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The Nona Tapes

Release date: December 12th, 1995.

Recorded: 1995.

Length: 25 minutes and 03 seconds.

Label: Columbia Records.

Produced by: Toby “Flobee” Wright and Alice in Chains.

The Nona Tapes is a mockumentary by Alice in Chains. It is no longer for sale so it’s considered a rarity. There’s parts of it all over youtube in case you want to watch it. According to Jerry, it was Layne who came up with the idea of making it happen.

The context follows aspiring journalist Nona Weisbaum (which is played by Jerry Cantrell) on her quest to find some “Seattle rock stars” for a breakthrough story. Throughout the video, Weisbaum scours the streets of Seattle and eventually finds & interviews the members of Alice in Chains (besides Jerry Cantrell’s because of obvious reasons). Entwined between Nona’s segments are interviews revealing the lives of the band members, and interview of footage regarding the self-titled album.

The video is really odd/strange but still funny. Nona approaches with Sean Kinney, whom in his spare time spends it working as a clown, Mike Inez, saying that he attends a Hot-Dogs stand called “Hot Dogs” and Layne Staley who ends up smoking on a pile of garbage bags and drinking juice. Everything completely ironic. 

With all of this; it shows a little not so known for everyone. Their sense bizarre and acid sense of humor.

It also includes the videoclip for “Grind” and and outtake footage overdubbed with “Heaven Beside You”

greek mythology aesthetic: moirai - parcas - the sisters of fate

  • Clotho (/ˈkloʊθoʊ/, Greek Κλωθώ [klɔːˈtʰɔː] – “spinner”) spun the thread of life from her Distaff onto her Spindle. Her Roman equivalent was Nona, (the ‘Ninth’), who was originally a goddess called upon in the ninth month of pregnancy.
  • Lachesis (/ˈlækɨsɪs/, Greek Λάχεσις [ˈlakʰesis] – “allotter” or drawer of lots) measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod. Her Roman equivalent was Decima (the 'Tenth’).
  • Atropos (/ˈætrəpɒs/, Greek Ἄτροπος [ˈatropos] – “inexorable” or “inevitable”, literally “unturning”,sometimes called Aisa) was the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner of each person’s death; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with “her abhorred shears