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Livestreaming//Finn Wolfhard x reader

Fuck so this is my first ever imagine here and I apologize if it’s shitty yikessss. 

Thank you for 200 followers by the way! This is my gift from me, to all of you. 

Warnings: None lol, just pure fluff

You and Finn have been best friends for almost two years now. You guys first met on the set of Stranger Things and since then you have been inseparable. You guys got a long so well that sometimes people mistake you two as a couple. You and Finn are aware of the fans shipping you two and you honestly didn’t mind because well, you like Finn. I mean, what’s not to like about him anyway? He’s sweet, caring, and kind. What more could you want?

Millie was the first one to notice that you liked Finn. You didn’t know how because you made sure to not be obvious about it. Millie was great at reading people, she considered it as one of her talents. She always pushed you to tell Finn about your feelings for him because she believes that Finn felt the same way. You didn’t believe that though, it was crazy. How could Finn Wolfhard like you? It was just too wild so you constantly brushed that idea away whenever it came up.

After promoting season two of Stranger Things, you and the rest of the cast were given a break. Finn invited you to spend the break with him in Vancouver to which you happily accepted. 

“Can you get your foot off of my face? Gosh you dick.” You said jokingly as you pushed Finn’s foot away from you face. You guys were laying opposite from each other on Finn’s bed, just hanging out and talking about random things. 

“You’re so rude.” Finn replied as he continued to place his foot on your face. 

“Says the person constantly placing their foot on my face.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you continued to push Finn’s foot away.

“Hey I know,” Finn suddenly bolts up and sits down, “We should do a livestream! We can sing together and answer questions!” Finn smiled as he proposed his idea to you. 

“I’m okay with livestreaming, but can we not sing? I don’t even sing well.” You said you continue to lay down on Finn’s bed. Finn loves the way you sing, he’s been trying to get you to sing with an audience, but you weren’t so keen to the idea. That doesn’t stop him from suggesting it every once in awhile though. 

“Oh come on, Y/N! You sing great, I wouldn’t be constantly bothering you to sing if you weren’t good!” Your best friend said as he shook your leg, “Come on pleaaasssseee?” 

“Fine, just one song though.” You say as you sit up. 

Finn smiled so widely which caused you to smile too, his smile was contagious. 

“That’s enough for me.” Finn got out of his bed to go get his guitar. You grabbed your phone which was placed on Finn’s night stand and opened Instagram. In a few minutes, Finn was back with his guitar. He then sits beside you and you give him your phone. Finn quickly switches out of your account to his account and he then starts the livestream. Viewers rolled in the stream in no time. He then places your phone on his nightstand so he didn’t have to hold it during the stream. 

“Hey guys so, Y/N and I decided to livestream because we’re bored and guess whattttt.” Finn said and comments saying “What” started pouring in. “Y/N and I are going to be taking song requests so go ahead and request!”

“Uhm requests? I thought we agreed on doing only one song?” 

“Sorry nope, change of plans Y/N, we’re singing our heart out today.” Finn said with a teasing wink which made you roll your eyes. 

“Why are you like this? You’re so annoying.” You said while jokingly pushing Finn away from you.

“You love me though.”

“No I hate you.”

You both didn’t notice but every time you spoke to each other, the closer you sat together. With every word spoken, you and Finn scoot closer to each other.


milliebobbybrown: you guys are so cute!!!!

wyattoleff: “we’re just friends!12!!!21212!1″ 

jackdgrazer: just date already smh

You and Finn leaned in closer to your phone’s screen and read everyone’s comments. 

ahoeforstrangerthings: okay but every time they talk, they scoot closer to each other fuck THIS IS THE TYPE OF CONTENT LIVE FOR

You and Finn both read the same comment and quickly scooted away from each other. You tried to play it cool, but you were slowly losing it. Your hands were getting clammy and your heartbeat was slowly rising. Finn on the other hand was blushing crazy.

“OKKKKAYYY, so a lot of people requested for Girl Crush by Little Big Town so we’ll do that.” Finn said while getting his guitar ready, you quickly look at him and saw that his face was red. You cleared your throat and started singing as soon as Finn strummed the first chord to the song. Finn would harmonize with you every now and then.

dontfuckpennywise: funny how Finn chose to do this song ;)

sophialillis: you guys sing so good together damn sOMEOEN GIVE THEM A RECORD DEAL

A few minutes later, you and Finn finished singing the song. Everyone was cheering in the comments which made you smile. 

“Alright that’s enough songs for today, I told Y/N we’d only do one song. Don’t worry though, I’m going to try and convince her to do more song covers in the future.” Finn teased as he turned his face towards you to give you a smirk. 

“That won’t happen sir, not on my watch.” You reply while smiling at Finn. You two kind of stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds. There was this electrifying feeling coursing through the both of you, but you didn’t know why you felt that way. 

uncle_jezzy: electricity


(YourShipName)isreal: JOE APPROVES

Finn looks through the comments again and sees Joe Keery’s comment, he turns red as he mouths the word ‘electricity.’ You choked on your saliva as you read Joe’s comment, but you played it cool by acting as if you were just coughing.

“Okay we’ll take questions now, go crazy but not too crazy with the comments you guys.” You say as you looked at your phone screen searching for good questions.

gatenm123: i miss you guys!! when are you guys planning on visiting me? :DDDD

“We miss you too and we’re planning on visiting you for sure, Gaten. We just don’t know when yet. We’ll let you know.” Finn said and you nodded in agreement. 

cuddlesand(YourShipName): are you guys dating? ;)

“NOPE! JUST FRIENDS!” You and Finn said simultaneously as you came across the question from @//cuddlesand(YourShipName). You found it quite interesting how the both of you replied at the same time at the same comment, but decided to dismiss it. Surely it was just a coincidence, right?

“I’m so cold what the hell? Can you change the temperature of thermostat please?” You asked Finn as you rubbed your hands on your arms in an attempt to warm yourself up.

“The thermostat is all the way downstairs, that’s a lot of work. Here just-” Finn turns around and tugs on his bed’s comforter, “Here.” Finn covers the both of you with his comforter which helped with the temperature situation. 


“Yeah, better. Thank you, Finnie.” 

“Stop that.” You laughed as Finn rolled his eyes as a joke, he secretly loved when you called him Finnie.

The fans freaked out, both of you were sure that there will be edits of you two all over the internet after the livestream and you didn’t mind at all.

thestrangestofthings: are you guys sure that you’re just friends? I mean come on!!! Look at you guys!! 

As you read @//thestrangestofthings’s comment, you couldn’t help but remember Millie’s advice: “Just tell him how you feel Y/N.” Millie’s voice echoed inside your head.

“Finn doesn’t like me like that, you guys.” You say as you effortlessly hid your disappointment, you were an actor after all.

“What if you’re wrong?” Finn suddenly blurted out while turning towards you and looking at you straight in the eyes.

The comments section exploded.

“What do you mean wrong? I… I don’t under-”

“Well, what if I do like you, Y/N? What if I told you right now that I have liked you for two years now? What if I told you that when I first met you, I immediately liked you, and not just friend like, you know… like…like.”

You stared at Finn, tears of joy threatened to spill out of you as you stared at each other. You couldn’t believe what he was saying, there was just now way.


therealcalebmclaughlin: I owe The Duffer Brothers $20 

sadiesink_: @//therealcalebmclaughlin you and the duffer brothers were betting? lollllll

You slowly processed everything that Finn just said, it was hard for you to accept it but slowly you digested the new information.

“Well Finnie, what if I told you that I too have liked you for about two years now.”

therealcalebmclaughlin: we been knew sis

noahschnapp: this is old news 

mikessweaters: LMFAO CALEB IM CKMKFGdfdf

If smiles could actually melt a person, you would be melting now. Finn was beaming at you. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that the girl he has liked for two years feels the same way. Never in Finn’s wildest dreams thought Y/N would ever feel the same way. To Finn, this whole thing felt like a dream.

beepbeeptozier: get you a man that looks at you the way Finn looks at Y/N

Finn scoots closer to you and you do the same causing the small gap between you two to disappear. You were dangerously close to each other now, but you both didn’t seem to mind. In fact, you liked how close you were. You faced each other your foreheads touching.


Finn gently places his hand on your cheek and begins to lean in. The next thing you know, you were also leaning in. 

jaedenwesley: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

milliebobbybrown: oH MY GOSH

Before you two actually kissed, your phone falls off Finn’s nightstand. You were glad that that happened. you didn’t want three thousand or more people to watch you and Finn kiss. You felt selfish for wanting to have that moment all to yourself, but you didn’t care. All that matters now is that your best friend feels the same way and that Millie was right all along. 

The kiss felt magical, all the cliche story or movie descriptions of how a kiss should feel like were actually accurate. You felt sparks everywhere and you felt like you were going to explode. The world stops for a second or two and it was just you and Finn for a little while. A few seconds later, you and Finn pull away from each other. 

“Holy shit.” said Finn while smiling from ear to ear.

“Holy shit indeed.” You reply with a giggle. You quickly pick up your phone from the floor and looked through the comments: 

gatenm123: bet you they kissed

jackdgrazer: of course they did @//gatenm123 no doubt about that ;)


sophialillis: pay up @//chosenjacobs

“Alright thanks for watching you guys! Sorry about that whole mess… yikes.” You say as your face flushed. 

“We’ll do another livestream tomorrow, we’ll sing more songs, I promise. Bye!!!” 

Before Finn ended the livestream there was one more comment:

dkharbour: no funny business after this livestream. You know what I mean.

Honestly, if none of my ships become canon or a ship I don’t really like becomes canon, I’m still going to love the show.

Voltron is such a well made series from its story to its animation and I can’t hate other people, the creators, or the show just because I wanted two characters to be more than friends.

Please stop hating people for liking certain ships. And don’t disrespect the people who brought this show to existence. It’s time to grow up.

Kaisoo mega post @ EXOrDium in Mexico 042717

Finally I arrived home yesterday! I was very excited to comeback and tell you guys all my experiences at the EXOrDium in Mexico. Unfortunately I did not record a lot because I wanted to enjoy the concert 100%. This gonna be my kaisoo post, if you want to read my entiere experience I’ll update it soon. And I’m very sorry if this a little bit late, I wanted to post it ASAP but I was so tired. TT And thank you so much for all  of you wishing me fun!!

So first things first, yeah Ksoo have the best ass and thights in e.xo like man he has the perfect body ¡his shoulders are so narrow! He’s very cute and JI is a ball of happiness and very handsome! TT They look the same as in TV. 

Well how you already saw in some photos or fancams they whispered into each other ear at the first ment, Ksoo literally was kissing JI’s ear, like he whispered REALLY close, I was in shook because I watched in the past a lot of photos/fancams of it (whisper is something very common for them) but watching it live is really something else, Ksoo and JI really get REALLY close to each other to whisper more close than necesary in my opinion lol.

They smiled at each other A LOT through all the concert, like if they saw each other at any moment they would smile ASAP.

At the acoustic part JI were staring at Ksoo almost all the time he were speaking or singing but it’s so unique, he stares at him in this way in particular, I can’t describe it but when someone says JI have this special stare for Ksoo is true 100%. But it wasnt one sided, if you could see with how much pride and fondness Ksoo stares at JI when he’s dancing, like everything disapear for him when JI is doing his solos, Ksoo couldnt stop staring and have like this little secret smile just reserved for him.

At Unfair meanwhile Ksoo were inside the TVBox JI went and pretended to knock the door (idk what was he thinking like come on JI thats a tv wtf) trying to get ksoo attention then there were a part where Ksoo, JI and Mseok disapered for like 1-2 minutes inside of the refigerator box. 

Ksoo walked by and pat JI’s back. I don’t really remember in what song this was but they were wearing the outfit they wear for overdose in concert (black shine jacket?)

I don’t quite remember when this moment happen if when Ksoo and JI found each other in the middle of the stage or they were standing side by side but i’m pretty sure it happend because they smiled at each other with so much emotion and fondness, like they were so happy and enjoying of sharing the same stage. I was smiling like a fool the entire time it was happening so that’s why i remember it.

They stand next to each other when signing Angel and were waving at the fans.

These were all the Kaisoo moments I can recall and that I saw but now I want to add something really interesting I want to share with all you guys. So you can skip this is you just want just know what moments happened at the concert.

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I ship destiel.

It’s my otp.

I couldn’t care less if it was your notp. Just like I don’t care if you ship wincest, or sastiel, or sam/cas/dean (what was that ship name again?) or drowley or megstiel or jean even. I don’t care if your a bibro or a minion either.

All I care about is the fact that you hating on the actors because of your ship is ridiculous. I love Jensen, Jared, and Misha. They’re friends and all care about one another. I love Gen, Daneel, and Vicky. None of them deserve hate.

Jared is a strong fighter with a heart of gold who cares so much about others, Jensen is a talented and kind and loving man that is so humbled it’s insane, and Misha is generous and funny and sweet and does all he can to help others.

Their wives are strong and beautiful women who deserve all the best.

Stop sending them hate and stating things that just aren’t true.

Stop generalising the shippers and fans.

The cast is amazing, the fans are amazing, the casual viewers are amazing. The wincest shippers, destiel shippers, {insert}shippers, just-casual-no-ship fans, are amazing. Don’t hate on someone no matter their personal preference. If someone is attacking you online because of your ship, be the bigger person. Spread love and not hate. We like different things– so what? We all still love supernatural.

So why don’t we focus on that and support each nother instead of hate each other?

Most destiel shippers love Jared.

A lot of Wincest shippers respect Misha as an actor.

It’s only a small percent who think otherwise.

So why is there a constant feud between us?

Why are there antis?

If something is your notp, that’s fine. That doesn’t mean you get to shit on people who do ship it.

I, as a shipper, respect all other shipper/fans.

I, as a fan, respect all the actors no matter my ship.

The question now is, do you?

Do you, as a supernatural fan and part of the family, respect the fellow fans? The actors?

Because the answer should always be yes. Because we’re a family that doesn’t end in blood. Nothing as silly as ships should divide us.

I hope I’ve made my point clear.

  • THAT person/friend: *walks in* Oh hey, what's up? What're you doing?
  • Me: Uhh, browsing Klance. What does it look like? *thou should leave, peasant.*
  • THAT friend: Oh ew! So you're an anti?!? Freak!
  • Me: *you.. have my attention now...* W-what?!? No! Why would you think I'm an anti??
  • THAT friend: Well everyone knows that the Klance fandom is filled with antis. Klance is overrated anyway. But you wouldn't understand. You're an idiotic anti!!
  • Me: HEY!! Klance may be overrated, but that doesn't stop me from shipping it. I really love this ship, but that doesn't mean I'll attack others for not thinking the same!! Shipping is for fun and it's not supposed to be used as a means of threatening others.
  • THAT friend: But you don't like Sheith!!! You said so yourself!!
  • Me: Actually, I see Keith and Shiro as having a more brotherly relationship. Broganes. Besides, I HAVE in fact liked or reblogged (or both) cute Sheith stuff before.
  • THAT friend: Well, you're TOTALLY against Sh//aladin right? That's anti.
  • Me: Not EVERY relationship is a romantic one. I just see Shiro as more of a father or even idol figure to the paladins. It's still a close bond, but nothing really romantic... To be honest, I personally ship Shiro more with Allura or Matt. Shatt and Shallura are both good for the soul.
  • THAT friend: Kallura though? What do you have against THAT, HUH?
  • Me: I don't really see the chemistry there..? I mean I get that in all versions of Voltron before, Kallura was practically canon, but, in Legendary Defender I don't really see it. As I said, they're more just 'good friends' to me. That doesn't mean I have anything against the ship, it's just that I personally happen to dislike it. That doesn't mean anything though. Those who ship it can continue shipping it no problem! If it makes them happy, why would I want to take that away from them? Who am I to do that?
  • THAT friend: Well of course you're going to hate on any ship with PIDGE in it right? Because that's "pedophilia?"
  • Me: Well, no. Pidge don't need no man, nor woman. I just see her as that type of character. Her love is more of a family love. Close bonds with friends that fit into the 'you're like a brother to me' category. Lauren said herself that all ships are valid. Jut because someone ships someone else with Pidge with someone doesn't mean I'll hate on them for not having the same view point as me.
  • THAT friend: AND HUNK? Is his ass too PURE for your freaky anti shipping?
  • Me: (I'm not an anti shut upppp!!!) Well no, I more ship Hunk with Shay to be honest. I love Hunk, but he's more of a Mom Friend figure to the Voltron paladins and crew. He's sweet but I still see more of a close friendship.
  • THAT friend: Well what about Klance? Couldn't THAT be considered simply a 'close friendship?'
  • Me: Well.. yeah to be honest, it COULD. I found Klance before I found Voltron, so I guess that's just my own stupid bias. But even if I'd watched Voltron first, I would've shipped Klance, I'm sure of that. No matter what anyone says, it IS true that they even each out nicely. Just because someone else doesn't ship it doesn't mean I'll make an attempt to chop their head off, even though Klance is my OTP. If it even becomes canon, that's just an added bonus. The creators ARE leaning in that general direction right now, but heck, that could change, right? It's just my opinion and it's not gonna change, but I'm not going to hurt someone else for dissing it, even though I don't agree.
  • THAT friend: *scoff* Whatever, freak anti.
  • Me: *sigh* Listen, I don't know where you got this anti thing from, but just because some Klance shippers are anti doesn't mean ALL of them are. All ships and fandoms in general have antis, and though none of us like it, it's just a thing we'll have to deal with. All we can do is be nice and try not to bite each others' heads off, but DON'T make the mistake that everyone in a certain category must be this or that. It's not right and you have to accept that. Believe me, if I had ANY control over this discourse, I'd try to do everything in my power to at least make it better. Unfortunately, I'm just one person over the internet, so I can't do much accept sitting back, watching, and putting in my shitty opinion here and there.
  • THAT friend: ... You had to get deep, didn't you?
  • Me: Huehuehue, fuk u 2.

also i would like to introduce to the voltron fandom some new and exciting ships featuring Matthew James Holt:

Matt and Keith:

  • there are approx. 2 art works for this and one conspiracy theory-esque post (i mean that in the best way tbh) about them
  • but think about it
  • shiro introduced them
  • they bond over conspiracy theories and what a dork shiro is
  • they also both love space
  • matt runs on the treadmill while keith does some combat practice
  • them snuggling together, looking up at the stars, and talking about what aliens could be looking back at them
  • reunion that shocks everyone, as mentioned in post above. 
    • “my life would have been a lot different if i hadn’t met you shiro”
    • because he introduced him to his boyfriend matt
    • if other shippers are allowed to reach then so am i dang it

Shiro x Matt x Keith:

  • i like to call them the Original Garrison Trio
  • all of them are gay for each other
  • shiro and matt probably got together first tbh leaving keith to Pine
  • shiro and matt were super into keith though, so a lot of their conversations were about how lovely and strong and pretty and amazing he was
  • eventually shiro and matt are just like “we wanna date u do you wanna date us”
  • keith says yes as awkwardly as they asked him
  • the three of them are super happy together and are grossly affectionate
    • no one likes keith
      • he’s put on a pedestal, never studies, aces the flight simulator
      • he also comes off as arrogant and rude
        • he’s really just Mr. Darcy it’s chill i love you keith
    • when the three of them start dating people accuse keith of trying to break them up or smth
    • matt and shiro are Ready to Fight and quickly dismantle these rumors by showering keith in love and affection publicly while keith blushes
    • pushing beds together for sleep overs
    • stargazing
    • making plans for when matt and shiro get back from kerberos
      • too bad they never come back wHOOPS MORE ANGST

Matt x Lance x Shiro:

  • you’ve heard of shance, you’ve heard of latte, now get ready for: shlatte
  • basically add matt to a ship and it gets better
    • note: this also works with hunk, as will be demonstrated shortly
  • matt and shiro being A Thing pre-galra
  • then during Voltron Times Shiro and Lance have a little unrequited mutual pining going on there
  • then shiro disappears and matt appears
  • boom, matt and lance bond while they look for shiro and more mutual crushing
  • then matt and shiro Reunite TM and lance is upsetti
    • and there isn’t even spaghetti smh
  • lance draws back while matt and shiro are in their love bubble
  • but matt and shiro both quickly realize they both love lance too
  • so eventually, with a lot of convincing that yes lance, they are serious and yes lance, we’re both in love with you- why wouldn’t we be they all get together
  • matt and lance are super affectionate all the time and drag shiro into snuggle piles at every available moment

Matt x Hunk:

  • bonding over being the Team Mechanics TM
  • they’re both so soft and sweet
  • matt will eat anything hunk cooks
    • matt eats a lot and hunk cooks a lot so it’s perf
  • Casual Affection TM
  • Soft but Strong Boys
  • ‘you’re my whole world bro’
  • legit, this doesn’t even have to be romantic, i just love them both sm
  • SOFT!!! FACE!!! KISSES!!! 
  • matt steals hunks clothes and then denies that he did, despite drowning in hunks clothes
  • matt will 1000% try to be the big spoon when they cuddle
    • he succeeds
  • they are just the cuddliest boys and deserve so much happiness

now there are a few other combinations you could go with like, Matt x Hunk x Keith, Matt x Keith x Lance (klatte, a classic), Matt x Shunk, but I want to get to sort of the main event here:


  • Shiro x Hunk x Keith x Lance x Matt (+ an e from the Latte ship name )
  • also known as pidge, screaming, YOU CAN’T DATE ALL MY FRIENDS MATT and Matt screaming back WATCH ME
  • they’re all soft and gay and affectionate towards each other
  • literally look at all the adorable dynamics above
  • you don’t have to choose between any of them because everyone is in love
  • The Ultimate Slowburn and Mutual Pining
  • biggest, cuddliest piles
  • they take turns having sleep overs with each other
  • when they inevitably lose track everyone just piles up in shiro’s room
  • Pidge is overall fine with this but will glare at matt on occasion
    • “it’s one thing for all my friends to date each other, it’s another for my brother to date all my friends” pidge probably
    • “you’re just jealous that i have four beautiful boyfriends and you have none” matt back at her, with varying reaction 
  • this is all, really, but i love them all so much

Nickname: ???
Is a combo of Error Sans @loverofpiggies and Undernovela Sans @pig-demon

Roommate: Wandered off, Just….exsists in the omega timeline somewhere.
Closest friends:???
Hobbies: Dancing, Drama?

This combo doesn’t even have a nickname yet and is not fleshed out whatsoever. I was asked to make this design by a friend who liked the ship between Error and Undernovela Sans. And I have to admit I have no idea what to do with him. The only thing I’ve gotten figured out is that he likes to dance. So my plan was just to have him dancing in the background occasionally. And he speaks Spanish so none of the other combos know what his deal is. Not even Cadet…..hmm now that I think about that. Cadet would hate that he knows nothing about this guy and be like YOU! Tell me your secrets!?….ok that’s too funny to me. I’m going to make this canon. XD

Reason I want Peridot to blame herself for Steven being taken

Look, I’m not a monster. I love Peridot, I don’t actually want to see her hurt.

What I want is to see her helped.

I have loved Lapidot since it was a crack ship. But something that has been nagging at the back of my brain is that we have so much proof of Peridot helping Lapis, but little to none of Lapis helping Peridot.

I’m not saying this necessarily means Lapis is a bad friend. It could be as simple as Peridot doesn’t need as much emotional help as Lapis does. There’s more proof of Peridot helping Lapis because there’s more times Lapis has needed help.

But I have many times been the one who is constantly helping my loved ones, but when I confide in them, they don’t care to help me.

And I just don’t want this to happen to Peridot. And I don’t want Peridot to get up and leave Lapis just because Lapis didn’t notice Peridot’s pain.

I just want there to be shown proof that Lapis will be just as attentive to Peridot as Peridot is to Lapis. Not necessarily in the same way, but obviously there for her.

And I feel like Aquamarine’s list coming from Peridot and therefore leading up to Steven being taken will be a good way to show that.

Scream into the void with me about how cute Blitzen and Hearthstone are and how in love they are and they’re so in sync and how they just fully and utterly take care of one another and understand each other and they’re literally soulmates and I love them so much

Talk to me about how their dynamic works so well in alternate universes as well because they’re soulmates, that sort of bond transcends time, space, and circumstance. Hell, in canon they both came from separate worlds and still managed to meet, it was fate, you can fight me about this.

Also join my hype about how Blitzen said he was 20 in Sword of Summer. How he and Hearthstone had been following Magnus for two years, so they started when he was 18. And before that, there was the renaissance fair and Blitzen meeting Alderman and the illusion where Hearthstone mistook Blitzen for a warthog and almost killed him and them working for Mimir and we don’t know how many years ago that was or how long they had been working for him before Odin released them from that bondage and servitude. What we’ve seen of the two of them is literally just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much there that can be explored and I have so many feelings about it.

I know that everyone loves the idea of T’Challa introducing Sam to Wakandan culture/society – which I do too don’t get me wrong – but imagine for a moment: Sam showing T’Challa US culture. 

Sure, T’Challa has probably studied it in an academic sense – he’s royalty he has to know these things – but has he ever eaten a hotdog? Has he ever been to a baseball game? Has he ever listened to Marvin Gaye? (Sam has asked all of these questions and more)

But ok, T’Challa managed to get a weekend off or maybe he’s in the US/New York City for work and Sam is like “ok man you and me, crash course in US culture for cats” and T’Challa definitely doesn’t roll his eyes or think that Sam is being ridiculously adorable

And they go to the natural history museum and T’Challa is mildly impressed but doesn’t say anything because he is Too Proud and Sam definitely does roll his eyes and buys T’Challa a black panther beanie baby because that’s obviously what the King of Wakanda wants, a little stuffed panther collectable. 

(No one dares question why the aforementioned king puts it on his bedside table.)

Afterwards they grab hotdogs and T’Challa is definitely offended by how disgusting this is – seriously what do you mean people eat this on a regular basis – but he finishes it because Sam paid, like, five dollars for this and also T’Challa is a gentleman, he is polite and has manners, unlike some people.

Sam ends the day by bringing T’Challa to his hotel room to introduce T’Challa to the wonders of Netflix (they have it in Wakanda but what do you mean you haven’t watched The Walking Dead–) and T’Challa, with a small smile on his face, asks “Is this what you refer to as Netflix and chill?”

And Sam is like wait wait is he – and yes, Sam, he is. 

The  True Shipper

Prompt: Hey! Could you write something where the reader and Kol are like best friends and she and Elijah have a thing for each other so Kol kinda teases her abt it but somehow gets them together cause he kinda ships them? Smut if u want! (PS love ur stuff!)

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Word Count: 400

Warning: None

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Prompt:  Hi can you please write a oneshot where Seb and the reader really close together like more than friends less then lovers and they are on interwiev and jimmy fallon reading fanfic about then and showing videos about their ship..Some fluff I love you🙈

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie, Fallon is my favorite. He’s hilarious. Thanks for requesting this one!!

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somebody to lean on

summary: I’ve been thinking about Stan’s bar mitzvah scene ever since I saw It the first time and I’ve been wanting to write this for ages so I finally did it. Basically the kids apologize about not being there for Stan at his bar mitzvah, none of them knowing Richie actually went, and he finally explains some deep-rooted feelings to his friends.

relationships: none (but could be read as stozier platonic or romantic, I don’t personally ship it, but I just wanted these two to have a nice moment tbh)

a/n: so this is my first It fic, but I have another in the works and I’m totally open to requests, so feel free to ask away!

Just a week into the new school year and the losers club was already craving another day together. With few of the kids having any classes together and Mike not attending their school at all, it had been far too long since they could all properly talk.

Thus explaining how they all found themselves sprawled out on the floor of one of Mike’s family’s emptier sheds with Richie’s trusty boombox playing in the background. Picnic blankets covered the floor and snacks were everywhere, but mostly they were all just glad to finally have a chance to catch up.

“Stan,” Ben started, interrupting whatever game some of his friends were playing as the tallest of the group turned to face him, his curls bouncing as he did so. “We’re all really sorry about not coming to your bar mitzvah. I know we should’ve been there, fight or not, but we weren’t and I’m sorry.”

Stan’s shocked expression morphed into a small smile as he chuckled awkwardly.

“Guys, it’s behind us, seriously, you don’t have to apologize, I’m over it,” he said, not an ounce of negativity in his voice for once as he looked each of his friends in the eyes. That is, all of them except Richie.

The group chorused even more apologies, but each time, without fail, Stan just brushed them all off.

“Seriously, you guys really didn’t miss much, right Rich?” Stan looked over at the surprisingly silent raven-haired boy.

The rest of the group snickered and looked between the two with confusion clear on their faces.

“Stanny, what on earth are you talking about? I betcha Richie’s never been to a bar mitzvah once in his life, have ya’ Rich?” Eddie teased, nudging the other slightly from beside him.

Richie just kept silent.

Stan watched on, an unreadable expression on his face, but one of both appreciation and comfort.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, standing slowly. “Yeah I have, guys.”

And with that Richie closed the shed door behind him and just sat against the wall from the outside. He curled his knees to his chest and just leaned his forehead on his arms, sniffling quietly.

Back inside everyone was equally confused. Well, almost everyone. Stan practically ran out the door after him, the rest of the group following closely behind.

He sank to his knees at the sight of the smaller boy curled up in the dirt as he took both of Richie’s hands and helped him off the ground. They didn’t say much as Stan pulled the other into the tightest hug of his life, not caring that their friends were probably confused out of their minds at the two boys who were, by their own definition, the closest thing to mortal enemies while still being best friends.

Richie tensed at the sight of his friends all crowded around as he pulled away from the hug, still clinging shyly to the older boy’s arm.

“Rich-” Eddie started before Richie finally spoke up.

“I was there.”

A wave of awkward silence spread through the group as the boy just stared down at his feet, his glasses sliding further and further down his nose.

“I sat there alone because I couldn’t even imagine being anywhere else,” he sniffled. “Besides, I know what it’s like.

Stan’s free hand reached over and brushed Richie’s hair behind his ear. It was truly a strange sight. Stan had always been the touchiest of the group, but not with Richie. Never with Richie. Until now, apparently.

"I know what it’s like to care so much about something only to have the people who are supposed to support you you’re whole life not give a flying fuck about what you do.” His voice took on a terrifyingly angry tone. Every single person there knew exactly what he meant. “I know what it’s like to work your ass off for something and finally get the courage to ask the two people who are supposed to be there for you laugh and spit beer in your fucking face!”

Tears flooded his cheeks as the near-screams escaped Richie’s lips. This wasn’t about the bar mitzvah anymore.

His hands trembled uncontrollably along with his entire body wracking with sobs.

“So yeah, I was there because I didn’t even want to risk one of the six people in this world that I consider my fucking family to feel the same shitty feeling a get all the damn time! I didn’t even want to imagine Stan in my place crying alone at night because no one cared enough to make sure he was okay.”

And with that crack in his voice he finally broke.

Richie’s face was buried in Stan’s chest as one by one their friends circled around them. No, neither of the two were mad about what happened at Stan’s bar mitzvah. In fact, the latter was just proud Richie had finally come clean about what he had told Stan that night.

After that day they created a schedule. Each day of the week, one of their friends would call the minute Richie got home to make sure he was okay, and once more before he went to bed, just so he knew no matter what, someone cared enough to make sure he was okay.

I’m the first person to admit that I’m a huge Destiel shipper. I mean, that ship is sailing for me like none other.


12x12 was a big deal for those of us who sail that ship. I get it. There were a lot of great moments, but some of y’all wearing the Destiel goggles are downplaying and at worst, cancelling some super important stuff.


This is so important. It ain’t just about Dean and Castiel here. There was a super important moment cut out of the gifs I’ve seen floating around, but don’t worry, I fixed it.

Sail that ship here, my friends, but stop forgetting that Castiel is being welcomed into a family here. Sam and Dean. This scene isn’t about Castiel just admitting that he’s in love with Dean. If you ship it like I do? Great! See it that way.

But, PLEASE don’t cheapen the significance of Castiel’s “I love all of you.” It’s not a simple, “I love you [Dean].”

It’s this:

It’s “I love all of you [my family].”

Frankly, I would adore Destiel actually happening in canon because it would be so freaking important. Two main characters in a long running show, entering a non-heterosexual relationship. That would be huge for queer people like me, and tons of you.

But, in this moment in the show, cutting Sam out of the gifs and thus consideration, is a huge determent to the scene. To what Castiel’s love encompass. It’s bigger than just Dean here.

And that’s important.

It’s love for his Winchester siblings.

Trying New Things

Request?: Sort of? Nobody has technically sent me any requests (but I sure would like some, hint hint), but my friend suggested this.

Word Count: 563 (this is kinda short, but a little too long to be called a drabble)

Summary: Tom wants to try doing the Spider-Man Kiss. That’s it. 

Ships: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning: None, this is just fluff. Also I never use “Y/N” bc the sight of it exasperates me to no end.

A/N: This is my first Tom Holland fic, and my first time doing a reader-insert fic. All criticisms and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! 

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anonymous asked:

A story in the Enterprising Force universe, where Darth Vader (and possibly the Executor?) shows up looking for Luke.

The fic they are asking about is here.  I hope you like this semi-continuation.  And look at the date!


Captain Kirk entered the ship gym and immediately found his attention taken by the man working his way through some sort of kata.

“Captain Kirk,” their guest- Luke Skywalker- said once he settled into a ready stance.  He still had a translator clipped to his belt, but he had learned a few words in English.

“I’ve told you to call me Jim,” Kirk said.

“Yes, but…” Luke paused.  “It’s… that sounds like an insult in one of my native languages.” His eyes glittered with repressed humor, inviting Kirk to share the joke.  “I can, if you want, but…”

Kirk pressed his lips together.  “Well, that explains that,” he finally muttered, once he was sure he wouldn’t laugh.  “Then please, just call me Kirk.”

“I can do that.  And just call me Luke, unless that’s an insul…” Luke trailed off, eyes widening in shock and then horror.  “Oh Force no.”

“Skywalker?” Kirk asked.

“He’s here,” Luke said, a strange mix of emotions in his voice.


Luke shook his head, seemingly shaking off his horror.  “Captain, I’m sorry I’ve brought this on your ship,” he said, just before the alert went off.

Kirk whirled around and stabbed at the wall com.  “Kirk to bridge, what is it?” he asked.

“Sir,” Uhura said.  “We have a massive ship coming out of… some sort of faster than light travel. It’s larger than the Enterprise by an order of magnitude and what look like weapons systems are already powering up.”

Kirk swore and ran for the turbolift.  It was only once he was inside that he realized that Luke had followed him.

“I need to be there,” Luke said.  “They’re after me.”

“Who are they?”

Luke took a deep breath.  “That is the Super Star Destroyer Executor.  It’s the flagship of the Imperial Fleet, and Lord Vader’s personal flagship.  And he’s been hunting me for a very long time.”


Luke shook his head, just flexing his right hand… the hand that was a very sophisticated prosthetic, Kirk remembered.

They entered the bridge and Kirk directed Luke to an out of the way station.  

“We are unlikely to be able to fight our way free, Captain,” Spock reported.  “Their weapons are more powerful versions of the ones on our guest’s ship.”

“Captain, we are being hailed.  Voice only,” Uhura said.

“Patch it through,” Kirk ordered.  Once Uhura nodded, he took a breath.  “I am Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise.  We are an exploration and scientific ship from the United Federation of Planets.  If you…”

“Cease talking,” a mechanically enhanced voice ordered.  “You have Luke Skywalker on your ship.  You will hand him over or we will board your vessel and take him.”

Luke shuddered as Kirk glanced at him.

“Sir, I’m afraid I don’t under…”

“I’m here,” Luke interrupted.  “These people rescued me from the Trandoshans on the planet half a light year from here.  They have no knowledge of anything but their quarter of the galaxy and do not know about the Old Republic, the Empire, Jedi, or the Rebellion, Lord Vader”  He paused.  “And they are explorers.”

“Skywalker,” Vader said.  “I see you are still pleading lost causes.”

“Was I lying?” Luke challenged.

“Luke,” Kirk interrupted.  “What will happen to you if we turn you over?”

“Luke shuddered.  “Lord Vader and I have… we are fighting on opposite sides of the war. He is a Lord of the Sith and wants to Turn me.  I am a Jedi and I will not Turn.”  The last was clearly aimed at this Vader.  Kirk frowned. There was something else here, besides two men on opposite sides. Something more personal.

Kirk wasn’t sure what he meant by Turning, but he could definitely see the importance Luke placed in those words.

“That, young one, is because you do not understand the true nature of the Force.”

“I think I understand it well enough,” Luke retorted.

“Is this a religious debate?” Chekov asked Sulu quietly, but not quietly enough.

Luke glanced at them.  “That’s a good way to put it,” he said.

“Enough of this,” Vader said.  “You have two minutes.”

“Wait!” Luke said.  “It’ll take longer for me to get to their hanger bay,” he said.  “I’ll go.  If you’ll let these people go.”


“I won’t fight you.  I won’t Turn, but I won’t fight you.”  Luke took a deep breath.  “Father.”

Kirk felt his jaw drop.

Well.  That was definitely personal.


Luke could only be grateful that this crew didn’t know Vader’s atrocities.  They were concerned for him, and they seemed surprised to know he was fighting his own father, but there was none of the horror that Luke would have expected from his friends in the Rebel Alliance.

“Luke… are you sure?”

Luke smiled at McCoy.  “Yes, Doctor, I’m sure.  I need to do this.  If I don’t, Vader will send in his men, and they’ll kill everyone on this ship but me.”

“That doesn’t mean you should go!” McCoy exclaimed.

“Yes, it does.  There are more than four hundred beings on this ship, and I don’t want to be responsible for their deaths.”

“You won’t be…”

“I’ll feel like it.  It’s my Father that would order your deaths, just to get to me.  He tortured my friends, just to get to me.  We still haven’t rescued one of them.”

McCoy kept grumbling under his breath as Luke got Artoo into his normal slot on the X-Wing and made sure his life support equipment was secure.

Finally, Luke was ready.  He flipped open the communicator Kirk had loaned him.  “This is Skywalker.  I’m ready to go.”

“We can still run, Luke,” Kirk said.  “You don’t have to…”

“Yes, I do, Captain,” Luke said.  He sighed.  “This has been a long time coming. I’ll be fine, Captain.  If I’m ever in this sector of space again, I’ll try to find you.”

“Hopefully, we’ll see you again, Commander Skywalker.”

“Thank you, Captain Kirk.  May the Force be with You.”

Luke handed McCoy both the communicator and the translator. “Thank you, Doctor,” he said while he still held the translator.  “It’s good to know someone cares.”

The Doctor managed to smile.  “You’ll do alright, kid,” he said.  “Just don’t do anything stupid.”

“Oh it’s far too late for that,” Luke said cheerfully.

He jumped up and made his way from the wing to the cockpit. The computer would translate for him for now.  “This is Skywalker, ready for launch,” he said.

“One ship, ready to launch,” the hanger- shuttle bay- crewman responded.  “Fair skies and following winds,”

“May the Force be with you,” Luke responded.  “And thank you.”

Luke launched and took a moment to orientate himself between the two ships.

Then he flipped the comm over to speak with both the Enterprise and the Executor.  “This is Commander Skywalker, ready to surrender,” he said.  

“Good,” Vader responded.  “Enterprise, you may leave.  Do not help rebels again.”

Luke could practically feel the comment that Kirk wanted to make.  “Commander Skywalker,” he only said.  “Good luck.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Luke said.

He watched as the Enterprise went into hyperspace… no, they called it warp.  Once they were gone, he followed the instructions and landed in a small bay well forward of the main hanger bay.

It was all in the Force’s hands now.


Not precisely the same universe as the previous one, because that is set post ROTJ.  But the basics are the same.   And I’m pretty sure it’ll all work out for Luke, just like in ROTJ.

So today I was talking to my friend who watches/watched both Psych and Supernatural. She told me she ships Shus (Shawn and Gus) the same as she ships Destiel (Dean and Cas). So I wanted to show her their relationships are not the same, but how they act very differently.

This is some GIFS I have compiled of the two ships for you all to show the difference.

There you go, Shus vs Destiel. Thank you and good night.

You can ship what you like I don’t care just wanted to show how different their relationships are.


Why can’t people on this site just let other people be happy? My friends and I loving Jonerys isn’t hurting you. I don’t crosstag my content. My content is all positive. In other words, you’ll never see me writing a meta attacking another ship or a fave character, and you’ll never see me picking apart another person’s fave or ship in the replies or reblogs of a post hyping it up. And I know my mutuals are the same.

We are just excited. And wtf is so wrong with that? Daenerys Targaryen is not perfect. Arya Stark is not perfect. None of the characters in GoT/ASOIAF are. But running around saying Dany is Hitler, or Arya is a bloodthirsty, irredeemable murderess, or Sansa wants to overthrow Jon, or Jon is an idiot for showing mercy, or other hyperbolic nonsense about whatever other character you have a stick up your ass about this week, doesn’t make it true.

It also accomplishes literally nothing. Attacking people for being excited about their characters or ships ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING. You are just cruising around looking for people who are happy about the recent events of the show just so you can take a shit on them. Do you guys think being dicks to people who like the show is going to change its trajectory? Do you think being dicks to people who like a character or ship is going to change their minds?

Because if so you’re wrong. You just look rude and ugly. And so unbelievably juvenile. Oh, and to the ones doing it on anon, you’re even worse.

If people make abusive posts, homophobic posts, racist posts, sexist posts, sure–take them to task. But otherwise sit down and take a look at your life. Really examine it and come to terms with the fact that you’re spending your time trolling actual human beings over their enjoyment of fictional characters.

More Than Us

Request: “Can I have a Stiles x reader where : Your best friend Kira wants to go on a date with Scott but is too awkward to go alone so she recruited you (the single reader) for a double date, Scott brings Stiles and throughout the date the reader is super flirty with Stiles and Stiles keeps on being the fluffy cinnamon roll he is ( and maybe flirts back a bit). And Scott is like “how the heck are they acting more like a couple than us?” I just thought of this and I’m dying a bit ❤️❤️❤️😂”

Ship: Stiles x Fem!Reader, Scott x Kira

Warning: flirting, fluff, swearing, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Your P.O.V

The moment I entered the stench-filled school I knew my friend, Kira, needed someone to talk to. You see, she had been crushing on Scott McCall, another good friend of mine. I would have to be blind to not see the clear connection between the two, but I know Kira better than most I’d found her in the lounge area, exactly where I’d thought she’d be. She was moping and I couldn’t figure out as to why. The boy of her dreams liked her back? What’s there to mope about. The minute I sat down, she confessed her worries to me like a client would with her therapist. “Ugh! I just I like him so much but I just don’t wanna do this alone! I’m so scared..” 

I nod along, listening closely while reading the latest marvel comic. All of a sudden, I noticed the room getting aggressively quiet. Not only that, but I felt a pair of eyes watching me intensely. Kira’s eyes, to be exact. She had an enormous smile that seemed to outstretch her own face. “What-?” I ask, confused and almost scared. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She nearly jumped out of her seat before yelling out. “YOU CAN COME WITH ME!!” I spit out my drink, glancing at the lunchroom to see that we’ve drawn more attention than I would have liked. “ARE YOU-” I say somewhat loudly before hushing my voice. “Are you out of  your mind?! What?! Like a double date?!” Kira squealed in excitement. 

“THAT’S GENIUS!! Sounds like a plan!” I shake my head, completely baffled by her outrageous statement. “Are you crazy?! Who would even be my date?!” All of a sudden, we heard a low whistle, grabbing both of our attentions. Scott waves at us with a goofy smile that makes me understand why Kira fell for him. Accompanied by a handsome boy that I’ve had the hots for since forever. That boy being Stiles Stilinski. He winks at me and I nearly melt. I wave back awkwardly before glancing back at Kira who wears the same smile as me. We wears the same smile as me. We look at each other for a few seconds before I cave in. 

“Ugh, I know I’m gonna regret this, but what the hell! I’m in!” She leaps out of her chair to hug me while giggling loudly. And though it draws a lot of attention, I don’t care. She’s happy and that’s all that matters. “I owe you bit time!!” Friday, a.k.a date night, came around faster than I had planned. In no time, Kira had called me, completely panicking over what she should wear. “No matter what you wear-” I tell her. “He’ll love it. I guarantee it. Besides, what’s the point in fussing over clothes when he’s gonna rip them off of you later?” She squealed loudly and I can’t help but snort. “(Y/N)?!?! STOP IT!! Get your head out of the gutter!!” 

I snort again. “Impossible. Everything’s gonna be fine. I’m sure you look gorgeous. He won’t know what hit him.” Glancing down at my outfit, I nod in approval. I’m not much of a dress person but I decided to take a risk and go for a casual grey dress, a blue jean jacket to compliment my shoulders and red-converse. Because Scott didn’t have a car, Stiles picked up Kira and him up before coming to get me. After putting on the last touches, my phone buzzed. A message from Kira. On our way. I’m so nervous. I laugh a little before running down the stairs to answer my door. On the other side stood a strapping handsome boy; Stiles. 

He eyed me up and down, staring mostly at my legs and chest. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look good. Stiles stuttered, his cheeks flushing crimson red. “(Y/n)- you- you look gorgeous. You don’t usually wear dresses. I- I mean you look great in them!” He mumbles, somewhat awkwardly. But it’s cute nonetheless. I close my door and smile sweetly at him. “You look very handsome too. Plus, I figured if this night goes well, I wanted to make sure I wore something that was easy to get out of.” Swiveling my hip, I brush past him. My hips pressing against his inner thigh. I hear him groan and cuss behind me before running over to open my door like a gentleman. 

I feel his eyes watch my ass before rounding the corner of the car to hop in on his side. I notice before he gets in, a glance shared between him and Scott. I could have sworn he have the dorky boy a thumbs up. The thought made me smile, knowing Scott could hear our conversation clearly. When I sit down, I turn over my shoulder to acknowledge my friends before winking playfully at Kira. She blushes and smiles, happily. The conversation flows easily between the four of us. I can only imagine what would have happened if Stiles and I weren’t there. When we arrive at the arcade, Stiles is out of the car faster than I thought were possible. He stumbled to pop my door open. Surprised, I take his hand before waiting patiently for the others. 

Third P.O.V

Shit, what was I doing. Scott thought to himself. He wasn’t being as nearly as romantic as he wanted to be. But as they drew closer to the arcade, they stumbled upon a massive puddle. One that he knew Kira didn’t want to get wet in. Grinning to himself at his new-found opportunity, he looked over at Kira before asking. “Here, can I help you over the puddle?” She smiled shyly before nodding. (Y/n) sent her friend a thumbs up, smiling encouragingly. Carrying her bridal style through the water, Scott looked at Stiles who wore a proud smile. When he set her down, Kira thanked him sweetly before walking ahead with (Y/n). They talked quietly, glancing back at the boys before giggling. 

Stiles nudged his best friend, grinning from ear to ear. “Nice one, bro.” Laughing together, they chase after the girls. Scott was more than thrilled to have Stiles here with him. His never ending encouragement was exactly what he needed for this date. Popping down at the nearest booth, conversation flowed easily between the four teens. They laughed until their stomachs ached. (Y/n) was being a lot more touchy-feely than Stiles had originally anticipated because the young boy continued to shift in discomfort. His member growing at every flirt she threw in his direction.

 So, in protest, he turned to her with a crooked grin and said, “(Y/n). If I bought you a bikini would you model it for me?” At first (Y/n) was shocked by Stiles’ suggestive statement but she brushed off her shock by saying smoothly. “Well that depends, Stiles. If I buy you nothing, can you model that for me?” Baffled, the young boy’s jaw hit the ground in shock. Kira covered her mouth to hide her snort. Scott chuckled quietly at his best friends shocked expression. Every time Stiles came up with a perfect flirtation, (Y/n) would one up him with an even more dirty one. 

The best part though was when Stiles had nothing. No quick witted response, no flirtatious comeback, nothing. The sight made (Y/n) grin. She was enjoying this more than she should. After dinner, the four kids made their way over to the bowling alley. They all walk take their designated turns, that was when (Y/n) requested for Stiles’ help. The young boy glanced back at his best friend, a mix of excitement but worry nonetheless. There was a sense of thrill he had been feeling all night from her. The teasing and confident remarks drove him wild. The sexual tension was down right palpable. Palms sweaty, he stood behind (Y/n), resting his massive calloused hands around her hands and waist. 

She shimmed ever so slightly against the side of Stiles’ waistband. Wide eyed, he felt his member growing. It was completely unstoppable. They moved in unison, tossing the ball until the pins tumbled. Despite their heated moment they both shout in joy, hugging one another in pure competitive excitement. Hand in hand, the two sat down. Well, Stiles sat down. (Y/n) sat on his lap. The action mad Stiles blush but he found himself wrapping his arms around her. They cuddled on the couch as Scott and Kira kept playing, not acting as flirty and touchy as the other two. Though Scott wanted to. He wasn’t sure how to even initiate it. Finally he laughed, causing all the kids to look at him. “How are they acting more like a couple than us?” 

Kira blushed and laughed with the others. (Y/n) gave her a knowing glance. Do it. Take the risk. She sighed before saying, “How ‘bout we one up them?” Kira mutters sweetly before pressing her lips to Scott’s. The action takes him by surprise but in no time he kisses back with just as much passion. (Y/n) and Stiles grin fro their best friends, happy to have something good going for them. The rest of the night, the kids laughed until their stomachs ached and ate until they had to roll on another out of the door. Not only had on relationship blossom, it seemed as though, there were two. 

(I hope you liked it! Please comment below! It would be very much appreciated!)