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Request: could you please write a siriusxreader where he and james have the habit to take the cloak and stay up late in the commom room making bets about the couples making out and one night they caught their best friend, the reader, making out with a guy and she heard them and leave with the guy to her dorm and sirius stops talking to her and you can finish how you want?

“Guess we’ll have a boring night.” – Sirius said, sitting under the invisibility cloak with James. – “I can’t believe there’s not a single…” – But he stopped suddenly, when the portrait hole just opened up. He almost jumped up to greet Y/N, but then he saw a guy behind her, hand in hand, leading him into the common room.

“That was close.” – He breathed out as they plopped down on the couch. – “I thought Filch is going to murder us.”

“No, he’d prefer to torture us first, haven’t you heard that from him before?” – She giggled and rolled her eyes.

Rhys leaned closer and put his hand on her thigh. “Well, usually I’m not getting into any troubles… like you.”

“I don’t know what are you talking about.” – She replied with her most innocent face, looking up at him before he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her so passionately and deeply she had to lean back on the couch immediately.

Meanwhile, Sirius’ heart was beating in his ears and felt he could just go and rip the bloke apart – but more and more he saw he just really wanted to leave. He couldn’t watch this anymore. “I want to go.” – He almost jumped up, but James grabbed his arm, pulling him back to the ground just in time, while he was still under the cloak.

“What was that?” – Y/N asked suddenly, breaking the kiss while Rhys rested his hand under her skirt.

“I haven’t heard anything.” – He said quickly, in the attempt to continue what he started. A few seconds later she heard something again – and now she was sure. James and Sirius doing that again.

Anger filled her immediately; she always told them it’s a terrible thing to do, but knowing that her best friends sneaking up on her to…

She jumped up suddenly, taking the boy’s hand. “Come to my dorm. It’s more private there, you know.” – She said loudly, glancing on the corner where she heard the noises before. Rhys shot a half grin at her before they both left.

“It’s nice to actually see you!” – Y/N yelled after she arrived to the Great Hall, sitting down next to Sirius. James looked at her almost scared, knowing she’d easily hex him. – “You really are both huge prats, you know that?”

“Sorry! We didn’t know you had a date.” – James said desperately.

She looked at him across the table with a furious face. “You shouldn’t do this at all! There’s privacy, you know!” – She said loudly, trying to not shout. – “And what if I wouldn’t hear you? Then you just sit there, watching me having sex on the couch with Rhys?”

Sirius shifted in his chair, but still stayed in silence.

“No! We usually leave when that part comes.” – James said in a low voice, causing her to roll her eyes. – “Look, I’m really sorry.”

She sighed, shaking her head before she turned to Sirius. “And you have nothing to say?”

“Not really.” – He answered shortly, now even bothering to look into her eyes before he stood up, grabbed her backpack and left the Great Hall. Y/N was so shocked she couldn’t even speak for a long minute.

“What’s gotten into him?” – She asked James, but he just shrugged, looking at his plate, carefully avoiding her gaze. She shrugged too; she get used to Sirius’ mood swings by now. Besides, she was still angry with the boys for what they did.

But hours passed and he didn’t talk to her. He didn’t even sit next to her at classes, when she asked something he didn’t even hear – or just acted like he haven’t. At the end of the day, after dinner, she stopped him in front of the Fat Lady, not bearing his strange and annoying behaviour anymore.

“Sirius, what is wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” – He said, ready to leave her, but she grabbed his arm.

“Really? Because it seems to me you’re angry with me since this morning. Or yesterday night.”

The memory made him angry immediately. “Well, sorry, it wasn’t a pleasant sight for my eyes to see your sweet Rhys running his hands all over you.”

She closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to understand the situation. “Why is that bothering you, actually?”

“It isn’t! I just… I thought you’re not one of those girls.”

Her eyes widened in anger. “One of those girls?! You mean like those girls whom you like so much, right? Those who let you in your bed so easily? Because I don’t remember I’ve ever heard you complain about them.” – Sirius opened his mouth, but she continued quickly. – “And I’ve never complained either about them.”

“That’s completely different! And why would you complain? It’s none of your business.”

Her jaw dropped. “Do you even hear yourself?” Yes, that’s not my business, just as it isn’t yours what I do with other guys!” – She shouted, causing several paintings to hiss at them. – “Or you’re the only one who can sleep around?  Using girls to make yourself better and forget about bad things? To feel yourself not so lonely sometimes?”

As she stopped and Sirius’ eyes darkened, she knew she crossed a line, but before she could’ve said something, he spoke up in a low voice. “Fuck you, Y/N. Oh, I forget somebody already done that.” – He said before he left, stepping through the portrait hole. She went after him, seriously considering to curse or hex him from behind, or at least shouting something to him, but by the time she was inside, Sirius was out of her sight.

She plopped down next to James, tears choking her and face red from the anger. “What happened?” – James asked, eyebrows furrowed.

She took several deep breaths before she could speak without crying. “Your friend angry with me, because… I don’t even know! He’s an idiot.”

James exhaled slowly. “You seriously don’t know why he’s angry with you?”

“Well, he’s because he thinks I slept with Rhys. But other than that… it’s none of his business. He shouldn’t be angry with me because of that!”

“Yes, but… wait, did you say he thinks? So you didn’t… you know.”

Y/N shot an angry look at him. “Not like it matters, but no. I was too angry after I realized you saw me.” – And I like someone else anyway, she thought.

“And what the guy said?”

She shrugged. – “He was furious and left. He was an asshole, actually.”

James adjusted his glasses and sat closer to Y/N. “Listen. You should talk to Sirius.”

“Sure, I will! After he apologized.” – She remembered something then, and after she ran her fingers through her hair, she sighed. – “But that’s probably not going to happen. I said ugly things to him too.”

“I’m sure you can…” – He started, but she cut him off.

“But he started this! It was his fault, right?”

“Talk to him.” – James said slowly.

“After he apologized.” – Y/N said again, leaving her friend on the common room who rolled his eyes at her. She knew, very well that Sirius too proud and stubborn to say sorry first. The only problem is that she was the same.

And they managed to spend four days without talking each other. It was only sarcastic comments or judging looks and short, sad glances when the other hasn’t noticed.

Until they went to Hogsmeade together and the other left them alone at a table; James, Remus and Peter went to another round of butterbeer while Lily and Marlene went to the loo, but curiously, none of them returned.

After ten minutes of awkward silence Sirius emptied his glass and jumped up. “I go and kill them.”

But Y/N grabbed his arm. “Can’t we talk?” – She had no idea why she said this, maybe the firewhisky, maybe the last four days were too much without him, but she wanted to talk. Sirius looked down at her for a long moment before he slowly sat back down, said nothing, but watching her carefully. – “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said… what I said.”

He just nodded slowly, so she quickly folded her arms and raised her voice. – “But I’m still angry with you, you know. You were…”

“An asshole, yes, I know.” – He leaned back on his chair and took a deep breath. – “I’m sorry for sneaking up on you and for everything I said after that. I… it’s really not my business what are you doing.” – He only looked into her eyes at the end, and she could see the honest regret and sadness in the depth of his pupils. But she only nodded as well.

“So are you and Robbie or Rick or something still dating?” – Sirius asked, avoiding he gaze again, looking into his empty glass.

She sighed. “No. We haven’t… nothing happened.”

“Oh.” – He said in surprise. – “Why? I mean… only if you wanna talk about it.” – He added quickly, seeing a flick of anger on her again.

She looked into his eyes for a long moment. Mostly because of you, she was thinking, but just shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”

“But he didn’t hurt you, did he? I just learnt a new hex and I’d gladly test on him.”

She laughed. “There’s no need for that.”

Seeing her laughing reminded him why he was so furious on that night in the common room. “I really am sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s fine. But I still don’t understand why you were so angry with me.”

“Because…” – He stopped for a second, thinking about if he should lie or not, but the words escaped him before he could’ve think through properly. – “I like you.”

She raised her eyebrows. – “Well, I hoped that after long years of friendship you like me.”

And there was the perfect excuse; he could lie so easily, but this time he wasn’t able to do it. – “No, I mean… it’s a bit more than friendship… for my part. Or a lot more than that.”

Her lips parted and looked at him shocked before a short laugh burst out from her. “Are you serious?”

He narrowed his eyes. “I am Sirius, Y/N, but we talked about this.”

Her face was still amused, but her voice was low. “Why haven’t you… you know, asked me out?”

“Would you have said yes?” – He asked in disbelief.  

“Yes.” – She laughed again, seeing his shocked reaction.

Sirius tilted his head back and growled before he looked back at her, staring for a few seconds. She was still grinning, and it made him smile too. “So, now that we cleared that we were both blinds and idiots, will you go out with me?”

She pouted, which turned into a smile soon. “I don’t know, you just called me an idiot.” – Sirius let out a tired sigh, so she continued. – “Of course I’ll go out with you, you dolt.”

Y/N could see a strange expression on his face, though it wasn’t bad, it was some kind of wonder. He sat closer to her and turned his voice down. “Can I kiss you?” – Her eyes widened after the question and fell silence. – “What? I mean, it’s okay if not…”

“No, just, I’d never in my wildest dream thought you’re the type who ask this question.”

“You see, me neither.” – He said, leaning closer with every sentence. – “I don’t think I’ve ever asked this.”

She giggled once more before closed the gap between them, pressing a soft and slow kiss on his lips.


The huntress in the forest

Feysand fanfiction:

AU: Rhysand, Azriel, and Cassian are sent to the mortal realm to hunt an animal to bring back a trophy to the Illyrians. But when they finally find an animal in the seemingly abandoned mortal realm, a young huntress steps in and takes their kill. Furious and curious, the three follow the lone huntress, the future High Lord seems a little more curious than his two friends though.

Word Count: 1670


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Running her hand on her neck, Elizabeth released a sigh, eyes on the rising sun on the horizon as she slowly sipped on her hot tea. Except for the birds outside, everything was still quiet as yet another day began.

One more.

Carefully marking the small piece of paper she kept next to the kitchen’s door, she then made her way to the main room, where toys where spread everywhere, then up the stairs and on to her usual path towards his bedroom. The door wasn’t close, of course, it never was. Stopping at the doorstep, she was about to lean on the doorframe when she realised something.

He wasn’t asleep.

When he was, he was always on his back, arms sprawled on either side of his beautiful face, legs tangled among the sheets and mouth slightly opened. A sight that, morning after morning, day after day, she never got tired of.

(Sometimes, she wondered if it was how he used to sleep, too. There was already so much of him in his son – she wouldn’t be surprised he inherited something like this as well.)

But today, that wasn’t the sight that greeted her. She could only make out his frame as he rested on his side, his back to her and his small body perfectly tucked under covers that should be half on the floor. He seemed tensed as well, now that she looked more closely and, before she could even try to think of what had happened, her eyes caught his clothes hanging at his window.

His wet clothes.

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Stiles Smut~ The Bet

Word Count~ 3165
Rating~ NSFW
Warnings~ Teasing, Safe Sex, Handcuffs, Dirty Talk
Pairings~ Stiles x Female!Reader
A/N~ HEYYY! We hit 1k WOOOOO~! Just wanted to say thank you for what you guys have done. I love you all so very much. Tumblr is great WOOP WOOP!
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Can you do a stiles imagine where you do a bet seeing who can last the longest without sex. You try teasing him and eventually he gives in and smut at the end?

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Suddenly several dark silhuettes appeared in the hall. Nuns from The Abbey in North.

“What’s happening? Who are you?” Prince Henry asked when they approached his Highness.

“We are here for the Princess. She is to leave with us on the next ship to the Abbey. King’s order.” A nun proclaimed.

“The Abbey? She is not going anywhere, do you hear me? I have heard none of this from my father!” Henry yelled in anger. He would not let them take her away.

“You’re not as dangerous as you’d like me to believe. How could I have ever thought so?”

“You won’t be able to hear it if you do not listen.”

“None of that was rational, I’ll have you know.”

“Of course I had to drag you along for the ride. Trouble’s not fun to face alone.”

“If you made a better argument, I wouldn’t win all the time.”

“I don’t have to be looking to know what you’re doing back there.”

No Place I’d Rather Be

Oliver and Felicity grab dinner, set after 5x15.  Also on AO3

Felicity was sitting at her computers staring at the data running past, not that she could read it, the computer was still scanning through the data from the visit to Prometheus’ mother’s house. She heard the elevator doors open and looked up.

“Good you are still here.” Oliver said with a smile on his face.

“Yes, what’s up? PLEASE tell me you have something for me to do? I need to be useful and right now the computers are doing all the work!” Felicity was practically begging.

“Nope. No work. But I thought we could go grab some dinner.”

“I’m not really that hungry Oliver.” Plus, Felicity couldn’t help but think we aren’t the type of people who do that anymore, remember?

“Maybe just a shake? I’ll take you to Big Belly Burger it will be my treat.”

Damn, he was persistent.

“Okay,” she said a little nervously. “It’s not like I’m doing anything.”

“Great! Let’s take my bike. I know you used to love to ride on it.”

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Avengers Chatroom: Whose Side Are You On?

Requested by @ashby943

Pairings: Steve x f!reader

Scenario: Look out, it’s James “Mr steal your girl” Barnes.

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited Nat, Wanda, Tony, Thor, Vision.

Y/N: Hey

Y/N: Let’s say, hypothetically, that I wasn’t paying attention during the mission briefing (blame Steve and his too tight shirts), is anyone willing to give me notes on the mission?

Y/N: Guys this is important. Steve is questioning me on the mission





Y/N: So ya’ll just gonna let me go down like this?

Ollie’s Olives has joined the chat.

Ollie’s Olives: Hi Ma’am, what can I get you today?

Y/N: I think you have you wrong Chat…?

Ollie’s Olives: No. May I take your order?

Y/N: You do realize that this isn’t a restaurant… right?

Ollie’s Olives: I am trying a different approach to get more customers. Our delivery is free.

Y/N: What’s on the menu?

Ollie’s Olives: Olives.

Y/N: I should’ve guessed.

Ollie’s Olives: Fried olives, pickled olives, olive salad, sauteed olives, olive burger, olive tapenade, olive frittata, olive bites. I specialize in all things olive.

Y/N: I can see that… I’m not really hungry.

Ollie’s Olives: I will give you a discount.

Y/N: Maybe another time.

Ollie’s Olives: Please

Ollie’s Olives: My mother was murdered right in front of me by a friend that was supposed to be dead

Ollie’s Olives: My sister is actually the daughter of the man who has tried to kill me. She has anger issues now.

Ollie’s Olives: My close friend and ex girlfriend was also murdered in front of me thanks to said man.

Ollie’s Olives: My son that I didn’t know about was kidnapped

Ollie’s Olives: My fiancee was shot because of me. She couldn’t walk afterwards. But when she did eventually walk she took her first steps out of my life.

Ollie’s Olives: I’ve been attacked countless times by criminals

Ollie’s Olives: I was stranded on an island for years

Ollie’s Olives: My family, once wealthy, has lost everything.

Ollie’s Olives: Please buy some olives.

Y/N: Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Sure I’ll take a dozen of everything!

Ollie’s Olives: Payment will open in another window. Thank you. SO MUCH.

Ollie’s Olives has left the chat.

Tony: Why did you use my credit card to buy so many olives?!?!

Y/N: Because you’re rich. I hope you like olives.

Tony: I DON’T.

Y/N: Well maybe you should have helped me out earlier on!



Wanda: Everyone calm down, please. Y/N I will explain the mission to you. Pietro was using my phone so I couldn’t reply. Also Pietro said he will try some of the olives.

Y/N: At least someone appreciates my gesture of buying olives!


Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: Tony stop annoying my girlfriend.


Steve has added Bucky.

Y/N: Hey, Bucky.

Bucky: Hi Doll :)

Steve: Oh Y/N, before I forget. Do you still want to go to that new restaurant tonight?

Y/N: Yes! I heard they make the best pizza ever.

Bucky: Cool, I’m in.

Steve: Buck… This is kind of a date between Y/N and I…

Bucky: I like pizza.

Y/N: This will be great! The three of us! Just like old times.

Tony has added Bruce, Sam, T’Challa.

Tony: Look at this. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. You see it too?

Sam: Someone is a little green, and it’s not Bruce.

T’Challa: No shame.

Bucky: I heard hand holding helps with PTSD.

Bucky: Y/N we should hold hands.

Nat: That’s not true.

Wanda: Where the hell did you hear that?

Sam: That’s a pretty good line. I’m going to use it.

Steve: Why can’t I hold your hand if it “helps with PTSD”?

Bucky: Y/N has softer hands.

Steve: But what if I want to hold her hand?

Y/N: Then I’ll hold both of your hands…? My best friend and my boyfriend!

T’Challa: … oh my.

Thor: I am uncomfortable. Someone put a stop to this.

Steve: But… I want to be the only one to hold your hand, Y/N. Sorry Buck. Maybe you can hold Sam’s hand.

Sam: Hell no.

Y/N: Hey maybe we can go for a movie after dinner?

Bucky: I am sure Steve won’t be able to understand so he can go home after and we can go for the movie.

Steve: I will understand!

Nat: Bucky why don’t you give Y/N and Steve some space?

Bucky: I do give them space! What’s wrong with friends hanging out?

Nat: Nothing… except when one is third wheeling.

Bucky: I am not!

Steve: You are.

Y/N: No, Bucky isn’t!

Bucky: SEE!

Tony: Ugh.

Steve: So… What movie do you want to watch with Y/N and I, Buck?

Bucky: Never mind.

Steve: Don’t be like that.

Bucky: No it’s fine. It’s not like you get to spend 24/7 with her.

Steve: We live together. She’s MY girlfriend.

Bucky: She’s MY best friend.

Y/N: Do you want to move in with us, Bucky? That would be so much fun! We could spend more time together!

Steve: Uh, no! Can’t you see what he’s doing?!

Y/N: No?

Bucky: It’s fine Y/N.

Y/N: I’m sorry if I haven’t spent enough time with you Buck. I’ll make it up to you!

Nat: You know Y/N, I trained you myself. You’re one of the best agents there is. You’re able to read into situations and pick out tiny details and piece them together… So why can’t you see that Bucky is jealous?

Bucky: I am not jealous!

Sam: Exactly what a jealous person would say.

Y/N: No he isn’t! That’s crazy.

Thor: Mayhap Lady Y/N is in denial.

T’Challa: And so is Barnes.

Tony: Well I think Y/N and Barnes should just get together.

Wanda: No! Y/N loves Steve!

Vision: Barnes is more fun however.

Nat: Steve is more of a gentleman!

Y/N: Actually…

Bruce: Please don’t finish that. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

Y/N: Well…

Bruce: Goodbye.

Bruce has left the chat.


Tony: Barnes, go get the girl.

Sam: No. Y/N and Steve are soulmates.

Steve: Can everyone stop discussing this?!

Bucky: No, continue. I’d like to know what they have to say.

Y/N: Why do you want me to be with Bucky? I’m with Steve and Bucky doesn’t like me in that way!

T’Challa: You’d be surprised.

Y/N: I have to go, someone thought it would be funny to use their telekinesis and float white sheets around AGAIN.

Steve: Be safe, I love you.

Bucky: Be extra safe, I love you MORE.

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve: You love her MORE?

Bucky: What? She’s my best friend. Nothing wrong with that.





Vision: I too am Team Bucky, but is there a need for violence?

Thor: How else will this be settled? Team Steven!



Vision has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Tony has added Peter, Scott.




Nat has added Clint.

Nat: Who is better for Y/N? Steve or Bucky?!

Clint: Bucky! He lets me pull pranks unlike Steve!

T’Challa: You are atrocious, Clint. Steve is far superior.

Clint: Oh you know my name? I thought you didn’t care!

T’Challa: Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t.



T’Challa has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: This is getting out of hand. All of you, cut it out!


Peter: But Bucky has beautiful eyes!


Bucky: Okay this is getting creepy now. Stop.


Scott has left the chat.


Peter has left the chat.

Nat: Tony where are you?

Tony: Why…?

Wanda: He’s in the kitchen.

Nat has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Wanda: If you hear screaming, don’t worry. It’s just Tony.

Wanda has left the chat.

Bucky: Steve, I’m sorry for how I was acting. It’s just going to take me some time to get used to.. you know.

Steve: It’s okay Buck. I understand.

Sam: It’s good that you two are fine with each other but what about everyone else? They are fighting each other. I ALMOST GOT HIT ON THE HEAD BECAUSE I WAS IN THE WAY!

Steve: Oh it’s dinner time. Ready Buck? We’ll pick Y/N up on the way.

Sam: You two can’t just leave! It’s chaos! Stop them!

Bucky: I am starving. Let’s go punk.

Steve: After you, jerk.


Bucky has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.


Sam has left the chat.

Do you hear the bells? - Sidney Crosby

Warnings: none todaaay


“Are you excited about the game tonight?” The announcer asked your boyfriend who you watched on the screen above the ice. You loved seeming him play and smile while he does it.

“I’m very excited, it’s the first game back, I have my girlfriend here watching and she’s been a wonderful support helping me practice and train in the off season.” You watched the screen intently and didn’t notice them walking around the arena.

“How did she help you train?” The interviewer questioned. He kept asking the simplest of questions and you finally realized that they were right behind you. You gave Sid the strangest look.

“She’s actually right there ” Sidney pointed to you. “Isn’t she beautiful? I’m madly in love with this girl.” Your jaw dropped, it was the first time he ever said that he loved you and it was on national television. He looked at you and smiled as you mouthed out ‘I love you too’.

“Oh look at the everyone?! You can hear the wedding bells in the distance!” The announcer laughed.

Johnny - The first time

Mature content ahead


Word count: 2.3k


I sighed, and looked out the window. Another relationship ruined. All because of three stupid things. Me, myself and I. For some reason, everytime the subject came up, I always found a way out of the awkward subject. And what kind of subject is that you may ask. 

My virginity.

A 21 year old who is still a virgin. How often do you hear about them? Apparently none of my previous boyfriends had, and when I told them that I wanted to wait for the right time, they either said it was stupid, or that they didn’t want to wait for me to become ready.

And I just made that mistake again, to date an asshole, who only saw me as something to fuck and not love. And it wasn’t even like I was begging or expecting for him to love me all day everyday, but a girl needs someone to hold her and make her feel loved once in a while. And apparently none of the boyfriends that I have, had done that.

Right now there were only one guy still in my life. Johnny. My childhood best friend. The only person who could make laugh so hard I almost peed myself, and make me so mad I wanted to knock him out at the same time. And no, it wasn’t like I loved him, or even liked him like ‘that’, we were just really close. So close, that sometimes people mistakes us for a couple.

A knock on my window, made me wake up from my thoughts. I furrowed my eyebrows, and went over to check what it was. I looked out the window, and found two eyes staring right back at me. “Johnny?” I mumbled confused, even though I wasn’t even surprised that he was here.

Johnny lived in the apartment building right next to me, with some of his friends from school. “Surprised to see me?” he asked with a grin hanging from his lips. I shook my head and laughed slightly. “Not really” I said, and threw my legs out of the window, for them to rest there. Johnny sighed. It was almost like he knew what had happened, since he came at the right time.

“Weren’t you supposed to have a guy over tonight?” He asked without much emotions in his voice. I nodded. “ Yeah..” I mumbled, even though I knew he heard me. “I was.” I looked over at him, and saw he was resting his head on his hand. He looked me with an expression mixed with pity and anger. “And did he just run off like the others already have?” he asked me, with harsh but soothing voice. I looked at him, my eyes starting to tear up. He looked at me and immediately knew the answer.

“Fucking asshole” Johnny said, while gritting his teeth. I looked at him, with tired and angry eyes. “It doesn’t even matter” I said sniffling and drying my eyes, angrily. “Don’t worry Y/N, it will happen soon-“ he said, but I cut him off. “Oh my god Johnny just shut up.” I said annoyed and looked away from him. “You don’t understand, and you never will. You can have every girl on this entire planet if you wanted, but why does everyone keep running away from me?” I asked and couldn’t help the tears falling from my eyes. It wasn’t a lie. Johnny was extremely popular with girls, I knew for a fact that Johnny had slept with more than a couple of girls. He wasn’t a fuckboy, no, Johnny was way too much of a gentleman to just fuck girls left and right. He just had a very hard time saying no to girls (especially sex), and because of that, he sometimes ended up being screwed over too.

“Y/N please don’t cry. All the guys you have dated are just assholes, who can’t see how amazing you actually are” he said truthfully. But he just couldn’t see my problem. I let out a frustrated sigh, and wiped my tears. “Don’t you see it Johnny. Even though you say that It’s never going to happen. I’m never going to meet a guy who I’m so comfortable with, that I can give him my virginity” I said, as my tears kept falling. Johnny looked like he was thinking about something and then looked at me. “How ‘comfortable’ do you need to be with guy, before you can have sex with him?” he asked me, looking me in the eyes, with a generally concerned and curious look. I looked at him and thought about it for some time. I didn’t actually know the answer, I mean, how do you define being comfortable with someone?

I looked at Johnny again and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. As long as he makes me feel loved and important, then I don’t really think I have a problem” I said truthfully. He looked at me and smiled sweetly, looking pleased with my answer. A long comfortable silence passed, and Johnny said something again.

“Can I come over?” he said, already getting up. I just nodded, knowing that if I would have said no, he would still be coming over. Not long after, I heard someone knocking on my door. Quickly I ran down and opened it, to see Johnny in his pyjamas. He stood towering over me, before giving me a hug. It felt good to be held by someone. I quickly hugged him back. We stood there for a minute, before Johnny asked me if I wanted to go to my bedroom. I nodded, and went into my room with him.

I closed the door behind me, and looked at Johnny who was sitting on my bed observing it. I looked at him confused. “What? Is there something unusual on my bed?” I asked, before jumping down on it. He laughed to himself. “No. I was just checking if you lied. But these seems to be made nicely and clean” He said smiling. I threw a pillow at him, but it just made him laugh harder. “You’re such a pervert” a said laying down, with my head resting against a pillow. Johnny looked at me for at second, before laying down next to me.

It wasn’t weird for me and Johnny to be laying down or cuddling on my bed. In fact it would be weird if we didn’t. I noticed the way Johnny looked at me. It wasn’t the usual he gave me, but a new one. He kind of looked in love. You know that look people give each other when there’re in love? Yeah, he was definitely giving me that look right now. I looked back at him, and kept looking at me like that, but he was… blushing?

I looked at him weirdly. “What?” I asked, actually curious about why he was blushing. He just shook his head. “I just imagined something that I shouldn’t have” he said. Now it was my time to blush. Oh my god. What was happening? This wasn’t what me and Johnny was supposed to do. We were supposed to be teasing each other, and calling each other names. This feeling was way to… intense.

But I didn’t stop here. And I’m glad I didn’t. For some reason I really wanted to know what he was talking about. “What did you imagine?” I asked and laid my head on his shoulder. Right when I did that his body tensed up. “Unusual” I thought, but didn’t say anything. He blushed harder. “N-nothing its j-just… no, nevermind” he said while looking away. That just made annoyed. “Since when did you become a softie?” I asked, wrapping my legs around his hips, while cuddling closer to him. “Don’t worry Johnny. Just tell me-“ “How would you feel about having sex with me?” he cut me off, while looking at the ceiling, almost in shame.

A sudden feeling of butterflies erupted in my stomach. I looked at him in doubt, if he was actually serious. But he showed no signs that he was joking. I considered it a bit. Was this the right thing to do? I mean I felt comfortable with Johnny so it probably wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.

I looked at him. “Okay” I said, slowly, and a look of confusion hit his face. “Wait, are you serious?” He asked making me feel stupid for even answering yes. He noticed immediately that he had hurt me, and quickly apologized. “No no, I meant it’s just… Are you sure?” He asked with worry in his voice.

“Better to lose it now than ever. So yes” I said, and looked at Johnny. He smiled at me, and when he noticed that I wasn’t going to make the first move, he slowly positioned himself over me, and went down to kiss my lips. He started to move his lips slowly against mine, almost afraid to break me. One of his hands were next to my head, and the other on my hip. I felt face and secure in his arms. The kiss started to get a bit more intense, and Johnny began kissing down my neck before taking his shirt off. My hands flew down to his torso and felt his muscles, while he was kissing down my neck again.

It started to get hotter, and soon enough Johnny’s hands were feeling up under my shirt on my stomach, anywhere but my boobs. He was afraid to touch me and make me uncomfortable. So I sat up, and pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my almost bare upper body. His eyes went wide, and I could see the tent forming in his pants. I flung my arms around him and put my mouth to his ear. “It’s okay Johnny, you can touch me” I said while guiding his hands up to my chest. He looked surprised, but didn’t hesitate to touch me, where I wanted him the most. I let out a small moan, which apparently turned him on so much, that I could feel his bulge on my inner thigh.

One by one our clothes were slowly discarded, and we were left nothing our underwear. “Are you sure about this? I mean, it’s not too late to back out now” he said, but I told him that I was 100% sure about this. He kissed me down my stomach, all the way down to my panties, and slowly pulled them down my legs. I was soaking. I could feel the way that Johnny also noticed it, and he just smiled. “You look beautiful” he said While discarding his boxers, and laying down above me.  

I smiled at him, and my arms flew behind my back, unclasping my bra. I was now completely naked under my lifetime long best friend, and was about get my virginity taken away by him. For some reason, it didn’t feel weird at all. I was actually happy that this was going to happen, with him and not some random boy, who didn’t love me.

Johnny had put condom on and was lining up at my entrance. He looked me in the eye. “Are you sure about this” he asked, and looked at me. I nodded and said ‘Yes’, while looking him in the eye as well. He started to slowly push in, and boi it felt like I was being ripped open. Tears stung in my eyes, and I could tell that Johnny had a hard time keeping still. He pushed himself fully into me, and tears fell from my eyes. Johnny bend down to kiss them away, and mumbled a ton of “I’m sorry, oh my god I’m so sorry”. We stood still for a couple of seconds, before I told him to move. He began slowly pushing in and out of me, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. I bit down on his shoulder, the pain becoming a bit more bearable, but it’s stinging and stretching was still there. I let out a bunch of painful moans.

I knew it was hard for Johnny to stop since I knew he was close, but the sound of my horrible moans, made him feel like the worst person in the whole entire world. Not long after he came, and fell on top of me. We were both breathing hard, and trying to catch our breaths.

“I’m so sorry” Johnny said, looking at me. “Johnny it’s not your fault that it hurt” I said brushing his hair out of his forehead. “I know, but.. I didn’t make you cum” he said, his voice full with shame. I smiled at him. “Johnny it’s not the end of the world at least I-“ he cut me off by kissing down the middle of my chest, down my stomach and then moving onto my thighs. I moaned out in pleasure. “Johnny you don’t have to do this” I said, letting out small moan.

“I know but I want to” he said, and began to kiss me where I needed him the most. I let out a moan again, and wrapped my hands his hair. He began to lick long strokes up and down my womanhood. The pleasure was so amazing that Johnny had to hold my hips down so I didn’t move. Johnny didn’t go easy on me. He saw how much I was enjoying it and, when he heard my moans, there was nothing to hold him back, from giving me the most amazing orgasm of my life. I felt it coming and almost screamed out loud when I came. Johnny licked me clean, and kissed my lips again.

“Thank you” I said smiling and kissing his smiling lips, not knowing what this did to our relationship, but all I know is that I will be happy with all of it.

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Requested: could u do an imagine where Shawn pranks Y/N, doesnt matter what the prank is and all his canadian guys friends are in on it



The caller ID on your phone signifies that Brian is calling you. You think that’s strange, since he’s never called you before unless you’re with Shawn and he needed to talk to Shawn. You answer it anyway, thinking maybe it’s just Shawn using Brian’s phone since they’re together right now while Shawn is on tour. “Hello?” There’s a lot of background noise for a few seconds before Brian speaks.


“Hey Brian, what’s up?”

“Um, y/n.” He says hesitantly, and then he pauses. “We have a problem.”

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Rivalshipping Headcanons: The Sequel.

2 Head 2 Canon.

  • As their relationship progresses, Yugi and Seto both begin to influence each other. Seto calms down substantially, while Yugi becomes an unrepentant sass-master.
  • Seto makes it abundantly clear that Yugi’s favorite snacks will always be stocked at the Kaiba Estate; absolutely no exceptions.
  • During the obligatory Meet the Parents™ dinner, Yugi’s father — largely thought to be a figure of myth and legend — asks Seto how he and Yugi met; Seto, being the supremely awkward nerd lord that he is in social situations, panics and blurts out: “The details are fuzzy but I’m pretty sure I threatened him I SHOULD LEAVE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Yugi likes to take Seto to Magic & Wizards tournaments, specifically to watch; they don’t play, they don’t heckle, they just watch the matches. “I’m going to quiz you later, so pay attention,” Yugi will say. “I want you to tell me everything they do right. None of this Negative Nancy stuff, you hear me?”
  • Yugi likes watching shows like Ghost Hunters, but eventually learns that he can’t enjoy himself if Seto is with him, because Seto spends the entire time questioning the science —

“Of course there are anomalies in your readings, you’re lugging around six tons of recording equipment!!”

“Seto …”

“Oh, come on! That’s a fucking coyote, not a creature of the night! The house is in the middle of fucking nowhere!”

“… You know what? Fine. We’ll watch Iron Chef.”

Thank you.”

  • Seto updates every computer system in the Mutous’ household, including the security cameras in the shop. Since the PCs in question are from Kaiba-Corp, they’re specifically built for gaming. Yugi protests, saying that neither his parents nor his grandfather play videogames; they use their computers for paying bills, checking email, and spreading weird joke posts around Facebook. It’s a waste.
  • Seto, scandalized, introduces Sugoroku and Natsumi Mutou to various games that he considers essential to survival.
  • Natsumi takes a liking to first-person shooters.
  • Sugoroku prefers MMORPGs.
  • Yugi insists that his folks are taking up gaming as a hobby just to humor Seto.
  • Yugi is absolutely wrong about this.

< Point of order for newcomers to my head-space: Natsumi is my name for Yugi’s mom >

The Bear Trap

Context: We are tasked with protecting a noble from a possible assassination attempt during a party he is throwing that night. Many entrances including 2 windows, a roof, the kitchen and least likely of all the front door of the keep.

Warlock (Me): I’d like to place a bear trap under one of the windows.

DM: You do what now?

Me: I want to put a bear trap under one of the windows, even with six of us we’re spread too thinly to be of any use against an assassin.

DM: It really isn’t necessary to do that you know.

Fighter: I’d listen to him, there isn’t a real reason to do that since the hallway outside all of the window rooms has 2 of us guarding.

Me: Still putting it down.

DM: These are professional assassins hired by the assassins guild, they are not going to fall for some silly trick like a bear trap under a window like some cartoon. Forget it, you do it you do it.

5 minutes later

DM: Everyone roll perception… None of you hear the noise… *DM rolls, looks smug, rolls again, looks worried, Hesitates, rolls a third time and face palms* But you hear the sound of screaming coming from the room with the stupid bear trap in it.

Everyone: who with the what now?

Me: Told you.

DM: I should ret con kill you right now.

“Evil spirit” - (Stiles Stilinski)

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REQUEST: “(Y/N) is Stiles’ little sister and when he’s possessed by the nogitsune he has her pinned against the wall, trying to strangle her and she starts talking him out of it, trying to bring him back”. 

(Y/N) couldn’t sleep. Everytime she closed her eyes she could see her brother’s face with a twisted smile and an evil look, staring back at her. 
It has been four days since Stiles first got possessed by the nogitsune and it has been four days since (Y/N) hasn’t been able to sleep at night.

She looked at the time, it was 3 a.m. She sighed and got out of bed to go downstairs. Her bare foot on the cold kitchen floor made her shiver. She grabbed a glass of water but dropped it, letting it smash on the floor when she saw someone standing in front of her.
It was Stiles. No, it was Stiles’ body.

“What do you want?” (Y/N) said with a voice full of hatred.
“Oh, come on. I’m just here to catch up with my little sister.” He said, smirking.
“I’m not your sister. Get the hell out of my house.”

(Y/N) was shaking. She missed Stiles and she was craving to hug him right now, but she had to remind herself that the person standing in front of her may look like Stiles, but it wasn’t him.

“You’re right. I’m not your brother, but either way, I just came to say hello.” The nogitsune stepped forward, on the broken glass, still smirking. (Y/N) stepped away from him.
“I said get out of my house!” (Y/N) shouted. She knew how dangerous he was and that being alone with him wasn’t a good idea. She was scared and angry.
“Now, this isn’t exactly a warm welcome, is it?” He said, slowly making his way towards (Y/N).
“But I’m not here to chat, I’m here to get work done.”
(Y/N) frowned, confused.

Suddently, the nogitsune jumped on (Y/N) and pinned her against the wall. She gasped in surprise and fear. He looked terrifying.
“What are you doing? Let me go!” (Y/N) tried to free herself but the nogitsune was way stronger than her.
“What am I doing? I’m killing you.” He said as if it was obvious.
(Y/N) didn’t have time to react that the evil fox put his hands around her throat. (Y/N) tried to take his hands off of her but it seemed impossible.
“You may not be a threat, but you keep getting in the way and it’s getting on my nerves.” The nogitsune tighten his hands around her neck.
“Stop!” (Y/N) shouted, gasping for air.
“Why would I?”
“I can’t…breathe!” (Y/N)’s face was turning red.
“Well, that’s kind of the point, my dear.” He said laughing while watching (Y/N) struggle to breathe.
“Listen to me, Stiles.” (Y/N) said, trying to breathe as much air as possible.
“My name is not Stiles!” The nogitsune shouted, (Y/N) could see all the anger in his eyes. He tighten his grip again.
“Yes, it is!” (Y/N) shouted back. “Your name is Stiles Stilinski. You were born on April 8th 1997. You hate your first name so you asked everyone to call you Stiles since the third grade.”
“Shut up!” The nogitsune’s face twisted with anger. (Y/N) hated the fact that this monster was wearing her brother’s face.
“Your best friend is Scott McCall, you’ve spent your whole life together. You hate to sleep with the door open and you can’t eat cereales without milk.”

(Y/N) was struggling to breathe but she kept talking because she knew it was the only thing she could do right now. Her words were her only weapon to fight back against the evil spirit inside Stiles’ body.

“I said SHUT UP! Stop talking!” The nogitsune looked angry but also scared. And (Y/N) knew she had to keep on talking. Something was happening.
“And I’m (Y/N) Stilinski, your little sister. I’m not perfect and I sometimes make your life harder but you love me anyway.” At this point, (Y/N) realised she was crying.
“We could spend an entire day on the couch watching ‘Friends’ and then have a ‘Star Wars’ marathon. We like to prank dad when he falls asleep at his desk and we usually make a mess in the kitchen everytime we try to make diner.”

(Y/N) could feel some air filling her lungs and she realised that the nogitsune had loosen his hands around her bruised neck. She didn’t stop talking, though.
“You hate it when I borrow your hoodies but I keep doing it anyways because I’m your sister and that’s what I do.”
(Y/N) slowly grabbed Stiles’ hands and took them away from her neck. He didn’t resist. She looked into his eyes, something was different.

“It’s me, Stiles.” (Y/N) murmured. “It’s me.” Her voice was shaking but she wasn’t crying anymore. (Y/N) could have sworn she saw a tear roll down Stiles’ cheek. 
“Stiles?” she asked.
Stiles nodded. (Y/N) didn’t know if she could trust him. Could it be just another trick? No, she knew it was Stiles. She didn’t know how to explain it, but she knew it was him.

Suddently, Stiles began to cry and (Y/N) didn’t have to stop herself from hugging him this time. She held him like she never wanted to let him go.
“It’s okay.” (Y/N) told him as she tried to calm him down.
“I’m so sorry.” Stiles sobbed.
“It’s okay.” (Y/N) repeated, she was crying too. Seeing her brother like this tore her apart.
“You shouldn’t be near me, I don’t want to hurt you, please (Y/N), go.” Stiles said, he was scared and broken.
“I’m not going anywhere. I love you and I’m not giving up on you, do you hear me? None of us are. We’ll go through this together, like we always do. I promise, Stiles, it’s gonna be okay.” (Y/N) squeezed Stiles against her chest while he kept crying.
“We’re gonna get you back.” 

(Y/N) knew Stiles had a war in his mind right now, and she was going to fight it with him until they can get the demon out.

Not You

Short and sweet(at least I tried) and really not what I expected.

He didn’t meet your eyes. He didn’t look at you. He didn’t say a word.

“Are you fine? What’s it?” You have been chanting the same question over and over again as you watched him torment himself.

The journey from Olympus to Elysium has never been this long. You stood on his golden chariot clutching his arm all the way but no matter how close you try to be to him you seemed to be distant. Your mother’s words still hung in the air between the two of you ringing in your ears and you think his too.

He will never accept that it bothered him or show that it hurt him as much it hurt you but you know it did. The words “cold” and “soulless” were digging in your heart, crawling over your skin as you try to rub it off with his touch but his still arms holding you only made you feel bare.

He stormed into the room ahead of you as you skipped behind him to match his pace begging him to slow down, but to no avail.

Standing at the door as the stillness of the room hit you, you look around. You have missed this room, the darkness and the cool air accompanied by the warmth of his touch as the two of you make this your safe haven away from the rest of the world. But now the silence is deafening and the stillness is burdening. You can hardly make out his silhoutte against the dim light but you don’t need to see the tortured look on his face to know it.

“She didn’t mean it. She just… She’s just upset because I was leaving” you reason out making excuses for your mother, though in the back of your mind you knew that it was all lies and it scared you to think, so did he.

“Love, you know how much she stresses when you come to take me. It was just desperation talking. Don’t take it to heart.” you feel helpless which reflects in your tone.

“I didn’t take it to my heart” he mutters and you sigh. “ ‘Cause I don’t have one, do I?” He chuckled dryly and you can feel your heart crack at the sound of it. Your head shakes denying each word, trying convey it to him how wrong he is.

“No, Harry. Why would you-”

“Because it is the truth, isn’t it? She was saying the truth. A heartless soulless cold demon like me will never know the warmth of love. Can never be in love or give love or be loved-” your freezing hands on his burning cheeks stop his rants as his red rimmed green eyes stare at you. Your heart aches as he blinks and the lack of the usual shine doesn’t help you much.

“You. Are not a demon. Neither are you heartless or soulless.”

His hands covers yours squeezing them as he blinks at you denying your each word with that look. A shaky sigh slips out of you as you desperately try to make him understand, dropping your hand under his hand’s weight to his chest over the faint but very present heart beat. “There. Feel it? Not heartless.”

He shakes his head sniffing disgracingfully as he grasps the hand resting on his chest and you know that this frowning pouting grown up baby God will need a lot more to know his worth.

“Harry” you breath out shaking your head in disbelief looking away from his gloom dulled eyes. You have never met anyone who has been this loving, why would he think otherwise was beyond your knowledge.

“You” you say pushing slightly on his chest, he sways but does not bulge. “You really have no idea how much I love you? Or how much you have made me feel loved?”

He sniffs and you can see the tear forming and become aware of the one wetting your own lashes. “Look, I know you. I know you and you are not what she thinks, or any of them thinks. Do you hear me? None of them know you.”

“And you do?”

You raise your brow at his question, your heart drops. Why would he even? His lip pulls up at a corner as he takes both your hands and hold them in front of you looking down at them. “You know me?”

His voice sends a wave of heat through you as you follow his gaze watching your pale little cold hands cradled in his enormous elegant ones. “You do.” this time he states it.

You sigh in relief as he fiddles with your hand, still not meeting your eyes but there was an assurance in his voice that eased your mind.

“You know, I was scared you’ll runaway from me?”

“Tried, didn’t work.” you joke chuckling a bit but when his eyes dart to you with parted lips you mind slap yourself and bite your lip at the severity.

His eyes softens watching your doe eyes as you look at him guiltily and gives you a small smile to sooth you.

“I thought if you.. if you knew me you’ll runaway. I was scared that if I showed you… Showed you..” he trails off looking for the right word frowning at your intertwined digits.

“Heart?” You suggest lowering your head to unsuccessfully look into his eyes. He snickers at your choice of word but nods.

“Yeah, heart. I thought it’d scare you, yeh know. And” he gulps frowning hard again, still stealing away from you. “I only wanted to… You’re only the one I wanted to, so I, yeh know, i was…” he looks up at you at last hoping that you understood him though he himself didn’t understand him. But your smile compelled him to flash those dimples as the crinkle on his forehead eased.

“You showed me your heart?” You ask holding his face as your thumb press against the dimple. And he nods like an eager kid.

“For your eyes only.”

“And it didn’t scare me away” you declare in delight as the both of you break into sweet laughter looking at each other’s teared stained smiling face.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too, love.”

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Warhammer 40,000 {Sentence Starters}
  • "Knowledge is power. Guard it well."
  • "Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life."
  • "The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance."
  • "Innocence proves nothing."
  • "Despair, for I am the end of days!"
  • "Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none."
  • "Do you hear the voices, too?"
  • "Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment."
  • "What would you have me do?"
  • "A suspicious mind is a healthy mind."
  • "A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt."
  • "Who are you to order me, fool?"
  • "I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies."
  • "Only in death does duty end."
  • "There is no such thing as innocence. Only degrees of guilt."
  • "Blessed is the mind too small for doubt."
  • "Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemy´s."
  • "Don't think you can order me around."
  • "Cowards die in shame."
  • "Happiness is a delusion of the weak."
  • "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded."
yoongi; maybe... worth it

/when you’re dating one of them and the rest are your brothers.
A lil’ spin off on the brothers!au but really this is just more crack than anything so here we goooooo

//exactly 1k words what’s up

“You’re what?!” Taehyung flips off the sofa, dragging Jimin along and the both fall in no less than five seconds. Hoseok stops his screaming to look at you, Namjoon’s taking off his earphones and Jungkook’s still glued to the television until Seokjin tucks the boy away from the screen to look at you.

You didn’t say much, it’s just—“You’re dating someone?!” Jimin exclaims, this time nudging Taehyung away to climb back on the sofa and Taehyung’s not too far behind in joining.

You exhale deeply, rubbing the back of your neck before you nod, “Yes, for two months now so will you please—“

“Alright who the fuck is it,” Hoseok cracks his knuckles, then pops his joints around his neck as he clicks his tongue, “Is it Dongwoo?”

“Fuck that! With noona’s looks, she probably bagged someone like Soo-hyung,” Jungkook only yelps when Seokjin smacks him upright at the back of his head, warning lowly language… and he winces before saying, “Screw that, then.”

“Soo-hyung? Be specific, Kyungsoo or Myungsoo?”

“Probably Myungsoo like have you seen his face—“

“Kyungsoo’s pretty damn fine, too!”

“Guys, fuck—“Namjoon pauses, then quickly spits out the rest of his sentence as he avoids Seokjin’s glare, “—we’re getting a little sidetracked here,”

“Who is it?!” Taehyung loses it, running towards you and you take a step to the side to allow him to bang against the wooden door and you snort, while Jimin laughs so hard, his abs are forming, “You’re such a dumbass!”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Great, I’m related with a bunch of freaks,”

“You don’t see us putting all sorts of lip balm all day, freak,”

“Jesus, none of them can do this shit right,” You swear you hear Seokjin cursing under his breath and in the midst of the havoc going around with Jimin being chased around by Taehyung, Jungkook debating on how he can’t possibly be related to all of you with Namjoon and Hoseok who probably will give him a lecture throughout dinner later, Seokjin’s approaching you instead.

“Look, just bring him to meet us tomorrow, alright? We want to know what kind of person is dating our little sister,” Seokjin says, in one of the most motherly tone ever and it makes you smile, “Gotcha’,”

“Gotcha’ who?”

“Jin-oppa,” You grin, returning his fist bump.


“You want me to what?” His eyes almost pop from his eye sockets and you sigh, rolling your eyes, “I’m pretty sure you understood what I just said… fuck’s sake…”

“Hey, hey, hey,” He eases his hands on your shoulders, making sure you don’t walk away from him, “I’m just making sure, alright?”

“So do you want to, or not?”

“…if I don’t you’re going to be upset…”

“So it’s a yes?”

“It’s a okay-but-if-they-fucking-kill-me-save-my-ass,”

“Let’s go,” You grin, latching onto his hand and you’re leading to where he’s very familiar to where you live.


“We’re here!” You yell, knocking on the door and you hear hushed murmurs on the other end. He waits beside you patiently, his hand still in yours, locked together nicely and he’s sure it’s going to be pried open anytime soon. He gulps, partially stepping behind you for extra protection but he knows it’s going to be tough.

On the other end, you can make up Seokjin warning them no insults, no demeaning comments. This is a friendly and welcoming dinner, alright?

Then it’s probably Hoseok who says what if he’s fucked up? No one that’s fucked up deserves to be around our baby sister!

Then it’s Taehyung who says we’re kinda fucked up too don’t you think—and Seokjin’s ending it with a smack on the both of them before he glowers with be good.

The door opens in not less than a minute and the look on their faces are priceless.

Taehyung’s jaw is to the floor, JImin keeps his eyes open so hard he feels like they’re about to burst, Jungkook goes all out with I fucking knew it! Hoseok’s just standing there with Namjoon and Seokjin scoffs a laugh.

“So this is why you blow off practice early?”

“I can explain—“

“—the fact that you’ve been hiding the fact that you’ve been dating our sister?!” Hoseok starts shouting, but grabs Yoongi by the neck and the four of them begin on their onslaught. They slam him down on the floor and commence their attacks, spewing out pent up frustrations of not knowing who’s been taking up your nights for dates, costing the phone bill to skyrocket (but in your defense you pay for that shit) and why you’ve been leaving more frequently than usual within the past few weeks.

Yoongi only tries to answer to his best ability for not telling them, simply because he’s been trying to avoid this day and you bite back a chuckle, standing by the door where Seokjin puts an arm around you, closing the door with his hip, “You know we’re going to make it a living hell for him now that he’s dating you, right?”

“Only for a few weeks,” You say, glancing up to him and Seokjin snorts, “Yeah, but it’s not really necessary. Yoongi’s a nice guy. Maybe a bit too cocky and a dick but overall a good guy,”

“I can fucking hear you!” Yoongi shouts and Taehyung smacks a hand over his lips, “You’re in our territory dating our sister for two months! You have no right to say shit!”

“Just… get used to it, alright?” Seokjin says softly, laughing and you nod, grinning, “Will do—guys! Don’t hurt the face!”

“Don’t worry! His balls would work just fine!”

“Mother fuck—“

“Language!” Seokjin yells, letting go of you to join in the fun and you fold your arms, letting out a heavy sigh as you watch your boyfriend get tormented by the six guys he calls his brothers and you’re wondering if Yoongi’s willing to go through all of this just to be with you.