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i deleted this post because y’all thought i was mass-preaching pedophilia and abuse and thought it was appropriate to send a half dozen “kill yourself, pedo” messages without even knowing the context (which was, for the record, a VAGUEBLOG about wanting to ship a noncanon but healthy lesbian ship, and being pushed aside by shippers of a semi-canon but harmful lesbian ship)

i stand by my word — this fucksite’s quest for ideological purity has led to a complete disregard for context and absolute disrespect for human life.


Santana Lopez, the shipper

I want to write a book and make the main girl character end up with the totally misunderstood villian guy when the story alluded to the girl ending up with the likable hero. Then everyone will know how us noncanon shippers feel when our dreams are crushed.


So the antis think they won.

That because Shiro was said to not have a canon relationship with his fellow paladins, that shaladin is over. 

It’s like they don’t realize, one very important piece of information.

We don’t need their approval to ship a damn thing. 

  • me: guys all ships are completely equal and i hate that people hate on other ships !!! be ! nice !
  • also me: *sees notp* *insert name* is such a rat i can't even-

anonymous asked:

What do you think about shipping noncanon ships like Jalec or Jimon?

Jalec is Jace & Alec, right? Isn’t that a tad incestual? Yeah, that one I gotta go with a firm no. That’s just all levels of wrong. As far as Jimon goes, I’m cool with it. I personally like that they’re frenemies and I hope even if/when they do become friends they never lose that snarkiness they’ve got going on. 

But in all seriousness, I say ship who you want to ship (still can’t support incestual ships). Just please if who I ship clashes with who you ship do not come on my posts to argue with me or to tell me why my ship is horrible. I won’t do that to you so you don’t do that to me. Cool? Cool. 

f/f fanvids are like. so much better than m/f im sorry like… the productions? The songs? most of the time when its a noncanon ship they like. Create scenes…. its just iconic and legendary im sorry m/f cant relate to that sort of legends of creativity that are non canon f/f shippers lol



The gang finding out that Draco’s part of the death eaters. Hermione, appalled, turned her head first to look at Draco. Draco saw her looking but, out of shame, he looked everywhere but in her direction.

Person: Why aren’t my ships canon?

Me: The reason for our suffering is all because of one person.

Person: Who?

Me: It’s all because of………………….. 

also? i am literally just talking about how CANON femslash relationship(s) are less popular than a noncanon slash ship. if anyone tries to start shit with me over this im just gonna block because it would be ridiculous to argue over, especially considering im a lesbian and so i can talk about how fandom disregards lesbians in favor of treating gay men real weird. i am not talking about gay men. i am talking about fandom.

UGH every time I rewatch Sailor Moon Stars and Usagi and Seiya enter into what I call the “Romeo and Juliet” phase MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. You know, where they finally realize each other’s identities as Senshi but they’re not sure if they’re on the same side so their friends are wary of each other but all they want to do is see each other HNNNGGG. AND THEN when they sneakily do see each other TRAGEDY HAPPENS and Seiya gets hurt which prompts both sides to go from wary to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR PRINCESS/FRIEND because we have a separate missions/objectives!! Arrrrghh which then makes both Usagi and Seiya spiral into depression because GODAMMIT they just want to look at each see other and talk. So much so that even Usagi’s friends are like eeeh even though we shouldn’t cuz complicated reasons we can’t have a sad Princess let’s help her see the one guy who is for sure in love with her even tho she’s set to marry that one guy and have a daughter and a futuristic crystal castle IDK. And sure, it’s no big deal that Seiya was practically killing himself just so he can see Usagi even though he had just collpased from sheer exhaustion and injury. Let’s not speak of how both times they try to see each other they communicate in a telepathic deep connective way so even when they can’t see each other face to face they’re sharing intimate thoughts with one another–the whole world melts away and even surrounded by tons of people, it’s just the two of them in their mind and this pairing DESTROYS ME OKAY.