none of my clothes fit me right now

Pan's Pet pt6

I have no Idea where I’m taking this tbh


Part 5

Warnings: character injury, swearing probably i don’t remember, kinda violence, oh wait no yeah there’s violence, mentions of and reference to nudity

   “Where are we going?” Alfie shouted as I ran as fast as I could with him over my shoulder.

   “As far from them as we can get,” I shouted back.

I ran to what I could only guess as the furthest point of the island from where we started.

   “Here,” I set Alfie down gently. “Take off your shirt,”

   “What?” he mocked embarrassment and put his arms over his chest. “Why?”

   “I need to look at your wound so hurry up about it,” I didn’t laugh at his joking. I put my hand on my hip and looked at him with as much authority as I could muster.

   “Fine,” he began lifting his short over his head when he winced and cried out in pain.

He pushed through however and I took his shirt from him.

   “Sit on the ground,” I instructed.

I held his hand and guided him down where I sat on my heels behind him.

I examined the cut, following it from the top of his shoulder blade down to his elbow.

   “Which on did this?” I growled defensively.

   “The Captain,” he mumbled.

   “Hook,” I seethed. “I’ll destroy him for this,”

   “Why are you so protective of me?” he asked quietly.

   “You were the first lost boy to accept me,” I said as I began wiping blood from his back with his shirt.

   “Ow!” he jumped a little when I pressed down too hard on the edge of his cut.

   “Sorry!” I splayed my hand out and took a deep breath.

   “What are you doing?” he asked.

   “Something my old alpha taught me,” I felt the stinging in my hand and forearm as my veins turned black. “I can take your pain. At least some of it,”

He turned around as best he could to see for himself.

   “Whoa,” his eyes widened as think black veins spread up my arm. “That feels so much better,”

   “What the- HEY!” a voice behind my broke my concentration and shocked me into a defensive crounch in front of Alfie.

It was Felix.

   “What were you doing to him?” he shouted as he ran at us. He held his club high over his head then brought it down hard on my shoulder.

I cried out as I felt my arm pop out of it’s socket and my skin tear from the harsh contact of the club.

   “Y/N!” Alfie yelled and held his arm out to stop Felix. “SHE WAS HELPING ME YOU DOLT!”

Felix looked from Alfie to me to his club in shock.

   “I’m sorry,” he knelt down and tried to reach for me but on instinct I growled at him.

   “I’ll  be fine,” I snapped.

I stood up and put my shoulder against the nearest tree, I jolted forward and felt the bones grind against each other as I put my arm back in place.

   “How in hell?” Felix breathed.

   “I’m not human remember?” I scowled at him.

He looked at me with wide eyes as he watched the wound on my shoulder close over in seconds.

   “What was the black stuff I saw on your hand?” he asked me, pointing to Alfie.

   “I was taking his pain,” I grumbled. “Y’see, despite your treatment of me, I’m actually a decent person. Although you have no idea what that means,”

I shrugged off my jacket and handed it to Alfie.

   “Thanks,” he smiled at me as I heard voices in the trees.

   “Someone’s here,” I stood protectively in front of Alfie but eased off when I heard Pan’s familiar laugh.

   “Why’d you take off so quickly?” He called as he and most of the other lost boys came into view. “You missed all the fun,”

   “I’m sorry for trying to bite you,” I looked at the ground sheepishly.

   “Don’t worry about it,” he shrugged. “You think none of these idiots have ever had a go at me or one another? Besides I should’ve known better than to touch you when you were like that. Are you lot okay?”

   “They’re fine,” Felix piped up. “Although I took a swing at her ‘cause I thought she was hurting the kid,”

   “What do you mean?” Pan asked.

   “She had these black veins comin’ up her arm when she touched him,” Felix attempted to explain.

Pan looked between me and Alfie waiting for a better explanation.

   “I can take pain from others,” I said. “I can’t heal them but I can stop them from feeling it. For a time. Look-“

I turned and punched Felix in the nose.

He flew back from the force of my strength. I leant over him and put my hand on his cheek.

I heard gasps and whispers as the black veins flowed up my arm once again. It stung quite a bit.

   “I got you good didn’t I?” I laughed at Felix. “That’s payback for my shoulder,”

I stood with a triumphant grin and looked at the others.

Pan’s face was riddled with surprise. But he eventually smirked back.

   “Alright everyone!” he called. “Back to camp. The pirates are gone but our new comer will need  a feed so lets head back. Who’s turn is it to cook?”

A few boys called out Curly who grumbled in response.

I offered my hand to Felix, who to my surprise, took it with a small smile. I’d half expected him to slap it away and try to fight me but he seemed fine with me socking him in the face.

   “You good to walk on your own this time Alfie?” I asked with a giggle.

   “It wasn’t my choice for you to carry me this whole way,” he laughed back. “The pirate got my arm not my legs,”

I laughed then ran ahead after Pan.

   “Who’s the new comer?” I asked.

   “The pirate girl,” He said as if it were obvious. “She was a stow away on the ship and wasn’t treated the best so I offered her a place here,”
   “Amity?” I almost stopped in my tracks but I kept going. “Where is she?”

   “Getting a tour of camp from the other boys,” he said.

   “I didn’t get a tour,” I grumbled.

   “She also isn’t a mystical human-wolf hybrid that is stronger than all my boys and heals miraculously within seconds of obtaining a fresh wound who kicked me to the ground the second I met her,” he gave me a knowing look and I couldn’t help but laugh. “You never did apologise for that by the way,”

   “Did you say sorry for knocking me out?” I retaliated with raised eyebrows.

   “Well- no. But we aren’t talking about that right now,” he chuckled. “Hey are you any good at making clothes?”

   “Why?” I looked at him sideways as we walked along. “Because I’m a girl I’ve obviously had experience being a seamstress?”
   “No,” he stumbled a little in surprise of my accusation, clearly missing the sarcasm. “None of these boys know who to and I figured Amity would be more comfortable with a girl fitting her for less-pirate-ish clothes. That’s all,”

   “I was teasing you,” I elbowed him in the ribs with a laugh. “I have no experience making clothes from scratch but I’m sure I could whip up something suitable,”

We made it back to camp as the sun was just setting.

I saw the boys by my tent, setting up one just beside it.

   “Is that tent for Amity?” I asked the tallest one, Ben.

   “Yeah,” he said plainly. “We figured since all the boys are over there, you girls can have this area,”

   “Cool,” I smiled. “Thanks. Where is she by the way?”
   “She went to have a bath or something,” he shrugged.

I nodded and walked away, sniffing the air to find Amity’s scent.

I found it and followed it away from camp until I could hear her singing.

   “Amity?” I called.

   “Over here,” she called back.

I followed her voice and came to a small clearing where she sat with her feet in a small pond. Her clothes neatly folded beside her.

   “Ah!” I covered my eyes and turned away. “Sorry!”

   “It’s fine,” she laughed. “Why are you embarrassed by this? You’re a girl,”
   “She’s gay!” one of the boys accidentally revealed his hiding place by the edge of the clearing.

Amity covered herself as I stormed over to the boys.

There were 3 of them.

   “Okay,” I picked up the closest to my by his shirt collar. “One, What the hell do you think you’re doing? And two, how do you know that about me? Did Pan tell you?”

   “N-n-no!” he stammered. “We heard him tell Felix,”

   “Oh great so Felix knows too,” I dropped the boy and they all scrambled to their feet. “I’m going to tell Pan that you were spying on the new girl. You guys are aware how creepy that is right?”

   “We weren’t spying on her,” One of the others piped up. “We were following you,”

Suddenly, Amity was by my side in her loose fitting blouse and undershorts.

   “Why were you following her?” she asked.

   “We were trynna see if she’d change again,” the boy i’d held said sheepishly.

   “Well if you don’t fuck off right now, she’s going to have to turn in order to stop me from ripping your ears off,” Amity smiled darkly. “I don’t care whichof us your were spying on,”

The three boys immediately ran off, stumbling over eachother as they tried tog et away.

I looked at Amity out the corner of my eye. “Were you serious about ripping their ears off?”

   “Gods no,” she laughed. “I’ve never even been in a proper fight with anyone,”

I laughed back and played with my hair to hide my blush.

   “Were theboys telling the truth?” she suddenly asked, her tone cautious.

   “About what?” I loked at her confused.

   “About you being gay?” she looked at me nervously.

   “Uh, yeah,” I laughed awkwardly. “Does that bother you?”

   “Absolutely not,” she smiled at me. “I’m not picky when it comes to who I uh… spend my time with. So it’s wouldn’t be my place to judge anyone for something i do myself,”

   “So you likey the ladies?” I gave a goofy smile and wiggled my eyebrows, making her laugh.

   “yes I guess you can put it that way,” she giggled.

She walked back to the little pond and took off her shirt again, folding it neatly before putting it on the ground.

   “Do you want to join me?” she asked, looking at me over her shoulder.

I looked around awkwardly, trying not to ovbiously look at her boyd, even though I wasn’t looking at her body.

   “I don’t mind,” she laughed. “You can come in if you want. You don’t have to though,”

I smiled at her shyly, then shrigged and walked over, pulling my shirt over my head as I did.

   “That’s an interesting garment,” she said, looking directly at my chest.

I looked down at my purple bra that was slightly padded and lacy.

   “I suppose it would be to you,” I mummbled. “They’re quite common where I’m from. It’s for support,”

I made a grabbing motion over my chest making Amity laugh.

   “So it’s like a little corset?” she asked.

   “So I’m still able to breathe,” I kicked off my shoes and shimmied out of my jeans.

I dipped my foot in the water and sighed when i felt how warm it was.

   “It’s cool to have another girl here,” I mummbled with a msile.

Amity and I had sat by the pond for a little longer, literally chatting and braiding eachothers hair.

Then we walked together to our neighbouring tents and said goodnight.

I’d been half asleep for a few hours when I heard someone whispering my name.

   “Y/n?” the voice hissed.

   “Amity?” I whispered back. “What’s wrong?”

   “I can’t sleep,” her voice sounded so small.

   “Why not?” I hissed back.

   “I dunno,” she sounded hesitant. “Hey Y/N?”

   “Yeah?” I propped myself up on my elbows.

   “Can I come sleep in there with you?” I could here her heart pounding. She was either nervous to ask me, or truely afraid to sleep out here by herself.

   “yeah sure,” I sat up and so I could open my tent for her.

I pulled my blanket around me as I heard her making her way out of her tent. When I heard her leave her tent I got up and held open the tent flap for her.

When I saw her, my heart stopped.

The look of pure fear in her eyes made me want to cry.

   “C'mon,” I smiled and welcomed her inside.

I shut my tent and guided her back to my little nest/bed in the back corner of my tent.

   “My bed isn’t queen sized but it can easily fir the two of us,” I smiled as she sat down on the edge. “Do you have a side preference?”

She shooked head sleepily and moved to the far side so i could lay down next to her.

I smiled climbed in beside her and lay down after sacrificing one of my 3 pillows for her.

We didn’t say anything else. We both just closed our eyes. i listened to her breathing fall into a steady rythum as she fell asleep. Then i followed suit and shut down for the night.

Not Again...

Title: Not Again…

Paring: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,254 (it was supposed to be a drabble but things happened)

Warnings: awkward boner and a lot of fluff

Prompt: Anon- Can you write one where Dean somehow turns back into a teenager (maybe a witch did it or something). And he has always had a crush on the reader but now that he’s a teenager he can’t control his hormones very well, and he gets like boners at awkward times? Or something along those lines?

A/N: Enjoy!! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx 

Dean awkwardly ran down the hall of the bunker towards the kitchen as he tried to hold his pants up. Something was wrong, something was really really wrong. His clothes were too big, his voice was weird, and he was definitely shorter.

Dean was a teenager again.

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I have to go on hiatus.

I’m really sorry everybody, it’s time for the truth. I’m in highschool right now and I live with my parents and we’re homeless. That’s it. I live with an old friend of my parents who just kicked us out and we have nowhere to go. My dad hardly makes any money to support us and we are struggling. I have no money for school clothes and I lost 50 pounds and none of my clothes fit me. I have to wear my mother’s clothes for now, with moving and all I can’t afford clothes. So I have to start working extra hours in the tight squeeze of this month. I just got fired from my job at best buy, I was helping my parents with their money problems and saving up so we can rent a place. Now, I need to crunch my time into devoting myself for money. I just don’t have time to update this blog like I truly, TRULY would want to. So, when I get that time again, I will be back. Starting with my X reader story. I’m so sorry everybody, I figured it’s better to be blunt and tell the truth. I’ve never told anybody my struggles, neither the less post it on a blog? I just figured if I got it off my chest and took a break, I can collect myself together. Anyways, Thank you all for the support and love. I hope nobody thinks I’m asking for attention, I’m 100% not at all. I just needed to get it off my chest. Thank you.

It’s not you. It’s the clothes.

Sewing has helped me tremendously in figuring out why ready-to-wear clothes don’t fit. Why I have buttons popping, fabric stretching over the booty, too much fabric around the waist and why the fuck I always see my side bra in a tank top.

The pics demonstrate the most basic fit issue. There is enough fabric. It’s just not in the right place.

To make the bodice/top of a dress you take a bust measurement (the measurement around your body at the fullest point of your breast). Mine is 47". So I picked the size with 47" bust measurement. The above is what I end up with. Just FYI it should have at the very least covered my boobs! It doesn’t because sewing patterns are created on a standard B Cup. I’m an H cup. Which means even though there is 47" of fabric to go around my body none of it is in the right place.

So now I’m learning to tailor my patterns with “Full Bust Adjustments”, “Full Butt Adjustments”, “Narrow Chest Adjustments” etc.

No wonder when it came to shopping for ready-to-wear clothes I had been known to cry in dressing rooms. - Dealing with vanity sizing. - Misses vs Plus Size. - WTF does L, XL, XXL translate to in numbers. -Oh, you have one style in TALL?

It’s because even if it comes in YOUR “SIZE” it doesn’t mean it will fit YOUR BODY.

(I think it looks like bad superhero armor.
Call me Suburban Commando!)

The big fat first trimester post:

I went through all the emotions when I found out I was pregnant - they ranged from shock / disbelief to extreme happiness. I was very nervous for most of my first trimester, even after multiple ultrasounds and blood tests, I was so scared of something going wrong. I am still quite nervous but I am trying my best to enjoy every moment of my first pregnancy. Once I became pregnant I found that people asked me a ton of questions which I totally understand - below I’ve answered most of the questions :).


In terms of symptoms, I feel like I had them all from fatigue to nausea. A note on morning sickness - the name is bullshit and was most certainly coined by a man. I suffered from almost no vomiting but instead dealt with all day queasiness. I compare it to a killer hangover without any of the delicious booze / good times.

I am slowly starting to feeling better but over the past few days I’ve felt nauseous in the evenings and the extreme fatigue is still here, I am talking bone crushing exhaustion. A day without a nap / afternoon rest feels like such a challenge - I am in for a rude awakening when I go back to work on Tuesday! 


I am embarrassed to even have this as a sub-heading as my exercise routine has been pretty lack-luster. I always thought I’d be one of those cute pregnant ladies who would run on the treadmill and are all bump… I am not one of those people and I am jealous of those people (#truestory). I tried running but my chest hurt too much, I had to pee and I wanted to throw up so now I just stick to walking. I take my walks seriously and log between 4 - 7 miles a day so it is better than nothing, I think. I would like to start taking a yoga class, I just need to find a good one that works with my schedule.


As many women have pointed out to me, I have a big bump for three months - this means that almost none of my pants fit me and some of my tops are too short. On the weekend I live in leggings and oversize sweaters but work wear is a bit more challenging, right now I am rocking my stretchy sweater dresses but I need to invest in a maternity wardrobe… including a coat, I guess? Any suggestions on where to start?


We’re going to wait to find out the gender until the baby is born - I’ve always wanted to wait and after some convincing, Mike is onboard! The baby’s resting heart rate was 164 at today’s ultrasound so according to an old wives tale that means girl but who knows. We will find out around May 7th!

Was the baby planned?:

First of all, I am shocked by the number of people who have asked me this but I guess people are curious. Yes, yes, YES this baby was very much wanted and planned. 

We had another ultrasound this morning and baby wouldn’t really cooperate so we didn’t get a good look at his / her face but we did see a cute little hand as well as arms and legs. Most importantly, we heard a strong heartbeat, best sound in the world!

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post. Moving forward I might try and do fun monthly updates, mostly for myself :).

Bump update

Dear little Daisy,

Sleeping is hard right now. I think it’s a mix of anxiety and feeling very uncomfortable. I got a little stressed out today because none of my clothes fit me anymore. I know that’s to be expected but I do miss my little tops and wearing jeans! I’ve finished washing all your clothes so I think tomorrow I’ll wash my smaller clothes ready for when I can fit into them again. 

Every day is one day closer to meeting you. Every night I lay in bed next to the moses basket and find it hard to fathom that you’ll be sleeping (and waking me up) in there one day very soon. It’s just surreal. We’ve placed bets on the days we think you’ll come and everyone has guessed early! I really believe you’ll come early too - maybe this is just a little bit of wishful thinking though. 

Tomorrow mummy is doing some more nesting and a little baking whilst daddy is working 12 hours. Poor him! He works so hard, we are both very lucky girls to have such an amazing man in our lives. I know he’ll look after us through thick and thin! 

Maybe stop sitting on my bladder for a little while tonight so I don’t have to get up and out of bed so much? That would be lovely! But if not, then no worries I can put up with it for a little longer. As long as you are ok and healthy in there!

See you soon

Love mummy


anonymous asked:

sherlolly + breakfast

Like almost everything I write, this became parentlock. The ‘brown smarties’ thing is something my sister actually did for my dad on father’s day when she was about Imogen’s age.  

Wednesday morning in 221B. The flat is quiet, which is the first thing Molly notices – silence from Sherlock, she’s learned, is never a good sign. She strains her ears for another moment, sighing with relief when she hears the deep buzz of his voice from the kitchen. He can’t be getting himself in too much trouble, then.

  Being nearly eight months pregnant sometimes has its perks. Sherlock has assigned her the week off, and she has been allowed to lie in for three days straight, something she could definitely get used to. She’s finished four different books she’d been trying to read for at least two years and finally caught up with a period drama her friends had been recommending for months.

  There’s a muffled beeping from the smoke alarm in the hall, and Molly smiles to herself. At least Sherlock is distracting himself.

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