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Teasing Harry after putting your toddler to sleep "I'm glad our son got my good looks," and he just plays along with "none of mine?" You shake your head "nope, he's lucked out got all my good looks and all he got from you was the accent, so sad"

“So that dimple he’s got, all yours?” Harry’s smirking.

“Yep,” you say with a confident nod. “All me.”

Harry snorts. “He looks nothing like his handsome daddy, does he?”

You giggle, kissing his noise. “Okay. Maaaaybe just a little. He’s handsomer though

Harry’s face scrunches up. “S'that a word?”

“I think so….”

He kisses your forehead with a chuckle. “Lets hope he doesn’t inherit your grammar skills at least.”

And imagine in the morning when your son wakes up and he’s grumpy, you smirk at Harry. “That’s another thing he got from you– your attitude.”

so i think, just like everybody else in the phandom, i am 100% terrified of how many people there now are

but i think

my favorite thing 

would be

the amount

of new

and fucking amazing


that now


so even though

i am scared of the phandom’s size

the art is flawless

and i just wanna say

thank you so much for that

Okay guys but imagine

You know how in Young Justice they just kinda find superboy, and Superman/clark does the whole uhhh awkward clone of mine, I will not claim you, goodbye, live with the other teen vigilantes at casa HQ

Clark ignored Kon’s existence pm, not my kid not my problem, bc it was easier for him. He went out with Louis, saved the world, went to dinner with his parents and put the whole thing out of his mind

but imagine

imagine the disappointment with which Ma Kent regarded him when he eventually had to explain that she basically has a grandkid


who she has not gotten to spoil, but as if that weren’t bad enough, a gandkid

who has known no familial love or support and who lives with vigilantes and is technically a year old and change, but never had someone to tuck him in at night and possibly has never heard the words ‘I love you’

the steel and ice in her expression as she says none of this, just looks at Clark– or , better yet, looks away from him bc she can’t bear to look at him that is not the boy she raised, clark kent we do not throw people away because they’re not easy we do not ignore children or family because they’re not easy, clark, you were not easy, if your father was alive and found out a kid of yours came into this world– I do not care if it was intentional, do not interrupt me– and he found out you refused to take responsibility and made him feel unwanted or unloved

And she just kinda hoarsely whispers, tone steel, eyes red with the crying and yelling she’d done in the last hour, and her voice has 9x more country twang than usual, still not looking at him, “Clark Joseph Kent you bring me that child right now.”

And that’s how Kon met his grandmother and also the first time he had apple pie, the end

I just can’t stop loving you

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AN: The GIF isnt mine but i thought it would be fitting (And yes i know he is actually putting his shirt ON in the GIF and taking it OFF in the pic but you get the idea).

 I hope this is okay!

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Prompt:  Request Tony throws a party for the twins bday & they make a Karaoke! Y/N was the avenger (teleports & control wind) that was chosen to sing with Pietro (her bff who she was 😍❤ with)they have to sing “I just can’t stop loving you"MJ (much fluff)thx

Warnings: None

"Happy Birthday!” You all chorus as Pietro and Wanda walk into the room. They both give you all very shocked expressions. It was kind of adorable. The twins were not used to having anyone else to look out for them but themselves and  they never really did anything special for their birthday, so they were not expecting the rest of the avengers to throw them a party.

The party is a success, the twins were having a great time which made all the others happy.You were glad because you had become really great friends with the two, especially Pietro, And you had suggested that Tony threw them a party. The twins had adjusted well into your lifestyle, even if you had to explain random things to them every now and then.

“Karaoke time!” Tony shouts waving his hands in the air and tipping his drink everywhere. Oh no, you begin to plan that you will just say you need another drink and then you’ll teleport out of the room until. Well this was the plan until Tony pointed at you. “You Y/N. You’re going first!” He slurrs. He then points at Pietro “You too birthday boy. Sing with your lover”.
This statement causes both you and Pietro to blush. It was no secret to the others that Pietro liked you and You liked Pietro. However neither of you knew your feelings towards one another. ‘I’ll just teleport out of the room and tell the others in the morning that I had to puke’ You think to yourself. 

“Here you go Y/N” Wanda smiles passing you a microphone. Great. She read your thoughts. You sigh and take the microphone out of Wandas hand and make your way to the centre of the room. 

“What do you want to sing?”  Pietro asks, looking at you nervously. “Whatever” you reply. “oh-oh-oh” You hear from somewhere in the room and you see Nat walk over to the two of you and pick a song.
You both stand awkwardly in the middle of the room waiting for the song to start. All of a sudden you hear the opening of the song “I just can’t stop loving you” by Michael Jackson. You both spin around and look at the others who are crying on the floor with laughter. You shoot Nat a harsh glance and she winks at you. “Come on guys! I hear no singing” Tony remarks, making conductor motions in the air. 

You sigh and turn back to Pietro who gives you a concerned glance. You shrug your shoulders, close your eyes and begin to sing along to the music. Shortly after you hear Pietro’s voice accompanying you. You open your eyes to see him dancing along awkwardly to the song and you crack a smile. Boy was he adorable.
About half way through the song you and Pietro  begin to get more into it and are dancing around making fools of yourself singing to one another.


You both spend the majority of the night singing all of the love songs that come to mind, even after everyone else has gone to bed. 

Just as you finish another one of your favourite songs you both collapse on the sofa in a bundle. “Boy its hot” Pietro moans pulling off his shirt. “Wait I can help!” you remark using your powers to cause a gust of wind to pass by you two. “Ah, what would I do without you Y/N?” He asks looking at you lovingly. You stare at him a while, taking in just how beautiful he looks sitting there next to you. You really thought he looked perfect, even in his sweaty state. 

“You know” he says looking at you, ruffling a hand through his hair. “What” you smile, “this is the best birthday I’ve ever had” he gradually gets closer to you. “And you being here made it so much more special Y/N” And he leans in to kiss you on the cheek.

 Without even thinking you grab his face and pull him in for a kiss. The kiss is sweet, and sweaty, but still perfect. When you two break away you smile at him. “And it just got better” he states before kissing you again.  

Ahh! i hope this is okay?  Let me know what you think? Requests are welcome<3  ~Emma

okay. so this happened a little over a year ago. my sister brought home 5 foster kittens for community service, and we were supposed to try to find homes for them. i thought it’d be funny to put them on tinder to find them some hot owners. so i start talking to this dude. he went to a highschool near mine so we had some friends in common. he comes over to look at the cats (they weren’t old enough to actually take yet) and then he leaves. he texts me after asking if i wanna hang out. i say ok. so i go to this dude’s house. 1st red flag should have been that there was literally no furniture. none. he just has a bed. we still manage to have a good time. we talk about people we both know. everything’s cool. he wants to hang out the next day. ok. 

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okay so my thoughts after 5x18:
  • mason is most definitely not the beast like lmao sorry but no
  • Marie’s first assumption was that Henry was the beast (which turned out to be wrong); our first thought is that Mason is the beast because that is what we’ve been led to believe
  • Henry was hiding the fact that Sebastian was the beast in order to what? protect him? protect Marie?
  • this might be reaching but could Mason know who the beast is and is protecting them by hiding it? is he being set up? who put the sneakers in his car? are they even his?
  • Henry was crazy into the supernatural; he had allllll types of weapons and wolfsbane and mistletoe; Mason is also very into the supernatural. he is so here for finding out everything he can in order to help his friends

there are just so many possibilities and parallels here and maybe none of them actually connect and i’m just over thinking things but one thing i’m certain of is that Mason is not the beast

there is definitely more to this than we’re getting

lmao but this is teen wolf so what else is new