so my good friend claris’ dad and my dad have worked together on this film competition her dad founded for like six or seven years now and since the cut off age is 24 next year is the last year i can enter there’s a prize for social justice themed films and one for technology and mental health… I was thinking of making a short film about online spaces and how they’ve sustained me as a disabled nonstraight noncis person and found some of the dearest people in my life and i was wondering if that would be cool?

I’d probably centre it around me personally as not to break the rule of the film being centred around new zealanders so there’d be an element of me and seph (if hes comfortable with it of course) and how we negotiate long distance but also I was wondering if my other friends like @dubsdeedubs, @knife-red and @zackdoesart would be interested in weighing in cause like I love all of y'all and the internet is witchcraft that has blessed me with these fucking memelord friends. I wouldn’t require any identifying info, no face cam or anything maybe screenshots and that’s it? If you wanna add more that’d be great too?

I dunno i just wanna make a love letter to the tech that saved my life many a team and state while it definitely is a shitty cesspit of human filth the internet is not how it’s portrayed not every millennial editorial comic ever, and more selfishly because Current Events mean everything is up in the air the very rare chance of me winning the prize money, some of which is up to $10k would be a literal life saver for seph and me, and left emergency money to put away for visas and travel costs If things get so bad we needa get the boy outta dodge.

message to cis people everywhere:

  • yes not all cis people are bad 
  • do you think were fucking stupid ??? of course we get that 
  • but a majority of you (hint hint probably you) are oppressive and dont give a fuck about us 
  • so when people of different genders make posts about you theyre probably not about you if youre not a shitty person and are educated about noncis struggles
  • if you freak out over the post and pee yourself in anger then yes it probably is about you 

Challenge: Soft Jonghyun

hello yes i would like to announce my new Soft Jonghyun Challenge! this will be a challenge for fics AND fan art, and will focus on celebrating portrayals of jonghyun that deviate from images of him as a dominant hypermasculine cishet bro, as well as portrayals that celebrate marginalized identities.

this challenge welcomes any or all of the following:

  • jonghyun being gentle/soft
  • jonghyun being feminine or gender nonconforming
  • junghee and the rest of girlee, including trans girlee
  • jonghyun as a sub in a dom/sub context
  • jonghyun as a bottom
  • jonghyun as a submissive top/switch

this should not be seen as an exhaustive list. 

i will be publishing a list of prompts and reader wishes on my blog in the next week, so please stay tuned (and submit some ideas).

this challenge also welcomes affirming and knowledgeable portrayals of any marginalized identities, including (but not limited to) queer/nonstraight (this includes aro spec and ace spec characters), trans/nonbinary/noncis, poly, intersex, neurodivergent, disabled, and mentally ill characters.

(see more content guidelines beyond the jump)

rules and guidelines:

  • jonghyun/junghee must be a main or major character.
  • all pairings/OT+s are allowed, including crossovers from other groups or fandoms, as long as jonghyun/junghee is part of any main pairing/OT+. (side pairings do not have to include jonghyun/junghee). platonic and queerplatonic ships are welcome. jonghyun-centric or junghee-centric fics/art without a defined pairing/OT+ are also welcome. (also, you will earn my undying love if you write me a good jongkey fic with dom!kibum.)
  • any art style, genre, rating, or word count is allowed. there is no limit to the number of submissions that any artist or writer can submit.
  • all fics must have the characters or pairings/OT+s listed at the top, as well as the word count, rating, and any trigger or content warnings, including kink warnings. in addition, if any part of your fic or art is smutty, put all nsfw content behind a jump and tag it as #nsfw. i will not reblog any nsfw content that does not follow these guidelines, out of respect for minors and sex-repulsed folks. you can put a safe-for-work portion of your art before the jump if you want to tease it. (if you absolutely don’t want to put your fan art behind a jump, you can still tag your submission and i’ll include a link to it in the masterpost. i just won’t reblog it.) i will also be tagging all reblogs of nsfw content as #nsfw.

tag your submission as #softjonghyun and do so within the first five tags on your fic / art. in addition, you can also tag me @taketaemtoyourleader if you’re worried about your submission getting missed. but the hashtag is the most important. i will also be tagging everything related to the challenge with this tag.


this is a month-long challenge, and i will start reblogging from the #softjonghyun tag on Nov. 1. however, you can post your art or fics at any time between now and the end of november. i will stop reblogging after Nov. 30, but if you need an extension of a few days, lemme know, and i will wait a few days so i can include you in the masterpost.

thank you all and please reblog / tweet / otherwise spread this challenge, so we can get the word out.

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anonymous asked:

what are all your noncis character's names, identities, and pronouns? :> n I mean ALL OF THEM. every one u can think of

OH MAN //cracks knuckles

(as a disclaimer, a lot of these don’t “technically” work since my world building is usually (of not 100% of the time) pretty non-binary or genderqueer, but this is how I view most of my babies and want them to be read as)

  • Solaris: this entire universe uses neutral they/them pronouns and is really androgynous, but I’ll list their pronouns in a real-world setting
  • left to right: Kye: nonbinary they/them, Sika: trans girl she/her, Hiu: trans femme she/they, Marduk: genderqueer they/them, Yozu: trans boy he/him, Hwan: demiboy he/they
  • SalaDays: generally like real-world gender, but much less strict
  • left to right: Ash: trans girl she/her, Renee: genderqueer she/they, Tyberius: trans boy he/him, Nat: nonbinary she/they/he
  • Picture This, Imagine That: takes place in the real world and deals with non cishetero relationships
  • left to right: Jay: demigirl she/he, Su-Mi: nonbinary they/them, Andy: trans masc he/him
  • Fantasy World: most of these are Ogres who, as a culture, are nonbinary, so that’s technically “cis” for them, but again, in a real world setting I want tem to provide representation for nonbinary people
  • left to right: Tovak: demiboy they/them, Murkanna: nonbinary they/them, Endlye: demigirl they/them, Wing: trans boy he/him 
  • Assorted projects and stragglers (Farillus is from the Fantasy World but I forgot to include him in the previous set, sorry)
  • left to right: Erin (from Starless) trigender she/they/he, Lamees (from Book Keepers) nonbinary she/her, Kaej (Children of Pathos) genderless he/they, Farillus (Fantasy World): demiboy he/him
  • Assorted Projects and honorable mentions: gnc (gender non-conforming) women who all id as cis women and use she/her pronouns
  • left to right: Aseri, Constance, Krynnis, Ras’Sol (all from Fantasy World), Gale (Picture This, Imagine That)

hey if there are any trans/otherwise noncis folk in the phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding area in arizona that are 18+ and really need a place to stay and don’t mind a small living space

hit me up

i have a 413 square foot studio apartment and an extra bed that isn’t getting use

only provisions:

  • you must be okay with cats. i have a cat and you will be required to keep him company that will be how you pay rent. hes lonely when i work ok
  • also maybe help out with the chores? just do your part as well as you can yknow
  • some of my belongings have spent ~3 years in a smokers home including the mattresses, though my new apartment is smoke-free
  • i dont have a car i only have a bike so if you wanna get around further than walking/biking distance youll have to use public transit
  • my family exists and sometimes visits though not very often. i wouldnt call them horribly bigoted but theyre “normal”. you know how it is.
  • however i occasionally babysit my 6 year old sister.
  • i work at a weird dildo company just putting that out there. i promise i wont throw silicone schlongs at you, just making you aware that i work at an adult-oriented company

thats pretty much it. pretty average stuff. im 23 years old, im already in a committed long-distance relationship, i have a cat, and i have an empty extra bed for someone who needs it. let me know if i can help you!