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I'm honestly getting sick of people hating on Ashley and Emily for some of their actions, so I'd like to present all the bad things the other characters can do, some of which are much worse than anything Ash and Em ever did.

- Is very nosy and can snoop on Chris’ phone or intrude on Jess’ relationship with Mike.
- Can mock and even prank Josh, despite him being very sensitive and mourning his dead sisters.
- If Ashley dies after opening the trapdoor, Sam literally does not even check on her and just continues to find Mike on her own.
- Can let the Wendigo kill Mike without trying to help.
- Can blow up the lodge with three of her friends still in there.

- Was the main part of the prank on Hannah, and betrayed her despite being her big crush.
- Scares Emily and Matt in the woods where Hannah and Beth literally went missing.
- Literally cheats on Jessica with his ex girlfriend.
- Can leave Jess and make her find her own way out of a mine she fell into rather than directly helping her.
- Can scare Jess and make her fall into a stream, then laughs about it when she’s clearly upset.
- Can leave Jess on the floor when she trips when there is clearly some threat chasing them.
- Can dismiss Jess after she talks about her insecurities.
- Is incredibly insistent that Josh killed Jess despite a lot of evidence saying otherwise.
- Lied about Jess’ blood being on his jacket or shirt as proof that he saw Josh kill her.
- Shot defenseless Emily in the face because he thought she was gonna turn into a Wendigo, despite persistence from Emily and reasoning from Sam.
- Abandoned Josh when the Wendigo attacked them.

- Can shoot a squirrel in front of a canon vegan and animate lover.
- Intruded in Jess’ relationship much more than Sam, stealing a dirty love letter from Mike and making fun of her for it.
- Can join in on Josh’s sexual comments about Ashley.
- Mocked and laughed at Josh and Ash during the seance when it was clearly one of Josh’s sister.
- Can claim he meant to save Ash when she thanked him for doing so, even if he wanted to save Josh.
- Can shoot Ashley despite saying he’ll protect her and get her out alive even just a minute before (it was a blank but he wasn’t aware).
- Can punch Josh, speak aggressively to him, and even hit him in the face with a plank, which he even admitted could’ve killed him.
- Agreed that Emily should be thrown out because of her bite.
- Immediately abandons his friends in the lodge when the Wendigos invade (Even when Ashley is clearly very close to the Wendigos).

- Took part in the prank on Hannah, even though it was a small part.
- Can reveal that Emily is cheating or hide it from Matt (honestly, either option is bad in different ways).
- Can be dismissive or show no regrets for the prank on Hannah despite what happened.
- Stabbed Josh with scissors, even though she thought he was a killer and was in self defence.
- Can encourage Chris to think and shoot her instead, but then leave him outside to die if he does shoot her.
- Wanted to throw out Emily because of the bite.
- Can hide the fact that Emily’s bite wouldn’t make her turn.
- Can abandon who she thought was Jess despite calls for help.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank on Hannah.
- Cheats on Matt with her ex boyfriend.
- Is generally grumpy because of the breakup with Mike, especially towards Jess, his new girlfriend.
- Is rather controlling and persuasive with Matt, acting more so when she finds out about the killer and starts bring serious.
- Can slap Ashley in the face for accusing the bite of being infectious and nearly getting her killed.
- Pushes Ashley out of the way when they are running from Wendigos.
- Can make passive aggressive comments about Matt if he left her to die on the collapsing tower.

- Filmed the prank on Hannah.
- Can be aggressive towards Mike, starting fights with him.
- Can attack the deer, despite them not clearly attacking him or Emily.
- Can insult and yell at Emily for either being mean to him or for cheating on him at a very bad time.
- Can leave Emily to die on a collapsing tower to save himself.
- Can abandon the wounded Jessica and leave her to get killed by the Wendigo.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank.
- Didn’t really seem to care about the fact that the trip was in remembrance of Hannah and Beth and just wanted to have sex with Mike.
- Boasts about Mike being her boyfriend in front of Emily, his ex.
- Makes insulting comments about Emily.
- Can be persistent or passive aggressive towards Mike.

- Tricked all of his friends into coming to his family lodge so he can pull a horrible prank on all of them.
- Made sexual comments about Ashley in front of Chris.
- Mocked Chris for not being forward with Ashley.
- Punched Chris hard in the face, knocking him out.
- Made Chris choose to let either Josh or Ashley live in a Saw-like trial.
- Chased Sam in a towel, who thought he was a killer.
- Put Chris and Ashley through a terrifying guilt trip and house of horrors.
- Can punch Ashley in the face.
- Made Chris choose to shoot either himself or Ashley.
- Laughed about the whole prank, despite his friends being clearly upset/angry.
- Taunted Chris about how he has no chances with Ash.
- Made sexual comments about Jessica in front of Mike, despite her supposedly being dead.

So as you can see, while some of these actions may be justified (such as Josh’s mental illness or Ashley’s scary night or even Emily’s breakup), not everyone in that game is perfect, so stop being babies about some of the better characters.

I was not a popular or a likable child; too spiky, too angry, too intense, too odd…
—  Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

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*slides over a briefcase of money* I'll love you so ducking much if you do a part 2 of Lotor with the Lotor headcanon where Lotor goes to gets his pet back from the paladins. Thank you very much. Please

*slips on my Gucci shades* consider the job done 

part 1 right here

  • Lotor spends a day max in locating your signal. he has half of the quadrants under his command on high alert for the Paladins
    • he’s snappish with his generals and even Axca doesn’t know how to talk to him (and she cares for him the most). tbh, none of the generals foresaw how much he would be suffering with you gone
    • he won’t eat, he won’t brush his hair and he’s been sitting on his throne since you went missing, brooding as he imagines smashing the Paladins one by one for taking away his pet
  • While in the Castle of Lions, the team attempts to interrogate you on Lotor’s exact location but you’re so scared, out of depth and missing your Prince
    • “I just wanna go home,” you whimper. “I want my Prince. Who are you?”
    • “We’re the Paladins of Voltron,” Shiro says in his best calming tone, “and we’re not going to hurt you.”
    • “Where is Lotor?” Allura immediately jumps the gun and Shiro’s efforts are for naught as your guard is up and you wouldn’t speak anymore
    • in the end, Shiro sighs, “Let’s just leave her. She’s obviously in shock. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.” Pidge even tries to convince you but it’s Keith who pushes the hardest
    • he reminds you that in not giving up Lotor’s position, you’re essentially betraying the Alliance and the whole universe. but you dig your heels in, you will not give up Lotor, even if the Paladins offer you freedom
      • what is freedom if it means you’ll be separated from him for the rest of your life?
    • Allura agrees with Shiro, and activates the particle barrier, ready to close the castle for tonight when a loud blare fills the space. “Quiznak!” the Princess yells, fear in her eyes, “Lotor is here!” 
  • you scramble up and the castle jarrs, as if something slammed into it. The doors suddenly slip open, and Zethrid barges in, with Narti at her side. Ezor slips in, Coran standing in front of her, his bright purple eyes diminishing as Narti drops her palm from his back
    • “Hello, Paladins!” Ezor greets, much to their shell shock dispositions. “We’re just here to retrieve someone that belongs to our Prince. See, he doesn’t like it when people take away his love, and you all are going to pay~~”
    • Axca bursts in like the badass she is and engages with both Shiro and Keith who has already unfroze from the shock and are reaching for their weapons. It’s Ezor who picks you up and you both run from the room as the Paladins give chase
  • she throws you into a pod and shoots you into the Galra cruiser. You’re scared, but when the doors open and you see Lotor, he rushes towards you, pulling you into a tight hug.
    • “Oh, (Y/N), I was so worried,” he breathes, as he lifts you into his arms. “Did they hurt you? I will personally kill them if they scarred you.”
    • “N-No, Lotor,” you reassure, “they didn’t touch me.” he exhales in relief. he thought…oh good stars, he thought that you would’ve left him and it gave him new perspective on your relationship
    • the generals appear, slightly roughed, but triumphant as Ezor throws her arms around you. “Oh, we missed you so much (Y/N)! The ship has been so quiet without your laughter!” 
      • Lotor clears his throat and she immediately lets you go, and remains chastised. he spares his generals a nod of gratefulness as he steers you into the bathroom
  • he’s much gentler here, and he even washes your hair, taking care to soap your whole body. it’s a nice feeling and when you lean back into his arms, moaning lightly, he takes it as an open invitation. 
    • has you bent over the luxurious bathtub as he takes from behind, all the while he’s praising you. it would’ve given you emotional whiplash if you didn’t feel the same way as him
  • he would keep you in his room, insisting that you need rest as he brings you food and books to keep you occupied. 
    • he’s less guarded, and where he once used to stop you from asking questions, he now encourages your curiosity
    • you’ve never heard him laugh this much before, especially when you share your culture with him. “Humans eat what now??” 
    • it’s a pretty laugh and you’re f u c k e d in a different sense of the word
  • you expect him to be rougher with you, but he’s still gentle, and when he takes you that night, his hands are entwined in yours, and his lips are on your ear, whispering how much he missed you
    • it’s a nice change, and you ask him about it
    • “well, if I want you to be the mother of my children, I have to make sure you’re safe and able to conceive, am I right?” you’re in shock. I mean, he’s basically popped you the Galran version of a marriage proposal
      • “you…you want to have a child…with me?” 
      • “I can take care of you,” he says in earnest, gripping your hands in his. “You’ll never be for want and our child will be loved. I will try my best and I know he will be a great ruler when I take over the universe.” 
        • you smile, and say, “What if our child’s a she?” 
        • Lotor grins, “then I hope she will be a most fearful Queen.”
  • Something must be wrong with you bc you agree, and sex is a given almost every night when he has a spare moment.
    • he arches your back, saying that, “the seed will take better” and he’s awfully kind to you that you almost cry 
    • no one has ever been this attentive to you and you feel like you don’t deserve his treatment
  • Nothing works until one night, he slams the door open, looking visibly upset and when you ask him, he remains scarily silent, dragging you into his arms and pinning you to the wall
    • he fucks you against the hard surface, as he leaves bruises on your neck, forcing you to cum multiple times that night. he’s not finished with you, as he throws you onto the bed, pushing himself between your legs as his mouth latches harshly onto your wetness
    • Lotor comes in you about three times that night, his refractory period almost nonexistent
    • when he seems ready to talk, you ask him and he says that he’s just received word that his Father is thinking about appointing another successor as the Galran Emperor
      • he’s sorry, saying that he’s been mistaken and you’ve never seen him this broken. you know he has a hard relationship with his Father, but you never expected it to be this bad
      • you comfort him that night and allow him to make love to you, and despite the horrible news, you’ve never felt that connected to him
  • Everything’s all well and fine as he concentrates on outwitting the Paladins and stealing Voltron
    • but then you miss your period

Ok kiddos let me explain you a thing right now:
If you are watching a video and the sound is clear, that video was staged.

You ever actually listen to the shit you record in your phone? You ever wonder why your home movies sound so terrible?

Let me let you in on a little filmmaker’s secret ok:

So the next time you see a video that seems horrible or awful or sweet oh what-fucking-ever, listen to it.

Cause if it looks windy and there’s no wind noise? It’s staged.

If the camera is about 20 ft from the subject yet sounds like the person is sitting right next to you? It’s staged.

Granted there are ways around this, but those require an actual crew. So if you’re watching a documentary that has an actual budget, then yeah sure it might not be staged (though that’s been known to happen in docs as well).

But if this video is being passed off as “candid” or surreptitious “phone” recording, just know it’s fake. It’s staged. There is only so much you can fix in post.

PSA: Be gentle to the nice SBs

Protect SBers who mean no harm.

They don’t hate on Iris. They don’t hate on westallen. They’re not in denial thinking SB are endgame or will ever even happen at any point. They don’t hate on Candice. They don’t hate on Grant when he’s promoting Candice, Iris, or westallen.

All they’ve done is have a preference for the hypothetical ship of snowbarry rather than westallen. That’s it. And to be fair, the show went from having Barry/Cisco/Caitlin all equally besties to diminishing SB’s friendship to almost nothing except for an occasional episode (or a few). Who can blame SBers for being a little bitter when even that was snatched away?

Like, leave them alone. They’re ashamed of the hostile majority of their own fandom. The LAST thing they need is to have them be heaped in with the lot of them as some generalization that all SB shippers are racist & delusional & horrible people.

So just plz…let them be.

They’re allowed to be frustrated over certain aspects of the show. They don’t need the winning team rubbing it in their face.

Side note: I’m not accusing anyone in particular of doing this. It’s just a gentle suggestion going forward and a shout out to the sane SBers that I will not hate on you should you choose to visit my blog. I love SB’s friendship very much and in fact do some squealing of my own when I see it onscreen.

Hello Neighbour - Steve Rogers

Title: Hello Neighbour

Parings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve just sucks at hiding his real Identity.

Words: 1510

Warnings: None

Genere: Gonna go with Fluffy.

A/N: Okay I got inspired to write this while I was sweeping our veranda last week. Cap didn’t come by there. :D

- Katie xx

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(Y/D/N) - Your dad’s name

(Y/M/N) - Your moms name


Retirement was something to look forward to for most people. Well, not for Steve Rogers. Maybe it was because none of those people were forced to retire. Steve was still in his best days. He was over 70 years old but had the body of a 25 year old. He could still chase those bad guys around, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a wanted fugitive.

After he freed his friends from prison Steve had to lay low. His decision was Michigan. A small village called South Lake (I just made this up btw). He lived in a quiet neighbourhood. This was exactly what he had wanted when he was pre serum Steve. To live in a place like this with a wife, a couple of kids and a dog. But as soon as he had joined the army he wasn’t so sure anymore if this was a life for him.

At first he shut himself in his house. Not making contact with anyone. Until it got to boring for him. So he decided to help out around in the neighbourhood. Funnily enough his disguise which consisted of a beard he grew and flannels held up. That or people just didn’t care enough. His life was quiet for weeks. Nothing really happened here. Not until one day a black Audi drove into the drive way of his neighbours house.

The cute little house belonged to (Y/D/N) and (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). Steve was currently chopping wood in his backyard when he saw a young woman leave the car. And god was she beautiful. Her hair flowed over her shoulders framing her beautiful face, that had a smile on it the moment she heard the neighbours dog barking. She wore boots and skinny jeans and a trench coat. Steve knew she must have been from a city somewhere. Her stylish clothes, sunglasses and fancy bag didn’t fit in here. His eyes followed her as she entered the house. He felt like he had seen her before. Her face was somewhere in his memory, but he couldn’t place it.

It took Steve three days to see the woman again. And this time he couldn’t believe it was the same person. Because there she was, in wellingtons and her hair in a ponytail. She was sweeping the fall leaves of the veranda while humming some song he didn’t know. He watched her for a bit. Still thinking he knew her. After a while he realised it was creepy to stare at her like this. He decided to just go over.

”Ma’m do you need some help?“ he asked while stepping on her drive way.

She stopped sweeping and looked up at him. She propped her hands on her broomstick and slightly raised her eyebrows. The woman looked fairly suspicious of his kindness. Definitely from the city. Steve decided to try to introduce himself.

”I’m Steve…the neighbour.“ he said pointing at his house dumbfounded.

The woman gave him a once over. This was the nice neighbour Steve her parents had told her about. The moment she had entered the door on Wednesday her mother had tried to set her up with him. She kept on talking about how strong and handsome he was but also how kind. She didn’t know then that this Steve was Steve Rogers. And she was a hundred percent sure her parents did not notice that their neighbour was a superhero. She was it the moment she looked into those eyes. She had met this man before. About five years ago in the Battle of NY. He had saved her from one of those creatures.

She also knew his situation. The government declared him a dangerous man. Something about him not signing something. He wasn’t supposed to be here. He was a fugitive. All though she didn’t believe that. How could someone like Captain America suddenly be evil. Especially someone who saved her life. And maybe it was because of this or because he was looking at her with a carefree smile she never saw him with, but she decided to play coy.

”So, you are the guy that helped fix my Dad’s old motorbike.“ she said with a smile.

Steve nodded. It was weird seeing him like this. In a flannel and with a beard. It made him look more approachable. It took away his intimating stare. It made him look…normal. Like he was just a neighbour.

”Yes. I did.“ he said.

(Y/N) nodded and gave him a quick smile. She stepped down the stairs of her veranda and stretched her hand out. He was quiet a bit taller then her.

”I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).“ she introduced herself.

His hand shook hers and she couldn’t help but stare at his muscled arms. She couldn’t deny how handsome the ex soldier was.

”My dad said you are quiet good at the heavy lifting. I have a few bags or garden soil to be lifted to the bed in the back garden.“ she mentioned and titled her head in direction of the pick up truck.

Steve agreed to help her with a smile. She didn’t know why she asked him. She could do it herself. He had asked if he could help. And this was Captain America she had to use his strength to her advantage. He grabbed two bags and lifted them with ease while she hosted one up.

”So Steve. What brings you to South Lake?“ she asked him.

They started walking around the house. To the garden gate that was wide open. Steve shrugged his shoulders. He decided to stay as close to the truth as he could with his answer.

”Well, It’s an escape, really. From the city life. I used to live in Brooklyn.“ he explained.

(Y/N) nodded. And decided to see if he would tell her who he was. She was curious how he would lie his way out of it.

”Oh really? I live in Brooklyn. I used to live up in New York. Man i still miss this flat. So sad…Oh drop them here.“ She said and pointed at the floor next to the bed.

He did as told. It took (Y/N)’s dog less then a second to leave is comfortable spot in the garden and start sniffing at the bags of soil. He probably thought their was food in there. (Y/N) was watching him smiling.

”What happened to your flat?“ Steve asked staring at the dog.

Okay, maybe she was playing with him. The flat thing was true though. She wasn’t lying. She turned to him.

”It got destroyed in the battle of New York. That was a crazy day. I even met Captain America. He saved my life.“ she said innocently and waited for his response.

Steve realised now why he knew her. It was true. He had saved her. Her talking about him made him very uncomfortable.

”Oh really… I have to go now.” he said pointing behind him.

(Y/N) had to suppress a smile. She was just messing with him. He turned around and started walking of. He didn’t want to be rude. But the conversation made him wary of her. Something was wrong.

”Yea of corse. Was nice seeing you again Cap.“ she called after him.

Steve froze. She knew. Crap. He would have to leave now. He didn’t want to threaten the young beautiful woman, but he would if he had to. Slowly he turned around. Shocked. His surprise was even bigger, when she had a genuine smile on her pretty face.

”No worries Steve. I won’t tell anyone. I still owe you one for saving my life.“ she said.

And Steve believed her. Maybe it was stupid. But she looked so genuine and nice he couldn’t not believe that face. He nodded the relief clearly seen on his face.

”Thank you (Y/N).“ he mumbled giving her a nod.

the smile on her face made his legs feel like jelly for two reason. First it was beautiful and he had never seen a woman look at him like this and second it scared him. She knew who he was. And she shouldn’t. It was dumb of him to think that no one would ever find out. But that it had to be her bothered him. What would she think of him?

”No problem neighbour.” she said and squatted next to her dog, putting her hand in his fur.

It didn’t matter, that she knew. He would just have to call a few friends if word got out. He lifted his hand to give her a small wave. Then he turned around to walk out of the garden.

”The captain seemed to understand,
because the next day the cap’ went out and drafted a band.
And now the company jumps when he plays reveille
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.”

Steve couldn’t stop a smile spreading over his face as he heard her sing the song.

Cuddle Drabbles Part 1

Word Count: 560

Warnings: None!

Summary: Sleepless nights generally lead to hanging out with Bucky. 

A/N: I’m ridiculously excited to share something with you guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my writing! This is a drabble series – because I needed 28 ways to cuddle with Bucky, tbh.

Please be gentle! This is my first time posting for Marvel and for Bucky! Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome! I’m tagging @bovaria cuz she got me in this trash pile and I love her!

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

(This is so cute, I could die. Goddamnit, Seb. You life ruiner.)

Sleepless nights weren’t so bad now that you’d decided to move into the tower with the rest of the Avengers. Sam had told you that it would be for the best. He could keep his eye on you (God, he could be such a mom), and you could strengthen your friendships with the other heroes.

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what riren can you accept?

I would say none, because generally I’m not a big fan of it. But, there is only some that I can tolerate, and because I’m very picky with it, that’s why there ends up being very little riren that comes to my personal acceptance. 

To be completely honest with you, the type of riren I would approve of is when they’re both portrayed as equals and kept in character. Where Levi doesn’t act like he’s constantly the boss and Eren doesn’t act like or look like this lolita, fragile, anime girl. (I say this because I’ve seen too much of it). For example, one artist that I’m thinking of in particular, who mainly does riren but surprisingly doesn’t portray neither Eren or Levi like I stated above, is END (Azuma Chisato)

Even though she prefers riren, (although I think I’ve seen her do bottom Levi at least once) I like how she has both of them equally masculine, and kinda has Eren as a dominant bottom. (I read three of her doujins before and I personally thought they were nice). And I’m not gonna lie, her art is pretty good and I’ve seen her draw Eren as a real hunk before. But anyway, that’s an example of the type of riren I can approve to a certain extent. 

However, when I see something like this… 

…..not very accurate. Or just not for me. 

But.. at the end of the day, to be fair, people are still free to visualize and have some fun with whatever they imagine, I’m not telling anybody what the right and wrong way of doing this or that is. These are just my thoughts and personal preferences. just be aware of whats actually canon pls

I’m really tired of this

Getting REAL tired if seeing all those Lotor posts that go like “aw, poor Lotor, my son uwu. I can’t believe the generals betrayed him like that!1!1! I hope they get back together!1!1”

Do you hear me face desking?

And before anyone tells me “Lotor had valid reasons!” I know he does, but it feels like everyone’s forgetting that the generals do too. In fact, their reasons are so much more obvious I don’t know why everyone’s ignoring them?

Like, yeah, I already know Lotor’s reasons, I don’t need 50 of you repeating them to me, no thanks. I know Lotor’s a 3D character. In facts, I’ll list some points about it right now.

1. He killed Narti because he thought she betrayed them and he was doing it to protect the team

2. He has trust issues because if his parents

3. He felt so betrayed by his generals because they’re the only people he’s even trusted

4. His dad literally gave out the order to kill him. Thats gotta hurt.

But y'all are forgetting that we saw the generals get character development this season too. How many of you have thought about it from the generals sides? Well, let’s take look, how about it?

1. Lotor was able to figure out it was Narti who “betrayed them” but if he figured out it was her, shouldn’t he have known that Haggard probably did something? And don’t “but how was he supposed to know?!” me. Ain’t Lotor supposed to be some calculating genius? Guess not anymore to the fandom lolol

2. He didn’t say shit. Usually when someone has to die, the murder says something. He didn’t even mourn her for a second not one second and he didn’t say shit to his generals. And don’t you dare say “he didn’t have time to talk to them because of Narti they were being chased!1!1” a. During the trip when they where in their ships, wasn’t that some time?? B. Funny how he still had time for his mission and to waste their quintessence but no time to talk to them. Hmm.

3. Hey, guess what? The generals are people too! So when one of their own just got killed in cold blood by their leader and he doesn’t say anything and continues on like it was just a slight blip in the road, they start to w o r r y for their own safety. Isn’t it silly when people have valid reasons to be afraid so they act on their fear? Hahahaha. Are you honestly telling me that you would stay with Lotor after what he just did?

4. Your homeboy Lotor ain’t the only one who knows what its like to be thrown out like trash. Maybe this seems like a reach to you, but I’m guessing that none of the generals had the best home life and none of them really had anyone to trust or a home until Lotor came along. And so in their mind, [JUST LIKE IT IS IN LOTOR’S!] it’s kill or be killed. Or, in this case, betray it be betrayed.

5. Lack of interaction?? Like, I’m sorry I might have forgotten some key moment in season 3, but Lotor never really … interacted with his generals. Like, at all? In moments when they were all together, the generals usually interacted with each other and tried to engage with Lotor but he never carried it. By distancing himself, he’s still portraying himself as their savior instead of a trusted and close friend. So the generals trust him, but they don’t know him well enough to blindly trust him after he killed Narti. This is the only point I’m not sure on so I’ll re watch season 3 and come back to this later.

So anyway, yeah, the generals did betray Lotor, but Lotor also betrayed the generals and frayed their trust. Not to mention, in my opinion, Narti was the 1st person to straight up get betrayed considering she was manipulated and didn’t have any control over what she did.

So in the end, you can have your pitying Lotor posts, like I agree I pity him too and actually feel sad for him, but if you’re gonna say “the generals betrayed him!1!1!” You better mention how their people too and they felt betrayed too. Okay I hope no one yells at me for this post because someone always does.

Handsome Enough to Tempt Me

For @oqpromptparty. Missing Year, Pride & Prejudice AU.
Art by the incomparable @ninzied (x). 

Prompt #2: Pride & Prejudice AU with Regina as Mr. Darcy
Prompt #114: Missing Year, Snow ships OQ

Read on: AO3 // FFnet

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a decidedly unfestive temperament must be in want of a dance partner.

Or it was a truth acknowledged, and insinuated to Regina within an inch of its life, by the perpetually optimistic declarations of one Snow White, at least.

“Regina, I will not have you standing about watching everyone else be merry all evening – not on my birthday, and especially not when we’re short of women to partner the men as it is! One dance, at least, that’s all I ask.”

Regina closed her eyes, rueing the snippet of weakness in her that had seen her agreeing to come to this damned party when she could have spent the night in no one’s company save her own, for once unbothered by the constant complaints and naggings of her former subjects. Snow had been persistent with her invitation, turning the full force of her hopeful doe eyes on Regina every time she begged some excuse, until it had just become simpler to give in to the younger woman’s wishes.

Still, Regina had only agreed to attend the ball, entirely intending to hole up in a shadowy alcove somewhere – preferably near the casks of vintaged wine and ale unearthed for the occasion – and glower at any who strayed a bit too close for her liking. She’d even dressed the part of witch-in-the-shadows, knowing it would irk Snow, by donning her customary black and adorning it with a high, standoffish collar that perfectly framed the proud tilt of her chin.

Dancing, or any manner of interaction with the other guests, had not been part of the deal.

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Since an interview with Lauren confirmed that Merla is none of the generals, who do you think Weblum Galra is?

I would guess if they’re not making one of the Generals Merla, then the Generals are all original characters. That said, it’s possible they might throw in name allusions to allies Lotor had in DotU- such as Cossack and Gobra/Mogor. While both Cossack and Mogor were male characters, so were prior incarnations of Pidge. I could see “Gobra” as a feminine name and the original character was a general, so, same rank.

The thing is, not every character is going to be a one-to-one parallel of a DotU or GoLion character. Consider Yurak in DotU, who would appear to be direct inspiration for Sendak given his prosthetic eye and arm and role as first antagonist encountered by the team:

…However, Yurak’s rivalry with Haggar, disposition, and ultimate fate as a robeast would suggest that his looks went to Sendak and most of his personality went to Prorok.

And then of course the Blade of Marmora is a complete VLD invention, so we may not be able to dig up DotU versions of the Generals. After all, even if we assume there’s a Gobra among the Generals, that’s only one of them. The others need names, too, and sure they could dig out more obscure characters like Twyla, or even take a spin around Voltron Force and use Kala, but I think it could be just as, if not more likely they’re just gonna go with a clean slate and keep the Generals new characters.

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Is Narti is the VLD version of Merla?

actually, this was answered directly in an interview. She’s not, and none of the generals are. But Lauren did say Merla wasn’t off the table and could still be introduced later, so thats good (source)

bring back lotor’s fiance and let her make fun of him some more please