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No elected President—none—has had such a tumultuous, scandal-threatened, and downright mind-boggling start, with such low public approval, as has this one. And this has happened while the President’s party controlled both Houses of Congress, now likely the Supreme Court, a majority of governorships and state legislatures—and the FBI.

It is not bias or political partisanship to conclude this. It is fact, historical and otherwise. It is those who deny this that are the ones blinded by partisanship.
With this fact—and in no small part because of it—comes a companion conclusion: that this is dangerous time. Very. No one should underestimate the potential peril. Not just for the Trump Presidency but also and more importantly for the country.


Dan Rather

The only thing protecting us from Trump’s ambition is Trump’s incompetence.

Just saw this post on my dash and because the person who made it blocked me. I’ll answer here. 

Their post: “Literally never gonna forgot the trans man that gave a speech at a women’s college about how he doesn’t yet have male privilege while he was the student body president. So you know a man so happened to rise politically to president had nothing to do with gender.”

In American, 4 trans people have been elected into office. 4/4 of them were trans women or non-binary DMAB people. 

In the rest of the world, 19 trans people have been elected. 19/19 of them were DMAB. 

Trans women elected to office: 23
Trans men: 0

No trans men have been elected. None. 

okay but consider this: morgwen ruling camelot. morgana, being both a pendragon and magic, is the key to the prophesy, which honestly makes a lot more sense. gwen is the best queen of all time bar none. she’s elected by the people to rule with morgana. they are two halves of the same whole and complete and complement each other.

but what about merlin and arthur, you say. well consider this: returning magic to the land is complicated, more complicated than just overturning a law. the people must have internalized some fear of magic by now. so gwen and morgana send merlin and arthur to travel all of avalon, showing the people how magic can be used for good. how it can work with nonmagic instead of against it, to return magic to the land. and in reality, that means they travel all of avalon returning queerness to the land by showing everyone how in love they are

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I have trouble sympathizing with most of the characters in ASOIAF, because none of them represent an ideology I can get behind. Starks are better than Boltons, Stannis is better than Cersei, but they are all unelected hereditary authoritarians. When choosing between 1. Hitler, 2. Stalin and 3. Mussolini, I'd reluctantly go with Mussolini, but I'd much rather choose 4. LEAVE THE PLANET. I don't care who wins the game of thrones. The only winning move is not to play.

I totally get that. GRRM had Tyrion muse on the inherent backwardness of democracy for a reason; we’re never supposed to forget how these characters conceive of power. However, I don’t think that’s an appropriate analogy. Hitler became chancellor as a result of parliamentary politics in the wake of his party doing very well in an election, and none of those three can be called “hereditary” rulers. I’m not remotely saying that this makes popular elections a bad thing, just that I don’t think it’s wise to assume that elections will prevent monsters from rising to power. I’d also argue that it was a very, very good thing for Westeros and in particular the smallfolk of the North that Mance, who didn’t rely on heredity in the least to win his crown, got his ass kicked by Stannis, the avatar of hereditary rule. 

I would also push back on the idea that there are no values in Westeros’ social/political model worth defending: “I charge you to be brave, I charge you to be just, I charge you to defend the young and innocent.” Now, of course, The System itself often fails to reflect those values, but we do see individuals live up to them, and that’s an ideology I can get behind. Take Edmure, for example: “My people. They were afraid.” Or Brienne: “No chance, and no choice.” Or Dunk: “a knight who remembered his vows.” Or, perhaps above all, Davos: “a king protects his people, or he is no king at all.” 

And speaking of the onion knight, allow me to make the case for the one true king. He raised a peasant-born smuggler to knighthood and then lordship, consistently included him in his councils specifically to get the perspective of someone outside the nobility, and is prepared to “make new lords” alongside him. He not only rode to the defense of the realm when no other king would, but after defeating the wildlings so as to eliminate the immediate threat to the North, his next move was to welcome them through the Wall, believing it his duty to defend them from the Others. So, yeah, I too am not fond of hereditary monarchy as a system of governance. However, I think people often miss that Stannis possesses some genuinely radical politics, especially for someone in his position and with his background. Davos, of course, had to convince Stannis to sail to the Wall…but Davos was only in the position to do that because Stannis raised him up, and Stannis specifically made Davos his Hand because Davos will tell Stannis what he does not want to hear, but needs to. And this “a king who still cared” side of him is rooted in his empathy for the downtrodden and defenseless: “When I was a lad I found an injured goshawk and nursed her back to health. Proudwing, I named her.” The difference between that on the one hand, and Cersei and Tywin on the other, is significantly more than the difference between Hitler and Mussolini.

Finally, I don’t think “not playing” is actually an option. Every action is political. 

Trump is not Palpatine!

Trump might be Hitler, Trump might be a lot of things, but people, please stop comparing Trump to Palpatine! It is an insult to the most successful Sith Lord out there. xD 

1. Palpatine is a lifelong, polished politician by trade. Trump is a blustering blowhard half-failed businessman. 

2. Palpatine is soft-spoken, persuasive, reserved/aloof, and endlessly manipulative. Trump is loud, obnoxious, blunt, and falls for every piece of bait Clinton threw at him.

3. Palpatine plays a long game, a very long game. Trump lives for the crowd-pleasing moments and is very short-sighted and impulsive. 

4. Palpatine is extremely intelligent and capable, evil as he is. Trump is…. not smart or capable. Although evil seems to fit. StupidEvil. Not MastermindEvil like Palpatine. 

5. Palpatine is universally beloved by the entire Republic. Trump is globally loathed by all but his supporters. 

6. Palpatine rules a Galactic Republic/Empire for 30+ combined years. Trump is going to be a president of a single country for either 4 or 8 years. 

7. Honestly, the list could go on and on…

After looking at this list… it actually looks like Palpatine lost the 2016 election… jk. None of these politicians are anything like Palpatine. xD 

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Hey, I am from Moray, Angus Robertson's constituency, and for us, my home place, he hasn't been focussed upon our home recently. The Brexit results for moray had a difference of 122 votes, Robertson then continued to slag all the leave voters off even though his constituency had one of the closest results, considering just under half of the voters, voted to leave. Not meaning to disregard any of your opinions at all, only wanting a discussion and giving possible reasons why this occurred!

Hiya there

I know people have their own personal and varied legitimate reasons for voting or against a particular candidate. Whilst I used what happened in Moray as a specific example, my main point and quarrel is that the snp/green or any independence supporting candidates are always at a disadvantage because of how biased the entire media is towards unionism. I could go on forever about this particular point and provide you with more factual examples of this but that is not what you asked me so I will not force my opinion onto you. If you do care to learn more about this I’d highly recommend watching this political documentary if you’d like. It’ll help you understand my position on the matter, after winning the 56, I knew the only way was down a bit for the SNP, but this video will show why I find what happened in your home place so troubling.

But to get back to the point you make about Moray being a close EU vote and Angus’s mocking of those who voted Leave. I myself don’t recall seeing or reading of any slagging from Angus Robertson aimed directly at his constituents in particular. If he did make some derogatory comments slandering the Leave campaigners, and did not make the distinction he was not talking about voters, then that was obviously an ill judged thing of him to do. I personally, thought that the Leave campaign was an utter mess, full of horrible racist rhetoric. I’m also fairly sure that Leave only scraped their win by waving the Union Jack, blaming EU migrants for all the problems caused by Tory austerity and of course the promise of 350 mill a week for the NHS, which evaporated the morning of the results. 

None the less, I do know there were also a good amount of sensible people that were repulsed by Nigel Farage and all the things he was doing and saying yet they had their own good reasons for choosing to vote leave. So I guess you could be right in what you are saying, that the people of Moray felt that they were being mocked by Angus, decided on retribution by voting him out of his seat for a Tory. It’s kind of like the massive mistake that Hillary Clinton made, I’m sure she meant the racist and sexist among Trumps supporters specifically when called the opposition ‘deplorables’ but the entire Republican electorate took offense, and it was a big dent to her appeal to voters.

Of course both situations are entirely different. I don’t know how you are politically persuaded. Whether you yourself voted Leave or not. Whether you voted Tory on this occasion or have voted Tory for a long time. What’s done is done, I’m not going to jump too much to Angus’s defense to a person that might dislike him. I believe in independence and I am and SNP supporter, but I am not a blind allegiant. I am working on a very long text post in my drafts right now pointing out instances where I think the SNP goes wrong with regards to public relations, again it is hard to get an appealing message across when the entire media forces are aligned against you, but there is definitely room for improvement on their part, I don’t mind saying that. 

You said you think Angus didn’t focus on his constituency of Moray enough, and again not to roll out an unconditional pardon for him but between David Cameron calling the EU referendum that Angus was duty bound to campaign in, and Theresa May calling the snap general election, none of the SNP candidates have probably been able to spend as much time as they would have liked on their own turf having surgeries with their constituents to talk about matters of concern people in the community have. That and of course Westminster is cutting the Scotland budget that the SNP has to distribute over Scotland every year, making it harder for councils to easily secure budgets for community improvement projects ect.

I don’t think for one second that if there hadn’t been that lie about the NHS money apparently being stolen away to Brussels, Leave’s percentage of 38 in Scotland would have been a lot lower. But there is obviously some lingering appeal to Brexit given the unionist gains in the election. Even though both the Tories and Scottish Labour were both hugely pro EU and single market up until a few weeks after the result.

And this is where I don’t understand unionists, I understand them even less after the EU vote. ScotLab and especially the Tories have went back on everything they ever said about the EU prior to the vote. About it causing an economic crash and their abandonment of staying in the single market. Even if I was Leave inclined, that certainly wouldn’t tempt me to vote for them, even the side that was in favor made no preparations for a win and Westminster still don’t have much of a clue on how to proceed almost a year later. 

And I’m sorry, but to vote out an SNP member on the grounds of lack of respect and appreciation in exchange for a Tory is madness to me. The Conservatives are not a party of the people. You’ll probably see less of your new candidate Douglas Ross than you did Angus as he has previously blown off parliament to referee football games. That doesn’t sound one bit like a committed and caring public servant to me.

This post is getting rather long so before I bore you to death, I’ll begin to wrap up with these points. I know the EU is not perfect, but really it’s a very democratic system designed to encourage peace, cooperation and enterprise between it’s members who all get a vote on matters within it and I, in a nutshell don’t see anything wrong with that however, I know that the whole IN/OUT issue is a thorn in a lot of people’s sides. I say this as someone who is pro EU and for all the benefits of membership. As an independent country, if years down the line it no longer became practical or desirable for Scotland to remain in the EU, because we’d have full parliamentary powers, we’d be able to have our own IN/OUT referendum at a time of our own choosing and with a proper debate minus the bus side bullshit. 

And in an independent Scotland, you will always get the government you vote for. If a party came along that I thought had better MP’s and polices than the SNP, my vote would be up for grabs. If Scottish Labour stopped behaving like a London branch office and went back to it’s working class roots it would do well in an independent Scotland I think. Now, Labour’s real gains have caused a hung parliament for the Tories because of England’s votes. If Scotland were independent already the Tories in Moray and elsewhere wouldn’t have Theresa May’s unpopularity effecting their electorate here. In short everyone would be able to be more fairly represented and be more fair representation if Scotland had full control of it’s own government. And if we didn’t like what an elected party was doing, we could vote them out. Simple.

I hope that I answered your question and explained my own point of view sufficiently. I do have a fair knowledge of politics but for the better information about politics here @ayeforscotland and @oh-glasgow are both great sources.

However if you do have questions please feel free to drop me an ask or even message me directly if you’d feel more comfortable, I swear on our flag that I will respect your privacy and keep your username confidential .Thanks again for contacting me and being nice about it, all the best.

King George III is intentionally not invited.

A Note Before the Election

Tomorrow marks what will arguably be the most important election in US history. I know most of you know who you will vote for and/or have already voted, but just in case you are still planning to vote third party or are undecided altogether, please read this:

The Holocaust didn’t start with gas chambers and concentration camps.

It started with a man who wanted to make Germany great again.

It started with an “us versus them” mentality.

It gained traction when Hitler blamed the previous government for their current political situation.

All of this happened before Hitler even took power.

About a year after coming into power, Hitler was able to turn Germany into a single power dictatorship and rewrite the German constitution and arrange it so that the Reichstag only met when he called on them.

In this time, Hitler’s political opponents were jailed.

In less than 5 years after Hitler’s rise to power, most of the Jewish community can’t even go out into public.

We all know where the story goes from there. We haven’t even elected Donald Trump, but he has already done the first three items on this list. He may come off as a buffoon, but I am almost one hundred percent positive that he is playing dumb for the cameras and for his followers so they see someone they can relate to. If nothing else, the tiny loophole he exploited to avoid paying taxes for nearly TWO DECADES should indicate on some level what he is capable of.

And while Jewish people are most often remembered as victims of the Holocaust (and I do not mean to demean their memory or minimize what happened in any way by saying this), it is important to remember that there were also LGBTQ, mentally and physically disabled people, and basically anyone that was not white with blonde hair and blue eyes (along with anyone that opposed Hitler’s point of view) in the camps.

Donald Trump has already made his position clear on people of the Muslim faith, and on the Latino community. He has already said that he will repeal gay marriage and appointed the supervillain of the LGBTQ community as his VP pick, and he has openly mocked at least one mentally handicapped individual. How long before he starts openly persecuting these groups because he has the power to do so? How did he get far enough that I felt the need to make this post?

So please, for the love of all things fluffy, and for our Muslim friends, our LGBT friends, our black and Latinx friends, and for every human being in this damn country, vote Hillary. There is no way we come out of a Trump presidency in good standing.

Bernie Sanders on voting for Hillary:
  • Bernie: YO
  • Bernie: The people are asking to hear my voice
  • Bernie: the country is facing a difficult choice
  • Bernie: and if you were to ask me who I'd promote....
  • Bernie: ......Hillary has my vote
  • Bernie: I've never agreed with Hillary once
  • Bernie: We've fought on like 75 different fronts
  • Bernie: but when all is said and all is done
  • Bernie: Hillary has beliefs. Trump has NONE.
We broke the Panama Papers story. Here's how to investigate Donald Trump
We were successful because we collaborated with other journalists. Now it is time for the media to join forces once again – especially given the threat Trump poses
By Bastian Obermayer

Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer at The Guardian:

Donald Trump is now president. This challenges many of us, not least members of the press. Countless reporters are still shaken and stunned by how he singled out a CNN reporter, one of the most respected news outlets in the world, to attack and humiliate him during his first press conference since winning the elections. Worryingly, none of his fellow journalists in the room stood up for him at the time.

This wasn’t Trump’s first attack on the press, and it certainly won’t be his last. The first White House press briefing, held on Saturday, featured bullying, threats and unproven claims. That is why a new level of solidarity and cooperation is needed among the fourth estate.

American journalists should stop him from dividing their ranks – however hard their professional competition may be. They should do the opposite: unite, share and collaborate. Even if doing so would mean embracing something quite unfamiliar and new to American journalism.

The Panama Papers has showed that a formerly unthinkable project of collaboration can work. When we shared the data of the papers with a team of 400 reporters worldwide, we brought together a vast number of investigative reporters who typically compete which each other. The main reason why our newspaper, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, shared the story with competitors was simply that it was too big and too important to do alone.

Now, once again, we are faced with a story that is too big and too important to handle on our own: Donald Trump’s impact on the democracy of the United States of America.

Of course, American media can’t approach this the way we did for the Panama Papers, when the Washington DC-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) coordinated the work of 107 news outlets around the world. But there’s a wide range of possibilities for how news outlets could work together.

This first step could be showing concrete solidarity. The next time Donald Trump tries to single out a reporter, or doesn’t answer a question, the next reporter who’s allowed to speak should repeat the question of the journalist Trump has snubbed.

And if Trump stops this reporter, too, then the next one should repeat the original question, and so on. This would be a new, unusual approach. But if the media doesn’t want to see more press conferences like the disastrous one we saw recently, they will need to be bold.

The next level of solidarity and cooperation is even more challenging. Let us assume a source approaches a reporter of the Washington Post with important information which is hard for them to corroborate. Why not reach out to a colleague who already did work on this topic, even if at a rival publication – the New York Times, CNN, ProPublica, Fox News or where ever – for help? They might have the missing piece of the puzzle, they might have the vital second source and they might have what it takes to publish the story. So why not collaborate?

The highest level of collaboration – which is what these times require – would be special joint projects. A possible first project could be to look into his international business ties, and those of his billionaire cabinet, to find all of their conflicts of interest.

Donald Trump alone has his hands in hundreds of companies, so it is impossible for one news outlet alone to investigate this properly. But it is not impossible if there’s a collaborative investigation.

Another project could be to investigate his ties to Russia and his past with Russia, which also is very promising, even if you don’t believe a single word of the Trump dossier Buzzfeed made public. Unknown conflicts of interests in both fields can turn out to be a huge danger to the national security of the US.

Collaboration could even mean working with foreign news outlets in different countries, whose reporters certainly might have more knowledge of Trump’s respective business partners than a US-based journalist. This is an experience we had over and over while our international Panama Papers team worked on stories about Iceland, Russia, Pakistan, the UK or Argentina.

Trump is now the president of the United States. He is the government. It has always been the noblest job of a journalist to check the power of government, the center of power. This seems even more important as the president acts like one of the oligarchs that journalists like the two of us, who work on international corruption, investigate again and again.

He threatened his Democratic opponent with jail, he is making promises no one can fulfill, he is mixing family and government, he is mixing business and government, he is obstructing control and he is fighting the freedom of press.

This government has decided to go down a new and hostile path. Now, it is time for us to change path, too. That’s not only just fair – it is absolutely necessary.

Bernie Sanders is great, we all know that, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT WRITE HIS NAME IN TOMORROW WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE. Yes, Bernie is awesome but he has 0 chance of winning this election, absolutely none. By writing him in, you’re literally throwing away your vote, and your vote is ESSENTIAL in this election.

If you were to write Bernie in, it’s easy to assume that you’re a Democrat. By writing in Bernie, you’re not giving your vote to the Democratic party nominee (Hillary Clinton) and, therefore, put her at a disadvantage. By doing that, you’re giving Trump the advantage in this election.

Also, please do not refrain from voting because you don’t believe your vote counts; every vote counts, especially in this election in particular.

IT IS BEYOND IMPORTANT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON IN TOMORROW’S ELECTION. We can not allow for a racist, ignorant, rude, immature rapist to be President of the United States of America.

Arthur Recap Season 5 Episode 6 The Election

What UP? I’m back from Europe and shit is just CRAZZZY between unpacking, organizing my souvenirs, doing my laundry, playing the Kim K game, and listening to Anaconda and the Flawless remix….

Sigh. I am always so busy, you know. And then I got a guest recap submission and I was like, “Oh yeah gotta keep churning out those recaps”.

It’s presumably 30 something years into the future because Muffy Crosswire is being sworn in as the president of the United States. I say 30 something because there’s a law that says US presidential candidates must be at least 35 years old. If you are wondering what party Muffy is affiliated with, let me quote from her acceptance speech: “Ask not what I can do for you, but what you can do for me.”

So that she’s a Republican is probably a safe bet.

I find it funny that many Lakewood alumni are now in the US government. The unnknown rabbit, Alex, is standing behind Muffy as she is sworn in (he’s the one in the yellow shirt and the green coat) and Brain is the one swearing her in, which implies that he must be a Chief Justice on the Supreme Court and Binky is in the Secret Service as well.

As Muffy makes her speech, our HBIC Arthur is the audience! I assume Arthur too busy running Elwood City like a club and launching a highly successful children’s book series/TV show about his childhood to enter politics. Arthur tries to holla at her but Muffy yells, “SECURITY!” and has him escorted.

Arthur is confused as to why she is pretending not to remember him and tries to jog her memory by bringing up the 3rd grade class election. Unfortunately, this is Muffy’s beserk button and she screeches, “DON’T EVER BRING THAT UP TO ME!”

Arthur is hauled off and remarks, “She takes things way too seriously”. Arthur can afford to be chill about being arrested because one of his childhood buddies is a Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

But what happened at the 3rd grade election? Let’s find out!

Ratburn announces that as they conclude their unit on government, the class will hold a mock election. The kids talk about it on the playground and Francine is the first to express interest in running. Everyone hurriedly tries to talk her out it, fearing her tyranny of bitchery. Muffy suggests that Francine be a campaign manager instead. 

Buster suggests that Arthur run since he’s so popular and Muffy tries to laugh at him. However, we get the last laugh because when Muffy announces her candidacy, no one says a peep but when Buster nominates Arthur, everyone cheers him on. Arthur is initially hesitant but agrees.

Muffy throws him a dirty look when he accepts. Uh-oh…

At lunch time, both camps have strategy meetings. The boys are mostly chill about the election–Buster says Arthur just needs a few jokes to win over the crowd and Binky suggests Arthur riff on Lincoln’s “four score and seven years ago” speech for laughs. Meanwhile, Muffy is getting into gear like she’s Hillary Clinton and demanding catchy slogans, appointments with her salon for a presidential ‘do, and pinpointing hot button issues.

In class, the kids learn that like the presidents before them, they have to identify the important issues they stand for.

After school, Arthur tries to invite Francine to the Sugar Bowl but Muffy drags her away and admonishes her for talking to “the enemy”. Arthur and Buster and me think Muffy needs to chillax.

At Casa de Read, Buster is reading dumb jokes for Arthur to use when D.W. comes by. She wants to know what Arthur’s stances on school issues are and suggests he get cool campaign colors. Arthur tries to dismiss her and claims the election isn’t a big deal but the next day, Buster and Arthur find that Muffy has printed color posters and buttons.

So they go to work and make their own posters for Arthur and hang them up the next day, but Muffy mocks them as she hands out her muffins and tries to ignite fear mongering about Arthur. Arthur tries to tell her to play fair but Muffy laughs. “You think politics are fair?” she sneers.

Arthur can’t even report her bitchery because Muffy gives a muffin to Ratburn and we all know that man thinks with his stomach.

The candidates have their debate, moderated by the Brain. Arthur has good ideas to help the school (clean the school grounds, buy more library books, etc) while Muffy is concerned with getting better lighting in the girl’s bathrooms and putting in amusement park rides in the playground. Arthur thinks the whole school should pitch in to make his ideas happen while Muffy hand waves any money concerns because her dad can pay for everything.

Ratburn congratulates them for the exciting debate which causes Binky to pretend to snore. He offers actual fun ideas like snacks in class, no homework, and getting to be absent once a week with no questions asked. The whole class cheers and Ratburn decides to integrate a write in candidate to the election.

Muffy protests since she put in so much money and time on her campaign and it’s not fair that Binky gets to waltz in at the last minute. However, Ratburn points out that in a true democracy, anyone can run. Arthur has no problem with it, which makes Muffy furious. 

“If you had any backbone, you’d agree with me,” she fumes at him.

Voting occurs after lunch (or at least, I assume so) and Binky is the winner!

Muffy is upset, as to be expected, but Arthur shrugs off the loss and can see why Binky won. His ideas were certainly attractive but unfortunately for Binky, this was a mock election and none of his policies will be implemented, not even the snacks in class rule.

Muffy tells Arthur she will never forget that it was his fault that Binky won the election.

Grade: B+ (Seeing Muffy drive herself into a frenzy is where the character really gets her most comedic although bitchiest moments. I don’t know if this episode was meant as an homage to the book/film Election but I saw some parallels. Muffy is an expy for Tracy Flick, Arthur is the popular and kind Paul Metzler, and Binky could be Tammy Metzler as neither was particularly concerned with winning and just wanted to shake things up.

Also, I wanted to point out that if this was a real election, Muffy would have probably been the winner. Brain said earlier in the episode that campaigns can cost up to millions of dollars and Muffy would have the advantage and would have crushed her opponents with fear mongering ads and bought up every single vote that she could. Write in candidates don’t win and Binky probably would have enjoyed a brief surge of popularity and had memes created from his soundbites but then faded to obscurity (Remember “the rent is too damn high”? Remember who said it? Exactly). Arthur might have a chance of winning if there was enough backlash against Muffy and let’s face it, she is a blatantly selfish person so there might be a big one. But even if Muffy didn’t manage to steamroll him, there is no doubt she would spend his presidency trying to undermine him.)

Rating: 85% intense. Elections are intense.

Y’all can keep saying “You’re not American so this election is none of your buisness!”. 

But the fact remains, that yesterday, I saw thousands of pictures/videos of people enthusiastically voting for the candidate they believed would secure their future and protect their rights. Yesterday, everyone seemed so hopeful that the bad guy could be defeated. 

So it should be understandable that today, I am devastated to hear about people crying themselves to sleep, people feeling unsafe because of their ethnicity or gender and people who consider killing themselves because of the outcome of this election. 

This is not about non-Americans interfering in American politics. This is about non-Americans who feel for those who will suffer from the outcome of this election. 

So I want all all my lgbtq+, muslim, jewish, asian, black, hispanic and female followers living in America to know, that we see your grief and feel with you. We don’t have any idea either, how this could ever happen, but whatever happens, we’ll be there!

Gloria Steinem Doesn’t Respect Young Feminists, Doesn’t Understand Modern Feminism

Gloria Steinem, famous for her feminist activism and writings from the 1960s-70s, was interviewed on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ Friday night to promote her new book, “My Life on the Road.” She was asked why young women are so much more likely to support Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton, and her answer has gotten a lot of attention.

“When you’re young, you’re thinking ‘Where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie.”

When he pushed her on this, saying, “Now if I said that, ‘They’re for Bernie cause that’s where the boys are,’ you’d swat me,” she laughed, responding, “No, I wouldn’t. How well do you know me?” Even given the chance to walk back or clarify her words, she stuck by them.

I am so disappointed. I thought Gloria Steinem was better than this. Young women are only interested in Bernie because they want to meet boys? That’s what’s important to them in this election? None of this makes sense. How would Gloria Steinem have reacted if someone had told her in 1970 that women were only involved in political activism to meet men?

She was also asked if she agreed with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who said that young women are complacent about feminist politics. She acknowledged that there is a lot of activism among young women, but claimed that “women get more radical as we get older.” She explained her reasoning: “Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age and women get more radical because they lose power.”

I’m confused. Young women have more power than older women, yet they’re only interested in politics to meet boys? And what power is this supposed to be, exactly? Sexuality? Is she saying that a woman’s power lies in her sexual appeal to men? And if young women supposedly have so much power, why are we constantly seen as ridiculous, frivolous, apathetic? Why is it so hard for us to be taken seriously? Why is it so hard for Gloria Steinem to take us seriously?

When did Gloria Steinem stop believing in the revolutionary power of young women? Because to do what she’s done with her life, she would have had to believe in it at some point. She would have had to believe it about herself in the 1960s. So why can’t she see it in young women today?

She seems to believe that young women today are just as pointless as the misogynists of the 1960s and 1970s thought she and others in feminist movement were 50 years ago. What happened? When did Gloria Steinem start telling young feminists to get off her lawn? What’s with all this “back in my day” crap? If Gloria Steinem thinks she’s such a better feminist than young women today, women who are revolutionizing feminism so that it actively applies to the needs ALL women and improves the lives of people of ALL genders, then SHE is the one who is complacent when it comes to feminist movement.

This was demonstrated a few minutes later into the interview with Bill Maher in her response to his jab against Caitlyn Jenner being named Woman of the Year by Glamor magazine.

“The highest earning female in the corporate world, too, was a male previously.”

Trans women were not previously men! Trans women are, were, and will continue be women! Real women! And after saying this she laughed. It was disgusting and transphobic and it proved to me that Gloria Steinem should no longer be thought of as a feminist icon. She has lost that right.

Young women are the heart and soul of feminist movement today. They are also the largest supporters of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President. If you think it’s foolish of young women to not more broadly support Hillary Clinton, you don’t understand modern day feminism. I respect what it means to have a woman candidate for President, and as a feminist I love that women in politics are being taken more seriously, but simply being a woman isn’t enough of a reason on its own to support any candidate. Having women on the ballot isn’t good enough anymore for feminism today. We need candidates who understand the intersectional necessity and support the revolutionary goals of feminism. Young women do not support Bernie because of cute boys. They support Bernie because they recognize that his goals align with their own.

So go ahead, Gloria Steinem. Keep talking about young women as if we’re mindless, heteronormative children, easily distracted by any man with a nice smile and a #FeelTheBern t-shirt. We will enjoy proving you wrong. And don’t worry; we don’t expect a thank you.

“It’s Uter-Us, not Uter-I”.

(*my lovely friend, Supriya Diwedi, March 2016, when I was sick of explaining all the things wrong with my uterus to a whole panel of medical practitioners)

it’s fucking ridiculous how something the size of a pear will run your entire life and how many people have an opinion on its activity and use. 

I’m writing this after waiting about a year on a waitlist for someone to come fetch the beleaguered thing. It’s basically a crime scene by now- after so much blood loss in my mid 30s they went in and scorched its interior and it responded by Making All The Painful Things Happen. (if you’re a geek and into doctor gyno-google: I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, hyperplasia, polyps, fibroid tumours, a 95% septum across the bottom third, and cysts, and also issues from ehlers danlos syndrome II/III)

When you’re still a kid, this thing shows up and kicks you right in the gut. I grew up in the 80s to parents who did believe “the more I knew” and it wasn’t a surprise. At school the girls would get sent to Health Class where we were basically told about flowers and a wonderful passage to adulthood and given very twee pink boxes with what can only be described as diapers inside. No real information about what was going to happen. And what happened was just gross. And then it happened again and again and again.  

When I was eleven, this menace started. And despite being doubled over, unable to move, like I’d been kicked, with a river coming out of me, it was just “girl pain” and deemed an excuse for skipping school by administrators. 

Thus ensues decades of wondering whether the maximum dose of advil is there for legit reasons (it is) and learning to wash everything from your favourite jeans to an antique quilt with cold salt water and figuring out how to hide pads and tampons in all your purses and jackets.

This is the introduction that you are mortal, you are trapped in a meatcage that will do what it wants, where it wants, and when it wants - and you are simply along for the ride. It’s unfortunate only half the population gets this instruction in life, and maybe that’s why people who don’t have this instruction like to legislate it. Because it seems everyone who doesn’t have a uterus has an opinion on what this angry badger living in the core of your being should be doing. That it should basically have its own rights - like controlling your entire bloody life wasn’t enough of an inate constitutional right. I mean, I was on the pill for years not to control my fertility but to control my life - to quell the crushing anemia, the migraines, the agonizing pain, the sobbing, and the unpredictability of it. 

I didn’t want to have sex, are you kidding me??? I wanted to not be in screaming pain and dropped like a sack of sand at sometimes extremely random intervals. 

Eventually the chemicals weren’t enough to stop the force of this tiny little pear. Turns out I couldn’t have children even if I wanted to, SURPRISE! and that the thing has always been useless and broken, but try to tell that to a “there, there, you might change your mind” doctor, and having to agree to a compromise (an ablation) that made things worse, not better. 

I don’t need a legislative committee to weigh in on what’s right for me. 

Now? Now I’m waiting and in perimenopause. The thing no one talks about because of the whole “dried up spinster” thing. We just can’t win. Either we’re too sexy or not sexy enough. I don’t actually care anymore. My angry little pear has decided to do ALL THE THINGS now, including put me into a flop sweat when it’s -20 and turn me into a popsicle. And you’d think you’d get less periods, but you can have more. And this apparently can go on in my family for FIFTEEN YEARS. 

I always wondered why my aunt had air conditioning installed and used it. 

In winter. 

In Canada. 

Meantime I can feel tissue pushing back into my pelvis, because the ablation left it with no place to go but UP. (It’s called a “septum”) And if you think that’s nauseating to read, trust me, it’s worse in real life. My last year has been like dragging a corpse around. I’ve got vast, ridiculous medical complications that make daily living difficult, but the ongoing distension, the burning, the feeling like I’m in a boxing match when I’m just trying to be in a meeting, the rip the legs out from under you sensations… 

And constantly reading politicians - politicians without these angry pears lodged in their cores - how they “Feel About It”. Because it’s all about the sex, controlling the sex, the obsession with sex. Fucketyfuckery. 

If you cut off access to birth control pills and IUDs, if you smack down legislation on D&Cs and access to abortion, and funerals for early miscarriages, you’re doing more than preventing fertility control. These are how-do-I-function controls for hundreds of millions of people. 

Here’s how it works: I do what’s right for ME and MY quality of life in a dungeon of flesh and survival that I did not get to choose and you politicians saying whatever you think will keep you in power sit down and stfu. 

Meds? Ablations? Abortions? Hysterectomies? None of your business, elected official. Until you’ve had the sensation of your core being ripped from your body, once a month, every month, since you were still a *child*, you don’t get a say. And even if you have? That’s your experience. You have no idea what’s going on with the person next to you. Simply? You don’t get to say what anyone else should have to go through with their own little angry pear. 

I have full autonomy over my meatcage. I am the captain of this ship. And yes, I’m going to have a nice little party when the angry pear is extracted… I will celebrate a goodbye to thirty five years of life-ruining pain. 

I even bought post op party shoes.