I love studio art major Grantaire a lot, don’t get me wrong, but consider art history major Grantaire for a minute: 

Grantaire getting really invested in studying the influence of Classic and Hellenistic Greek art on different movements and studying the prevalence of themes from Greek mythology as subjects in art. 

Grantaire arguing with professors about how overrated some artists are and underrated others are. 

Grantaire long-windedly discussing the influence of the Italian Renaissance on the development of art with an exasperated, fellow art history major Floréal.

Grantaire and Floréal arguing about the lack of study and museum prevalence of non-Western art, female artists, and POC artists. (Floréal is naturally disgusted and wants change. Grantaire claims that the Western study of art is too Eurocentric and patriarchal to ever change and they should just take it as it is.)  

Seriously, please talk about art history major Grantaire with me.