none of my friends ship this and i just

Kaisoo mega post @ EXOrDium in Mexico 042717

Finally I arrived home yesterday! I was very excited to comeback and tell you guys all my experiences at the EXOrDium in Mexico. Unfortunately I did not record a lot because I wanted to enjoy the concert 100%. This gonna be my kaisoo post, if you want to read my entiere experience I’ll update it soon. And I’m very sorry if this a little bit late, I wanted to post it ASAP but I was so tired. TT And thank you so much for all  of you wishing me fun!!

So first things first, yeah Ksoo have the best ass and thights in e.xo like man he has the perfect body ¡his shoulders are so narrow! He’s very cute and JI is a ball of happiness and very handsome! TT They look the same as in TV. 

Well how you already saw in some photos or fancams they whispered into each other ear at the first ment, Ksoo literally was kissing JI’s ear, like he whispered REALLY close, I was in shook because I watched in the past a lot of photos/fancams of it (whisper is something very common for them) but watching it live is really something else, Ksoo and JI really get REALLY close to each other to whisper more close than necesary in my opinion lol.

They smiled at each other A LOT through all the concert, like if they saw each other at any moment they would smile ASAP.

At the acoustic part JI were staring at Ksoo almost all the time he were speaking or singing but it’s so unique, he stares at him in this way in particular, I can’t describe it but when someone says JI have this special stare for Ksoo is true 100%. But it wasnt one sided, if you could see with how much pride and fondness Ksoo stares at JI when he’s dancing, like everything disapear for him when JI is doing his solos, Ksoo couldnt stop staring and have like this little secret smile just reserved for him.

At Unfair meanwhile Ksoo were inside the TVBox JI went and pretended to knock the door (idk what was he thinking like come on JI thats a tv wtf) trying to get ksoo attention then there were a part where Ksoo, JI and Mseok disapered for like 1-2 minutes inside of the refigerator box. 

Ksoo walked by and pat JI’s back. I don’t really remember in what song this was but they were wearing the outfit they wear for overdose in concert (black shine jacket?)

I don’t quite remember when this moment happen if when Ksoo and JI found each other in the middle of the stage or they were standing side by side but i’m pretty sure it happend because they smiled at each other with so much emotion and fondness, like they were so happy and enjoying of sharing the same stage. I was smiling like a fool the entire time it was happening so that’s why i remember it.

They stand next to each other when signing Angel and were waving at the fans.

These were all the Kaisoo moments I can recall and that I saw but now I want to add something really interesting I want to share with all you guys. So you can skip this is you just want just know what moments happened at the concert.

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An actual conversation

Me: Look at how adorable they are…(Victuuri photos)

Friend: haha funny… it looks like they are married

Me: yeah…they are engaged….

Friend: it’s just fan art, chill


Friend: (sarcastically) sure

Me: (shows them the episode)

Friend: (sobbing)

Me: wtf? What’s wrong…


Reason I want Peridot to blame herself for Steven being taken

Look, I’m not a monster. I love Peridot, I don’t actually want to see her hurt.

What I want is to see her helped.

I have loved Lapidot since it was a crack ship. But something that has been nagging at the back of my brain is that we have so much proof of Peridot helping Lapis, but little to none of Lapis helping Peridot.

I’m not saying this necessarily means Lapis is a bad friend. It could be as simple as Peridot doesn’t need as much emotional help as Lapis does. There’s more proof of Peridot helping Lapis because there’s more times Lapis has needed help.

But I have many times been the one who is constantly helping my loved ones, but when I confide in them, they don’t care to help me.

And I just don’t want this to happen to Peridot. And I don’t want Peridot to get up and leave Lapis just because Lapis didn’t notice Peridot’s pain.

I just want there to be shown proof that Lapis will be just as attentive to Peridot as Peridot is to Lapis. Not necessarily in the same way, but obviously there for her.

And I feel like Aquamarine’s list coming from Peridot and therefore leading up to Steven being taken will be a good way to show that.

Nickname: ???
Is a combo of Error Sans @loverofpiggies and Undernovela Sans @pig-demon

Roommate: Wandered off, Just….exsists in the omega timeline somewhere.
Closest friends:???
Hobbies: Dancing, Drama?

This combo doesn’t even have a nickname yet and is not fleshed out whatsoever. I was asked to make this design by a friend who liked the ship between Error and Undernovela Sans. And I have to admit I have no idea what to do with him. The only thing I’ve gotten figured out is that he likes to dance. So my plan was just to have him dancing in the background occasionally. And he speaks Spanish so none of the other combos know what his deal is. Not even Cadet…..hmm now that I think about that. Cadet would hate that he knows nothing about this guy and be like YOU! Tell me your secrets!?….ok that’s too funny to me. I’m going to make this canon. XD

I’m the first person to admit that I’m a huge Destiel shipper. I mean, that ship is sailing for me like none other.


12x12 was a big deal for those of us who sail that ship. I get it. There were a lot of great moments, but some of y’all wearing the Destiel goggles are downplaying and at worst, cancelling some super important stuff.


This is so important. It ain’t just about Dean and Castiel here. There was a super important moment cut out of the gifs I’ve seen floating around, but don’t worry, I fixed it.

Sail that ship here, my friends, but stop forgetting that Castiel is being welcomed into a family here. Sam and Dean. This scene isn’t about Castiel just admitting that he’s in love with Dean. If you ship it like I do? Great! See it that way.

But, PLEASE don’t cheapen the significance of Castiel’s “I love all of you.” It’s not a simple, “I love you [Dean].”

It’s this:

It’s “I love all of you [my family].”

Frankly, I would adore Destiel actually happening in canon because it would be so freaking important. Two main characters in a long running show, entering a non-heterosexual relationship. That would be huge for queer people like me, and tons of you.

But, in this moment in the show, cutting Sam out of the gifs and thus consideration, is a huge determent to the scene. To what Castiel’s love encompass. It’s bigger than just Dean here.

And that’s important.

It’s love for his Winchester siblings.

So today I was talking to my friend who watches/watched both Psych and Supernatural. She told me she ships Shus (Shawn and Gus) the same as she ships Destiel (Dean and Cas). So I wanted to show her their relationships are not the same, but how they act very differently.

This is some GIFS I have compiled of the two ships for you all to show the difference.

There you go, Shus vs Destiel. Thank you and good night.

You can ship what you like I don’t care just wanted to show how different their relationships are.


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I see ppl hating on welcome to the madness and I don't know why? Do you know? I haven't seen it/read it but it seems like some people are really mad about it ;')

;”D I see what you did there ahaha

Well, I’ve seen quite a few reasons why, all of which I will try to explain the best I can with limited bias first, then give my own views on it separately. This way, everyone can come to their own conclusions and the like, and no one confuses my explanations for me trying to force my own views onto anyone! 😂

- People think that WTTM sexualises Yurio due to several reasons. The main ones I see are the backless tank top he wears, some of the moves in the program (mostly the one that’s modeled after a move Johnny Weir often does, where he bends back onto the ice and glides. In Yurio’s case, this causes his shirt to ride up, exposing his torso), and, of course, when Otabek helps remove Yurio’s glove with his teeth.

- Going off of the last point above, basically Otabek’s entire presence in WTTM has angered a lot of people. These are mostly people who do not ship the two together, often citing the accusation of “it’s paed/ophilia” for this (not always, but it is a common reason on here.) Otabek removing Yurio’s glove with his teeth was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of people who are angry over WTTM.

Now for my own opinions.

Me stating my opinions =/= me telling you what views you have to have. 

Do I think that WTTM was pure? No, I really don’t think it was the spitting image of angelic purity. But it was 1000% in-character for Yurio. He is a teenage edgelord. More than anything, WTTM was edgy. It was not inherently sexual in my eyes. There were a few moments that were slightly risque, but honestly I hesitate to even use the word risque for this. None of the camera angles focused in on shots that would be inappropriate, and there really weren’t any unusually sensual moves incorporated into the program. 

I actually really like that Yurio was finally able to skate a program his character wanted, and I think that someone of his age should have the freedom to express himself, even in an edgy manner. Such a thing is the exact opposite of unusual for teens to want to do. From personal experience, I can tell you that when I was younger than Yurio was during WTTM, I recall people doing much worse in environments like school dances. I honestly don’t know why so many people on here are incredibly, incredibly shocked that a teenager, going through the process of maturing and discovering who he is, may not be the embodiment of innocence. (Read more due to length and content)

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strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

YEAHHHHH i love them

There’s not enough interaction between them in the anime!!!!

And by not enough i mean like practically none at all. I had to turn to the OVA to find them even just standing next to each other. They’re third years and like canonically friends soooo what gives HQ anime.

Hold My Nunvil

Okay, lets get into some shit.

It seems that everyone keeps bringing up Shaladin, which is shipping Shiro with the other paladins. I myself, am actually fine with Shaladin, and I find some of the ships quite adorable.

Firstly with something like this, is that we NEED to remember that these are fictional characters, people! Slow your roll. They are not real life, living and breathing humans. They are fictional.

Secondly, lets learn the actual definition of pedophilia; sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.

Okay… So first off, do Keith, Hunk and Lance seem like children to you? (Insert a ‘Lance and Keith are childish af’ joke and move on)

Does a loving, caring, romantic relationship between Shiro and one of the paladins, make him a pedophile to you? Really? I can understand it with Pidge, seeing they are only fourteen, but just… Wow.

Like, why does it bother you so much? They’re not your kids. They’re not your brother or sisters, or your best friends. They’re just relatable, adorable cartoon characters that YES, we are allowed to love and cherish, however don’t threaten to KILL someone over something as mundane as a ship.

I myself like Shance
I myself like Sheith
I myself like Hiro (Shunk?)
I don’t have a preference for Shidge, but I’m not bothered by people that do.
(I also ship Shallura with all my heart, but she’s not a paladin, just wanted to put this here-)

Why do you care? You don’t own these characters. Let people like what they like. It’s none of your business.

Josh Keaton himself has no problem with Shaladin, and he fucking voices Shiro. So why the hell do you care?

Go mope in your own little blog.

Leave the rest of us alone.


Prompt:  Hi can you please write a oneshot where Seb and the reader really close together like more than friends less then lovers and they are on interwiev and jimmy fallon reading fanfic about then and showing videos about their ship..Some fluff I love you🙈

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie, Fallon is my favorite. He’s hilarious. Thanks for requesting this one!!

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I know that everyone loves the idea of T’Challa introducing Sam to Wakandan culture/society – which I do too don’t get me wrong – but imagine for a moment: Sam showing T’Challa US culture. 

Sure, T’Challa has probably studied it in an academic sense – he’s royalty he has to know these things – but has he ever eaten a hotdog? Has he ever been to a baseball game? Has he ever listened to Marvin Gaye? (Sam has asked all of these questions and more)

But ok, T’Challa managed to get a weekend off or maybe he’s in the US/New York City for work and Sam is like “ok man you and me, crash course in US culture for cats” and T’Challa definitely doesn’t roll his eyes or think that Sam is being ridiculously adorable

And they go to the natural history museum and T’Challa is mildly impressed but doesn’t say anything because he is Too Proud and Sam definitely does roll his eyes and buys T’Challa a black panther beanie baby because that’s obviously what the King of Wakanda wants, a little stuffed panther collectable. 

(No one dares question why the aforementioned king puts it on his bedside table.)

Afterwards they grab hotdogs and T’Challa is definitely offended by how disgusting this is – seriously what do you mean people eat this on a regular basis – but he finishes it because Sam paid, like, five dollars for this and also T’Challa is a gentleman, he is polite and has manners, unlike some people.

Sam ends the day by bringing T’Challa to his hotel room to introduce T’Challa to the wonders of Netflix (they have it in Wakanda but what do you mean you haven’t watched The Walking Dead–) and T’Challa, with a small smile on his face, asks “Is this what you refer to as Netflix and chill?”

And Sam is like wait wait is he – and yes, Sam, he is. 

also i would like to introduce to the voltron fandom some new and exciting ships featuring Matthew James Holt:

Matt and Keith:

  • there are approx. 2 art works for this and one conspiracy theory-esque post (i mean that in the best way tbh) about them
  • but think about it
  • shiro introduced them
  • they bond over conspiracy theories and what a dork shiro is
  • they also both love space
  • matt runs on the treadmill while keith does some combat practice
  • them snuggling together, looking up at the stars, and talking about what aliens could be looking back at them
  • reunion that shocks everyone, as mentioned in post above. 
    • “my life would have been a lot different if i hadn’t met you shiro”
    • because he introduced him to his boyfriend matt
    • if other shippers are allowed to reach then so am i dang it

Shiro x Matt x Keith:

  • i like to call them the Original Garrison Trio
  • all of them are gay for each other
  • shiro and matt probably got together first tbh leaving keith to Pine
  • shiro and matt were super into keith though, so a lot of their conversations were about how lovely and strong and pretty and amazing he was
  • eventually shiro and matt are just like “we wanna date u do you wanna date us”
  • keith says yes as awkwardly as they asked him
  • the three of them are super happy together and are grossly affectionate
    • no one likes keith
      • he’s put on a pedestal, never studies, aces the flight simulator
      • he also comes off as arrogant and rude
        • he’s really just Mr. Darcy it’s chill i love you keith
    • when the three of them start dating people accuse keith of trying to break them up or smth
    • matt and shiro are Ready to Fight and quickly dismantle these rumors by showering keith in love and affection publicly while keith blushes
    • pushing beds together for sleep overs
    • stargazing
    • making plans for when matt and shiro get back from kerberos
      • too bad they never come back wHOOPS MORE ANGST

Matt x Lance x Shiro:

  • you’ve heard of shance, you’ve heard of latte, now get ready for: shlatte
  • basically add matt to a ship and it gets better
    • note: this also works with hunk, as will be demonstrated shortly
  • matt and shiro being A Thing pre-galra
  • then during Voltron Times Shiro and Lance have a little unrequited mutual pining going on there
  • then shiro disappears and matt appears
  • boom, matt and lance bond while they look for shiro and more mutual crushing
  • then matt and shiro Reunite TM and lance is upsetti
    • and there isn’t even spaghetti smh
  • lance draws back while matt and shiro are in their love bubble
  • but matt and shiro both quickly realize they both love lance too
  • so eventually, with a lot of convincing that yes lance, they are serious and yes lance, we’re both in love with you- why wouldn’t we be they all get together
  • matt and lance are super affectionate all the time and drag shiro into snuggle piles at every available moment

Matt x Hunk:

  • bonding over being the Team Mechanics TM
  • they’re both so soft and sweet
  • matt will eat anything hunk cooks
    • matt eats a lot and hunk cooks a lot so it’s perf
  • Casual Affection TM
  • Soft but Strong Boys
  • ‘you’re my whole world bro’
  • legit, this doesn’t even have to be romantic, i just love them both sm
  • SOFT!!! FACE!!! KISSES!!! 
  • matt steals hunks clothes and then denies that he did, despite drowning in hunks clothes
  • matt will 1000% try to be the big spoon when they cuddle
    • he succeeds
  • they are just the cuddliest boys and deserve so much happiness

now there are a few other combinations you could go with like, Matt x Hunk x Keith, Matt x Keith x Lance (klatte, a classic), Matt x Shunk, but I want to get to sort of the main event here:


  • Shiro x Hunk x Keith x Lance x Matt (+ an e from the Latte ship name )
  • also known as pidge, screaming, YOU CAN’T DATE ALL MY FRIENDS MATT and Matt screaming back WATCH ME
  • they’re all soft and gay and affectionate towards each other
  • literally look at all the adorable dynamics above
  • you don’t have to choose between any of them because everyone is in love
  • The Ultimate Slowburn and Mutual Pining
  • biggest, cuddliest piles
  • they take turns having sleep overs with each other
  • when they inevitably lose track everyone just piles up in shiro’s room
  • Pidge is overall fine with this but will glare at matt on occasion
    • “it’s one thing for all my friends to date each other, it’s another for my brother to date all my friends” pidge probably
    • “you’re just jealous that i have four beautiful boyfriends and you have none” matt back at her, with varying reaction 
  • this is all, really, but i love them all so much

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i dont know much about her but wanda maximoff?

Favorite design: 70s Wanda is best Wanda fight me it’s ridiculous but cool

Least favorite design: the Perez/Busiek one that was apparently for her to get ‘in touch with her heritage’ but Perez just wanted to draw her like that like I side-eye that so hard and also it’s really impractical you can’t fight in that

Favorite ship: Wanda/Vision - Wanda/Anyone Else is my ultimate notp okay I will not accept it

Favorite friendship: Carol tbh - they should bring that back like she lost all her friends and I get why but it’s odd to read old stories and know she talks to none of these people now

One thing I’d change: She would not go crazy and her kids would not be part of a demon holy shit Byrne what is wrong with you

A random headcanon: She gave Vision her brainwaves bc she wanted him to be happy bc she was still lowkey in love with him but didn’t want to admit it bc too much had happened - this is also where’s she’s at right now like I don’t know many people who would actively cover up multiple murders to keep their ex-husband safe

A story I’d write for them: I was gonna plot out a whole thing for this but honestly just know whatever it is she gets back with Vision and becomes Viv’s stepmom in addition to being her kind of egg donor (?)
To Flirt With A Bookworm - LunaLockser - Fairy Tail [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Fandom: fairy tail

Ships: Gajevy mentioned: nalu, gruvia, lories

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, Loke, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Mira, Cana, Jet, Droy,

Link to version

Summary: Gajeel learns just how much Levy loves her books

Note: Hey Puddin’s, first fanfiction ever! I got the idea for this story while joking with my sister, Levy is a very playful character, and I can see her as everyone’s best friend, so I can see her finding the best way to let a person down.Please drop a review, and any constructive criticism is encouraged!
I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

“Oi Shrimp, are you even listenin’?”

“U-huh yeah,” the bluenette murmured not glimpsing up from her page. Gajeel sighed, annoyed at the lack of attention. He didn’t mean to sound clingy but was it too much to ask for his girlfriend to listen to a story. All he wanted to do was boast about his latest fight with Salamander, but no, his little Shrimp was too absorbed in her new book.

“Probably best you wait ‘till she finishes her book.”

Gajeel turned around at the sound of the male Shadow Gear members. He fought the urge to scowl at their smirks as if they ever did any better getting her attention.

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why i like zutara more than kataang and maiko

Tbh, I was originally a Kataang shipper bc I thought it was cute and Aang deserved a relationship because he was a nice hero kid and was “persistent” and “she’ll come around”. He tried hard to earn it with flowers and stuff, but now, looking back, I see that she didn’t return his crush. Actually, from what I’ve seen, there wasn’t much romantic stuff going on with Katara with anyone (except Jet). Even Kataang, apparently “in the DNA of the show”, only had 1 or 2 lovey moments. I can only really remember the dance scene, which was kinda unimportant, and the kiss in “The Cave of Two Lovers”, which was pretty much forced by the plot. Some Kataang shippers out there like to cite the times Aang kissed Katara without her wanting him to as “romantic”, but it’s just rude and one sided tbh. Aang, not even a teen yet, just isn’t very advanced in terms of romantic relationships. And while it’s true that they supported each other (as good friends should), I’m pretty sure Katara gave more than she recieved, as a mother/older sister often does. While Katara doesn’t have any apparent romantic feelings for anyone else either, at least her other potential love interests don’t get mothered. Even if she actually did have a crush on him, their relationship probably should’ve waited a little: Aang’s still like 12 and Katara went immediately from confused (yet she wasn’t confused about Jet) to girlfriend (and little else, if you consider the comics canon).

Oh yeah, and Maiko wasn’t very healthy and also possibly symbolizes Zuko’s old life that he was trying to get away from. Like, Mai had a crush on kid Zuko, a completely different person, and the two weren’t shown catching up on lost time by talking about it or anything (“I just asked if you were cold, I didn’t ask for your whole life story”). They just got straight into their physical/conflict-prone relationship. There wasn’t very much personal/emotional support. Mai liked him when he hated the world, AKA not the real Zuko. He’s trying to help save the world, after all. He was morally driven, she was apathetic to even her own family. The may have cared about each other, but they were completely different people. If you’re going to criticize the “opposites attract” thing, start here. At least Zuko and Katara don’t have conflicting beliefs, and they are only symbolic opposites.

About Zutara itself, I’ll try and keep it short ;))). It’s not really about the whole pirates thing, or “opposites attract”, or “good girl and bad boy” shit.
At first, I had no reason to ship Zutara because Zuko was an antagonist, obviously. As the series went on, I saw the connection they had in the crystal catacombs, and how they really weren’t so different at heart, despite their backgrounds. When Katara felt the connection, she tried to heal his scar, and he let her try. When Zuko saw her anger at him and her mother’s death, he helped Katara find Yon Ra. He wasn’t encouraging her to go on a murderous rampage (he tried to help Zhao after all he had done, for one).((side note: I think it’s weird how people say that Katara’s decision was somehow because of Aang or Zuko. She neither killed nor forgave the man, and it was her own choice, nothing less.)) By the end, she forgave him because she honestly wanted to. Like come on, does she look like she still hates him for what he did in Books 1+2, as she gave him an enthusiastic hug? They gave each other support and listened to each other, yet Katara didn’t seem to “mother” him. They saved each other’s lives several times (especially when Zuko did a slo-mo leap to save her while dramatically screaming “NOOOOO”, or Katara was in tears after she healed him). Clearly they were at least very close friends. I know none of this is really romantic (see their embarrassed reactions in “The Ember Island Players” and “Sozin’s Comet” when this is teased), but it still would make a great relationship given time. (also, it might’ve helped relations between the southern water tribe and the fire nation).

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Do you have any thoughts on Katara basically getting shafted in the comics? In AtLA, she's everything a strong female character should be, but in the comics and to a lesser extent in LoK, she's basically reduced to Aang's girlfriend/wife.

Yeah, I don’t feel very positive about it. I think in LoK a lot of her scripting had to do with someone as stately as Eva Marie Saint being the VA. It’s a complete guess on my end, but I’d just think her availability wasn’t quite so open. I also assume Bryke planned her to be the only Gaang member still alive (“my friends are gone”), so it really didn’t become a major major issue until Zuko and Toph were super active. It’s not unthinkable that a woman her age would have wanted to retire to her home, especially given its economic development and new position in the world.

Plus, her Book 4 conversation with Korra kind of framed everything, so it’s hard being too indignant. I think they could have been a bit more inventive with her story after Aang died, and it’s disappointing, but I also love the whole flawed parenting aspect, though I know that’s a little divisive.

With regards to the comics, I just think Yang never had a handle on her character at all. And I have my own thoughts too about why she feels so…desaturated. Like, she does stuff at times, but none of it feels right at all. 

However, my thoughts would be viewed as ship war material. And. Idk, can we still be friends? Below the cut is going to be some stuff that is not positive when it comes to the match of Aang and Katara. I’m not interested in yelling at anyone who ships it or saying much more beyond this, but I just want to lay out my own subjective opinion, which I’ve mostly held in because like…Tenzin/Kya/Bumi are everything and I also don’t want to be a butt. But it’s been flippin’ 9 years at this point. 

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Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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Something Stupid

Characters: Kirk x Reader

Summary: The girl he has been infatuated with finally becomes single but does Kirk actually have the balls everyone believes he does when it comes to matters of the heart?

Word Count: 2224 words

Prompt: ‘It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.’ , ‘Can I have this dance?’

A/N: This one is for the fantastic @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who requested this from my 300 celebration.  This is my first time writing Kirk and he kinda got away from me so I apologise for that.

Originally posted by nabees2

The news had spread round the ship like wild fire.  Every room you walked into you felt people looking at you with pity.  How had you not seen it coming?  True, your shifts had been at opposite times and you hadn’t really spent much quality time together but walking into your shared quarters to find him in bed with her… you had not seen that coming.  It turns out that you were one of the very few who didn’t know.  You had spent a few days sleeping on people’s sofas until you were assigned your own quarters and you were really looking forward to the upcoming shore leave, hoping to pick up a few bargains to make the place your own.  

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