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Pengo, what makes a character sympathetic or unsympathetic in your opinion?

this is something i could talk about forever…

what i personally enjoy in characters is entirely based on how the author sells the character to me
i mean of course if a character is absolutely terrible and an awful person with zero redeeming qualities and just the lowest of the low, then there’s probably no way to make them sympathetic to me, but over all it’s personally heavily dependent on if the creator makes the character believable (NOT “realistic”! i’ll explain the difference in a bit) and if the tone the creator chose to portray the character and their actions in aligns well

TL;DR i see characters less as a stand-alone concept and more as the sum of a lot of a creator’s efforts. When the creator can set up a strong setting and tone that is unified, i tend to gravitate towards their characters a lot more. When a creator does not realize that their story and characterization is not adding up, I tend to find their characters much less likable.

Long version:

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If I may ask, how do you go about choosing a personality for your characters? It may sound silly but it confuses me a lot. I feel like I have to explain /everything/. If let's say, I wanted to make a short tempered character, I'd feel like I must give that a valid reason,like, i dont know, something that happened in their past and stuff. I feel like I need to explain /everything/ from a psychological (?) point of view, from their attitude to their favourite color, which is.. way too hard. end me

tl;dr i start with something simple and slowly break it down into more complex rules and exemptions, always aware of the fact that characters (like people) change under different situations

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