none of the photosets worked so

half the photosets i post get flagged as sensitive, even though none of them are, and the review process either doesnt work or must take a hell of a long time so uh…. fuck tumblr. i guess ill just have to make everything a text post now until/unless they fix the website


Just watches the latest AA ep it was pretty good as far as they go- Pearl was adorable, Franziska was amazing (A+ for her VA) and Pearl-becomes-Mia was gross.

Not much to blog about, but I will offer this photoset of something that was obviously different in the localization because they were futilely pretending the game takes place in America…in the original version Fran studied and worked in America, so we get AMERICA JOKES.



Some people have been wondering what people mean about how the gif size effects the look of the gifs given that the size is bigger now, some saying they don’t see the difference so I decided to show you. (click on the photos btw to see the full effect)

I took a screen shot of the old size for gifs in a set and the new now for every post using lydiamartains post here as an example. You can see how the quality is now poorer for every single gifset made with the old sizes, which is basically every gifset.

So now people’s work (including my own) are now distorted and that’s very upsetting because we work hard on these edits and they are to be things that we’re proud of but now everything we’ve done isn’t what it used to be. A lot of people would say that none of this is important and we should get over ourselves but nowadays things like gifsets and graphics are the equivalent of any other type of art. So it’s upsetting, disappointing, and quite frankly annoying as hell.

So please reblog this post for all gifset, graphic, edit, and art makers on tumblr to spread the word and sign this petition to change the photoset sizes back, please and thank you. ;)