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theotherkevinsmith  asked:

Any ideas on how to run a rogue minus the murder? Specifically in 5e but ideas from other editions might be useful to homebrew. (Love the blog, btw)

Thanks, and yes! I’ve had a similar ask before, and once again, I LOVE these Rogues. :)

5e is probably the best system for you. You can incapacitate a foe with a melee attack simply by declaring that you want to do it, and this applies to sneak attacks, too. So (unlike 3rd Edition) non-murdery rogues are not only viable, but a piece of cake. Just pick a finesse melee weapon, and choose to render people unconscious instead of killing them. All of the fun, none of the blood on your hands.

Avoiding combat is also feasible - perhaps not as easy as it would be for a wizard, but you can make do, because you’re a skillmonkey! With stealth and perception (and maybe investigation), you can scout ahead, find alternate routes, and bypass combat encounters entirely. With persuasion and deception (and maybe intimidation and/or a disguise kit), you can turn combat encounters to social encounters, and convince people to let you go where you want and do what you like.

You can make it work with any archetype. Arcane Trickster is fantastic, pick spells that will help with avoiding combat (charm person, alter self etc). Assassin, surprisingly, is very much viable: you can deal a ton of damage and render people unconscious quickly, and this quickness can save lives. Swashbuckler and Thief, while not tailored to your concept, don’t hinder it either.

Charlatan’s a nice background (and the only way to get access to a forgery kit AFAIK, which is also useful for avoiding combat), as is Criminal and Entertainer. If your DM allows it, you can always work on a custom background.

As for other systems, some things apply universally (mainly using skills to evade combat), but rendering people unconscious instead of killing them is a terrible hassle for Rogues in 3.5. See the Rogue’s Guide to Incapacitation for more info.

Hope that helped, good luck with your non-murdery Rogue!

mbti type titles makeover

So I figured none of the names really fit you guys so I decided to give u some new ones (this has probs been done tbh):

(i’m kidding btw)

ENFP: The Inspirers *rom com music begins playing* The One
INFP: The Idealists The Baby
ENFJ: The Protagonist The One Who Was Like and Then I Was Like and Then
INFJ: The Advocate The Limited Edition Collector’s Type
ENTP: The Visionary The Actual Worst ™
INTP: The Architect That One. That One There. Wait. Where’d They Go?
ENTJ: The Commander Fear Itself
INTJ: The Strategist The Mistyped Asshole Who Called You Intellectually Inferior…are there any /real/ INTJs? Let’s hope we find them soon….
ESFP: The Entertainer  The Guy Who Accidentally Woke Up on the…yeah u remember that story ha good times good times…I wonder how he’s doing now…
ISFP: The Artist The Cute Friend Who Will Never Return Your Feelings 
ESTP: The Dynamo The LOUD
ISTP: The Mechanic The Coool Sciencisitst *sunglasses emoji* 
ESTJ: The Executive  The Fearmonger
ISTJ: The Trustee The Calculator
ESFJ: The Consul The Mom Friend
ISFJ: The Defender  The Huggable Puppy


(these are shit but ayy) pastel haikyuu manga caps


i present to you galactic steampunk, my aesthetic. deal with it.\

btw, they’re all transparent, in case anybody would find that information relevant.

i claim nothing, none of the stock photos or designs used are my own, i just edited them to look fucking cool as shit

you losers had better be grateful

sorry i’m nightblogging here i’m tired and bitter and hungry and really grumpy in general lately

plus i’m on my period, which makes me even more tired and even more hungry, which in turn makes me even more grumphy

i mean at least i actually have food available to me now

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but i’m stressed so i’m mostly eating sweets anyways

what is adult.  what is life

plus i bought orange juice concentrate the other day bc i thought it would be cheaper but it just means i have to MAKE my OJ now, who makes oj anyways like wth if i want oj right now i would need to go and make it and i’m too tired and i really want orange juice okay

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Watashi no Ookami kun chapter 6 from Aria issue 03/2015.

Looks like the triangle is going to start, Fushimi-kun is definitely having the feels to Kusunogi.

BTW, My group, Paperdolls Project, we have been scanlating this series and currently am 2 chapters behind (including this just release chapter). We have always been pretty quick with this but right now, I am greatly lacking editors (more like NONE). The translation for chapter 5 of this and for chapter 3 of Mikami sensei no Aishikata is ready. But I need editor to clean and redraw them.