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Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 3 - X for Xtremely rude

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What is Xixi thinking about in ch 176 in the second to last panel? I love the art on your blog btw!

Ahhh thank you so much for your lovely words!!! <3 Although none of the arts [drawings and stuff] are mine, those are just reblogs so I’m assuming you mean my edits (just saying, I don’t want people thinking I’m taking credit for their beautiful art lol).

And hmm, this one?

so they just did a 1,000 meter run test, they’re both sweating and tired; jian yi just did his last and he has collapsed in zhan’s arms as he picks him up, whimpering ‘zhan… xixi’. zhan suddenly gets this gentle, soft look of deep contemplation crossing his face [he also has it in chapters 147, 162, 169]. I think he is still thinking about the events that have happened previously: jian yi kissing him, xiao hui calling jian yi abnormal and seeing how much it hurt jian yi, jian yi kissing his neck, jian yi nearly getting kidnapped, his confession of wanting to protect jian yi. old xian clearly zooms in on his face to show the audience the importance of his expression and to emphasize that he is thinking deeply about something.

In this panel, I think seeing jian yi so weak and tired after running reminded him a lot of how tired and stressed jian yi was the previous day, especially with how he whined out his nickname for zhan just then… he’s probably getting flashbacks of jian yi crying from being called abnormal for his attachment to him (and he also cried ‘zhan xixi’ then too). whatever the reason, his expression goes soft after jian yi does that. zhan has always had this innate need to protect jian yi ever since he was a little boy, not only because it hurts him to see jian yi struggle but also because he loves him. I think he’s mostly thinking about how to reassure jian yi how important he is and how much he matters, especially after looking at how fragile he is in his arms right then. he’s thinking about how to make sure his own feelings get through to jian yi - to let him know he cares immensely about him. he wants to let jian yi know he is not abnormal or weird, at least not to him. zhan is trying his best to be there for jian yi no matter what as he sees him struggle with his feelings. he holds him gently and pats his back and says ‘you’ll get better in a bit’, I think it has a double meaning: I think he meant it physically and literally, that jian yi would get better after running but from his deep contemplative expression in the panel we speak of, it can be assumed he also meant that jian yi would get through this internal struggle as well and that he will be with him every step of the way.

mbti type titles makeover

So I figured none of the names really fit you guys so I decided to give u some new ones (this has probs been done tbh):

(i’m kidding btw)

ENFP: The Inspirers *rom com music begins playing* The One
INFP: The Idealists The Baby
ENFJ: The Protagonist The One Who Was Like and Then I Was Like and Then
INFJ: The Advocate The Limited Edition Collector’s Type
ENTP: The Visionary The Actual Worst ™
INTP: The Architect That One. That One There. Wait. Where’d They Go?
ENTJ: The Commander Fear Itself
INTJ: The Strategist The Mistyped Asshole Who Called You Intellectually Inferior…are there any /real/ INTJs? Let’s hope we find them soon….
ESFP: The Entertainer  The Guy Who Accidentally Woke Up on the…yeah u remember that story ha good times good times…I wonder how he’s doing now…
ISFP: The Artist The Cute Friend Who Will Never Return Your Feelings 
ESTP: The Dynamo The LOUD
ISTP: The Mechanic The Coool Sciencisitst *sunglasses emoji* 
ESTJ: The Executive  The Fearmonger
ISTJ: The Trustee The Calculator
ESFJ: The Consul The Mom Friend
ISFJ: The Defender  The Huggable Puppy

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Soooo.. the tag is full of bughead almost sex and I want archieronnie. so bad.

working on it! and also i will eventually reply on all those messages i have!

(btw the fact that there is 20 gifst with almost sex with betty and jughead and none with archieronnie is a travesty)

edit: yes, it’s true as expected, that lighting in that scene is garbage and not doing it with web-dl is insane, but i’m gonna do it anyway

OK im bored and have no idea for art so imma post some of my childrens crushes/ future crushes

Ara: Friday (duh we all know thiS BY NOW-)
Azi: Wild
Chi: (none so far)
Ko: (none so far)
Lore: Zay
Mao: (none so far)
Mel: Fennel (he cant help but think hes adorable ok-)
Mora: Azi (he can’t help it-)
Peach: Mira
San: (none so far)
Shadow: Marble
Ubon: Friday 13th (that is, if they ever get to friggen meet)
Unko: (none so far)
Wild: Azi
Yun: (none so far)
Zay: Lore

IDK IF I FORGOT ANY but have this (useless?) info

creations tag game

i was tagged by @celebrlan. ily, abi ♡

  1. first edit? this one. i remember i was so happy when it got like 10 notes asjdvbhavbd
  2. favourite edit?  this one or this one or maybe this one or even this one??? i cant choose help
  3. edit with most notes? this one btw im not crying you’re crying
  4. edit you spent the most time on? prob this one but it always takes me hours to do the edits lmao
  5. what styles inspire your edits? rn aesthetic
  6. how do you make your edits? i choose the scenes on camtasia studio and then make the gifs on photoshop cc
  7. edit that got more notes than you expected? this one, this one and also this one. im still ???????
  8. edit that got less notes than expected? tbh this one and this one
  9. any edits you wish you hadn’t made? none of them. even tho they were really bad like this one, all of them made me learn smth
  10. finally, how long have you been making edits? i posted my first edit on tumblr 1 year ago, but i have been editing for like 5 years i guess???

tagging some of my fave edit makers: @daenerysn, @anthenia, @elfmaidens, @orlandobloom, @dceus, @jaimelannistre


i present to you galactic steampunk, my aesthetic. deal with it.\

btw, they’re all transparent, in case anybody would find that information relevant.

i claim nothing, none of the stock photos or designs used are my own, i just edited them to look fucking cool as shit

you losers had better be grateful

sorry i’m nightblogging here i’m tired and bitter and hungry and really grumpy in general lately

plus i’m on my period, which makes me even more tired and even more hungry, which in turn makes me even more grumphy

i mean at least i actually have food available to me now

and i also got my paycheck today

but i’m stressed so i’m mostly eating sweets anyways

what is adult.  what is life

plus i bought orange juice concentrate the other day bc i thought it would be cheaper but it just means i have to MAKE my OJ now, who makes oj anyways like wth if i want oj right now i would need to go and make it and i’m too tired and i really want orange juice okay

i’m sorry i’ll stop rambling now

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Hey! I just wanted to say it's soooo nice to see someone else who likes B99, none of my friends watch it! BTW- your edits are AMAZING

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best show!!! So pure and WOKE. I’m so happy it’s been renewed for a fifth season!!! 

Thanks so much! ♥♥♥