nona clark

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under the cut, you’ll find #580 gifs of beautiful samantha jade logan from various roles & interviews. she’s mostly known as nona clark from 666 park avenue & violet from teen wolf. she’s quite underused, which is sad because just look at her! all of the gifs were made by me, so i take the full credit for making them. do not repost them or put in your own gif hunts. please, like and/or reblog if you find this useful & have a wonderful day/night!

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crying because i just had an epiphany with nona. where she saw that her parents were going to die, but couldn’t prevent their deaths from happening. hence, she has to see a therapist because she feels guilty/somewhat responsible for not doing/saying anything. (it would also explain why she decided to tell jane about watching out for henry instead of keeping it to herself)

it’s my head cannon and now my life is ruined.