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“More Than Roommates”

Request: I saw you asked for prompts. This one is pretty smutty. Can you do one where Sebastian and the reader are roommates and she comes home and catches him jerking off, which leads to more. Or if not Sebastian, then one of his characters. Thank you love your writing!

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warnings: GRAPHIC SMUT, sub and dom relationship, little bit of fluff

Word Count: 2067

A/N: gimme a lance anon. i need it. i wrote this at school at someone stopped to read it and it was at the dirtiest part. 

Originally posted by blurredmelancholy

Lance Tucker was a pain to live with. He left dirty boxers on the floor and had no idea how to wash a dish. And not to mention the plethora of women he had exiting his room each night. He was your classic athlete. He could get all the girls and would never have to spend a night alone. Why you were living with him, you had no idea. He had been your best friend since you had moved to that small little town when you were six. You were there for him at every trial and you cheered his name as he won the gold and silver medals at the Olympics.

He didn’t know that you had a huge crush on him. You would never tell him. He wasn’t the type of man to do relationships. It hurt that you had to hear him fuck a different whore every night. None of the women he ever brought back were classy. In all honesty, they disgusted you. They sounded like pornstars or strangled ducks, but you still stayed with Lance. You would rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.

You were not looking forward to the sleepless night ahead. Work had been kicking your ass and today your boss yelled at you for no reason. You didn’t even get to drink your coffee, which was the most tragic thing of all. You slowly trudged your way up the steps to your shared home. In no way were you ready for the night. All you wanted to do was pamper yourself, but Lance’s fuck of the night would probably ruin that for you.

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anonymous asked:

“yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” au? :")

Phichit stands up for five seconds.

(Five seconds.)

(And everything goes wrong.)

It doesn’t start when the bartender speaks, no, it starts when he turns around. His hair is silver, which had been distracting enough when it hadn’t been paired with that jawline, those sparkling blue eyes, the smirk that is directed at Yuuri and makes his toes curl involuntarily. And then, in the dim lighting of the run-down bar that Phichit had dragged them to, Yuuri watches the bartender step forward and casually lean one elbow on the counter, resting his chin on his palm.

“Can I get you anything?” he asks, and Yuuri adds his sultry voice to the list he is currently composing of deadly traits that this man possesses.

Yuuri doesn’t know much about alcohol. He drinks it, sure, but he isn’t one to head out to bars or pubs or anything of that nature on a regular basis. On the rare occasion that he does, Phichit typically orders for him.

(But Phichit stood up for five seconds, remember?)

“Do you have, um…” He glances around, desperate. A martini, he thinks. Or is that too classy? Whiskey? Beer? A margarita? No, none of it feels right, but the bartender’s eyes are poring into him and his toes are still curling in the most uncomfortable way in his too-tight dress shoes that he’d borrowed from Phichit because his are back in Japan and his palms are starting to get clammy and he unconsciously looks for Phichit who is gone, gone, and can’t be here to tell him what drink would impress the bartender, who is still staring at him because he hasn’t said a single word and—

“Chocolate milk?” Yuuri asks in a short breath.

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: none???

Word count: 1,479

Request: By the lovely @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl, “Hey could you do one where the reader has a dog and she talks about it a lot, and to Bucky it seems like she has a boyfriend, but in reality it’s just her dog. Thanks!”

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Bucky’s POV

She walked into the kitchen and took my breath away as usual. I smiled at her as she approached me and sat down at the island.

“So what are you up to today Y/N?” I questioned casually, hoping that she’d say she was free. She grinned and turned to me.

“Well I thought that I was probably gonna go and hang out with Jasper,” she beamed.

“Who’s Jasper?” I didn’t recognize the name and was curious. Was he an old friend that I just didn’t remember her mentioning?

“Oh, he’s new around here and super cute! I was planning on taking him for a walk around central park to let him get familiar to the area,” she smiled. It was obvious that she was fond of this Jasper guy. All of my confidence deflated. I was planning on finally asking her out today. I’ve been trying to build up the courage to do so for months now.

“Oh well have fun, I guess,” I mumbled trying my best to sound sincere and failing miserably.

“You alright Buck? You seem off.” She reached out and touched my shoulder. My skin burned under her palm.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said and shot her my best smile. She must’ve bought it because she smiled back and stood from her seat.

“I’ll see you later? Yeah?” she asked.

“Sure,” I grumbled and waved at her as she walked to the elevator.

I didn’t notice Nat in the room until I let out an angry groan and she started laughing.

“You make it really obvious Barnes. Everyone sees the way you look at her. I’m almost positive that she likes you back. You should seriously consider asking her out,” Nat sang as she sauntered out of the kitchen.

Y/N had been going on and on about how great Jasper was for about two weeks now. I was entirely fed up with the guy and I had never even met him. It was obvious that she was infatuated with him. It was really a wonder that I hadn’t seen him around the tower with her before. She was chatting with Wanda in the living room when I walked in and sat down.

“-going on a trip,” Y/N said. I caught the tail end of her sentence.

“Is Jasper coming with you?” Wanda questioned her.

“Yeah, I bet my parents will love him!” She beamed excitedly. He’s already going to meet her parents? What the hell, they just met two weeks ago. I started to feel sick.

“The only problem is that I’m going to have to drive the whole way there and the whole way back here without any breaks,” she grumbled. This made me even more angry at this Jasper guy. He didn’t even offer to take a driving shift. Her parents live at least 10 hours away.

“Jasper isn’t going to drive at all?” I asked. She seemed amused.

“Well, it’s not like he could even if he wanted to,” she giggled and Wanda joined her. This guy can’t even drive? Is she seriously dating him? My jealousy overcame me so i decided that it was best to leave the girls to themselves.

I was fuming so I went to the gym to work off all of my pent up anger.


Y/N and Jasper had gotten back from their trip a week ago. It was around 4 o'clock when Y/N shuffled into the common room. She sat down next to me on the couch and started flipping through the TV channels. I glanced at her and smiled in greeting. She smiled back.

Her close proximity was doing bad things to my hormones. It was like my feelings for her grew every second that I was near her.

She started to ask me how my day was going but all I could think about was stupid Jasper. Every time I would try to have a normal conversation with her, Jasper would pop into my mind and ruin everything. He was like a parasite and I just wanted him to disappear.

“So do you want to train with me later? Steve says I need to work on my hand to hand,” she beamed. The intrusive thoughts of Jasper made my attitude turn sour. Before I knew it, I was incredibly jealous.

“I don’t know? Can’t Jasper train with you?” I snapped at her. Her eyes went wide.

“Bucky what is going on?” She questioned clearly shocked by my anger. I immediately felt bad for snapping but it was too late to backtrack now. It’s not her fault that she has a boyfriend. I can’t get mad at her for it.

“I’m just tired. I’m sorry for yelling,” I apologized. She didn’t deserve my anger. I just wanted to retreat to my room to wallow in my self pity in peace.

“Bucky wait! I know when you’re lying to me and you are definitely lying to me now,” she said firmly so I turned back to her and shifted my gaze to the ground. My mind was racing. I didn’t know what to say. It was true that I was lying to her. She could always tell. I sighed heavily and then spoke. I was going to come clean.

“It’s just- well it’s just that I really like you. I know you’re with Jasper and it’s not fair for me to be jealous when you were not mine to begin with and-”

“Wait, you’re kidding right?” She giggled and threw her hand up to cover her smile.

“Y/N this isn’t funny. I’m trying to be honest with you!” I said. The confusion was evident in my voice. Was the idea of dating me really that funny to her?

“Oh my gosh Bucky, you think I’m dating Jasper?” She asked still laughing.

“Yeah why? You make it pretty obvious,” I grumbled, her laughter was embarrassing me.

“Come with me,” she smiled and reached her hand out to grasp mine. Holding her hand felt so right that I wasn’t strong enough to pull away, no matter how annoyed I was with her for making fun of me.  

She led me into the lobby of the tower and had F.R.I.D.A.Y call us a cab.

“Where are we going?” I asked still slightly annoyed with her but grateful that she wanted to spend time with me at the same time.

“You’ll see in a minute,” she stated.

The cab ride was short and we soon pulled up in front of her apartment building. She led me into the lobby and up to her floor. She swung the door open and a playful labrador puppy ran up to me and started nibbling at my jeans. I squatted down to pet the puppy. He was adorable.

“Bucky, this is Jasper,” she stated and my head whipped around to look at her.

“What? This is Jasper?” For a moment my brain couldn’t catch up with what was happening. I was dumbfounded.

“Now it makes sense why you wouldn’t just ask me out like Nat said you would! I thought you just didn’t like me back, while all this time you thought I was dating some guy named Jasper,” she was laughing even harder now than she was back at the tower.

“Oh my gosh and you actually meant it when you asked if he was going to drive to my parents house. I thought you were kidding,” she giggled but then looked to me stricken on the floor trying to comprehend what I just heard. Her laughs faded away and she reached down to help me stand up.

“Bucky, how could you not tell how absolutely infatuated I am with you?” She questioned and looked directly into my eyes. She held the sides of my face with her small hands and after raising her eyebrows in question and seeing me nod, brought her lips to mine.

I sighed into her mouth. It was better than I ever imagined it being. We broke apart only to breathe.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” I said as I rested my forehead against hers. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“And to think that all this time I was jealous of a little puppy,” I said more to myself than her.

“Yeah yeah mister, now how about we discuss your obliviousness to my feelings for you over some food instead of in my living room. If I’m not mistaken, we have some lost time to make up.”

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Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include...

Requests are open!! Sorry, this is on a Monday but I was away this weekend.

Prompt: can you write a “Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include…” please? Thank youuu

Warnings: none (Why do I always have to end things so sad??)

Originally posted by random-fandom-imagines98

  • He’d be such a romantic and a gentleman, totally one for classy dates.
  • He’d always bring flowers before any date or get together
  • long, tight hugs
  • You would always hold hands regardless of the occasion
  • Days off would include cuddling and long naps
  • forehead kisses
  • the ‘the most beautiful person ever’ look even when you’re doing something completely mundane
  • that signature smile
  • The two of you stay awake all night, sometimes even if you were just sitting together in silence. 
  • “Please stay.”
  • Laying under the stars on cool autumn nights
  • Kissing in the rain because Cedric is super cheesy
  • He’s always trying to surprise you with little gifts or dates
  • Using prefect privileges to your advantage (;
  • quick neck kisses 
  • “Good morning love”
    • Then he would wrap his arm lazily around your waist and kiss your temple
  • Sometimes you’re both too busy for dates and you do homework in the library together
  • He would frequently peck your nose even though you frequently protest
    • He really just likes when your face becomes all scrunched up
  • Spontaneous adventures
  • Slow dancing to no music
  • Being over the moon that he was selected for the Triwizard Tournament 
  • Passionate kisses before each task because each one could be the last time you ever see each other.
  • Sitting with his father while he’s in the maze
  • “Be safe.”
    • “Of course. I’ll see you in a bit.”
things you said // nurseydex

a/n: took a break from my swawesome santa (also need a beta for that hmu if ur interested) to churn out some cheesy nurseydex. it……has been a rough few weeks. hope this makes some ppl smile. 6k, those Corny But Classic™ ‘things you said’ prompts.

things you said that surprised me

Don’t get Nursey wrong, he loves a good Kegster – sweaty, loud, beer spilling down the front of his shirt, the Haus practically pulsing with a mix off Holster’s iPod – but he thinks there may or may not be something to say for just hanging out in the living room with the guys, smoking weed or watching TV or just talking, piled on top of each other across the couch and happily enclosed in the trademark Haus Bubble.

It’s almost better than the rush he gets from crowdsurfing or dancing on the kitchen table, he thinks, digging his toes further beneath Dex’s legs. Dex pauses just to throw a halfhearted glare in his direction before taking a swallow of beer. 

Something at the bottom of Nursey’s stomach flutters, immediately followed by a silent, internal berating. Get it together, you weirdo.

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“idk hes probably like?? i cant get away from the 40s gangster vibes niamh. there are some real gangster vibes. none of that modern shit, classy- he’s real classy. sinatra. the godfather. thats the direction to take”

listen here

disclaimers/infodump under the cut

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Classy-El Diablo Imagine

Requested: No

A/N: None

Originally posted by lornahs

 “Could you use your pinky to light a girl’s cigarette? Cause that’s real classy,” Harley said.

   It was the first time that Harley and Chato spoke to each each other. They were getting ready to head out to Midtown for their first mission as Task Force X and Chato was being as quiet and brooding as usual. He was surprised when the Joker’s equally insane girlfriend spoke to him since he usually kept to himself. However, Harley talked to anyone who would listen or even if they didn’t, and when Chato processed her words, he almost rolled his eyes. It was a ridiculous thing to stay but also kind of funny. Besides, there was no way Chato would ever let himself near a girl again. He had already hurt Maria and their sons when he lost control of his fiery abilities and he had no desire to do it again. He was a monster and he deserved to be killed or locked up, which was why he didn’t understand his being a member of Task Force X. Sure, the other guys were bad but they had never killed a loved one. Therefore, Chato decided that he would help when he could during the mission without using his powers—-he had already caused enough destruction.

   Just as they were about to leave, Flagg introduced the team to two other members who had just arrived on their helicraft. The first person to exit the helicraft was a petite Japanese woman in a red jacket, black leggings, and a white mask that covered the top half of her face. She had a katana on her hip and did not look like one to be messed with.

    “This is Katana, a world renowned assassin. She will kill you on my command,” Flagg said.

    Katana gave everyone a pointed look over as she stood next to Flagg. The second person to step off the helicraft made Chato lose his breath. Her long y/h/c hair was pulled away from her face in a single braid, accentuating her pretty y/s/c face. She had wide y/e/c eyes framed by long lashes. The beige tank top and army green skinny pants she wore showed off her perfect figure. She had a whip slung across her back as well as an array of knives in her belt.

    “This is Whiplash, infamous hunter and torturer. That whip of hers cuts through flesh and bone and she will use it on you with or without my command,” Flagg said.

    Whiplash smirked as she stood next to Katana. Her eyes scanned over the group, her face void of a real expression. When she made eye contact with Chato, she seemed intrigued. He felt hot as Whiplash looked over all of his tattoos and the rest of his form. Chato felt drawn to her and wanted to talk to her first, but Harley beat him to the punch.

    “Hi, I’m Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya, Whiplash!” Harley stuck her hand out towards Whiplash and the woman eyed it suspiciously before grabbing it.

    “And you as well.” 

     It was in that moment that Chato vowed that he would look after her during the mission. It was obvious that Whiplash could take care of herself but no one was perfect, even though  Whiplash sure looked perfect. So, throughout the mission, Chato was always glancing over and checking that Whiplash could handle the amount of aliens that would swarm her and the rest of Task Force X. She was incredibly graceful with her whip, slicing through air and alien flesh. Her mouth was always fashioned in a snarl as she fought ferociously against her enemies but she was still beautiful. They never spoke during the mission, even though Harley, Deadshot, and Boomerang were pestering the both of them too, but Chato was too nervous and Whiplash, well, he didn’t know why Whiplash kept shaking her head at Harley and Deadshot. However, they finally spoke once they got to the abandoned building Waller told them to go to.

    They were surrounded by aliens in the office space, each member taking three or four members on their own. Chato easily killed the ones he had to deal with and when he turned to check on Whiplash, she was in the middle of turning to another alien when it snatched her up by the throat. Whiplash gasped for air and kicked at the creature but it wouldn’t let go. She tried to lift up her whip only for the creature to smack it out of her hand. Rage flared through Chato and he was on fire as he charged the alien. He stretched out his hand, burning the alien. It screamed and dropped Whiplash on the ground, making her cough a lot. Chato didn’t stop burning it until it was a crisp and calmed down once he knew it was gone. He turned to look at Whiplash and she seemed intrigued by his powers. Chato quickly helped her up.

     “Are you all right?” Chato asked.

     “Yeah, thanks to you, Diablo.” She glanced down at his hands. “What you did was…I’ve never seen anything like it before.” 

    “Oh, uh, is that a good thing?” Chato scratched the back of his neck.

    “I think so.”

    She turned on her heel and joined the rest of Task Force X as they prepared to rescue Amanda and her unit. Chato was elated, this new woman wasn’t afraid of him and it felt really good. However, they didn’t speak again until the task force went to the bar after Joker’s helicraft got shot down. Harley was playing bartender and making everyone’s drinks.

    “Whiplash?” Harley asked.

    “Tequila, straight,” Whiplash said.

    Harley raised her eyebrows as she filled a shot glass with the desired liquor and slid it in Whiplash’s direction. The woman caught it and downed the shot in one movement. 

    “A woman after my own heart,” Boomerang said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Are you seein’ anyone?”

   Chato felt his fire flare up. He could’ve killed the idiot Australian right where he sat.

   “No, and just because I’m not doesn’t mean I’m taking applications from the likes of you.”

   Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Harley “oohed” and Chato smiled to himself. Then again, just because she turned Boomerang down didn’t mean that she was interested in him. After a couple of drinks, the force began opening up to one another, revealing emotional and physical scars.

   “And what about you, Whiplash?” Deadshot asked carefully.

   Whiplash shifted in her stool. “My story isn’t very interesting. Got recruited to work for some organization right out of college, killed a lot of people, and I got whipped by my biggest enemy. I use the whip to take back my dignity and I’ve been hunting that animal ever since my organization released me.”
   “That’s how Waller got you to cooperate, she knows where your enemy is,” Flagg said.

    “But being in this force isn’t that bad. I get to take out my rage and anger on some weird lookin’ aliens and do some good.” Whiplash did her last shot. “What about you, Chato? What’s your deep and gritty back story?”
    Chato hesitated. He didn’t want her to know what kind of a monster he was, how destructive he could be. “I don’t know…”

    “Oh come on, you listened to the rest of us unload our issues, it’s only fair,” Boomerang argued.

    “You didn’t say anything about yourself,” Deadshot said.

     Boomerang smirked and took a long swig of his drink.

     Chato sighed and was conflicted. They had all already seen what he was capable of but that was only on a small scale. Plus, he was terrified that he would scare Whiplash away, though she wasn’t afraid of him when he helped her. So, Chato swallowed his fear and explained everything: about how he was in a gang back in California, about how a fight between him and his wife caused him to lose control, and about how he was haunted by his wife and children’s screams. When he looked up, they all wore sympathetic expressions except for Whiplash, whose expression seemed mixed. 

    “We all make mistakes, Diablo, but our mistakes don’t define us,” Deadshot said.

    Chato nodded and Harley handed him another glass of water. He really wanted to hear Whiplash weigh in on his story.

    “I’m goin for a smoke,” she said as she hopped off her stool.

    The door to the bar slammed behind her and everyone turned to look at Chato expectantly. 


    “Aren’t you going to go after her?” Deadshot asked. “We all know you have a thing for her.”

    Chato hesitated, feeling backed into a corner. “Wha–what makes you think that?”

   “The fact that you’ve been staring at her ever since she joined the team for starters,” Deadshot said.

    “You were overprotective of her during the mission,” Killer Croc said.

     “It was that obvious?”

     The team nodded.

    “I think it’s cute. If you go after her, you can light her cigarette with your pinky and she’ll be all yours,” Harley said with a wide grin.

    Chato stared at the lunatic for a moment. She did have a point, they all did. Chato wanted to be with her but he had no idea what she thought about him.

    “Listen, mate, if you don’t go after her, I will.” Boomerang stood and Chato jumped up.

    “Get out of my way,” he growled.

    Boomerang held his hands up in surrender as Chato brushed past him and outside of the bar. The rain was pouring down and Whiplash was huddled against the wall, trying to light her cigarette. Finally, she cursed and threw the lighter onto the wet sidewalk. When she looked up, she relaxed when she saw Chato.

   “Did it get too hot in there for you?” Whiplash asked.

   “No, uh, I wanted to see if you were okay,” Chato said.

   “I’d be great if that lighter would’ve worked.”

    Chato gulped. “I could help with that.”
    “Really? Thanks.”

    Whiplash walked over to Chato and he tried to keep his hand steady as he reached out to her and made a flame appear on the tip of his thumb. Whiplash cupped her hand over his thumb, leaned in, and lit her cigarette. She pulled away and took a long drag before blowing the smoke to the side. Chato’s hand was tingling from their brief touch.

     “Bonita,” he muttered.


    Chatos’ eyes widened. “Oh, uh, nothing.”

    “Really? I could have sworn you just called me beautiful in Spanish.”

     Chato wanted to smack himself in the face. He only burst into Spanish when he was furious or nervous.

    “Well…um, it’s true.” 

    “You want to know something, Chato? I thought the same thing about you when I first saw you.”

    Chato looked away. “How could you? I’m a monster.”

    “No, you lost control and you need to forgive yourself. I’ve done terrible things, things that I can never tell anyone, but I moved past it because I forgave myself.” Whiplash took another drag. “And the paycheck didn’t hurt either.”

    Chato chuckled. “I don’t know if I can do that.”
    “I can help you,” Whiplash said, closing the gap between them. “I can see your pain and I want to help you.”

    Chato stared into her eyes, feeling as though he could see into her soul. “Quiero mucho a besarte,”  he whispered.

    “Do it,” Whiplash muttered back.

    He gently grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Whiplash dropped her cigarette and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. Chato found himself smiling again for the first time in a long time and the warm feeling inside of him was no longer due to the permanent fire burning inside him. 

    Unbeknownst to the entangled couple, the rest of the team was watching from inside.

    “Way to go, Fire Boy,” Boomerang muttered.


Dating Joe Would Include

Joe masterpost found here

Dating Joe would include…

having to put up with him pranking you literally all the time.

dealing with (but actually loving) touchy feely drunk Joe.

laying in bed until 1:00 after a long night out and then feeling guilty that you slept the day away.

actually waking up early to get shit done.

having to force him out of bed when he really doesn’t want to.

so many sleepy cuddles.

“Babe we have to get up.” “But it’s so comfy and warm here.”

neck kisses ???

doing artsy things with him like making canvases to hang up around the house.

stupid couple videos that he came up with himself (none of that classic girlfriend tag).

classy date nights but also spontaneous late night errand running.

“(Y/N). (Y/N). (Y/N)! Are you sleeping?” “I was.” “Okay, but you’re awake now?” “What do you want, Joe?” “Can we go get some crisps? I’m hungry.”

deciding to randomly go on holiday because you both love adventures.

so much drunk sex.

him never really knowing how to comfort you when you’re down, so he cracks a lot of stupid jokes.

him being hesitant with verbal “I-love-you’s.”

him, instead, showing you how much he loves you in the bedroom.

donttouchfire-itshot-deactivate  asked:

why do you think blaine is an asshole? (it's not judgmental or I dont want to argue, I'm just only wondering why you think that :))

Well, he did a lot of shitty things, and believe me, I used to ship klaine so I’m not just saying that.

The thing is that I never realized that he was an asshole because I was too busy happy that Kurt had someone. So, it took me quite some time to realize that Blaine wasn’t good for Kurt, at all (he is also a dick to other people sometimes but my priority is Kurt here).

This will be big. I will paste and copy here my motives because most of them I have already said, and I will add some new ones. It probably has some typos because I have school now, I wrote it really fast and I didn’t even sleep.

So, here it is:

- Let’s begin with the “courage” thing. Every Klainer love this but that was the worst advice ever. How could he ask Kurt to confront a bully who is double his size and who didn’t hesitate to violently push him into lockers and threatened to beat him up? Of course it wouldn’t end up well. Then after all the shit happened, he went to McKinley to “help” Kurt, and talked about Karofsky being gay in the middle of the school where anyone could hear it. And again, of course it didn’t end up well, this only made Karofsky angrier and then it led to the death threat. And with Blaine being beaten up before, you’d think that he would have known better than to practically make Kurt even more of a target to Karofsky.

Another thing is that most Klainers always say that Kurt was brave thanks to Blaine. Which is bullshit. He had confronted Karofsky Before to defend Tina, and also said to Karofsky and Azimio that he refused to change in the Gaga episode.

- Ok, Now remember when Kurt sang Don’t Cry For me Argentina and Blaine made that gesture to Kurt put his hands down? Now, Blaine could jump on furnitures and do whatever the shit he wanted to do but when Kurt simply raised his arms as he sang in a place that was supposed to be with zero-tolerance for bullying, he was told that he was trying too much and that he had to tone down to fit in?

- When Blaine sang the song to Jeremiah, with the lyrics “keep your toys at the drawer tonight”. Now, I just want to point out that when Sebastian sang I Want You Back, he said “none of this was classy”. Like, what the fuck? Blaine is always such a hypocrite.

- “It just looked like you were having gas pains.” He pretty much insulted Kurt in here. Put yourself in Kurt’s place, the person that you like saying that you trying to be sexy make you look like you have gas pains is humiliating. Also, it’s funny how he wants to perform a sexy song for the competitions, but when he is at McKinley and Sam has the idea of them being sexy, he gets all pissed and says that he is not for sell. Again, hypocrite much aren’t you Blaine?

- Blaine made Kurt change a lot. Not in a good way. He made him lose his self esteem and manipulated Kurt to be on the background for him, subtly suggesting Kurt couldn’t be himself. When they talk, he always try to change Kurt’s problem to Blaine’s own problems. Want an example? Kurt didn’t want to go to prom for fear of what happened before and Blaine was only worried about a fucking hair gel.

- A little after Kurt told Blaine that he liked him, Blaine decided that he would see if he could like a girl by dating Kurt’s friend. Did he give a crap about Kurt’s feelings? Nope, of course not. Kurt got upset about it, and said that thing about bisexuality. I’m not saying that what Kurt said was ok, Not at all. Kurt has his flaws and also, we all know how this show hates bisexuals. But the point is that he mostly said that because he was hurt and Blaine just had decided to date Kurt’s friend instead of him. And Blaine compared Kurt with his bully. He just compared Kurt with his bully who threatened to KILL HIM and sexually assaulted him. Also he was dating RACHEL, of all people, whom he had to know was somewhat of a rival to Kurt as well as his friend.

- Blaine telling Burt to have ‘the talk’ with Kurt…. What the fuck was that? Yeah, asking your friend’s father to talk with him about sex is not creepy at all. Not to comment that one week after this he decided that Kurt was the love of his life.

- The fact that out of the fucking nowhere he decided that Kurt was the love of his life after Kurt sang a song about his dead bird. Like.. Wut? The fuck was that? But then again, when we think about it, makes sense, because when he decided to love him, Kurt was beginning to get pissed with him, and Blaine doesn’t love Kurt, he just didn’t want to lose his number 1 fan.
Also, Blaine went to that room to ask Kurt what he was doing, he said he was making a coffin to his bird that had just died, and instead of saying something nice, Blaine only said something along the lines of “OK, finish up! I have something to tell you”.Honestly, wtf.

- Now, the prom episode. Remember how Kurt was so excited about his kilt and Blaine basically told him he couldn’t be himself, again? Now maybe you think that he wanted to protect Kurt, or himself because of what happened in his old school. But if that was the case, he is again BEING A HYPOCRITE, because he was all “COURAGE” to Kurt and said that he regrets running and all that crap. The thing about Blaine is that he didn’t want Kurt to be himself, he didn’t accept and support Kurt for who he is, he wanted to change Kurt. And he actually did, Kurt lost a lot of his self-confidence because of Blaine.

- In Born this way, Mercedes asked about Kurt transferring back to McKinley and Kurt was going to say something about it when Blaine SPOKE FOR HIM. Now, excuse me Blaine, since when your name is Kurt? That’s what Blaine do, he likes to control everything that is none of his business. Yes, McKinley still wasn’t safe for Kurt to transfers back, but Blaine has no right to make the decision for Kurt.And ok, maybe it sounds like I’m overreacting, but I’m doing so because Blaine trying to control everything isn’t new.

- Kurt wanted to play Tony because he thought HE NEEDED that part to get into NYADA. Kurt and Blaine talked about it, and Blaine said he wouldn’t try for the part. But in his audition he still sang a Tony’s song and when he was asked to play the part he accepted. He knew Kurt needed that, and he just stole from him (just like now he is doing with everything Kurt has ever done, but let’s not talk about this yet). Now you can say that Kurt was ok with it and even got Blaine flowers. But the fact is that he wasn’t, he was just trying to be the better man as he always is, because he is too nice for his own good. He was just trying to consider Blaine’s feelings, which I dunno why, Blaine never does that for him. And Blaine didn’t want to kiss Kurt after he gave him the flowers and call attention to themselves (which you COULD say is because of his past bullying), but in other situations (like, say, at prom or in the middle of a Gap) he’s more than happy to make a fucking spectacle of himself. He just won’t kiss Kurt in public.

- And speaking of the Gap, Blaine said something in 2x22 about the Finchel kiss at Nationals. About how he understood it was for love but it was really unprofessional? when he sang to Jeremiah, he was at WORK and it was fucking bullshit of Blaine to follow him around and make HIM look unprofessional. And make him get fired. And he never even apologized for it.

- The First Time. Oh god, I have so many things to say about this episode that just thinking about it already makes me tired and annoyed. But ok, first Kurt tried to talk with Blaine about going further with their physical relationship and Blaine said “I wanna wait for you to be comfortable so that I can be comfortable.” In other words, his only concern is that HE needs to feel comfortable taking the next step. Never mind Kurt. Kurt’s comfort is only necessary so that BLAINE can be comfortable. But ok, this wasn’t so bad yet.

Now, when he met Sebastian and he was hitting on him. Blaine was all flushed and clearly enjoying the attention he was getting from Sebastian, and that, combined with the whole “I need to fuck so that I can properly play Tony” thing is what prompts him to want to have sex with Kurt. Not because he loves Kurt and wants to take their relationship further. Not because they’ve mutually agreed it’s time. No, it’s for no other reason than Blaine thinks it will help HIM. Blaine’s not thinking of Kurt as his boyfriend that he loves so much, he’s thinking of him as a means to an end.

The first coffee meeting that happens was at Dalton and Blaine could still have said no but he was kind of caught off guard by Sebastian and whatnot, BUT there is NO excuse for why he would start meeting with him at the Lima Bean when he now knows perfectly well what Sebastian is after. He knows Sebastian wants to fuck him, and he’s purposefully choosing to meet with him anyway, without telling Kurt. And Kurt would probably have never known about it either if he hadn’t happened to have caught them together. Only then was Blaine like “Wow, Kurt, this is Sebastian”, he was totally uncomfortable when Kurt caught him, HE KNEW that what he was doing was wrong. And knowing that it was wrong and that it would hurt Kurt wasn’t stopping him from doing it.

The whole Scandals thing…. wheeeeere do I begin? There is so much bullshit upon piles of bullshit there. Blaine should have recognized that Scandals wasn’t really something Kurt wanted to do no matter what he said because he was just trying not loose Blaine to Sebastian, and Blaine should took it upon himself to say ‘You know what, Kurt, I can see that this makes you uncomfortable, and I don’t want to go that badly if it’s going to make you uncomfortable, because your feelings are important to me”. But Blaine is too stupid to see this, so at least he should have maybe sat with Kurt at the bar for a bit instead of dancing the whole fucking night with Sebastian (who, again, he knows damn well is pursuing him sexually). If he was any kind of caring boyfriend that’s what he would have done. But no, he did all of this shit while saying to Kurt that Sebastian was harmless. And every time Kurt tried to talk with Blaine about how Sebastian made him feel, Blaine brushed off or refused to talk about it.

The car scene….all I can say is that was sexual assault, pure and simple. Kurt said “no” and “stop”, and Blaine didn’t care and wouldn’t let go of his arms. Kurt had to free himself from the backseat because Blaine wasn’t planning to let him out. So, sexual assault.

And then Blaine acts like the poor little victim who has his feelings hurt because Mean Kurt doesn’t wanna play with him and lose his virginity in a car after Blaine danced the whole night with Sebastian.

And THEN Blaine doesn’t even fucking apologize. Not to Kurt, anyway. RACHEL gets a pretty nice apology from him for “letting her down” because he isn’t able to play a good enough Tony since Kurt wouldn’t put out for him. Poor, poor Blainers. In fact, KURT is the one to apologize to HIM, and all Blaine can offer is “I was drunk”

“I was drunk” IS NOT AN APOLOGY. NOR IS IT AN EXCUSE FOR TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH KURT WHEN HE CLEARLY DIDN’T WANT TO. I don’t care how fucking drunk he was, Kurt said no. NO MEANS NO.

Definition by wikipedia: 
Sexual assault is any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any sexual touching of a person who has not consented. This includes rape (such as forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration), groping, forced kissing, child sexual abuse, or the torture of the victim in a sexual manner.”

Now notice that there’s no “unless the offender is drunk” or “the real intention of the offender” or “what he really would have done” or “unless the victim doesn’t look scared enough”.

And also, Kurt is under the impression that Blaine wanted to have sex because he loves him and really feels like it’s the right time. Because Kurt was never informed of Blaine’s original reason for wanting to have sex, which was to make his play performance better.

So he has sex with Blaine under false pretenses

Blaine basically manipulated him into having sex

even fucking RACHEL told Finn her reason for wanting to have sex and they actually discussed it. When Finchel is doing something right, there’s something very very VERY wrong.

Then Kurt lost virginity with the guy who tried to rape him, because losing his first kiss that same way wasn’t enough.

- A lot of klainers use the fact that Blaine took the slushie for Kurt to say how klaine is perfect. First of all, Sebastian was on Kurt’s life because of Blaine. Blaine kept contact with him, he continued to call, email and text him even if he knew that Kurt didn’t like it, and actually Kurt didn’t even know that Blaine was still talking with Sebastian.
Also, I doubt Sebastian target was Kurt’s eye or that he knew what could cause. He was targeting Kurt’s chest, you can go see the scene if you want. Blaine is way smaller and his knees were bend, so that’s why it hit him in the eye.

Anyway, Sebastian says that Blaine told him about the Michael Jackson number and again, Blaine’s face is like “Oh shit, I didn’t need Kurt to know that I still talk to the guy I know damn well is STILL looking to get into my pants”. When Blaine takes the slushie in Kurt’s place he is not doing more than his obligation, this whole shit happened because of him. And there’s the fact that he thinks that it’s a normal slushie, I doubt he still would take otherwise.

- Blaine didn’t do anything for Kurt for Valentine’s Day (unless you count being an attention whore at Sugar’s party, which I don’t)

- Next thing, Dance With Somebody. Blaine was deliberately ignoring Kurt, being distant, and withholding affection/kisses/sex from him because he was being a big baby brat about Kurt leaving soon. So when Kurt meets Chandler, he’s enjoying the attention a bit and starts texting him. (Which….most of the texts were from Chandler and they were just cheesy little pickups/jokes. They were hardly R rated. At most they were mildly flirty and that was entirely on Chandler’s part) It is important to note that at NO time did Kurt kiss Chandler, sleep with Chandler, cheat on Blaine, or do anything worse than what BLAINE had already done with Sebastian. And in fact, what happened with Seblaine was way worse, and Blaine talked with him behind Kurt’s back when he knew Kurt didn’t approve of it. Anyways, Blaine invades Kurt’s privacy by checking his personal messages on his phone and finds the Chandler’s texts and acts like a huge baby, and his idea of how to deal with it is to publicly accuse Kurt of cheating and then humiliate him in front of all his friends by singing a song about what a poor little victim he is. EVEN THOUGH HE HAD DONE MUCH WORSE WITH SEBASTIAN AND WHAT HE DID ALMOST LED TO KURT BEING HURT (SLUSHIE). But then when Blaine recognized this, he said that he “kind of” did the same thing with Sebastian. And he never apologized for it. So basically Blaine was allowed to have friends who flirt with him but Kurt wasn’t. And incidentally, he doesn’t even follow his own advice of “Talk to me, tell me you’re unhappy.” He doesn’t talk to Kurt about being sad that he’s leaving until Emma forces him to.

- Not sure if we should count Props, because it was Puck-as-Blaine and it was in Tina’s head, but…. Puck!Blaine got all pissy with Finn!Kurt for wanting to go to Between The Sheets after school (he says something like “Oh you wanna go see your buddy Chandler”) So clearly he is still giving Kurt shit about the Chandler incident. But the fact is that he must do it often if Tina is dreaming about it.

- The whole Eli incident was his way of punishing Kurt for not paying attention to him and what makes it worse is that he TOLD Kurt to go to New York. He encouraged him to go, then Kurt got busy and wasn’t able to pay attention to him 24/7, so Blaine’s solution was to get some random from Facebook and fuck him and then he has the balls to BLAME KURT for his own decision to cheat “I needed you and you weren’t there”. Oh, and Kurt was on NY for only 2 WEEKS. And he went to visit Kurt to tell him about cheating, but he couldn’t go there before? And also, the night they broke up, Blaine refused to talk with Kurt about it, saying that it was just a hook up and that it doesn’t matter.

- Kurt has given many gifts for Blaine, but Blaine just gave gifts to Kurt after the break up (except the monogrammed towels, he gave Kurt TOWELS. like, wut.)

- Blaine was more worried about his own pain that the pain he caused Kurt.

- Oh and i almost forgot the creepy fuck in the Christmas episode. First he’s all like “I’ll keep an eye on your dad for you” Um…excuse me, Blaine, did something happen to Carole and Finn? Because they….you know…are his family and THEY can look after him. You are just Kurt’s cheating asshole ex-boyfriend. And then he was acting like Burt’s new BFF, And he had the balls to get mad at Kurt for “not holding out for a few more minutes” so he could win a bet. Wtf, YOU couldn’t keep your dick in your pants for two weeks. Shut the fuck up. And THEN he says he wants to apply at NYADA so that he can essentially stalk Kurt full time next year. Oh and there’s the fact that Blaine is basically trying to be Kurt now doing what he used to do and also succeeding in things that Kurt unfairly wasn’t able to. Blaine was on cheerios, was the McKinley’s president, and got into NYADA at first when he has no talent.

- He spent season 4 saying he loved Kurt because he is his soulmate and they were going to buy a lighthouse (HAHA) or whatever the fuck, but at the same time he was crushing on Sam, sang him a love song, and when Sam asked him about it, he even used Kurt as an excuse, and also was going to kiss Tina, for whatever that’s worth, also was checking out a guy in gym. Then out of nowhere “lol I should marry Kurt”.

- This marriage shit… he wanted to get married because it’d be his apology??????? and because it’d be a statement???????????? and klainers think this is romantic????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? *sigh*, anyway, Blaine went to ask Burt to marry Kurt, because it’s not klaine if there isn’t effemnophobia in it. Burt said that if they had to be together they would, but that they shouldn’t get married now because they were too young and.. Blaine got all pissy. 
Kurt was saying that he didn’t want to get back together with Blaine, in the last episode he was like “we’re not a couple lol” and it was all going very well when BAM season 5 happens and everything turns to shit. Kurt forgives him saying he has to sign a contract so he won’t cheat, and then a few days later Blaine thinks it’s the best idea ever to propose.

- This fucking proposal man…. Kurt was in the car with his dad (who started to support the whole shit?????????????) looking like he was gonna die.

I this episode I lost all respect I onde had for Burt. He’s not a good dad. If your kid is sad and tells you that he doesn’t know if one day he can find someone who can love him more than Blaine(who insulted him when he knew Kurt loved him, who put pressure to have sex, who himiliate him in front of his friends and who cheated on him) so it’s a sign some shit is really wrong.

Burt says that Blaine asked for his opinion, but that he won’t tell Kurt because Kurt needs to make hiw own choice. BUT, the fact is that he was a cumplice in the organization of the proposal, he agreed to take Kurt there, the fact that he said to Kurt that he wished he had married his mom sooner, when he was Kurt’s age, all of this efectivly tells Kurt that HE WAS IN FAVOR of this proposal.




BURT HUMMEL basically told Kurt that he couldn’t get anything better than Blaine, the guy that cheated on him, the guy that STILL BLAMES KURT for his own cheating, the guy that did nothing to prove Kurt that he could be faithful.

Burt is who Kurt always listens to. Burt fucked up bad.

Not surprised Kurt said yes, no one he knows cares enough about him.

“You matter Kurt. But you also could die anytime, so go get married with the person who hurt you, even if it looks like that I’m driving you to your execution. Always remember, your mom died very young and we didn’t get enough time with her, we could have had that. But hey, it’s totally your choice, no pressure! Ps: Your mom died”

- Ok, after that I will just make a resume because I’m tired. Blaine was more attention whore and had that creepy puppet allucination. He kept making everyone tell him how wonderful he is, and kept crazily controlling Kurt. Real Kurt got pissed because Blaine lost the ticket to fly to NY because of a puppet. Then in the end he said he’d miss puppet!Kurt because this one would do anything he said. Yeah, totally normal and healthy.

Blaine was jealous of elliott when he was the one who cheated, he went to yell at Elliott behind Kurt’s back and then suspiciously disapeared. And also Blaine and Sam keep being together all the time, because Blaine can and Kurt can’t. Sorry Kurt.

Oh also tThe fact that Blaine was trying to actually hurt Kurt after he was just bashed too tho. Like, not only it’s a fucking AWFUL thing to do to someone that is not even close to recover from a skull fracture, but also he is trying to hurt someone who just got attacked. And that someone being his fiance that he “loves so much” on top of it.

- And I also should mention that I dunno about you, but the majority of the klaine stans are assholes. There is a big double standard where they blame Kurt for everything(even for Blaine cheating on him), but Blaine is the poor cutie pie. Some of those “fans” even send hate to Chris if he ever says something about their precious klaine that they don’t agree with, while if Darren does the same it doesn’t matter because Darren can. 
Ps. I said the majority of the klaine stans, if you are a klaine fan and you aren’t like that, then good for you.

So in a resume, I think Blaine is a cheating, self-centered, hypocritical, egoistical, asshole and that’s why I hate him.

"Please. Just Don't Leave Me." ~James March

*Your POV*

It was arranged affair, obviously, otherwise there is no way that I would have ever been here in the first place.

Women often speak of Mr.March and his reputation. How none of his four previous brides have survived over four months past the wedding. Now I the fifth soon to be Mrs.March am to meet my husband for the first time in our month of engagement.  And I am terrified.

My mother curled the ends of my hair as one of the maids plastered makeup on my face.

It would be the last time I saw my parents until December. Until the wedding.

“Mother must I go?” I muttered turning to her, causing the maid applying blush to my face to forcefully turn it back to the center. “You’ve heard the rumors about him surely.”

“Dear how crudely you think and speak of you fiancé. You best stop this immediately!” She snapped, striking my back harshly a single time before calming herself down by toying with the stiff ringlets, “Besides he paid a fine dowry for you. Mighty fine.”

He paid for me? Not vice versa?

“And remember. You mustn’t speak unless spoken too and do everything he demands.”

“And if he demands I throw myself off a roof?” I muttered barely under my breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing mama.” I rolled my eyes before my mother walked towards me and grabbed my hands standing me up.

“Let me look at you my beautiful girl.” She smiled at me, her eyes scanning up and down my body, examining the black dress that she had bought the other day.

“It’s missing something…. Oh.” With a tearful smile she removed the pearls from her neck and placed them across mine. “There. You are perfect.” She smiled sadly at my figure, tears flowing from her eyes as she sniffled.

“Oh mama.” I whispered running into her arms, giving her a bear hug as she began to sob, a few tears also falling from my eye.

“I love you my sweet Y/N.”

“I love you too.” I sighed.

My tears weren’t of sadness though. They were of pain and fear because if my mother truly loved me then she wouldn’t have sealed my fate for a cash reward.


I sat on a seat looking around the hotel were I would be spending the remainder of my life. Yes, it was the most beautiful building I had ever seen but also set my nerves on edge.

My parents were told to meet Mr.March at a nearby restaurant for lunch and tea while I was to look around my new home. Well at least the lobby.

For a man of his wealth, I was surprised that me and James were to be living in a hotel. Sure it was that of his own creation, and it had it’s elegance, but it was still strange….

I jumped at the noise of the door opening and stood, staring at the blurred group of three engulfed in the light entering, recognizing my parent’s voices and they complimented March's creation. The door closed soon after and two figures strided quickly towards me. 

“It’s official child.” My father muttered, stroking my hair, “A fine fiancé and husband within six months you will have.”

“Oh he is such a gentlemen Y/N!” My mother spoke excitedly and I flashed her a fake smile, “Here he comes now. Stand straight and tall. That’s it. Wipe that smile away.”

The figure in a black tux in a top hat slowly inched his way towards me and my parents in a slow stride, so slow and careful it made the hair on my arms stand up.

“Ah Mr and Mrs Bensen. I apologize that I didn’t escort you inside.” He smiled at them then his cold, dark eyes fell on me.

Cold and dark, yes. Terrifying and hypnotic, yes. But none the less handsome.

He was tall, very classy looking and each step he took was filled with grace. His hair was dark brown and he had a small mustache under his nose. He acted very classy and old fashioned, clearing having a slight feeling of superiority over most everyone and looked at people as though they were peasants, but used charm to get them under is spell.

He grabbed my hand and brought his knuckles to his lips and smirked, “You must be Y/N.” I looked in his eyes, unable to look away. They drew me in and I was unable to snap out of it. I knew he could tell as a bright smirk formed on his lips. I didn’t snap out of my phase until my mother hit me on my shoulder blades causing me to blush and look down embarrassed as he was still holding my hand though he dropped our palms down towards the ground. My eyes, following the motion of arm as I stared at the ground.

Perhaps… Was he staring at me too?

“You’ll have to excuse her James. She is merely shy.” My father barged in. Looking at me disappointed and embarrassed.

“No. No. It is quite alright. A women as beautiful as her should have no shames.” He gleamed at my parents, “I might, even add, the prettiest of all of my former wives. Now. Mr. and Mrs. Bensen, I am really sorry but I must show Ms. Y/N to her room before I return to work.” It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Bensen. Good night.“ He shook both my parents hand now dropping mine and escorted them out the door, leaving us alone.

He paused at the door for a short moment, taking a deep breath before approaching me once more. His grin widened and grew darker in a strange compelling way.

“Sit down darling.” He spoke, grabbing my wrists and sitting , “Tell me your story.”

About to open my mouth and reply, I remembered the words that my mother had spoken and the embarrassment expressed on my father’s face from my previous mistake. Sighing, I let out a small, “Not much to tell.” barely loud enough for him to hear and he nodded.

“Well what do you know of me?” He asked, “What of my reputation?”

I sighed softly and shyly replied, “Nothing truly. Besides your wealth I know nothing.”


“Ah…. Then why do you fear me?”

I widened my eyes in shock, “I… I do-”

He giggled, moving both hands onto my right hand, stroking my knuckles with one hand and my wrist with the other, “But you do darling. It’s in you eyes.” I looked down shyly and shook my head, “I must ask you why.”

“I… I cannot, sir.” I said barely loud enough for him to hear, “I’m sorry….”

He looked down awkwardly, “I know of my reputation dear. But I want you to speak freely to me. I don’t want you to feel like you are a prisoner here.” He sighed, “I want you to be happy with me.” He moved one of his hands in order to stroke my cheek, “Everything that’s mine will be yours and you shall be free. Free to speak, act upon, and express anything you feel. That is… Well the least I can do.”

Shyly I nodded, remembering my parents commands. He sighed again realizing what I was doing and grabbed my hand, leading me up to our room.

As he gave me the tour and run down of his hotel, he would repeatedly warm me never to roam without his blessing. I thought to question why but did not, remembering again what my mother spoke… I merely nodded in agreence smiling sadly towards his figure as he returned the emotion.

I knew that he had an… attraction to me. It was in his eyes but it was so different from anything I’d ever seen… Different from the stories that I had been expressed in his reputation. It all added up to the things that terrified me about him, preventing me from being able to trust him in anything he says. Be it regards of my safety or a promise of redemption. He could not be trusted.

“And this..” He said, unlocking the door, “Is our room.” He gestured for me to enter and then turned me around to face him. He grabbed my wrists again in the strange manner as I observed hum, questioning to myself why I was inside the door and he was still outside.

“I must leave you, my darling.” He smiled dully, “There is some work I need finish up. I sincerely apologize.” He brings up my right hand to my lips and dropping the other, “I will be home by dinner. I promise." And with that and a clicking noise, I was left alone in the room, that would clearly become with time my room.

After waiting a brief moment to where I couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore. Then I quickly jumped to the handle, jiggling it rapidly in prayer that it would open up. I refused to give up for several minutes then realized something…

The clicking…..

There was a reason that this was to be my room….

It was the only room in James’ hotel with an error….

It locked from the outside.


The plates of food James’ maid, Mrs. Evers had set out had gone cold.

Over an hour I had been patiently waiting my husbands arrival, staring at his empty spot. I wasn’t feeling boredom, nor shock, but instead disappointment. Disappointment that not only was I to be married to a man not of my choosing, but also one whose work will always come first. Miss Evers came shuffling in, I’m guessing to check on me.

"Miss you haven’t touched your food! The kitchen staff slayed over that for hours and wait till you see desert!”

“I apologize Miss Evers.” I sighed sadly, “I guess I just supposed that I best not start without Mr. March or he will think low of me. But please send apologies to the kitchen staff later. Come, sit besides me. Tell me about him.”

“Oh about the master?” She spoke so simply it left me confused, a small nod coming from my head, “Oh well he’s a lovely man. Handsome. Wealthy… but of course you already knew that. He is very hardworking and passionate about what he does.”

“And what does he do?”

“Oh well runs this hotel of course!” She laughed, “He built it himself you know! He takes a lot of pride in it. He knows were every person is at every moment. He can tell you the names of all the staff. He knows in an instant how many rooms and floors there are. This hotel is his mistress, you could say.”

Yes and I am his wife and I don’t appreciate being pushed aside.

“Miss Evers… I feel extremely bad asking, as I know you are James’- I mean Mr. March’s favorite maid, but can you please let me out…. I know you must have gotten in through another area…. Please.. As a friend… I need some air… Please-”

“A f-friend?”

“Of course.” I smiled grasping her hands, “My only friend in this cold… cold world.”

I could see the hesitation on her face as she smiled at last, “Oh fine! I’ll take you through the passages that lead to the master’s office.” She giggled happily, “Be sure to yell nice and loud though before getting too far to the end though.” And with that she grabbed my hand and lead me through a hidden door, explaining to me the path out.

She warned me their were two exits. The one too the outside and the one into March’s office. I had to be cautious that I didn’t enter my fiancé’s office unannounced. Or at all as he probably would prefer.

Sighing, I began my journey.

It was dark down there, the only thing which I had was a single candle where wax was dripping down onto my hand. It stung, yes, but not enough to kill the determination I had to get out of this place and breath the cold winter air again. Not the poison that lived inside the walls of this hotel.

It scared me almost more than Mr. March did.

As I wandered through the dark halls I slowly began loosing myself, my head crying out in despair, as if the further I walked into the darkness the more insane I was becoming.

I could feel my mind wrapping and twisting into this strange place of darkness and despair that made me dizzy and nauseous. Around me it appeared that the walls were becoming this taint of red starting faint, and the smell was growing thicker and muskier. The smell of iron and salt. 

I processed downward.

At last seeing a single light I paused, remembering Miss Evers warning.

"James.” I spoke in a shaky tone, “I mean er…. Mr. March?”

I paused allowing silence to enter the area. Oddly enough I found it a mix of unnerving and calming at the same time. The came an extremely loud creak causing me to practically jump out of my skin.

“Mr.March?” I asked as I cautiously approached the sound of the creak. Panic settled in me the closer I got as I inched my way towards where  I guessed the door was. Much to my pleasure and fear, I found it at last and before I could change my mind, I pulled on the golden handle and made my way into the room labeled Room 64.

The room smelt of rust, salt, and lemon cleaner, so much so it made me feel queasy. Besides that, the room seemed pretty normal. There were three sections of the fairly large suite and two doors leading into separate areas. There was a bedroom and a kitchen directly across from each other, both of equal size, however the weird part was that there was a long, narrow hall leading to the bedroom, over twice the distance between the bed and the fridge in the kitchen.

As strange as it was, I was rather satisfied with this. It made me think that he had a lover and that he and his lover would hide down here to keep the relationship a secret. That I could understand and allow him to continue though I would be hurt, but I couldn’t help but feel drawn to one of the doors. The one that lied down another long hallway and was strangely lit.

Naturally, I allowed my curiosity to get the best of me and made my way down without hesitation. And again without hesitation I dropped the candle in shock as soon as I saw what lied in that room.

Static flooded my ear and my vision grew blurry as I quickly strided back down the hallway and into the underground, wandering aimlessly till I reached my room where I promptly locked my self in the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. 

This has to be a dream…. This can’t be real….. This has to be a dream….

Tear fell from my eyes uncontrollably as I rapidly clawed up and down my arm, at my face, and pulling locks of hair from my head to wake myself up.

Giving up on the idea that any of this would wake me up, I began digging through the cabinet thinking that maybe… maybe if I killed myself… maybe then I could wake up… I mean in all my nightmares before they ended when I died…

And maybe if I did die and that this wasn’t a dream…


maybe it would be so bad


(James’ POV)

“Wait! Y/N!” I hollered, dropping the knife and reaching for her, “Y/N please….. don’t leave me….Y/N! Let me explain. ”

I ran, trying to reach for her but she was just too fast.

By the time I had reached the room, she had already locked herself in the bathroom.

“Dammit Y/N!” I hollered, banging on the door, “Let me in!”

The sound of her frail and panic wailing were the only signs of life so when they slowly fell to a stop I cursed under my tongue and broke down the door, only to see an empty bottle of sleeping pills I began to panic.

Not having enough time to think, I picked her frail body up into my arms and stuffed my fingers down her throat over and over again forcing her to throw up all the pills that I could make her. Then I picked her up and set her on the bed, feeling relief that she was breathing. I stood up, bring my hands to my head.

She had seen my doing my art. And she was terrified. Of course, I wasn’t surprised. I would be to if I was her.

But you see… I was in love with her.

I had seen her and it was like something clicked inside me and I somehow became whole.

Soul-mates, as society would say.

“MISS EVERS!” I hollered and she rushed in, “Check on Y/N. Alert me immediately if she-”

“She’s not breathing, sir.”

My word crashed as she spoke these four words.

“Go home, Miss Evers.” I whispered, “And take the weekend off. But first, call Mr and Mrs Bensen. Invite them over this weekend. I have a plan.”

Yes…. She would rise. But she wouldn’t remember what happened. She would forget that she had only been here for a mere day.

And we would be together, forever.

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by day im dave strider billionaire completely normal playboy with no powers at all especially none related to time  and im classy and spend most of my time in my big house with my butler/wife briar and my adopted/actual son sunny

by night i am the assman a completely normal man with completely normal physical abilities amplified by having way too much money to spend on training and shit 

anonymous asked:

the person who didn't get enough credit: EMILY FRICKIN' VANCAMP. Oh god i watched her interviews in civil war press and damn she's one classy lady! None of her casts had her back (except for jeremy renner and anthony mackie) but she handled those stupid sexist questions with class! Even scarjo exploded bc of the brutasha questions

Let’s be real, these press tours done for Marvel film actors only focus on maybe four of the cast members from each movie and no one else. Rarely, if ever, is there a focus on the ladies without something unreasonably sexist. I think the only lady able to evade this so far is Zoe Saldana (or maybe I haven’t seen anything sexist against her, but I hope no one asked her anything sexist). The ladies deserve something other than “rabbit food” questions, being asked if men swearing made them uncomfortable as if neither Emily VanCamp or Elizabeth Olsen swore, or completely being ignored.

-Mod R

Why Stanford isn’t a total butt.

-Child!Ford’s giggle.
-badass polydactylism.
-Child!Ford’s obsession with pirate ghosts and aztec treasure.
-Child!Ford helped Stanley up after Stanley ran into their nightstand.
-Child!Ford’s awesome jacket and the fact he always kept a notebook around so he could literally at any moment write something down he sees weird that adorable dork.
-felt bad when the principal praised him and insulted Stanley.
-agreed to go with Stanley anyways if the college didn’t let him in.
-put his family’s financial security over what he probably really wanted.
-had to bear the burden of being their family’s only chance at money.
-had to listen to his father diss on Stanley after he left.
-is a genius and got a PhD earlier than normal.
-is technically a doctor; Dr. Pines.
-is a cute nerdling.
-raised the shapeshifter as his alien demon child.
-had the fate of the universe on his shoulders.
-is a freaking genius who designed/built an interdimensional portal that looks cool as hell.
-spent 30 years in sci-fi sideburn land and still lookin’ fresh (his mind, on the other hand…)
-that giant ass rifle he had on his back when he returned.
-that grunkle chest (seriously, Stanley’s chub is cute but Ford is flat and muscular).
-didn’t know that Stanley was living in his car and probably would’ve offered help had Stanley asked.
-trusted Stanley with his prized possession and the key to stopping the apocalypse.
-felt bad when he burned Stanley and apologized before Stanley punched him.
-owned Stanley’s ass when they fought after he returned; didn’t try to hurt Stanley, only subdued him and held his hands back.
-have you seen how freaking little his shoulders are compared to Stanley’s? Ford confirmed little nerd man.
-he smiles whenever the kids talk to him; smiled when Dipper said he’d read his journals; said he liked Mabel.
-is a badass with guns.
-eventually gives Mabel a journal and a crossbow (SDCC trailer).
-is an older Dipper because nerd but also older Mabel because sweater.
-is staying down in the basement to contain everything escaping from the portal; confirmed badass.
-J.K Simmons; no other reason needed.
-adjusts his glasses all the time.
-fluffy eyebrows.
-fluffy kitten hair.
-is a badass like Mabel by wearing sweaters in the Summer.
-dat turtleneck.
-dat trench coat.
-dat glorious strut out of the portal.
-dat classy silver stripe in his hair.
-the fact that Dipper and Mabel (not knowing it was his room) called his room ‘classy’ because as we all know Ford is classy as fuck.
-did I mention he’s classy?

And if none of these convinced you, there’s one last thing we all need to remember. Any of you who’ve followed me since the twin theory days know what I’m going to say next:




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She was an female dragon
Cunning in all her ways
The deception of her smile fooled all of them
Until boundaries were broken
Her token she spoken hidden truths
Come spilling out
overages volcanic
Like an eruption of a nuclear weapon
She’s a canon
A classy lady
That examines each pursuit
None can stand it
Queen in her own lane
Shes Illmatic
She’s Poetry
Her words are fire
Bursting out
Wow cocking back
She never looks back
Have no desire
Hidden truth in her eyes
Don’t get in the line of fire
From the Lou
Pump 10 in her veins
Took 20 to the Brain
5400 block where I became
General in my Army
National guard can’t alarm me
Take flight in the Wind
Spiritual garments on me
Eagle eyes penetrating enemies lines
I dropped bombs
Cuz I’m a fighter Jet
Everybody around me Knows it
So let me keep my smile and my vest don’t test
Cuz I earned my stripes
In the streets
Golden Child
In the Arms God
Chosen so he kept me alive
I’m the nuclear missile to help you keep your soul alive
-Poetry L. Travis

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