Tips & Tricks: What is Non-comedogenic?

Non-comedogenic (as taken from Wisegeek):

is a term applied to oils, lotions, and skin creams that do not block pores.

I’m sure everyone’s probably seen this at least one in their life and paid it no attention. It’s a long word, but when buying makeup, it is quite important. For those with oily-skin, this could be a lifesaver. Basically, non-comedogenic foundations/moisturisers mean they won’t clog up your skin pores. For some people, this means a reduction in pimples and for others, it means it won’t irritate their pimples. However, this is not scientifically proven that it will definetly reduce pimples and furthermore, a lot of mainstream products are not non-comedogenic as far as I know. What’s your opinion?



acne/skincare routines

i’ve been really wanting to amp up my skincare routine aside from my acne stuff. idk how i feel about using anti-age cream at this age though lol. these are things i learned about taking care of your skin

first thing’s first- you gotta be really dedicated. gotta stick to your skin schedule. do it every night, or every monday, wednesday, friday- whatever you have set up for yourself. every night for months straight it’d be like bha liquid. wait 20 minutes so it can settle in. then zit zapping spot treatment. wait 10 minutes. retinol treatment (optional). wait. moisturize. make sure it’s noncomedogenic and use the proper cream at night, lotion during the day. always use sunscreen. don’t wanna darken any discoloration i already have due to acne marks. pat don’t rub. repeat repeat repeat. 

it’s gonna take a shitload of experimentation. always do a patch test before slapping a new product all over your skin. you never know how it might react to the ingredients so be cautious. don’t be scared to try something new and read/watch a every review you can (because you never know!) 

set a goal. you know where you want to go with your skin. i think the best part of taking care of your skin is seeing progress. i love seeing how far i’ve come. i slip up, my skin is volatile, but that’s great motivation to keep my acne routine going.

i kinda do want my skin to be 100% perfect. i wanna see how far i can go with this. i feel like i need to try something new or else i’ll stay in the same place. what to try, what to try…..