none of them had a family in years

What If...

Lance and Keith’s Family life was completely different?

-Lance still had his whole family when he was a child, but when Lance was 11 years old, most of his family was killed

-His dad had died the year before from some disease that America has an easy cure for but Cuba didn’t

-Lance only found out about the cure when he got into the Garrison

-His mother was driving some of his siblings to someplace when they got into a car accident and were immediately killed by the impact

-He and his older brother got put into the foster care system bc none of his cousins had enough money to take care of them

-They were split up in the system

-His English was not great for a while bc he never had the chance to learn it that well but then he got better

-Over time his accent slowly disappeared

-A few years later after his family’s death, he got a letter that said his brother had gone missing

-He acted like everything was fine though

-He never got into a real relationship bc everyone he had ever loved had died on him

-So he just flirted with everyone

-One of his foster parents were extremely homophobic but he only found out after he had said their neighbor (who was a boy) was hot

-He learned to keep his sexuality secret

-He covered the bruises up with concealer

-He lived with them for a year before he got moved again

-When he finally got into the Garrison he was bullied because he was Cuban

-He was constantly compared to Keith

-Keith who was born in America

-Keith who still had a family

-Keith who had real friends

-Keith who was a better pilot

-Keith who was (supposedly) straight

(we all know that Keith is gayer than a gay person on Tumblr talking about gayness while posting rainbows)

-When Keith ran away, his family came to the Garrison and and demanded that everyone search for him until he was found

-It turns out he had been trapped in a cave that he had been exploring for a few days

-When Lance went missing, no one cared

-He stayed out in the desert for a year by himself contemplating life

-But whenever he felt like he was in need of a trip to a mental hospital or the void, something, a warm feeling, would stop him (it was Blue)

-One day Keith, Hunk, and Pidge showed up on a stolen hover bike with an unconscious Shiro in front of his house-hut

-Cue the Voltron shtick happening and Lance still being compared to Keith and still feeling worthless and still flirting with everyone and being afraid of falling in love

-But then falling in love with Keith

-Mandatory klance bonding with all around angsty-ness

…and then everyone starts healing together,  the end

Acceptance as a Queer Asian American

Coming out as pansexual to my grandmother was an extremely important, and I believe, pivotal moment in my life as a queer, Asian young adult. I believe this for many reasons, but there are two specific ones that over shadow the rest.

The first of those is what it meant to me as a Japanese-American woman to feel safe enough and confidant enough in who I was to come out to my grandmother. For the majority of my queer journey up to this point, I was dead set on the fact that I could never tell my grandmother my sexual orientation. No matter the circumstance, I was sure that my grandmother would not understand or approve. No matter the circumstance, there was a great chance of my losing my relationship with her, my strongest tie to my Japanese heritage and her presence in my life as a third parent could be gone forever. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the love between us or isolate myself even more than I already felt from the Japanese community.

As much as my refusal to share my identity with my grandmother was based in my fear of her not loving me anymore, a good portion was also based in how I felt my faux-heterosexuality was essentially tied to my right to my Japanese heritage. I already felt like an imposter for being biracial and I felt that my admission to being attracted to more than just men would give the community more reason to exile me, revoke my membership that I’d come to believe I could only have if my grandmother backed me first. After all, my grandmother was the closest resource I had for my culture and language. Everything that made me feel Japanese I could attribute to her: my round face, olive skin, and almond eyes, my short stature and straight frame, my knowledge of Japanese tradition and lore with her songs and stories, my induction to Japanese pop culture with Studio Ghibli, candies and sweets, cartoons by Sanrio, and watching her Japanese shows on the TV, my love of the Japanese food she’d raised me on, the miso shiru and gyoza that marked my childhood, my interest and grasp of the Japanese language that she’d spoke and sang to me all my life. If she disowned me for this, it would feel like the entire Japanese and Asian community behind her would disown me as well.

When I finally decided to come out as pansexual to my grandma I was twenty. Four years after my official acceptance of the label, I’d gained enough confidence in my intersectionality of identities, enough love and pride for them all, that none of them could be affected by her acceptance or disapproval. My forgiveness and acceptance of my white, Scottish family and heritage had allowed me to discard the shame I felt for being mixed race in the Asian community. My growth and education in my Japanese heritage, history, and language had given me confidence in my identity as a Japanese person that no amount of racial slurs, stereotypes, or discrimination I received from any group of people could shake. My growth and knowledge of my self as a sexually and gender queer person and found footing in the LGBTQ+ community had shed the self hatred and fear of rejection from my mind. As painful as losing my grandmother would be, it would not and could not break me as might have before. I was tired of living behind lies. Being able to do something about that without fear of losing myself in my lost relationship was the most liberating thing I’d felt in my history with my Japanese and queer identities.

The second of the two reasons is absolutely the way my grandmother responded to my coming out. She both met my expectations and surprised me in the best of ways. And by that I mean that her reaction was so explicitly something my grandmother would say and do, but my fear of the worst case scenario had clouded my ability to perceive this outcome over the former.

I saw the opportunity to tell her over a conversation we had started about the recent mass shooting of LGBTQ+ people in Orlando, Florida. The devastation she expressed over the massacre, her clear understanding of the hateful prejudice behind the crime, it allowed me to see her clearer than before.

“I don’t understand why people do that!” I remember her shouting. “Why you got to hurt and kill people just because you disagree? Megan, it does not matter who you love, who I love, it doesn’t matter! Just because you believe doesn’t give you right to take another’s life!”

With her words my perceptions changed. My biases that often allowed me to view her as a stubborn child with an adult’s face and experiences had been pushed aside. Instead of the previously held image I’d had, my view of my grandmother had shifted to that of a women who’d experienced much hardship and shut out many new people and ideas because of it, but was still capable of growth and acceptance of new social norms and ways of thinking. This new image, this new perception of my grandma was a kinder, softer one than I’d met previously. It was one that I was safe with, I could feel it in my stomach and my cheeks.

“You know, it’s kind of scary for people like me, people who like more than just the opposite sex, people like those killed in that club, to be alive right now,” I said. “I’m like them, I like more than just boys, I want to date a girl someday, and it scares me that someone might want to kill me for that.”

My grandmother stared at me for a moment, her bony arms encircling her small legs, a high hum coming from her throat. That hum and the noise of her TV that never got turned off were the only sound in the room for several moments.

“You like girls?” She asked, then gestured to the news on the TV. “Like those people?”

I nodded and she made the same high hum.

“Well you know, Megan,” she said, looking down then back up again. I could feel my heart pounding heavily against my chest. “it does not matter who you love what you believe because you are my granddaughter. You are my first granddaughter and I will love you and take care of you always.”

I felt tears pricking my eyes and my heart slow its pace. I’d cried coming out to each of my parents so far, but this was the first time my tears were from joy.

With my mother I’d cried with frustration and anger at her lack of understanding and patronizing questions. Despite her general acceptance and “I’ll always love you” concluding statements, it’d hurt that she’d had so many concerns and objections. With my father I’d cried with rage, the pain of betrayal, the pain of lost love, and a fear for my livelihood then forward. He’d made me feel like a child running from home who truly had no option of turning back. He’d made me feel like his promises to love and care for me all these years had been out right lies.

But with my grandmother, all I’d felt was an overwhelming happiness from her words. Her straightforward acceptance, her attempt to understand me with out being invasive… I hadn’t been aware of how desperately I’d needed her to respond in this way until she had. With it I felt a tremendous weight lifted off my chest and a surge of love and emotion.

Seeing my watering eyes, my grandmother leaned forward and hugged me. I laughed at how her arms could hardly reach around my shoulders and I scooted closer so to make it easier for her. She patted my back with her bony, knobby, hands and kissed my head.

“I don’t care who you love, Megan. I love you first and that’s what’s important.”

I sniffled and laughed, squeezing her waist in my arms.

“Arigatou gozaimasu, obaachan. Aishite,” I said. “Thank you, grandma. I love you.”

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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Her Three Handsome Boys

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Suit shopping, happiness, fluffffff!!!

Word Count: 542

Summary: Y/n takes the boys suit shopping.

A/N: Ok, more fluff for this series, cos I just wanna!! Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

Y/n sat in the chair, waiting for him to come out.

She could feel her heart pounding, the thought of seeing him, making her happier than she should’ve been.

Then again, of course she’d be giddy.

Who wouldn’t be right now?

“Come on! It doesn’t take this long to get dressed!”

Y/n heard the deep chuckling coming from in the dressing room.

“That why it takes you almost an hour to get ready?”

She rolled her eyes, even if he couldn’t see her.

But he did have a point.

Ever since they’d began actually going out into the town and not just staying cooped up in the cabin, John had been taking her on a lot of dates.

They’d found real friends that weren’t monsters, who were totally willing to take care of the boys.

Of course, sometimes that wouldn’t work and they’d both end up coming along on their dates.

But she didn’t care.

Y/n loved all of her boys.

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Mystery Dad. Part One, E.D

Summary: It’s your daughters first day of school, and you meet the “new dad” in town.

‘Lilly! Come on, we’re going to be late!” you, yelled out. It, was your little girls, first day of the second grade. And, man, for a seven year old, does she take a while to get ready.

“I’m coming mommy!” she yelled, running toward you ecstatically, with her oversized backpack on her small frame. “I’m guessing you’re excited, huh babe?” you asked, patting her head slightly.  

“Yep! Come on we gotta go mom!” she whined, grabbing ahold of your hand, attempting to drag you with her. “Lil, don’t you think we’re forgetting something?” you asked, looking at the child. “No?” replied your confused daughter. “We need to take some pictures baby! Then we can go!” you said. Which caused her to groan out loudly. “But mom! I can’t be late, like you said!”  “Lillian, this is for memories, you’ll thank me later. Plus, it’ll only be a few seconds come on.” you said sternly.

After, taking the photos of her, it was finally time to take her to school, and well. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t excited for her. She had missed all of her friends from the previous school year, constantly talking about them, and she was finally going to see them once more.

Soon, after entering the car, and driving the short trip to her elementary school, the trip, filled with nothing but excited shrills, and stories about her friends. It was now coming to an end, as you neared the small school parking lot, preparing to walk her in. “Mom! I’m a big girl i can walk my self!” she whined once more.

“Lilly, i have to, Remember? Mrs.Woods wants to talk to all of the parents before class.So, you won’t be the only one with their mommy, i promise.” you reassured her. Taking her hand, and walking, seeing familiar faces, of her friends, teachers, and parents as you passed, through heading toward her class. But, their was one face you didn’t recognize. It was a young man, around your age, maybe a little younger. Medium length curly hair with slight purple hues in the front, stunning hazel eyes, and a leather jacket. Holding a small Curly brunette girls hand around Lilly’s size, walking in the same direction you were. The, small girl was new, or, you’ve never seen her before. But, guessing, as she looked quite shy, and scared, it was her first day at the school. 

As, you both neared the entrance hand in hand, the small girls father held the door open for you, as you and Lilly walked into the small pastel classroom.       Prepared to be greeted by her teacher. 

 “Hello Lilly! How about you go and play with the other kids, so i can talk to all of the Mommies and Daddies?” the older woman, presumably in her fifties spoke.

“Okay!” she squealed, heading toward the small play area in the back of the class.

“So, now that I have all of the parents together! Here are some Agendas for the children, and some volunteer options, if you would like.” The teacher spoke. Handing out, small agendas, with various cartoons on them.

“Also, I would like to introduce all of you, to our newest family before you leave. Meet Mr. Dolan, everyone! He is Emily’s father.” she spoke, causing the Brunette to slightly blush at the announcement. “Hi, everyone I’m Ethan actually, I just moved here, from New Jersey, with that little one.” he spoke, pointing to his small daughter. Who, was actually playing with none other, than Lilly.

Mrs. Woods, had continued on about, protocols for the school year, and expectations, nearly boring you to death. All you could focus on, was the ‘New’ Dad, which happened to be the only parent there alone, well besides yourself.  Lilly’s dad had left you, as soon as you found out you were pregnant with her. And, it’s just been the both of you ever since. That’s all you needed though, Lilly was your everything.

“Okay, Parent’s you may be excused, don’t forget to pick your children up at 3:30 sharp!” she shrilly spoke, poor Lilly, having to deal with that voice all day.

But, with that. You were gone, giving Lilly a slight hug, and leaving the school, to return just a few hours later.

As you exited the class, you caught a glimpse of the ‘Mystery” Dad, that you now knew, as Ethan, or Mr. Dolan. You both, passed each other slightly, trying not to stare at him. I mean, he was probably the most attractive man in the school. Everyone else, was mid forties, balding, and had a “dad bod”.

But, he was different, he was young. New, “different” compared to anyone you’ve met in the small town you called home. He, had a nice body, from what you could tell. Pierced ears, small purple streaks in his mess of curls, and well. He was just extraordinary. But, come on y/n! He’s probably married, plus. Even if he wasn’t he was way out of your league. 

Wait? What am i thinking, he’s just here for his daughter, not a relationship, get out of your head y/n.  You’re here for your daughter as well. Not this “Unlikely Finding” in a small town. You were here for Lilly, not Ethan, or any man.

But, he was nice eye candy though.

Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you for all of the love, and support guys! I love you all! Part two should also be up soon if you guys would like me to continue this!


God.. Protect this Precious Man

When I see spoons, I think that I have to live fully. Even if things get hard and I get exhausted, I think [to myself] that a spoon of rice can become different with a side dish, so I live life to the fullest.. To be honest, as a celebrity, I am often under the spotlight, and some people might think that I was born with a golden spoon. Looking back at my middle school and high school days, I wonder if I had been born with a crap spoon.. My family conditions were not that good. I have been the breadwinner for 13 years since debut. When I was young, I resented my parents a lot, thinking, ‘Why could I not have been born to a richer or happier family?’ But as time passed, when I look back and think about it, it was that kind of situation that made me the strong person I am today. When we read books or biographies of great people, [we see that] none of them are from rich or happy families. It’s always people who encounter hardships that create a new era and become heroes. Because of this, I have hope that I too can become a small hero, and so, to our university students and high school students who are struggling, it would be great if you become small heroes too.”   –  Leeteuk

Coffeeshop Gothic
  • The customer asks for a latte. You make it and hand it off. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this iced.” You remake the drink and hand it off again. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this hot.”
  • The customer asks for a shot. A shot of what? You don’t know. They won’t tell you.
  • You work at a Starbucks. A man comes in asking for a triple shot venti latte with six pumps of vanilla and two scones. “I need you to ring each ingredient up separately,” he says. “I need my points,” he says. “They have my family.”
  • A new song comes on the radio. It sounds the same as the last song.
  • A group of teenage friends come in, all shouting their orders at the same time. Every order requires you to use the blender. They want to pay separately. Two of them want you to write something with the caramel drizzle on top of their whipped cream. None of them tip.
  • The fresh pot of drip coffee has been dripping since before your shift started.
  • “Do you have soy milk?” You haven’t had soy milk for three years. “Do you have soy milk?” You ran out and management never replaced the stock. “Do you have soy milk?” You’ve given up saying no. No one ever listens.
  • Your shift began at six in the morning. Your last shift ended at five-thirty, half an hour ago. When was the last time you left this coffee shop?
  • You look at the clock, it’s 12:37. You make forty-three drinks and put a new batch of scones in the oven. You look at the clock again. It’s 12:38.
  • You’ve heard about “break.” Those who take it are oblivious to the horde of people screaming for a drink. Someone has thrown up in the middle of the floor. The drive-thru line is up to twenty-three cars. Those who are on break see none of this. You know they will never hear your cries for help.
  • You’ve seen the outside world through the windows of the shop. It is a bright place. Thousands of people pass by your shop every day. They cannot know the horrors within.
The Secretary

Pairing: Bruce Wayne X Reader

Words: 1200+

Request:  Bruce x Female Reader where the reader has been Bruce’s secretary for years and is super close with the batboys & Bruce doesn’t know. And then when Damian first meets her, him and the other batboys talk about how great she is during family dinner & how she spends time with them individually doing what they like (& Jason misses her cuz she was super sweet but he can’t see her cuz he’s “dead”) and then Bruce realizes he doesn’t know that much about her and asks her out and then some date fluff

Warnings: None

“Good morning Mr. Wayne,” you greeted your boss as you entered his office.

You had been at Wayne enterprises as Bruce’s assistant for almost as long as he’s been here. Since you had been working with Bruce, you had developed feelings for the man. You got to see a side of the billionaire that no one else did. You got to see and hear just how much his family meant to him. Over the years you had taken it upon you to entertain his wards whenever they would join him at the office. And today was one of those days. The youngest of the Wayne boys was standing next to his father. Looking between the two, you saw just how alike the father and son looked.

“Good morning miss Y/L/N. This is my son Damian. Would you mind entertaining him for the day?”

“Of course Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce smiled at his son before walking out of the office. Damian remained still, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“So Damian, what would you like to do today?” The boy remained silent, his eyes boring into you. “You know I can’t read your mind.”

“I do not care. I do not wish to be here anyway.”

“How about I take you somewhere your brother’s all enjoyed going?”

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Kiss Me Goodnight : Archie Andrews

request: Can you do an imagine were Archie and Betty are best friends with the reader. And the reader had moved away for a year because her parents thought it would be best but realized it was a mistake. So after a year she moved back to riverdale. But she never lost contact with her two best friends. And when she shows back up in riverdale Archie and Betty are beyond happy. But Archie is maybe a bit more happier being that he secretly like her. So they go out for pops diner and catch up 

requested by: anonymous

A/N: For the sake of this imagine, Betty’s crush on Archie is nonexistent.Also, Grundy and Archie do not have a relationship! Also, I made this more of an Archie imagine, though, Betty is still in it. I really, really hope this is what you wanted. xx aubree

warnings: none :)

word count: 850

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Originally posted by riverdalegifsdaily

It’s been a year since Y/N had been in Riverdale. Her parents thought that getting away from Riverdale was what was best for their family, but it did not work. Their lives only got harder when they moved. 

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I’d been having the dream on and off again since I was a small child. It was always the same, and while I could have it multiple times a week I would only ever have it once a night. It could happen no matter the time of the year.

The dream would begin as I was walking up some wooden steps. They joined on to the small porch area of an incredibly nice house. The house was empty; I always got the impression that the previous occupants had recently moved. Someone would show me inside, though I would never see who it was. I would go into the entrance hall and ahead of me would be the hallway leading to the kitchen. To my left, the living room, and to my right, the stairs. It was a lovely house, open and airy and warm.

Here the dream would skip, and again I would become aware that I was climbing the last of a flight of wooden stairs. This time I would be on the upstairs landing. Now the atmosphere had changed; I felt tense, uneasy. It was colder. Without my permission my feet would carry me to the right, along the hallway. I would pass two doors; the first on my left (a bedroom), and the second just ahead of it on my right (a bathroom). I would stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the final door. It would open on its own.

Seated in front of me, on a single chair in an otherwise empty room, would be an elderly man. He was incredibly old, probably in his nineties. He was visibly sick, and I remember being able to see the veins in his papery hands.

“Close the door,” he said. “You don’t want to see this.”

Something would grab my arm from behind, and I would wake up.

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Long Jenkins Headcanon:

Jenkins does in fact see their whole group as ‘reincarnations’ of his old friends. Yes even an immortal can believe in reincarnations. In Flynn he obviously sees his old king Arthur. His friend, his worried, caring, brave, self-destructive to a fault friend who thought he alone could do everything. Even when he had his whole round table of knights. He sees more of Arthur in Flynn than even he’d like to admit. But he also sees things he didn’t in Arthur. A willingness to try to be better and connect faster. It takes less time for Flynn to become the leader than Arthur had.

Then there is Jacob Stone. He sees so much of himself in this odd cowboy. He sees someone who will fight for a good cause, who just wants to prove himself. It’s almost painful till he hears Stone chastise Cassie the first time or get after the groups Thief. Then all he hears and sees is Gawain. Quick to judgement and action. Rushing ahead and then slowing down. Smart as anything but always forgetting to actually take time to fully think. He sees Stone getting better though, learning to forget faster than Gawain did, but is still the first to fight and preferring fists over weapons. He sees him become a bit of Kay too, both having slow but strong forming bonds with their king and leader. As if becoming brothers.

Then Eve. His first uneasy friend in the group. He sees the fighter Queen he once knew. He smiles when she worries about her Librarians so like Guinevere whenever the knights went on another quest. But yet like Flynn she’s so much like his old liege sometimes he fears for her. Like when Moriarty showed up and she was put in that fantasy realm. He instantly feared he’d see two friends be heartbroken again but then she overcame the faults her previous life had seemed to make. She choose Flynn and didn’t betray him. He smirks when he tells her and the others tales of how once Guinevere had trained a few of the younger knights and all had been shocked when she’d beat them at first. And how she was often around the table herself when big battles came time, helping Arthur pick his best strategies.

And Cassandra. While he knew she had been labeled his old friend Merlin in that story book fiasco he also knew she was more like the combination of the old Wizard and Morgan Le Fay than any of them liked to admit. He saw Morgan’s passion and stubbornness. He sees some of her scary ambition and trickery to do things without others around to prove herself. But then he also sees Merlin’s kindness, his humility. He sees the wisdom in her eyes after a while. Especially when he caught her after she collapsed. He saw the fear he once saw in his old friend’s eyes when he almost died in a battle that the old Wizard had joined them to. He was more worried about the knights than himself and Jenkins had regretted not letting Merlin know he was loved a mistake he didn’t make with Cassandra. Even if she frustrated him, she also was the best mix of two people in his life that meant so much. She was always willing to help him, but also sometimes the cause of great fun and intense conversations about theories.

Then there was the thief. Ezekiel Jones. The youngest member of their group and at first he thought the one most likely to leave and yet he stayed. He proved himself over and over again. He reminded Jenkins of young Percival, smooth of tongue but also braver than the others gave him credit for. He was a trickster with a heart of gold. He loved harder than any of them but kept it hidden. Jenkins could see it, even when he gave the young man a hard time that he really cared about the whole team. Even if he played off that he was self-absorbed. That he noted was a very Mordred tactic. The young broody man had often been friends with Percival. Both got into the most trouble but a few times saved the rest of the table with their more hidden knighthoods than all out sword fighting and such. It warmed his heart when he saw Ezekiel also chosen as a ‘mother figure’ by Nessie’s youngest egg. He remembered the first time he’d meet Nessie while being on the round table, he remembered Mordred becoming fast friends with the creature and any animal around him really. It showed how truly good the boy was, even if he changed as man. Jenkins just hopped time would prove that Ezekiel would take a better path than that.

Yes Jenkins saw his old family in this new rag-tag group. And sometimes it hurt him, but sometimes when he thought none of them where looking he’d truly smile. Because his family had found him. He wasn’t alone again. He felt more alive than he had in hundreds of years. And how he hopped he could see this one through better days, even if it meant he had to fall off a few cliffs, or get tunnels partially collapsed on him. He’d do it, as long as he could see them all thrive and survive. His friends. His family.


Thomas Shelby x John Shelby (friend) x reader

Request: Prompt #47. (“Go on, I dare you”) with Tommy, please!😊

Petrol was being poured all over the pub as the eldest shelby brothers and roughly seven other peaky boys stormed into the pub throwing chairs, smashing bottles and firing their guns. You were the daughter of the owner of the pub, your father was in trouble, big trouble. Him and a few other men decided that the Garrison was losing them business. He wouldn’t tell you what the plan was but they marched down there one night and kicked up a fuss. The Shelby boys were away on business and now they were back they were getting revenge, They through a few people out onto the streets, Bet another few people senseless and a few even got bullets through them. You were working the bar but had been thrown behind into the stockroom by a man you considered family, David, as he tried to keep you out of sight. You peared through the crack in the door and saw your father lying surrounded by a pull of blood and then saw David slumped over battered to the point his face was almost unrecognisable. You threw your hand over your mouth as you let out a painfully sharp gasp, trying not to break down because you didn’t want to get caught. You ran to one of the cupboards digging for the gun your Father had placed there in case of emergency. You kept thinking back to him lying lifeless on the floor and your heart started pounding and you were unable to catch your breathe. Back in the front of the pub Tommy had heard a gasp and shushed all the boys to be quiet as he walked slowly and silently to the door leading to the stockroom. He pulled back the door quickly to see you standing there, terrified, holding a gun pointed at Tommy’s head. Your nose was bleeding as you tried to wipe it away not taking your gaze of Tommy. You had always been prone to nosebleeds and the trauma of seeing your dead family had set you off.

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What If? (Pt.2)

Title: What If? (Pt.2)
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: WELCOME BACK MOTHERFUCKERS I AM CAFFEINATED :) I was gonna post this as one big fic (I had hit like 3000 words) but I decided to split this up. It keeps growing :D (I took liberty and tagged a bunch of you people)

It was three agonizing days until you saw Mikey again. According to Raph he spent most of his time in the training room, relentlessly pushing himself to several limits. When one of the others could force him out for a little while he spent all of his time in his and Raph’s room “mopin’ over that weird book.”

Splinter had approached the others expressing his concerns and, until Leo mentioned your breakdown, he had nothing.

“My child?” Splinter slowly entered your room where you were laying, sketching away. You jump and try to hide your sketchbook, throwing it behind you. He quirks an eyebrow and extends his hand, motioning for you to hand him whatever it was. It was the first time since the fight you’d even touched a pencil and it seemed that all you could draw was Mikey. So, like a little kid in trouble, you hand it over. As recognition and something akin to pride swarm his features you shrink further into yourself expecting to be reprimanded. Instead he gives you a small smile and hands it back.

“Well done. That’s a very fine piece of art.” He pauses, giving you time to start explaining on your own. You sit with your eyes closed, hoping he’ll just go away. He simply stares at you, patiently, and sits. After a few tense, silent moments, you break.

“I’msosorrySplinter, I didn’t mean any harm! I draw. I was gonna go to art school then my- and then- and I just drew Mikey, Ididn’tmeantohurthim I’m sorry!” You blurt in one breath and start crying, again. Splinter had grabbed you mid-sentence and just held you. You sobbed and cried and rambled until you could breathe again. The whole time the rat who had become a father to you patted your back and waited for you to calm down.

When you had quieted and stopped shaking Splinter lied your head on his lap, combed through your hair and slowly spoke.

“Child, you must tell me what has happened. I was worried about Michelangelo, but now I fear for you too. You must explain, if you can,” and so you did. You explained everything. Your past, how bad off you were when they found you, your crush on Mikey, that night, your idea, the drawing, all leading up to three days ago. You had to stop a few times at the more painful moments and had cried silently the whole time. Once you had finished Splinter sat silently. He drank in your words, rolling them around in his head and slowly formed a response. He does this often when spoken to so you give him time and just enjoy the comfort he provides.

“Given the circumstance, you should go to him.” As he speaks, you slowly sit up and match his gaze. “This isn’t something that can be fixed outwardly, but from the inside I believe it can heal.”



Mikey loved the feel of adrenaline coursing through him after training. It put a pep in his step until it wore off and his muscles started to ache. He figured, while he was still hype, that he’d go bug his favorite sweetheart. As he wandered towards your room he enjoyed the serenity of the lair. He could hear his brothers loudly speaking then quietly disbanding, each wandering off to their separate corners. He hears Raph’s music turn up, he hears the familiar beep of Donnie’s lab door, he hears the shower, probably Leo. His hands drift to his pockets and his mind drifts to his girl - uh, well not his girl but… god, he wanted her to be. He always knew there was something about Y/N but… lately? He couldn’t help but think of you.

He was surprised to see that you weren’t in your room, so he took the time to, well, indulge himself. He looked around your room at just how you it was. The furniture, the colors, lighting, nerd stuff littering every surface, fuck even the smell. The 19 year old’s chest tightened as he took in that smell and enjoyed the little energetic rush that spiraled from his chest, down his arms and settling low. His stomach turned over and he closed his eyes, starting to daydream. Out of a dreamy fog an image of burying his face into your hair as he held you tightly swarms him. He could almost feel your small arms trying to wrap around him and failing, but still tightening nonetheless, as well as you nuzzling into his neck. The ghostly press of a kiss or two sends another shot through his body and this one snaps him out of his dizzying day dream.

He jumps and sobers up, remembering you could walk in at anytime, and continues snooping. With his arms latched behind his back he wanders around the room. His eyes fall to something on your bed. It was a some loose papers, a couple pencils, and, near the headboard, a few peculiar books. Confusion seizes him while curiosity drives him to take a peek. He glances at the door frame, pausing to consider the morality in this situation. The little devil on his shoulder has been screeching since he saw the papers and the little angel has been rambling more than Donnie. Mikey shakes his head and turns back to the papers picking up a pile of about four. His brows furrow. His jaw drops.

The paper between his fingers showed a drawing of him and his brothers side by side. Perfectly. A low whistle escapes him. Angelcakes did this?

“It’s like a photo,” he whispers breathlessly. A gargantuan smile splits his face as he excitedly flips page after page. His brothers, Splinter meditating, him laying around, Raph and Donnie sparring. He ran out of his pile and practically dove for the others. Some of the drawings were higher quality, some merely sketches. It didn’t matter, he devoured them all with fervor. Pride swelled in him and bubbles over into small bouts of giggles. He barks a sharp laugh and covers his mouth when he finds a damn near perfect capture of Raph’s bitch-face. He grabs one of the actual sketchbooks and leans against the steel beam that comes down in the middle of your room, flipping it open.


You quietly approach the increasingly scarey curtain of beads separating you and Mikey. Splinters last words before you left the room ring in your ears.

“Of course, young one. Anything can be healed if you tend to it correctly. At the very least, you can mend the damage and lessen the blow.” You lightly chant this to yourself as you approach the archway to the shared room. Mend the damage, lessen the blow. Mend the damage… You’re met with a very grumpy Raph within the first few steps. He’s laying on the top bunk, your entrance catches his attention. The red tails of his mask flail a little as he looks at you, then snaps to Mikey for a moment (who is moping quietly in the corner, sitting on his drum kit’s stool leaning against the wall) and back again. He mouths ‘You dealing with this?’. You gave a curt, nervous nod.

“Oh, thaNK FUCK,” he groans, a little too loudly. Mikey swerves around, startled by the sudden outburst, locks eyes with you and confusion turns into a scowl. Raph slides off his bunk and moves past you, giving you two hearty good-luck-shoulder-pats on his way out. You reach out towards Raph a little as he wanders away silently yelling at him to not leave you alone. You begin to slightly tremble for the second time that day. Turning back, you find Mikey has turned around once more.

Alright. Fine. I guess it’s all on me.


Mikey had made it through 2 of your old sketchbooks before he got to a newer one (he figured they were old cause he hasn’t worn that in at least a year) and picked up on a, um, theme so-to-speak. This book was near full, the only one on the bed that was closed, and was chock full of drawings of him. Of course his family was in there but it was totally rare if he wasn’t also in the drawing. To be honest, he was too stunned that none of them even knew about this amazing talent of yours to freak out about how much of him there was.

So far his favorite was one of him casually standing, facing away from the viewer, arms crossed, relatively serious. His first thought was, of course, ‘wow,’ but then it was ‘is my ass really that nice?’ It was then he saw a cute little cartoon you in the corner with sunglasses on staring at his ass, biting her lip and making a really funny face. That one he promised himself he was gonna make a copy of whether you knew about it or not.


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You’re Not There

Based on the song: You’re Not There by Lukas Graham

Word Count: 2080

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: I had a weird day and was feeling super angsty/depressed. Then that song came on my iPod and I just… I just had to write.

Version en Español:Tú No Estás Allí

Her gratitude was etched into every worry line and wrinkle on her face as she hugged her little boy close. Over his shoulder, the woman stared up at Dean with watery eyes. “Thank you so much!”

With a little wave and smile, Dean turned and walked away. Another hunt and another win. Everyone made it out alive except for the monster. A year ago he would have celebrated with you. A year ago, he would have let your excitement at seeing a family reunited wash over him. A year ago, you would have wrapped your arm around his waist and guided him to the Impala with a beautiful smile painted on your lips.

A year ago, everything was different.

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PARTS: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // epilogue

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Words: 7,303
Genre: smut, angst, supernatural au.
click here for warnings by part (potential spoilers).

When playing the lying game, there are but two rules. The first is to be convincing. Live the lie, breathe the lie, believe it so wholeheartedly it becomes your new truth. The second is to always remember there are other players in the game, some of whom have been playing it far longer than you.

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Age Gap


They hadn’t even realized the age difference at first, after all its not exactly the first thing that you ask someone you had just walked into on the street.

That was the first time they had met, Y/N and Joe, both too busy looking down at their phones instead of paying attention to where they were going. The two collided into one another, the force almost sending Y/N to the ground but Joe quickly extending an arm, catching her by the waist before gravity completely took over. The two exchanged sorrys and are you okays as he stood her back up, both of them slightly embarrassed as to what had just happened. 

Joe, feeling the most embarrassed, offered to buy her a coffee seeing that he had quite literally almost knocked her off her feet and with a smile, Y/N gladly excepted. 

The two walked the short walk to the nearest coffee shop together, exchanging names and the causal small talk which led to an in depth conversation when they sat down opposite each other in a booth, sipping their hot drinks. 

That was 10 months ago, Y/N was 17, just about to turn 18, and Joe was 25. It wasn’t until a few weeks after first running into each other that they had figured that out. It wasn’t really an issue for them, they connected in a way that none of them had connected with anyone else before and they wanted to see if there really was something between them. 

 At first their friends and family were a little hesitant about their relationship seeing that there was a seven year age difference meaning they had seven years of different experiences between them, Y/N just starting uni and Joe, a public figure who’s job it is to the world his life. But after they saw how much love Joe and Y/N had for one another, it was almost like there wasn’t an age difference at all. 

Y/N was mature for her age, having to step up and take care of herself fairly early in life, and Joe was still a kid at heart so naturally they balanced each other out and for the first 10 months it was good. 

But people online started getting suspicious, more suspicious than they perviously had. They would bombard Joe with tweets or comments on his videos or livestreams asking if he had a girlfriend and once he said yes they would continually ask who it was, tagging him in pictures of girls who he had recently taking pictures with and Joe was getting scared. 

They had tagged him in one of Y/Ns pictures on instagram but people in the comments were refuting the claim because the girl in the picture was too young for a 25 year old.

Y/N was also getting worried. She had read the comments on her picture and the ones Joe was tagged in. His fans were curious and obviously didn’t like the idea of Joe dating an 18 year old.

The couple slowly started to drift apart after one night that was fueled with fear of what people who had no business of knowing found out about their relationship. The night ended with Y/N in tears, something that Joe wasn’t prepared to handle and let he her walk out of his flat making her promise to call him in the morning. 

When she didn’t call or answer any of his texts the next morning, Joe began to panic, thinking that this could be the end of their relationship. After a few weeks of very minimal contact, Y/N showed up at Joe’s flat ready to finally talk.

“Hey” She said when the door open, the words barely coming out as Joe tugged her into a bone crushing hug. 

The two stayed in the embrace for a while, Joe taking in the scent of her hair that he had missed for the past fews weeks and Y/N, remembering that his hugs were one of the many things she loved about him. 

“I’m sorry.” Joe said pulling away and stepping back to let Y/N walk into his flat.

“Me too, I shouldn’t have left. It’s just, I don’t know. I don’t why I’m so scare about what people think, I don’t even know them” She said, a slight laugh leaving her lips after she realized how crazy she sounded.

“I know love,” Joe said opening his arms and pulling Y/N close to him when they sit down on his couch. “It’s hard, I felt this way when I first started YouTube. It’s weird to think that millions of people are judging you just because you upload a video of you cooking dinner or having a night out with your mates.”

“Thats not helping.”

“Not all the judgment it bad though. You of all people should know that, and people warm up. Remember when we first started dating? Every hated the idea of us together just because of our age but now look at them, they love you, they love us. The boys have been asking where’ve you been, why you’re not here with your textbooks spread across the floor.” Y/N smiled at the memory of a few months ago when she had exams to study for but Joe insisted on her coming over. 

“People will warm up Y/N, once they see that we’re happy together. We don’t even have to mention your age, we’ll just never celebrate a birthday on camera. Simple as that.” Joe said causing Y/N to laugh. 

She left out a deep breath as she laced her fingers through Joe’s, thinking about his words and the conversation they had weeks ago.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She said quietly, still unsure if she wanted to do it or not. 

“I’m what?” Joe teased, pulling in even closer as she laughed again. 

“You’re right. For once in my life I’m agreeing with you so lets do this before I change my mind.” She said pushing herself off the couch and turning around to pull Joe up.

The two ventured down the hallway to Joe’s filming room, where Joe set up his camera, making sure it was in focus after hitting record and sitting down on the bed next to Y/N.

“Hey guys! Today’s video is going to be a little different, its a Q&A but I won’t be answering the questions. Instead I have my beautiful girlfriend here with me today and she’s agreed to let you guys know a little bit about herself….”

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Zelda ask Link about first kiss he has had one shes never had one shes troubled


It happened while they crossed Castle Town on their way to Hyrule Field. In the midst of her people bowing and greeting her, something caught her eye — a couple, around the same age as Link and herself. The bashful smiles they wore spoke volumes of their adoration and love for each other. Zelda was entranced, and didn’t stop watching even when the boy leaned down to kiss the girl fully on her mouth. Zelda’s pleasant expression faltered as she saw, wonder rising up in its place. Link noticed, as always.

“Princess.” He urged with no real force.

“Y-yes, sorry. Let’s be off, then.” She turned to give a smile to her knight, but before she walked away she took one last glance to the couple, eyes shining with curiosity.

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Jason Todd: Family and Fiancé

Imagine having a family dinner with the Batfam and they’re more than surprised to find out you’re Jason’s fiancé.

Warnings: Swearing

Prompt: “Where Jason shows up to the manor for family dinner with a girl and it’s the batfams first time meeting her and it turns out she’s Jason’s fiancé and they’d been dating for years but no one knew”


Today was the day, the night that could potentially scar you for life according to Jason Todd. Meeting his family for dinner was definitely a nerve wracking situation that you’d both avoided for as long as possible but Jason had decided seeing them was inevitable, so fully equipped with exciting news the two of you found yourselves standing in front of the exquisite entrance to Wayne Manor.
Seconds later, the door was opened and you were greeted by none other than Alfred.
“Ah Master Jason, Miss (y/n) I’m glad you could make it. Please come in.” The butler politely welcomed with a smile.
“Is that Jaybird?” An unfamiliar voice echoed from behind the butler.

“Jaybird?” You repeated to Jason, who stood beside you and he easily detected the mischief in your tone.
“Uh yeah, a nickname of mine around here.”
“Oh I’m definitely remembering that one!” Came your upbeat voice, clearly pleased with your new discovery.
The stranger that soon came in view turned out to be a raven haired male, slightly shorter than Jason but he wore a charming smile.
“Woah, I’m Dick Grayson - and you’re (y/n) was it? Such a beautiful name.” The stranger addressed cheerfully, he was good looking -you’d give him that.
With that he gently kissed your left hand, expression faltering for a second. Before you could even react Jason had basically tackled him, a string of curse words leaving his lips based on his brother’s previous action - of course they were only messing around. You didn’t question when Jason went chasing after his brother since he could get a little hot headed sometimes, this left you with none other than Damian Wayne and Alfred, the former you’d recognised from the newspapers.

“Are you Jason’s significant other?” The boy asked, straight to the point just as Jason had described.
“That I am, and you’re Damian Wayne if I’m not mistaken. Pleased to meet you, my name is (y/n) (l/n).” Was your casual response, offering a hand as a greeting.
Damian had a surprisingly firm handshake but you expected nothing less from the son of Bruce Wayne who you had yet to meet.
“Well I respect you for being able to put up with Todd for so long (l/n). Would you like me to show you to the lounge to meet the others whilst Pennyworth prepares our meal?” Damian asked, of course making sure to insult his brother in the process.
“Please, that’d be great considering Jason had just disappeared on me.” You replied gratefully, allowing the boy to lead you through his home.
“That’s a common trait in our family, trust me.” Damian muttered, his tone as emotionless as ever.

Meanwhile, Dick had managed to get Jason wrapped up in a family discussion concerning the ring you wore on you left hand, a ring that suggested you were either married or engaged. The family had seemed bewildered once Dick told them after bursting into the room, Jason following with a bored expression that only morphed into a glare once Dick opened his mouth. Unfortunately he was unable to get a word in once the whole Batfam had insinuated you were cheating on your partner because the idea of Jason proposing never once crossed their minds - this was the first time they’d even met you, Jason would introduce his partner to them beforehand. Jason and yourself obviously knew different.

“Jason! She’s a married woman, she’s cheating on someone - that’s not a good thing.” Bruce sternly voiced, deciding against beating around the bush.
“Ok, first off she’s not married - (y/n) is engaged and secondly -” Jason tried, a feeble attempt at explaining your situation before he was interrupted.
“Right because being engaged makes it that much better? Jason how could you bring (y/n) along knowing about this?” Bruce groaned, fully aware of how irrational his son could be at times.
“Wow Bruce. As funny as this is, I’m gonna have to put a stop to it. I know (y/n) is engaged since we’ve been together for years and I brought her along because I love her and wanted you to meet her.” Your fiancé began for a second time.
Years?! Oh boy, that’s great but I bet (y/n) says ‘I love you’ to her fiancé every night and look where we are now.” Tim concluded, gesturing with hands to emphasise his point.
“They’re right, I do say that actually.” Came your calm tone as you made your presence to the minor dispute well known, you came to a stop beside Jason. Damian letting out a sigh due to his families antics.

“(Y/n)…” Cassandra mindfully acknowledged in the midst of the chaos, holding out her hand as a from of greeting, she’d yet to meet you so why not now.
“Are you two sure about this? I get that you’re happy but it’s not fair on her fiancé.” The eldest brother, Dick, continued after your attention was momentarily distracted.
“I’m pretty sure he’s ok with it to be honest.” You grinned, a hint of sarcasm laced your voice as you looked to Jason for reassurance.
“What?! You’re engaged and he’s alright with this?” Tim practically squeaked whilst frantically gesturing between yourself and Jason.
“For fucks sake! (Y/n) is engaged to me.”

The whole room fell silent as they took in the new information in an awestruck fashion, it would be an understatement to say they were shocked - Jason was the last person they’d expect to get engaged.
Dick was the first to break the silence as he broke out into sparkling grin to engulf you both in an enthusiastic hug.
“Congratulations! That’s great Jay, I’m so happy for you both and sorry for uh - you know - jumping to conclusions but it’s really nice to meet you (y/n), good job at keeping Jaybird here in check!” Dick praised, excitement ringing through his voice after the genuine apology whilst the others still remained in a state of confusion.
“How come we’ve never met (y/n) before, you could’ve at least introduced us Jason.” Tim complained as he shook your hand, giving you a brief smile before turning his attention back to his brother.
“Can you blame me? I didn’t want to scare (y/n) away, especially with Demon Spawn over there.” Jason muttered, sending a glare to the youngest who was basically analysing you at this point until he heard the unoriginal insult thrown at him.

With a light nudge from yourself, you’d gained your fiancé’s attention as well as that of his family, you were new and none of them knew you as a person yet making everything you did stand out in some way.
“Back off Jay, Damian has been nothing but polite this evening and besides they couldn’t scare me away after all the shit you and I have been through.” You defended the youngest of the family with ease, despite knowing exactly what he was capable of.
“(Y/n) whose side are you on? Remember who you’re marrying here.” Your fiancé cut in, his tone holding a hint of amusement, Damian simply smirked.
“Well Jaybird, according to your family it’s not you.” Your response was half hearted, receiving a laugh from Jason and a few of the other family members but of course they felt a pang of guilt zip through them.

Though you were joking, the rest of the family had realised their mistake and started to feel responsible, except Damian who had miraculously taken a liking to you in recent minutes.
“I would like to apologise for jumping to conclusions (y/n), it’d be best to start afresh so it’s nice to finally meet you. And congratulations of course.” Bruce started, offering you his hand, his statement was soon followed by a string of apologies from your future in-laws.
“Don’t worry about it, I suppose it’ll be a great story to tell the kids -” You cheerfully responded, before you were cut off that is.
“Oh my god! Don’t tell me you guys have children - that’s so cute! I’m basically an auntie!” Came the joyful voice of Stephanie, Bruce’s face significantly paling whilst Dicks in contrast completely lit up at the news.
No, we don’t have children, (y/n) is not pregnant - it was just a figure of speech, now please can we go and eat?!” Jason exasperatedly groaned, putting an end to his family’s assumptions.

Soon you were all seated at the dinner table, a delicious looking meal prepared by Alfred set in front of you, casual conversation filled the air with members of the family shooting questions at both you and Jason every so often regarding your relationship.
“How has your fiancé, Master Jason been treating you Miss (y/n)?” The butler kindly inquired whilst pouring you a beverage.
“Eh, he’s actually amazing Alfred, you clearly rubbed off on him.” You replied, earning a smile from the elderly man as the table suddenly became silent.

“Wait - you told Alfred and not us?” Dick stammered, realising that Alfred wasn’t in the room previously where this matter was discussed so would of been oblivious to the situation plus he knew you by name before you’d even introduced yourself.
Duh.” Jason smugly answered, relishing in the families astonishment and displeasure.

honestly my feelings towards HeR right now are like an ex that just broke up with me and left with no warning and when it happened i was really upset like what was wrong with me or with our relationship because i thought we had something real there and they just left me all of a sudden and i was super heartbroken and just waiting for the day they’d change their mind and come back and we could pretend like none of this ever happened and things would be back to normal

but like now the more that i think about them the more i realize they weren’t ever actually that good to me in the first place. like yeah a couple times a year we had some good times but when i’d describe them to my friends and family they’d always kind of raise one eyebrow and when they’d see their social media presence it was just kind of embarassing. and like in the time that they’ve just disappeared with no updates i’ve become a totally better person. like i’ve gone off to school and made new friends and had all these experiences and i know where i’m going in life and what i wanna do and i’m so passionate about things that they never cared about but that i have time to focus on now that they’re out of my life

and like maybe someday they will come back like i desperately wanted them to when they first left and maybe i’ll meet up with them to see how they’re doing and maybe get some closure on what happened but even if they don’t… i’d be OK