Rush || Gemina and Dick

Dick Grayson put the back of his hand to his mouth as he yawned. It had been a long night, and the day hadn’t been any better. He’d been running around Bludhaven, delivering reports for the department and doing a bit of side-detective work on his own. Sure it was related to police work, which made it okay, but it was mostly the stuff he had to take care of as Nightwing. Stuff the police couldn’t get through the red tape on.

Still, he shuffled onto the metro like everyone else during rush hour, and, like a miracle, spied an open seat next to a pretty attractive blonde. He wormed his way through the crowd, double-checked to make sure there were no elderly who needed it more than he did, then asked, “Is this seat taken?”

tedkordonbleu-inactivedec72014  asked:

7. for the Avatar thing? :)

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?

ALWAYS ALWAYSSSSSS Avatar: The Last Airbender. Always. Because honestly, I can’t name a single thing I don’t like about it. There isn’t one character, one fight, one plot/subplot, one filler episode, one anything that I don’t like in the entire series. I can’t even think of a quote or a ship that I don’t like haha 

((Whereas in Korra, I can name hundreds of things I don’t like, shhh don’t hate me))

Okay I’ll admit that I don’t really ship much for this fandom considering I haven’t read the books in about 8 years xD

THE OTP: Harry/Hermione? But sometimes it’s a BROTP for me, it rotates… and then of course Lily & Snape <3

M/F OTP: I kinda dig Dramione, and there’s a place in my heart for Harry/Luna too but that might be a brotp idek

M/M OTP: Remus & Sirius lolz

F/F OTP: Hmm I’ve never thought about this one… maybe Hermione & Luna?? Is that a ship??

Fav Female: Hermione & Luna
Fav Male: 
Neville or Remus (and Severus por supuesto)

Least Fav Female: Umbridge durr
Least Fav Male:
Um Voldy? Or Pettigrew 

Why I joined the fandom: Pssh I was in elementary school you think I remember? I just wanted to talk to people who shared the love that I did haha