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The non-existant maternity leave in the US is ridiculous ... how you wonder women even do this is beyond me. Here I am, 8 weeks protection period before the birth date and 8 weeks after where you are not allowed to work. No overtime allowed for the whole pregnancy. Maternity/paternity leave for 14 months on 80% pay if both parents share or up until 3 years for less money. Also, no invoice from the hospital after giving birth. How do you afford not working or childcare without all these options?

you go into massive crippling debt and/or work yourself to death trying to pay it all off and im finding that having kids just gets WAY more expensive when they’re teenagers lol i really don’t know how mothers who make minimum wage do it….i could barely scrape by in those days, i can’t imagine what it would be like now (i now make pretty okay money for a single mom, but im still a single mom and it’s a juggling act regardless), especially when they cut the food stamp programs and aid to families and such…idk man