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The Mysterious Girl (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

Request: Hi can a request a fluffy Loki x reader fic where the reader is in a situation where she cannot talk often (maybe her voice causes glass to crack and shatter and people to fall unconscious) instead she uses actions to convey her feelings. when Loki arrives with his brother for redemption he tries to get her to talk by annoying her to no avail. They’re alone one time and the reader snaps telling him to stop; he falls unconscious and she cares for him until he comes to. Please and thank you!!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1, 988

Warnings: None (I think)

A/N: First Loki imagine, wooo! I hope you all enjoy, especially all you Loki fans out there. It was a refreshing change to write about him, so I’m glad I got the chance! If you would like to be added to my Tag List for all future updates, just let me know! FYI, (Y/E/C) means ‘your eye color.’ Enjoy!

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Loki was not happy. Not happy at all. Why wasn’t he happy? Because he was on Midguard. And what was wrong with being on Midguard? Thor, his brother was there. And he was stuck with him.

“Brother, do not worry. I’m sure that my comrades will not hate you. That much,” Thor comforted, slapping his brother on the back.

Stumbling forward, Loki looked back at his brother and scowled. “Oh, yes. I’m sure those mortals just love me after all that I did.”

Sighing, Thor looked at his brother. “You knew not what you were doing. Besides, you are repentant.”

“Am I?” Loki sassed back, earning a disapproving look from the ‘better’ sibling.

“Well, you will be. At least once they are through with you.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki trudged along beside his brother, looking up at the building. Sure, it was impressive for Midguard standards, but not for Asgard. If that was even his home anymore.

“Welcome, to the Avengers,” Thor announced, pushing open the glass doors with ease.

This will be just great, Loki thought to himself as he followed his oaf of a brother inside.

Well, could be going a lot worse, Loki thought as his brother’s teammates glared down at him.

“Why do we have to keep him here again?” Clint asked through gritted teeth, glaring at Loki. Hand tight on his bow, he never removed his eyes from the god.

“Look, I’m not excited about reindeer games being here either,” Tony grumbled.

“But there is no other option, apparently,” Nat finished the sentence, remembering all too well what she had to do to her best friend to get him out of his head.

“He is my brother,” Thor started, looking them all down. “You will be courteous to him, even if he is deserving of your hatred and spite.”

“He destroyed New York with an alien army,” Steve said, glaring at Loki.

“And tried to take over the world,” Bruce added.

“He’s adopted,” Thor said sheepishly, to which Loki rolled his eyes. Bored, Loki began to look over his foes- allies. Most of them Loki remembered. Some, were new. Like the man with the metal arm, the red man, the girl with glowing-red eyes, and many more. As Loki skimmed over his subjects- friends, his eyes landed on one girl in particular. She was odd, but not in the bad sense. She was odd in the sense that she was quiet, odd in the sense that she distanced herself from others. Curious, Loki continued to look at her, until she noticed and began blushing prominently. Her eyes darted towards Clint, and he saw immediately.

“You stay away from her,” Clint almost growled, moving in front of the odd girl. Loki did not care though. He was intrigued by this girl and wanted to know more. Wanted to know what she liked and disliked, why she was here. One way or another, Loki was going to know that girl.

Two months have passed since Loki arrived at the Avengers compound, and things were a little better. The others were talking to him now, and Loki wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The company was nice from time to time, when they weren’t glaring at him. Loki always brushed them off though. Some people just don’t understand that he had changed.

Mainly, for her.

Loki had tried everything to talk to the girl. Anytime that he nearly got close to even saying hello, the mother hen swooped in between them.

“No way,” Clint growled one day, standing in front of the girl once more.

“I just want to talk to her, I’m not bad anymore,” Loki had pleaded.

Laughing, Clint shook his head. “Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. And good luck talking to her anyway, she-”

But before the mother hen could even finish his sentence, the girl had tapped on his shoulder. The girl had obviously communicated to the arrow man, Loki just did not understand how. She didn’t move her lips, but rather her hands. When Loki first saw this, he thought she was doing magic.

“Are you a sorceress?” Loki had asked in amazement, to which Clint glared him down, offended.

“Out.” He demanded, and Loki quickly made his way out, not wanting to find out what would happen to him if mother hen got any angrier.

So Loki’s quest to talk to the mysterious girl continued, always trying to get close to her. Over the two months that he had been there, he had learned three things about the beautiful and mysterious girl:

1) She did not like mornings. Her face scrunched up in the cutest of ways whenever she was woken up before 9 a.m.

2) Her favorite color was green, or so Loki assumed. She always wore some article of green, whether it be the oversized green sweatshirt she stole from the man with the metal arm or her green shoes, which she wore everywhere. 

3) She loved movies, more than life itself apparently. Whenever Loki was looking for her to talk to her (before mother hen showed up), she was sitting in the room with the screen, a different movie on it each time he saw her. Some days it would be little cartoons dancing and singing across the screen, others it would be miniature people falling in love. Without fail though, Loki noticed that every Friday night she watched the same movie, over and over. One with a half fish-half human hybrid and her colorful fish friends.

With each new little tidbit of information about the girl, Loki grew more and more interested. Loki not only thought about her all day, but even dreamed about being able to talk to the beautiful girl, face to face. Just when Loki was about to give up on all hope of ever speaking to the girl, a bit of luck was finally in Loki’s favor.

The heroic team was heading off on a mission, one where they needed almost every member, except for the mysterious girl. Loki, jumping at the opportunity to speak with her, helped pack everyone’s bags that night. To the team, he seemed just a bit too happy.

“Are you sure we can leave him here, Thor?” Steve had asked, glancing at Loki.

“Believe it or not, he is acting a lot better,” Thor commented as he put everyone’s luggage onto the quinjet.

“Yes, but he will be here all alone,” Tony added. The girl, apparently did not like that for she stomped her foot in defiance.

Thor had saw her little foot stomp and smiled. “He will not be alone, (Y/N) will be here.”

Aha! Her name! Loki thought, adding another piece to the puzzle.

Laughing, Clint put his supplies in the quinjet. “Yeah, if anyone can handle him, it's  (Y/N).”

This seemed to have made (Y/N) happy, for she nodded her head in triumph.

“I’ll be good,” Loki started, causing everyone to look at him. “Promise.”

“We shall see, brother,” Thor said, clapping his hand on his brother’s shoulder, causing Loki to lose his footing for a moment. “If not, well, you’ll be in for a shock. (Y/N), take care of him for me. Don’t let him get into too much mischief.”

(Y/N) smiled and nodded at Thor, waving the team goodbye.

“That’s no fair,” Loki grumbled to himself. “I’m the god of mischief. It’s literally what I do.”

As soon as the quinjet had disappeared over the horizon, (Y/N) had went back into the compound. Not wanting to lose her in the maze of halls and corridors, Loki followed right after her.

“So,” Loki started, falling into step with her. “Just you and me.”

All she did was quirk up an eyebrow at him before continuing on her way.

“Right. Silent treatment. Well, that has never stopped me before,” Loki continued as he followed her into the room with the screen. Lighting up at the opportunity, Loki walked over to the shelves full of discs.

“Shall we watch one?” Loki asked, digging through the movies. “I’ve never actually seen one of these ‘movies.’ What do you recommend?”

He was met with silence. Smile faltering a bit, because literally the girl of his dreams would not talk to him, he turned back to the shelf. Finding something somewhat familiar, Loki held out the case to her. “How about this?”

Looking back, her whole face lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, causing Loki to smile. “Okay,” Loki said, looking at the title before putting the disc into the strange contraption. “The Little Mermaid it is.”

Moving towards the couch, Loki sat down next to her. Trying to control his breathing, he constantly found himself looking at (Y/N) throughout the movie, committing every detail of her to memory. Loki did this so often that he ended up missing the movie.

“Wait, why is the fish-girl having problems with her father?” Loki asked. No answer.

“Why is the crab singing to her? Life is not better down where it’s wetter. You’re wet all the time. Plus there are sharks, nasty little creatures. Worst than bildshnipe, I hear. Or at least Thor tells me.” No answer.

“OH NO, A SHARK!” No answer.

“Don’t go near the evil squid lady. Why would you go near the evil squid lady?” No answer.

All this time, (Y/N) never answered. She did seem to be getting more and more annoyed, though.

“Wait, why does she need to kiss the Prince? To get her voice back? That is highly unlikely, magic does not work like-”

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?!” The girl shouted. A ringing noise sounded through the room, and before Loki even knew it, he was out cold.

Blinking away the black spots in his vision, Loki was met with a pounding headache. Staring up at the ceiling, Loki started to feel alarmed until he felt something moving through his hair. Looking around, Loki was soon met with the most beautiful pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. What made them even more beautiful was that they were your eyes.

“What happened?” Loki groaned, trying to sit up. He was soon pushed back down by (Y/N) so that his head lay on her lap. She held up a finger as if to say ‘one moment’ and grabbed the nearest notebook and pen she could find. Sprawling out her message with one hand and combing through his hair with the other, she finally had written out her message:

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you out. I’m an enhanced and my voice knocks people out, especially when I yell. I didn’t mean to make you pass out.’

Reading the message, Loki began to smile. “It’s alright, Love. You didn’t mean to. I’m just glad that we are finally communicating.”

Blushing at his words, she began to write out another message.

‘I get that, now. I mean, who talks during a movie?’

It was Loki’s turn to blush now as he read your note. “Sorry, I am not familiar with proper movie etiquette. But I’d love to learn.”

Smiling, she wrote down her next message.

'I’d love to teach you, if you gave me a chance. Then you can ask all the questions you want, whether about me or the movie.’

“Sounds absolutely, perfect, Love,” Loki said with a smile. The pounding in his head had finally stopped, and Loki was able to sit up now, but he didn’t want to leave her gentle caresses just yet.

'Can you sit back up yet?’ She wrote out, quirking another eyebrow up at him.

“No,” Loki lied. “Not yet. Still hurts.” She nodded at his answer and continued to card her fingers through his black hair, leaving Loki in a bliss. Well, he was the god of mischief, after all. What else was he going to do, except lie a little to stay with the girl of his dreams?

The Danger You Crave  Loki x Reader Part Three

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1, 937

Part One, Previous, Next

Loki held you close, his fingers clenching around your waist whenever any man dared to give you a second glance. He led you towards the lavish building; the huge glass windows and finely carved columns made your heart flutter with awe. “This is amazing,” you said delicately to Loki as the two of you passed through the doors. “I take it you’re fond of Germany, then?” he asked. “Yes,” you replied with a chuckle. “The last time I was here I was with my friend, Mordo,” you began, launching off into a tale, though the eventual trail off in your voice was apparent enough to alert Loki and your instinct.

The sound of shattering glass rang in your mind, alerting you something was definitely wrong. Your fingers darted to your hand, feeling around for something. You demanded, “Where’s my sling ring?” Loki looked upon you, confused at your snap change of attitude. “Pardon?”

“My sling ring,” you repeated frantically, moving the skirts of your dress and looking around the marble floors. “I’ve lost it!”

Loki’s hand slipped into his pocket; he fingered the ring of which you sought. “You don’t need it,” he said softly, desperately hoping you could be convinced without anymore use of possession. Odin knows he hated lying to you. That hadn’t been part of the plan originally. However, your reaction upon finding him with you that morning reminded him of your fierce heart. He knew that he couldn’t begin to convince you without a small push first.

“But I need it,” came your urgent reply, yanking him from thought. “Without my ring I can’t preform magic!” That, nor could you string up a portal for a quick escape with Loki.

Loki tilted your chin upwards, gazing lovingly into your eyes. His lips nearly twitched into a frown as he caught sight of small [e/c] specks blooming through the thick blue layer of subjugation in your irises. There was still time, he thought certainly, so there was no need to do anything right then. That established with himself, he reached into his pocket once more and handed it to you. “I was unsure if you were going to run off before,” he explained as you slipped it on. You waved your hands, the golden sparks forming shapes in the air. Loki thought of the first time he met you; he had seen a magic unlike any other. He suddenly shook himself from his thoughts. With the point of his scepter down as though it were a cane, he grinned at you. “Come along, darling, I have something fun planned for us.”

The two of you spoke as he led you around, showcasing various pieces of art and sculptures. Eventually, you both found yourselves at the top most level of the place. You ran your hand through Loki’s hair as he spoke, careful not to ruin it. Loki stopped and gazed at you.

“Do you still love me?” he asked quietly. The question burned his brain and it had been for so long, even before today.

You bit your lip, freezing your actions. You pondered why he would ask something like that, crossing your arms behind your back. “Because I need you by my side, always,” he replied, pulling you close. “The time I spent without you…” he whispered. “It was the worst thing I had ever gone through. And I cannot say I’m sorry enough for-,”

You cut him off by kissing him, hands still playing with his hair. Loki’s lips immediately welcomed yours by sucking and biting the tender, pink flesh. “Is that an acceptance of my apology?” he asked breathlessly at pulling away. You nodded, your forehead leaning against his chest. “And every apology to come.”

Loki didn’t see the blue in your eyes fading.

The clock struck two hours till midnight. Loki swiftly grasped you and led you down thinly cut stairs. “Where are we going?” you asked, blinking as the air stung your eyes. “As I said before, my [Y/n], tonight is the start of our era.”

The sound of intricate string music crept its way towards your ears as the two of you waltzed towards the main gathering. “My dear, should anything happen, protect us.” Your blank nod was enough to make him feel guilty; however, there were things to do. He couldn’t let bothersome emotions interfere at the moment.

You followed him down the stairs, hoisting your dress up. In front of you, Loki twirled the scepter in his hand and promptly swung a man backwards.

The startled cry that came from your throat was nothing compared to the uprising from the crowd as Loki seized hold of a man and flipped him over top a statue. “Loki!” you yelled, though it went unnoticed amongst the screaming crowd. You ran forward, pushing past everyone and grabbing Loki’s shoulder. “What’s going on?” you demanded. “No time to explain,” he said shortly. You stared in horror as Loki’s hand gripped around whatever he had stuck through the man’s eye. The man’s body lurched about like a fish on land.

You leapt into the crowd, drawing up a portal ring. Frantically, you pushed people through it to get them away from whatever the hell Loki had planned.

Suddenly, a hand gripped your arm tightly, yanking you back. You watched as the ring fell helplessly, the sparks dying out. “Let me go,” you exclaimed, trying to pull away. He swung you down, as though to two of you had been dancing, his arms holding you by the waist as he kissed you deeply. You fought the urge to close your eyes and let yourself be enveloped by him. Around you, a shimmering gold overtook both you and your partner. In an instant had your clothes been changed. With that done, Loki took your hand and continued out amongst the frenzy. His own fine clothing vanished away and in place was fine green and gold armor. You looked down at your own self.

The near panic you felt when you saw your dress had gone almost distracted you from the newfound fact that you were in your usual armor; you tried to take comfort in the familiar blue and purple fabric held in place with leather straps. Around your wrist were the two silver cuffs you had completely forgotten.

My relic. The cuffs had chosen you when you were sixteen years old; The Bright Cuffs of Ostara. Ostara had been the mother of Agamotto, the first Sorcerer Supreme according to the current. Your arms were suddenly veered back. The relic was attempting to get you away from the threat. You ignored the fact that threat was Loki, who currently paid no heed as he stepped out into the street. A blue bolt fired out from the scepter towards an oncoming police car. You ran forwards and lifted your hands. The energy came to you by second nature. Your fingers vigorously drew in the air and created a large shield. Sprinting forward against the car, you flung yourself against it, the shield protecting you from impact as the car fell back. The glass shattered down like rain against the pavement. You laid atop the hood for a moment, catching your breath, before jumping off and warning the officers inside to leave. You then took off towards the lot in which Loki had gone to. The plan you had formed inwardly looked to be simple enough: open the mirror dimension, lock him in, then go for help. Although it seemed likely to work, the strategy crumpled like paper when a pair of strong arms yanked on your shoulders. You craned your head back and saw Loki. Another Loki, actually.

There were many forms of him, standing around and herding the people together like a fence keeping in sheep.

The original began to yell, demanding that they kneel. You watched in horror as they complied fearfully, though you couldn’t blame them. Loki grinned, raising his arms. “Is not this…simpler?” he asked blissfully. “Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity,” he continued, weaving his way through the crowd, “that you crave subjugation.”

You couldn’t manage to squirm your way out of the copy’s grip, his hold bruising your arms. This couldn’t have been what Loki was planning all along. How could he have thought you were going to help him follow this through? Even more, how could you still be tempted to help him?

“It diminishes your life’s joy, that mad scramble for power. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.”

When a tender aged man rose to his feet, your chest went tight. You wanted to scream out for him to stop, to not dare tempt Loki’s temper but all that came from your throat was a weak sob.

“Not to men like you,” the man declared. “There are no men like me,” Loki replied; you could practically hear his sick smile through the words.

“There are always men like you,” the old man said, almost sadly. The words made the hair on your arms stand. He was so strong and brave and he was about to be killed for it. Loki raised his weapon. “Look to your elder, people. Let him be an example.”

The dull ringing of Loki’s scepter charged and you couldn’t stop yourself from shrieking aloud: “Stop!”

The blue ray of light flew forward and in the blink of an eye it bounced back against Loki.

A very spangled banner-esque person had shielded the elder.

Steve Fucking Rogers.

Loki fell to the ground. The copies of him vanished as early as thin air.

“You know,” the Captain began, walking forwards, “the last time I was in Germany and saw someone standing above everyone else, we ended up disagreeing.” If it weren’t for the current situation, you’d be squealing like a fangirl. Loki pulled himself up, sucking in a breath. “The soldier,” he sneered, standing. “The man out of time.”

“I’m not the one who’s out of time.”

A large jet like contraption swooped down. “Loki, stand down,” came a woman’s voice from a speaker. Loki’s scepter fired again, aimed towards the jet, but you threw yourself forward, the stream of light flying up into the air and Loki falling beneath you.

Loki growled, his eyes peering up at yours; they had gone completely [e/c] now. He pushed you off and grabbed your elbow, meaning to escape with you, but Steve’s shield flung Loki back. You readjusted your sling ring, your token of power, and curled a whip around Loki’s ankles. Steve charged forward and for a moment you feared he was going to bash Loki’s head in with the metal saucer. In that moment you had completely forgotten about everything besides that fact you loved him. You gasped, stepping back and releasing your hold. Loki flung upwards and drew the scepter against Steve’s jaw.

Damn your emotions, you thought as the square began to clear up.

“Let him go!” you boomed to Loki who now towered over the Captain. He sent you a glare, teeming with rage. He raced to you and pressed the tip of your scepter at your chest. The sharp, cold sting rushed through out your blood despite your attempts to keep it out. “Enhanced on the field has been compromised!” It was that woman’s voice again, coming from the unseen speaker.

“I got it!” Steve cried. Before you could move, the shield bounced against your forehead and you were on your back, seeing stars.

Loki’s vague yell was the last you heard.

Loki X Reader

warnings: none
description: Loki and you get caught by Odin in his throne room.


The throne room in the Asgardian palace was quiet except for the mouse like footsteps coming from the side hall. Small bare feet scurried in, running almost silently to hide behind the huge golden throne. I grinned to mysef, the marble floor cold against my bare legs. The white cotton shirt hung down to my mid thighs, the sleeves far past the elbow where they were supposed to end. I leaned my head against the cold object, biting my lip nervously. He wouldn’t find me here.

Or so I thought, as I heard the soft footsteps coming in from the same hall I had come in from. I held my breath, knowing he could probably hear me. A deep chuckle echoed in the room, and i held back a giggle. “Y/N, my dove, I know you’re in here.”

Silence for a second, then he continued, footsteps echoing like his voice. “You aren’t hiding behind the pillars, I doubt you can fly…”

The silver tongued god came closer; closer enough that I could hear his breathing. “So you must be…”

He was casting a shadow on the marble now, and I knew that there was no escape. Yet, I moved into a crouching position, my black painted toenails dark against the golden floor. “Behind the throne!”

He jumped the corner, and I shot out the other side, running as fast as I could. “No!”

“Yes!” He laughed as I continued to run, and he appeared in front of me. I made a U-turn, and ran smack into his shirtless chest. Staring up at the smirking god, I widened my eyes in realization at his trickery.

“Lolo! No cheating!” I protested, frowning comically. “You promised!”

“I most certainly did not promise,” he replied, making a face of innocence. “I said no such thing.”

“And I have no recollection of taking down the rule of staying out of my throne room.” We turned around quickly, staring at the old man in the hall. Odin had an expression of anger, directed at Loki and me, who happened to be wearing his shirt. Loki looked properly ashamed while still holding me.

Odin stepped forward, staff clicking on the marble floor, echoing like gunshots. I flinched with every sound, and soon buried my head in Loki’s chest as he held me protectively. The Allfather stopped in front of the throne,staring down at us. “Never, in my life, have I ever encountered such insolence or disrespect. She has had a rebellious effect on you, Loki, and I don’t like it.”

Loki stiffened under my fingertips as he processed his father’s words. “She has not, Allfather. I am not rebellious, like you say, and she has not influenced me in that way.”

“She’s poison, Loki. I don’t like her, I never have.”

I could feel my boyfriend’s anger radiating from him as his heart began to beat faster against my ear. “How dare you? She is standing right here-”

“You are hereby not permitted to see her, Loki!” Odin interrupted, booming voice causing tears to come to my eyes. “She is a bad influence on you, my son. I will not permit it.”

Loki stepped away from me, glaring up at his father in anger and defiance. “No.”

“What?” The Allfather replied, astonished.

“I. Said. No.” Loki said, teeth gritted. “I love her, Allfather. I intend to marry her. She is the love of my life, and you may think that I am just a child in love, and that it will not last, but I tell you this: our love will last until the next age, and even after that. I love her to the moon and back. I love her to Jotunheim and back. I love her to the ends of the universe. I love her with all of my heart, my soul, my being. I’d give up anything for her. So excuse me when I say that I will never leave her alone. I made a promise to protect her, and I intend to keep it until I die, and even afterward. Goodbye, Allfather.”

He turned to walk away, grasping my hand and pulling me with him with a blush on my cheeks at his words. As we entered the hall, Odin heard these words echoing from it, and smiled.

“Did you mean it?”

“Of course I did, my love. I always do.”


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
16. You and _______ have a Christmas couple cook-off with _______ and ______ (<insert another couple here), and things get messy.
Request from @pinktrouble.

A/N: Hey, my first crossover ever! Is it really as weird as it felt when I wrote it? You tell me!

Words: 1095
Warnings: none

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Avengers Rap Parody

I like Clint


And I cannot lie
The Winter Soldier can’t deny
When Cap walks in with his itty bitty waist
And a round shield in your face, you get


My magic hammer
If you


Loki x Reader Imagine

warnings: none
requested: no
prompt: “I don’t want a baby.”
description: you tell Loki you’re pregnant, and he confesses why he doesn’t want a child.



You smiled nervously, taking Loki’s hands in yours. “You’re going to be a father, love.”

Loki looked away from your smiling face, staring at the wall as he spoke quietly. “I don’t want a baby.”

Your face fell, eyes widening in hurt and shock. You let go of his hands, stepping backwards while searching his face. “What do you mean?”

His eyes closed momentarily, then shifted to the floor. “I don’t want a baby, Y/N.”

“But…I thought you’d be happy,” You murmured shakily, eyes starting to well up with tears. “You’re my husband, Loki. You’re supposed to be happy…”

He stared at you guiltily as you began to cry, hands resting in front of your nonexistent baby bump. Loki’s eyes filled up at your pain, the pain that he caused, and stepped forward. “Y/N-”

“Don’t.” You said through your tears, voice wobbly. “Just go away.”


“GO AWAY!” You yelled, looking him in the face as tears poured down your cheeks. “I HATE YOU, DAMMIT!”

The last words made him stumble backwards in shock, and he felt coldness creeping up his arm, skin turning blue as he lost control of himself. Loki waved an arm over his body and disappeared, leaving you to sob helplessly in your empty bed.


Five days, you didn’t speak, to him or anyone else. You could feel your heart ripping everytime he walked past, without even a backwards glance. Finally, you looked up late at night as he appeared in your shared room, put together whereas you were a mess. You clenched your jaw, glaring at his figure at the end of the four poster bed. “You look well.”

He snorted in the candlelight, shimmering and reappearing as he really was, hair tangled and wavy, eyes red and puffy, clothes rumpled. He smiled wainly, spreading his hands bitterly. “Is my true state better?”

You chuckled humorlessly from your spot on the bed. “What do you want, Loki?”

“I came to apologize.” He sighed, coming closer to sit on the bed in front of me.

“For what? Not wanting our child?” You said angrily, tears welling up again. “Well thanks, now leave.”

“Y/N, I love you, and I love our child-”

“Funny way of showing it.”

“Listen, please,” Loki said tightly, and you sat back, knowing he was about to either break your heart or mend it. “I don’t want a baby because I don’t want it growing up with a horrible father. I don’t want it to grow up knowing that it’s father is…me.”

“Loki, darling,” You said, scooting closer to his body and laying your hand on his shoulder. “You will be a wonderful father. You are a good man, a beautiful man, a kind man, and I love you. I love you, and this baby will love you.”

Loki’s face softened and his eyes gleamed as he leaned in to kiss you tenderly, lips lingering on your own as he whispered softly, “I’m so sorry, my love. Forgive me.”

You smiled against his lips, wrapping your arms around him tightly. “Always, Loki.”

TITLE: Sorry


AUTHOR: the-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine getting sick because of Loki’s prank gone wrong. Feeling extremely guilty, Loki annoyingly tries to nurse you back to health.

RATING: General


“I’m fine,” You said swatting Loki’s hand away as he tried to dab your head with a cool cloth.

“No, you are not.  Look at you, the healers would have out you on bed rest if you were “fine”.”

“And who do I have to thank for that?” You snapped, but felt a little bad when Loki’s eyes sank to the floor sadly.

“I didn’t mean for you to get sick, I just thought it would be funny.”

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“(Y/n)!” you heard before all went black. You, along with other warriors, went on a seemingly simple mission. That was true until you were ambushed. There were thousands of them and only a few of you. No matter how hard everyone fought, the enemy progressed. You fought bravely but you could not help but look to Loki, assuring he was safe. When you look to see him, you felt a sharp pain in your stomach. Your eyes looked to the spot where the pain stemmed from and you saw a sword and blood. Then, everything seemed to slow down. The last thing you saw was Loki rushing to your side.

When you awoke, you were laying on your bed, a large bandage wrapped around your stomach. You tried to sit up but the pain was to much. You looked around and saw none other than Loki sitting in your armchair, fast asleep. Once again you tried to rise but again, it was to much. You groaned and flopped back on your bed. The sudden noise woke the sleeping Loki and he was instantly by your side.

“(y/n)” he said, his voice quite

“I’m still me” you laughed

He smiled and took your small hand in his “I almost lost you” he whispered “are you feeling alright?” he asked

“I have felt better, but I think I’m going to live” you said, offering him a reassuring smile

He sighed “that is good to hear, my love, I can not see how I would be able to live without you. What caused you to be so distracted, you would have killed that beast before he knew what was happening if you were focused”

Again you smiled “I was looking to you” you said “I needed to make sure that you stayed safe”

“I distracted you?” he asked “my darling, you need to understand that I can take care of myself, your safety is of utmost importance”

A soft pair of lips kissed your forehead. Loki looked into your eyes and smiled “I am so glad that you are safe, now my love, get some rest” he said, sanding and walking towards the door. Before he left, he turned his head “I know that I am gorgeous but next time focus on the fight, and not on me.” You could hear his chuckle as he walked down the hall. He may be cocky, but you loved him none the less. 

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How Could He Not

TITLE: How Could He Not


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine Loki being a sickly child. You’re the child of a palace maid and ordinarily you keep your distance from the princes, but one day you find Loki in his room, gazing at Thor and the other children playing outside from his bed. You decide to keep him company, reading books with him and even sneaking pastries from the kitchens for him while no one is looking. 

RATING: General


“But mother, I feel fine! I really do!” Loki whined.

“Loki, you can’t, you may feel fine now, but that can change in an instant. Anyway, Thor and the others are just too rough for you to play with.” The Queen looked at her youngest son sadly, “Why don’t you run along to the library, your chair is all set up for you and I will send someone up in a while to see if you need anything.”

“But I hate being inside, I want to go out!”

“We can walk in the gardens later when it’s warmer.” She wrapped Loki’s thick woolen robe tighter around him.

“I want to play! I never get to do anything!”

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TITLE: I Guess This is Growing Up


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine being another child that Odin has brought back to Asgard to raise alongside Thor and Loki.  Thor is always the older brother but even from a young age, there is no denying the connection between you and Loki.

RATING: General


And you would let me dry your hair 
I thought about you everywhere 
I haven’t been the same since then 
Just friends

Cause every time I ran
I ran to you
I meant it every time I said I loved you
I kiss the thought of you and I
I still regret the day that we said goodbye

And do you think of me at night 
I still wish we could’ve made it right 
You can’t say that I never tried 
I guess everything seems more clear 
Here on the other side

Tonight Alive - The Other Side

How Sigrun found her way back to her chambers she would never know. Her lungs felt like they were on fire as they screamed for air between her sobs and her eyes were blinded by tears; she felt like she was drowning.

She thought by bringing Thor back they could bring Loki back from the edge but all Loki saw was that she had betrayed him, that she had chosen Thor over him. Just like everyone else had. The hatred she saw in his eyes when he looked at her was seared into her brain. Sigrun couldn’t make it to the bed and collapsed on the cold stone floor where she continued to weep until her body was exhausted enough for her body to sleep.

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The Siren and the Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 16

Original Imagine: 

Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: None. Loki finally shows Raidne his stars!
Comments are ALWAYS welcome! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it!

Chapter 16

It was the middle of the day, but Loki and Raidne were contentedly snuggled under the blankets in Loki’s bed. There was no training that day, and everyone was still scrambling to figure out what had happened to Tony the night before, so they decided to hide away.

Loki brushed a stray strand of hair away from Raidne’s face, then pulled his arm out from under her head.

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So I watched TWS Again

Look into Bucky Barnes’ eyes and tell me he’s a villain. Go on, I’ll wait here:

You know what I see in those beautiful blue eyes? I see someone who’s confused and afraid. I see someone in horrible pain. While his face acquires a hard edge during fight sequences, whenever he pauses, you can see that look. 

His eyes hold none of Loki’s mischief.

Or Obidiah Stane’s greed.

Or Malekith’s arrogance.

Or Whiplash’s vengeance.

Or Redskull’s pure, unadulterated hatred.

Or even Alexander Pierce’s intense paranoia and corruption.

To quote Clint Barton, “You don’t understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Take you out and stuff something else in? You know what it’s like to be unmade?”


TITLE: I Guess This is Growing Up


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being another child that Odin has brought back to Asgard to raise along side Thor and Loki.  Thor is always the older brother but even from a young age there is no denying the connection between you and Loki.

RATING: General


One thousand miles away

There’s nothing left to say

But so much left that I don’t know

We never had a choice

This world is too much noise

It takes me under

It takes me under once again

I don’t hate you

I don’t hate you no

Rise Against - Savior

When Sigrun woke up the next morning she knew it was late, and as her heart sunk she also realized she had missed the send-off ceremony. Trying to convince herself that Odin and Thor wouldn’t care and that she would have preferred to chew glass than see Loki after last night, she pulled the covers back over her head.

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