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For the character thingy, Akaashi Keiji

Sexuality Headcanon: demi-sexual bordering on ace – mostly into men/masculine ppl (like Bokuto – tho imo Kenma is an exception for him)

Gender Headcanon: agender!!! generally i think of Akaashi as amab agender and kinda femme leaning??? but i am also here for afab agender masc. leaning Akaashi too. basically just give me NB Akaashi.

A ship I have with said character:
Bokuaka, Akaken, Kuroaka, and my favorite: Bokuakakuroken.

A BROTP I have with said character:
i also really love Akaken and Kuroaka as good friends too. also Konoaka???

A NOTP I have with said character:
none in particular! 

A random headcanon:
Akaashi specifically likes to wear weird shirts to amuse Bokuto – not because he’s particularly attached to wearing weird shirts himself.

General Opinion over said character:
I LOVE AKAASHI!!! idk he’s interesting and a very smart boy and loves Bokuto so much??? i just… love all the setters.  

Biphobia in Fandom

I’m here with another fandom PSA, specifically to address the rampant biphobia going around right now, especially in regards to attacking ships like Kallura and Shallura for being “straight”. I’ve already written something like this on my personal blog, but for here, it’s a little less, erm, “strongly worded” I guess. I was pretty angry when I wrote the first one. And, I’ll be honest, that anger has not subsided.

Long and short of it, arguing that M/F ships in this fandom is heteronormative is not fighting against heteronormativity, it is reinforcing it. 

Heteronormativity assumes that straight is the norm and everything else is a deviance. Ultimately, it reduces people’s sexualities (which go far deeper than relationships btw) to the assumed gender of their partner and what they do with their partner behind closed doors. It also goes hand-in-hand with biphobia.

Attacking m/f ships just because they look straight is textbook biphobia. And pan/ace/poly/trans-phobia. When I mention bisexuality from here on out, I am including them, too. 

I am a bisexual woman married to a man. That marriage does not magically wash away the biphobic bullshit I still have to endure from both straight people and my own community. 16 years of my life was spent living in a Southern state with all its extremely religious and homophobic trappings that we hear so much about so trust me I know. And lemme tell you, straight people do not consider us one of them, they consider us gay and just as damned for hell. I’ve heard it and lived it again and again for 16 years and long after, and only in the recent years have just now started peeling away my internalized biphobia embedded in me and fighting back.  

I need everyone to watch this video. Notice that the moment the main character learns her date is bisexual. It destroys the otherwise romantic mood of a third date. Not a first date. A third. A guy she supposedly likes enough to date him multiple times. And then later, all she and her friends focus on is the fact that he is once dated a guy and that she needs to leave him. 

This line here: “…but in the end they all ended up with men.” And “So did the bisexual women.”

I’m not going to go into whether this is commentary for biphobia or if this actual biphobia framed as comedy because I’ve never watched this show at all, but the point I’m trying to make is that this is our life. This is what our identity is reduced to. This is what straight people think of us. This is heteronormativity, that this guy is strange and abnormal and not worthy of dating her because he is not straight, he is bi and therefore “ew” he also likes guys. If the main character were to stand up to her friends, tell them that she will continue to date this guy because she likes him (and not just because he’s a good kisser, because that’s also pretty gross and fetishizing) - that is not heteronormative and actually fights for bisexual representation. 

When we go to fandom for escape, to explore our sexuality, to tell our stories, we are met with the same “You can’t ship m/f because that makes it straight!” Trust me. We know what that is really being said here. It’s the same biphobic lenses straight people use, just a different frame. “You can’t ship m/f because it looks straight therefore it isn’t valid!” 

It goes the other way, too. I very recently had to block someone who was using my Allurance art to showcase Lance’s “straightness”. DO NOT DO THIS. I headcanon Lance as bisexual with a different gender preference just like I am. In my fics and headcanons, he has been given a lot of nuances that reflect my own upbringing and experiences. Even when I ship him with Allura, he is still bisexual. Being shipped with a different gender does not change that. So seeing my art with that context on a blog steeped in biphobia was one of the most insulting things that has ever happened to me in fandom. 

Bisexuality is an identity. I was bisexual before I was married, and I’m still bisexual even during the fact. That will never change, no matter who I am with at the time. I am a bisexual woman married to a man and I. Am. Still. Valid. And if you can’t accept that, if you can’t support bisexuals in different gender relationships because they look straight, then you are not an ally.  I’m not saying this to be “mean” or paint you as some kind of awful person. Not at all. You are just simply not an ally. Being an ally doesn’t mean you get to pick and choose what makes you personally comfortable to support. You either support it all or none of it. Point blank. That’s how it is. 

Do you want to fight against heteronormativity? 

Normalizing non-straight different gender relationships in healthy ways is how you fight against heteronormativity. 

Not by attacking shippers for their ships that look straight, especially shippers who do identify as LGBTAQ+ and have their m/f ships reflect their experiences.

Thank you for your time. 

An actual conversation

Me: Look at how adorable they are…(Victuuri photos)

Friend: haha funny… it looks like they are married

Me: yeah…they are engaged….

Friend: it’s just fan art, chill


Friend: (sarcastically) sure

Me: (shows them the episode)

Friend: (sobbing)

Me: wtf? What’s wrong…


I know that everyone loves the idea of T’Challa introducing Sam to Wakandan culture/society – which I do too don’t get me wrong – but imagine for a moment: Sam showing T’Challa US culture. 

Sure, T’Challa has probably studied it in an academic sense – he’s royalty he has to know these things – but has he ever eaten a hotdog? Has he ever been to a baseball game? Has he ever listened to Marvin Gaye? (Sam has asked all of these questions and more)

But ok, T’Challa managed to get a weekend off or maybe he’s in the US/New York City for work and Sam is like “ok man you and me, crash course in US culture for cats” and T’Challa definitely doesn’t roll his eyes or think that Sam is being ridiculously adorable

And they go to the natural history museum and T’Challa is mildly impressed but doesn’t say anything because he is Too Proud and Sam definitely does roll his eyes and buys T’Challa a black panther beanie baby because that’s obviously what the King of Wakanda wants, a little stuffed panther collectable. 

(No one dares question why the aforementioned king puts it on his bedside table.)

Afterwards they grab hotdogs and T’Challa is definitely offended by how disgusting this is – seriously what do you mean people eat this on a regular basis – but he finishes it because Sam paid, like, five dollars for this and also T’Challa is a gentleman, he is polite and has manners, unlike some people.

Sam ends the day by bringing T’Challa to his hotel room to introduce T’Challa to the wonders of Netflix (they have it in Wakanda but what do you mean you haven’t watched The Walking Dead–) and T’Challa, with a small smile on his face, asks “Is this what you refer to as Netflix and chill?”

And Sam is like wait wait is he – and yes, Sam, he is. 

I need a Gravity Falls Friend ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

Guys. I need to befriend someone who is into Gravity falls so I can fangirl with them. Or convert them into GF haha (╯✧∇✧)╯. IF YOU LIKE OR WANT TO BE CONVERTED TO GRAVITY FALLS AND FANGIRL TOGETHER, MESSAGE ME HAHA

You guys can not believe how much feels I gave pent up that needs to be fangirled over but none of my mutuals and friends like GF *tears*

Plus if you like mabill, billdip, mabel x gidieon, dipcifica please message me ( cause those are my top ships abd I know we’ll get along just well XD) 


Prompt:  Hi can you please write a oneshot where Seb and the reader really close together like more than friends less then lovers and they are on interwiev and jimmy fallon reading fanfic about then and showing videos about their ship..Some fluff I love you🙈

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie, Fallon is my favorite. He’s hilarious. Thanks for requesting this one!!

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Does anyone wanna be my RWBY friend? I keep trying to get my friends to watch but none of them have finished it BC rood.

I just need someone to freak out to despite being an anxious introvert. I talk too much BUT I’m really good at angst and I’m a fic writer.

I’m really super duper gay, like hella.

I’m caught up on Volume 4. I ship Bumbleby, White Rose, Renora, Arkos *sobs*, and Crosshares. I don’t hate Sun (a plus or a minus depending on who you are).

My fave child is Yang.

(This sounds sort of like a Craigslist Ad)

I’m a giant freaking dork, so there’s that. So, buddies? Heh…. I am an awkward potato 😬

I really need to say this because I’m about to lose my mind. People saying that not winning this poll will ruin supercorp. There’s nothing to ruin. They’re not canon, the chances of them becoming canon are like slim to none. You already have a wlw ship on Supergirl, you’re not likely to get another one. You’re all getting your hopes up for nothing.

And those people trying to make their friends feel bad for wanting to vote Clexa because Lexa’s dead? Fuck you too. Clexa isn’t just a ship, it’s an ideal, it’s a movement, it’s something to stand for and something to defend. The fact that you can so easily turn your backs on that and try and pressure people into voting for something else is just madness.

We’ve all been saying vote for who you want to vote for, let me just say this, don’t let anyone bully you into voting for a ship you don’t want to vote for. 

Can you imagine Jotaro having to go back to school after the events of SDC. Like, all the girls flock around him in an instant his first day back, and they are just shooting him down with questions. “Where did you go?” “We missed you, Jojo! What happened?” “I heard your mother was ill; is she doing better?” “Will you need any help catching up in your studies?” And Jotaro does his best to not snap at them or ignore them, though he’s too tired to even bother with them at all. He’s walking away and the girls follow him, clinging to him and still chattering away. He doesn’t have the energy to push them aside anymore and just blocks them out until he hears one girl behind him asking questions he would definitely rather not have to hear.
“Where is that other guy from before? He disappeared the same time you did. Kakyoin-kun, was it?”
And Jotaro wants nothing more than to stop time in that moment and he isn’t sure if he wants to use those seconds to run or just take time to compose himself and think of how to answer those questions to them. But all he can do is just stop in his tracks and tell himself he should have expected this but it starts to get to him and he almost loses composure thinking back on the trip, Kakyoin’s demise as well as his other deceased comrades and how he and Kakyoin will never be able to attend school together and Kakyoin will never get to complete his high school studies or go to college and. I don’t know just help him pls

Zalfie,Movies And Pictures

Ship: Simon X Reader

Requested? : Yes, by @sidewomanxix

Summary: My turn to request. Could I please have a fluffy AF Simon imagine where y/n & he are spending the weekend in the Zalfie household since Y/n is good mates with Zoe? Zoe & Alfie are out so you’re with Simon just chilling on the couch all snuggled up watching telly & idk, add in some extra cute shit that couples do, thank you!

Warnings: None



Zoe, my best friend since secondary school, and Alfie invited me and Simon to stay at their house for a few days whilst me and Zoe film some videos and catch up a bit as I haven’t seen Zo in a few months.

“Babe, are you ready?” I Ask Simon from the bathroom

“Yeah, you?”


I walk out the bathroom after applying mascara, to see Simon taking a selfie in the mirror, I chuckle to myself, then came up behind him and pecked him on the cheek.

“You look cute” Simon says looking at your clothes, a tight black long sleeved shirt with a burgundy skirt and Old Skool Vans accompanied with a dark red lipstick and rose gold eyeshadow with eyeliner.

“You don’t look too bad either, Minter” I laugh back

“Let’s get going then” Simon looks at you smiling

I walked to Simon’s Range Rover, we would’ve took my Lamborghini Huracán Avio  that I was able to get when I reached 40 Mil on YouTube but that was in repair as someone tried breaking into it, but just cracked the window, and got we obviously brought snacks and drinks, also listened to some great tunes.

After a long 2 and a half hour drive we finally arrived at the zalfie household!

Simon knocks on the door and we patiently wait for a few seconds until Zoe opened to door,pulling me into a hug, a few tears shed from Zo

“I’ve missed you so much” Zoe says

“I’ve missed you too!” I reply

“You alright, mate?” I hear Simon and Alfie talking, I’m happy they get along.

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do you ship phan the relationship, the friendship, or none of the above

I ship their friendship more than I ship them being a couple, just because they remind me of me and my best friend. If it did turn out that they were dating, though, I’d be really happy for them because they would be such a heckin cute couple.

“Are you guys dating yet or?”

Request from @adsku and anon : “Can you do imagine where Stass, Emily, Sam & y/n is squad. And Sam is in love with you. You don’t just get it. Stassie & Emily gets that you’re “just friends” And Stass & Emily ship you guys! How are you my love ❤️😚?” “Hi 😊 could you maybe write a part 2 to “can you guys just fuck already?” where maybe Sam and yn get together? Idk I just kinda wanna find out what would happen next. Thank you if you do write this!”

Part 1

Sammy’s POV

“Is it just us 3 for lunch?” Stass asks. “Y/N is joining.” I say, putting my laundry away. “Ooh, Y/N. You guys have been getting close lately.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “None with that alright? She’s just a friend. We’re just friends.” “She’s a friend that you fell in love with.” “Stop that shit talking alright? I did not fall in love with her.” “Yeah, ok Samuel.” She scoffs, walking off. A few minutes later, Emily and Stass started asking me questions about Y/N. I just annoyedly answered all of them. “How did you even meet y/n?” “From the Jacks guys, you know that.” “And what’s her favorite color?” “Navy blue.” “Right ok, and how long have you been in love with her?” “5 months.” I spat out without thinking about it then covering my mouth. “OHOOHHHHHH WE KNEW IT!!!!!” They both yelled excited. “Nope, nope. I didn’t mean it. That’s now what I said. You guys tricked me!” “And you knew what the question was and you knew the answer! So it’s true!” I just shook my head rubbing my forehead. 

“So when was the first time you knew you loved her?! I didn’t even know you liked her that long! Wait 5 months ago? You guys always argued!” “Yeah well, when I found out she was talking to some guy my heart like broke I guess. And when we had that little wrestling match when I stole her phone, her laugh and smile just made my heart melt and I don’t know. It was a shock to me. Ever since then, I couldn’t get her off my mind.” I shrugged telling them the story. “Awwwwwwwwww.” Their voices sang. “Why haven’t you asked her out yet?” Stass asks. I shrug again, “She might be talking to that guy again.” My voice sounded sad about it. “Well maybe if you tell her your feelings then she’d give you a chance. Maybe she’s afraid of rejection too.” Em suggests. “Hello? Anyone home?” We hear Y/N’s voice from the front door. “Not one word.” I say to them. “Hey guys.” Y/N walks into the living room, hugging each of us. 

“Hey Y/N,” Stass calls her out. “Yeah?” “I know this is really random especially because you just walked in and stuff. But I was thinking about it last night, are you still talking to that one guy from before? I don’t know like 5 months ago?” I look at Stass to shut her up. “Oh haha no.” She denies it. “The guy kept getting mad that I wouldn’t introduce him to any of my friends. So I just dropped him. He was kind of self centered too I noticed. So.” She shrugs. “He’s out the picture. But it’s fine.” “Are you interested in someone else?” Em asks her. “Uh, not really. Not really looking to be honest. Boys are a lot of work. I mean, look and Sam and I. We used to argue all the time. That was a lot of effort to fight back and argue with him. Can I do that on a basis with a boyfriend?” She shook her head. “We haven’t fought in a while though.” I said shyly. “Oh I know. Thanks for that by the way. It’s been relaxing lately.” She smiles at me, putting her hand on my thighs and just leaving it there. “So,” I felt myself get nervous. “Lunch?” I said, getting up quickly. 


“Where’s my cup?” I started looking all around for my cup. “Sam took it. He said he was going to go get your drink for you so you wouldn’t have to.” “Aw he didn’t have to do that.” I told Em. “So Y/N, I see you have a thing for Sammy.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “Whaaaaaaat?” I just sang in a high pitch voice. “I do not.” I try denying it to her. “I’m just kidding, no, I don’t.” “Really? You don’t have one little ounce of feeling for him?” She tries to squeeze it out of me. I look at Sammy at the soda fountain,filling up our cups and being polite to other people around him. I just smile a little bit to myself, blushing, “No. I can’t say I do.” Stass comes to join us at the table. “What are we talking about?” “Y/N doesn’t have feelings for Sam.” Em informs her. “Aw you don’t? You guys would make such a cute couple though!” Stass tries to convince me. I turn back to Sam again as he’s looking at us, smiling. “Would we? I don’t think so.” I say still looking at him. “Uh huh…..” I heard them say to themselves. “Besides, Sam deserves a girl with a lot more potential.” I look at them a little sadden in my eyes. “Hello ladies.” Sam comes back to the table. “Thanks Sam.” I smiled as we talked about something else. 

“Finally the rest of the crew is here!!!” The boys yelled out to us as we walked into the Jacks’ place. “We’ve been waiting to take shots!” Swazz says. We all cheered as we all took shots together, toasting and laughing. We finally started taking a break from taking shots and sat down to talk and vibe out together. When I was going to sit down, Sam immediately moved the stuff from next to him to the floor so I could sit next to him. “Thanks.” I smiled, sitting next to him. “You okay? Do you need some water or something?” “No, I’m fine. Chill out. I’m good. Thanks.” My hand rubbed up and down his arm to reassure him. “Are you guys dating yet or?” Rupp said and we both turned our heads to him, confused. “Huh?” 

“Oh come on.” Rupp groans out. “You two have been inseparable for the past couple months. You guys are always skin to skin. Sam is always doing shit for you, Y/N. Don’t act like you haven’t noticed. He’s always looking at you like you are some kind of prize. You have this little sparkle in your eyes when you look at Sam. Come on. You guys are definitely into each other. Everyone knows you guys love each other. But the only people who don’t know are you two. Some dumb motherfuckers, I swear.” He throws his hands up in the air after his rant, calling us out. I look at everyone in the room, nodding their head or sipping their drink like it wasn’t any of their business. “Well then….” I said awkwardly. “Can we go for a walk?” I look and ask Sam. “Yeah, that’d be great right now.” We both get up from the couch, jogging down the stairs and out the door. “DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU’RE A COUPLE!” Stass and Rupp yell at us. 

“Soooooo.” I awkwardly said, stuffing my hands in my pockets. “Yeah… Soo…” He says. “You wouldn’t happen to like me, would you?” I turned to look at him. He just deep sighs, “Kind of.” “Oh…” “Would you happen to like me?” I feel him look at me. “Yeah, kind of..” I admitted. “Really?” “Yeah. I mean for all the little things you do for me and say to me. It adds up you know? Besides, you were kind of the main reason why I dropped the other guy I was talking to… You made me feel more…” I shrug, “Special..” “Fuck it.” He said, grabbing my face and kissing me. In the middle of the kiss, I start to smile, happy about this. “WOOOOOOHHHHHH FINALLY!” We heard a group of people yell and cheer from a far. I push away from him and we turn to see everybody outside the house, cheering us on. “Were you guys following us?!” “DUH! WE NEEDED  TO SEE THIS HAPPEN! WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!” Em yells, running to hug us, the rest of the crew following. I just face palm in embarrassment but Sam grabs my hand and kisses it to reassure me it’s okay to be embarrassed. 

MK Ship Intros Part 1


Johnny: Didn’t take you for a cradle robber.
Sub Zero: Cassandra is old enough to make her own decisions.
Johnny: She’s still my baby girl.

Sub Zero: Are you here to defend your friend’s honor?
Takeda: Just want to make sure you’re good enough for her.
Sub Zero: Allow me to show you.

Kano: So how’s little Cassie?
Sub Zero: That is none of your concern.
Kano: Touchy aren’t ya?

Cassie: Jealous Jin?
Kung Jin: Nah, I don’t have a thing for ice sickles.
Cassie: Don’t knock it till you try it.

Sonya: I can’t believe you sometimes.
Cassie: At least I brought home someone respectable.
Sonya: Not the point.

Jacqui: So, gonna give me any details?
Cassie: Sure, but you gotta earn the juicy bits.
Jacqui: Fair Enough

Cassie: Sup’ Popsicle?
Sub Zero: I thought we were past name calling.
Cassie: You love it and you know it.

Sub Zero: Cassie.
Cassie: That’s right, say my name.
Sub Zero: This will end with you saying mine.



Kung Lao: Is my cousin not enough for you?
Kotal Kahn: He is a vital part of my life.
Kung Lao: Not vital enough.

Kung Jin: Not too happy with whom my heart desires now are ya?
Raiden: I merely did not know your heart desired so much.
Kung Jin: What can I say, I have a big heart.

Ferra/Torr: Why Skinny stay with Big Bossy and Bang Bang?
Erron Black: I’ll tell you when you’re older.
Ferra/Torr: You tell us now!

Mileena: Already creating a harem?
Kotal Kahn: Do not insult them in that way.
Mileena: Awww, so protective of your personal whores.

Erron Black: Stop sneaking around Kotal’s room.
Reptile: I do not trust you or the Shaolin.
Erron Black: And I don’t trust peeping toms.

Kenshi: I feel that I should say something.
Kung Jin: I’d prefer it if you didn’t.
Kenshi: Very well.

Kotal Kahn: I would prefer it if you called me by my name.
Kung Jin: Make me.
Kotal Kahn: Very well.

Erron Black: Thought you’d be with Junior.
Kotal Kahn: You deserve my attention as well.
Erron Black: You can make it up to me later.



Takeda: Stay away from my master.
Noob Saibot: Think you can stop me, boy?
Takeda: We’ll see won’t we.

Noob Saibot: Jealous sorcerer?
Quan Chi: What do I have to be jealous of?
Noob Saibot: That your prized pet now belongs to me.

Sub Zero: I used to look up to you.
Noob Saibot: What changed little brother?
Sub Zero: I cannot respect a man or finds pleasure in torment.

Tanya: I’m surprised Bi-Han let you off your leash.
Scorpion: I do not belong to that creature.
Tanya: The marks on your neck say otherwise.

Scorpion: Return to your consort.
Kitana: Only if you return to your new master.
Scorpion: Unlike you I no longer serve anyone.

Johnny: So, which do you prefer?
Scorpion: Explain.
Johnny: The older brother or the younger brother?

Scorpion: Vile creature.
Noob Saibot: I can think of better uses for you mouth than insults.
Scorpion: You will not touch me.

Noob Saibot: Such fondness for my little brother.
Scorpion: He is a better man than you.
Noob Saibot: Has he made you scream as I have?


Intros to some of my new ships~

(I know a lot of people don’t like the SubCassie ship, but in my eyes if you’re mature enough to kill an Elder God with your bare hands you’re mature enough to date an older man. And lets be real, Cassie runs that relationship like a boss.)

Because I’m just a little tired of people assuming that people who ship Snape/Hermione completely hate Harry or even more Ron…yes, I ship SSHG but I still hate Ron and Harry bashing
The golden trio are friends, and no matter how non-canon my headcons are I wouldn’t dream of seperating them (even if I do think Harry and Ron wouldn’t exactly ‘accept’ Snape with their friend too soon I hate fiction breaking their friendship)
Other than this little rant, I just wanted to draw this

anonymous asked:

WGHUWEHGUIEWG Your blog is amazing and I felt the need to say this awhile back but then I got to shy to praise other people, but hey, here I am. Seriously, your headcanons are giving me life. I love hidekane, but a lot of the people I know who watch Tokyo Ghoul aren't to fond of it. So to find that other people enjoy hidekane, just makes me so??? happy??? because this the one ship I would die for???

Thank you!!! I’m so glad you messaged me! You’re really kind. I’m so glad for so many other people who ship hidekane (none of my irl friends have even touched tg weeeh)

The significance of this shot

The significance of this shot is vital to why I ship these two together.

First, she’s listening to him talk passionately and ardently about being The Flash, then she can’t help it, she looks at his lips out of nowhere! Wut wut?

Why or why would the writers think that was planned? Danielle and Grant have natural chemistry and this is one of the many shots that just proves it.

By doing this she was interested in more than just his friendship in 1x07. I don’t know about you but I never look at my guy friends like this. That subtly is crazy, it’s just pure. It’s something the other ship doesn’t have. None of this was thought out between the actors, it just happened. Snowbarry and Granielle have the best natural chemistry I’ve ever seen and it hurts.

She’s looking at his lips, then back at his face, just I can’t with these two. This is Olicity for me all over again. I just hope the writers are paying attention to what’s really there rather then what’s manufactured.

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GFHGFDH i told you to do that meme and then immediately fell asleep for 4 hours BLEASE DO ATHENA...

My pleasure! And thanks!

Sexuality Headcanon: She’s a gay™.
Gender Headcanon: demigirl tbh (yes I know almost none of my headcanons are cis shhh)
A ship I have with said character: Junithena, oh God, I love them so much, they go on cute dates where they just walk through the forest and pick flowers and make flower crowns.
A BROTP I have with said character: Thena/Maya tbh, let them interact a whole lot, I need it. Maya can share all her ridiculous courtroom adventures with Nick with her. (“… Why would you show the culprits your decisive evidence, Boss???”) Also, Thena/Larry. Idk, Larry needs a good friend and she’d be an awesome friend who actually took him seriously. (Larry Butz protection squad.)
A NOTP I have with said character: *whispers a little louder* Metis Cykes didn’t die for this.
A random headcanon: Athena can knit, she knits everyone socks in winter, and I mean like, literally everyone. The entirety of the WAA gets a pair, the whole prosecutor’s office squad, all the detectives, even Charley.
General Opinion over said character: Amazing, loveable, would protect if she wasn’t so strong on her own already, literally the best.

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People of a group telling you how they feel is not a mob. Heed this in the future and do your research on the fetishization of gay men (which you perpetuated) instead of pushing it off. I hope you have a good day and educate yourself on why that wasn't okay.

Oh my god. Look, I’m gonna make a confession, I didn’t read the OP. That was stupid, but I wasn’t paying attention and was just responding to what my friend was saying. We were making jokes about a dumb ship we had, THAT’S IT. None of us meant to be insensitive or come across as fetishists.

What i ship, I don’t ship because of gender/sex. I ship because i like the chemistry of the characters and think that they would be compatible with each other. I don’t ship cause of “GAY LOVE” or whatever nonsense.

Next time I’ll be more careful about what I respond to. Now I’m done dealing with this, my grandparents are dying and my family is in the middle of a fucking financial crisis and I don’t want to stress myself with Tumblr drama. Have a nice night.

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even if i don't ship steroline, it's not right to call them abusive or toxic. even i can see that they are genuinely good for each other: they support each other, have a relationship rooted in a good friendship, and above all they make each other happy. it's obvious to see that; they're easily one of the healthiest ships on this hectic show.

I mean listen…I ship Stefan with everyone. Like seriously. They may not be my ultimate OTP but I appreciate every relationship Stefan has ever had. They have all made him who he is. And in fanon everything is game. I mean I am trash for Stebekah & Steferine. Just ask @petrovanity and @xxrebekahm <33. But if you are going to call one toxic then you need to call them all out. Because let’s face it, none of them are perfect. I know my OTP isn’t for everyone. But he’s her best friend and I will defend them until I die. 

<333 thanks for the message nonnie 

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20, 59, and 60


20: Who do you ship Sam with?
–either me (lololo), eileen, cas, or rowena 

59: What movies/shows have you watched because of (or by coincidence) Jared, Jensen, or Misha?
–umm sadly not that many, i dont know where to find them tbh 
for jared: friday the 13th, new york minute, cheaper by the dozen BAHAHA  and gilmore girls

for jensen: um none?

for misha: timeless, csi, 
wow i need to rethink my life choices

60: If you could change just one thing about the series, what would it be?
–more gays. especially destiel