none of them had a family in years

All I Want For Christmas Is You

 summary: Dan and Phil drive to Phil’s parents house for the holidays. (includes fluffy and adorable phan car sing along) 

wc: 1k (wooohooo)

tw: none

genre: fluff

a/n: wrote this because I was feeling the Christmas spirit in February. Let me know if you like my fics because I really enjoy writing them! (also I have no clue how far away Dan and Phil’s houses are from London)

Dan and Phil decided to drive home for the holidays. Normally Martin would pick them up but this year they had decided to drive. They had been together for roughly 9 years and they normally alternated holidays with their families. So this year they were heading to Phil’s parents house. Phil’s house was a longer drive then Dan’s house. It took about 4 hours to drive back to Phil’s childhood home. Little did Dan know that Phil had some “fun” activities in store for their drive.

When they got in the car they had so much stuff packed in the trunk. Considering that it was the holiday season the trunk was filled with presents along with all of their clothes and festive jumpers. Both boys had their phones, laptops and chargers. Phil also had a phone filled with Christmassy songs to sing along too as well as an aux cord.

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Something Worth Keeping

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Requested: By myself, I love this little bean. (An anon asked for more Newt, but I thought up the plot)

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1,230

A/N: I think that Newt Scamander is the love of my life. I can’t beleive that we are blessed enough to have another four (!!!) movies with him… Message me any requests, or your thoughts on this… they keep me giong.

When you told your family that you were taking a gap year to travel with your best friend, they had all thought that you lost your mind. They had never been Newt’s biggest fans, and after he got expelled, they had practically ordered you to stop talking to him. That was never going to happen, but it was cute to see them try.

The two of you were constantly writing back and forth. He told you about his travels, and you kept him up to date about all of the drama that was happening at Hogwarts. Although you received a letter from him almost every day, you still felt the absence of him in your life, on a level so deeply that it surprised even you.

Sometimes, he would come visit you at Hogsmede, and treat you to some butter beer before introducing you to his newest creature. Unlike others, you treasured each and every one of them. The Bowtruckles were a favorite of yours, even though Newt often scolded you for choosing favorites, but you knew that Pickett was his favorite as well.

When you finally graduated from Hogwarts, Newt was there, waiting for you, with the most amazing proposition you had ever heard. “Come with me.” He had said. You beamed at him. “We, we can find the creatures and we can make sure that they are protected. Y-you’ve always been better at writing than me, help me with the book.”

You nodded, only thinking briefly about what your family would think. You knew that they wouldn’t be happy with this development, but you had never been a golden child. You were on your way to Egypt. Newt had caught wind of a Thunderbird in need of help, and it was not something that you were going to pass up easily.

Now you were on a train, headed for the Thunderbird. It was a long journey, but Newt had settled in to write a new section of his book about the Niffler that the two of you had found a few days ago.

You, however, had grown tired of your novel. Even though it was interesting, you were far more interested in watching the way that Newt squished his eyebrows together when he was thinking, or how his facial expressions changed as he wrote faster and faster, getting excited about what he was writing.

The trip seemed to drag, and even with the window down, the train was absolutely sweltering. Newt had his sleeves rolled up, and somehow, you were distracted by your best friend’s forearms. You shook your head, trying to ignore the weird feeling that you had in your stomach. Maybe it was just that food you’d had earlier. Yes, that had to be it. Maybe the strange cuisine you’d eaten earlier had upset your stomach.

Nodding at your perfectly reasonable explanation, you tried to pass the time by looking out the window. Unfortunately, that didn’t help much, because surprisingly, sand was not very interesting to look at. After maybe five minutes you were bored. You glanced at your watch, hoping that you would be there soon. Two more hours.

“Maybe you should take a nap, love.” Newt said in a hushed tone beside you. “I know that you were up last night with the new Bowtruckles. You slept less than me. We have a few hours, rest.”

You sighed, leaning back in your seat and shutting your eyes. You dozed off, listening to the sound of Newt’s quill scratching against the paper.

Newt stopped writing when he felt something on his shoulder. He looked down to see you sleeping soundly, head on his shoulder. He felt your hands snake their way around his arm, and he smiled down at your sleeping form.

He had harbored feelings for you since your years at Hogwarts, but he was either too wrapped up in his creatures or too nervous to say anything about them, so you had no clue. But in that moment, he couldn’t help himself. He stroked your hair, pausing when you stirred, only to smile when you snuggled back into him, a dopey smile plastered on your face.

He put down his quill, choosing instead to pull you closer to him, and catch a few hours of sleep for himself as well.

You woke up, but when you tried to move, you found a strong pair of arms keeping you in place. You glanced up to see Newt, fast asleep. You didn’t want to move, you told yourself that it was because he needed his sleep, and not because you hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. You felt like you were at home when you were with him.

Even though it was warm, and being this close to another human probably wasn’t helping your body temperature situation, you couldn’t bring yourself to move away. Instead, you reached around him and picked up his discarded parchments, reading through his newest information on the Bowtruckles. You added some things here and there, made a note or two about where he rambled. He trusted you to make his writing better, but still maintain what he was trying to say, and carry his voice through.

“See anything worth keeping?” Newt laughed behind you, voice rough from sleep.

“I always think that there is something worth keeping.” You said, expecting Newt to sit up and move you off of him. You were pleasantly surprised when he pulled you closer to him, moving you over so that he could see the corrections you made over you shoulder.

Together, you made revisions and added your thoughts on your favorite creature until you were nearly pleased with the way that it turned out. Once you were almost there, you turned to him, searching his eyes for an explanation. “What are we doing, Newt.”

His eyes widened, obviously not expecting you to ask. You’d had a touchy feely relationship up until this point, but both of you accepted it without talking about what was going on. “I-I’m not sure what you mean by that.” He said quietly.

“What I mean by that is that when I’m around you, my heart beats faster, and when you take my hand I feel like I could float. And, and when I’m not with you I want to be, and when I am I switch between being so happy that I know you and being scared that I am going to have to leave soon.”


“Newt, if you stop me now, I won’t have the courage to finish. Just let me say what I started. I-I think that I am in love with you. And I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I really hope with all of my heart that you do.” You paused to take a deep breath, bracing for him to shoot you down.

Needless to say, you were surprised when you felt his hands cradle either side of your head, pulling you into him.

“Y/N, I have known that I am in love with you since I found you cradling that baby owl in our third year. I was just waiting, for once, for you to catch up.”

Now, you really are sure that you were going to float out of your seat. Newt was kissing you, and you were kissing him, and somehow, everything just felt right.

Jason Todd: Family and Fiancé

Imagine having a family dinner with the Batfam and they’re more than surprised to find out you’re Jason’s fiancé.

Warnings: Swearing

Prompt: “Where Jason shows up to the manor for family dinner with a girl and it’s the batfams first time meeting her and it turns out she’s Jason’s fiancé and they’d been dating for years but no one knew”


Today was the day, the night that could potentially scar you for life according to Jason Todd. Meeting his family for dinner was definitely a nerve wracking situation that you’d both avoided for as long as possible but Jason had decided seeing them was inevitable, so fully equipped with exciting news the two of you found yourselves standing in front of the exquisite entrance to Wayne Manor.
Seconds later, the door was opened and you were greeted by none other than Alfred.
“Ah Master Jason, Miss (y/n) I’m glad you could make it. Please come in.” The butler politely welcomed with a smile.
“Is that Jaybird?” An unfamiliar voice echoed from behind the butler.

“Jaybird?” You repeated to Jason, who stood beside you and he easily detected the mischief in your tone.
“Uh yeah, a nickname of mine around here.”
“Oh I’m definitely remembering that one!” Came your upbeat voice, clearly pleased with your new discovery.
The stranger that soon came in view turned out to be a raven haired male, slightly shorter than Jason but he wore a charming smile.
“Woah, I’m Dick Grayson - and you’re (y/n) was it? Such a beautiful name.” The stranger addressed cheerfully, he was good looking -you’d give him that.
With that he gently kissed your left hand, expression faltering for a second. Before you could even react Jason had basically tackled him, a string of curse words leaving his lips based on his brother’s previous action - of course they were only messing around. You didn’t question when Jason went chasing after his brother since he could get a little hot headed sometimes, this left you with none other than Damian Wayne and Alfred, the former you’d recognised from the newspapers.

“Are you Jason’s significant other?” The boy asked, straight to the point just as Jason had described.
“That I am, and you’re Damian Wayne if I’m not mistaken. Pleased to meet you, my name is (y/n) (l/n).” Was your casual response, offering a hand as a greeting.
Damian had a surprisingly firm handshake but you expected nothing less from the son of Bruce Wayne who you had yet to meet.
“Well I respect you for being able to put up with Todd for so long (l/n). Would you like me to show you to the lounge to meet the others whilst Pennyworth prepares our meal?” Damian asked, of course making sure to insult his brother in the process.
“Please, that’d be great considering Jason had just disappeared on me.” You replied gratefully, allowing the boy to lead you through his home.
“That’s a common trait in our family, trust me.” Damian muttered, his tone as emotionless as ever.

Meanwhile, Dick had managed to get Jason wrapped up in a family discussion concerning the ring you wore on you left hand, a ring that suggested you were either married or engaged. The family had seemed bewildered once Dick told them after bursting into the room, Jason following with a bored expression that only morphed into a glare once Dick opened his mouth. Unfortunately he was unable to get a word in once the whole Batfam had insinuated you were cheating on your partner because the idea of Jason proposing never once crossed their minds - this was the first time they’d even met you, Jason would introduce his partner to them beforehand. Jason and yourself obviously knew different.

“Jason! She’s a married woman, she’s cheating on someone - that’s not a good thing.” Bruce sternly voiced, deciding against beating around the bush.
“Ok, first off she’s not married - (y/n) is engaged and secondly -” Jason tried, a feeble attempt at explaining your situation before he was interrupted.
“Right because being engaged makes it that much better? Jason how could you bring (y/n) along knowing about this?” Bruce groaned, fully aware of how irrational his son could be at times.
“Wow Bruce. As funny as this is, I’m gonna have to put a stop to it. I know (y/n) is engaged since we’ve been together for years and I brought her along because I love her and wanted you to meet her.” Your fiancé began for a second time.
Years?! Oh boy, that’s great but I bet (y/n) says ‘I love you’ to her fiancé every night and look where we are now.” Tim concluded, gesturing with hands to emphasise his point.
“They’re right, I do say that actually.” Came your calm tone as you made your presence to the minor dispute well known, you came to a stop beside Jason. Damian letting out a sigh due to his families antics.

“(Y/n)…” Cassandra mindfully acknowledged in the midst of the chaos, holding out her hand as a from of greeting, she’d yet to meet you so why not now.
“Are you two sure about this? I get that you’re happy but it’s not fair on her fiancé.” The eldest brother, Dick, continued after your attention was momentarily distracted.
“I’m pretty sure he’s ok with it to be honest.” You grinned, a hint of sarcasm laced your voice as you looked to Jason for reassurance.
“What?! You’re engaged and he’s alright with this?” Tim practically squeaked whilst frantically gesturing between yourself and Jason.
“For fucks sake! (Y/n) is engaged to me.”

The whole room fell silent as they took in the new information in an awestruck fashion, it would be an understatement to say they were shocked - Jason was the last person they’d expect to get engaged.
Dick was the first to break the silence as he broke out into sparkling grin to engulf you both in an enthusiastic hug.
“Congratulations! That’s great Jay, I’m so happy for you both and sorry for uh - you know - jumping to conclusions but it’s really nice to meet you (y/n), good job at keeping Jaybird here in check!” Dick praised, excitement ringing through his voice after the genuine apology whilst the others still remained in a state of confusion.
“How come we’ve never met (y/n) before, you could’ve at least introduced us Jason.” Tim complained as he shook your hand, giving you a brief smile before turning his attention back to his brother.
“Can you blame me? I didn’t want to scare (y/n) away, especially with Demon Spawn over there.” Jason muttered, sending a glare to the youngest who was basically analysing you at this point until he heard the unoriginal insult thrown at him.

With a light nudge from yourself, you’d gained your fiancé’s attention as well as that of his family, you were new and none of them knew you as a person yet making everything you did stand out in some way.
“Back off Jay, Damian has been nothing but polite this evening and besides they couldn’t scare me away after all the shit you and I have been through.” You defended the youngest of the family with ease, despite knowing exactly what he was capable of.
“(Y/n) whose side are you on? Remember who you’re marrying here.” Your fiancé cut in, his tone holding a hint of amusement, Damian simply smirked.
“Well Jaybird, according to your family it’s not you.” Your response was half hearted, receiving a laugh from Jason and a few of the other family members but of course they felt a pang of guilt zip through them.

Though you were joking, the rest of the family had realised their mistake and started to feel responsible, except Damian who had miraculously taken a liking to you in recent minutes.
“I would like to apologise for jumping to conclusions (y/n), it’d be best to start afresh so it’s nice to finally meet you. And congratulations of course.” Bruce started, offering you his hand, his statement was soon followed by a string of apologies from your future in-laws.
“Don’t worry about it, I suppose it’ll be a great story to tell the kids -” You cheerfully responded, before you were cut off that is.
“Oh my god! Don’t tell me you guys have children - that’s so cute! I’m basically an auntie!” Came the joyful voice of Stephanie, Bruce’s face significantly paling whilst Dicks in contrast completely lit up at the news.
No, we don’t have children, (y/n) is not pregnant - it was just a figure of speech, now please can we go and eat?!” Jason exasperatedly groaned, putting an end to his family’s assumptions.

Soon you were all seated at the dinner table, a delicious looking meal prepared by Alfred set in front of you, casual conversation filled the air with members of the family shooting questions at both you and Jason every so often regarding your relationship.
“How has your fiancé, Master Jason been treating you Miss (y/n)?” The butler kindly inquired whilst pouring you a beverage.
“Eh, he’s actually amazing Alfred, you clearly rubbed off on him.” You replied, earning a smile from the elderly man as the table suddenly became silent.

“Wait - you told Alfred and not us?” Dick stammered, realising that Alfred wasn’t in the room previously where this matter was discussed so would of been oblivious to the situation plus he knew you by name before you’d even introduced yourself.
Duh.” Jason smugly answered, relishing in the families astonishment and displeasure.

The Last Six Years - Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader

Originally posted by wintersoulja

Words: 1670
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: cheating, fighting, children, implied sex but none actually written
Requested by anon
can you make a pietro x reader where the reader volunteers to help kids in sokovia and they meet piet and wanda and they had some butterflies going on between them and pietro but then piet and wanda went missing since they came along with hydra and a few years later the reader has a family but they constantly thinks about piet like what would he do if they were with him and they reunite after the reader just got divorced
Authors Note: i lovedddd this. i probably got a bit carried away oops. but it was fun! Also, the beginning features prehydra!Maximoffs which i am in love with (ex: the “Terrible Theif” series) and towards the middle there is a girl with a “boys” name so. just gotta put that out there. ALSO: the title is based off of the movie-musical The Last Five Years but it literally does not follow that storyline at all i just thought it was funny and you’ll see why at the end.

Buna = Hello

Masterlist. Request List.

“How can I help you today?” You asked the man and woman, in Sokovian, that just walked into the orphanage.

“We are just looking around,” The man explained in English. Your accent was a giveaway where you were from.

You nodded with a small smile, “If you need anything, my name is (Y/N).”

There weren’t many people who visited the orphanage. Sokovia was a town that needed help. It was a place on the way to everywhere amazing, but right now, it was dying. Not many families wanted children because they didn’t make enough money to support them. Hence, why there were so many children left with no families.

For the past few years, you spent your summers in places that needed help, especially helping out kids.

Choosing where you wanted to go to study was hard. But after much looking and finding places that needed help, you chose Sokovia. When you found the orphanage, you knew this was your place to be. After studying hard for a year or two, you would head off to another country in need, or maybe even move back home, but right now, Sokovia was your home.

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but i am good, i am grounded

written for day one of robron week - family. 

robert sugden is struggling, and not a single person has noticed.

or, aaron gets out of prison and wants to know why none of his family was looking out for his husband.

Robert Sugden was good at putting on a brave face. It was one of his greatest talents, really, being able to hide his true feelings underneath a layer of snark and disinterest, and he’d spent ten years using it to his advantage, away from Emmerdale, away from his family.

People only saw what he wanted them to see. That was how he’d always gotten by, people had never really seen the real him, the true feelings he hid under a soulless smile and an expensive haircut.

Aaron saw through him. Aaron had always seen right through his bullshit, been able to read his moods and thoughts and feelings in a way that had scared Robert, once, but made him feel safe, and loved, and appreciated now.

But Aaron wasn’t there.

Aaron was banged up, and he’d be there for the next year of their lives (not if Robert had any say in the matter, but judging by the sympathetic looks from Aaron’s solicitor at their last meeting, he didn’t have a say) and Robert was the one who’d been left to run things, keep everyone going.

It was fine.

Of course it was fine, it’s not like he was the one in prison or anything. Robert just had a few more people than he was used to relying on him, Liv needing a brother right now, the Dingles always needing him for something or other, because he was one of them now, and Aaron wasn’t there to help.

But it was fine.

It had to be fine, because Robert didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter. He had to keep their lives going, the scrapyard ticking over, keep the work on the Mill going so that Aaron had a life to come back to.

Robert wasn’t going to have his husband come back to a wreckage of a life, a life Robert couldn’t keep afloat on his own.

No, that would make him weak.

Robert Sugden was not a weak man, not when his husband needed him to be the strong one.

So Robert dug out his brave face again, and he got on with it.

Or at least he tried to.

Regarding Eve

When they discovered Eve, the scientific community was buzzing.  There had been instances of feral children throughout history but none as odd as this.

They found her in mine shaft that had collapsed years before.  No one much cared about the mine until a new developer wanted it reopened.  They certainly did not expect to find a child amongst the rubble.  Her age was estimated between six and eight.  Excavators also found two human skeletons alongside her, presumably those of her parents. It was believed that her family had been exploring the mine when it collapsed, causing them to be confined in a space about the size of a large dining room.  They most likely survived on rock condensation and insects.

It was unknown how old Eve was when they became trapped.

Her parents must have died rather quickly.  Their skeletons showed years of decay.  Despite this, it seemed Eve was fond of rubbing the bones on her skin.  Certain bones, including the woman’s pelvis and the man’s skull, were nearly polished when they were found.  Eve showed no signs of being taught to walk or speak, although she did make skittering noises with her tongue.  Instead of walking on two legs, she preferred walking on her hands.  This made her palms extremely thick with callouses. When she walked, her spine curved so that her thighs were close to head, similar to the tail of a scorpion.

When she was discovered she fought viciously to stay in her hole.  It took two grown men three hours to pry her from the rocks.  They came out of the encounter with a variety of bites and bruises. Eve screamed for two days straight, not stopping to sleep or drink.  Finally she collapsed from exhaustion.  Everyone was thankful for the silence.

There was much debate as to who would take Eve. Clearly it had to be someone who understood abnormal child psychology.  Many scientists threw their names in, but only one rose to the top. Henrietta Wrom.  She was a brilliant young PhD with degrees in psychology as well as biology, mathematics, and engineering.  She was in the process of setting up “The Wrom Institute.”  This facility would specialize in studying childhood development in unique and traumatic cases.

Eve fit the bill perfectly.

She was transported to the Institute, which was still in its infancy.  Although the facility itself was incredibly large, only a few sectors were in working order.  One of these was the Athena Ward.  The Athena Ward functioned as a home for severely traumatized children.  It was fully staffed with nurses, caregivers, and psychologists.  Although one couldn’t exactly ‘fit in’ to this population of misfits, Eve would at least find a suitable living arrangement.

Henrietta was keen to observe every second of Eve’s life. Her room was small.  Three of the walls were padded, while the last appeared a dark black.  This was the two-way mirror for which the scientist watched the girl.  The room itself held few comforts.  There was a cot with a thin mattress and pillow.  In the corner was a small writing desk and chair. Otherwise the room was completely empty.

Eve’s first day in the room was eventful.  She woke up on the mattress after being sedated. Immediately she flew off the bed and hid underneath the desk.  The lights from above seemed to burn her eyes.  She stayed that way, crouched on her belly, for hours.  Her eyes darted at every sound.  Henrietta sat patiently behind the glass, watching.  Finally Eve crept out from the desk.  She walked as she usually did, on her hands.  Her elbows were splayed like an insect’s.  She inspected the objects in the room with her mouth.  She chewed on the wood of the desk and licked the metal of the cot.  Eve seemed particularly disturbed by the cushion of the mattress.  She grabbed it firmly with her feet and threw it against the wall.  

All the while she made inhuman clicks with her mouth. Her head twitched constantly.  She was never relaxed.  She sniffed the padding of the wall, attempting to taste it. Realizing she couldn’t wrap her teeth around anything, she started to climb.  Her hands acted as claws as she scaled the side of the room.  Her fingers bent in ways no ordinary human’s could. She reached the very top, where the wall met the ceiling.

Henrietta watched silently as Eve began clicking louder. It sounded as though she were having a conversation.  The clicking lasted for a few moments before Eve dropped to the ground in a graceful leap, landing on her hands.  She looked up directly into the black wall.  Directly into Henrietta’s eyes.

The next few days were odd to say the least.  An orderly would enter three times a day to bring Eve her meals.  She refused to eat anything that was prepared for her.  Usually she would hiss at the orderly and spill the food across the room. On the third day Henrietta suggested changing her diet from the typical fair to a variety of insects.  Fresh grasshoppers were brought in a plastic bag and left at Eve’s door.  Once the orderly had left Eve descended upon the bag, ripping it open with her teeth and devouring the bugs in large meaty chews.

Henrietta decided that all of Eve’s meals would now consist of insects.  Everything was served from cockroaches to centipedes.  Eve demolished each with no qualms.  She even smiled when the meals were brought, a site that looked strange on such a gaunt face.  

No attempts at therapy had been broached.  Eve’s violent nature and her distrust for humans made it difficult to even imagine sitting in the same room with her.  Plus, there was her clicking.  She constantly climbed the walls and skittered incessantly. She was clearly communicating, but not even Henrietta could understand who the clicks were for.

On the seventh day, the breakfast for Eve was a plastic bag of spiders.  The orderly left the bag by the door as usual, but Eve was distraught.  She cried out in what sounded like pain.  Instead of hiding under the desk until the orderly left, Eve lashed out at him.  She slashed his cheek with one of her razor sharp toenails.  He screamed and pushed her away.  Within seconds she was standing on her hands again ready to strike.  Luckily he made it out and shut the door before she could get to him.

Henrietta did not react.  She stared, transfixed, as Eve approached the bag.

Eve had no interest in eating these creatures. Instead, she carefully used her teeth to rip a small hole in the bag.  One by one the spiders climbed out onto her arms.  Eve made her usual clicking noises but also small sounds of joy. It was almost like a regular child’s laugh, except sharper.  The arachnids swarmed her face and she was practically giggling.  There must have been nearly twenty spiders comfortably nestled in her hair and ears.

Henrietta paged the orderly to come to her viewing room immediately.  He appeared, tired.  A long red gash followed his forehead to his chin.  Henrietta didn’t even look at him.  “What kind of spider did you feed her?”

“I don’t know, Dr. Wrom.”

“Well then you’re useless.  Find me someone with a brain.”  She waved him off.  Henrietta couldn’t take her eyes off the child, clicking happily as the spiders made their homes on her skin.  

When Dr. Wrom wanted something, it never took long to appear.  Within an hour an expert on arachnids was at Henrietta’s side.  He was a nervous man who had no idea what to expect.  When he saw Eve he nearly ran out of the room.

“Your name?”

He jumped at Henrietta’s voice.  “Uh, Cooper.  Dave Cooper.”

“Well, Dr. Cooper,” Henrietta droned, “I need to know what spiders those are.”

Dr. Cooper leaned in.  It was a hard thing to look at – a six year old child walking on her hands across a padded room, covered in spiders.  He lifted a magnifying glass out of his pocket and pressed it to the glass. “I would guess these are wolf spiders.”

“I don’t care for guessing,” she responded.

“Yes, sorry.  Those are wolf spiders.  Definitely.” He broke out in a sweat.

“Tell me more.”  Her voice was strong and impatient.

“Wolf spiders are fairly common in this area. These look to be on the large side, about one inch in diameter.”  He searched his brain for more facts.  “Oh, and they’re also sometimes referred to as the most maternal arachnid.”

“Maternal?”  Henrietta turned her back to the glass to stare at Dr. Cooper.

“Um, yes.  I mean, not in a human sense of course.  But female wolf spiders will carry their young on their backs until they are old enough to survive on their own.  This kind of protective behavior is unheard of in other arachnids.” He laughed a little.  “There is no way to measure ‘love’ in a spider, but if any spider could feel love, it would be a wolf spider.”

He had just finished his last word when an alarm sounded. Henrietta whirled around to see Eve’s cell door open.  She was gone. “What the…”

An orderly ran in.  “Dr. Wrom, we have no idea how she got out, but she’s climbing the walls. We can’t get to her.”

Henrietta stormed past him.  “Get the tranquilizer gun.  She’ll need to be moved to the Achilles ward.”

It took ten hours to capture Eve.  She made it halfway across the facility, climbing the walls and the ceilings.  Spiders of all sorts followed her from hallway to hallway.  They rained down upon anyone who tried to get to her.  It was Henrietta herself who aimed the tranquilizer and shot Eve in the neck.  The girl crashed to the ground, spiders scattering like rats.  Her arms broke beneath her.  As instructed she was moved to the Achilles ward.  Henrietta never mentioned her in public again.

Upon inspection of Eve’s room, ten dead spiders had jammed themselves into the door lock so Eve could escape.  It wasn’t just wolf spiders – there were four different species that had sacrificed themselves for her.  

In the next month Henrietta had the entire Institute fumigated.  Nothing could have survived the amount of toxins she pumped through the halls.  

The Achilles ward was heavily restricted, so only a special few had clearance to work there.  Although many different kinds of screams came from those rooms, no one heard any clicking.  With all the spiders dead, there was no one to click to.  Eve’s noises, the only ones that allowed her connect to another living creature, went completely unanswered.

Scientists believed Eve had survived in that mine alone. But it was only after she was found that she experienced true solitude.

Happy Birthday, cerridwenluna!

December 12 - Free choice, feelsy fluff requested, Daddy!Bucky and father/daughter bonding with maybe Darcy catching him? for @cerriddwenluna

The very first thing Bucky had insisted on doing once he was safe and cleared of any wrong-doing, was going to look for his children.

Children?” the look on Steve’s face was priceless. “How many are we talking about?”

“Three. I wasn’t keen on being used as a stud, they had to trick me into it.” Bucky’s eyes were dark. “They were trying to breed a new generation of supersoldiers.”

“Did it work?” Steve had to ask.

“None of them were extraordinary as babies. Super or not, though, I can’t leave them in Hydra’s hands.”

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Meeting Kian and Jc for the first time

A/N - I have lots of ideas but I don’t know how to write them yet so if you have any requests, please dm me so I can write those while figuring out how to write the other ones! For now, I hope you enjoy :) 

Request - None


Row 18, 19, 20… 21

You put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment and sat down in the window seat with your handbag and neck pillow. You were flying to London to meet up with some family you hadn’t seen in years and to celebrate the birth of your new little cousin. You loved flying and travelling but you were nervous since you had never flown for this long before, especially on your own. 

Looking around, you could tell that the flight was going to be a hard one. Directly behind you there was a mother with two very young, attention seeking children, one of which had a very piercing scream that you were lucky enough to have the pleasure of listening to in the queue when boarding the plane. A few rows ahead, a larger than average man was already having an argument with a young flight attendant about his lack of leg room, even though he was sitting in the extra leg room seat and couldn’t have had any more room if they tried. Lucky for you, you were the only one sitting on your row so had to extra seats to stretch out on and - 

Your heavenly ideas of sleeping well on this flight was quickly interrupted by a tattered backpack being placed on the seat next to you and two rather attractive boys arguing about who got to sit in the aisle seat. 

K - ‘But you sleep through most flights anyway so it doesn’t matter where you sit!’

J - ‘Kian, the last time we flew, you complained the whole time that the lady on the other side of the aisle smelt and begged me to swap with you, so you sit in the middle this time so that it won’t happen again!’

K - ‘But I can already tell that he doesn’t smell’ The boy with the shorter hair indicated to the teenager behind him who was so engrossed in his game that he didn’t even realise they were talking about him.

J - ‘Ok, fine, you can sit on the aisle seat but on the way back, you have to sit in the middle, deal?’

K - ‘deal’

You smiled as the boy with the curly hair sat down next to you. He hadn’t looked at you yet so you were unsure if you should say anything or just look out the window and ignore him. You found yourself subconsciously watching him as he pulled out a similar gray neck pillow to yours and noticed some kind of feather tattoo poking out the bottom of his t-shirt sleeve. He was rummaging around in his backpack, pulling out cameras and snacks when his sleep mask fell out, landing on your foot. Without thinking, you picked it up and handed it to him. 

J - ‘Thanks, sorry about that’

Y/N - ‘No worries’ you laughed, looking at his face properly for the first time. He was looking at you too, his eyes exploring your face. You felt self-conscious, knowing you hadn’t made much of an effort since it was such a long flight.

J - ‘Im Jc, this is Kian, sorry if we are loud, we will try to be as least annoying as possible.’

The other boy looked up from his phone and smiled.

K - ‘hey! whats your name?’

y/n - ‘Im y/n, and don’t worry, I’m sure you can’t be too annoying’

They both laughed, Kian giving you a forgiving look indicating that you were very very wrong. 

The cabin fell quiet as the pilot started giving the safety speech. You had heard it so many times that you could basically say it with him, so you put in your headphones and watched out the window as you took off. You were travelling through the night so the LA was lit up beneath you, the tiny moving specks of light showing the traffic covering LA, even and 1am. 

Somewhere between the pilots speech and your chill out playlist you had drifted off, only to be woking up by Kian’s very loud laughing and Jc telling him to be quiet. You slowly opened your eyes, shifting your body out of its uncomfortable position and unzipping your hoodie since the plane had warmed up since you had sat down. 

J - ‘Im so so sorry we woke you up, Kian thought it would be funny to pour his water down my neck while I was asleep’

K - ‘It. Was. So. Fucking. Funny’ Kian managed to say through his heavy laughter.

Y/N - ‘No don’t worry, I was already awake anyway’ You lied.

K - ‘I got it on film too. Oh fuck that was good’ Kian recovered from his hysterics, showing you the snapchat he took. The video started with a shot of you and Jc both asleep, you leaning against the window and Jc leaning on your shoulder. You hadn’t even noticed he was there. The camera quickly cut you out of the shot so the rest of the short video was just a close up of Jc.

K - ‘Is it ok if I post this on my story, you are in the background?’ Kian asked and you said yes, its not like any one you knew would see it anyway.

J - ‘Dude people are going to think we are dating, I’m practically laying on top of her’ Jc said to Kian before turning to you

J - ‘Sorry I didn’t mean that in a rude way, but the people who will see that like to take everything way out of proportion.’

You were confused as to what he meant but just laughed in response.

Y/N - ‘I don’t mind what you do with it, as long as I don’t look ugly.’

Jc looked at the video once more before saying 

J - ‘No you don’t, you look beautiful’

This caused you to blush. Kian made a little puppy face saying ‘awwwwww.’ This caused you to blush a lot more.

Y/N - ‘Thank you, but your too kind’

J - ‘This may be a weird question but I’m making a little montage video of this trip and I was wondering if I could film you looking out of the window or something’

Y/N - ‘Yeah of course, whats the video for?’ you asked. You didn’t know why he would want to film you but you didn’t see why not.

J - ‘Its for youtube, Its kind of hard to explain but when I’ve made the video, I will text you or something, can I have your number?’ 

You spent the next few minutes exchanging numbers, following each other on social media and what not. Your phone didn’t have signal or anything so you couldn’t follow them back but Kian and Jc happily used their 3G despite the costs they would probaly get from using it abroad. 

It was around 4.30am when Jc asked to film you. The sun had just started to rise it was a beautiful golden sky. You looked out the window, feeling the heat of the sun on your face and tried not to squint. Jc told you to just act natural so you stared out of the window for a bit before turning around and smiling at something behind Jc since he said not to look into the lens. 

J - ‘Thats perfect, thank you.’ Jc said, watching back the footage on the small display screen of his camera. 

The rest of the flight was spent chatting, exchanging stories and playing stupid games to keep you all entertained. You noticed Kian was a lot more shy than Jc, despite being the louder one. Slowly, he became more comfortable and soon he was happily joining into the conversation more. He was happiest when you were having a conversation about tattoos, and you loved listening to him explaining the meanings behind each of his. 

The flight went a lot quicker than expected and you were sad to land since you knew you would probably never see Kian and Jc again. 

J - ‘Thank you for being such good company y/n. We would love to meet up with you sometime.’

K - ‘Yeah, if we don’t get a chance to in London we always could when we are back in LA!’

Y/N - ‘I would love too, I’m free most of this week so I will probably be wondering around London’

J - ‘So will we, I will text you and we could go for lunch or something’

Y/N - ‘Sounds perfect! If I don’t see you, have a lovely time in England!’

KnJ - ‘You too!’

You picked up your bags from the baggage reclaim and headed towards the taxi service. While you were waiting for a taxi you logged into the airports free wifi and hundred of notifications came through. Most of them were from instagram and your recent photos of you in your pool was filled with comments saying ‘KIAN AND JC FOLLOWED YOU’ and ‘Who is this girl?!’ You had also gained hundreds of followers on twitter and everyone was tweeting you screenshots of Kian’s snapchat story. 

You checked Kian and Jc’s profile and saw that they both had over 3 million followers on both instagram and twitter. You had no clue that they were famous and spent the rest of the wait for the taxi trying to find out exactly who you had just spent 9 hours on a plane with. 


I hope you guys like this! Sorry if there are any errors ( haven’t re read it because I’m trash)

This was inspired by a dream I had the other night because I dreamt that this happened to me but with Harrison Webb, it was the best dream I have ever had. Anyways, thank you for reading! See you soon X

Dean Ambrose X reader

Summary: Dean and OC goes on a winter date
Warning: none except for Fluff <3

Since it was Christmas, everyone in the WWE had a week off for family and friends. You and Dean decided to spend it together alone. Of course, you loved your family and that’s why you are going to visit them during the New Year. 
“Hey babe.” Dean walked through the door, bundled up in his TWO jackets and his hands were stuffed in his pockets. You smiled before handing him a cup of coffee. 
It just recently started to snow. You looked outside the window. Little kids were running down the block throwing snowballs. “Is there anything for adults to do?” You asked with a laugh. Dean looked at you with an amused smirk on his face.  “Not that Dean.” You rolled your eyes. Dean shook his head before walking over. He set his cup of coffee on the counter next to you and wrapped his arms around you. 
“That’s not what i meant.” Dean chuckled. “Then what did you mean?” You asked, turning to face him. Dean kissed my forehead. “You’ll see.” Dean said, before kissing your lips. 
“Make sure you are bundled up real good.” Dean called from upstairs. You were fixing your jacket you had on. You had a beanie on and gloves on. Apparently, Dean was taking you somewhere fun. Considering he was bringing down roller skates from upstairs. “Please don’t say we are going ice skating.” You sighed. You were never good. You didn’t want to take chances on ice. You always fell whenever you roller skated. Just thing about the outcome of ice skating! 
“Bingo.” Dean winked. You sighed. “You know how i am, Dean. I am too clumsy.” You crossed your arms. Dean laughed before walking over. He rubbed his hands up and down your arms. “Hey, calm down. I’ll be there to help when you fall.” Dean chuckled. You punched his chest. “I’m kidding doll face. I will be there and help teach you.” Dean spoke. 
For the few hours you and Dean have been ice skating, you managed to embarrass yourself the whole time. Little kids managed to sneak out a laugh. “I can’t do this!” You felt like giving up. You just fell for like the millionth time. Dean made his way over. “Come on. Don’t give up. After all, you are the women’s champion.” Dean said. You shook your head and looked up at him. “There is a difference. I love wrestling and I am in fact good at that. Not ice skating on the other hand.” You said as Dean helped you up. 
Dean shook his head. “Wanna go?  Maybe we can cuddle up at home where it’s warm.” Dean asked after finally guessing you had enough. 
“Yes please.” 

my kind of love

You are a special kind of love. The kind of love story I wouldn’t mind reading about everyday like bedtime lullaby before I go to sleep. You are beyond my special kind of love and I am not complaining at all.

pairing: jungkook | reader ; college!au
words: 4.3k
genre: fluff
summary: let’s just say, reminiscing memories of you and your best friend isn’t helping you at all besides the fact that you are falling harder and harder in this really frustrating kind of love

If there was one thing in the world you wished to chase after even it means scraping your knees from falling or leaving patches of bruises on your heart, was none other than the thought of love.

Sure people had their ideal kinds of love that probably comes in a ball of fur that greeted them when they enter the pet shop or when they express their affection of their beloved family in frames hung decoratively on their wall. Years and years of learning the beautiful concept of love, it was also an unbearable chore to carry the weight of the detrimental parts of love along with it.

Wise people would say that love could be difficult to understand, to indulge and to accept. Believe them without any hesitation because the first time you digested the meaning of love was when losing one, the light of your life went out in the middle of the night, a heart failure in your mother and maybe a failure in yours as well.

The more you believed in those words was when you conformed to the feeling of rejection. Crushed by the words you feared that lingered out from his mouth, publicly for the whole word to gawk at your embarrassing situation. It was that night you felt dread and self-pity for yourself. It was also that night; you couldn’t remember whether you were drunk on alcohol or tears. It was the same night you promised yourself not to accept love till you find it in the palm of your hands.

And you finally accepted it when you felt the force of love slamming you and puncturing your heart with arrows at the thought of a beautiful human form whose doe eyes reflected the stars in the sky and the remarkably cheeky smile that sweeps you of your feet every morning.

Clearly, it has infected you like a virus when realization struck you. It wasn’t the first time you denied falling for your best friend. You have always pushed those thoughts away. But being stuck in bed with fever and having him feed you home cooked soup, pinching your cheeks once in a while isn’t helping you with any further denial.

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So i just reblogged a Finnrey edit with this famous soulmate quote, and one sentence really striked me because it is so Finnrey :  “It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did, or when no one else would.”

And that’s exactly what happened with these two. No one really knew and accepted Rey before Finn. Sure, she worked for Unkar Plutt and alongside other scavengers for years. But none of them knows her. They don’t know how bright her eyes shine when she’s excited, how wide her smile is when she’s talking about mechanics, how talented she is at piloting a ship, how brave and kind she is. Finn knows, and when she had no one he accepted her as his friend, his family, someone he would crawl back into Hell for.

And no one really accepted and believed in Finn before Rey. He was talented but an outcast among his fellow troopers, he was punished for being too kind. They didn’t accept him, they wanted him to change the very core of who he was to fit in. And when he met Rey, he was terrified that she would hate him if she knew where he came from. But Rey ran and fought alongside Finn and saw the man he really was : kind and brave, a gentle soul ready to do anything to protect those he loves. And when she learned the truth about him, she accepted it, because she already knew that Finn was a good man. When most people would have turned their back on him, she believed in him. Because she had seen the man behind the uniform, and accepted and loved him when no one else would.

idk i just have so many feelings about these two

tfw your dream goes from magical YA novel to a monster horror movie

Bear with me. This goes from kinda cheesy to WTF very quickly. OKAY SO pregnancy has been giving me some really weird and intense dreams. I’ve always had dreams like this, but they’ve been particularly vivid these past few months. I can remember so much detail, down to dialogue, emotions, touch, taste, smell… It’s wild. Also, none of them are pregnancy-related like people always assume. Instead, I get dreams like this one.

I can’t remember how it starts except it’s about a boy and girl in their senior year of high school. The girl is pretty and comes from a rich family. She used to be very popular, but something happened (I think it had to do with a guy on a sports team) and now she’s a loner, bullied, mocked, and generally miserable. The boy has always been something of a loner, but people tend to leave him alone because he’s “weird”. And by weird, I mean, his adopted aunts are thought to be witches, so people don’t much fuck with him because what if he casts some sort of spell on them or whatever. He takes it in stride and keeps his head down because, well, his aunts are witches and they’re really out there and spooky. They live in maybe a trailer park or a run down neighborhood where their house is in the back and decorated like every typical witches’ house you’d see in a movie, but they’re mostly chill with their neighbors due to like gardening and herbal medicine and shit.

Anyways, the boy and girl become friends. He sees her getting bullied by the guy that probably did something to her and steps in to stop it. At first, it looks like the guy is gonna knock out the boy (and definitely could, boy needs to exercise), but then backs off when the boy makes some vague, magic threats. He’s never shown to have much talent himself, but his aunts keep telling him that it’s somewhere in them, so the most he can do right now is make the guy pee in his bed while sleeping or something. The girl is wary at first – boy has a reputation and all – but he’s nice, doesn’t expect anything in return for his help, and his weirdness is kinda funny. So yeah, they become friends, even though he points out that she used to tease him a few years ago.

This is your typical YA novel dream, of course, so they end up being more than friends, but the girl is shy and distant and the boy is just confused. They make an odd pair. His aunts don’t like her at first, but they accept her and let her come into their home because of the boy. Things are normal as far as dating a boy who lives with witches goes. Everything is happy. They still get bullied at school, of course, but the girl starts to defend herself whereas before she just let it happen. The boy begins to open up and makes more friends. Wow, looks like they’ve learned some great lessons about not judging a book by its cover.

And then everything GOES TO UTTER SHIT.

So there’s this end of the school year pool party. The boy has never attended one because why would he? The girl used to every year, but she’s hesitant to go now even though she kinda wants to. The boy is like, “fuck those other kids; we’re gonna go and i’m gonna be the luckiest guy there.” She’s excited but scared. The aunts, however, cast some dire warnings and are very against the idea of the boy going. They pull him into their fortune telling him where they conduct some side business and warn him that something beyond terrible is going to happen and that they don’t want him to go to the party. He gets frustrated because they always do this - keep him from going to things because of “something they saw in the future” and it always scared him into listening before. But not this time. Nothing bad happened those times and they’re just saying it now to isolate him and protect him the only way they know how. He’s adamant about going. One of the aunts is like, “Boy, we are dead serious,” and undoes a magical illusion of her appearance to show her true one, which is deformed and severely burned, apparently which happened the last time they received these same warnings and didn’t listen.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t listen and they go to the pool party. Things seem normal at first. The girl is anxious, scared of getting bullied, and the boy has the same fuck-it attitude about him. They try to pick out some goggles because the girl is worried about her contacts. Kids are laughing and having fun. The girl looks up and watches the fog, which the forecast called for, but then sees something in the fog. Shadows, maybe trees, until they start to move and she begins to see more silhouettes in the fog. It hits her like a brick and she goes white. They aren’t trees. They’re legs – giant ass legs of monsters, like giant trolls or something. She never would’ve believed it before meeting the boy, but she believes it now and tells him to run back to the truck. The boy is confused at first, but then he sees what she sees and it fucking hits him. His aunts were right. They stumble and run back to his janky ass pick up truck, screaming to warn others, but of course no one listens to them because they’re “crazy” and “weird” and not cool. Right when the boy gets the truck started, the giants burst out of the fog and everyone panics and screams. They drive off in the truck, knowing full well that everyone at that pool party is going to get slaughtered, but there’s nothing to be done to save them.

The boy tears off the road to drive into a field, scaring the girl, but in his words, “This will either get us to safety or we’ll be dead, so it won’t matter.” It’s a bumpy and scary ride, but they make it back onto the road, having used the field as a short cut to get to a highway (think the country, not city) and are left in this surreal, horrified silence as they watch the world change around them. It’s not just giants appearing, but other monsters – three-headed dragons, massive saber tooths, and insanely huge carnivorous dinosaurs. Like fucking unreal sizes. The girl just watches in horror as these monster dinosaurs start scooping up cars and eating or just stepping on people. Other animals are running away in huge packs to escape the appearance of these monsters, but it’s just utter chaos. There are some huge beasts running away in a panic, leaving the girl to wonder what is terrifying even them.

They passed a theme park not far from the pool and she gawks as one particularly huge dinosaur pulls a rollercoaster off the track and devours all of it, people and cars alike, while another holds a filled rollercoaster upside and munches on the people like they’re fucking grapes. It’s impossible to hear the screams, but she can hear them anyways in her head. “It can’t be still hungry after that,” she whispers in shock to herself. “It can’t be.”

Meanwhile, the boy is gritting his teeth as he concentrates on driving (the truck can’t go too fast without shaking, like my old 2001 Kia Optima), but his mind keeps drifting back to his aunts’ warnings. Something very bad was going to happen. Someone very, very bad was going to appear. The girl asks basically what he’s thinking, “Who could be capable of this?” And he replies, “It’d have to be one extraordinarily powerful witch or wizard.” Although he doesn’t know it yet, it’s hinted that the person who caused all of this and raised these monsters to life is responsible for disfiguring his aunt and murdering his parents.

They talk about it for a little, and then she pauses before saying, “I know this is terrible timing, but I love you.” He grips the steering wheel tightly and says in a voice that breaks slightly, “I love you too,” which is weird because he never thought he’d say it and mean it and he was fine with that. (Maybe some sort of curse? Idk) “I wish it could be under better circumstances,” she tells him as she lays her head against his arm. “I would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for you. I would’ve gone to the pool party, miserable and alone, and I would’ve been killed.”

But he’s feeling guilty because he knew something was going to happen and he said nothing because he didn’t believe his aunts. Finally, he caves and tells her, “My aunts told me not to go. They told me something was going to pop off at the party and I didn’t listen.” (Pop off? Weird terminology, but that’s my brain.) “You could’ve died. I could’ve died.” She reassures him as he wipes at tears in his eyes, but it’s hard to think anything good after so many people died. Nearly every kid they knew, new friends, bullies, teachers – all dead.

It’s getting darker. Cars pass them by, oblivious to what’s going on. She asks, “Will it be safe at your aunts’? Do you think they prepared for something like this?” And the boy replies, “Maybe, it’s our only shot,” but even he is doubtful because how do you prepare for something like this? They can cast protective wards and spells, but it can only do so much against a fucking dinosaur or giant with a tree for a club. She’s worried about her family, but they’re away on some vacation to like the Alps or whatever, and neither one of them know how far this monster rising spread.

It’s night when they reach his neighborhood and it’s filled with lights from cop cars and houses as families are being told of what happened. It’s a different sort of mayhem as the boy slowly maneuvers his truck to his aunts’ house. Just when he’s about to park (I could feel myself waking up at this point and becoming aware of my bed and was struggling to stay asleep and keep dreaming), the boy is hit with a vivid vision of a large spinning eye (like Mad-Eye Moody and the Eye of Sauron combined) until it fixates on him and a voice snarls, “I found you,” and the boy slams the breaks as the vision disappears and he finds himself parked in the front lawn. The girl turns to face him and opens her mouth to ask him what happened–

And then I woke up, panicking, breathing heavily, and pretty damn scarred by the mental image of a dinosaur picking people out of a rollercoaster car and eating them like grapes.

Douchebags put their volleyball court on our beach.

When my two sisters and I were kids our mom would take us to the same spot in Florida every year. Families could rent a house on the beach for a week, and each house had its own boardwalk out to the beach and a little designated beach area. It mainly consisted of families with little kids like us, but you would get the occasional group of college students.

I was probably around 7 the year we got a house directly next to these bros who were really obnoxious. They immediately came and set up their volleyball court right on our part of the beach directly in front of our boardwalk. My sisters and I were having none of it and woke up before the sun to get them the f*ck off our beach.

We dug a massive hole in the middle of their volleyball court and carried buckets of the sand about thirty feet away so they couldn’t refill it easily. The next day they moved it and we made a turtle out of our pile of sand.

preview of Boys Don’t Cry - Stucky High School AU

Bucky Barnes fucking hates his life.

High school fucking sucks, there’s no way around it. Elementary school fucking sucked, and middle school fucking sucked, but he’d still had hope for the years to come. High school rolled around, Bucky got a binder and his family moved into a new school district and everyone called him he automatically, and things were supposed to get better. He takes shots in his thigh every few days and his voice has broken and he feels better in himself than he ever remembers feeling before, but none of that changes things.

High school fucking sucks, and Bucky Barnes fucking hates his life.

There are several sources of his angst, and he catalogues them mentally as he throws his rucksack into the corner of his bedroom where it usually lands in his post-school rage.

1.       Natasha, former best friend, is a fucking tool who moved to a performing-arts school right when Bucky needs her the most. They Skype a lot, and the snapchat wars are insane, but it’s not the same as having someone to actually sit with at lunch. Now he has nobody to argue with about Russian literature and has recently started bringing a bagged lunch so he can eat it in the bathroom undisturbed.

The biggest cause of Bucky eating his lunch in the bathroom, aside from the fact his best friend had to be an asshole and be talented, is the second reason his life fucking sucks.

2.       Steve Rogers.

Reasons three, four, and five that Bucky’s life sucks are also Steve Rogers, to varying degrees. Bucky fucking hates that guy.

He might have actually made a list (a physical list, well, a digital one, there might have been a spreadsheet) once about why Steve Rogers is a fucking tool, and not in the good way like Natasha (former best friend, he sent her a spreadsheet about why she sucked right after she left too, he just likes spreadsheets a lot). He’s a tool because he makes fun of Bucky for being small, he pushes him into lockers whenever he’s near enough, and he laughs at Bucky for being a giant nerd at every opportunity.

Bucky’s not a giant nerd, he just likes to read and is polite to his teachers, so they’re nice to him in turn. And maybe the spreadsheet thing. But organisation is perfectly reasonable, so he’s going to chalk his spreadsheet boner up to being awesome, not a nerd.

Steve Rogers is also an even bigger tool because as well as being an asshole he’s fucking gorgeous and Bucky wants to jump his dumb bones every time he sees his stupid fucking face.

So everything sucks, and most of it is Steve fucking Rogers’ fault.

New Year’s Kiss

Note: Putting this out there for you lovelies. Happy New Year! There were very little Crowley fics about New Years out there so that inspired me to create one! Hope you all enjoy and I know it’s a bit late for New Year’s. Sorry about that, but enjoy none the less!

Word Count: 831+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None

New Year’s Eve. The time where people party all night and into the new year. The night where people create new year’s resolutions, but never comply with them. The night that everyone spends with their family and friends. Well, everyone except you.

This New Year’s Eve, you were alone. You had nobody to spend it with. Sam, Dean, and Cas had gone to a bar nearby the bunker to “celebrate” the new year. You knew that “celebrate” really meant them drinking the night (and year if you look at it that way) away.

You sighed as you sat on the couch in the bunker, beer in hand. You watched the live coverage of Times Square in New York City. Everyone was out having fun and you were here. In the bunker. Alone. All because you refused to go out and get drunk in public because you didn’t want to do anything you would regret. You chose to get drunk at home where you didn’t have a choice to do something that you would regret.

“Hello darling,” you heard a gravelly voice say from a couple feet away. Your head turned and you found yourself looking at the handsome King of Hell. You had found the king attractive, but never fully admitted it to yourself. He annoyed the hell out of you and you had no tolerance for him.

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“Now I’m gonna tell you something a little spooky. On the morning of october 25th, 1894, Sir Aldridge awoke, furious, when his breakfast was not waiting for him. So he called to his servants, but none of them responded. Why ? Because, during the night, one by one, they had each been stabbed to death in their sleep. It was later discovered they were murdered by his eldest daughter, Gertrude Aldridge. Sir Aldridge once wrote in his diary, I know god makes no mistakes, but I believe he may have been drunk when he built Gertrude’s personality. Now to spare the family public humiliation, instead of turning her in to the police, they locked her in the basement. Years later, when a new owner moved in, they dug out her remains. But, after repeatedly hearing strange sounds, he sealed it shut. No one has opened this door since then.” Ghostbusters (2016)

 @zaldrizotala LIKED FOR A STARTER.

   he had been PLANNING to leave that very night, but something miraculous had happened that morning. an army of eight thousand men had arrived at the wall, with a woman, and three living dragons. it was DAENERYS TARGARYEN, the mother of dragons; the last targaryen. and his family’s house had never aligned with hers, they had taken the side of the starks during robert’s rebellion, so he was wise to assume that she may have him killed for his family’s past alliances. he stands with his brothers outside of castle black, but none of them bow, they bow to no ruler.  

and yet her unsullied seemed to deem their rigid postures as an insult, and he was quick to speak up in defense of himself, and those that he had fought beside for many years, “the men of the watch bow to no one, your grace, our only purpose is to live and die on the wall.”

¿There’s any A/B/O fic in which one omega character’s subjected willingly to a procedure of artificial insemination? (And please don’t ask me how the procedure would work)

What about a omega who want to have a family but is tired of been hurt over and over for all the alphas or betas on his/her life, or one who discover that would be sterile on a couple of years and don’t have a couple to had kids with?

This last one could be Tony’s case after the IM 2. 

After the whole thing with Vanko end the genius was subjected to some tests to see exactly how much damage the palladium did to his body, discovering that the heavy metal poisoning make him almost unable of have children. He didn’t took it good at first because even with all that happen to him during his childhood he always secretly wishes to start a family one day with someone who loved him just for himself.

One day when he’s on the hospital waiting for the results of one of his tests when he heard a pair of nurses talking about artificial insemination. At first he’s trying to forget it but later Tony make his research and learn more about that. Finally almost eight months later he go to a clinic where they’re very careful about the confidentiality, especially because the society’s so against the idea that an omega could have a kid without an Alpha, and choose a donor of a file (Yet he preferred to make sure and use a false name). He choose a tiny  Alpha guy with blue eyes and blond hair who study art, was on the military years before and also have asthma when he was young. He tell Pepper and Rhodey that he choose him cause someone like him never going to be a problem if he discover that’s going to be a father (Although the clinic says that all donors need to sign an agreement renouncing their rights as fathers never hurts to be careful), when in reality was cause he thought that someone who join to the army being so tiny and maybe even sick had to be a hell of a stubborn son of the bitch and the genius want to pass that stubbornness to their son. His pregnancy was confirmed two months before the Chitauri invasion.

Meanwhile on SHIELD there’s an rampage when the high command of the organization and a certain super soldier recently defrosted learn that while he was still unconscious the doctors took samples of his DNA, blood and even sperm and they managed to loss the last one (aka: Hydra want to make the own legion of baby super soldiers and steal it). After some yells of Fury and threats of castration of our favorite redhead assassin, the agents discover that the sample was hide on a private clinic and put under a false file as a donor. A file specifically designed to discourage omegas to choose him if they don’t know who he was actually. Fortunately they also learn that the serum rejects the “mothers” (Hydra agents disguised) systems and none of the Omegas that choose his sample could get pregnant… except for one.

¿Any idea who?

Proposal Steve Rogers x Reader

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: The Avenger Team

Word count: 2374 words

Warnings: fluuuuuuuff

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Steve Rogers was much more than just the Captain America for you. He was your everything: your best friend, boyfriend, lover, confident, family. You loved him more than you ever thought you could love someone. And for some strange reason you would never understand, he loved you back. You two had been a couple for five years now, and you had been living together for two of them.

At the beginning you wanted to get your own apartment but he was needed there in Avengers Tower in case there was an emergency. So after weeks of arguing it was Tony the one who gave you a solution. Since the tower was big enough, Tony prepared a whole floor for the both of you. It would be your apartment but he would still be in the tower in case the team needed him.

You actually loved the idea. Dating Steve had allowed you to meet the whole time and you were all now like a big family. Plus, that way Bucky would still have his Steve and Steve would have his Bucky. Everyone would be happy.

“How long have you two been dating?” Wanda asked you as you two made the lunch for the team.

“Five years already”, you smiled at her.

“Wow, really?” She laughed and you nodded. It used to surprise people and you just didn’t understand why. There were couple who spent even a decade together without getting married. “And…haven’t you two talked about marriage?”

“Not much”, you shrugged. “I know he wants to get married someday, so do I”, you told her smiling a little. “But I don’t know, I guess it’s just not the time”, you added.

“Yeah, I understand. But still it surprises me”, she said. “I mean… He’s Steve and you’re (Y/N)”, she said making you laugh.

“That was such an eye opening statement”, you said sarcastic.

“Shut up”, she laughed. “I never saw him looking at anyone the way he looks at you. And there’s no way anyone can deny that you feel the exact same way about him”, you blushed as she said that, not looking up. “I don’t know. It’s just like Jack and Rose from Titanic if Jack had lived. They would’ve been married the second they left the Titanic”.

“Are you really comparing me and Steve with Jack and Rose?” You laughed chopping some tomatoes to make the salad.

“No, you’re not the same…” She said before smiling at you. “I ship you two the most”, she added making you laugh even more.

You two finished cooking and asked FRIDAY to tell everyone to come down to the kitchen to have lunch. The first one appearing was Bucky so you told him to set up the table.

“But I did it yesterday!” He complained as you gave him all the plates you would need.

“Stop whining around Barnes and set up the table”, you ordered him.

He narrowed his eyes at you but turned around to put the plates on the table as he mumbled something under his breath.

“Hey babe”, the moment you heard Steve’s voice you turned around smiling. You noticed his hair was wet so probably he had just got out of the shower.

“Hey there”, you said as he leaned down to peck your lips.

“What do we have today?” He asked wrapping both arms around you.

“Mmm… Spanish potato salad”, you said. “And tacos”, you added making his smile grow bigger.

“Thank you” he said pecking your lips once again but this time he didn’t pull away.

“What’s in the menu today?” Clint asked walking in the kitchen.

“Apparently, Steve is having (Y/N)”, you heard Tony which made you laugh and pull away from his kiss.

He kissed your forehead before flipping Tony off. Finally Natasha, Vision, Sam, Bruce and Thor came as well. You all took your regular seats around the table and Tony started serving the food. Probably lunch was the only moment when you were all together and it made you so happy. You loved hearing Sam and Bucky teasing each other, Thor talking about Asgard, Tony and Bruce about their works, Vision trying to get to Wanda somehow and Natasha teasing Steve about everything as usual.

“Hey Today’s Tuesday”, Clint said. “Movie night’” He asked.

“Yes! I want to watch Now You See Me 2”, you said excited.

“No! We are watching Lights Out” Sam replied.

“There’s no way I’m seeing that, Falcon”, you said. You had panic to scary movies. So it was a no from you.

“Sorry guys, (Y/N) and I have plans”, Steve said out of nothing.

You looked at him with confusion since you two hadn’t talked about anything to do that day. Plus, Tuesday night was movie night. Always.

“Do we?” You asked confused.

“I was going to tell you later, babe,” he said looking at you. “I want to take you somewhere”, he said.

“But it’s movie night!” Natasha frowned.

“But they can’t come, Widow”, Bucky said.

There was something in his tone that let you know where Steve was taking you. Why did he know and you didn’t? It was so not fair. Natasha looked at him but you couldn’t see Bucky’s face.

“Oh! No problem guys, we can go and watch Lights Out tonight and Now You See Me 2 next week”, she said smiling widely out of nothing.

You looked at Steve who winked at Natasha. Then he looked at you and smiled innocently.

“What am I missing?” You asked. Steve laughed and kissed your cheek.

“Absolutely nothing”, he said before giving you another kiss.

By the looks on everyone’s faces it was obvious they all knew what was going on. Everyone except you of course and you didn’t like it. You hated secrecy. You looked at Steve but he was talking to Bruce now. You wanted to know. Why couldn’t you know?

When everyone was finished, Sam and Clint offered to wash the dishes since you and Wanda had been cooking for all of them. You were ok so you wrapped your arm around Steve’s waist as you two walked out of the kitchen.

“Want to go down?” He asked you stopping in the middle of the living room.

“Yes, I do”, you smiled at him.

You wanted a time with him, some intimacy and privacy. You two just walked to the elevator and walked into it silently. The whole time he was rubbing your back slowly, in circles as you just kept on wondering where was Steve taking you and tried to understand why everyone was so mysterious about it. You two stepped out of the elevator and walked straight to the couch.

“Come here”, he said sitting down and pulling on his lap. You sat down and looked at him smiling, playing with his hair a bit as he looked at you. “I love you”, he said out of nothing.

“And I love you too”, you said looking now in his eyes. He smiled and kissed you softly. “But… My love for you would be even stronger if you told me where we are going tonight”, you smiled innocently.

He looked at you with an eyebrow raised before laughing and kissing you. You guessed that was his way to say no.

“Please…” You mumbled when he pulled away.

“It’s a surprise, babe. I think you will like it”, he said stroking your hair. “Just trust me, ok?” He said smiling. You sighed giving in and nodded. “Thanks”, he whispered.

“It better be good”, you said before kissing him again.

He laughed against your lips and laid down on the couch, with you on his top still kissing you. He nibbled on your bottom lip before pulling away.

“It will be. Just be ready at 7.” He said.

“Like fancy or casual?” You asked tracing random shapes on his chest.

“Casual but fancy”, he smirked.

“Helpful”, you laughed before kissing his chest over his t-shirt.

The two of you just spent the afternoon laying on the couch, messing around, making out and just enjoying each other’s company. You had to admit those were the moments you loved the most. Those when you didn’t do anything but you still enjoyed being with each other. At 5 he told you he had to go for a moment to prepare something for that night so you took that time to start getting ready.

After thirty minutes debating with yourself, you ended up choosing a summer dress, the blue one you knew Steve loved and some flat sandals. By the time you finished adding your make up you heard the elevator opening.

“(Y/N)? You ready?” You heard Steve from the living room.

“I’m coming!” You exclaimed. Throwing the elemental things in your purse, you took it and ran to the living. “Wow, you look good”, you chuckled biting your lip as you saw him. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a white shirt. 

“You look beautiful”, he said kissing you for a few moments.

“I would like to know why I’ve spent thirty minutes to choose this outfit, Captain” You said when you walked into the elevator and Steve pressed the button that would take you to the garage.

“You’ll see”, he smiled down at you.

You were surprised to see everyone there in the garage. Apparently, they were trying to decide who would be driving and who would go in which car.

“I’m not going with Robocop”, Sam said. It always made you laugh when he referred like that to Bucky.

“And I’m not driving with this pigeon”, Bucky snapped back.

“Hey!” Wanda smiled as she saw you two walking to Steve’s car. “Have fun”, she winked at you.

“You two, don’t kill each other” you joked while Steve unlocked the car.

With a wave you got into the car and looked at Steve. You could swear he was suddenly nervous by the way he was fiddling with the car keys before he put them in the contact.

“You ok?” You asked when he finally drove the car out of the tower. He looked at you for a moment before nodding his head a couple of times.

The fact that he didn’t say a word during the whole drive was really suspicious. He didn’t use to be this quiet, not around you at least, but it was obvious that something else was in his head and that something was really getting to his nerves. Finally he stopped the car and signalled you to get out.

“The Empire State?” You asked when you recognised the famous building in front of you.

“Yeah, you…told me some days ago that you had never been to the top right?” He asked.

“Yeah! Steve it’s great! Are we really going to the top?” You asked looking at him as he took your hand.

“Indeed we are, doll”, he said rubbing your hand in circles with his thumb.

“It’s amazing!” You said standing on your toes to peck his lips softly.

“Let’s go”, he smiled.

Even when you had been living in New York for seven years now you never had the chance to go up there. And the fact that Steve took you there was just great. You’ve heard the views from up there were just breath-taking and you just couldn’t wait to see them.

Steve gave the tickets to the man next to the elevator who allowed you to in. You thought it was quite odd when the man winked at Steve but he was Captain America after all. He was probably just a fan. The elevator went up surprisingly fast and in less than one minute you were on the top.

“C’mon”, he said holding your hand once again. This time you actually felt his palm sweaty. What was wrong with him?

The moment you both walked out to the balcony you gasped. You hurried to get to the fence and looked down. It really was scary but as you had been told, the views were breath-taking. You could see the whole New York, even New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty.

“Steve this is the best surprise ever”, you smiled.

“This is not the surprise, (Y/N)”, you heard him.

Since you didn’t know what he meant, you turned around to look at him. To your surprise, you found him down on one knee which made you gasp. Was this possible?

“Steve…” He pulled out a box from his pocket still not making eye contact with you. “What… Oh my…” You mumbled.

“We’ve been together for 5 years now”, he finally said looking up at you. “And those have been the greatest of my long long life. You make me laugh after the roughest day, you calm me down after everything fight with Tony. You are everything to me (Y/N), my best friend, my girlfriend, my confident, my lover, my rock, and I want you to be mine for the rest of our lives…” He opened the box letting you see the most beautiful ring you had ever see. “Will you marry me?” He asked.

You couldn’t believe he actually proposed you, just the day Wanda and you had been talking about. Somehow you felt like she knew about this, everyone knew about this. They all knew Steve was going to ask the question and he actually did. And there was just one possible answer.

“Yes, Steve… A thousand times yes”, you said smiling like you never had smiled before.

Without looking from your eyes, he took the ring and your hand, slipping the ring in your finger before kissing it. Biting your lip, you saw how he stood up and pulled you closer to him, wrapped his arms around you and you put yours around his neck to pull him closer to your face.

“I love you”, you whispered.

“I love you too, future Mrs Rogers”, he said.

You chuckled at the sound of that and joined your lips, kissing each other slowly, like you had all the time in the world. He was yours and you were his and there was nothing you wanted more in this world than spending the rest of your days with the love of your life.