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you’re not lesbophobic because you hate clexa you’re lesbophobic because you do the absolute most to invalidate their relationship while perpetuating harmful ideologies like the predatory lesbian, the toxicity and oversexualization of f/f relationships, and the gross “stepping stone” mentality but go off i guess

My little sisters ADHD medication makes her act like she’s going through puberty. I just heard dry-sob noises coming from the bathroom and she was angrily, emotionally, taking her hair out of a braid while ranting to herself about the injustices of the world. When I asked her what was wrong she glared at me and said “it’s none of your business.”

My little sister is six.

Big Green Eyes

Summary: Y/N has been leaving the bunker every weekend and the boys can’t seem to figure why until they follow her.

Author: Admin C

A/N: I had a dream last night that I had children, so I thought to write about it. This is also pretty long, so I apologize for that.


You grabbed your bags and walked up the stairs to the door. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” You turned around and saw Dean.

“That’s none of your business.” You said calmly.

“It is my business. You’re my girlfriend and you’ve been leaving every weekend for the past year. That makes me a little suspicious, Y/N.”

“Wait, you think I’m cheating on you? Dean, we’ve been together for three years now!”

“You’d think that after three years that you’d be able to tell me where you’re going.”

“Well, I can’t. Dean, I just can’t.” You grabbed your stuff and went outside to your car and left. You couldn’t tell Dean where you were going. A few years after you had met the boys, you had a one night stand with Dean and found out you were pregnant. You didn’t want to have a baby in this world and you certainly didn’t need the boys finding out about it. You drive up to your sister’s every weekend to give her cash and to see your baby girl, Penney. 

You got up to the house and pulled into the drive. You walked inside the door and you were greeted with a happy, little girl. 

“Hey, Penelope!” You picked her up and squeezed her tight.

“Hi, mommy. Can we go to the park?”

“Sure. Let me put my things away and then we can go. Go get your jacket, it’s a bit chilly.” She giggled and walked to her room. You put your stuff away and then heard the doorbell. You ran to the door and opened it.

“Dean, what are you doing here?” You asked walking in and closing the door, so he couldn’t look inside.

“I just wanna see where you go every weekend.”

“Mommy! I’m ready!” You opened the door as you turned around.

“Okay, sweetie. Give me a minute, okay?” She nodded and sat on the bench by the door.

“You wanna know why I come here every weekend? There’s your answer.”

“You have a daughter? How old is she? Who’s is she?”

“Yes, she’s five years old, and she’s yours.”

“I-I have a daughter?”

“Yeah, Dean. Sweetie, come here. I want you to meet someone.”

“Yes, mommy?”

“Penelope, this is Dean. He’s your dad.” Dean crouched down to be level with her.

“He’s handsome. He’s got green eyes just like me. Is he coming to the park with us?”

“That’s up to him. Why don’t you ask him?” She looked up at him with her big, green eyes.

“Would you like to come to the park with us?”

“Sure, kiddo.”

“Well, let’s go. We don’t got all day.” You smiled. You guys walked down to the park. You and Dean sat on a bench and watched your daughter.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, turning towards you.

“I didn’t think you’d-”

“You didn’t think I would care?”

“I didn’t think you’d quit what you do to raise a child. To live a normal life.”

“I would’ve dropped it all if I knew. I would’ve gotten a real job and we could’ve all lived in the bunker. I’d only take the serious hunting jobs or help other hunters with research.”

“Would you now?”

“Absolutely. I already texted Sam and he called a few hunters about it.”

“He’s okay with this?”

“He’s thrilled to have a niece.” You smiled.



“Penelope Mary, come here please!” He looked at you shockingly.

“Penelope Mary?” He asked as she ran up to us.

“Yes, mommy?”

“How would you like it if we went and lived somewhere else with your daddy?”

“Can we get a dog at this new place?” You and Dean looked at each other

“Maybe.” Dean said. 

You rode back to your sister’s house and packed up Penelope’s stuff into both of the cars.

“Can I ride with daddy in his car?” My eyes widened and looked at Dean.

“I’ll drive slowly. I’ll even get her car seat.” You smiled and nodded. 

Once you got to the bunker, Sam met you downstairs and he had gone into town and got a child’s bed, some toys, and dress up clothes. Penelope enjoyed living in a bigger house and she loved her Uncle Sam more than anything else in the world. You were a big happy family.

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Not that your poor Blaine needs any more drama, but are his parents possibly coming back at some point?

Pretty sure you meant to send this to my husband, but that’s none of your business. But if you just know. Never.

A request

Guys, I never want to say you are not allowed to talk to me about things but I am BEGGING you, I do not want to talk about Kendall Jenner or any of his exes for that matter.

I don’t feel comfortable talking about it, I don’t like to talk about it and my intention with this blog is to have FUN and talk about nice things. Harry’s personal life is none of my business and I have no right to judge him based on who he chooses to date.

Please, I ask you this with love and for my own sanity, let’s not talk about this topic anymore. Please respect this.

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I can't resist your blog name & byline... I, too, am a middle-aged wretched human female superb. I LOVE Sam/Cait, together, apart, friends, coworkers, SOs... But more and more I realize that I have a gut female response to Sam that I certainly can't dismiss. Combine it with the character he plays, the SC chemistry, and, voila!! Powerless romantic overdrive response!! This is my ship, and I can't 'not'. Fortunately, I don't drink it like a poison, and become a ruthless savage on Twitter/Tumblr!

O- as an add-on to my last anon, confessing OL/S-C romanticism response overdrive…. I don’t always agree with Sam, Cait, OL peeps and their real life choices. It’s so comforting to realize that NONE OF THAT IS REALLY MY BUSINESS! I may have an opinion, but I HAVE NO OWNERSHIP OR AUTHORITY, nor am I owed ANY by ANYONE!! 😜😜😜😜😜

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Should we start a club of wretched biatches? 

alright #louistakecareofyourself is trending on twitter and the related searches are “louis skinny” and the top tweet is a person saying “this article shows recent pictures of louis. he does not look well.” i don’t know what is wrong with louis and it’s none of my business. however, i do know, he was out clubbing and sweating and drunk obviously he’s not gonna look his best lmao and his shirt is oversized. he always wears his shirts loosely. can people not be fucking gross and questioning his weight or telling him to “eat” more just stop 

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Aries go fuck yourself you dint deserved all tje shit i did for you you wanted my friends u wanted my boyfriend you wanted my successes you envious devil spawn go and buy yourself a live because if you keep it like that you are going to end up like u say u will end up alone af when u have such good friends but hey thats none of my business because in ur mind i am a "senseless bitch who wants all the attention for her and needs a guy to be something" -sincerely leo

AHHHHH -ty (we got some leo vs aries going d own)

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  • Ashton Irwin, while in the hospital after having emergency surgery, tweeted that he was sorry for letting his fans down.
  • Michael Clifford, while a world famous rocker, chooses to sit at home and livestream himself playing video games to his fans.
  • Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings, though busier than most normal 18 year olds, constantly find time to tweet at us everyday saying we’re beautiful and loved when no one else will.
  • 5SOS is flying fans from around the world to LA at their own expense to meet them and rock out

yet…. Some claim that 5sos is letting fame get to their heads and dont care about their fans


Harry Potter College AU:

It’s not really a good day. Sure, he got laid yesterday (if an exchange of quick handjobs in a bathroom counts) but it wasn’t at all what he wanted. It wasn’t- It wasn’t very good, it wasn’t in the slightest intimate. It wasn’t with Harry. He can feel himself over compensating, because when the fuck is he ever chippy in the mornings (or in general life)? And he might want Potter to give him some sort of reaction, but when Potter only looks sad, Draco is taken aback. That is not  what he was aiming for. Does it mean… that Draco just totally screwed something up now?

He can barley make himself ask the question and when Malfoy slams him in the face with an “Of course!” there is just too much for him to handle. That he actually thought that Malfoy wouldn’t go through with it, because him and Harry had something going on, is starting to feel absurd. Clearly Harry was not thinking straight. Malfoy can do whatever he pleases and Harry will just have to live with that. He doesn’t get mental images of walking in on Draco and Blaise fucking. He needs to go vomit or cry (or both) in a corner. 

Part 14/?
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