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I want to write a book and make the main girl character end up with the totally misunderstood villian guy when the story alluded to the girl ending up with the likable hero. Then everyone will know how us noncanon shippers feel when our dreams are crushed.

  • me: guys all ships are completely equal and i hate that people hate on other ships !!! be ! nice !
  • also me: *sees notp* *insert name* is such a rat i can't even-


The gang finding out that Draco’s part of the death eaters. Hermione, appalled, turned her head first to look at Draco. Draco saw her looking but, out of shame, he looked everywhere but in her direction.

also? i am literally just talking about how CANON femslash relationship(s) are less popular than a noncanon slash ship. if anyone tries to start shit with me over this im just gonna block because it would be ridiculous to argue over, especially considering im a lesbian and so i can talk about how fandom disregards lesbians in favor of treating gay men real weird. i am not talking about gay men. i am talking about fandom.


So, @lenaluthordefensesquad sent this post to me and asked for my thoughts on the comments. Now this petty back and forth between supercorp and sanvers is something I have been aware of and seen but have purposefully tried to avoid as much as possible and not engage with. However, Meadow asked me to make a post because apparently I said some things worthwhile. So here’s the thing. I ship both supercorp and sanvers (although I still tag it detective danvers because I am a little petty myself but i’m not gonna talk about that here it’s irrelevant). So keep that in mind because I might sound harsh towards sanvers here. Basically, my problem with the comments on that post are that they are trying to blame something that they perceive as a problem on the existence of a non canon ship. So, my response to seeing the post is this: First of all, to say that in general Supercorp gets more screentime than Sanvers gets is just untrue. Lena has only been in a handful of episodes, most of which she had very little screentime. The fact that we finally got a Lena centric episode does not mean that supercorp is suddenly getting more screentime than sanvers. The other issue is that, the writers of the show are not putting scenes with Kara and Lena in with the non canon ship in mind. Lena and Kara’s friendship in and of itself, without the existence of the ship is IMPORTANT to the show.  The show is called supergirl, and while yes Kara and Alex are equal Lead characters, the main storyline is not about the romances and it shouldn’t be. Sanvers has always been a side plot for this reason and will probably continue to be. Lena’s episode relates to the larger action portion of the plot that the show has always focused on where Kara and the DEO are fighting bad guys, in this case Cadmus (idk if i spelled that right, but I don’t care). Also, it is important that Kara have friends on the show who are not just the boys that fall in love with her. In season one she had Cat as a friend and Alex as her sister. In season 2 if Lena was not allowed to develop this relationship with Kara, Kara would be down to NO female friends, and Alex being the only other woman she really interacts with often. So Lena and Kara’s relationship, even without the existence of supercorp is integral to Kara as a character and as the lead character. 

If Sanvers shippers truly want to complain about them not getting much screentime, there is a whole host of other things that are more responsible for that, that would be legitimate to criticize. Mon-El becoming more of a lead character and getting the screentime of a lead character is one of them. But I think we need to remember that this is an ensemble show, and it is not the Sanvers show. Sanvers has had and will continue to get some centric episodes where they get a lot of screentime, but because of the size of the cast that is not going to happen every episode. I also have a HUGE problem with the superiority complex shippers of canon ships seem to have. I honest to god always thought it was just a hetero shipper issue. But it looks like in the microcosm of fandom we are having a similar thing happen with the relationship between canon and non canon f/f shipping that has happened between say, white cis gay men and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s like once they finally get to be part of the elite canon group who has the power of writer validation behind them, they want to shit all over the people who don’t have that luxury. This is something I really truly do not understand. It used to be that ALL f/f ships were noncanon because we did not GET to be canon. and it is fantastic that we now once in a while get canon ships, but fandom was created and developed for the specific reason to transform the canon text into something new, to explore things within the story that do not get explored by the actual writers. This is our history. Please do not forget that. Fan works exist to take a story places that the mainstream media and the writers of the show won’t go. So to come in and hijack a post made by a supercorp shipper as a JOKE based on the fact that Katie McGrath has played many gay characters in the past and seems to have ridiculous chemistry with other women, melissa included, is uncalled for and rude and not actually justified. Supercorp is not canon. We know that. We KNOW that Alex and Maggie are in fact more gay than Lena because the show acknowledges their gayness, but we are allowed to joke about the chemistry and how flirty Katie McGrath is without have a horde of petty sanvers shippers jumping on us. 

And I have even more so a problem with this type of fan who would comment on posts in this way, because they seem to be the same kind of people who joined the fandom ONLY because they heard there was a canon f/f ship in the show, but instead of joining the fandom and appreciated supergirl as a whole and respecting the fandom environment and works created previously, they came in and shit on everyone in the existing fandom. They disregard season one and it’s importance, and many of them came in and shit on the General Danvers shippers for shipping a ship that has existed since the beginning of the show because it wasn’t the current canon ship and astra is “Evil and dead”. Which btw, General Danvers was my only ship on supergirl for quite a long time. And in that same vein, Supercorp actually existed as a ship long before Sanvers existed, and even longer before Sanvers became canon, so to suddenly feel that Lena and Kara’s relationship, which has been developing since the very first episode of this season, shouldn’t get screentime because sanvers is the canon ship is just petty. You want them to give more screentime to their canon f/f ship, you feel that they hype it up to much for the amount of follow through you get? fine, critique that about the writers, but do not blame supercorp and it’s existence and do not go hijacking supercorp shippers posts to be petty. I am not here for ship wars between f/f ships. The only ship wars I can at all justify are the ones where it is a non canon f/f ship pointing out the how a canon f/m ship is heteronormative or fans who happen to ship an f/f pairing critiquing an f/m ship because it is written in a sexist manner or a harmful manner. And even then, I do not support post hijacking or message spamming to the shippers of those ships. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason that ships should be fighting and jumping on eachothers posts just to be petty, especially not between to f/f ships. So, that’s it. That’s my opinion on the “discourse”. This ended up being a hell of a lot longer than I expected, but I think everything I said was important and relevant. Please be respectful to one another. Other f/f ships are not the enemy here.

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How would Catkyoin interact with Cat-Holly?

If you were expecting milf Hunter Kakyoin, then I got bad news for ya

☆Kakyoin interacting with Holly☆

♡ It takes some time for Kakyoin to get used to another cat, but he took to Holly surprisingly fast.

♡He feels more comfortable with Holly and can be found more in the open when she’s around.

♡Holly treats Kakyoin like he’s her other kitten and tends to groom him.

♡Normally, Kakyoin doesn’t like to be groomed by other cats as he is very independent, but he doesn’t mind when Holly does it.

Sorry for how short these are. They don’t have much interaction in Canon, and the fanon is just milf hunter stuff

Person: Why aren’t my ships canon?

Me: The reason for our suffering is all because of one person.

Person: Who?

Me: It’s all because of………………….. 

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Seeing how the media and other sources consider Lena and Kara bff's makes me so happy. I ship them a lot but I don't think that's gonna happen and to be honest them being best friends is way more than I expected when I started shipping them back in their first interactions. I usually have noncanon ships and most of them have a casual relationships but our girls have this strong bond and cuddle and hug and support each other and that makes me happy. That's the only thing I hope never changes

I have to agree anon. Their entire relationship, is so important. The fact that they have showcased such a strong bond between the two of them this season has been amazing. Tack on the fact that it is a relationship between a Super and a Luthor which is something that you typically wouldn’t expect to see for obvious reasons. Instead of having an antagonistic relationship, they show how important it is to not judge someone due to preconceived notions and their past. That has definitely been the theme of the season. I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes in season 3.

The writers better not mess it up. As Melissa said, it would be devastating. The Kara/Lena dynamic is one of the best things to happen to this season so they definitely need to keep it going.

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UGH every time I rewatch Sailor Moon Stars and Usagi and Seiya enter into what I call the “Romeo and Juliet” phase MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. You know, where they finally realize each other’s identities as Senshi but they’re not sure if they’re on the same side so their friends are wary of each other but all they want to do is see each other HNNNGGG. AND THEN when they sneakily do see each other TRAGEDY HAPPENS and Seiya gets hurt which prompts both sides to go from wary to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR PRINCESS/FRIEND because we have a separate missions/objectives!! Arrrrghh which then makes both Usagi and Seiya spiral into depression because GODAMMIT they just want to look at each see other and talk. So much so that even Usagi’s friends are like eeeh even though we shouldn’t cuz complicated reasons we can’t have a sad Princess let’s help her see the one guy who is for sure in love with her even tho she’s set to marry that one guy and have a daughter and a futuristic crystal castle IDK. And sure, it’s no big deal that Seiya was practically killing himself just so he can see Usagi even though he had just collpased from sheer exhaustion and injury. Let’s not speak of how both times they try to see each other they communicate in a telepathic deep connective way so even when they can’t see each other face to face they’re sharing intimate thoughts with one another–the whole world melts away and even surrounded by tons of people, it’s just the two of them in their mind and this pairing DESTROYS ME OKAY.

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There's this blog in the fandom rn, and while I think that they mean well (or at least they think that they mean well), they're being really, *really*, obtuse about certain issues. How is it so hard to understand that "No gay ships unless supported by canon" (basically "straight unless proven otherwise) is actually pretty homophobic? Since it comes with assuming that straight is the default. Why does it need to be backed up by canon anyway? Part of the fun of fanfiction and stuff is being (1)

(2) able to explore things that you know will never be explored in the canon material. Yes, there are shitty things in the dia/bolik lov/ers fandom, but noncanon ships? Not one of them. Sorry, you probably don’t want to be dragged into this kinda drama, but you seem like the best person in fandom to talk about these kind of issues to.

back in like fuckin 2015 or something I was havin some kinda argument with an anon and I asked “between being true to the canon of dl and being kind to people in the real world, which is more important?” and they said that being true to canon was more important jshdhdghaj I think that’s so mean!! if you think that way then you gotta take a break from fandom or smthn cuz ur taking it way too seriously

anyway I feel super bad that other people are getting involved in this argument…I’ve been seeing other tumblr users that I respect a lot getting weird anons about this too…….I just think it’s so dumb that there are people who are willing to fight tooth and nail against the boys being lgbt. I mean look!!! they can still like girls! they can be bi or pan! you literally wouldnt lose anything by admitting that the boys were created to love everyone who plays the game! thats the whole dang point of an otome game duh

Race to the Edge Drawing Challenge Day 5: Favorite Noncanon Ship

there are many noncanon ships. endless possibilities, tbh. but i chose Dagcup!!! they are so cute.

this is actually the Vampire AU that i came up with a month or so ago. it’s basically the idea that there’s a hierarchy between vampires and humans, meaning that vampires are all rich barons and counts and stuff, and humans are basically sold to vampires via breeders. Dagur is a wealthy count, and Hiccup has blood of incredible quality. they end up falling in love and stuff like in beauty and the beast or some cheesy shit like that. i’m always a slut for cheesy fluff.