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Sometimes I feel like everyone is playing a game of who is more oppressed than who and who therefore is more black and has more claim or is more ‘qualified’ to give some judgement about anything race related.

My credentials? Well, I’m black and a woman, obviously. I’m also Muslim so I have felt hatred towards me but I don’t understand the logic behind a lot of the conclusions people come to well I guess I do but I don’t understand how they justify it to themselves. I’ll be more specific.

One of my favorite quotes from the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is from his last sermon, I’m paraphrasing here but, “no Arab is better than a nonArab and no white is better than a black and no black is better than a white.” I like most people focused on the no Arab is better than a non Arab and no white is better than a black, naturally, because historically, the feeling of superiority and the justification of oppression has come from those sides. But recently I’ve been focusing on the other half.

I didn’t grow up around many black people but I didn’t really grow up around white people either, I grew up around south Asians mainly, so discovering ‘black tumblr’ was awesome because it was like a community I didn’t have access to irl and it was amazing to have people who emphasized with me, I laughed along with all the jokes about other races like people had laughed at me and anything I didn’t agree with I suppressed because  of the negative labels that came with not agreeing with the norm in tumblr at least.

But I’ve been thinking about the other half of the Prophet’s quote more and more recently. “No non Arab is better than an Arab and no black is better than a white.” Even beyond tumblr my mainly brown friends and I made jokes that had some underlying ideas of superiority because we were the ones making the jokes it have us some power we might have been lacking in the real world, but there was more weight to those words than I realized and it is not ok.

We were raised in a society that subtly presented us as the inferior, the indoctrination was so subtle we didn’t realize it until we wanted green eyes or scrubbed harder to get rid of some of the black and that society raised us and people who looked nothing like us under the same ideas. It’s evil. But to deal with that by making another inferior is not ok. To say interracial dating is wrong because of something a person’s ancestors did or because of crazy biased media is not ok.

I don’t believe progress is possible by that separation and I understand the want for separate communities or feelings people literally have hate rallies against people like me and people are murdered because they look like me and people are tortured because they think like me but we can’t move on in hatred.
I can’t explain everything obviously there are so many complexities and I wish I could have a giant conversation with everyone but even the internet has limits. I would really really appreciate replies! This isn’t a lecture or me forcing my opinion but I don’t agree with a lot of the justification given for people’s want for separation. Endless love :)

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