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I stumbled upon your mafia au rn and holy moly is it amazing. I love how it makes sense and is so well written. Oh god if you write more I'll love you forever and shower you with all the gifts, but if you don't I'll still love you and it!

Thank you! I now present part 4!

Warning: OCs, OOCness, grammatical errors but tried to keep in minimum

Keith had been in multiple first class seats, heck they were literally living in a castle that acts as their ship also, it was like just a part of being a Paladin and defender of the universe. So really, there was nothing to be awed at the private jet plane of Lance. If anything, everything outside of the Milky Way galaxy was more advanced compared to anything that Earth could offer. No, what got Keith speechless was the fact that Lance was a full blooded Mafioso. How could he deny it when the moment they entered the airport Lance was immediately greeted by the Salazar’s own crew? How could he say that this was all a lie when they were directed immediately to the plane they were going to take? How could he say that he was not shock when they were now a few hours away from Italy to meet the whole Salazar Familia?

How could Lance dropped such a huge bomb and just act so nonchantly?

“Ugh, now I am reminded why I hate wearing suits, doesn’t matter if it is Italian, English, or American suit. I hate wearing this.” Keith saw Lance seating near the window and just staring outside while attempting to loosen his tie. He had to admit that blue was really Lance’s color no matter what.

“I must admit, Earth’s clothing are beautiful. Is it always like this?” and then Keith’s attention was shifted to Allura and saw that she was admiring the simple pink silk dress she was wearing, specifically, she was staring at the floral designs adorning the lower part of the dress.

“If you meant the things that we are wearing right now, then no.” Lance completely gave up on his tie when one of the stewardess slapped his hand for the second time, “You can say that this ones are for important events. Humans just usually wear what was comfortable for them or what makes them look beautiful. Though most just wear what they can afford. Most humans are not exactly rich and food is more important than clothes.”

“And you know this despite being born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” it was not meant as a hostile question but rather a genuine one. Keith just wanted to know more about Lance because it was a painful reality that he didn’t know their blue Paladin that much at all.

Keith would not be surprised that Lance’s life as a child of a Mafioso was anything but easy. By just imagining things, Lance might be prone to being kidnapped.

“Well, you will meet a lot of interesting individuals inside the Mafia, especially the desperate ones.” Lance gave them a dark yet sorrowful smirk. Keith was reminded of the times where their Blue Paladin inflicted self-punishment to himself when they didn’t managed to save the Galra prisoners they were meant to rescue. Lance always thought it was solely his fault when it reality it was a collective error. It took a lot of talking from Allura, Shiro, and Coran until Lance managed to stop punishing himself by training non-stop with nothing but raw anger and despair.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence between Keith and Lance. Allura was asking Shiro about Earth’s customs while watching TV. Shiro was trying to explain and answer every question the Princess had but sometimes the words were lost in his mouth. Hunk and Pidge were raiding the whole plane for things to assemble and disassemble as well as find the different stocks of foods and drinks. Earth’s foods and drinks were something like a rare item for them, okay? Coran was taking his time talking to the pilots and it was a miracle that he was not being kicked out. Rather, the pilots seemed to enjoy the stories of Coran about different alien species and Altean cultures.

Coran and Allura were like children once they got in the car. They were both pointing at different objects, plants, and animals, and asking multiple questions. Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro tried to satisfy their curiosities while Lance just merely tossed a bottle of juice towards Keith and simply watched the chaos happening before them.

That was, until they reached the gates of Salazar’s mansion.

“Lance, is your family a secret fan of the Zoldyck’s?” Pidge managed to ask when Lance let it slipped that the whole mountain was under the name of the Salazar’s.

“Hm…well, logically, it will be impossible to have this mansion inspired by the Zoldyck’s when this is much older compared to the first released of Hunter x Hunter.”

“Okay, I get that.” Hunk completely budge in the conversation, “But why are we walking? Can’t we take your limousine until we reach the mansion itself?”

And this was just merely met by a mischievous grin.

“Ready your bayards. Show that you deserve the title of the ‘defenders of the universe’. Oh!” Lance shifted his attention to Coran, “Don’t worry, Coran! I told them to leave you alone from their shenanigans!”

“Shenanigans?” all of them asked before they were assaulted by a rain of bullets.

“Ugh! What is the meaning of this?!” Reflexes were the one that saved their dear lives. Fighting in a war could really hone anyone’s skills if they were desperate enough to live.

“Remember! No killings or maiming!” Lance shouted at them (or maybe to the people attacking them) and Keith saw, from the tree he was hiding, that he was freaking dancing around the barrage of bullets as if it was merely a rain fall made out of lead.

Lance then let his bayard transformed into twin pistols (an ability that the blue paladin learned earlier than the rest) and put his arms sideward before pulling the trigger while dancing an impromptu ballet, at least that was the closest comparison Keith could supply at the moment and oh goodness gracious, did Lance just somersaulted in mid-attack?

Keith could not entertain more the thought at the moment when he felt a presence near him. His feet moved before his mind could catch up to what was happening. His hands immediately pulled out his sword in order to deflect the knives aimed at him.

Human weapons might not be as advanced as alien technology but it was still deadly in the hands of experts or just lucky ones.

“Damn it! Why are you attacking us?! We are Lance’s friends!”

“Well, I can’t exactly trust that information considering you kidnapped my little bro before.” It was said in a sickening sweet voice and when Keith adjusted to the light (due to entering the forest that engulfed him in moment of darkness) he saw a man a few inches taller than him and wearing a black trench coat of all things, he had a spiky hairstyle for his strawberry blond hair and his emerald eyes feels like it was dissecting Keith’s soul bit by bit. All in all, it was hard to convinced Keith that this person was Lance’s blood brother.

As if reading his thoughts,

“Same Father different Mother!” was all the man said before tossing the rest of the knives towards Keith.

He should have known it was a distraction.

The next thing he knew was that a gun was firmly pressed on his temple.

“Any living thing is fragile once you found their heart or brain. The name is Khanda Salazar, by the way. Third child of Don Salazar.” Keith never thought that he would add another name to the list of creatures with sickening sweet giggles.

“Keith, the Red Paladin of Voltron.”

Langst Mini Fic: A Not So Good Introduction

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Mafia AU: Lance Salazar (OCs mini guide)


Someone (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

TW: a lil bit of smut, angst, offensive humor, and swearing

Words: 2,428

Requested: yes! 


           Biology was a subject made by the devil. Learning about cells and other useless things was never the first thing on your mind. You wanted to be a writer, a poet, anything that didn’t relate to science. Sitting in your biology class made time go by at the pace of molasses. The class consisted of you, barely listening, scratching down lines of poems in the back of your notebook.

           There was only one kid in your class who liked the work. Jared fucking Kleinman. The kid was a dork. You could practically see the imprints of his computer screen monitor in his glasses. All he ever did was answer questions without trying. When he would complete his work, he bothered the rest of his friends with dark memes that he either made or found on the internet; you could never tell which one it was.

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Can you pls do Nayeon #46

Send in a number & the name of the member you want the drabble written about,

hi! thank you to everyone that has requested! but they (prompts) are closed until further notice! thanks!!

gif credits to @kimnatozaki

word count: 554

Originally posted by kimnatozaki

There was something eternally attractive about Nayeon. Something you weren’t able to put your finger on. 

There was something that drew you to her and you couldn’t get enough.

Maybe it was the way she moaned, gripping the sheets as you eat her or the way she would purr when you would kiss her neck or the way she looked as her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath from your sexual activities. Maybe it was the way she would mewl as you tease her, your tongue everywhere but on her clit.

The way she conducted herself or the way she acted was just something else. 

“Babe, you alright?” She questioned pulling you out of your daydream.

“Huh,” You replied. 

“I asked if you were alright? The light is green,” She glanced at you, placing her hand on your thigh. 

“Oh shit,” You cursed as you carried on driving. 

“What’s on your mind?” She questioned, turning in her seat to get a better view of you. 

“N-Nothing,” You stuttered before coughing. 

“You sure?” She asked, not wanting to push it even though she was a little sad that you were hiding something from her. 

“100%” You replied, glancing at her briefly before concentrating. She nodded, not asking anymore. 

She leaned forward to turn the radio up higher. You glanced down at her and saw her cleavage. You took a sharp inhale and focused back on the road, you weren’t trying to get the two of you killed. She didn’t question it as she leaned back in her seat, drumming her fingers in time to the beat of the song that was playing. 

“W-What are you doing?” You questioned. 

“Can’t I touch my girlfriend?” She raised an eyebrow at you. 

“It’s not that but I’m driving and it’s-”

“It’s what? Distracting?” She chuckled as her finger inched higher.

 “N-Nayeon, I’m trying to drive,”

“Pull over, I wanna play.”

“Not right now babe, we’ve got to get there first.”

“We aren’t in a rush,” She spoke as she began to unbutton and unzip her shorts, showing off her panties.

“Nayeon,” You sqeualed. 

“What? If you’re not going to please me then I’ll have to do it myself,” She spoke nonchantly as she pulled down her panties. 

“Don’t you dare,” You spoke through gritted teeth, your hands tighten around your leather wheel. She looked over at you with a smirk as she kicked them off, her fingers in her mouth sucking on them, trying to get them as wet as possible.

 “Im Nayeon,” You warned.

“What?” She answered back as her fingers trailed down her breasts, moving towards her core. Having enough her of teasing, you looked for a place to park. Not on your watch.

 “Get. in. the. back.” You commanded which she hastily removed her belt and sat at the back with her legs open. 

You smirked at her, there was no way you would be on time to meet up with the girls simply because Nayeon had no patience. 

You bit your lip as your eyes were glued to her core.

You were wondering if you would even make it at all. 

Probably not.

Trick or Treat

  Chapter 1: Costumes

Sanji wondered through the streets absent-mindedly, taking appreciative glances at the mélange of orange, yellow and red. It was nearly the end of October and autumn was present everywhere – from the colourful leaves, to the chilly wind that made him shiver a little to the Halloween decorations.

There were various cinnamon candles, pumpkin lanterns and even skeleton ornaments scattered throughout the city streets.

The cook smirked, he’d always been one to enjoy the holidays. He could debate why – perhaps it came as an occupational thing since he’d get to prepare seasonal dishes.

This time around though…there was something special about autumn. The air appeared clearer, the various shades of the trees more vibrant and for the first time since he was twelve he was actually excited about Halloween.

“Seems just like you be excited about a girly ass thing, ero-cook,” Zoro mocked when he’d stupidly shared his thoughts out loud.

Still, the words lacked bite and he could see Roronoa smirk a little, as though their little banter sessions made him happy.

“What about chopper?” Sanji asked to which Zoro had promptly looked away, the way he always did when he couldn’t convey emotions into words.

“ He used to love Halloween when he was really small…back when Tashigi and I-”

The words hung in the air awkwardly and the chef bit his lip, opting to change the topic.

Now though he was going through town, on a mission. A sudden idea sprouted in his chest like a weed and no matter how much he wanted, he couldn’t tear it away.

In the end it was decided – they were going to celebrate Halloween, regardless of what the Marimo had to say about it.


Sanji stood before the window screen of a large, decoration shop and briefly debated if he should enter. He’d always been on the prideful side and something told him buying not one but four costumes, one of them for a kid, was bound to get some raised eyebrows.

“How may I help you, sir?” the shop assistant, Keimi, as the name tag read asked when she noticed how lost he appeared.

The chef quickly explained, for once omitting his usual praise for the beautiful lady before him.

Keimi’s lips stretched into a warm smile which brightened the whole shop,

“I think we have just what you need,” she promised, taking his pale hand and dragging him towards the rows of different costumes.


To say Chopper was excited two hours later would be understatement of the year.

“Sanji, you’re SO cool!” he cried out, bouncing on his feet as he clung onto the Halloween costume the blonde had just handed to him.

Zoro seemed stunned, unable to even comment. He was stilling sitting on his bed in his room, one remaining grey eye wide in bewilderment,

“You…really shouldn’t have,” he whispered after an unnaturally long pause, “But thank you.”

Sanji felt something flutter in his chest, a wave of warmth washing over him. He couldn’t get past the pure gratitude in the other’s voice, how damn happy he looked.

Not only that but surprised as well, as though he wasn’t used to people treating him nicely. It made the chef frown, he’d been the same way but as he was slowly starting to realize – things were changing. He may not have had the best biological family, sure, but he had Zeff and now, with Zoro and Chopper around it almost felt like he had a family of his own. Sure, they weren’t there yet, but it felt nice, offering a long forgotten sense of security to Sanji.

“Come on, Chopper, try it on!” he insisted, shooting the six-year-old an encouraging look.

“Okay! I’ll go to the bathroom and change!” the kid said, smiling brightly at them before running away.

Sanji then turned to Zoro himself, opting to sit next to him as the old bed creaked under their combined weight.

The scene of their first kiss, a mere week ago, flashed before his eyes – Roronoa being only centimetres away, hot breath dancing over his lips. And then his lips, a little chapped but welcomed… the way his tongue clashed against his. The contact had been unexpected and playful, like a breath of fresh air after being locked inside for too long.

The blonde cleared his throat, retrieving back to reality once the memory lost its grip on him,

“Here, I got one for you too, moss for brains,” he offered, the insult was slowly turning into a loving pet name,

The look of shock on Zoro’s face deepened - some strange emotion, caught between surprise and faint embarrassment. Then, much to Sanji’s surprise things escalated further as his sides turned a pleasant red colour.

The cook couldn’t help but grin at him – who knew this fearsome man could blush so deeply? He had to admit though – it suited him, making him appear younger and happier, adding some bonus points of attraction, as if he needed any. The word cute swam in Sanji’s mind but he would never say it out loud though, he wasn’t in the mood for getting chopped to pieces.

Perhaps he could steal a picture of Roronoa like this, all surprised and flustered, having a hard time comprehending basic human interactions. Then he would probably frame it over his bed, all in the name of teasing him.

“Thanks,” the other muttered in the end, burying his face in the parcel and refusing to meet his gaze.

He stared at the costume, somewhat bewildered, evidently unable to guess who or what he was supposed to dress up as.

“You’re going as Zorro!” Sanji couldn’t help the sarcastic giggle, as uncharacteristic as it was for him – perhaps the man had a strange effect on him,

“I thought it would be clever – because of your name.” he went, barely suppressing his own laughter, “And he has a sword as well! It’s the perfect choice for you, don’t you think?.”

The taller man shook his head, lips curving into a smile which soon morphed into a sunny grin.

(Hearing Zoro laugh did something funny to his heart.)

“Damn, cook, you really are one cheesy bastard!” Zoro shot back but there was no edge to his words, if anything he seemed happier than he’d ever seen him before.

Sanji shrugged, a month ago he would have been offended, he’d have screamed an insult back or raised his leg for a kick. But now things were different, now he had an adorable six year old around, a directionally challenged marimo to help out in the kitchen and a twenty something child who wreaked havoc on his meat supply.

The new dynamic changed him, mellowed him down and took away the bitterness he’d felt for as long as he could remember.

“Don’t just stand there, try it on, algae!” Sanji demanded, tone harsher for good measure.

Roronoa didn’t protest, instead stood up and took his T-shirt off, as though that was the most natural thing in the world to do.

The cook couldn’t help but stare, taking in the smooth tan skin and the strong defined muscles underneath it.

His blue eyes trailed over Roronoa’s scars – thin white lines which criss-crossed over his torso, like rivers on a map. If anything they made him all the more attractive to him, as if a proof to his strength and endurance, a reminder of the pain he’d survived.

“I bet you only bought this, so you could see me strip,” Zoro whispered, turning to him and winking like the damn asshole he was.

It was Sanji’s turn to go red in the face, glad Chopper wasn’t listening to their exchange, “Cocky bastard,”

Roronoa grinned at him, “That’s how you like me,”

The chef rolled his eyes, “Touché,”

Zoro then proceeded to snake out of his torn, washed out jeans, tossing them aside on the floor. The French couldn’t shift his gaze, hungry eyes falling over the man’s plump ass and his strong thighs.

Various images flashed through his mind, none of them including any Halloween costumes or other clothes. He could picture the strong swordsman over himself, those damn good muscles working their magic. He’d never been attracted to a man before, hell he’d never even spared men a second look.

But Zoro…the damn bastard looked like sex on legs and he seemed to realize it which made him all the better in Sanji’s eyes. Though he would never admit it, apparently he had a thing for arrogance, all mixed in with a round of banter between them. Not to mention, that six pack didn’t hurt either.

“Cook, you might wanna tone down the looks, my son is in the other room,” Roronoa joked, shaking his head as short locks of green swayed with his throaty laughter.

“Asshole,” Sanji grumbled but still looked away, hating the way Zoro seemed to know all the right words to make him flustered, one way or another.

The private show the other man was giving him only lasted a few minutes, entirely too short in the French’s opinion. Soon enough he stood before him, all dressed up as none other than the mythical legend Zorro.

Sanji grinned brightly at him, “You don’t look half bad,”

Roronoa rolled his eye, stealing a look of himself in the reflection on the window.

“I’ll kill you for this shit,” he grumbled, “This is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done.”

It was true, the costume even provided a cheap, nylon cape which caught the fluorescent glint of the indoor lighting and added some bonus cringe points.

Sanji licked his lips, “You know Chopper will love it. Luffy probably too.”

Zoro smirked, the look on his face shifting from slight annoyance to something else entirely, something warm and caring.

“Yeah, they will.”

Speaking of the devil, the two flew in the room, much like a tornado of emotions.

“Sanji, the costume is so awesome!” the kid cried out, round grey eyes full of happiness and excitment.

The chef felt his heart melt at the sight, wishing he could seal this moment forever, so he could go back and play it on repeat, marvel at the three content faces that stood before him.

“I can’t believe you got me a pirate costume!” Luffy all but shouted and the smoker was positive people in a radius of a few miles were hearing about it.

“How did you even know it was my childhood dream to be a pirate!?” he demanded, dark gaze full of awe,

The blonde shrugged nonchantly, “Must have been a hunch,”

He eyed Luffy who was dressed up in a stereotypical pirate attire, despite sternly refusing to have an eye patch as he deemed it would interfere with his trick-or-treating abilities, whatever that meant.

“Thank you so much!” the younger man cried out, throwing himself around Sanji’s torso suddenly.

The chef froze on spot, sensing two long, skinny arms wrap around him as Luffy all but buried his head into his chest.

The contact was awkward at first, he was so unused to hugs, he’d almost forgot how they felt. Him and Law never embraced, despite carrying the unofficial tittle of best friends. The closest they’d got to a hug was that whole half armed thing they did at their university graduation. (And that been purely because Zeff had insisted, while pestering them about taking photos of them).

Slowly Sanji wrapped his arms around Luffy, returning the hug.

“This is the best Halloween ever!” The noirette shouted, rendering him nearly deaf in one ear.

“Glad you like it,” he responded, turning to face the trio.

Zoro looked like hotness wrapped up in a cheap Halloween costume. Luffy fitted into the role nicely, as though he was born to be a pirate, travelling through the seas with some marry and probably equally crazy crew.

And Chopper was the cutest reindeer he’d ever seen. The boy looked adorable, dressed up as the animal, he’d even put the antlers which completed the look and a red nose (drawn with the lipstick Luffy had somewhere in his pockets and Sanji most definitely did not want to know where he got it from).


“Well?” Luffy demanded impatiently, bouncing on the heels of his feet, “Get dressed up as well! You don’t get to go costume free.”

Sanji smirked at them, retrieving towards the bathroom to change. He caught the disappointed look which flashed on Zoro’s face and it made him a little smug – so the bastard did want to steal a glance of him!

Hopefully, that would happen too, though the chef didn’t want to rush into things, despite the few dreams he’d already had about the two of them.

Upon retrieving there were a couple of gasps as they took him in,

“You’re an elf!” Luffy screamed enthusiastically, clapping his hands at his own clever of observation.

“A garden elf or something, blondie?” Zoro demanded, smirking at him.

The cook shot him a dirty look, “No, moss for brains! For your information I am in fact-”

“Legolas!” Chopper cried out happily, eyes wide in amazement as he seemed to make the connection, “Dad, look, he even has a bow and an arrow!”

Roronoa appeared puzzled to no end, his gaze darting between the chef and his smartass son who was for sure a geek in the making,

“Uh, so this Legolas thing…he supposed to be a cartoon character or something?”

“No, dad,” Chopper shook his head, the way kids did when they were eager to correct an adult making a mistake, “He’s that cool elf from that big book I read, "Lord of the Rings,”

Zoro grinned, ruffling the kid’s hair lovingly, “I swear, kiddo, you’re too smart for your own good.”

Sanji smiled warmly at the scene, memories of him and Zeff going through his head. Truth to be told his adoptive father would always fall asleep during their movie marathons but still, it was the effort that counted. He missed the old fart, he should call more often.

“I can’t believe you dressed like a character from a kid’s book,” Zoro teased, a devious look on his tan face.

The French felt a flicker of indignation in him come to the surface, sending him a glare, “For your information "Lord of the Rings” is anything but a kid’s book, it’s a classic!“

"Whatever you say, blondie,” Roronoa grinned, then he moved in and sealed their lips.

Luffy made an excited squeal and Chopper appeared unfazed, too preoccupied to marvel at his own costume.

Sanji smiled against the kiss, it felt warm and good and right.

Zoro tasted of sake and steel and he smelled like some cheap aftershave, still it was his nirvana and he melted into the contacted, unwilling for it to end. Their tongues collided, it felt like a challenge, something fun and simple, with the lingering feeling of something more, something yet to be explored.

For one long moment he let himself have this, soak in the feeling of happiness, grateful he’d chosen to chase after Zoro that fateful day.


“Where are we going now?” Luffy demanded excitedly, as soon as they stepped outside, “Can we please go trick or treating already?! Ace and I loved doing it when we were kids!”

Sanji opened his mouth to question who Ace was but thought against it, he’d ask another time or if the brunette felt like it, he’d share himself,

“Not yet. We have to get Mr. Grumpy here, then we head out.”

“You mean, Torao right!?” the younger man cried out, “I can’t wait to see him play dress up!”

“Mr. Law is coming too!?” Chopper appeared elated, “He’s so cool, one day I’ll be a doctor, just like him!”

Zoro patted his son on the shoulder as he held the jacket for him, “Of course you will,”

Sanji smiled, Law had better appreciate he was all but dragging him out of the apartment and offering him the chance to make friends for once.

“By the way, Sanji…you have any idea why Torao didn’t reply to the text I sent him from your phone? I even asked him on a date! How mean of him not to respond!”


Law glared at his Messenger app, squinting his eyes as he took in the picture of a very happy looking Luffy.

He snorted, throwing the small device away from him.

Unfortunately he wasn’t on duty that night which meant he got to spend the night at home, with the lights turned off in vain hope that perhaps the damn kids from the neighbourhood wouldn’t bother him that way.

“Meow,” Beppo jumped on his bed, invading the covers and claiming his rightful spot at the Spaniard’s feet.

Trafalgar sighed, running tan fingers through the cat’s long, soft fur,

“Don’t meow-me, you’re so fortunate,’ he mumbled, "You’re just a cat – you’re not forced to socialize, make friends. And celebrate this dumb Holiday.”

The cat meowed once more, as though mocking him.

Law grunted, these monologues he was having with his cat were getting concerning.

Perhaps he really needed to get laid.

It was then that Luffy’s text flashed before his eyes, “Wanna go out on a date?”

And that was garnered with a photo of the brunette, that same sunny grin, which seemed to be his trademark, gracing his attractive tan face.

Law covered his eyes with a hand and sighed loudly. For the past few days no matter what he did his thoughts dragged him back to that same loud, obnoxious and kind of daring he say it - cute - noirette.

Luffy – what kind of name was that anyway? And going on a date? Didn’t Sanji inform him – Law doesn’t go on dates! No, he just has sex with hot people in bars, every once in a blue moon. Then he gets back to his usual lonesome life as a surgeon with a shady past. Yeah, his life would make a good TV series.

“Man, I need to go out and find someone,” he thought to himself, staring at the white ceiling of his room. Great, even his own home looked as sterile as a hospital these days.

Perhaps, going on a date wasn’t such a bad idea, minus the whole small talk and the obligatory fake smiles. Not to mention how would he even find one?

It was then that Luffy’s sunny image flashed before his eyes, all sparkly eyes and smooth tan skin.

The kid did want a date, didn’t he? Trafalgar scoffed but still took another appreciate glance at his photo, he did look good.

So…what if? No! He couldn’t think about that, he was Sanji’s friend and he seemed naïve and kind enough, the sort of guy who wanted an actual date and not a mind blowing one night stand. He would probably even want to hold his hand and go to the movies. Law on the other hand, had different ideas about fun,

The image of two of them, tangled in the sheets flashed through his brain and then-

The doorbell rang. How anticlimactic.

Trafalgar grunted, covering his face and his ears with the fluffy pillow and pretending he was asleep. Maybe the damn kids would scatter away and leave him alone if he kept really quiet…

“I know you’re in there, asshole!”

The Spaniard froze in spot – wasn’t that Sanji’s voice? Perhaps the blonde had decided to drag him out of the house and for them to head out, maybe even find some dates.

“Torao, you’d better bring candy!” he heard another voice and to his horror (and perhaps his delight as well) it was Luffy’s.

His heart sped up, a small part of him thinking what were the odds the man he was thinking about would just show up at his door. If were a romantic, he’d say it was fate or something like that but he wasn’t one to think about that. Hesitantly Law headed for the door, shaking his head, it was going to be a long night.



“I don’t like her.” I state nonchantly, sipping slowly at my milkshake, as I eyed the girl, Elena, from a far. I didn’t even like the way her name rolled off my tongue. “Come on you don’t even know her, she’s a really nice person, please don’t judge her before you meet her.” Stefan asked in his little whiny, I’m your little brother voice and you know how my last love ended so please give this girl a chance voice. I roll my eyes sighing. “Look at her she’s talking to that jock, he can clearly just come in at any time and she can leave you for him.” Stefan sighs,“That’s Matt, her ex, they were best friends then they decided they wanted to be more, it didn’t work out.” I listen to his explanation, nodding as if I were agreeing with him. “I just… I just, don’t like her.” I threw the cup in the trash bin next to me, squinting at the girl in the cheer uniform. “Give me one good reason you don’t like her and I won’t force our  relationship down your throat.” I groan, they were already together, so what was the point of this whole,“do you like her?” thing. “She isn’t good enough for you, she doesn’t deserve my equally somewhat less attractive twin brother. Like, what if she hurts you? Then I’d be forced to rip out your girlfriend Elena’s jugular.Is that good enough reason for you?” I look over to Stefan who had a very surprised look on his face. “Wow, you can get pretty violent.” I smile, “Only when it comes to you and Damon. The only loves of my life I will ever have and that I’ll ever need.” Stefan awe’d me and pinched my cheek, teasing me about my love for my brothers, who were both highly annoying. “Cut it out jackass.” I swap at his hand and he chuckles, moving his hand back to his side. “She got a brother but he’s a year younger then us and I know you don’t like to date guys younger than you.” He piped my interest,“Continue.” Stefan had began to walk and I dumbly followed listening on about the Juvenal Gilbert child. “Oh hey Elena.” I looked up and stared daggers st my brother, using my short attention span against me. “Hey Stefan, whos this?” She asked sickly sweetly, I almost vomited in my mouth. “This is Y/N and if you couldn’t tell she’s my twin sister, she was dying yo meet you so…” I smiled at her kicking Stefan in the skin, “What the hell?” I whispered under my breath but he just casually backed out if the conversation leaving me with his lady friend, Elena. I growled and turned to face her, awkwardly sticking out my hand for her to stiffly shake. “Were you thinking about joining the cheer squad?” Asked a blonde, a familiar one, she was Caroline the girl Damon had been messing around with. “No not really I was telling Stefan that he could join the football team, then maybe I’d consider it.” I knew Stefan was listening by the short groan I had received in with giving up the idea of having Stefan on the team, I mean he was a great catch, and thrower, and runner. I smirked in the direction of my brother whojust stood shaking his head, hands on his hips, mouthing, don’t you even think about it.“You know what joining the team wouldn’t be so bad.” I stare down Elena as I walk past her to the front of the line, “this should be  good.”


REQUEST: Can I request a one shot where Samandriel is left with the reader who’s on her period but he doesn’t know what that is and is just trying to help her through all of her pain?


Hello! i’m so soooooo sorry it took me so long but here it is, sorry if it is not that good :/ but i hope you like it, feel free to let me know what you think, and sorry for any mistakes.

Word count: 1.043

Why you had to be a woman? You thought while laying in your bed with your face in your pillow. you groaned in pain when you felt another cramp attacking you, you hated to be a woman. Today you were supposed to go on a hunt with the Winchesters but since you were in your period you declined, obviously they didn’t know that was the reason, you just told them that you had the flu, and it was an easy hunt anyways, they left, but not without leaving your favorite angel in charge.

You were whining in pain when you heard a knock in your door,  "y/n?“ you heard Samandriel through the door "yeah?” you answered with your face in the pillow “are you ok?” he asked “Just peachy” you said while rolling your eyes, even if he couldn’t see you “I don’t understand what does that means” he said confused, you sighed “forget about it, I’m fine, come in” Samandriel opened the door and stood there just looking at you, you were now curled up in a ball, your back towards him, Samandriel’s eyebrows knitted together at the sight of you “you don’t seem to be fine, are you ill?” he asked “no, I’m not ill, this happens to me every month” you said without turning to look at him, Samandriel tilted his head to one side, just like a puppy “every month you get sick?”  "yes…No!“ you turned in your back to look at him "I’m not sick Samandriel” you said looking at him, he looked  like a lost puppy, “you seem to be sick” he said, you really didn’t want to share the information of why you were in pain, but since it was Samandriel, It shouldn’t be so bad. You sat up in your bed, your back in the headboard, you grabbed a pillow and put it on your stomach, hugging it slightly. “I’m on my period” you said, Samandriel tilted his head again, but this time to the other side “I’m sorry but I don’t know what that is” you raised an eyebrow at him “really?” you asked, “huh yeah?” you ran a hand through your hair and took a deep breath, “it’s something that happens to women every month, it comes with a lot of pain and blood” you said nonchantly, Samandriel’s eyes went wide at the word blood, he came running to your side, looking at you intently, worry all over his features, “blood? Are you bleeding? Where?” you laughed softly and took his hand, giving it a little squeeze “look samandriel, this is natural, I’m fine” he seemed confused again, why pain and blood were natural? He didn’t understand “natural?” he asked “yeah it happens to women” you answered rubbing circles in his hand with your thumb, while hugging the pillow in your stomach with your other arm, “to all women?” he knitted his eyebrows together, this conversation was so confusing to him, “yeah” “why?” he asked “why what?” “Why does that happen to women” you shrugged “I don’t know, because god hate us?” “God does not hate women” said Samandriel, seriousness in his voice, you rolled your eyes at his comment, he took it too literally,  "forget about it please?“ you said batting your eyelashes at him, but in that moment a terrible pain made you wince,  you closed your eyes squeezing the pillow against you, damn it. Samandriel looked at you with worried eyes "are you in pain?” he asked “yeah a little” you said with your eyes still closed, he stuttered “ there something that I can do” you opened your eyes slowly and looked up at him, he had a concern all written in his face, you smiled at him “just…can you get me something to drink? Maybe a hot cocoa?” you were craving for something hot and sweet, and honestly, you didn’t want to get out of bed “yeah sure” he said leaving your room immediately.

After like 30 minutes Samandriel entered your room with a mug in his hands “here” he said handing you the hot beverage, you smiled at him “thank you” you said before taking a sip of your mug, honestly it was awful, of course, what could you expect from an angel?, but he had tried and that was so sweet, no one had done something like that for you before. You looked up at him smiling. He was looking at you waiting for you to say something, you grinned at him “this is delicious” you lied, he seemed relieved “are you still in pain?” he asked again hoping that the hot beverage was enough to take your pain away, “yeah” you answered, Samandriel frowned “don’t worry I used to it, in 2 days I’ll be fine” you said, he wasn’t convinced by your words but you  gave him a reassuring smile  "thanks Samandriel" “for what?” he asked “for taking care of me” he smiled “you’re welcome, now I’ll let you rest” he said turning to leave, but before he reached the door you spoke, “wait” he turned to look at you “yeah?” he asked, you pouted “can you stay with me?” Samandriel stayed there again, close to the door, looking at you “ok” he said without moving, you laughed and rolled your eyes “you can come and lay with me, you know?” you said patting the spot next to you on the bed, he nodded. 

He laid in his back at your side, you got closer to him putting your head in his chest. He flinched at the sudden contact but relaxed almost immediately. You smiled closing your eyes while he started to rub your back with his hand, your pain slowly going away and your body relaxing under his touch, you sighed in content and muttered “thank you” before lifting your head for a brief second to give him a sweet kiss on the cheek, you rested your head again in his chest, drifting to sleep. he blushed at your actions and a smile appeared in his face. A few seconds after, he kissed your hair and whispered “you’re welcome”, you smiled, snuggling closer to him, you never thought you will be this happy while on your period but with Samandriel everything was better.


Thank you for reading and feel free to leave your requests

Our Little Secret

{minghao + reader + fluff}

you and minghao were best friends but he decided to take things further

You and minghao have been best friends since young, and there was never a time where both of you were separated. He’s the cutest friend you have ever had, and you never regret befriending him. Every morning, the both of you would walk to school together and you’ve noticed that your best friend has attracted quite a number of girls from school, and you’d always tease him for it, and he’d brush it off shyly.

Both of you were casually hanging out at your house after school. Minghao was working on his project while you were writing notes for an upcoming exam. Music was playing in the background when your phone started ringing.

“Hey mark” you said over the phone.

Minghao watched you in silence and stopped whatever he was doing.

“This friday? Yeah sure” you said and smiled, “See ya” you hung up the phone and went back to your work.

Mark was a classmate of yours and he just asked you out for lunch on friday.

“Are you dating him?” minghao suddenly asked.

“No… we’re just hanging out” you said nonchantly.

“But he likes you”

You looked at minghao and thought that he seemed to be acting weirdly. He became a little serious, when usually he’d be covered with smiles.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

Minghao shifted his gaze away from you and to the window. He seemed to be thinking of something, and you were waiting for him to say it.

“Do you remember our little secret?” he blurted out.

Our little secret.

It was when both of you were 13, and y’all gave your first kiss to each other. You didn’t know why, but the both of you were just sitting at the playground eating ice cream when he suddenly leaned in and kissed your lips.

“What was that…?” you asked him after he pulled away from you.

“Our little secret. You mustn’t tell anyone”

And so, that was how the little secret came about. You have forgotten about it and you didn’t expect minghao to bring it up again.

“Do you?” minghao’s voice brought you back.

“Yeah… why?”

Minghao looked into your eyes and you’ve never seen this side of him before. His eyes seemed to be telling you something, something that says “more than friends”.

He slowly leaned in and you felt your cheeks burning, and it was suddenly so hot around you. You tightened the grip on your phone and closed your eyes. You couldn’t believe it. You were kissing your best friend. A friend you’ve never known you had feelings for, or maybe you did, but you suppressed it, or maybe you just didn’t realise because the both of you have been holding the title “best friends” for so long. 

You felt his soft warm lips against yours. Your heart was beating so fast, and you felt something you didn’t feel when he first kissed you back then.

“Minghao…” that was the only thing you can say after he pulled away.

“I actually have my own secret. This might sound awkward but I like you, and I want to be more than just best friends.” he said, slightly embarrassed.

“Our little secret” these three words kept echoing in your mind, and you realised your feelings for minghao. You actually fancied him, but you had your feelings hidden for so long unknowingly. You just needed time to sort things out. Meanwhile, minghao was waiting for you to say something.

“I think I have a secret too…” you said and crashed your lips against his once more.

nokiagenji  asked:

Loved most of season 4, but episode 4 really ruined it for me. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Curious about what you thought.

I’m like, 1000% legit being serious here, I really liked it.

It was simple, old comedy, nonchantly on the edge but it was fun, besides, from a writer point of view? it’s agood mix of getting the plot moving and yet keeping it simple, like, not FOCUSING on the main plot but still moving it along nicely. 

It’s like when I want my audience to know something relevant on the fic but I dont want to make a big deal about it? So i just throw a comment somewhere and bam, the audience is aware and it didn’t took much of the plot or its focused but it was still acknowledged. 

I dunno if that makes sense? It does to me, but I really liked it. Coran is still one of the most respected characters for me, bc I know hwat he is made of and what he can do and who he is, I am proud of him, this simple episode does not define him.

The team being power rangers? fucking bless, those poses where amazing and so fun to watch because, for me, it was like ‘damn thats the kind of stuff i would do to hang out and pass the time with my friends’ bc it looked pretty fun. Cringy? sure, but fun! 

I hoenstly liked it. I’m here to enjoy the show.


You know, over the years I’ve seen people say, “I can’t wait til Luffy meets Dragon!” or “It’ll be very emotional when Luffy meets his father for the first time” and that got me to thinking….

Does Luffy even care about Dragon? 

Because we see that as a child, Luffy obviously feels lonely as he only had his grandpa (along with people like Woodslap and Makino):

So from that we can deduce that as a child, Luffy probably wondered who his mother and father were and whether they were alive or not.

Fast forward 10 years later, Garp says he heard about Dragon saving Luffy from Smoker back in Loguetown and Luffy nonchantly comments on whether or not he has a father.

So from that we can say his need to meet his father has passed seeing as how he’s seventeen and seeing as how he wasn’t there for him as a kid, he probably got over the idea of meeting him years ago.

And even two years later when it’s discovered that Baltigo (The base of the revolutionaries) was ransacked and destroyed by the Blackbeard pirates, Luffy was more concerned about Sabo than Dragon:

So from the information given about, we can say NO Luffy does NOT care about Dragon. At least yet and when they meet, it won’t be like this right away:

But Luffy may grow to care for him assuming Luffy and him fight together. 

Though one thing’s for certain, the D Family is an insane one! XD

Phone Calls -Jack Gilinsky (Smut)

Request- Could you do an imagine where jack g’s angry cause a guy keeps calling while yous make out so he makes you answer and eats you out during it.

Straddling Jack, his lips on mine, our tongues fighting for dominance, and just like the hundreds of times before, he won. The scene between us was heating up by the second. Slowly I began to grind my heat against his growing hard on. Jack lets out a throaty groan which is muffled by the kiss. Leaving my lips, Jack’s lips trailed down my jawline to my neck, finding my weak spot. Sucking, biting and running his tongue over my skin, I let out a moan letting him know to keep on going. As Jack trailed his lips back up to my own, my phone interrupted us once again. “I thought you turned it off,” Jack says in a statement rather than a question.  I can tell he was annoyed. I slowly nod my head, before I could reach for it, Jack beats me to it. “It’s that stupid asshole again,” he refers to my ex boyfriend, Kyle, who has been calling me frequently, today being one of those days. “Just ig-Jack what are you doing?” I question him as he slides his finger across the screen and answers the phone call. “Answering the asshole, here,” he places the phone next to my ear. I stayed silent for a few seconds causing Kyle to speak first. “Y/n?” “Kyle.” Jack motions me off of me and i do as he says taking the seat next to him. “You’re going to keep him on the phone the whole time,” Jack whispers as he moves to the floor in front of me, sliding my yoga pants and thong down at the same time. My mouth was agape as i stared at Jack’s every move. Was he serious?

“Oh and on speaker please,” Jack wears his signature smirk on his face. I roll my eyes at him and remove my phone from my ear, placing it on speaker. “Hello? y/n are you still there?” “Huh? Oh yeah sorry, just got a little distracted.” Jack’s fingers trailed up my thighs and then up my folds, feeling how wet I had gotten from our make out session. “So what have you been up to?” Kyle tries to begin small talk. “Why did you call Kyle?” I say trying to end this phone call as soon as possible. “I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately,” I watched Jack as he got extremely close to my heat, blowing air over it. I bite my bottom lip trying not to moan out loud, he points to the phone. “W-what a-about us K-kyle? We b-broke up l-like centuries a-ago.” “I know but I never stopped loving you y/n.” Right after that Jack scoffs and  runs his tongue from my hole all the way up to my clit and sucked on it, causing me to let out a moan which I had to cover up by coughing. “Are you okay?” Kyle questions. “Huh? Oh yeah perfectly fine,” I clear my throat. “Anyway, I was wondering if we could meet for coffee?” Jack kept on working his magic with his tongue, it took everything in my not to let out a moan.

“Why now? I mean you know I’m with J-jACK. Fuck” I mumble the last part. I look at Jack the whole time, a smirk on his face when I say his name. “I know, but do you really love him like you love me?” “Loved you Kyle. And of course I do love J-jack. He’s my everything. Fuck oh god” Jack slides in one of his fingers, slowly pumping it. “Are you sure you’re okay?” “Y-yeah, just b-banged my t-toe o-on a c-corner.” Jack chuckles as my excuse which sends vibrations throughout my heat, causing me to shiver, and let out a moan at the feeling. “Y/n?” “Sorry, I just b-banged i-it r-really h-hard.” “So can we meet for some coffee and talk about us?” “W-what the f-fuck is there to talk about, J-jack” He adds another finger. “Jack? Are you sure you’re feeling okay y/n” “Mhm, p-per- oh god Jack” I moan out at the feeling that Jack is making me feel right now. His tongue and his fingers pumping in and out. Im about to cum, i mouth to Jack who has been looking at me this whole time. “Jack what about Jack?” I let out a loud moan not caring if kyle found out what was happening right now.

I run my hand through Jacks hair and lightly tugg on it. Pulling Jack closer to my heat I wrap my legs around his shoulders trapping him and forgetting about Kyle being on the other line.  "Fuck Jack, oh fuck" I moan loud as soon as i can’t take it anymore and release myself all over him. “Are you?” I heard Kyle on the other line, whom i had completely forgotten about for a few seconds. Jack grabs the phone from my hand and speaks “Listen, I’m pretty sure you know what just happened, and now you know how good I can make her feel. That wasn’t the beginning of it actually. Anyway Y/n wants nothing to do with you, so if you can just back the fuck off and not be that desperate hoe that like to ruin people’s relationships.” With that Jack hung up the phone and came up to me kissing me. “That was fun,” he states rather nonchantly. “Maybe for you, not me. Do You know how hard it was for me not to moan every 5 seconds?” He just chuckles as he runs his thumb over my cheek. “How about I make it up to you, this time you could be as loud as you want.” I bite my lip reaching for his belt, unbuckling it. “But not with you tongue this time” I smirk pulling his pants and boxers down.


Feel free to send in requests! I’ll try and get them done as soon as i can! 

Percabeth AU: Shower Songs

disclaimer: me no own. headcanon from tumblr user otpprompts

here is my writing tag

Annabeth Chase couldn’t be angrier anymore than she already is. Her neighbour wouldn’t shut the hell up.

She was sitting on her bed typing a draft for her college homework at midnight, and her neighbour just feels the need to sing in the shower. Then again, Annabeth Chase just moved into this side of the neighbourhood two days ago. She doesn’t know her neighbours at all.

“Shut the hell up,” she yells, knowing the walls between her neighbour’s shower and her room are so freaking thin.

Her neighbour pauses for a moment, and Annabeth is happy.

But then, two seconds later, it starts again. And it’s not that the song wasn’t catchy. Hell, the song is catchy. Her neighbour, definitely a he, is belting to the song Blank Space. He just doesn’t sing it in tune at all.

This time though, he’s singing much louder.

It annoys the hell out of Annabeth, but five minutes later, he stops. Annabeth can tell that it’s because he’s done showering. She also realises it’s 12:30AM - time for her to sleep. She shuts her laptop and curses under her breath. That homework would definitely be rushed.


She hears his singing again the next day. And, the same thing happens. She shouts louder and adds in a few curse words at him.

He chuckles it off, and continues singing.

“I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name,” he sings totally off.

This time though, Annabeth can’t take it.

Her assignment is due in two days, and she can’t juggle college and her job if her neighbour’s going to be like this.

After she hears his toilet door shut, she knows he’s definitely out. She goes out of her apartment and knock on his door. She doesn’t care that it’s twelve midnight, she knows he’s awake.

A lady in her late forties answers the door, and Annabeth is truly surprised.

“I’m here because my neighbour, who is evidently you, is belting to Blank Space. I honestly swear that I think it’s a guy’s voice and I can’t comprehend this,” Annabeth says quickly.

“That would probably be my son, I’m sorry hun, I’ll tell him to quieten down,” she says and then she she yells, “Percy! Come here.”

Sally Jackson, introduces herself to Annabeth Chase while waiting for Percy to come.

When Percy’s there, Annabeth Chase is honestly surprised. For one thing, she didn’t expect her neighbour to be standing in front of her topless.

“Stop singing so loudly,” she tells him with a straight face.

Percy comprehends this before laughing - yes, laughing.

Sally Jackson quickly slips behind, letting the two young adults talk.

Percy stops laughing and eventually apologises to Annabeth.

“I don’t think we’ve formally met, I’m Percy.”

“Annabeth Chase.”

“Well, Annabeth, where are you in life now?”

As they start talking, Percy shifts Annabeth into his living room.

“I’m in my second year of college in NYU. I stayed in the dorm for year 1, and now I’ve got this apartment temporarily,” Annabeth tells him.

Percy perked up when he heard NYU, “I’m from NYU too! I’m studying marine biology. Year 2 too.”

“I’m in architecture,” she tells him proudly.

“Wait, you rented this apartment? For how long?”

“Probably six months tops. It’s quite expensive. Studying full time and working during the weekends and after classes are really tiring.”

Percy nods his head. Of course he wouldn’t understand. He lives opposite the school, and has always been living in that apartment anyways.

“I’ll see you soon, Percy Jackson. In the mean time, I have school tomorrow morning,” Annabeth says as she leaves his apartment.


They meet up regularly, in fact. Classes normally start the same time, so they decide to walk to school together. And after school, Percy either waits for Annabeth or vice versa. Annabeth decides that working on weekdays after school is too tiring for her, and she only works on weekends. She also stops living in the apartment next to Percy.

Percy and Annabeth get closer than ever because Sally lets Annabeth stay at her house. They have a spare room anyways. The only thing Annabeth does to “pay her rent” is by buying the family groceries. There’s not much to buy most of the time, and Percy always follows her.


For the whole two more years in college, Annabeth lives with Percy’s family. She likes it there, in fact. Family game night on Friday’s make her laugh so hard as Sally and her team up against Paul and Percy.

By the end of her fourth year in college, Annabeth wonders what her life would be like once she graduates. She’s realised that she’s grown so close to the Jacksons and the thought of returning home to San Francisco is weird.

Annabeth Chase also realises that she doesn’t treat Percy Jackson as a friend. He’s like a best friend. Except, after growing so much closer to him, she feels that she actually likes that goof ball.

“What do you think will happen once we graduate college?” Annabeth asks Percy as they sit on his bed reflecting about anything.

Annabeth loves the comfort she has with Percy. It’s as though she can tell him anything and everything.

“Nothing much would change,” Percy nonchantly replied.

Annabeth stared at him in shock. Was her presence in his household really nothing?

“What? I thought we were… good friends… and maybe even best friends. But you just treat me as though I truly rented this place?”

That was when it hit Percy.

“You’re moving out?” Percy asked in shock.

“Of course I’m moving out,” Annabeth gave him a dead look.


“This home - as homely as it is to me, isn’t where I belong,” she tells him slowly and softly.

She wants to say this is her home, and that it’s where she belongs - but Annabeth Chase couldn’t find her voice.

“B-but, I thought you were just going to get a job somewhere near. I-I thought you were going to stay here…” Percy trails off.

“Stay here forever?” Annabeth’s shocked, “Percy, you’re going to get married one day. Hell, you don’t even have a girlfriend yet, but you are going to. What am I suppose to do when you get a girlfriend or when I get a boyfriend?”

“I didn’t think that far, I’m sorry Annabeth,” he tells her.

Percy wants to scream to her that he bloody loves her, but he can’t. He doesn’t know how to face being rejected by Annabeth Chase. He doesn’t want to be rejected by her. That’s why they’re best friends.

“We’re going to stay best friends,” he tells her.

“I might be in San Francisco.”

“We’ll skype everyday.”

“That’s what everyone says, but it doesn’t happen.”

“Then, be my girlfriend, Chase.” He says it so fast, even Percy’s shocked he said it. It was totally out of the blue, and he didn’t expect it to happen.

“Did I just,” Percy can’t believe he said that. He stands there in shock.

“Okay,” Annabeth tells him.

“What?” He’s totally in shock.

“I’ll be your girlfriend, Jackson.”

And they hug it out. Because they finally got together.


“Seems like I’ll be staying right by your side,” Annabeth tells him as she kisses him on the lips after their graduation.

“Y-yeah, you are,” Percy smiles.

“Imagine how things would be so different if I didn’t sing so loudly in the shower,” Percy laughs.

Annabeth hits him, but she’s silently agreeing.

I can’t lie,
he was soft and sweet
and easy to love
he touched you in all the right places
and asked you before he did
he tried to make you laugh
and sometimes you did
and even when you didn’t,
there was still some kind of amusement
to his smirks,
I can’t lie,
because if you called him up at
1,2,3,4 am
he’d answer,
never asked you why,
just listened to you talk,
and talk and talk.
he never let you sleep upset,
and even when he decided to leave,
listed everything he loved about you,
told you, “you’re too good for this world”
and you thought about how you couldn’t even be good enough for him,
but, I can’t lie,
his body formed around mine so nonchantly,
hands always seemed to fit perfectly,
lips interlocked like poetry
I can’t lie,
I always wondered how many different colors
danced in his eyes,
I can’t lie,
and how many giggles escaped his lips,
I can’t lie,
how many were for me?
i can’t lie,
he was a lover in a lover,
but I can’t lie,
because he wasn’t a lover for me
—  unexplainable loss of lovers
I’ve been rewatching Phineas and Ferb on my free time...

and I just

did the makers actually broship Dr. Doof and Perry so much like

Once, Dr. Doof make a miniature scale model wanting to impress Perry in ‘ That Sinking Feeling ‘ then he gets seemingly mad/annoyed that Perry didn’t take notice of it.

Another time was when Dr. Doof fell off the spaceship in ‘The Chronicles of Meap’ and when he said he was falling to his doom, Perry nonchantly jumped to his rescue

and I’m sure there’s a lot more proofs than that if you watched the series, then this happened.


Angel Series: Jungkook - Fallen Angel

Ever since he had became an angel, he was always disrespecting his fellow peers and even his elders. They had tried to be more understanding that it was “just a phase”. But it had stayed like that for too long and that was when they knew that the necessary actions were to be taken.

Soon, the angel found himself lying in a dark alley; the place was too smelly and dirty for his liking. Sitting up and brushing the dirt off himself, he tested his powers by destroying a discarded cardboard box beside him. His powers still remained and that was good. He could still continue doing what he liked to do. And that was to destroy stuff.

Making his way out of the alley, he realized that he was in Seoul, Korea. Grinning, he was in luck. He knew the language well and surveyed his surroundings. It was nightfall and there was hardly anybody in sight.

Deciding to take a tour around, he strolled along the empty streets. It was official now. He was a fallen angel. He was none other than Jeon Jungkook.

He smiled after passing a car, and with the simple flick of his finger, a huge stone had fallen from above onto the car, destroying it. Laughing, he continued walking ahead without a care in the world.

Unknown to him, someone had seen what he had done and that was none other than Y/N. She was a person with a strong sense of justice and would always stand up for those who were bullied or belittled on. After seeing what had happened to the poor car, she ran up to him and pulled him back.

“Hey you! How can you do that to someone’s car?!” Her eyes glared daggers at him, not knowing of his true identity.

Jungkook was definitely not used to someone suddenly pulling him back. And he was most definitely not used to someone scolding him for what he could or could not do.

Jungkook stared down at her and rolled his eyes before turning around to walk away before he was pulled back a second time by Y/N.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I said how can you do that to someone’s car?!” This time, Y/N was enraged as she screamed at him, her face almost turning red from the shouting.

“So? I can do whatever I want.” With a shrug, Jungkook brushed her grip off of him as he started walking away, leaving Y/N to herself, exasperated. She had never met anyone as unreasonable or as rude as him.

The next day, Y/N was on her way to work when she saw a familiar figure again. His back was facing her and he seemed to be focused on something. As she got closer, she noticed that he was eyeing the donut shop she just so happened to work in.

Pretending to treat him like air, she just walked by him nonchantly. But it wasn’t for long before she felt herself get pulled back by the fallen angel.

“Hey, girl from yesterday.” His voice sounded as if he was pleading as she turned to him.

His eyes widened slightly at the sudden closeness and took a step back as she glared at him, clearly annoyed.

Jungkook was never one to stutter or blush but he just could not help but feel nervous under her stare.

“C-can you… buy one donut for me?” He asked, rather nicely, for the first time in his life. For someone who was used to destroying stuff mercilessly, it was a first for him to be asking for something so nicely and from someone whom had scolded him too.

“Why must I? You can destroy stuff to get what you want to eat faster than me.” Her reply was sarcastic even though she wanted to help him. He was wearing the same clothes as last night and looked quite tired. She wanted to help but after remembering what he had done, she just couldn’t hold herself back.

“Look. I know you saw what I did last night but that’s the power I have so I can’t do anything about it.” Jungkook tried to reason with her nicely. He was really starving and he felt as if he could just pass out from hunger any time sooner.

Y/N must have noticed how pale he looked and sighed loudly before telling him to follow her in before she went to get a few donuts for him.

“Finish this and go away. Make sure you don’t destroy the shop or anything anymore.” She rolled her eyes after leaving the plate of donuts in front of him before leaving to start her job.

The fallen angel looked at her and at the donuts right in front of him. He felt as if he were to eat them, he would be losing his pride. Though, after hearing his stomach grumble, he immediately dug in, throwing his pride away for the time being.

He left after finishing the donuts when Y/N was at the back. She had came out to see the empty plate and a small note on it.

Thank you for the donuts. I will repay your kindness.

It wasn’t till her co-worker asked why she was smiling did she realize she had been smiling after seeing his note. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

He did look rather good in his simple black shirt and black skinny jeans. So his name was Jungkook. She kept the note in her pocket and smiled again before heading back to her job.

Just a few meters from the shop stood Jungkook. He was looking at Y/N and after seeing her smile, he smiled along. She wasn’t so fierce either since she had a raeally pretty smile, in his opinion.

Yet another day had passed when it was nightfall. Y/N was on her way back, passing through the dark alley, a short cut to her house instead of walking out along the main road.

Suddenly, she was pulled into a tight embrace. Without any time to react, a flower pot had fallen directly where she was about to step foot. Her face was pressed into the stranger’s chest and she jumped after hearing the flower pot shatter.

The stranger didn’t seem to have any intention of letting go as he held her closer to his chest.

“Thank God you’re okay.” The familiar voice snapped her back to reality as she managed to look up at his flawless face. Up close, he looked younger than he appeared and seemed to be much more handsome in Y/N’s eyes.

Y/N was the first to pull away, her cheeks flushing red and avoiding eye contact with Jungkook. Good for him since he was blushing at the same time too.

“Thank you for saving me…” As much as she didn’t want to, she felt the need to since it was a fact that he had saved him.

Jungkook shrugged and nodded. “Told you I will repay your kindness. Now we’re even.” Jungkook left even before Y/N could say anything and once he was far away, he started blaming himself.

“What the hell… I just blew it, great for you, Jeon Jungkook.” Feeling angry, he turned to his right to see a trashcan and with the flick of his finger, it was set on flames. He watched it for a while before feeling a pang of sadness, stopping the fire with another flick of his finger. He left before anyone noticed him.

Y/N was left standing there and she suddenly felt cold. Jungkook’s body felt so warm and comforting when she was held tightly in his arms. Why had she chosen to pull away? Maybe that was why he didn’t want to see her anymore. Sighing, she went back home, tears welling up in her eyes.

The next day, she was reaching the shop when she saw Jungkook leaning against the pole just right in front of the shop.

Their eyes met and she swore she could see a sign of relief in his eyes before it was replaced with the usual hard stare. Y/N approached him, trying to find a reason to talk to him again.

“I like you.” He was rather straightforward and blunt, his eyes looking into hers. In actual fact, he was nervous on the inside and had made up his mind that if she didn’t accept him, he was going to disappear from her life and forget she ever existed.

“I promise to change, if you give me a chance, I’ll change my ways.”

Y/N stared at him in shock. Had he actually confessed to her? A person who had extraordinary powers, who didn’t even know her name and had barely known for a week confessed to her?

For some reason, she felt her face heating up and nodding along, covering her mouth to stop herself from crying.

It was the first time since their meeting did she see Jungkook smile at her. His smile was cute and resembled a bunny. Mimicking his smile, he pulled her into his arms for a hug.

Again, she was in the arms of her savior, and now boyfriend. Inhaling his scent, he didn’t seem to smell bad even after not being able to change his clothes for three days but it didn’t really bother her.

She felt safe and secure in his arms and she closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around his waist tightly.

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered softly.

She froze. How did he find out her name?

He chuckled softly and poked her forehead, “You had a name tag on the other day as you worked.”

Y/N laughed along softly, how could she have forgotten.

“I love you too, Jungkook.”

This marks the end of my mini series for all of you~ I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as I do and I hope to do more of this in the future! <3



|  დ  | - Staring at his new roommate, Law found himself wandering through the apartment to show him around. “There’s only enough room for one bed, so you can either share with more or take the couch.” Glancing briefly back at the blonde he sighed. “Also try not to shower too much, it bumps the bill a lot, so heading to the public bath is cheaper.”

Lips falling flat, he rubbed the back of his head. “Also don’t bring any partners back here. As I said before, one bed,” scratching at the goatee rather nonchantly, he glanced around trying to think of anything else. “Yeah I think that’s it.”




Kasim walked in, nonchantly nodded at Chris, and headed to the kitchen like all was normal.

Kasim: Wassup

Chris: Don’t come in here asking me what’s up. You know what the fuck is up.  

Kasim: Is there a problem?

Chris: Yeah, there’s a problem. You coming in here acting like nothing happened. You think I don’t know Dylan called to give you the heads up.

Kasim: A heads up about what?

Chris: Yo Kasim, stop playing stupid with me, cuz I swear to God, I will punch you dead in your face.

Kasim: Who you gonna punch in the face? You ain’t punching me in my face. Nigga, you better go ‘head with that shit.

Chris: You can’t stand to see me have nothing, can you? Everything I get, you gotta have it too. You been on this competitive shit with me since we were kids.

Kasim: Competing with you for what?! I’m older than you. You was always trying to keep up with me. Fuck is you talking about?

Chris: What’s crazy about all of this is that I actually looked up to you…

Kasim: Exactly. So how am I competing with you?

Chris: And even though we’re cousins, I always thought of you as a brother…

Kasim: OK and the feeling is mutual. What’s your point?

Chris: My point is that you ain’t shit and you was never worth my admiration.

Kasim: What is your problem, man?

Chris: You just had to fuck her, didn’t you? Why? Cuz she was mine?

Kasim feigned exasperation by sucking his teeth and rolling his eyes.

Kasim: So this is about Dylan? You back on that shit again? Look man, I already told you wasn’t nothing going on?

Chris: Why don’t you stop fucking lying?! She already admitted the shit!

Chris: Yeah, now you standing there looking stupid. I guess she ain’t tell you that she admitted it, after I saw the picture of her half naked in your t-shirt.

Kasim: What t-shirt? What are you talking about?

Chris: She took a picture of herself in YOUR shirt at the hotel where you fucked her! The picture is in her phone! I saw it!

Kasim: Man, I didn’t do anything with Dylan, so I don’t know what you talking about.

Chris quickly walked around the couch and got up in Kasim’s face.

Chris:  You gonna stop fucking lying to me and taking me for a joke.

Kasim: Yo, you bugging! Get your hands out my face, Chris!

Kasim knew he was in the wrong and he knew why Chris was angry, but his ego wouldn’t allow Chris to punk him. He reacted exactly how Chris knew and wanted him to. And when he smacked Chris’ hand away…

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