Fine. I’ll go.” 

Originally posted by rainbows-are-amazing

She giggles loudly, wrapping her arms my neck, kissing my face, profusely.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much! I’ll pick you up at seven! Bye, babe!!” She hops out of the school, almost giddy. I can’t help but grin at the sight. Deep down, however, my heart dropped at the thought of being with a group of people I didn’t know, and or associate with. God, what was I gonna say? Fuck, I’m gonna embarrass myself so badly.. I head on home, debating in my head on what I should wear. I spend the next three hours preparing lines in the bathroom, trying on, what felt like, hundreds, if not thousands of outfits. Finally being beyond fed up, I threw some black jeans on with a beanie, a batman shirt, a black jacket and some converse. Casual and fun? Right? Ugh, fuck it. I need to grow a vagina and woman up. 

My girlfriend needs me tonight, damn it. I ain’t gonna wuss out of this. I put on a determined expression, muttering already planned small talk in my head as a reminder. Glancing down at my watch to check the time, I sigh. 6:58. I spray myself with perfume before walking out, knowing that Malia would be exactly on time. Two minutes passed, and, like I predicted, she was right on time, as always. “Hey there, hot stuff. Ready for some fun!” She said, excitedly. I try to put on an equally cheerful expression, but my girlfriend being a werewolf and all, read my demeanor easily. “Yeah, so excited to have some fun.” I pop open my door, sliding into my seat. I can’t help but shake with nerves, my foot, unknowingly to me, continued to hop up and down as we drove closer to the party. 

Originally posted by flyngdream

As we pulled up, Malia took my face in her hands. I didn’t realize how beautiful she was until now, sporting a white shirt with a pair of light blue jeans and some high tops. Though her hair was short, it cascaded her face perfectly. Her face slightly brighter than normal, but I would assume it was the slight adjustment with her make-up routine. “(Y/n), your heart beat is really fast?!” She says, worriedly. “Deep breaths, babe. Look, I know I am asking a lot of you. But- I really want you to meet them. These people are like my family. And I have been dying to show you off to them and-” I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers, almost needy. Our lips mold together in a happy formation. When I release, her lips are swollen and Malia is completely in awe, literally breath taken. 

“Wow-” She manages to spew out. “What was that for?” I smile, pressing my hand to her cheek. “Malia, though I am very scared, half of the nerves come from you. What can I say, you make me nervous. But I am willing to do absolutely anything for you. Let’s go meet your friends.” She grins, giggly before kissing me again. I hop out of the car, sliding my hand in her palm to pull her back towards me. I kiss her again, more slowly this time. “You look gorgeous, by the way.” I manage to mutter to her. We lace fingers before making our way up to the house. The music practically bled through the windows and doors. Though I said I’d do anything for Malia, which is true, that didn’t stop my heart from racing. The second we reach the door, Malia hit the bell, smiling. Hoping she didn’t notice, I tried to hide behind her. 

A short girl with strawberry blonde hair opened the door, with pursed lips and a hard stare. Though her serious expression lightened greatly once her eyes fell on Malia. “Malia!! Finally! Where’s your girlfriend you keep telling us about?” Oh, fuck. Here we go. Malia moved to show me off to the girl who now eyed me up and down, as if she were scanning me with lazer vision. “Lydia, meet my girlfriend.” My cheeks heat up under her icy gaze. I force my hand out, muttering. “H-Hi, I-I’m (Y/n). Malia’s g-girlfriend.” She takes it, smirking back at Malia. “You got a good one. She’s cute. Come on in.” I sigh in relief, happy that the attention is no longer on me. But deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last for long. All of a sudden, a group of people came up to Malia. Shit.. Lydia takes the initiative to introduce me. 

“Guys, that’s (Y/n). Malia’s girlfriend.” Their gazes moved to me. Almost immediately, my face flushed and I swear I perspired through my jacket cause I was sweating so bad. “H-Hi.” I embarrassingly croak out. A short Asian girl smiled up at me, her arm wrapped around another boy who towered over her. Boyfriend, I would guess. “Awe she’s shy. It’s okay, sweetheart. We don’t bite. I’m Kira. It’s nice to meet you.” I take her hand, not daring to hold her gaze. “It’s an honor to meet you, Kira. A-All of you. Malia talks so highly of you.” The boy who’s hands were wrapped around Kira spoke, smiling slightly. He looked warm, welcoming. “I hope all good things. I’m Scott, by the way. We’ve actually heard quite a lot about you too.” My eyes went wide as I fidgeted with my hands. “Oh, really? L-Like what?” I say, nervously, glancing back at Malia with fear. 

Before anyone could speak, Kira jumped up, practically shouting. “Oh! You must be parched! Let me grab you a water!” I manage to mutter a quick thank-you before she comes bouncing back. I rather liked her. She seemed nice. As I was taking a sip, boy around the same height as Scott said, with a smirk, still piggy-backing off our previous conversation. “She said, and I quote, ‘My girlfriend’s pretty good at a lot of things. But my favorite quality has to be that she’s great with her hands.’” I choke on the water, completely surprised that Malia said that to them. But then again, it was Malia. I shouldn’t be shocked by her forwardness and filter-less vocabulary. Coughing, I clear my throat, completely flustered. “Good to know.” Malia giggled at my embarrassing state, wrapping her hand around my waist. “Between you and me-” She says towards the group. “If I thought she was good with her hands, I can’t wait to tell you how amazing she is with her tou-” 

Wide eyed, I covered her mouth. “No, no, no. W-We don’t need to finish that sentence.” The boy that spoke earlier, Stiles, rotated our conversation into the kitchen. There, we relaxed, ate and hung out. I only spoke when I needed to. And of course, Malia over-shared and continued to fill the empty silence with her unfiltered words. Not really bothering me as much as I thought it would. However, the only thing that worried me, was being with new people. It’s not like they weren’t great, because they were. I was just not accustomed to them yet. I lace my hand with Malia, whispering only so that she could hear, hoping that they wouldn’t listen in or pry. “Hey babe. Can we go back to my house and watch Netflix?” She glances back at me, pouting. “Awe, we’ve only been here for a few hours!” I sighed, pleading slightly. “Malia. Please. Can we go home and watch Neflix and cuddle?”

I continued, fidgiting. “I met them and they’re really nice and amazing. I just need more time to get use to them. I need more time to break out of this stupid shell. Until then, can we go?” Malia saw the pure desperation in my eyes, sighing before smiling back at me. “Alright guys, we’re gonna head out. We’ll see you Monday morning.” I waved my hand good-bye as we headed out. The second we left the house, I sighed in relief. Though, on the way home, I couldn’t help but feel guilt. “I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer.” Malia looked back at me with a small smile. “Don’t worry about it. I was kind of getting annoyed with Stiles and Derek giving each other the googly eyes. I am so proud of you though.” I asked, surprised. “Really?” She nodded, grinning from ear to ear. “Yeah, you are a rather quiet person and you took the risk to step out of your comfort zone for me tonight. Thank you.” 

I smile, softly. Feeling a lot better than before. The second we get back to my house, I pulled out the blankets and turned on my Netflix. As I turned around, I couldn’t help but giggle. Malia sat on the couch, curled up in a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. She looked absolutely precious. She slapped the side of the couch, grinning. “Pop a squat, babe.” I do so, wrapping my arms around her as she burrowed the top of her head in my neck. “Thank you.” I mutter, kissing her head. She looked back up at me, smiling. “I love you.” Grinning, I kiss her passionately. “I love you too.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

"Would it be weird if he did it to Sam"

quick platonic/romantic test that I did with my friend which is kind of eye opening

it’s called “would it be weird if he did it to Sam”

it’s super simple, you just take action or dialogue that Dean says to Cas and you think, “would it be weird if he said or did the exact same thing to Sam?”

try it with me

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Always and Forever.

Request from @melconnor2007: I was thinking something like the reader and Seb had been together for ages, and he was shooting a new film that had a sex scene the reader thought they actually had sex in the scene and didn’t know how it worked, she got upset and wouldn’t speak to seb, and ignored his calls, so he files back home to her, and reassures her and it’s really fluffy at the end, if that makes any sense

Note: Okay so this is the first bit of writing I have done for Sebastian Stan rather than one of his characters so I hope it is alright. I may have got a little carried away with it :)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 2,869

Disclaimer: I do not know Sebastian Stan in real life so, of course, I don’t know how he would react to ANY situation. This is just my take for a request I was given. Also none of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Originally posted by itsfuckingvampire

A ray of sun broke through the crack in you closed bedroom curtains and immediately it dragged you out of your restful sleep. You had never been a morning person but your distaste at having to crawl out of bed was even worse today. It was a day you had been dreading for two weeks now.

A day that had come by far quicker than you would have liked it to.

“Good morning beautiful.”

You were pulled out of your thoughts as an arm wrapped itself around your waist and pulled you closer to the warm body that had been sleeping next to you. The male whose lips were now so close to yours always did have a way of bringing you out of any negativity you felt. You swore even to this day, three years down the line, that he had some kind of special ability.

No one else had ever made you feel as good as he did…and most important of all he had never misled, hurt, or cheated on you during your time together. He was the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. But then you wouldn’t expect anything less from Sebastian Stan – Hollywood actor.

Millions of girls around the world would kill to have him in their life and yet it was you who had managed to steal his heart.

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Below the cut you will find 60 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Candice Patton. These gifs are all from her role of Iris West in The Flash’s Season 3. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats. This will be updated regularly.

You can find Part One (303 gifs) here.

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From Friendship to more

As the title says it, this is once again a imagine about friends becoming more than that. I have such a weakness for that. Also, this is a concept I have had saved for ages and is dear to me. I’m so happy I got the time to rewrite this one shot. Hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Plot: Harry and Y/N are close friends and have a rather serious conversation at a mutual friend’s party.

Warnings: None aside from some swear words, the mention of alcohol and lots of feels.

Gif is not mine, yet undoubtedly beautiful.

The guy that made my heartbeat’s pace speed up, was a tall and gorgeous musician whom I had only gotten to meet by buying coffee in the same shop as him.
Harry was the second friend I had found after moving to London to live on my own. One day after work, I had gone out to a small cafe where I ran into him. We hit it off right from the moment we met and he’d invited me to join one of his friend’s parties and had stayed with me the whole time to make me feel comfortable. Despite the fact that he was a famous superstar and anything I did seemed almost ridiculously plain and boring compared to him, once I began talking he always made me feel like I was the most important person in the room. That was the main reason for me to have fallen for him as easily as I had. Now, three months after our first encounter, my knees went weak from a simple smile.

My life in London had finally found its routine and as it was Saturday, I had plans to meet with mine and Harry’s mutual friend Hanna so that we could go to a party together. She was similar to the rest of Harry’s friends that usually attended the same parties as he did and  loved drinking way past her limit. I liked to keep it to a sip, which she found boring.

The minute we arrived at the party she had already disappeared and abandoned me to greet some of the people I didn’t know.

So here I was. In the middle of a party and surrounded by drinking people I didn’t know. I couldn’t have been more out of my comfort zone, until suddenly, an all too familiar curly haired guy came into view. When he spotted me a smile formed on his face and he quickly made his way over to me.

“Y/N, love! I was hoping you’d come tonight.”

I blushed and tried to suppress the giggle fighting to break free at his unintended innuendo and instead happily allowed him to hug me.

“Hi Harry”, I greeted him, hoping the dim light would hide my red cheek’s once we pulled apart.

“How are you doing? God, you look stunning! I’ve never seen you in a dress before.”

His eyes traveled up and down my body, his green orbs sparkling and I knew that there was no way the dim light could possibly hide my red face.

“I’m fine and thank you. You look handsome yourself.”

Harry pretended to pull at an imaginary tie around his neck before breaking into a laugh.

“Are you alright, as well?” I continued, eager to keep his attention on me for as long as I could before someone else would come and whisk him away again.

“I’m good, thank you,” he replied with a warm smile before looking down to my hand, “Don’t you want something to drink?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m good. Thanks though.”

“Okay,” he shrugged, “Well, I actually came ‘cause there’s something important I wanted to talk to you about.”


I nodded but Harry bit his lip, showing his hesitation.

“Just, if we could… not here.”

His voice had lowered so it was difficult to understand him due to the loud music around us. His stare bore into me with an intensity that had my skin shiver and heart skip. My thoughts raced and I tried to come up with a reason about what he could possibly have to say to me that it needed to be said in private.

“Ehm..,” I began, “yeah, of course. Do you-”


We were interrupted by Steve’s loud voice. He was one of Harry’s acquaintances and just like him, attended every party that was held. Steve fought his way through the crowd to us and wrapped his arm around Harry’s neck. If I hadn’t known any better I would have claimed I saw a flash of annoyance crossing Harry’s face.

“I need you to hook me up with Ana-belle! Right now! C'mon!” he slurred, clearly having had enough to drink already.

“Mate, I’m kinda busy. Can’t you see?” Harry huffed.

“Pleeaaasseeee,” Steve whined, “You know how hot she is and you promised!”

Harry gave me an apologetic look and I returned a small smile. “Go. It’s fine, Harry.”

“I’ll find you later, okay?” he asked and I nodded.


After Harry  disappeared and I was left alone, I decided to mingle a little bit. That was until I saw the last person I’d want to spend my Saturday night with enter the room, dressed in a tight fitting dress with her boobs showing off, an evil smile playing on her lips.

Her name was Ciara. She was tall, thin, blond and, in want of a better word, a bitch. I had a deep dislike for her ever since I had witnessed her try to kiss Harry. He had looked caught off guard when she had leaned in and pulled him down to her, so he had pushed her away forcefully. To this day, I found it surprising but didn’t question it. I didn’t want to ask him, too afraid that he only pushed her off because he waited for a more fitting moment to kiss her.

Ciara knew about me, too, and disliked me just as much as I did her. I had once overheard her calling me the pathetic tag-along of Harry’s.

To avoid Ciara, I escaped into another room where some guy shoved a drink into my hand, claiming it’d be the best thing I’d ever drink. The liquid burned going down my throat and I grimaced, but it did the trick and calmed me instantly. That was until a certain female’s voice squealed loudly.

“Harry! Baby, I haven’t seen you in forever!”

I bit my tongue and turned to where her voice had come from to find Ciara’s wiry arms wrapped around Harry’s neck and her face buried in his shoulder.

I tried not to look at them but it was like my eyes were clued on their hugging bodies. She might not have been that pretty, but like I said, she had a body most girls would kill for and looked undeniably great at Harry’s side.

Harry’s arms loosely rested around her slim waist as he returned her embrace that lasted much too long for my liking. She giggled and cuddled closer into his chest.

“You too, Ciara,” Harry said as he unwrapped her arms from him and gently pushed her away. She pouted her lips before smiling widely up at him and saying something I didn’t hear. He nodded and replied to which Ciara threw her head back and let out a loud and high-pitched laugh.

I sighed as she rested her hand on Harry’s upper arm and bit my lip. She moved her fingers in a stroking motion and leaned in closer while she spoke quietly to him.
Harry’s eyes were fixed on her when suddenly they moved and landed on me. I quickly turned my head away, embarrassed that he had caught me staring, but when I glanced back at him a few seconds later, Harry was still looking at me. He gave me a small smile and took a sip from his beer before he looked back at Ciara, who was still speaking to him. I took a sip from my own drink, which I still didn’t enjoy, and turned away.

I tried to find something I could entertain myself, yet found nothing. Now that Harry was occupied with Ciara and Hanna had abandoned me, I felt like it was a good time to leave. Just when I was about to look for Hanna to say goodbye, my trace of thoughts was interrupted.

“I thought you didn’t want a drink.”

I looked up and my heart skipped when I saw Harry standing in front of me, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it drinking,” I answered. “It’s more of a sipping. To be honest, the drink is pretty disgusting.”

Harry chuckled, took the glass from me and at the same time handed me his beer. “I know how many say girls aren’t supposed to drink this, but I’m sure we can make an exception of this stupid rule.”

“Thanks.” I smiled up at hime before taking a sip and then handing it back to him. “If I’d have to drink this fruit cocktail for the rest of the night this would definitely had been it for parties and me.”

Harry grinned. “Too bad I could prevent that. Would have given me an excuse to find you outside events like this.”

He raised it as if to toast me before bringing it to his lips as my heart dropped to my stomach.

“Are you-”


Harry and I grimaced at the same time. Of course Hanna had to remember I still existed the second I was alone with Harry. She was leaning against one of her friends, a shot in one hand and a bottle of what looked like vodka in the other.

“Dance with us!” she shouted. I was about to open my mouth to answer when Harry interrupted:

“Sorry, Hanna. Y/N already agreed to accompany me outside for a smoke.”

Hanna rolled her eyes and shrugged, clearly not too bothered about it before disappearing in the crowd again. I raised my brows at Harry.

“You smoke?”

“Course I don’t,” Harry answered, looking at me as if I were crazy. “I’m asthmatic, remember?”

“You just said-”

“Wanted to get rid of her so I can keep you to myself. Besides, we agreed to talk somewhere no one hears us.” He nudged my side, grinning cheekily when he noticed me biting back a smile. “Relax, I’m not gonna kidnap you or anything. And we’re only going outside of the building, don’t worry.”

He held out his hand and after a second of hesitation I reached out and took it. Harry wound his fingers together with mine and pulled me towards the exit. My mouth went dry at his sudden closeness and I could have broken out into a dance at how happy I felt. Heat rose to my cheeks when my gaze traveled to the bar where I met a cold, jealous stare following mine and Harry’s moves. Ciara’s piercing blue eyes lowered to the connection between mine and Harry’s hands before meeting my eyes again. Pure hatred radiated off of her and I quickly looked away to focus on Harry’s back so close before me I could feel the heat radiating off of him. I was with him and not her. She could hate on me for that as much as she wanted.

Once outside, Harry led me around the corner of the building. I flinched at the sound of a glass bottle breaking and noticed the small group of men, obviously drunk and smoking something that was clearly not a normal cigarette, standing on the other side of the road. Sensing my uneasiness, Harry gently pushed me closer to the brick wall and positioned himself in front of me so he was shielding my body from them. He gave me a reassuring smile and I relaxed. The air was cold and I was glad to have Harry this close next to me to share his body heat. Although really, I was never not glad to have him close.

“You don’t like Ciara do you?” Harry stated, saying it like he already knew the answer.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and bit my lip.

“What makes you think that?”

He raised his brows and smirked. He reached out and fixed one of the strands of hair that had fallen into my face back behind my ear. “I saw you looking at us and since you’re out here with me I figured it wasn’t me you were sending that death glare to.”

I shrugged. “Who knows? I may have.”

He fake gasped and I grinned.

“I may not like her all that much,” I admitted, “Why are you asking though?”

Harry shrugged. “It’s always good to know who dislikes the same people as I do. Says a lot about your character that you don’t try to appeal to someone like Ciara.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh please. As if you weren’t as into her as every other guy at that party is.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked as a frown took over his beautiful features.

In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure why I’d said it and yet I continued anyway, watching how Harry’s face fell with each word.

“You can’t tell me you don’t like her when you clearly enjoyed having her press herself against you only minutes ago,” I stuttered on, “Unless it’s because of her body. Which would be fine, really. She’s hot, so why wouldn’t you?”

A surprised gasp escaped my lips as my back forcefully hit the brick wall. Harry stood so close in front of me I felt his breath on my skin and goosebumps covered my arms when I pressed my hands to his shoulders to maintain some distance between the two of us. It did little though as his hands still clasped my shoulders tightly and his green eyes bore into mine with such fury in them I shrunk back.

“Why are you saying that?” he growled, “You know that isn’t true.”

Harry shook his head but released me again and took a step back, further away from me.

“Why are you speaking as if I’d be the kind of person who likes having girls rubbing themselves against their bodies? Is that what you thought of me all along? That I’m the sleazy pop star who feels up a different girl every night, just the way every damn magazine has been labeling me?”

He broke off and took a deep breath to steady himself. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t find an answer as guilt crawled up my throat, knowing I’d touched upon a sensitive subject. Harry pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Thought you knew better, Y/N.”

“That wasn’t what I was saying-”

“You implied it, though. And it’s beyond me how you could make such bullshit up in that head of yours. I’ve shown you what I’m like so that you wouldn’t mistake me for one of those asses 'cause I thought that maybe you and I would-” he trailed off and huffed as his cheeks turned red.

“Harry, I-”

“Forget it”, he interrupted. He took a deep breath and I swallowed hard when the falsest of all false smiles crept onto his face. “It’s fine, whatever. Let’s just go back, yeah?”

I frowned and reached forward to take hold of his arms, pulling him back closer to me. Harry didn’t react to my whine when he shrugged off my touch. I watched as he turned around and began to walk back to the building’s entrance. I huffed and cursed myself with every insult that came to my mind. Way to ruin our first private moment in weeks.


I jumped when one of the drunk men called out from across the street and shuddered when I noticed him making his way over towards me.

“What are you doing out here alone, little one? Don’t you need someone to keep you warm, baby?” His piercing eyes eyed me and I quickly began to walk into the direction of the door, but he moved fast and blocked the way.

“That dress of yours sure does look good on you. Reckon it’d look even better on my bedroom floor, though.”

“I’m sorry, but I need to go.”

He shook his head and stepped in my way once more when I tried to dodge him. Fear cursed through me.

“M'afraid I can’t let you, babe.”

“Y/N, are you coming?”

Harry came to a stop only a few steps behind the stranger, his voice calm but certain.

“Yeah.” I nodded and met the stranger’s eyes one more time before stepping around him.

This time he let me, probably sensing Harry’s hard stare on him. I smiled in relief when Harry clasped my hand in his.

“Lay off my girlfriend, alright mate?” Harry hissed.

The man, about half a head shorter than Harry, held up his hands. “Don’t think she would’ve made a memorable fuck anyway.”

Harry looked as if he wanted to bite something back but stopped when I squeezed his fingers gently. We turned and he led me back into the building.

“Thank you,” I mumbled, “This man really creeped me out.”

“S'fine,” Harry replied. The second we were out of the man’s sight he let go of my hand and went back inside the room where the party was held before I could say anything further.

I sighed and bit my lip. He was quick to surround himself by his friends near the bar while I stayed back. I wanted to cry. My stupid jealousy had ruined everything and I hadn’t even gotten to hear what Harry had wanted to tell me.

“Staring at him won’t get you anywhere, you know?”

I turned to Hanna who had appeared by my side.


“Saw you guys enter,” she replied, “I guess he told you and you declined?”

I stared at her, confusion written all over my face. She rolled her eyes.

“Harry’s told me that he wanted to ask you out tonight,” she shrugged and took a sip of her drink, “Don’t really get how you could say no. He’s so hot I would die to see him naked.”

“Harry wanted to-” I stopped and shut my eyes as it dawned on me just how much I had ruined.

I looked back into his direction where I caught him quickly turning away from me. Oh, no he won’t. I quickly pushed past the people mingling between us. Once I reached him I took hold of his hand and pulled him away from his friends and into the direction of the bathrooms.

“Oi, Styles!” one of his friends called after us, “Get in there!”

Harry stumbled along behind me and into the bathroom, his body flinching as I shut the door behind us.

“Didn’t know you were that strong, love,” he chuckled breathlessly.

“I don’t believe any of the things those magazines say about you.”

Harry’s mouth opened at my statement but I continued before he could speak.

“You’re so kind and heartbreakingly beautiful, especially with that short hair that suits you so well and if you want to know why I said all that about you and Ciara, then it’s because I try to come to terms with me never standing a chance when you could have her!”

My voice quivered and I looked away, embarrassed by my confession.

“I’m sorry that what I said hurt you. It was stupid and not what I meant at all.”

Harry sighed and let his body fall back against the wall opposite of me. We stared at each other in silence before he cleared his throat.

“Earlier, when I asked you if we could talk, it was so I could finally come clean 'bout something I kept a secret from you.”

He smiled softly, pushed himself away from the wall and came to stand close in front of me. I leaned my back against the cold wall behind me as he stepped impossibly close.

“I’m drawn to you, Y/N,” he murmured and gently caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. “You’re all I can think about, engraved into my mind every minute of every day.”

Unlike how it had been when I made it up in my head, there was no built up to his kiss. Harry leaned in the moment he’d finished talking and pressed his lips to mine in a hesitant and gentle connection. It felt odd at first, but then I was consumed by warmth and my lips moved easily with his as he guided the kiss, both hands holding my face closer to him. I gasped when he pulled away, my heart racing. A smile graced his beautiful face.

“The thought of you alone makes me feel like I’m never alone. You’re warm and sweet and everything good I know.”

Still only centimeters away from me, I leaned in and brushed my mouth against his once again, seeking another kiss. He moaned lowly as I bit his lip and deepened the kiss while I wrapped both arms around his neck.

“Had an entire speech prepared, you know?” Harry hummed against my cheek after we broke away once again. “Has vanished from my head now though.”

I giggled and wound my fingers into his hair. “I’m sorry. I know I kinda dragged you in here.”

“S'fine. Think the point of what I wanted to say was that I like you quite a lot,” Harry continued, brushing his nose along my jaw, “Think we’d make a pretty good couple.”

I hummed and scratched his neck. It surprised me how easy this felt, having him so much closer than anyone before. Even discussing whether or not we should get together was easy.

“I agree,” I whispered.


Harry leaned in again and kissed me deeper. His hands grasped my hips and pulled them against his own, making me gasp and steadying myself by taking hold of his shoulders. No matter how long we kissed, it never felt like it was enough.

“You’re so pretty,” Harry mumbled.

“Thanks,” I giggled breathlessly and leaned back so I could look at him.

“I mean it. How could you think I’d want Ciara?” he asked and shook his head.

I raised one hand and pressed my fingers against his red lips. “Please don’t. Don’t ruin this by talking about her.”

Harry laughed.

“Won’t ever mention her again,” he promised and sealed it with another soft kiss.


I smiled and Harry shook his head as he squeezed my hips. “Go out with me.”

My heart stopped as the words I’d always longed to hear from him escaped his lips. I nodded.


Harry shrugged. “Whenever you want. But first, let’s go show you-know-whom that we’re off the market.”

I giggled as he took my hand and pulled me towards the exit of the bathroom.

Thank you for anyone who took the time to read this! I’m not sure whether or not I should leave this be as a standalone part, or if I should write a follow up. Should you want a part two, please let me know!
Feedback is very welcome and so are requests.

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giorgoba  asked:

Heyy~ can I have a BTS when a famous beautiful, sexy and smart actress says that they are their celebrity crush? I'm sorry if it's awkward~


I thought ths request was really cute tbh, so don’t worry it’s anything but awkward :D

thank you for submitting your request, and I hope you like the raction I did for you :) 

Bts Reaction to being a beautiful actress’ celebrity crush


He would be flustered at first when he found out but he woud then go boasting about it, but he would compliment you on the way just because he’s a gentleman.

“Listen guys I’m the celebritiy crush of Y/N the outstandingly beautiful actress, so you ow me respect! I mean look at this beautifu face you can’t blame her!” he would say to the maknaes. 

Originally posted by hopeatuuli


When a MC would mention the fact that he was your crush, he would be really surprised. He wouldn’t understand why he was your crush but he would be flattered.

“Really? I didn’t know she liked me, I feel honored.”

Originally posted by daeguboy


While he was watching TV you suddenly mentioned having a crush on him. He wouldn’t believe what he had just heard and would start screaming and running around the dorm to inform eveyone of what had just happened.


this gif is seriously my fave of hobi :’)

Originally posted by rrapmonstur


He would be flustered when he found out from a friend of yours that he was your celebrity crush. He would be really surprised and happy by what he had just llearned and would give a smug smile to your friend telling her that you wouldn’t mind arranging something between you and him.

“Oh really? I quite lke her too tbh…”

Originally posted by pikakira7x


He would go all red when he found out. The MC would start asking questions about his thoughts on you liking him. He would be start giggling a lot and trie to hide his red face.

“Yah, stop it, I’m emebarassed enough.”

Originally posted by ynwaseokjin


When Jungkook told him he wouldn’t believe him and think that he had mistaken him with someone else. When he showed him the video of your interview where you clearly say that Kim Taehyung is your crush. He would be really happy and start smiling none stop.

“Who me?”

this is the funniest gif of taetae out there omg 

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He would be really shocked as well when he found out. When he was on a vriety show and the MC mentionned it he would be very modest about it, and say how shocked he was when he found out. But the whole time he would be quite shy about it, he would still be flustered about being your crush considering how beautiful and talented you were.

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(gifs aren’t mine credit to owners) 

Josh Dun request

you’re a make up artist on set and Josh always flirts with you and Jenna and Tyler tease him about it but he still admits his feelings for you

yes (I hope you like it)

*Gif isn’t mine*

Concentrated you order your make up brushes by colour and size before you start to clean your beauty blenders. Silently humming to the music playing in the background, you turn around and meet brown eyes.
,,Oh, hey Josh.“ You smile nervously.
,,Hey Y/N, do you have time right now? Or should I come back later?” He stands in the doorframe and you put your beauty blenders back down.
,,No I’m free, what’s the matter?“ You put your chair back and make a gesture with your hand for Josh to sit down.
,,I was just wondering if you could do the blurry face make up this time? I know I’m always doing it myself but I saw the make up you put on Ty yesterday and it was awesome!” He looks up to you and you blush, nervously grabbing on the edge of the table.
,,Are you sure? That’s your thing.“ You work for Josh and Tyler for a while now, and being on tour with them as a make up artist is more than you could ever dreamed of. When you started putting make up on others in the first place, you never expected to get that kind of opportunity. Touring with the boys was more than fun, especially with Josh, which you like a lot.
,,Trust me Y/N, I couldn’t think of anyone doing it better than you.” Josh winks and you let out a small giggle.
The yellow haired boy turned his attention to your make up stuff and looks threw your eye shadows.
You position yourself next to him and watch him pick a colour. He chooses a dark red, very similar to his usually eyeshadow.
,,You know, having me doing your blurry face make up really brights up my day.“ You chuckle jokingly and Josh hands you the primer.
,,It’s nothing special.” He shrugs his shoulders and you shake your head.
,,It is, thousands of girls would kill me to get this opportunity.To me it’s sort of a highlight.“ You bite your lip and try to control your shaky hands before grabbing a brush and poking it in the eyeshadow.
,,If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.” Josh says back and you shoot him a confused look.
,,Is that some cheesy pick up line you have from the internet?“ You try not to giggle too much and Josh lifts his right eyebrow.
,,Did it work?” He wiggles with both of his eyebrows and you just shake your head before applying some eyeshadow right under his eyes.
,,Not sure yet.“ You give him a playful look and he closes his eyes so you can finish his make up.
,,Oh look at my lovebirds!” Suddenly Tyler walks in and you choke on your own spit by his words.
,,What?“ You mumble blushing but Josh already got up from his seat.
,,Oh shut up.” He rolls his eyes and leans himself against a wall.
,,I guess we have to finish this another time, since Tyler won’t stop talking.“ He makes eye contact and you nod.
,,Sure, I’ll see you around.” You smile and overplay your disappointment that Josh is leaving already.
,,Hasta la Vista baby. It is Spanish ,and means ‘see you later.“
,,Oh my god Josh you didn’t tried to flirt with Y/N, your pick up line is disgusting.” Tyler squeezes his eyes shut and you give Josh a slight grin.
,,Do you want to join us for dinner later? Jenna, Tyler and I wanted to make some pizza in the tour bus. We can third-wheel together if you want.“ The drummer waits for your response and you chew on your lip.
,,Of course.” Your smile turns even bigger and Josh lets out a shaky breath.
,,All right, see you than.“ He waves at you before walking out the door, leaving you breathless. This boy definitely stole your heart.

You spend the time you have left by finishing cleaning your working place and applying some make up on yourself. The boys are on sound check and you have some time left till dinner.

*Josh P.O.V *

,,You really like her, don’t you?“ Tyler turns his head to the side so he could look at me while we were walking to sound check.
,,yeah I do.” A smile appears on my face as I think of Y/N and Tyler hits my arm.
,,Damn boy, she really got into your head. I can tell by your cheesy pick up lines.“ He laughs and I ignore him, so he will stop joking about me.
,,I mean, hasta la vista? That means ‘see you later’ in Spanish? How low is that?” Tyler shakes his head and I sigh.
,,You know I suck at flirting.“ Is all I say.
,,You really do.”
,,He really does what?“ Suddenly Jenna appears from the corner and walks towards us. After kissing Tyler and holding his hand he shrugs his shoulders.
,,We just talked about Josh’s horrible moves. He tries to flirt with Y/N.” Tyler wiggles his eyebrows and I lift my hands in defence.
,,Hey! She laughs about it, so it can’t be that bad. I make her smile.“
Jenna gives me a strange look before biting her lip.
,,What did you say to her?” She plays with the fabric of Tyler’s shirt and I chew on the inner side of my cheek, trying not to blush.
,,Just some pick up lines, not much.“
,,Not much? Dude you’re always flirting with her. I swear if you don’t do a move towards her anytime soon, I’ll have to kick you out of the band.” Tyler jokes and I groan annoyed.
,,I need time okay? And could we please stop talking about it? You two are annoying.“ I role my eyes and walk faster when Jenna starts to let out small giggles.
,,Look at our big boy, he’s grumpy now. Poor josh, should I call Y/N so you can try another pick up line on her?” She laughs and Tyler joins.
,,You know what? I’m going to tell her how I feel right after dinner so you two can stop making fun of me.“ I say slightly pissed.
,,Finally!” Tyler throws his hands in the air while looking up and Jenna gently taps my shoulder.
,,Go and get her.“ She cheers.
,,Oh shut up you two.” Is all I respond.
After finishing sound check and doing a great show, we go back backstage and I take my shirt of, just wanting to shower when Y/N walks in.
,,Oh my god sorry.“ She turns around and hides her face behind her hands.
,,I didn’t mean to walk in on you half naked.” She lets out a nervous laugh while I chuckle.
,,It’s fine, you can turn around if you want.“ I grab a towel and throw it casually on my shoulders, noticing Y/N stare.
,,Like what you see?” I jokingly say and she blushes.
,,I uh, better keep going. See ya.“ She smiles awkwardly before walking away and I smile to myself, knowing she liked what she saw.

* Your P.O.V*

You still feel the heat in your cheeks and sigh, You definitely have a huge crush on josh and seeing him shirtless doesn’t make it any better. Sure you’ve seen him performing shirtless on stage before, but never this close.
,,Hey you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.” Jenna joins your side and You rub your sweaty palms against your shirt.
,,Yeah, I’m just nervous.“ You give her a small smile and she lays an arm around your shoulder.
,,Why’s that?” She looks you straight in the eyes and you bite your lip, Jenna is a good friend of yours, you can tell her.
,,I have a huge crush on Josh and don’t know how to act around him.“ You let out a frustrated sigh and Jenna squeezes your hand.
,,Just be you, believe me thinks will work out.” She winks at you and leaves your side, leaving you confused.
You decide to change your clothes and go to the tour bus. You’re rather too early than too late.
After you put on some jeans and a comfortable but not to baggy sweater you make your way to the bus and knock on the door.
Tyler lets you in and embraces you with a tight hug.
,,Good to you see you.“ He gives you a kind smile and you nod.
,,Yeah.” You smile and he guides you to the cooking area where Josh and Jenna were already sitting on a table.
,,Hey Y/N!“ As soon as Josh sees you he gets up from his seat and hugs you. His hug is warm and tight and makes you feel safe while you hug him a bit longer than necessary.
After you greeted Jenna Tyler takes the seat next to her and you sit down next to josh. You feel your hips and legs touching and try not to blush. You’ve never been this close to Josh, and your heart beats like ten times faster than usual.
Jenna and Tyler are arguing about what topic to put on the pizza while Josh and you are looking at each other, exchanging small smiles here and there.
Suddenly he leans down to you and stops right above your ear.
,,Wanna go somewhere else? I think this might take a while.“ He points to Jenna and Tyler and You nod, a small wave of happiness washing over your body.
He gets up and helps you to get out of the small bench with gently grabbing your hand and pulling you up. Instead of letting go of your hand, he slightly blushes and guides you outside the Venue to a silent place. It was a beautiful place, no cars or other traffic around. Just trees and some rocks to sit on.
Josh lets go of your hand and takes a seat on a big rock. He faces the trees and sighs.
,,Sometimes, when I feel like everything gets too much I go up here and relax a bit. Even Tyler doesn’t know that I’m here.” He smiles and you bite on your lip, wanting nothing more but finally kiss Josh. He’s just perfect to you, and that he shows you his secret place makes your heart flutter even more.
,,Why are you showing it to me than?“ You ask a bit shy, not wanting to ruin the moment.
,,I don’t know, it just feels right.” He smiles up to you since you haven’t taken a seat and plays with his hands.
,,Everything feels right with you.“ He adds fast.
,,What?” Your eyes grow wide, not sure if you heard right.
,,I said that everything feels right with you. I hate that we see each other not so often, cause I like you. A lot.“ He gets up and walks towards you, your faces only inches apart.
,,Actually I like you more than a lot, I like you like, I don’t know. Like is not much enough. I love you Y/N. And it’s okay if you don’t feel the same, but I had to get this off my chest.” He doesn’t meet your eyes and you lower your gaze too. Without realising what you’re doing you grab his hands and intertwine your fingers with each other.
,,I love you too.“ You carefully pull him down to you and press your lips against his, both of you melting by each other’s touch. You have waited for this so long, and his lips just match yours perfectly. He pulls you even closer and lays a hand on your back while his other hand lays on your jaw, thumb slowly stroking your skin.
After a while you pull away, gasping for air.
,,Wow.” You stutter breathless more to yourself than to Josh.
,,Yeah, wow. I wanted to do this for so long.“ His lips forming into a big grin and you let out a laugh.
,,Me too.” You look at your intertwined hands and smile to yourself, this man was all yours now.
,,I guess I have to thank Tyler and Jenna later, without them making fun of me I think I’d never made a move.“ He lets out a chuckle and you play with the fabric of his shirt.
,,Well i think i have to thank them too.” You whisper smiling before leaning in for another kiss.

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          alycia debnam-carey
                                   gif icons

under the cut are #287 gif icons of the beautiful alycia jasmin debnam-carey, best known for her roles as lexa in the 100 and alicia clarke in fear the walking dead. none of these gifs are mine, i just cropped and edited them. all credit goes to the original makers. like or reblog if you use please !!

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✧ –– ❛ taapsee pannu gif hunt

under the cut you will find one hundred and forty gifs of the beautiful Indian actress, Taapsee Pannu who is best known for her work in the Indian film industries. None of the gifs belong to me, and were only collected by me. If you would like me to take them down, shoot me a message.

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Below the cut you will find 82 150 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Kiana Lede (Kiana Brown), as requested by anon. She is best known for her role as Zoe Vaughn in Scream: The TV Series. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats. There is a violence trigger warning for some of these gifs, but I have put them all at the bottom of the hunt. This will be updated regularly.

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