so I’m going to be backpacking in Europe for a bit over a month (should be back around July 10th) so I’m not gonna be on here until then, there’s not going to be wednesday comics this week or until I get back, the queue is filled up so you shouldn’t notice much difference but just wanted to let you guys know!

hey guys just a quick question I’ve been struggling with with my posts, do you guys like the original, kinda faded art like this

or the like reconstructed stuff like this?

also let me know some pre 1980′s series you guys would like to see more of, right now it’s just like Defenders, Batman, Sensation Comics, and Aquaman


I have all open slots! If you need some examples you can find them in the links:

~Here~  ~NSFW~

Prices are:

Sketch $20

Full color/shade busts $35

Flats $45

Full paint with or without lines $60

+½ for extra characters

I’ll draw just about anything other then scat, young characters, noncom, forced dom or watersports. Anything else will be determined by whether or not I’m comfortable with the subject. Please email me at or shoot me a message here. If you can’t get a commission please reblog this, if you’d like to toss a dollar you can go ~{here}~ Thank you!

Yellow Zine issue 5 Kickstarter

A modest preorder for my new comics collection along with linoprints, boozy notebooks, sketches, sofas and more.

As usual, the digital version is only $1, all physical copies ($15+) come with a free original.

Number Five will explore the strange realm of smalltalk in comics, noncomics, dances and other forms.

Praise for previous Yellow Zines

“smart and funny” Comics & Cola

“stunningly surreal” It’s Nice That

“purposefully frustrating” the Comics Reporter

“funny, weird, and strangely heartfelt” Biblioklept

“wonderfully unsettling” Illustration Age

PS. The cover is a Duchamp’d frontpage that fell out of my ancient Penguin edition of Tom Jones, which I recently mutilated further.

just a heads up I’m not going to be answering any more red skull ask, I’ve got stuff to do and I’m just honestly tired of having to explain why having a holocaust survivor and the guy that basically ran auschwitz team up in any facet isn’t just a bad idea plot wise but also offensive on a deeply human level which honestly is such a simple concept that if you haven’t grasped at this point you’ve cheapened the entire human experience for the rest of us 


Today’s “warm-up” is a little special!! Here are my interpretations of the children’s SOULs from Undertale!

This was really fun to do, though I do have to hope that I was able to bring something unique to the table with these (as I’m well aware many people have drawn their interpretations of the children already, eheheh;;;)

Open them in separate tabs for better views!!!

EDIT: Fixed the typo and got rid of the gif (since it was lower quality than I would have liked)

fic search #98

Looking for multiple fills for these >_< Please & thanks darlings <3 

1. hello! i was wondering if you could recommend some fics that are similar to It’s Still A Feeling by curryramyeon & Gicleur by lababoreine in the sense where the main character is living in a big city by themselves and the love interest is mysterious and intriguing preferably kaisoo but any pairing is fine! sorry if this is a weird ask or too specific

2. do you know of any fics that aren’t dubcon/noncom/sex worker but the character is just really in charge of their sexuality and uses it to manipulate others and get what they want?

3. Do you guys have any fics that focus on a character struggling with loneliness/isolation (preferably but not necessarily as the root cause of destructive behaviours such as workaholism, substance abuse, or overall self-negligence)? No direct self-harm please. Thank you!

4. I’ve checked the tags but I’m struggling to find any because it’s a mix of two so sorry to bother you but do the admins know of any top sehun fics where sehun is protective or jealous? preferably ot9 pairings but I’m okay with hunhan too

5. Is there any bu bu jing xin au fics out there? Thank you

6. Do you know any new watersports fic? + I read through the extreme kinks tag.

7. hello to you wonderful people ~~ i was recently hit with ot12 feelings like a tidal wave and i was wondering if any of you could recommend any ot12 canon reunion fics with either of the ex-members? (the angstier the better tbh…)

8. Hey! Do you guys have any ‘worship’ fics (its kinda hard to explain…) like 'The Sehun Appreciation Society’? (Extra points if its Sekai/Sehun/Kai based) TKS!!!

9. Hi girls! I was wondering if you’ve read any new Kyungsoo Arranged marriage fics recently ;) much love xoxo

10. I spend so much time on this blog. More than I should. It’s probably where I find most of the fics I read. Do you have any daddy!kris and baby!lay stories to recommend?

11. Hello ! I’m looking for some new stories with Chanyeol being injured/hurt. Can be any pairing. Thank you.

Thanks to all the anons for the help! <3